Welcome to Miami Minkah Fitzpatrick!


The Dolphins managed to get perhaps the top DB in the 2018 NFL Draft and stayed put at #11 to do it as well.  As usual, admittedly, Minkah wasn’t my pick, but also as usual, I can see why we got him.  I think it’s clear the FO, Gase, and defensive coaches alike, all felt like we don’t really have that deep safety.  Minkah is not only going to be a deep safety, he can cover in the slot, on the outside like a CB, and may possibly be the guy to cover TE’s.  We’ll see, not going to get too far ahead of myself here.

There are many positives to glean from this selection, he thoroughly solidifies our secondary, and our CB’s will look even better knowing they have a guy they can rely on to pick up deep receivers in our zone defense.  There’s also a negative.  We just signed safety T.J. McDonald to a 4YR/$24M contract through 2021. Why?  We have all-pro safety Reshad Jones, and if they wanted to draft a safety with our first pick, which is fine, why sign McDonald to a 4 YR contract.  The only thing that makes sense is that T.J. McDonald will be our hybrid S/LB and most likely nickel LB.  Can he handle that role?  We’ll find out this season, for better or for worse.  I’m not trying to knock the Fitzpatrick pick in the least, but I would love to see what the plan is, and ya know, hope there actually IS a plan.

In the meantime – Welcome to Miami Minkah Fitzpatrick, may you be blessed with a long and healthy career All-Pro career here in Miami!  Go #29!

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