The Wedge Scouting Report: Anthony Walker, Jr., LB

Earthlings…I bet you were wondering about me…even afraid…

“What is Wedge up to?”  You mumbled to yourself.  Is the Earth safe?

Well rest assured Earthlings.  You are still very much a target of mine.


I’ve been watching you since the NFL draft last April…

And you know what, I’m still not impressed!  Why does your pathetic species deserve to survive?  With a simple push of the button I can destroy your entire species!

If I am creative enough about it, I might even get a promotion

So be very afraid…


But Earthlings here is the thing…

I really enjoyed watching the Dolphins make a playoff run in 2016

It didn’t last long once we got there…but next thing I know – it’s January and the draft is just a few months away.  And this year there are some exciting prospects which has me thinking less about the destruction of your planet.

Like Anthony Walker, Jr. from Northwestern


Walker is a 6’1, 235 Junior linebacker out of Northwestern.  I love his story!

Walker is not some blockhead linebacker who throws his fragile Earth head into the ball carrier to bring him down.  Northwestern isn’t known to produce a lot of NFL stars, rather the school is known for its academic standing.  Walker fit right in when he was there.

He actually graduated from Monsignor Pace High School in Miami Gardens with a 4.7 grade point average.  While at Monsignor Pace his father was his coach and teacher…he has a close relationship with his father today and boasts about calling him everyday while at Northwestern…sort of sweet isn’t it…maybe Earth is worth sparing?


Ah Yes Football….

Walker’s most impressive year was 2015 when he tallied 120 total tackles,  4 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and an interception.  In one game vs Duke, he recorded 19 tackles.  Walker actually had 6 double digit tackle days in 2015.

Walker finished his career at Northwestern with 276 tackles in three years including over 60 solo tackles in each of the last two years.  He all had four interceptions, six forced fumbles and 7.5 sacks in that time.


On December 30, 2016 Walker announced his decision to enter the NFL Draft, in doing so he became the first Northwestern player to declare early for the NFL draft since 1996.

While he played Mike Linebacker at Northwestern, some scouts think he projects better outside in a 4-3 defense mainly because his size might be a detriment in the middle or in a 3-4 scheme.

Walker is an instinctive and cerebral linebacker who grew up on football.  He has an excellent work ethic and clearly loves the game.

If I were going to compare Anthony Walker, Jr. to a alien weapon of destruction, I would go with the Smart Self Operable Lunar Jack Hammer.  I use it to chisel into a planet’s core when I want to cause a divesting earthquake.


You can watch his highlights here:

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  1. wyoming85 says:

  2. wyoming85 says:

  3. wyoming85 says:

  4. BoulderPhinfan says:

    Nice job piggy. Let’s go get this guy.

  5. Mike E. says:

    Good job Wedge/Piggy! Walker looks good. It’s going to be exciting upgrading this defense, but I’m pretty sure at least 1 of our starting LB’s is going to be in FA.

  6. BoulderPhinfan says:

    BTW I thought the steelers Oline was holding all game and didn’t get called but they called the hold on kelce during the 2 point conversion? give me a break.

    The NFL wanted to see a pats/steelers AFC championship game and the refs made sure of it. WWE seems less rigged.

    • Mike E. says:

      The holding call was on Fisher, and it was a hold, but yeah, I get what you’re saying. It does happen all game, that was a tough spot to call that

      • BoulderPhinfan says:

        I really think that’s the main reason Bell can dance around back there, is mostly because the steelers oline holds. They were doing the same thing when we played them and never got called.

  7. stangerx says:

    ““What is Wedge up to?” You mumbled to yourself. Is the Earth safe?….Well rest assured Earthlings. You are still very much a target of mine.”

    LOL — hard to satisfy wedge, what a management strategy (and great work Pig). Am sensing that this year the Samurai might be less fleet and more pound you into the ground types. And that makes sense…..even fits the name better.

  8. stangerx says:

    Who on the planet do you think most did not want the Pats to get home field advantage through the playoffs?

    Gotta think the right answer is Roger Goodel.
    He’ll be visiting Foxboro next weekend.
    Last time he was there was the day Deflategate started.
    But hey — he should be guarded better than the President.

  9. The Flying Pig says:

    I started the offseason with walker

    But he is not my first choice

    I think Cunningham and Foster are the 2 guys I am strong targeting in the 1st round

    If we did that in the 1st, I’m not sure we go back to back LB, albeit it’s possible, but if we do I think Davis and Walker are on the radar in the 2nd

    Or even The LSU LBs

    • what LSU LB’s do you see as a consideration in the 2nd qtr?

      • The Flying Pig says:

        Riley and Beckwith
        Who are probably more like 3rd rounders
        But none the less, since we pick with a compnoicknin the 3rd, they might be gone
        So if the FO likes one then….

        As far as Riley goes, I think he might follow the lead of Dion Jones and shoot up the boards closer to the draft

        Last January Dion Jones was a day 3 pick
        He ended up being a 2nd rounder by the Falcons

      • Beckwith is really more of a 4th rd prospect at best, especially after tearing his ACL last month. He’s slow as they come. He runs a 4.8 and lacks lateral agility. Unlike Borland who had great anticipation and was able to diagnose plays early to get a jump on the play, Beckwith is slow to start and doesn’t have the speed to catch up to the play. The biggest red flag is the fact that only 33 of his 91 total tackles this year were solo. THAT’s huge.

      • Actually, I take that back Piggy. I’m slotting Beckwith in the 6th rd.

  10. LMAO! I love this.
    “When you can’t get sent to timeout anymore because you burned them all up in the 3rd qtr”

  11. The Flying Pig says:

    I’m not sure the NFL wants Pitt vs cheats in the playoffs

    If the NFL wanted anyone going further in the playoffs it was the cowboys
    The reality is pound for pound, those are the best 2 teams in the AFC
    Pitt just had ups and downs this season
    But prior to the start of the season – a lot of people were predicting this game as the AFC championship

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      I just hate it when the refs decide games. They didn’t call that game evenly IMO.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        It might be bc I saw the replay so many Tim’s
        But I didn’t think there was much room to say that last play was not a hold on Fisher maybe it happens all the time or all game
        But fishers hold was pretty blatant

  12. The Flying Pig says:

    I thought Sean Davis played well yesterday
    The Steelers went 1 -2 DB (Burns and Davis) in 2016 in an attempt to improve their defense and it appears to have worked (although D is still not the strength of their team)

    The Falcons also went 1 -2 with Neal and Dion Jones in 2016
    it also worked for them
    hey actually did it 2 years in a row to improve their defense

    we might have to do the same (2 years in a row)

    I think eight now in the NFL you are seeing teams get immediate impact from their draftees
    Dallas is another team although in their case their 2nd rounder was Jaylon Smith who DNP and Prescott was a 4th rounder
    I think we did well last year with Tunsil and Howard

    If we can get 2 solid young defensive players 1 and 2
    it will go along way to making us a better team

  13. wyoming85 says:

    98: R3P34 LB DUKE RILEY, LSU
    243: R7P22 WR K.D. CANNON, BAYLOR

  14. The Flying Pig says:

    excellent 1 and 3

    I don’t know about Taco
    he seems solid but I don’t see a great pass rusher when I watch him

    I think I would rather have Harris, Lawson or DeMarucs Walker if available

  15. Jahndoh30 says:

    It’s not unusual to see LBs that can contribute meaningfully as rookies. I think LB is the easy position to fix if it’s broken. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the window is closing with our defensive stars. Wake is getting up there. Reshad wants a new contract, and Suh is no longer a spring chicken.

    So what we need is to get better fast and make a push next next year that leaves these veterans in a position where they BELIEVE they are in the right place to compete for a championship.

    I think we can easily get a starter or 2 from the draft and/or a starter or 2 from FA-for the defense. I also don’t think they are going to ignore every position on offense except TE as some of you seem to think.

    ******side note. There is a TE fetish on this board, has been for a very long time. Not sure why…Gronk being in the division? But it’s borderline unhealthy and I might have to stage an intervention for you guys if you don’t get your TE fetish under control. 😛

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      I hope they address the oline as well. See Tennessee game why that’s important.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I totally agree about LB
      It’s ine of the easier positions to scout and get right
      And one of the more likelihood contribute immediately
      And one of the more likely to have a really good player out of the early picks

      I want to address pass rushers as well
      But edge players aren’t so easy to get right
      i think it’s an area with a lot of misses

      I feel a little safer picking LB early

    • stangerx says:

      Jahn — yes we have some older guys, but this team is young overall. And screw the “and/or”……we got our first and 2nd round and will be able to bring in some serious players in FA, and that doesn’t even count all the injured guys who should be healthy for training camp.

      We should have $50 mil+ in cap room, even with re-signs and taking care of the rookie class that should be 2-3 real starters all by itself…..then comes the draft.

  16. stangerx says:

    Always liked Adam Beasley, but he is now officially my favorite Phins reporter. You want to knwo what I think about the season in better words….just read this.

    And even if if there is a whole lot more….will put out the conclusion.
    Q — Dolphin fans have been disappointed for years — without making any predictions — has this team turned the corner? Is it a team that we could feel good about again, that is going to be competitive again?

    A — Couple of things; one, you should feel good because the coach is in place. This is a guy, that from top to bottom the organization, from Steve Ross to the last guy on the roster, all believes in him, all believe he’s the guy to get them to the ultimate goal, which is the Super Bowl. However you need talent to do that. And as I mentioned there is a deficiency and it might take a bit and they might regress in the standings in 2017, they could go 7-9 or 8-8 and be a better team, just because they didn’t get the breaks they got this year. But long term they’re building this franchise the right way. I would say in two if not three years this is the team that will consistently compete for the playoffs, if not the Super Bowl.

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      I like beasley as well but you are what your record says you are. I’m sure there are many coaches that could say we’re building for the future so ignore are record today.

      • stangerx says:

        In the full thing he says basically, “maybe we got lucky to end up 10-6″……but at the same time points out all the injuries and (like above) how Gase is the man, and that we at the same time are building for the future. Great words from Adam.

  17. wyoming85 says:

    I don’t know as I want a pure pass rusher anymore?

    I’m so tired of not being able to set the edge on a running play that I might give up a sack or 2 for 12 more tackles for loss?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I do think Taco might be a better choice in that case
      He seems to be pretty solid all around
      Maybe Carl Lawson too? I have been a fan of Lawson for like 2 years now
      He is very solid and a really high character guy with a great work ethic

      IMO DeMarcus Walker is a difference maker in terms of a pass rush

      I tend to want DEs that get up field and LBs that hit the right gaps
      I don’t really see that in Taco
      But I do love Tacos so….

  18. CavalierKong says:

    While watching the Packers/Cowboys game yesterday I found myself thinking “why do I watch the NFL when the refs so clearly influence games?” This thought came while the refs were letting the ‘Boys blatantly hold the Packers receivers, kept the GB score down, and gave the Boy’s an opportunity to get back into the game.

    Then the last 2 minutes of the game happened, GB fg, Cowboys fg, 36 seconds left, and Rodgers makes an unbelievable throw, Cook makes an amazing catch, GB makes another 50+ yd fg, Packers win, and I’m thinking to myself “wow, this is why I watch”.

    • CavalierKong says:

      And to read that Rodgers drew that play up in the huddle is…I can’t even come up with a superlative good enough to describe how awesome that is.

      I guess I’d have to say it’s….

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      I saw that too. Go back and watch the 2nd and 21 playin 4th. Huge hold allowing prescott to complete a 19 yard pass. I was shocked that wasn’t called. Cowboys went on and scored to tie the game. Such bullshit.

      • CavalierKong says:

        Was that the play Clay Matthews got held so bad he got turned around? If it was that play, that was so bad, I still remember it without having to go back to it.

      • BoulderPhinfan says:

        yup that’s the one. HE was completely turned.

  19. The Flying Pig says:

    Skip Bayless argues that the calls when against the Cowboys…lol

  20. The Flying Pig says:

    I only get emotional about officiating when it goes against the Dolphins

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      The integrity of the game is important IMO. Why not allow every play to be reviewable but don’t change how many challenges you’re allowed.

  21. CavalierKong says:


    That jersey play was one of the obvious refs influencing egregious no calls. Adams scores on that play otherwise and it’s something like 28-3 (if memory serves) The defender pulled his jersey down past his shoulder pad. And there was no major contact at the line, so it wasn’t as if they were both initiating contact or hand fighting. The jersey got pulled down as he ran past the defender and the defender grabbed the back of his jersey as he ran past. There is just no way in hell the ref didn’t see it.

    It seriously makes me question my own intellect in that I know the game is compromised, yet I still can’t help but watch. Pass me the crack pipe please.

  22. Ken says:

    Nice job Piggy

  23. Ken says:

    If WRs are Samurai what do we call the LBs? Ronin?

  24. The Flying Pig says:

    We don’t need to stick with Japanese

    Maybe some sort of Vikings or Aztec Warriors
    somwthing historical, merciless, cruel and likely tto be kill Tom Brady

    Any suggestions

  25. Mike E. says:

    Linebackers are barbarians. Inside barbarians, middle barbarians, and outside barbarians

  26. manitobafinfan says:

    how about Orcs.. Lord of the Rings .. they smash the shit out of everything in their path…

  27. Mike E. says:


    The Orcs were so easily vanquished. I’d say this years Dolphins LB’s were Orcs. lol

  28. manitobafinfan says:

    were human warriors who had the power to turn into wild bulls, bears, or wolves and had the tendency to be out of control. Owing to their unbelievable strength and endurance, Berserkers were often employed by Scandinavian kings as their own bodyguards as well as their soldiers.

  29. Tim Knight says:

    So Laremy Tunsil won AFC East rookie of the Year. Awesome! Ya see, bong gas masks aren’t that big a deal. LOL

  30. Mike E. says:

    LMAO @ Tim. Now it’s Brian’s official blogging mask.

  31. Jahndoh30 says:

    Tim Knight says:
    January 16, 2017 at 5:22 pm
    Okay how about fucking wolves? LOL
    I don’t know Tim, seems like just regular old “wolves” is more menacing than Fucking Wolves, but hey….whatever floats your boat. 😛

  32. Ken says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    January 16, 2017 at 3:57 pm (Edit)
    We don’t need to stick with Japanese

    Maybe some sort of Vikings or Aztec Warriors
    somwthing historical, merciless, cruel and likely tto be kill Tom Brady

    Any suggestions

  33. Ken says:

    LOL @ Jahn and Demogorgon. Leave it to God to suggest the name of a demon lord

  34. Tim Knight says:

    Oh Tunsil is just AFC East ROTY. But still! LOL

  35. Tim Knight says:

    Okay I’m just gonna call them “good LBs”. 🙂

  36. herdfan says:

    So a question for the legal eagles on the blog. My daughter was in a traffic accident a couple of weeks ago, worst 20 minutes of my life from the time she called me til I could get to where it happened. It wasn’t her fault, the accident report states it’s the other driver’s fault(the other driver is disputing this, bitch). The other driver’s insurance is a pain in the ass, they want to question my daughter, who is 17, about the accident. Is there any obligation for me to let them question her?

    • Tim Knight says:

      The insurance company wants to question her? What about the police report?

    • Jahndoh30 says:

      I’m NOT a lawyer, so take this with a grain of salt, but I do have a fair amount of experience with insurance. They likely want to offer your daughter a settlement. If the police report clearly states she’s not at fault they may want to close the case asap and not risk an actual lawsuit.

      I would defer to your own insurance company and do what they recommend. They are the ones who will provide you with legal counsel should it become necessary.

      I defer to our attorney board members though. Lets see what they have to say.

    • Brian in NY says:

      I think it’s standard procedure. They are probably looking to see if what she says matches up with the police report so they can use it against her and get out of paying part of it. Jahn’s advice seems pretty sound; consult with your insurance company.

  37. Ken says:

    Are you or daughter making a claim against the other driver for property damage or personal injury and have you reported the accident to your insurance? You can shoot me an email I will send you my phone # and we can discuss it. This is the type of stuff I do

  38. Ken says:

    Short answer is you don’t have to talk to the other sides insurance company

  39. getterdone says:

    Hey Wedge,you excited about the Trump inauguration in a few days?
    At least you can fly over the “wall”, so no worries there. 🙂

    • Tim Knight says:

      Try not to get murdered. 😉

    • getterdone says:

      It’s sad what we’ve become….saw where many will boycott the inauguration and also a lot of not so kind protests are planned. Hope it doesn’t become bedlam.

      Why can’t people accept the will of the people and give the guy a fair chance…’s like hating on a draft pick before he even gets to camp. lol, actually much worse. 😦

      • Tim Knight says:

        Too many people do not respect, understand or want a free land.

        Look around the world… imbeciles, would you rather be there instead? No clean water, sparse food and healthcare?

        What exactly are we doing as a nation these days?

      • getterdone says:

        Right….it’s mostly looney spoiled people that don’t know what tough is and have had it waaay too easy much of their lives.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Wedge almost pressed the “kill” button after the election

      You are not helping this planets chances for longevity by mentioning Trump…lol

  40. getterdone says:

    Piggy, good post on Sean Davis up the board some. I remember screaming from the rooftops, err keyboard for him in the middle rounds. He’s a thumper and has good instincts….he’ll get even better next year.
    Another Reshad Jones in the making, maybe even better.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Well he went in the 2nd round
      So we took Howard
      Davis would have been nice in the 3rd though

      The steelers were not afraid to “reach” for guys burns wasn’t supposed to be a 1st rounder either

  41. The Flying Pig says:

    I kinda of like Demogorgons
    But Beserkers is also kind of what I had in mind

    I was going to go all Americana and suggest Apache Warriors, but I like the other 2 more than that

    If I were going to do wolves it would have to be Direwolves

  42. The Flying Pig says:


    I would follow Kens guidance
    He does that kind of work

    My answer would be simple and I would say there is no obligation to speak to anyone unless there is a subpoena (which requires the commencement of a case)

  43. getterdone says:

    Piggy, that’s right, I now remember we were all mildly shocked when Davis was taken that early. I thought he was made for the NFL game even though the draft experts weren’t as high based on college.

  44. herdfan says:

    What the hell is Ricky Williams doing on Celebrity Apprentice?

  45. D says:

    Herd I would suggest against her talking with them and she has no obligation to. Be careful if you do decide to as they may do more than check your story against the report, they may try to trip her into saying something that will allow them some leverage in settlement.

    I for sure would do as jahn suggested and allow all communication to go through your insurance. I have never heard of an insurance company wanting their customers talking to the others sides company until a settlement has been reached, they always tell you don’t do it.

  46. wyoming85 says:

    Ya’ll shooting each other down in FL again?

  47. getterdone says:

    Piggy, yes the Steelers do draft and coach well.
    We are starting to see the glimpses of that with Gase & Co. I feel after having such a successful season as a rookie HC, should be COY….that Gase will now have earned a lot of leverage in choosing players in the offseason, bot FA & Draft. This will help keep T-Bomb in check some, for the T-Bomb haters….IMO 🙂

    • steelers have drafted well for years and one of the biggest contributors for quite some time was Joe Greene. One of the best in the business after he retired as a player.
      But, Pittsburgh was a pioneer in going after players from all black schools too. They leave no stoned unturned when they look for talent.

  48. ukfinfan says:

    Think he might have a bit of berserk in him?!?

  49. wyoming85 says:

  50. wyoming85 says:

  51. A lot of “noise” being made about Ingram and although I would love to have him on the team I don’t know so much the team is interested in spending a ton of money on a FA anymore considering what they were able to accomplish w/o so many starters this past season.
    I think they may look to solid starters, like guys on the o-line and then solid depth at o-line, d-line and elsewhere and then look to the draft for the playmakers.
    I’m not convinced the team feels a real need at this time to sign big name FA’s but more just get guys they want who can play within their system and help them win games.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I tend to agree

      If I go after a big $ free agent I go after Eric Berry

      but I would rather just pick up moderately priced free agents and draft well
      especially up front defensively where I think you can find contributors right away

      we really need solid depth on the OL and I think last season highlighted that need
      If Ingram is expecting Vernon kind of money – forget it

      I think he is a hell of a player but I really don’t want to spend a ton on one guy this offseason

      • stangerx says:

        I’m sorta hoping they don’t go for a huge money guy and spread it around instead, but even a good but not great starter will cost like $6-8 and we could use like three of those. Adds up quick even with our cap room and other obligations like re-signs and rookie class.

      • If you do a five yr deal and structure the contract right by bonusing the money up front to make it more attractive and pro-rate the bonus you COULD defer a ton of salary the first two seasons and back end load it for the later yrs when you have a higher salary cap.
        However, I still don’t think they’re interested in doing that. I

      • for instance, you could have a first yr salary under $1M because you paid a huge bonus up front and pro-rated over 5 yrs you keep your cap down. 2nd yr you could take the salary to $2M and with pro-rated bonus still have lower cap hit.
        3rd thru 5th yrs would be much bigger hits to cap but if guarantees only go thru 3rd yr then yrs 4 and 5 could be cap casualty.

      • stangerx says:

        Yeah they could defer money, but that money comes home to roost eventually. Part of how the Jets got into cap hell with — who was that — as GM? Luckily haven’t seen signs on that, and am hoping it was because he was getting pressure from Rex and the owners to make what happen was one big roll of the dice to max out Now.

  52. Mike E. says:

    What’s up with these divisional awards? AFC East comeback player of the year??? Really???

    He should win NFL comeback player of the year, but WTF is AFC East CPOY? Might as well win Miami Dolphins CPOY.

  53. The Flying Pig says:

    Matt Miller’s link to the top 300 is worth checking out

  54. D says:

    There is just too much LB talent this year to miss on a stud pick, if they do it will be because they dont agree that many of them are as good as they seemed in college.

    My favorites of this draft as of right now are Cunningham and Anderson, though i do think that Foster, Davis and a few others arent far off being as good as those guys. Some of those guys i could see as MLB in our system, but i think id prefer starting them out at OLB and rotating them in an out, keeping Alonzo as the primary MLB. I think Cunningham is a guy who could come in right away and unseat Alonzo and allow us to move him to being a primary OLB.

    I think Beckwith had some games that weren’t spectacular but i think the talk of him as a 6th round prospect is pretty off. i could definitely see him in the 3rd, and probably the 4th, just due to the immense talent above him but i also think he, in the fourth is a really solid pick for us. We will see but from my personal observations, 6th seems a little too low of an assessment.

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      I don’t think Cunningham will last till 22nd pick.

    • If you watch Cunningham and then watch Davis there’s a HUGE GAP between the two in terms of talent. Davis is definitely not a first rd pick and he’s actually fallen to the end of the 2nd rd right now. By draft time he’ll be in the 3rd rd.
      Beckwith is NOT a starter at the next level.

      • D says:

        I disagree on both of those. I think we may also be evaluating from different angles. We normally see things at least similarly so i think that has to account for the differences.

    • McMillan was also another guy they were hoping to see more from this year. There were questions about his ability to cover and concerns about too many “clean up” tackles and those questions weren’t answered this year.
      Again, if you look at a guy like Cunningham, for instance, he’s moving forward at the snap of the ball. McMillan, and Beckwith, both hesitate and they tend to dance around too much before getting involved in a play.
      Beckwith actually wasn’t involved in too many this past season. he spent too much time as a spectator.

  55. D says:

    Lou i dont see what you see in McKinley either. I watched the Utah game, with him paired against one of the better OT’s and he didnt get anything done when he lined up over that guy. He made all his plays against their RT, but their LT stoned him, stood him up, always got leverage and first step on him.

    That shows me as a pass rusher, he has bad form, no leverage, no push against him, and no speed moves that he wasn’t able to handle. Guy obviously has talent or he wouldnt be so highly ranked but i would see him more as a 3-4 OLB to have his best success entering the league, and if he was going to play 4-3 DE, he would have to get a lot stronger, while also really working on his technique. He was also much better when he played from a standing position vs hand in the dirt, with hand down his speed off the snap was pretty bad.

    He did set the edge well, and he was disciplined in that respect, again, not a bad player, but i dont think the right fit for our defense.

    • I never said I would utilize McKinley as a DE in a 4-3. He’s probably best utilized as an OLB in a 3-4 but his athletic ability makes him good enough to use as an OLB in a 4-3.
      I agree that he needs to increase his strength when it comes to pass rushing. He uses straight speed most of the time and he would need to develop more moves as a DE. he has only one.
      Contrast that to Taco who has a bull rush, swim move, spin move and can bend well with an outside speed rush. Just needs to refine a few things but as a DE he’s much more ready.
      I agree that McKinley sets the edge well. It’s one of his strengths but, like I said, I’d prefer him in an OLB role rather than a DE role.

  56. D says:

    I do agree though with you on Taco Charlton, and i will give it to you i was somewhat overlooking him before you said to look deeper. I liked what i saw in films but i just really didnt think, this is the guy i want, but as i looked further, he has definitely risen on my list. That dude has some brute strength to go with really good burst speed. I am kinda leaning towards someone like him in the first, vs even Foster as a LB selection. I basically feel that if Cunningham isnt there, im looking to get a top DE, unless most my top ones are off the list, then im looking for S of CB. There are some “second tier” guys i think are really good for us, especially if we keep Branch and Wake, but if i could land Charlton there, id take him.

  57. I missed the spreadsheet Miller did on the prospects. He had Cunningham at 23 in his B/R article but he has him at #37 in his spreadsheet.
    He’s been on Twitter talking about how he misses too many tackles and I asked him why he has him in the first rd and he gave me the spreadsheet link.
    I still think he’s nuts. And so are the scouts

  58. here’s what I mean about the difference between solo and “assists”. watch Cunningham and watch Davis.
    Davis is flowing the the ball and gets involved in play and gets the assist. Cunningham, on the other had, will come off his assignment run 5 ys or even more and still be involved in the play. That’s a huge difference.
    This “poor tackler” bs I’m reading from Miller right now is also just that. BS. Watch Cunningham’s 71 solo tackles and tell me he’s a poor tackler. He was involved in so many plays this past season that most other linebackers in CFB wouldn’t even be around.

  59. manitobafinfan says:

    UK: re Deon Lacy..
    Height 6’2 Weight 229 lbs 6th in the league in tackles this year .. I had to google him to get this.. so he is no Cam Wake 🙂 but I would not expect him to be a Berserker.. 🙂

  60. The Flying Pig says:

    I think Miller is one of the best scouts out there
    and he does his homework

    but I can’t figure out what is going on with him with Cunningham
    He has also said he is a bad fit for the Dolphins

    I actually think Cunningham is an ideal fit for us

    He also has Foster really highly ranked and there is a huge gap between Foster and Cunnigham

    I really don’t think Foster will go top 5
    even though I think he is awesome
    I think its unusual for a ILB to go top 10

    I guess scouts just differ in opinion

    Its great for us if people are not so high on Cunningham
    I already think there is a good chance he is there at 22
    would be even better if he is available in the when we pick at 54 or 55 or whenever we pick in the 2nd

  61. Mike E. says:


    So I finished Prince of the Blood, and I thought that book got much better as it went along. There were some cool character developments in there, but the plot and the story were better than I anticipated from the beginning.

  62. D says:

    UK: I looked at him (Lacy) way back when we picked him up. He attacks like Wheeler did, like with reckless abandon, however he seems to be a more sure tacklers than Wheeler, so when he gets his hands on guys he usually stays attached to them. He was playing against CFL talent so it might not translate to NFL where backs shed you a lot better, but he had some falre to him and he shows a lot of passion for playing. After every play he pops up and jumps around, just a really stong passion to play the game, and i like that.

    • D says:

      Not a ton out there on him, but a few things i did find: He worked his way into the starting role by ballin’ out on ST’s so we know he can contriute there for us. He got into the mixx as a rotational player the next year and it was enough to earn him a starting role on the defense last year for the oilers. Like i said, the video shows him flying aorund, he is fast, he strikes hard, and he brings people down when he gets hands on them. My only concern is a NFL bac will break his legs with a quick cut/chance fo difrection and that hot pursuit will make him over run them. I also think he arm tackles too much for my liking. He must have good hands to hang on like he does, but again, an NFL caliber RB will be harder to do that to. He was a good add in my opinion.

  63. D says:

    I think part of the Foster and Cunningham comparison discrepancy is taking into account a few factors off the videos. Cunningham is pretty much a ths year star. Foster was already a beast at Alabama next year, hell i liked him for us more so than Ragland and then he went back for his Senior year. On top of that he is coming off a Saban defense, that was one of the best Alabama had ever had and simply from the pedigree of players coached by him, a lot of people give pluses to players coming from his system. IMO Cunningham is the better LB, but taking into account those other things, i can see how Miller puts them in an opposite order.

  64. wyoming85 says:

    98: R3P34 C ETHAN POCIC, LSU
    177: R5P32 G ZACH BANNER, USC
    243: R7P22 WR K.D. CANNON, BAYLOR

    • D says:

      Pretty killer draft, that kicker is a really good one, and i doubt seriously we could have gotten much better there. As much of a SEC homer as i am, im not very big on Tony Conner though, id rather have Weston Steelhammer as a later round guy, but again, splitting hairs to complain about a 5th round “hope he develops” guy.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      nice Bezerkers

  65. D says:

    manitobafinfan says:
    January 17, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    Oilers ?? WTF he plays Hockey too ?? 🙂

    Eskimos, not to nitpick.. just to be a dick.. 🙂
    Sorry i forget the team names up there, i just know it has to due with blubber or a blubber byproduct or something that consumes blubber….occasionally they sneak in a beaver…. i dunno all that weird frigid weather deviance, i just cant keep track 🙂

  66. stangerx says:

    “Miami Dolphins to weigh moving Kiko Alonso from middle linebacker”

    The Herald blog headline says what many of us have been thinking as we are considering that true MLB run-stopping force.

    Didn’t read the article cause can’t onto the Herald without paying (probably my URL location address)…..but still just makes sense (even if probably from Mando).

    • Mike E. says:

      I agree – Best for both Kiko and the defense

      • stangerx says:

        Might be bad news for Jenkins, but we could end up with Kiko on the weak side, the stud MLB, and some player yet to be named who sets the edge on the strong side and cover a bit until we go nickle (and he should cost less either in FA money or the draft).

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I think Tim has mentioned before – and I agree
      There is some discretion if you are bringing in versatile LBs
      it really doesn’t matter too much how you designate those LBs

      if you drafted a more traditional Mike LB, I’m sure moving Kiko is imminent
      but we might not even have 3 LBs on the field for a majority of snaps

      the reailty is we can get away with bringing in two inside guys or two outside guys
      what we need is guy who cover more ground, make better reads, and get in passing lanes

      I think the big question with LBs isn’t who is inside or outside
      its really who you leave out there on 3rd down

      I expected Kiko to be better in coverage than he was
      he did a lot well last year and I bet he will be better with more talent around him regardless if they are inside or outside

      • stangerx says:

        Great point — I could see us having two real good LBs (Kiko being one) and then adding a pure force….or at least close to one as we can get. Those two could feed off each other and be flexible in assignment. And trust in Gase to scheme them…might keep him up at night figuring how to use them.

  67. Mike E. says:


    Jenkins health is bad news for Jenkins. Can’t imagine we consider him as anything more than depth. He’s an UFA, so I think there’s a pretty good chance he’s not back, unless he really wants to come back and is willing to play for an inexpensive contract

  68. The Flying Pig says:

    to elaborate on my above post

    I think you look at Kiko and say – okay that is 1 LB
    now I need 2 more

    and then you bring in versatile talented LBs and you make those parts fit

    I don’t think Kiko at MLB was the problem with our defense
    I think the lack of talent at LB was the problem

    and to some extent I think Kiko int he middle was a product of the lack of talent

    At the end of the day he probably moves outside

    but I bet whether he does or doesn’t has no effect on our FAs or draft

    we don’t have to look for inside or outside guys

    we just have to look for versatile talented LBs

  69. The Flying Pig says:

    I really like the Berserkers known as Reuben Foster and Zach Cunningham
    (Piggy foams at the mouth)

    this is just a test run to see how it feels….what do you guys think

  70. Mike E. says:


    Hit Men just came to mind. I kinda like that

    • The Flying Pig says:

      That is a good one

      but I don’t know the berserker one ….I like Toba’s suggestion

      Maybe we should post a poll

      what are the suggested candidates:

      any others
      I’m just throwing this out there
      how bout “gallbladders” – an anatomical themed one….what?….no?

  71. Mike E. says:

    LOL @ Piggy

  72. stangerx says:

    Pig — my choice would be the Warriors.

    Ajax on the strongside (of course)
    Swan on the weakside (he’ll figure out the play)
    Cleon in the middle (too many versatile moves to put anywhere else).

  73. Phindog says:

    How about the 3 Lil Pigs ?

  74. herdfan says:

    Annihilators. Conquerors. Executioners. Or you could call them the herdfans since I have totally destroyed everything I’ve tried to do today. 😖

  75. D says:

    I might be late to the party, but did you guys see the crap that AB actually did, recording the coaches post game speech and posting it to Facebook? Kinda messed up stuff, he definately is in the dog house with Tomlin it sounds like.

    • Mike E. says:

      Stupid kids and their social media

      • Tim Knight says:

        Well people post crimes they commit. SMH

      • D says:

        Mike i think Jenkins could have a home here still, and a chance to work back into the lineup by signing with us on a 1 year show me contract. We are the only team that likely signs him with an opportunity to be anything but a depth player. At least with us he would have potential to rotate in in pass defense packages and possibly at different positions since he has played both OLB’s and MLB for us on occasion. I think re-signing him is good for us because then a guy who might not be fully ready for NFL coverage might still be an option for us, having Jenkins still on the team.

        I think he provides about the best value we will be able to find out of a mid range signing in FA, as well as him not finding much better than what we could offer him elsewhere. He is also a Florida native so just the value of being in a no income tax state and noth having to move, and leave behind family and friends might weight in there as well.

      • D says:

        Oops that was meant as a new post.

  76. D says:

    Stanger id really like out LB’s to be SOLB (Kevin Minter or Jamie Collins, perferrably Collins) MLB (Cunningham), and WOLB (Alonzo). Wouldnt mind having Jenkins back for coverage, as i stated above, and also add a later round guy like Boulware, Anzalone, Riely, Beckwith, etc as a better quality depth guy, whom we could bring along a little more slowly.

  77. Mike E. says:


    I’m totally fine signing Jenkins, as long as the price is right. Only thing working against Jenkins is he doesn’t play ST’s, and Paysinger does, so I could see signing Paysinger again, or someone like him.

  78. stangerx says:

    Long talk with Tannenbaum on a bunch of subjects. His comments start at like minute 31. Pretty clear he is loving where the Phins are going, but also that he has nothing but respect for both Ross (well makes sense) and Gase (could not say more).

    Anyhow you can decide for yourself. One impression I got was he does not want to run the team….even if he cares about it (and his job security).

  79. D says:

    At first when it was early on the accepted invites for Senior Bowl i thought it was going to be a kind of low talent game, but man it has changed since then. So many solid players are going to be there. Any of those guys in particular you want me to try to meet at the meet and greet?

    • D says:

      Remember me saying this earlier this year? I think you have to consider that if you are going to pay stills a good amount to stay you might want to upgrade. He will be a lot cheaper than most expect, simply due to having an injury contract year. He hurt himself like Jenkins did, though thats where i leave the comparison.

      • D says:

        To me its all about Stills and his price tag. If Stills remains affordable, then you resign stills no doubt, if he demands a decent pay grade, putting him close to Jeffery (and i believe that might happen) then Jeffery might be worth it.

        EX: Still is drawing interest at a 9-10mil per range that Randall Cobb or Hurns got their contract year then Jeffery who shouldnt be much more than that due to injury, would be worth the sign IMO. If he get something closer to Torrey Smith kind of money, 8mil per, it becomes more iffy which is best, you would pay enough more for Jeffery at that point for it to be a judgement call of potential reward for the extra expense. Its truly not out of the question because one way or the other we are about to add a pretty solid amount of money to the WR corp salary pool.

  80. D says:

    You have more to gain from re-signing Jenkins than Paysinger, even with the ST contribution. You can have other players make up the loss at the ST spot a lot easier than it would be to have a guy with starting experience and starter ability (if healthy) to give you solid depth on your LB unit, especially with his any LB position flexibility. I agree the price has to be right but i wouldnt let him walk unless his price was just way off.

  81. getterdone says:

    Jimmy Kempski of the Philly Voice reports the Eagles “are considering moving on” from C Jason Kelce.
    It would be a surprising move which ultimately would not save the cap-strapped Eagles very much money. Philly would gain $3.8 million against the cap by releasing or trading Kelce, and that number would grow to $5 million if he is designated a post-June 1 cut.
    Hmmm, I’d consider replacing Pouncey with Kelce. May even save a little to spend elsewhere.

  82. The Flying Pig says:


    3 little pigs is a lot for some one to live up

    I don’t want to put that pressure on a rookie
    That’s asking too much

  83. Brian in NY says:

    Mike E. says:
    January 17, 2017 at 9:18 am
    What’s up with these divisional awards? AFC East comeback player of the year??? Really???
    The Oinkee’s carry more weight Mike

  84. 81Howie says:

    They got him
    Piece of Shit!

  85. Tim Knight says:

    GD, the thing with Pouncey is we have to try the best we can to get him healthy and hope for the best because we’re better with him in there. We underrate his ability, especially getting to the 2nd level where Ajayi feasts.

  86. Tim Knight says:

    At the end of the day the team will target the prospects they like. LOL

  87. Mike E. says:

    At the end of the day, it’s night

  88. Randy says:

    That’s the thing about a draft. You can target certain guys all you like but at the end of the day you’re often left choosing from whatever players are left…not necessarily the ones you targeted at the start of the day. That’s why you build a draft board and be ready to make adjustments vertically and horizontally.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Mostly horizontally with regards to options at positions in each round.
      1a, 1a, 1a, 1b, 1b, 1b, 1b, 1c, 1c, 1c, etc.

      A lot of times teams don’t even have 1st rd grades on 32 players. We’ve seen pre-draft 2nd and 3rd prospects go much later or even undrafted for all sorts of reasons. There’s more that goes into it than what we fans and media can do with a list. LOL

  89. Tim Knight says:

    Chip Kelly OC in JAC?

  90. getterdone says:

    I declare all of you right! 🙂

  91. Personally, I think Miller is a tool and, by that, I mean he’s putting stuff out there he’s being fed by a team or two he has a connection with to try and have some sort of influence on evaluations.
    The game isn’t all about stats or all about numbers but when you take a player like Cunningham and compare him to, let’s say, a Raekwon McMillan and maybe they say someone like him is a better tackler than Cunningham but there’s nothing you can base that opinion on.
    Maybe McMillan will have a few tackles where he hits a guy head on and makes a huge hit but they are few and far between.
    When you look at the numbers you see Cunningham had 71 solo tackles and McMillan 49. That’s a significant difference from a stat point of view but then take a look at how Cunningham compiled those tackles and it becomes even more impressive. Not only did he have 16.5 tfl’s but if you watch his games you’ll also see he made a number of impact plays in the games he played in like stopping plays short of a first down on 3rd or 4th down.
    Admittedly, there were times when he showed bad technique and went high trying to tackles backs by the tops of their shoulder pads but there’s nothing there that cannot be corrected with proper coaching. I think only teams who are deficient in coaching and won’t be able to fix it because they don’t have the coaches who are able to do so will be the one’s that scoff at the “poor tackling” issue.
    Those with coaches who get things done wont’ even bat an eyelash.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I don’t know

      In general I like Mike Miller

      I just think he missed the boat on Cunningham
      Watching Cunningham on film its pretty evident that he is for real

      • Jeremiah doesn’t even have Cunningham in his top 50. But, like I said in the past, I challenged him on Abdullah with his fumbling because of his small hands and he wouldn’t touch it.
        You can fix tackling with good coaching; you can’t fix small hands.
        The teams that will bypass Cunningham because of his “tackling issues” are those with deficiencies in coaching because they won’t be able to fix it but the teams that have good/great coaching will scoff at that and say it’s an easy fix.

  92. The Flying Pig says:

    The most impressive I’ve watched in the last few weeks have been Cunnigham and Duke Riley

    I was actually more impressed with cunnighams game tape than the highlights
    And that is rare – he’s pretty solid

  93. Randy says:

    I don’t think it’s all that difficult to pick out the best 50 or so best players. The true art of the draft…and where I think really good GMs make their money…is in rounds 3-5. If you can consistently find valuable contributors in the mid rounds…you build a team that is made to last.

  94. The Flying Pig says:


    At first glance I was croak of Cunningams tackling

    But watching him more and more I think he is a good tackler

    I think I mentioned before that Rob Rang compared him to Phillip wheeler who was a pretty bad tackler

    I don’t think Cunningham is Denzel Perryman level of tackling (who I think was the class of recent years) but don’t think he is wheeler…lol

  95. getterdone says:

    ESPN Jaguars reporter Mike DiRocco expects Jacksonville to release Julius Thomas this offseason.
    Signed to a monster five-year, $46 million deal ahead of the 2015 season, Thomas has answered with 46-455-5 and 30-281-4 receiving lines in 2015 and 2016, respectively, while missing 11 games to injuries. He scored 24 touchdowns across his final two seasons in Denver, but the Jaguars failed to use him like the Broncos did as a field-stretcher down the seams. Thomas isn’t going to make defenders miss on short passes; he’s a run-straight athlete in the mold of Jared Cook who could benefit playing in an offense that better plays to his strengths. Releasing Thomas would save the Jaguars $4.7 million against the cap.

    Now we’re talking!!! Someone Gase knows pretty well. Only 28, still has some good football left in him.

  96. Randy says:

    Most first and second round picks end up playing. Sure, there are always misses, but that’s not the norm. Some teams are better at it than others. Ireland tended to over value guys by about a round. I used to say it often.

    • coaching has A LOT to do with it. Teams with great coaching can take guys in 2nd and 3rd rds and get solid/impact starters from those guys while others with first rd picks littered throughout their rosters can’t get out of the cellar.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      If we consistently hit on guys in the first 2 rounds for a period of 5 years or so we would be a much better team today then we are now

      I really think that is what separates teams

      And then if you are able to find a gem a year in rounds 3-7 well that is fantastic

      If you did that for 5 years (the length of a rookie contract)
      You have 15 very good players

      I don’t think you are necessarily wrong
      There is value to be had there and it’s a real skill

      But nailing those early picks
      That’s the job
      That makes the draft worthwhile

      Once you miss those if you miss those
      It’s hard to make up for those misses
      It doesn’t matter if you draft a Reshad jones or a Vernon Carey
      You are not going to put the best players in the field week in and week out

  97. Randy says:

    Now if we only had a QB who could throw a seam pass and use a TE like that. Hehehehe.

  98. Tim Knight says:

    Ireland has been gone since 2013 and we’re still harping on that dude. LOL

    We’re 3 offseasons past him, soon to be 4. Move on! 😉

  99. The Flying Pig says:

    It’s to illustrate a point Tim
    Not to beg for him to be fired post mortem

    • Tim Knight says:

      You brought him up. That’s all I’m saying. Didn’t know I’d be challenged on it that way. LOL

      • The Flying Pig says:

        Ireland was so bad we have to pretend he never happened…lol

        If you find yourself in the fetal position in the shower
        And you can’t explain why…
        It’s probably Ireland…lol

  100. Piggy,
    another thing to watch with Cunningham is his “assists” or combined tackles. watch what he does to be in on a play that’s not even in his area. he could be covering a rb coming into his area and recognize the play going somewhere else and leave his guy and be in on the play and almost be the first guy to get there.
    he’s in on plays that most other lb’s can’t even get to.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      He’s all over the field
      And gets there is a split second

      Honestly though that is why the Wheeler comparison gave me a chuckle
      Bc wheeler was also all over the field

      But then he would dive at a guys feet …lol

      I don’t think Cunnigham squares up the way we think LBs are supposed to
      But he does stop guys in their tracks
      And he doesn’t throw his body around

      He’s a smart defender

  101. getterdone says:

    Tim, you’re cool bro….I was being facetious.

  102. Randy says:

    Cunningham definitely has very poor tackling technique. He tackles almost completely with his upper body and no lower body. It looks like he must have really strong hands though. He’ll definitely need to improve his technique at the next level. Guys in the NFL will run through his arm tackles and likely run over him. Long, lean, quick. I wouldn’t put him in the middle though.

  103. again, we can talk all day about whether or not Cunningham is a good tackler but you compare him to other lb’s who have half his total tackles who some, like Jeremiah, think is a better prospect for some reason and the difference is the other lb never even got close to making the plays Cunningham was involved in.
    yes, his technique needs refinement, he needs to build more strength to take his play to the next level but how anyone can discount the fact that he’s made the number of tackles he’s made and you actually see it on the film just boggles the mind.

  104. Randy says:

    I can see why people like him. His overall athleticism is quite good, but he’s gonna need time for his body to develop more. His lower body is quite lean and looks weak. He’s relatively tall, so guys at the next level will get under him and use leverage. I don’t like how he takes on blockers. He’s gotten away with bad technique because he’s athletic. He will have to learn how to sink his hips, drop his pad level and not just rely on his upper body. i’m gonna go find film of his bowl game and find out why he only had 6 tackles. I worry about guys who don’t show up in big games….especially when they play at “smaller” schools.

    • they said the same thing about Shazier when he came out of Ohio St. Lean and lanky and needing to add some bulk. You’re correct that he’s used some bad technique on some of his tackles and I think you’re right that he’s gotten away with it for some time because he was able to do it. Some of his tackles are high and he could end up getting called for a horse collar in the NFL if he continues to do so.
      But, I think he has such strong hands that he’s been able to do that to a lot of guys he’s taken down. And, you’re right again, he’s going to miss too many tackles at the next level if he continues to do that.
      However, his tackling technique isn’t that bad on all of his plays. I’ve watched tons of his games and he’s hitting guys pretty hard and tackling pretty much just like anyone else. Again, the thing about him is he’s in on so many more plays than any other linebacker that I’ve watched to this point. He seems like he’s always around the ball.

  105. Mike E. says:

    It kind of makes sense to bring up Ireland. He’s the reason we have hardly anything of value from that time period which caused us to basically turn over the entire roster. A lot of teams have good players on their roster, a solid foundation from 5-10 years ago, our team is bereft of successful draft picks from that time.

  106. wyoming85 says:

  107. sb7mvp says:

    Tim is still trying to defend his boy Ireland lol too funny Tim. We know your tricks.

  108. stangerx says:

    When you start reading an article from some dude on a good looking website you are not familiar with and figure you know more than him about the Phins…..and yeah the point ain’t about cutting Albert but rather who would be LT if we did.
    “It is rumored that tackle Branden Albert may be too expensive to keep on the roster. If Miami is able to use a first or second round pick on a highly touted offensive tackle to combine with Tunsil they will improve drastically in run protection. This is a necessity for the Dolphins in the offseason.”

  109. stangerx says:

    “Bill Belichick and Adam Gase tie for AFC East coach of the year”

    Tie cause on ESPN’s AFC East the Pat’s beat guy and our own James Walker voted for the evil genius.

  110. Tim Knight says:

    Definitely not defending Ireland. I just find it funny that people can’t let the past go. We’ve had two GMs and three offseasons, going on four since he was here. LOL

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      The fact that we’re still talking about him 4 years later just says how bad he was. We still can feel the effect he had on this team.

      • stangerx says:

        I actually don’t think Ireland was that bad….just not particularly good. Sorta like with Philbin and Sparano.

  111. BoulderPhinfan says:

    IF howard and cunningham are both there at 22 do we go howard?

    • The Flying Pig says:


      Do you mean Foster ?

      Who are you referring too?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Oh I get it
      oJ Howard

      IMO TE is not a priority

      Hands down I would take Cunningham over OJ Howard

      If we don’t improve up front defensively we can’t improve

      A TE might help the offense take it to the next level

      But what we need to do to get better is improve defensively

      Besides guys like Jordan Legget are nice options late

      I probably would go interior OL before I went TE

      • BoulderPhinfan says:

        I would agree, except that’s what I thought last year and we went offense. You never know with Gase. He might say the best defense is good offense 🙂

  112. stangerx says:

    Seems Gase really wants to keep Reshad Jones around. We’ll see if they offer a redo and this was from the Dolphins site, but…….

    “I was so impressed with how he helped lead our guys even though he wasn’t playing. He stood next to me before every game and he was such a lightning rod for energy for our guys. He tried to help our young players as much as he possibly could. It was great for me to see a guy that it hurt him so bad to not be out there with everybody. But those guys, they felt his positive energy every week on the sideline. He was always out at practice and making sure guys were competing and giving it everything they had.”

    “Guys respect him so much. He’s such a good player. Seeing him develop as a leader, that was something that was very impressive to see. … We developed a great relationship. He has been a guy that I’ve really enjoyed being around this season.”

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      LAndry and Jones are the type of players we need on this team.

    • D says:

      I dont know why you wouldnt want to keep him around. He is a hard ass worker, he is extremely talneted, he performs ever facet of a S’s job well, so he is extremely flexible when doing a defensive formation. There arent many negatives when it comes to Jones.

  113. sb7mvp says:

    Tim has a quilt made out of gum wrappers

  114. D says:

    Randy he does tackle with upper body but he wraps people up with his arms. He has done a a few what i would call “risky” tackles, but so does Foster, so does a few other top candidates. Also the ones he generally doesnt wrap up on well is one that those other guys wouldn’t have even gotten to, so he basically tackled this guy bthe way he did because its the only way he could have and gotten the tackle. He makes some just amazing plays where an average guy wouldn’t have gotten a hand on him, so he tackled with hands, bcause thats all he could to make that play. I have seen 90% of his game and if anyone thinks he isnt a good LB, or rated 50th in this draft is trying to find a reason to drop his draft grade.

    • his 40 time may drop him. according to everything I’m seeing he runs a 4.74. Shazier ran an amazing 4.38 at his pro day. Unbelievable. But, you still gotta love what you see on his tape.
      And, yes, he gets to plays that a lot of other LB’s wouldn’t have had a chance at and that’s why he tries to tackle so many with just his hands because it’s the only chance he’s got.
      Let me just say, the one thing I can’t stand about a LB is a guy who’s running side by side with a ball carrier. WTF is he waiting for? I’ve seen too many of them in this year’s draft. Cunningham doesn’t do that. he takes them down.
      there’s also a lot of guys who take wide angles on guys when they’re running around the outside and give up a lot of ground on the ball carrier rather than going down the line of scrimmage and trying to get there to make the tackle. again, Cunningham doesn’t do that.
      Davis does that A LOT.

  115. D says:

    There is MAYBE one player i would select if they and Cunningham were there at 22, and thats Myles Garrett or possibly Derrek Barnett. It would be hard for me to turn down a pass rushers who could be our next Jason Taylor, franchise and future ring of honor type of guy at a position that is so crucial these days. I feel the same about just off the wall talented CB’s, but even though there are several i like, there are none i like that much. Cunningham could be our Bobby Wagner, and say what ya want about the Seattle secondary, their defense is great starts with him.

  116. The Flying Pig says:


    My first impression of Cunningham was similar to Randy

    I feel like my first impression was wrong
    I have done a 180

    Every prospect has flaws

    I’m pretty convinced Cunningham will be a difference maker on D in the NFL
    Just a quality all around LB

    I’m all in on Cunningham

    I think we are going through the Hyperanalysis phase of the draft process now…lol

    • D says:

      Never said i expect Garrett would be there at 22, im just saying he is a guy i would pass on Cunningham for. Cunningham i think is going to be iffy as far as being there and especially if his combine numbers are good, which i expect they will be a lot better than it sounds that others are saying they will be.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I don’t know
        he has all the makings of some one who be there at 22

        maybe into the 2nd round

  117. The Flying Pig says:


    I don’t know guys
    This is a pretty cool image for LBs isn’t it?

  118. Brandon Albert would cost MIA $10.6M if they kept him this season vs $3.4M in dead money from his remaining pro-ration of his bonus over the next 2 seasons. No more guaranteed money there.
    Expect Albert to be cut as soon as possible to clear up cap space to make room for FA signings.
    Zeitler can run into the $45-50M area.
    I expect most of these guys to stay with the teams they are with though.

  119. Mike E. says:

    So much depends on what we accomplish in FA before the draft. If we’re able to sign a LB, say Jamie Collins, or Melvin Ingram, then it’s totally possible that we draft OJ Howard if he’s there. It sure makes it less of a necessity to grab a LB with our 1st pick.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I bet we do not pursue Collins or Ingram or Hightower

      I think that is just grumblings from the fane

      is it really cost effective to use free agency to bring in pass rushers

  120. Jahndoh30 says:

    “Expect Albert to be cut as soon as possible to clear up cap space to make room for FA signings.”

    I expect nothing of the sort. I’d be shocked in fact. 10 a year is a bargain for him. We need to be adding quality depth on the OL, not trading our best OL and cutting our 2nd best OL. You’re getting carried away GM Lou!

  121. The Flying Pig says:

    3.4M in dead money is too much

    • Tim Knight says:

      It also doesn’t make sense from a talent standpoint. Albert does get banged up we know that. But the last two seasons he’s missed 6 of 33 games, not 22. LOL

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I still think Albert can play

        I think the one thing that supports moving on is that Tunsil can be our new LT
        and that move is inevitable

        but will it happen in 2017 ?
        (Piggy shrugs)

      • Tim Knight says:

        Yeah finally get a talented 5 and then let them go. Ugh!

  122. D says:

    D says:
    January 18, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    Never said i expect Garrett would be there at 22, im just saying he is a guy i would pass on Cunningham for. Cunningham i think is going to be iffy as far as being there and especially if his combine numbers are good, which i expect they will be a lot better than it sounds that others are saying they will be.

  123. The Flying Pig says:

    I am really enjoying watching film of these Beserkers

    (Piggy slams his through a wall)

  124. Mike E. says:


    We have to spend the money somewhere, and we need LB’s badly. Why not sign a vet? You want 2 rookies running around making mistakes? I think signing 1 starting LB, and one depth LB makes a lot of sense. One of those depth LB’s can even be Jenkins. That’s fine with me.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      We will see how much $ we have after you deal with Still, Simms, Branch, Landry and even Jones
      if you have $ like that spend it on Eric Berry

      draft a berserkers!!!
      (Piggy staples his own forehead)

  125. D says:

    I dont see Zeitler going for more than 40mil a year unless we are talking about a 5 year contract, which we could be since this is going to be the time in his career he is going to try to lock up a big chuck of years. Top RG contracts are capping out at 10mil per, with just over 15mil in guarantees. A young guy like Zeitler looking for a extended number of years on his contract, i think signs a 5 year 9 mil per contract, with 20mil in guarantees so fast it leave a smoke trail behind the pen. That puts him as a top 3 RG, it gives him more in guarantees than the other 2, and comes out to a full guarantee for 2 of the 5 years. For a guy with a record health wise, and at only 27 years old, giving those kind of guarantees shouldn’t frighten us.

    We dont have to cut Albert to do that either, we can easily fit him in with the close to 48mil we will have in cap space just by cutting Williams and Misi

    • D says:

      Zeitler has to compete with several top OG’s this year. Lang from GB, Warford from Detroit, Norwell from Carolina, Leary from the Cowboys (whom im pretty certain will be with a new team, since they already have La’el Collins and Zach Martin as their starters.

      • D says:

        I dont think Lang will be able to be tagged either, since GB will likely have to choose between tagging he or Tretter, their OC, and OC’s usually win that decision. Panthers, and Detroit really dont have anyone else they would have to use it on, so they might use theirs on Norwell and Warford, and Zeitler MIGHT be a target for Cincy though they probably will think about using it to keep Kirkpatrick, their CB.

  126. Tim Knight says:

    It’s either Eric Berry or Reshad Jones who gets paid. We’re not paying both. That’s a lot of cash at safety.

    I agree with Mike at LB. We’re going there in FA and maybe even two of them. That doesn’t mean the most expensive LBs in history or even this year, but proven pros who we deem upgrades over what we have. I’m not counting re-signs, I’m talking new LBs. Then draft one early at some point and let them play their way in. I’m re-signing Alonso to a 1st rd tender, I’ll take my chances there. I’ve been a Jenkins supporter but his durability is starting to look like Misi. We have to shake it up. We have ST’s and depth in Hewitt and Hull (ERFA).

  127. Jahndoh30 says:


    3.4 for dead money is acceptable to most Front offices if the player is severely underperforming his contract. We get caught up in the dead money number, but it’s accounting nothing more. We’d actually SAVE cap space by cutting him.

    That said, Albert is definitely not underperforming his contract. So there’s no point in eating the dead money. All IMHO…

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I mean if I was done with Albert
      I would be like okay

      but 3.4M in dead money just to free up money to replace some one who might not need to be replaced

      You can’t really take on those cap hits

  128. Tim Knight says:

    Piggy, I think we will look to FA for DL, LB and OL depth and competition. I think when everyone is healthy, we have a solid secondary.

  129. D says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    January 18, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    I bet we do not pursue Collins or Ingram or Hightower

    I think that is just grumblings from the fane

    is it really cost effective to use free agency to bring in pass rushers
    Collins is an 4-3 OLB, or has been the whole time in NE. From everythign i have seen his is projected to be a 10mil per contract tops in FA. Hightower is a 4-3 MLB, which top salaries there top out in the 10’s but you are also comparing them to Keuckley (who actually gets 12per), Wagner, and Bowman, which they are not. Id think Hightower does get 9-10mil just because of his rank in this FA, but not more. Either way we likely would only use 20 of 48mil in cap space signing a top LB and a top OG, and those are definitely positions we should be shopping for in FA.

  130. D says:

    Tim you dont have to sign him to the top tender, you can give him the lowest tender and by nature of his 1st round draft grade, you automatically get first round return if someone tries to sign him and you refuse to match.

  131. D says:

    3.4 mil in dead money isnt crap if you are saving 7.2….. you have to be concerned with that number not so much the dead money number. That said i dont think we cut Albert, i dont think there is a need to at this point, but i also wouldnt be completely shocked if they did. Im not a fan of doing it either, just to be clear.

  132. Tim Knight says:

    FA and draft time is on its way, time to send our own packing because the grass is always greener with new. LOL

  133. Mike E. says:

    Sims can’t be that expensive, and he thinks he’s worth more than he is, then he can be an ex-Dolphin as far as I’m concerned. I don’t see him as a big ticket TE, he’s a backup or 2nd TE IMO. As far as Reshad, I’m all for locking him up. I’d like to sign Stills as long as the $$$ doesn’t get out of control, and we know from past experience, that can happen fast, as we way overpaid for Mike Wallace. We’ll see what happens.

    • D says:

      I think Sims winds up getting something in the neighborhood of Zach Miller kind of money, 3mil per. Maybe Brent Celek kind of money, which is about 4mil per,

  134. Mike E. says:


    Tim is right, and I’ve been saying that all along. We have to give Alonso the highest tender, and then if someone signs him, we get their 1st RD pick. Alonso was a 2nd RD pick by the Bills (#46) in 2013

  135. D says:

    Im not offering Stills more than 6-7per, i might make it nice on the guarantees side but im thinking 6 with decent guarantees, or 7 with a little less that way. He isnt a feature WR for us, though he is valuable in some ways. I think we could do better too personally, someone that would be a better target for Tanny. He is a good receiver, but he doesnt do for us what i think he would for other systems and i think there will be other systems that will be willing to pay him because he will be more featured there. I dont think we keep Stills, it wouldn’t stop me from trying, but i think ultimately we will be unable to match what someone else might with what we likely will have to offer Landry to keep him.

  136. Tim Knight says:

    D, from last year’s numbers RFA tender offers are as follows from 3rd to 1st – $1.671 million, $2.553 million, and $3.635 million, respectively. I’m putting a 1st on Alonso. I’ll let him walk for a 1st rd pick. It’s sound business. Releasing Misi pays for that.

    • D says:

      There isnt really a 3rd, there is lowest, and 2nd and first. Lowest doesnt get you a third as compensation, it gets you whatever their draft grade was. Like Williams which is a RFA, we put the lowest on him and people laugh and just make an offer because if we dont match we get nothing in compensation. We have to put a 2nd or top tender on him or just not tender him at all.

      Kiko we _could_ put lowest tender on him, but if we did, given he was a second round pick instead of first like i thought, we would only get a second in return, a second round tender on him, of course would be a waste of a tender since we got the same protection with the lowest tender.1st round tender is still a bargain so might as well do that.

      One question would be, if you did get an offer from a club for him, and lets say its in the top 10 of salaries for a MLB (lest say it was a 7-8mil per kind of contract), do you match or take the first rounder?

      • Tim Knight says:

        You are right on no 3rd, I now remember that. I’d put a 2nd on Damien Williams. I like him as a #3 game day back for STs and 3rd downs, depth etc.

        I put the 1st rd tender on Alonso easy. Like I said releasing Misi pays for it. As for that big deal, that comes down to how the team feels about Alonso’s durability long term. He is a slender LB especially upper body. But it looks like he’s recovered from the knee, that wasn’t an issue this year. He had a groin injury and then the dislocated thumb/club hand which is pretty common and not career ending.

  137. D says:

    Im not dealing with Reshad until after the dust settles in FA, and he shows up on the field again. Id do a deal before next FA starts for sure, however.

    • Tim Knight says:

      That’s how I feel. Jones and IAQ will likely be our penciled in starters for 2017. I have no problem with that. We need our young corners to take the next step and for Maxwell to have his best season ever. LOL

      • D says:

        If we were in a better position at CB, id contemplate cutting Maxwell this coming year too, but i just dont feel our young guys are there yet. I also still look to add a guy in draft to compete, maybe someone midlle rounds like that Stribling guy out of Michigan, or Dwayne Thomas out of LSU.

      • D says:

        Sorry not cut, trade. I think there would be someone who would give up a decent round pick for him.

  138. Tim Knight says:

    D, you think Jordan Lucas has any upside as a CB, nickel or safety mix DB like a Michael Thomas, or he’s probably not good enough?

  139. D says:

    This is out FA list and estimation of what they will likely demand for us to re-sign.
    Chimdi Chekwa —- Not really going to worry over this one.
    Nicholas Williams —- Same
    Andre Branch —- Im thinking 4-5mil per
    Jason Jones —- gone already, but if we brought him back it would be roughly at last years rate 1.5mil
    Jermon Bushrod — Again, it would liely be at the same rate, maybe slightly more. 2mil
    Damien Williams — Cost of a 2nd round tender
    Kiko Alonso — Cost of a 1st round tender
    Spencer Paysinger — probably roughly same as last year 675K, maybe a little more 850kish, if brought back.
    Donald Butler — probably wouldnt be brought back but again, if so would be under a mil per kind of contract.
    Jelani Jenkins — really kinda depends on our LB situation, and what we do as far as bringing in someone else. I think anywhere from about 2mil per to 4mil per depending on if he looks like he is going to be a starter or not.
    John Denney — He may or may not be back, we will see but i think it would be at 1.25-1.5 mil per at very best, most likely lower though.
    T.J. Yates — doubtful he will be back or if he is it probably wouldnt be on a non-guaranteed contract and cut after PS. Something league minimumish.
    Michael Thomas — Probably couldget him back at 1-1.5mil per
    Bacarri Rambo — Probably 750k-1mil per if that.
    Sam Young — 750k – 1mil per if that
    Dominique Jones — doubtful he gets tendered.
    Jordan Cameron — doubtful we attempt to re-sign
    Dion Sims — 3-4mil per
    Kenny Stills — 7mil per would be as high as i went but i think he will get more elsewhere.

    I think therefore to re-sign all the guys we are concerned with its going to take 23 mil to re-sign our own and off the estimated 31mil we have right now in cap space, the 8 mil carryover, and the 12.7 we get for cutting Misi and Mario Williams, we have about 52mil in cap space. That means we have roughly 29mil left to work with to get FA’s. We could easily squeeze in a top OG, and LB, and have a little left to play with for depth players. Id much rather go for a couple big FA’s that could really help us with our starter quality, and a bunch of nickle and dime guys. Even if we go big we probably are still looking at 10mil or so left over.

  140. D says:

    Tim Knight says:
    January 18, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    D, you think Jordan Lucas has any upside as a CB, nickel or safety mix DB like a Michael Thomas, or he’s probably not good enough?
    What little we saw of him i think he looked like a rookie…. He was pretty solid at PSU, has position flexibility and i think probably has a little higher upside than Thomas, but Thomas has him on his ST contribution. Id say is Lucas doesnt find a way to contribute more on ST’s this year he might lose his place on the team, either that or he needs to really show significant improvement as a NCB/S hybrid. I like the idea of him more than McCain at NCB, but he hasnt shown any reason to believe he would be better yet.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Good stuff! I still have hope for McCain. He flashes too. The slot is not easy. Nor is it for him to play outside on WR’s over 6 feet, but we had few options late in the year. People complain about Albert, our entire starting secondary was down a good part of the year.

      • D says:

        I think McCain is in the wrong system is all. I think when we were under Philbin/Coyle, McCain was the right guy for slot there, but under Joseph, in a press-zone kind of system, a more agressive and physical DB system, he wasnt best suited and thats kind of why i think Lucas would be better than him, i just dont have any evidence to support that belief.

    • D says:

      Actually i forgot to figure in Alonzo’s tender amount and Williams, so would be a little less than that…their tenders would make it more like 29mil to resign all our guys. 23mil left, and around 4mil left over if we signed top guys at OG and LB.

      Obviously we could hop for a little less to re-sign Stills or draw our line lower. We could likely drop Denney for ra ookie/league min vet, or get him to re-sign for less. We could let Jenkins walk and we probably are back up to a 7-8mil left over. We could also let Branch go if he didnt do a more team friendly deal, something in the 3-4mil range, and cut Dion Jordan, which in itself would be a 3.1mil cap savings, to trim a little more fat.

  141. D says:

    Can watch Beckwith, Tredaveous White, Riley, Godchaux, Lewis Neal, Dwayne Thomas, and Jamal Adams…..

  142. D says:

    Too bad Arden Key wasn’t available to enter the draft. I think that guy is going to be a beast.

  143. D says:

    I will say though if you wanna get jazzed up by Reuben Foster just watch this highlight vid lol.

  144. D says:

    Eddie Jackson if fully recovered from his injury would be an interesting safety prospect as well.

  145. sb7mvp says:

    No Alabama players on this team. They don’t deserve it.

  146. The Flying Pig says:

    Don’t look now
    But it looks like a pair of safeties are shooting up draft boards

    Malik Hooker and Jamal Adams are considered top 10 picks

    Solomon Thomas (Stanford DE) is another guy in that is now in that area

  147. Unless Albert agrees to renegotiate his contract which I doubt happens he’s a cap casualty this yr. The only thing remaining on his contract in terms of cap hit is the pro-ration of his bonus over the next two yrs if we release him. That’s the $3.4M.
    if we keep him this season we have to pay him $10.6M. We don’t need him. We move Tunsil outside to LT. We’re going to sign a FA G and we’re going to draft another.
    We’re not paying Albert $10.6M this yr. Not happening.

  148. Tim Knight says:

    M. Williams and Misi will be off the books is going to happen. Dead cap at $4.3M vs. $17M in salary. Please! Start there.

  149. stangerx says:

    I am hoping one of you draft experts will tell me that Jadar would be a good fit for the team. “Career mode on the Madden”….awesome.
    Jadar Johnson has been one of the most impressive draft prospects of the week, so it’s no surprise that scouts have made it a point to track the Clemson safety down. But Tuesday, Johnson was extra excited to speak with one club in particular.

    “I’m a Miami Dolphins fan. I’ve been a Dolphins fan since I was a little boy, so when they came up to me, that was a big deal for me. It was like the career mode on the Madden (video game) where you can pick your team. I wanted to say, ‘C’mon man, please pick me. It would be perfect.’ I didn’t tell them I was a Dolphins fan — I wanted to keep it business-like. But I so wanted to tell them.”

  150. D says:

    Steve on Eddie Jackson, he is pretty consistent, most of Sabans players are unless they are freshmen and sophomores and they usually figure out how to be more consistent at the year goes on and if they dont they wind up not being starters anymore. Its just the nature of the expectations that Saban puts on his players. Saban isnt very tolerant to Juniors and Seniors who dont show up game after game, because truthfully he has so much talent behind them, he doesnt have to, he can start the grooming process for the next man up. He figures that if you dont have that kind of guy, you can get inconsistency out of the younger group and still be building towards something ya know.

    Only question to me will be his injury. As a side not i think Eddiie Jackson out, was 100% why Bama lost that championship. Jackson is in there, i can promise, Renfrow, or Legget one would have not had the kind of game they did. They got over on guys with little to no experience, and again, inconsistency.

  151. D says:

    Alabama players will for sure be on our team if we are lucky enough to get a shot at them. Gase has already said he knows what kind of players Saban puts out so if Saban green lights him on one of his guys you can bet that moves them up some on our draft board.

  152. manitobafinfan says:

    D.. New Blog up… 🙂

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