Game Day! Titans @ Dolphins – Week 5 Game 4

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  1. Tim Knight says:

    Randy, whatever is going on with the offense it’s been bad. They look confused all around. Yeah we get a play here and there, we have talent. But they really need to get into some kind of rhythm this week or this game will be tough to win. ATL can move the ball. Can’t put our defense out there on an island all day.

  2. Randy says:

    I think the reason we aren’t seeing deep throws is because Cutler has absolutely no faith in his protection, and he’s getting rid of the ball as quickly as he can. Is some of that by design because our OL isn’t holding blocks? Probably. But, I think Cutler just isn’t hanging tough in the pocket. He’s usually pretty good in the pocket but the last few games he’s jumping at shadows. I don’t think his heart is in it.

  3. Mike E. says:

    All reports in his early practices and in the pre season game was Cutler was throwing lasers. Unless he’s hurt or has some discomfort like dead arm, you don’t just lose it in a few weeks. I just think Cutler is very tentative, unsure of himself and his receivers, and other than that, he’s off balance way too often.

  4. Tim Knight says:

    The best thing that can happen is Cutler plays his best game of the year Sunday. 🙂

  5. D says:

    His throws have been off because he isnt planting his feet when he throws. He was doing that in PS games and first game of the year. He started getting hit and he started getting nervous feet. He’s bailing out or shuffling his feet in situations he has plenty of time and a good pocket to throw in. He is playing scared. It could be he is afraid to re-injure himself, but he isnt comfortable back there and his throws are showing it. BTW the throw to Thomas wasnt as bad as you guys are making it. Part of that throw was deliberate to be low. Thomas had hands on it, he should have caught it, it wouldn’t be an easy catch, but if he threw that pass up higher, it could have been a pick too. He had a throw to Stills as well that Stills should have caught, but on that one he could have been more accurate without risking a pick.

  6. The Flying Pig says:

    Cutler is definately playing like a guy who doesn’t want to get hit

    Maybe that’s injury

    Maybe he just doesn’t care after getting a paycheck

    I honestly don’t care why
    I just care that that is who cutler is as a dolphin and I’m done with him

    Why isn’t Gase?

    You don’t have to ask why when you know the end result is shit

  7. son of a son of a shula says:

    Dear lower case only writers,

    We’re the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse.

    Capital Letters

  8. Tim Knight says:


  9. The Flying Pig says:

    If we play Moore now
    We can be fed up with him by the time we play the Ravens and Mike’s nevermore chant will make much more sense

    (Silver Lining)

  10. Ken says:

    Flight is finally booked I am ready to fest

  11. mf13ss says:

    If y’all didn’t already know, Branden Albert has finally begun his tour to get signed. He left Seattle today without a deal and is now off to visit the the G-Men next. Y’all KNOW he wants to come back to Miami and that we sure could use him.

    We could cut an insignificant player who is overpaid in order to afford him, I suppose. I’m all in favor of as much in order to fix this wretched O-Line of ours.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I would like to give Tunsil a chance to settle in at LT

      He’s been home horrible
      But the good news is, I don’t give a shit about the qb he ends up getting killed, so this is a good time to learn…lol

  12. wyoming85 says:

    All Righty then!

    So this is my opinion!
    My Father and my Grandfather taught me to stop whatever I was doing and stand, remove my hat, place my hand on my heart, and face the Flag for the Anthem!

    Everyone can have whatever opinion they want but that’s how I was taught!

    So to tell me my father was wrong is not your option!

    you are free to take a leek during the Anthem if you so desire! No sweat of my cod sack!

    BUT you can’t tell me my opinion of it being wrong is WRONG!

  13. The Flying Pig says:

    So has Gase already said Cutler is the qb

  14. The Flying Pig says:

    This is one of those times where the high grade showed up on the field

    He was awesome

  15. Tim Knight says:

    When you lose your franchise QB things change. Tannehill is not elite but he our franchise QB. 1-4 to 7-1 and 8-5. That’s what we lost and people look at it like it’s not real. Okay. Look at the discussion about our offense. It’s never been bad like this with Tannehill. I can’t remember it ever being worse since I’ve been watching the games.

  16. Tim Knight says:

    Jones is playing elite so far. Awesome to see him living up to his reward contract. We might be a scary defense when McDonald joins in. We’re already knocking the shit out of teams. Hey offense, how about a couple of TDs?

  17. mf13ss says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    October 10, 2017 at 7:54 pm
    I would like to give Tunsil a chance to settle in at LT

    He’s been home horrible
    But the good news is, I don’t give a shit about the qb he ends up getting killed, so this is a good time to learn…lol
    REST ASSURED: if we do sign Albert, it will be to man the LG position. He’s lost a step as a LT, plus he’ll be affordable as a LG. I’d like to see it happen.

  18. Randy says:

    Sorry, but you’ve been saying since Tannehill got here that we can’t pin records on the QB. Can’t do it with Cutler now! Lol

    • wyoming85 says:

      You can blame him for the low and away throw’s!

    • Tim Knight says:

      That’s not what I was saying. We got rolling last year with Tannehill at QB when Ajayi burst onto the scene. Our offense was growing and getting better with a very questionable defense. It’s all been stalled. I mean look at what’s going on. Our offense is bad and our defense is playing real well. It’s unreal isn’t it?

  19. Tim Knight says:

    Anyone feel that there is a drop off with Godchaux and Taylor in there? So far really good mid-late round picks at DT. Hey Phillips, you’re on notice and will probably be active next week. Join the fun. 🙂

    • mf13ss says:

      I cannot say enough GOOD about Godchaux, in particular! Man… he’s one heck of a steal in the 5th Round. If this is just the tip of the iceberg, he’s going to be STUD in a very short amount of time.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I haven’t been watching

      He run defense has been good

      I just assume give Suh all the credit…lol

  20. Randy says:

    I blame him for dragging his sorry ass out of retirement. Lol

  21. Phindog says:

    Should everyone take a knee when we go 3 and out on our first drive on Sunday ? This shit is now beyond silly…

  22. Randy says:

    And we were still ranked 17th in scoring last year….27th the year before. Let’s not act like we were a high powered offense. We weren’t even close. As I said a few days ago, we’ve had a problem scoring for a while. It hasn’t been this bad, but it hasn’t been good.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      This season is a special kind of herpes

    • Mike E. says:

      I agree Randy – It’s as simple as if the running game didn’t show up, we were dead in the water. Doesn’t make a difference whether it’s Tannehill, Moore, or Cutler, it’s the same result. No run game, no offense.

    • Tim Knight says:

      During our 9-1 stretch even with Moore in there we were averaging 25.5 PPG with a 14 against the Rams that knocks it down. The team that started off the season 1-4 was not the same team the next 10 games. We faltered down the stretch when we were on empty. Much deeper team this year. The offense has to find itself. Ugh!

  23. TOP SECRET says:

    PHELON…..I don’t know if you read back to where you left off to catch up… you may miss this…..but just letting you know I got your back 100%…… I’ve really have had a hard time dealing with some of the banter here and It does get a little annoying…….especially how some folks just don’t get something so simple….the colors we fly and the national anthem is so personal to those of us who have served this country, it hard to explain, even more to people who haven’t….now, i’m not saying you have to serve to love the country…’s about RESPECT…..for MOST Americans, when attending a venue the plays the national anthem, and if attending said venue. it’s RESPECTFUL to remove hat, stand at attention and/or place hand on heart (singing optional)….that’s it!……PERIOD…….I don’t give a rats ass what excuse one makes……I keep hearing snowflakes say……”they mean no disrespect”….bullshit! then quit the disrespect !…..that’s like saying, “i don’t mean to offend you” (while punching someone in the face)….I would hope to hear in reply,,,,,”then STOP punching me in the face”……..see, ACTION speak louder than words…..and on the topic of david……I am not one than can offer good advise……lol.

  24. mf13ss says:

    We’re 4 games in… which means, we’re 1/4 of the way through the season. Here’s what I think thus far…

    MVP: Reshad Jones
    OPoY: HUH?
    DPoY: Reshad Jones
    ORoY: HUH?
    DRoY: Davon Godchaux

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      …and we have Suh

      • mf13ss says:

        Indeed! And he’s having another VERY good season with us to date. He may be overpaid (JMO: ‘QB $$$’), but we’d be absolutely terrible without him. With Suh as our anchor, our Defense has saved us from going 0-4.

        I just wish Suh would show up on the stat sheet more often as he did when he was with Detroit. But know this… without him, we’d be dead to rights on Defense.

  25. mf13ss says:

    Phelon and TOP,

    I needn’t tell y’all that I’m with BOTH of you, 100%: I’m just trying to stay away from politics and that’s just me. I just want to acknowledge BOTH of y’all and your outstanding stances… RESPECT to you gents.

  26. Mike E. says:


    You keep hearing it, or reading it?

    Love, Snowflake

  27. Mike E. says:

    FWIW, I respect the flag, and I stand during the anthem. I also respect what the players are doing, especially the ones trying to make a change. The bandwagoners, eh, but there are always those just along for the ride that don’t have any passion for the cause.

  28. pheloniusphish says:

    Pigs is right….no minds will be changed.

    • Mike E. says:

      He’s dead on balls accurate

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I mean if there is one thing I know it’s that you can’t tell people when to be offended or not

      • TOP SECRET says:

        funny piggy….it was my understanding that to the liberal PC crowd….it’s like a sin to hurt someone’s feelings….right?…..what about veteran feelings?

      • The Flying Pig says:

        it’s probably not so black and white Top

        And if it was, I would tell you that as an atheist, your use of the word “sin” here offends me. …lol

        People really misinterpret “the dream” to be about personal offense all the time but if you stick with a fundamental truth about not judging people by the color of their skin (and I extend this to a lot of classes other than race) but by the content of their Character you have an easy guideline to follow for utopia….which of course will never be obtainable, but we can try as human:

        I don’t think we rid the world of offense to anyone or any group but I beleive we can all create a World that treats people fairly and sometimes the way we speak to each other or who we offend is a fact in creating that place…sometimes…

        Like I said, when some one tells me they are offended, I don’t tell them “not to be” and that extends to people that are offended by a protest whether I support the message or not. That said – I do recognize the underlying message and it’s importance

        I also think kneeling was an attempt to not offend (which was the topic earlier today) – but that obviously didn’t work and who am I to tell people not to be offended by kneeling

  29. Randy says:

    I don’t get into this conversation. But, I want you to know that I will always stand and show my respect and honor the sacrifices you and others have made for the rest of us. It even pisses me off to see men not remove their hats, so that tells you where I stand. I just want you to hear that there are still plenty of us who consider it a privilege and an honor…to stand and show respect for our servicemen and women. That’s all I have to say.

  30. wyoming85 says:

    Did I miss this one? Oh well

  31. pheloniusphish says:

    If it wasn’t offensive, they wouldn’t do it because no one would pay any attention to them and they want attention. Ergo, they mean to be offensive.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I think that’s the theory
      Do soemthing that gets attention

      But there are plenty of people fighting for racial injustices that don’t express themselves this way. I’ve always had a problem with the choice of forum – but ultimately I support the message. Just my .02.

    • Mike E. says:

      I don’t see it that way, but then I’m taking their word for it. Disruptive maybe, but that’s not the same as disrespectful, it just isn’t.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        Some people protest by disruption

        Just like clogging traffic

        I’ve never been a huge fan despite agreeing with the messages

  32. pheloniusphish says:

    And I cannot believe Randy is defending QB play at the expense of the OL. There is no order in the world.

  33. TOP SECRET says:

    ok….sorry folks…..didn’t mean be downer….also didn’t know the proper way to show respect for the flag and national anthem was an OPINION?….I pretty much thought it was a fact…..hmm. who knew?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Do you really contest that your feeling on a subject is an opinion and not a fact?

      If this was a SAT questions and you answered that’s a fact and not an opinion, you would get than answer wrong. Come on Top. Just because soemthing is an opinion doesn’t mean it’s less valid or it should mean less to you.

      If I said “all men are created equal” some one could argue that they are not and support their argument by being better than me at soemthing/anything. But I really beleive all men are created equal and it’s important to me.

  34. So now a former player is saying Foerster used to watch porn while at the team facility when he was with the Bucs and ran up huge bills watching the porn.
    Thank God this guy is gone. Should have kept Benton but at least the o-line play will get better. Maybe not this week but it will get there

  35. Tim Knight says:

    Vincent Taylor has been good as well when called on. We’re good at DT, LB and DB. We’re a good defense. 🙂

  36. Randy says:

    I’m an equal opportunity ripper! I ripped the OL yesterday. Lol
    And my sentiments I expressed to Top go for you, as well.

  37. herdfan says:

    Now I know Foerster is an idiot for sure. Why would you need to run up huge bills watching porn when it’s there to watch online for free? 🤔

  38. Randy says:

    Links, dammit!!! Lol

  39. The Flying Pig says:

    I haven’t been following the gossip

    Is that what happened?

  40. Tim Knight says:

    It looks like we cut Trevor Reilly for Neville Hewitt on the PS.

  41. The Flying Pig says:

  42. The Flying Pig says:

  43. The Flying Pig says:

    This is another olay where cutler looks shell shocked

  44. The Flying Pig says:

    Hayes has been great this year too

  45. Phindog says:

    Top.. Phel… You know where I stand on this as one that proudly served this Great Country for people’s freedoms to express themselves. We have different views than the people that support people that take the wrong stage to make a statement.. People show their pride or lack of for this country and you can only do what is best for you. I just wonder if they took a pool of people that served how many would agree to protesting our National Anthem and Flag. I’m proud to stand and was taught to do it from a very early age to show respect. Unfortunately respect has so many different definitions to fit ones agendas. I will continue doing what I believe 🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Good post Doggie

      I didn’t know you served.

      • Phindog says:

        Thanks man.. Yes I proudly served and wouldn’t give up that experience and knowledge for anything, In fact that experience is what made me a better man and live a good life as a civilian. I went from a young pup to a seasoned Salty Dog in no time and have taken that responsibility with me throughout my life. Been a great ride but I know everyone takes a different path in life. This just happens to be mine 🐕

      • The Flying Pig says:

  46. Tim Knight says:

    1. Get Ajayi going
    2. Make passing plays beyond 10 yards

    Defense keep thriving. Tough game this week.

    ST’s, we could use some help here. 🙂

  47. Tim Knight says:

    Props to you doggie. Good stuff!

  48. mf13ss says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    October 10, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    Travis Wingfield @WingfieldNFL
    Ajayi’s best runs have come when Ja’Wuan James kicks someone’s ass.
    3:02 PM – Oct 10, 2017
    Then Ja’Wuan hasn’t been kicking enough ass… and certainly not for $9.3M next year.

    I realize that some of y’all think I’m being very judgmental of Ja’Wuan, but I’m not the one who extended him with the 5th-year option through 2018 for $9.3M.

    And for the record, Ajayi’s best runs have come when POUNCEY kicks someone’s ass. This Travis Wingnut certainly doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  49. CavalierKong says:

    “I guess the fuckin’ thing is broken.”

  50. CavalierKong says:

    Cutler has always had poor footwork. He’s gotten away with it his whole career because of his arm.

    • ElephantRider says:

      That last clip has nothing to do with foot work. I remember that play…..I remember laughing my ass off. Saying “WTF is he ducking into linemen for?!”
      Yeah….. he’s got real issues right now

      • CavalierKong says:

        I wasn’t referencing any specific play or clip, just commenting on the fact he’s always had poor footwork and gotten away with it because of his arm. It was always the book on him.

        The games I’ve watched him play this season, it seems clear to me he’s lost something on his throws. He throws the occasional dart, but I see too many throws that lack velocity.

        As for the rest, I still remember him q

      • CavalierKong says:

        Stupid computer. As for the rest, I still remember him quitting in the playoffs after getting injured, and that he gets rattled. I’ve always made jokes about his demeanor, and the fact he looks like someone just stole his lollipop.

        So far I see the same guy in all respects, except he has less arm and he’s a Miami Dolphin now.

    • ocalarob says:

      I thought Cutler has been dancing around pretty damn good, he has very good pocket awareness. I think the problem with this offense is the fact that you’re putting a new QB in a system, it takes time to gel

      • CavalierKong says:

        He’s always had decent escapability, and he’s shown that with us. It’s with his throws he’s always had poor footwork. He often doesn’t set when he throws,throws off his back foot, and doesn’t always square up.

      • ocalarob says:

        I have seen him throw off his back foot under pressure, it’s hard to step up when a defender is in your face, when he rolls out or if he’s got time he does have proper footwork, IMO

      • CavalierKong says:

        Well if that’s what you see, nothing I say will change your mind. But a quick google search will show you article after article from his time in Denver and Chicago, and scouting reports when he came out of college, showing poor footwork on his throws has been the knock on him his whole career, and he’s still the same guy.

  51. CavalierKong says:

    mf13ss says:
    October 10, 2017 at 7:29 pm

    It took FAR too long to rebuild this positive culture after YEARS of futility… let’s not mess it up now with ‘tank talk’. FIGHT to get the very best record we can possibly get, even if we’re mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. We owe as much to maintain our positive culture, Brother.
    As mf13 would say:

  52. ocalarob says:

    MF-13, I kept telling you we should have drafted earl Thomas but no you didn’t want him! now you see why i wanted him??

  53. ElephantRider says:

    Cutler was brought in because he knew the system…..maybe gel time with the WRs but him ducking for cover from shadows has nothing to do with that.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      He doesn’t want to get hit

      I think it’s mental
      Meaning I don’t think he gives a shit

      But his arm looks weak too

  54. Jahndoh30 says:

    Nicely done Hulk. Subtlety. You can lead the horse, I drank…

    “Our national leadership does not hold a monopoly on the relationship between flag, country, and military. Should the administration decide that the laws need to be changed, that is within their power. Until that happens, the opinions of national leaders are equal to the opinions of anyone else. I don’t like watching the NFL protests, but I am proud to have served in a nation where they have the right to do so. I will continue to salute during the national anthem and freely express my opinion, too.”

    • Phindog says:

      🍻🍻 People have differing opinions about things but once one realizes opinions are not facts then we can move forward. Agree or disagree you have your beliefs but they are not facts. Oh and all 3 of your brews I tried last year kicked ass 👍

  55. Jahndoh30 says:


    You planted a seed about Cutler’s arm. I always bristle when you guarantee things that can’t possibly be known, but I agree with your conclusion, there’s something wrong with his arm.

    Davonte was a known preseason fantasy football favorite. It was based on his production with Jay’s big arm in the preseason. It was easy to see a connection developing. Davonte is so talented, he’s practically BEGGING to become a superstar, he just needs a qb that will target him. That hasn’t happened in spite of what we saw in the preseason..and Cutler is not throwing deep at all. Lots of clues.

    I’m less certain of it then you are, but I won’t be surprised if we find out that you’re exactly right about Cutler being injured in some way.

  56. ocalarob says:

    he did have shoulder surgery last year but he has fired the ball, If Cutler were injured he wouldn’t be playing.

  57. ocalarob says:

    I think the problem with this offense is it’s green and needs time to gel, its not all on cutler either, he hasn’t had any run support and i’ve seen piss poor play from the wrs.
    in the 1st half we couldn’t get a 1st down, i seen Parker catch a ball and run lateral to the LOS when all he had to do was go north and pick up the first, #26 dropped a ball, and these wr screens have a negative net yards.
    It’s everyone on the offensive side of the ball all the way up to the OC and HC

  58. The Flying Pig says:

    My eyes feel injured after watching cutler

    • ElephantRider says:

      I’m uncomfortably numb after watching him….

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I was numb in the 4th qtr at slatterys

        But that was more the beer

      • Phindog says:

        Piggy I thought you were downing the banana daiquiris.. you’re eyes might have been numb from the cherry/banana thingy hitting you. As long as you didn’t fall for no banana in the tailpipe you should be good.

  59. CavalierKong says:

    I’ve already blocked the Jest game from memory, but in the Titans game, Cutler was far from the only problem on offense. He had his share of awful plays, like the INT where he had time, got spooked for no reason, didn’t step into the throw, and threw an INT (poor footwork), or the missed seam TD to Thomas.

    But on pretty much every drive it was someone new screwing up and killing the drive. Parker not picking up the 1st on the 1st drive, Landry with a drop on a big gain, Grant not coming down with a high TD throw (still hit his hands), Ajayi fumbling, etc, etc.

    • ElephantRider says:

      Brings up a question of why? Why in year 2 for majority of players are there issues with assignments. Why is there, what seems like, a lack of intensity and focus?
      Whats going on?!

      • CavalierKong says:

        Hopefully it’s just a sophomore slump from the coaching staff and team, but I have hated the playcalling too. WTF is with the wildcat? Why do we keep running WR screens when we clearly suck at them, just like we sucked at them last year, and the year before, and on for the last decade. Why do we have Thomas in there blocking EVER! He is a horrible blocker. This whole offense stinks to high heaven from conception to execution.

  60. Phindog says:

    I will say you should be proud of your brews. I was in awe and living in SoCal we have a shit ton of brewers trying to get In The game. I’d put yours against any of them with confidence . You should be stoked and confident of your accomplishments.. I’ll drive the 4 hours to take a tour when you ever get time . 👏👏

  61. ElephantRider says:

    Agree Kong

    It’s infuriating watching them continue to run the same crap plays over and over and over with same crap results.

    • CavalierKong says:

      I literally can’t remember a worse 3 game stretch of offense from any Dolphins team since I started watching them in the early 80’s. Of course we never would have had this bad a 3 game stretch with Marino at the helm even if it was just him and one receiver on the field by themselves, so I guess that’s only 17 years to look through, lol.

      • ElephantRider says:

        In the awesome 07 season they had a horrible stretch….10, 10, 7, 0, 13.
        But that is from a 1 win team. What’s our stretch gonna produce? Already doubled that so I guess that’s good.

      • CavalierKong says:

        What is this ’07 season you talk about? Never heard of it. Wasn’t that the year the NFL was cancelled?

  62. ElephantRider says:

    Yes it was Kong. My B.

    I think I was thinking of some horrible HBO show or something.

  63. Brian in NY says:

    Building on what M13 said, I guess we should start wondering if Cutler’s isn’t all the way back from the shoulder surgery he had last season. Just a thought.

  64. Ken says:

    Cutler’s arm looked fine in pre season and week 1 when he was setting his feet and using proper mechanics. Now his mechanics and he looks more afraid of getting injured than actually being injured

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I feel like we didn’t see him a lot in preseason

      But his arm did look fine at that time

      Now he is ducking, running around and just a mess after the snap

  65. Mike E. says:

    I have to point this out. If Cutler’s arm is really damaged, why on earth would Gase go with an injured Cutler over a healthy Moore? To me, the only reason that could make sense is there may still be some tightness in his shoulder that just needs to get worked out, but it’s taking longer than expected. If that’s not it, I just can’t understand why he would choose an injured QB who can’t throw the football downfield over a QB who can, and has been with the team, and knows the offense better than the starter. Could Gase be that stubborn? I can’t imagine he is.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      At 2-2 he has an open door to admit a mistake with cutler than. Its really to fatal to him

      I doubt he is that stubborn

      I don’t know why he thinks cutler will produce anything different this week than he has in the last 4 though

      • Mike E. says:

        Tannehill wasn’t very good in the first 4 games, until Ajayi got going. The big 2nd half against NE was a little skewed, because they were up 31-0, or something like that, but our offense looked like shit early last year too

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I just have a hard time believing there will be a big offensive turnaround with Cutler as the QB

  66. Mike E. says:

    Good ol’ Kendall Langford still going, signed by the Texans after JJ Watt went down

  67. The Flying Pig says:

    Dan Lebatard is interviewing Forrester’s lady friend

    I can’t wait to see that

  68. mf13ss says:

    ocalarob says:
    October 10, 2017 at 10:32 pm
    MF-13, I kept telling you we should have drafted earl Thomas but no you didn’t want him! now you see why i wanted him?? LOL
    BEEP, BEEP, ORob!!! 😀

  69. Mike E. says:

    Cowboys plan on cutting CB Nolan Carroll.

  70. BailBondMike says:

    Regarding Cutler’s arm, I think it is hurting but not enough where Gase feels he needs to not start. They know he is on a one year rental and if he screws it up more, oh well. His arm was lively through PS and game one like someone said earlier. Where I think he hurt it was in one game (can’t remember) he tried trowing a hail mary before the end of the half or something and the ball floated high and wobbly out of bounds. He hasn’t been the same since that throw.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I pointed that out but didn’t make a big deal about it until the Jets game where his arm looked like something wasn’t right.

  71. Mike E. says:

    New blog up!

  72. Tim Knight says:

    Here’s what I think about Cutler.
    1. He didn’t have the necessary reps in the offseason and TC and has a dead arm.
    2. Whether the shoulder surgery, age, combo of both, he lost something on his fast ball.
    3. He just doesn’t have it in him to play at a level he once did. It happens.

    Our best hope is that it’s #1.

  73. Jahndoh30 says:

    Phindog says:
    October 10, 2017 at 11:37 pm
    I will say you should be proud of your brews. I was in awe and living in SoCal we have a shit ton of brewers trying to get In The game. I’d put yours against any of them with confidence . You should be stoked and confident of your accomplishments.. I’ll drive the 4 hours to take a tour when you ever get time . 👏👏

    I will make time for you anytime you’re up this way. Get my email from Piggy or Herd or Mike or Tim or Stanger, or Cav, or ….anyone who has it LOL…and give me a heads up. Even if you’re just driving through between there and norcal and opt for the 101 instead of the 5, we’re super freeway close.

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