Do you smell that?

Pig Face

Do you smell that?

It wasn’t me….

It’s the draft…it’s right around the corner you know

Ah….take a big inhale in and take it in!

What will the Dolphins do?

Will they answer my squeals and draft linebacker!

Or do they stay up front but draft a pass rusher?

They might not even do that

They might draft a defensive back…

Or maybe even

they put building the defense on the back burner

and draft offense!

We only have to wait a few more days

Can you smell it?

(Piggy farts)


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508 Responses to Do you smell that?

  1. son of a son of a shula says:

    Thursday be like I was gonna get you something cool but I got you this Big ugly Lamp instead.

    Incidentally he’s a good buddy of Doughty.

    • getterdone says:

      Yeah I saw where Doughy was naturally touting him. Not much not to like about Lamp, is a very safe pick….but is it a pick that could prove to be the difference in winning games…..depends on how you look at it.

  2. Mike E. says:


  3. olddolphan says:

    PIGGY: YOU referenced ESPN’s prediction that we’ll take McDowell in round 1. Here’s another point to think about. According to today’s TAMPA BAY TIMES, ESPN is going to unload a HUGE number of employees within the next few days. Seems as though the Mother Ship waaaay overpaid for broadcast rights to the NBA, and is having difficulty keeping up with the payments. The article says on air personalities are NOT IMMUNE from the pink slip and that a few of the firings could be big names. Those who are left behind will be looking at a somewhat barren landscape, indeed. And I wonder how many will be left to work at Bristol’s “Crack Research Department?” Or, perhaps, they’ll indeed be doing research into “crack?” Anyway, I expect grim days are ahead at ESPN, and, perhaps at NBC, which is also owned by Disney, Corporation.

  4. olddolphan says:

    THE TIMES also suggests that the Buccaneers, who pick 3 spots ahead of Miami, need to go heavily on the defensive side of the ball in this draft. That’s NOT good news for Dolfans. But I believe if Dalvin Cook is still on the board, the Bucs will take him in round 1. Cook, by himself, will sell thousands of season tickets if he reunites with fellow FSU alum Jameis Winston.

  5. The Flying Pig says:

    Can you smell it now?
    It’s one day away!!!
    Smell the draft!!!

    (Piggy farts)

  6. Mike E. says:


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