Bitch Monday – Right after the f#@&*$! game edition – I won’t get fooled again

I was afraid of this . . .   I think I can pretty much gauge the temperature of this blog, and I saw more and more of you buying in, and I’ll tell you, I so wanted to share the confidence that was building, that this time the Patriots weren’t the same, and even more importantly, WE weren’t the same.  Well, we all found out the freaking hard way, that the Patriots just don’t lose at home when the chips are down, and this team, and that includes Adam Gase it’s HC, are absolutely, positively NO MATCH for Bill Belichick and his Patriots team led by Tom Brady.

I shut this shitshow off before the half, because the thing that I said I so desperately wanted to see, that the Dolphins belong on that field with this team was so dreadfully recognizable as not the case.  When I saw that penalties were being called on the Patriots, YES, the home team Patriots, and those were the best thing that we were able to accomplish on offense, I knew that Gase wasn’t ready, that Tannehill wasn’t ready, and that Belichick still holds a mastery over the much younger coach.

I’d like to throw this game out, and say “Hey, we’re 3-1, and still in sole possession of first place”, and believe that we’re in good shape, but I know it’s just not true.  Until I can see this team produce in an important match up, as Roger Daltry says, “I won’t get fooled again!”

I don’t care about the stats, individual performances, individual failures or successes, but I very much care that our team when they had an opportunity to make a statement, made an entirely different statement, one which said “Sorry, we’re still the Not Ready For Prime Time Players”.  Shame to even compare this team to that very successful comedy troupe from SNL back in the 70’s and 80’s, we’re not worthy!

Well, this was therapeutic, I feel I purged some of the anger, disappointment, frustration and bitch-slap to the reality that we may very well be 3-3 and worse pretty soon.  I pray that Adam Gase, and the whole damn team, every one of them is just as disappointed as I am, and they actually do something about it next week, and put an ass-whooping on the Bengals.

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    OD, David and anyone else interested.

    Here’s a thought on the state of our environment!

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