Week 7 – Game 6 – Jets @ Dolphins



It’s FEST WEEK! The New York Jets travel to Miami to play our Dolphins after being zebra-raped by the New England Patriots.  The Jets, who were down in the 3rd QTR 21-14, scored on a 15 YD TD to pass  from Josh McCown to TE Austin Sefarian Jenkins.  After the customary replay on a scoring play, the replay officials overturned the TD stating ASJ fumbled the ball into the end zone, and which then resulted in a touchback and gave NE the ball at their 20 yard line.  The play was ruled a TD on the field, and there was hardly enough evidence to overturn the score, but that’s just what they did.  The Jets are angry, and have every right to be, so we better be ready for that.


While the Jets were losing to the Patriots, the Dolphins were in the process of one of their best comebacks in recent history, down 17-0 at halftime to the defending NFC champs, the Atlanta Falcons.  Although Ajayi was running well in the 1st half, the Dolphins offense once again laid a goose egg in not only the 1st quarter, but the entire first half.  I said on the blog that Gase MUST make a change, he can’t let this continue, Cutler just can’t get it done.  In the 2nd half, Cutler did enough to get it done.  Yeah, an INT was wiped out by a roughing the passer penalty, but Cutler played much better in the 2nd half, and helped the Dolphins win, along with an amazing effort by the defense, and good dose of the J-Train, 26 carries for 130 yards.  Stills and Landry caught a TD pass each, and the unlikely comeback win in Atlanta actually happened.  The Falcons were driving at the end of the game with a chance to either win with a TD, or tie with a FG, but a pass to TE Austin Hooper was deflected by rookie CB into the waiting arms of S Reshad Jones for a game ending INT.  That sealed the win for the Dolphins who completed the stunning upset.

The Jets, who were supposed to a “Sham for Sam” have been a very competitive team.  The Jets started off 0-2 losing to the Bills and Raiders, before dismantling our Dolphins 20-6 in week 3 at Met Life Stadium.  An overtime win against the Jaguars, and a narrow escape (17-14) in Cleveland against the Browns had the Jets with 3 straight victories at 3-2.  The tough loss to NE last week leaves them at 3-3.  This is our revenge game, they beat us in their house, and it’s time to return the favor here in Miami.  Besides, it’s FEST WEEK!

Division rivalries are always difficult games, they know us, we know them etc.  If we’re going to make noise this year, we have to win this divisional game and conference game.  It’s a must.  Hopefully, Devante Parker will be healthy enough to make an impact, and give our offense a boost, and one of Jay Cutler’s favorite targets back.  The defense is the real story though.  If the defense keeps up the level of play, it’s going to be exciting.  Expect a lot more J-Train, and hopefully enough by Cutler and the passing game to knock off the hated Jets.

FEST 2016

Oh yeah, it’s FEST week!  Looking forward to seeing all of you guys and gals that I’ve already met, and especially looking forward to meeting some new ones!

I hope one day we can have 100% attendance at a FEST, that would be phenomenal, but I understand realistically, that can’t happen.  I hope everyone enjoys the game, and we come out of this week 4-2, and in the hunt!

GO DOLPHINS!  Zero in!

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226 Responses to Week 7 – Game 6 – Jets @ Dolphins

  1. Randy says:

    1 game for running onto the field and then touching an official? That seems way too low.

  2. son of a son of a shula says:

    Here’s a prediction for ya OD
    Miami 42 – 7
    Another Fest blow out!
    See you at D&B buddy

  3. Ken says:

    Great night meeting up with my fellow fest goers. Looking forward to a Dolphins win on Sunday

  4. Christ, they’ve been letting Tannehill call plays. No wonder why the offense has been shit. Probably stopped him in the 2nd half of the ATL game

  5. stangerx says:

    Phindog at play……..dude slams it.

  6. The Flying Pig says:

  7. olddolphan says:

    HERD; YOUR MARSHALL football team looked like the best team in Conference USA last night at Middle Tennessee. Tonight, North Texas (3-0 in conference) plays at FAU (2-0 in conference, starting at 6:00 PM in Boca Raton. I gave up this homecoming game to be with “THE FESTERS” at D & B’s tonight instead!! I’ll be heading out in a few minutes. SEE Y’all around 6 PM, if the gators don’t get me on Alligator Alley!!! – – GOO-O-O-O FINS!!

  8. mf13ss says:

    This Max Bortenschlager, QB of Maryland… he’s got an arm. He’s only a sophomore, so he’s got room to grow and groom. I’ll be keeping a watchful eye on this kid.

  9. wyoming85 says:

    Well I guess you Festers can watch game 7 of the ALCS tonight!

  10. wyoming85 says:

  11. Phindog says:

    Getting ready for D&B.. I’m going to have to change my collar 🐕🎼🎸

  12. Phindog says:

    Piggy survived the beach without getting put in a pit 😎

  13. Tim Knight says:

    The festers killed this place. LOL

    Beat the Jets and get to 4-2 and we’re in good shape.

  14. ocalarob says:

    Great Fest, finally met Mike E, Thanks Stanger

  15. wyoming85 says:

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