A Bruce Banner Like Draft


By Dr. Bruce Banner

It’s almost that time again. Time for me to start sweating, pacing, shaking my fists, finding myself in some back alley with pants and shirt torn to shreds. Yes I am talking about draft time. All the countless hours of anxiety leading up to and dissecting our draft needs and who is the one and only person that can right this franchise in one fell swoop. Year after year I experience the anxiety and then the eventual explosion of rage as I watch the Phins over reach, trade down, draft a family instead of football player and well you get the picture. However, for some unknown reason this year’s draft seems different to me. I am not feeling my palms sweat, I am not walking around in a rage and I have not woken up with my clothes all torn since the playoffs ended. I began to wonder why I am not suffering from my usual pre-draft anxiety this year. My only answer is that success breeds success.

I know one winning season and a one and done in the playoffs is not much of a measure of success and we can easily revert to our old ways but there seems to be something different about this team. The players don’t quit when they are down, it overcame key injuries, it won on the road, it won close games and most of all there is a quiet confidence that starts with the coach and resonates with the players. I think this brings a different outlook and attitude as this team heads into the draft.

In year’s past we were always looking at the draft to land that one impact player, to land weapons, to be the face of and carry the franchise. When I look at this team heading into this draft my thought is we are no longer looking for weapons or franchise players. We have those on both sides of the ball in multiple positions. What we are looking for are pieces. Pieces to fill out the roster. As our elder statesman of the blog Stanger has pointed out, we have been linked to 21 different players at R1P22. That is a good thing. It means we are not desperate to fill out one position. It means we can take best player available as opposed to drafting just for need. We can take Forrest Lamp and solidify the interior of the line. A unit that showed much progress last year. We can take Jabrill Peppers and team him up with Reshard Jones and create a more physical presence at Safety. We can draft David Njoku and give Tannehill a freakishly athletic tight end the likes of which we have not seen in Miami. Even taking someone like Taco Charlton, whom I am not a huge fan of, is still not a bad pick. This is to just name a few of our options. The fact is that we are in a good spot in this draft and for once we don’t seem to be desperate.

To me the more significant portion of this draft will not be round but rather what we do in rounds 3-5 may have a bigger impact on our team than what we do in rounds 1-2. What this team needs more than anything is depth. Every team has to deal with injuries and ultimately injuries took their toll on this team last year, in particular on the offensive line and in the secondary. Getting 3-4 guys in the middle rounds who can play when called on as a backup may have impact than whoever we draft in round 1. Which to me is a good sign as to the direction of where this team is headed. One name for a 3rd rounder to keep an eye is Obi Melifonwu, S from Uconn. He can be a nice athletic addition to a depth chart. Or perhaps we can look at depth at Center where our oft injured Mike Pouncey has struggled to stay on the field. Perhaps an Ethan Pocic from LSU or Kyle Fuller from Baylor would give us much needed depth at that position. Once again these are just a few names that we can watch to see what happens come the draft.

Of course I don’t put it past our team to draft a long snapper and punter in rounds 1 and 2 and I find myself turning all green and waking in a dumpster again. However, for the first time in a long time I get the sense that almost no matter what direction we go in the draft we are going to be alright. So everyone  just relax and chill.

Meditating Hulk

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  1. son of a son of a shula says:

    Inside look at stej war room

  2. The Flying Pig says:

    So just for the health record
    It wasn’t food poisoning
    Nowhere near it

    It was a sinus infection
    And it was horrible through part of yesterday
    Probably the worse during the weekend

    I went to the doctor yesterday and had a 102 temp
    And I’m sure it was worse than that we re the weekend but I don’t keep a thermometer in my apat

    Today is probably the first day I haven’t had a fever for Few days

    I basically just ate my first meal (I managed to nibble on a few things here and there) since Thursday you consider yogurt and applesauce a meal – which I don’t but it’s basically all I can eat

    I don’t know if that is the norm for a sinus infection
    But I think it’s probably in part to me not identifying it early or seeing a doctor sooner that it was so bad

    If my head clears up and I stop being so dizzy I will probably go back to my office tomorrow maybe Thursday so looks like it will get better
    Until then I’m working from home

    Anyone ever had a sinus infection – and was it ever that bad?
    I never thought of that thing as so bad
    This thing was brutal

    • dbolt48 says:

      Yes….plenty of times. Eventually when my smell & taste became distorted I had to go to ENT and that’s when I was informed I needed turbinate reduction surgery. Sucked ass as I was constantly dizzy & nauseous.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        It’s my first time

        I’m still a little dizzy and occasional nauseous but the crazy fever I had is gone
        And I actually slept last night so that is a relief

        I had no idea it was like that never experiencing it
        It sounds mundane in its name and it’s a fucking evil beast
        I could have easily went to the emergency room over the weekend but I hate that place…lol

  3. Tim Knight says:

    Oh man just heard this watching a Congemi and Madison video. Todd Heap accidentally hit his 3 year old daughter with his truck and she died. I can’t imagine what he’s going through. So sad. Geez!

  4. son of a son of a shula says:

    Glad you’re doing better Piggs

  5. stangerx says:

    In other news….bad day to be a Pirates fan.

    “Pittsburgh Pirates All-Star outfielder Starling Marte has been suspended 80 games after testing positive for Nandrolone, a performance-enhancing substance.”

  6. Tim Knight says:

    It’s almost impossible to replace your top players unless you find a gem. All teams go through it.

  7. Mike E. says:


    You don’t know the difference between your nose and your ass?

  8. Mike E. says:

    Just saw the Todd Heap story. Oh man, I’m not sure how you recover from that. Tragic as can be.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I’d be gone. It would eat me alive forever as long as that lasted. I hope Todd can be okay though. Ugh…

      • Mike E. says:

        Me too Tim. You never really recover from something like this, you just move on with whatever is left of your mind and soul.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Mike, I’d be like that if I did that to a pet never mind my child. This story made me ill today. I feel so bad for him and his family. This likely happens more than we know, we just don’t hear about it. Really sad stuff.

  9. drg says:

    That’s great news if some of the QBs and RBs are shooting up the draft. More defensive options for us and maybe a trade down option.

  10. Tim Knight says:

    Let’s throw in 3 QBs, the RBs and TEs before we pick along with this ranking as an example. Plenty of defense for us in the 1st rd.

    • Mike E. says:

      Don’t forget the wideouts! Hoping John Ross squeezes in before us.

      • Tim Knight says:

        No I’m saying add the extra QBs to this list. Ross is already #19 and the RBs and TEs are there already as well. Defense is going to be quite deep into the 2nd rd.

      • Mike E. says:

        He’s not universally rated that high. I think he’s a reach before us, but I hope it happens anyway

      • Tim Knight says:

        Ross has been teens and 20’s even before he ran his record breaking 40. I was not aware of it at that the time because I was not focused on WRs but he’s been there for months.

  11. drg says:


    I try my best to avoid trashing Tannenbaum on this board. Don’t tempt me with the trade up talk, lol.

    • Tim Knight says:

      It’s about good players man, not a bunch of projects. We have too many vets and prime players on this team to keep f’n around. Just get better as a team and keep trying to win. So far Tannenbaum has not blown up the cap. Trading on draft day doesn’t bother me and just because Jordan was a bust doesn’t mean it will always be like that. 🙂

  12. wyoming85 says:

  13. pheloniusphish says:

    So do you think we’ll play Davis as the Will or put him at Mike and kick Timmins out?

    • Tim Knight says:

      I think Alonso and Timmons are the read and react inside the box LBs with someone else manning the LOS and moving from weak to strong based on formations. Like Misi, Hewiitt and a rookie. They can also play in the box at times.

  14. son of a son of a shula says:

    Davis will play outside as long as Timmons is here. That’ll be fine.

  15. son of a son of a shula says:

    Timmons is here to feast off the incredible play of Mr Suh. It should be a lot of fun to watch.
    Prediction : Pain

  16. son of a son of a shula says:

    The center of our Defense is Suh, Timmons and Reshad Jones. That’s as good as it gets.

    Carolina with Short and Keuchly but my mom at safety…

  17. son of a son of a shula says:

    Suh is here, everything is different now

    You can say Gase but likely no Suh no Gase

    Everything is different now

    Suh is here

  18. son of a son of a shula says:

    Suh and Wake can decide it’s time and leave all doubt behind. Those two drive the train.

  19. son of a son of a shula says:

    Tannenbaums Mona Lisa

    • Mike E. says:

      Don’t forget Grier and Gase too. They’re a big part of the process. They’re building togedder

      • son of a son of a shula says:

        I was speaking specifically about the Suh deal. He pushed Hickey aside on that one. Hit his stride since.

  20. Tim Knight says:

    I think Gase is here, everything is different now. He created an accountability and stability factor. 🙂

  21. son of a son of a shula says:

    Aaron Hernandez killed his damned self in jail.

  22. Ken says:

    And right about now Aaron Hernandez should be entering Hell

    • Rhino says:

      My first thought… ‘one less evil person in the world’. A murderer to the end (couldn’t resist the opportunity to kill again, even if it was himself)… joking of course… but I don’t find myself with any empathy. Perhaps he made a deal to reveal Bill’s secret book of cheating but the Patriot’s Opus Dei got to him first.

  23. sb7mvp says:

    That’s a tragedy

    • steveccnv says:

      Why? I agree with Rhino.

      • D says:

        Its a tragedy for the same reason anyone taking their own life because they are in a place where they feel its their only way out is. Im not defending what he did, and in the sense of karma its probably fitting, but i dont see how anyone for could be happy for that outcome. The family of Lloyd maybe, id give that a pass, but overall, i just cant see being happy about it.

  24. wyoming85 says:

    Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet 9m9 minutes ago
    #Dolphins continue to visit with top defenders, hosting #Clemson CB Cordrea Tankersley today, source said. Could have 7+ CBs in the 1st rd

  25. herdfan says:

    Looks like Aaron Hernandez finally killed the right guy.

    • stangerx says:

      Far as I am concerned he was lucky that ending his life was his choice.

    • D says:

      I consider it a sad thing, despite the fact i think he was indeed guilty and justice should find him, still im sad for the waste of a human being, and its sad to know anyone has found themselves in a place where thats the only alternative they see.

  26. stangerx says:

    Mike Pouncey on Instagram…… does make you wonder if he is a Gase kinda guy.

    “To my friend my brother! Through thick and thin right or wrong we never left each other’s side. Today my heart hurts as I got the worse news I could have imagined.”

    • D says:

      Dont know how that would not make him a Gase guy. Gase is about him being a pro on the field, having a friend who did something bad, but sticking by them as a friend doesnt really show a character flaw. If you had a person you loved, and they did something very bad you wouldnt just bail on loving them. He isnt saying he feels like Hernandez was right for killing Llyod, he just says he loves and will miss his friend.

    • D says:

      I think a lot of you look too hard at Pouncey for things that arent him acting like Hernandez, just that he supported his firend, i mean hell he probably never accepted the belief he was guilty. People close to others do that all the time, and live in denial to facts, sometimes their whole lives

      • stangerx says:

        You are right that Gase values loyalty, so make that to me. And you might be right about denial, but still a smart message to send out to the world. Somemthing along the lines of “So saddened…..I saw the good that was within Aaron.”

      • D says:

        Grief doesn’t come with a editor…. just sayin.

  27. D says:

    You can count me among the ones that does feel empathy, i cant help it. He has children, and people that love him, he did evil stuff, and i believe ultimate judgement is coming, but i cannot help but feel empathy for a life lost, a life wasted, and those that are dealing with it, be it friends or family.

    • stangerx says:

      Feel bad for all the lives he screwed up too…..just not for him. Even if buy into the last not guilty verdict. He killed a good friend in cold blood, got away with shooting one of his best friend, and at best tried to cover up the killings of two guys over a spilled drink at a bar.

  28. Rhino says:

    I forget who posted the draft picks coming from Private Visits essentially being 100% until the Tunsil gift wrapped surprise!… but with that premise…

    17 Private Visits so far
    3 Offense (1 OL, 2 TE)
    14 Defense (2 DE, 5 LB, 3 CB, 4 S)

    Under this trend, I’d be shocked if we take an offensive player in round one unless there’s another “Tunsil suprise”. Is Lamp being available at #22 a big enough of a surprise to not go LB or DB?

    We are also clearly preparing to add at least one DB in one way or another… gotta give the front 7 time to do their job on the QB.

    • stangerx says:

      I’d be shocked if the draft was not a whole bunch of D and a G or two, but all bets are off for me in the first round. And no surprise at least if Lamp is there and he would be the far safest choice…..not that that means they go with it.

    • D says:

      I posted it. first 4 rounds have a pretty high percentage of coming from some sort of private visit/workout out of the past 5 years as data i could get to compare. Patterns are always flexible but they give you a good look into some things like whether or not a team uses a private visit to smokescreen of if they legitimately use it to find the right guy. We apparently are pretty secrative about who visits, and the team never announces the visits, reporter just catch wind of it through other channels so they seem to treat them as visits for the purpose of finding “their guy” IMO.

  29. Mike E. says:

    Eh, it’s hard for me to feel really bad for Hernandez. He embraced the thug lifestyle, and this is the kind of thing that comes with it. I don’t feel any worse for him than any other murderer, maybe less in some ways. He had everything in front of him, he made really bad choices.

  30. stangerx says:

    Yahoo sports is rarely a place to go for good writing, but this piece on Hernandez at the last trial and why he possibly did what he did is an exception.


  31. D says:

    Apparently by Mass law, a person who still had appeals available that dies, has their conviction vacated.

    Now as much as i empathize with what happened, i totally disagree with that rule. IMO if you are guilty when you die, it should remain on record that way or at the very least suicide should not qualify you for that option..

    • The Flying Pig says:

      What’s the point with letting the appeal of a dead person proceed

      What if He wins, do they release his spirit?

      Preserving an appeal like that is A huge waste of tax payer money for something without any real world effect

  32. herdfan says:

    I feel empathy for his children. They didn’t get to choose who their daddy was. His gf/wife, whichever it was, probably knew what he was so it comes with the territory. I feel empathy for his victims and their families. I’m glad he won’t have the opportunity to add to the body count. If that makes me a bad person so be it.

    • D says:

      Herd i definitely was ot calling you a bad person, im pretty much right with ya, though i do in some ways feel bad knowing that someone got so low that they turned to suicide to “fix” things. I have a particular history regarding suicide that probably makes me feel this way, but i see it as a tragedy more so than a vindication.

  33. D says:

    Mike E. says:
    April 19, 2017 at 11:44 am

    Eh, it’s hard for me to feel really bad for Hernandez. He embraced the thug lifestyle, and this is the kind of thing that comes with it. I don’t feel any worse for him than any other murderer, maybe less in some ways. He had everything in front of him, he made really bad choices.
    Yeah i dont feel any better or worse for him in regards to the life he chose, nor the conviction he received, and it doesnt change my opinion of guilt or innocence and what he deserved for doing the crime. Still i do feel bad for the situation and in particular, family and friends. If i was in Pouncey’s shoes id be pretty heartbroken as well.

  34. D says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    April 19, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    What’s the point with letting the appeal of a dead person proceed

    What if He wins, do they release his spirit?

    Preserving an appeal like that is A huge waste of tax payer money for something without any real world effect
    Not letting an appeal proceed Piggy, they overturn the conviction because there were still appeals available. I guess its in the vein of they may have had their conviction overturned in one of those appeals, therefore they just throw out the conviction as a worst/best case scenario kind of thing. Again, thats something i find to be a kind of stupid rule.

  35. D says:

    stangerx says:
    April 19, 2017 at 11:59 am

    Yahoo sports is rarely a place to go for good writing, but this piece on Hernandez at the last trial and why he possibly did what he did is an exception.

    See thisis kinda what im saying, to me this is a very tragic story and very sad.

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      If he was gonna kill himself why spend so much money on attorneys etc… for his last double murder trial. He should have killed himself sooner and left his money for his daughter. He was selfish IMO.

      • D says:

        Thats exactly what im saying is, i dont think he planned to, i think he got to the point where his life just wasnt worth living anymore.

      • stangerx says:

        My guess is it was the final straw in an ego-fed life meeting reality. He was tony montana who no one even cared about and without the dramatic ending chance. Only possible difference would be if the vacation of his sentence in some way saved his NFL pension for his daughter and only became possible once he got off in the drive-by shooting trial. That pure speculation, even if we learned from OJ that pensions are immune from wrongful death suits.

  36. sb7mvp says:

    That’s a comedy.

  37. wyoming85 says:

    • stangerx says:

      lol — exactly how my wife looks when she works out…..in full make-up and after she does her hair like a big night out on the town.

  38. wyoming85 says:

    Chris Perkins‏Verified account @chrisperk 20m20 minutes ago
    Grier said they want guys who are tough, competitive & luv football at DE. Added this draft has all shapes & sizes.

  39. wyoming85 says:

    Armando Salguero‏Verified account @ArmandoSalguero 16m16 minutes ago
    Tannenbaum says saying this going to be a defense intense draft for the Dolphins is not right. “We don’t know what’s going to happen.”

    • D says:

      I mean he is right, people get locked in to what they expect, but the team is the only one that knows what players they have ranked where and even they dont know what players will be there when they pick, so its not like you can “plan” a draft, you just have to have options (including trade options) that let you roll with whatever IS there.

  40. wyoming85 says:

  41. D says:

    Lol Wyoming when i saw that post above, i couldnt help thinking its some sorta role playing thing.

  42. wyoming85 says:

    Armando Salguero‏Verified account @ArmandoSalguero 17m17 minutes ago
    Chris Grier says you get in trouble when you start drafting for need. He’s going to stick to the board.

    • D says:

      I mean the board comes from prospects they like which indirectly is influenced by team needs, but i agree with what he is saying, going in with a board to follow and then overthinking it by altering your decisions because you think you need one thing more than another just kinda fucks up all the preperation you have done for months.

  43. D says:

    People like Landry coulda played a number of position on the field, they just have the right attitude about being excellent.

  44. wyoming85 says:

    Round 1 (No. 22 overall): Florida LB Jarrad Davis

    Round 2 (No. 54 overall): Colorado CB Chidobe Awuzie

    Round 3 (No. 97 overall): USC G Zach Banner

  45. sb7mvp says:

    We have a lot of needs so drafting for need would actually work.

    • stangerx says:

      I would say that we have lots of wants……sorta how they set us up. And that comes with great flexibility.

      • sb7mvp says:

        Our needs didn’t change simply because we went to rent a center. They are still the same. OG, TE, LB, DE, S, CB, and backup DT. Maybe RT if James isn’t in future plans.

    • Ken says:

      The Browns and Jets have a lot of needs

  46. stangerx says:

    What would be your #1 choice as to who would actually crash a white house press briefing?


  47. Tim Knight says:

    SB7, we don’t need a TE or even a CB or S. We may want to add to it, but it’s not really a need. We have guys we can play the game with at those positions. We don’t even need a starter on the DL, we’re looking for depth. A need to me is a glaring void as in we don’t have anyone good enough to start.

    • steveccnv says:

      Correct, we have no needs😉

      • Tim Knight says:

        Are you being a wise guy? LOL

        You could say we need another guard because we don’t have a stud on either side. The same at LB, most don’t feel anyone outside of Alonso and Timmons are starter quality and because Misi never stays heathy.

      • steveccnv says:

        Based on what you wrote, we have no needs. Where do you see a glaring void?

    • sb7mvp says:

      If you’re trying to build a perennial contender, they are needs. Just because we signed a guy doesn’t mean the hole was properly filled. You still need to draft like that guy isn’t there for depth, competition or possible starter just in case that guy doesn’t work out.. We only have a few locks on our roster. Everyone else is on notice. A need doesn’t mean a hole.

      • Mike E. says:

        ^ Especially Allen who IMO, was just a filler until they find someone better, evidenced by the somewhat desperate signing of a 1 YR contract for a safety (T.J. McDonald) who we know will miss a minimum of 8 games. Couldn’t agree more, it’s just slapping a couple of band aids on a good bleeder.

      • Tim Knight says:

        If you’re trying to build a perennial contender, you draft BPA always. If we have as many needs as you say we do, it should be no problem. You basically mentioned every position besides QB, RB and WR.

        Of course you’re always looking for upgrades and depth with upside. I consider what you’re saying as wants. We want a young pass rusher to develop behind Wake. We want a young LB who can be an impact player for years to come. We want a starting guard we can pencil in for at least the next 4-5 years. But isn’t that the way it is every year for all teams at various positions?

        My point is I don’t see such a void that we can’t go play right now. I’m not saying we are a juggernaut, but we can be a good team with what we have already. Of course you always want to get better.

        So that said, I think there are enough positions we’d like to stock up on that we can go BPA very easily.

  48. Mike E. says:


    Been thinking about you lately – Glad to see you back on here. Hope all is well, and things are looking up for you! Cheers!

  49. Tim Knight says:

    Mike, why can’t we go safety next year? Not sure what the panic is there right now?

  50. Tim Knight says:

    Steve, I don’t see any glaring voids. We’re looking to upgrade. An example would be a team that played 3 different guys at LT and none of them were any good. They “need” a LT. I don’t think anyone stinks so bad that we must address this position or we’re doomed.

  51. stangerx says:

    Needs — none needed
    Wants — plenty
    Upgrades — possible almost everywhere
    Depth — always needed
    No need — one slot at DT (Suh), DE (Branch…even as #3 DE), LB (Alonso), S (Landry), T (Tunsil), RB (Ajayi), WR (Stills)….an argument could be made for say Parker and maybe Tanny, but you get the idea.

    • stangerx says:

      ^ “S (Jones)”

    • Tim Knight says:

      No need goes deeper than that in my view. Can you field the position with a competitive player? The list is larger than the one you mentioned for me. But it’s just my opinion. 🙂

      • stangerx says:

        Was really just pointing out that need is a most relative term more than anything. We all know the team “needs” and “wants” better players, but other than that pure semantics unless you are talking in old-school mock draft categories.

  52. D says:

    Tim Knight says:
    April 19, 2017 at 4:34 pm

    Mike, why can’t we go safety next year? Not sure what the panic is there right now?
    I dont see that there is any more or less of a panic at any position this year, maybe OG and DE have a little more pressure to go early this year because waiting might mean we are under the gun in 2018. Like TBaum was saying though, we should be taking whomever is top of our list, if its a S then thats who it is, if its a DE, then thats who it is. Any manipulation of that means we are trying to force the issue and we probably will second guess ourselves out of the better pick. We are really in a position this year to truly take BPA and it make about the same difference no matter what position that person plays.

    • D says:

      I really could think of several players that would make our team better and they span a lot of different positions. We just need to walk away with OUR guy, thats a simple as it gets.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I agree. I won’t be pissed if we take a S early. I just don’t think we have to have one. Take the best player that fits what we’re looking for in a player. I guess the point I’ve been trying to make is I don’t say we must draft this position by this round. I don’t believe in that for all sorts of reasons.

      • D says:

        Its something i think we are all going to have to get use to because we havent had this luxury in past seasons. We had glaring holes and inadequacies at very specific positions and it was very important that we didnt miss on those guys. Its made us all a little nervous nelly about the draft, and caused many of us to not only anticipate the draft more than the season, but also put more value in bringing in new guys than expecting the current ones to develop. There is a lot working against us as far as being fans and being comfortable turning loose and letting the FO do their thing.

  53. Tim Knight says:

    D, based on what Tannebaum, Grier and Gase say, they work together for what’s best for the franchise. There is no immature bickering going on within the org. It’s refreshing because apparently there was in the past.

    • D says:

      You can tell, this team just has a completely different aura about it now. Im not saying we are destined for superbowls and greatness but this team in the past has just felt out of sorts with itself and i do not pick up that vibe anymore. It started really coming together around middle of last year and has just been evolving in a positive way ever since.

      • D says:

        We have a long way to go but yeah, refreshing is probably the best way to describe how it feels

      • Tim Knight says:

        Yeah in the past there was a lack of cohesion and direction. Even Ross has admitted the culture it totally different. They targeted Gase from the get go based on his reputation and resume. There was a reason people said he’s the next big young coach. I think Phins fans are on guard for it to all blow up. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

        If say Gase makes the playoffs 3 out of his 5 year deal and maybe a championship game but no Lombardi, could a change happen and possibly with a new owner? Sure, but that’s where I think this team is headed. They’ll have a chance to compete for a Lombardi. Many teams fail to achieve the ultimate greatness. It doesn’t make you a failure. Ultimately the players have to make the plays to win it. We see it every year. Big game performances.

  54. stangerx says:

    Prisco ranks the coaches in the NFL. Bill Belichick, Mike McCarthy, Andy Reid, Pete Carroll, Mike Tomlin, Sean Payton, John Harbaugh and then……..

    8. Adam Gase, Dolphins
    He is a star in the making. Gase took over the Dolphins last season and got a team hardly stacked with talent to 10-6 and into the playoffs. He has great give-and-take with his players, knowing when to push and when to pull back. He is also a great offensive mind, which you need in this league today. One more thing: He is a maniac when it comes to working, which can be seen in his preparation. A few years from now, he might top this list when Belichick retires if he can keep it going forward.


    • D says:

      Id rank him pretty even with Payton, and probably above Carroll. What Payton did in NO probably earns him the right for consideration but i don’t think he has held that team together despite some really solid talent around him. Carroll inherited a team that was a couple pieces away from a solid team, gambled at QB and hit, but i just don’t see Carroll as being this ultimate mastermind and his shit seems to be coming unraveled. I also think it might be a little early to be putting Gase up there but just going off the change he has brought to the franchise in the little time he has been there has been a pretty remarkable turnaround.

      The rest on that list are really solid coaches. A lot dont like Andy Reid but he has had his teams in the thick of things most every year he has been a coach so that does kind of say some things about him as a coach.

      • Tim Knight says:

        If we can’t or at least not yet, I would love to see Andy Reid win a Lombardi. I think he’s a great coach.

  55. son of a son of a shula says:

    Wow number eight is impressive.
    Bazooka Joe never got out of the twenties

  56. son of a son of a shula says:

    Schedule tomorrow

    Over / under on Monday Nighters is 1

    I say over

  57. mf13ss says:

    I think most look at the Draft very differently from one another and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some think that it’s to instantly boost a team (win now). Some think that it’s to rebuild. Some think it’s to replace ageing players (win tomorrow). Some think it’s to draft the BPA. Some think it’s to fill needs. Some think it’s to draft the fastest players (RIP, Al Davis). The list goes on and on…

    To me, it’s a little bit of ALL of the above. You’ve got to have a vision of yesterday, now, and tomorrow. Contracts (current and future versus production) play a HUGE part in this. Injuries play a large part. Age plays a large part. System fit plays a large part. Intangibles/character play a large part. Your division rivals play a large part. And this list goes on and on…

    JMO, but I think it’s very important we draft a DE, a LB, and an O-Lineman within our first 3 Rounds. And in my vision, all three positions mesh with BPA, so-called “needs”, “win now”, “win in the future”, keeps our salary cap in check in the near future, adds youth to ageing positions, benefits both sides of the ball, makes players around them even better, and is WINNING.

    You’ve gotta have 360 vision as a TEAM (Owner/GM/coaching/scouting/”capologizing”/proper players already in-house/UNITY/team entity) to make a Draft work long-term… short-sightedness keeps one mired in mediocrity (see our Phins over the last decade and a half).

    I think we’re on the cusp of building something VERY special. There’s no need to ‘get cute’ and draft someone we DON’T need on our team. See what I did there?

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      We’re gonna get a really good player next Thursday there’s more good guys than picks.

      I agree with you about needing to have vision when drafting. Ireland was blind and stubborn a bad combo.

    • steveccnv says:

      All of this is true, but you also have to get lucky. We did last year with Tunsil, not saying we need to do that again, we just have to hit a few Richard Sherman’s, and Zach Thomas’, and Reshad Jones’…

      You can accomplish this when things come together, like a team with a plan. When your team sucks and you get a Reshad Jones it doesn’t mean as much.

  58. getterdone says:

    Aaron Hernandez almost survived the hanging….but after further review he didn’t get both feet down in time.

  59. son of a son of a shula says:

    In the case of Watson rising late as a QB it is smart. He’s super talented with winning. He has winning, it’s rare.
    If I were drafting I’d have a real hard time leaving him on the board.

  60. son of a son of a shula says:

    Or does the front office decide to kiss the bosses ass and draft Peppers and live happily ever after?
    Why not?

    • mf13ss says:

      Perhaps surprisingly, I’m not a fan of Jabrill. My vote for the boss’ pick? CHRIS WORMLEY.

      • son of a son of a shula says:

        I’m torn on him mainly because I really want a front seven guy. And we really don’t need a punt returner despite him being exciting there.

      • getterdone says:

        My vote for the boss’s pick is McDowell….yes Gase da BOSS these days in Miami.

        Go Phins! 🙂

      • mf13ss says:

        I view Jabrill as a project player… I would not advise taking him in the 1st Round. JMO, as always.

        IMPACT player for the DF7? CHRIS WORMLEY. Dude can flex between DT and DE as a rotational cat in his rookie season. VERY versatile, future STUD.

      • dbolt48 says:

        Honestly….I truly believe in a players mental makeup being the key to being a successful pro….I see Peppers as a Jarvis Landry on the defensive side of the ball. I truly think he won’t be denied success….immediately.

      • son of a son of a shula says:

        And what dbolt said is absolutely true especially with Peppers

  61. pheloniusphish says:

    All I can say is that I bought 4 Club level seats this year. They better fucking win a lot of games this year.

  62. The Flying Pig says:

    I tend to agree with DBolt about Peppers
    And it’s the one thing that makes peppers really stick out
    It’s the mentality of greatness

  63. CavalierKong says:

    stangerx says:
    April 19, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    Prisco ranks the coaches in the NFL. Bill Belichick, Mike McCarthy, Andy Reid, Pete Carroll, Mike Tomlin, Sean Payton, John Harbaugh and then……..

    8. Adam Gase, Dolphins
    He is a star in the making. Gase took over the Dolphins last season and got a team hardly stacked with talent to 10-6 and into the playoffs. He has great give-and-take with his players, knowing when to push and when to pull back. He is also a great offensive mind, which you need in this league today. One more thing: He is a maniac when it comes to working, which can be seen in his preparation. A few years from now, he might top this list when Belichick retires if he can keep it going forward.

    This article gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
    Gase is here. Everything is different now.

  64. steveccnv says:

    What was the difference in our 6-10 season vs our 10-6 season? A Suh tackle at the goal line against the 49ers, an Alonso int for a game winning TD, a Drake KO return TD, and a Tannehill wouldn’t be denied against the Rams.

    The bottom line is we made plays when we had to.

  65. The Flying Pig says:


  66. Mike E. says:

    I know some think otherwise, but man, taking McDowell at #22 just makes no sense to me. Unless you’re 100% convinced he’s not a guy who turns off his motor at will, which many think he does, why would you replace a guy who’s just as talented, and bigger and stronger (Phillips), with a guy who exhibits exactly the same traits? I can’t comprehend that at all.

    • steveccnv says:

      You’re either paying too much attention to what they’re telling you he is doing or you’re not seeing what I’m seeing, a guy that goes 100 miles an hour, a lot against a double team. Yeah he gets tired and turns if off at times, but what 6’6″ 300 LB guy do you know that doesn’t? I’m ok with Phillips in for 5 or 6 plays, then 5 or 6 plays for McDowell. I guess you’d rather have a guy that doesn’t get tired, but doesn’t make too many plays.

      • steveccnv says:

        He can also play outside, and stop the run on early downs.

      • steveccnv says:

        A team like the Titans or Cowboys that have run at will on us, well he can help neutralize that. At 6′ 6″ he can JJ sWatt some of Brady’s dink and dunks.

  67. pheloniusphish says:

    Son – Did we save for college for our little boy growing up?

  68. getterdone says:

    Mike E, I hear ya, but lets not forget that McDowell has shown the versatility and potential to line up all over the DL and then some. Could he be what we hoped we had in Dion FF, or dare I say could he be another Jason Taylor for us?
    A guy like this is a key to having that NYG type front 7 pressure that paved the way for beating Marsha Brady, not once by fluke, but twice!!! Boom!

    Go Phins!

  69. sb7mvp says:

    So are we all just going to pretend that Steve didn’t say that Landry was an overachiever?

    • steveccnv says:

      An overachiever is someone that performs above his skillet, think of Rudy being the starting QB for Notre Dame instead of an inserted scrub. Is Landry 6 4 and runs a 4.2 40? Of course he isn’t, he plays better than his combine numbers.

  70. Mike E. says:

    GDP, Steve

    OR, we can just draft a DE that’s kick ass, and get a DT later in the draft, since we do have Suh and Phillips.

    • steveccnv says:

      We can do a number of things Mike, that’s the beauty of having no real needs. A need is something you must have, we don’t have any Colonblows expected to start on the OL

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