2018 Season – Game 12 – Bills @ Dolphins

From memory, this is the spot where we’re usually facing playoff elimination.  Sometimes it’s the Bills, sometimes it’s the Ravens, but either way, we come out on the wrong side.  Adam Gase made sure that wasn’t an issue, so thank you Adam for leaving your balls in Davie, and thus sparing us all the usual heartbreak of a major clunker against the Bills.  Despite the records, the Bills are the team on the rise, while we slowly decay from mediocre to possibly sub-mediocre.

There has been much debate about Adam Gase, Ryan Tannehill, and the dynamic duo together as a pair, and while there are two sides to the debate, there’s not a soul on this blog that believes Ryan Tannehill is now, or can ever be on the same level as the best QB’s in the NFL, such as Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Russell Wilson, Phillip Rivers, or even newcomers to this group such as Patrick Mahomes and Jared Goff.  He’s not even close to those guys.  As far as Adam Gase is concerned, his ledger is incomplete, but he’s nearing the point of no return.  I’ll explain.

So much was made about the wonderful job Gase did in Chicago with QB Jay Cutler, and I think I’ve found something about his style.  I don’t think Gase should be known as “The QB Whisperer”.  That’s way too sexy for what Adam Gase does to his QB’s.  I’d call him “The QB  Programmer”.  The program is “BE CAREFUL!”

In 2014 w/o “The QB Programmer”, Jay Cutler threw for 3812 yards, 28 TD’s and 18 INT’s, a QBR of 88.6.  Gase became the Bears OC in 2015, and “The QB Programmer” was born!  No more pesky Peyton Manning telling him to STFU and let me do what I do, now I’m in charge here!  Let’s look at this amazing successful transformation of QB Jay Cutler in 2015.  Cutler threw for 3659 yards, 21 TD’s and 11 INT’s, a QBR of 92.3.

Seems to me that Adam Gase puts completion percentage and less turnovers as the hallmark of his programming algorithm.  Never mind scoring TD’s, in fact, safety first Mr. Quarterback, if you need to throw past 10 yards, you better damn well have a good reason for doing so!  I mean look at the stats of Jay Cutler here in Miami last year, in what looked liked a hideous, grotesque year for him.  He completed 62% of his passes, threw for 2666 yards, 19 TD’s and 14 INT’s in 14 games.  It’s all pretty similar.  Thinking of how many times Cutler threw off his back foot or just chucked it to the turf to avoid a sack, 62% isn’t all that bad. 

This past week in Indy was death knell for me for Gase.  He’s more interested in the appearance of the game, “Gee fellas, that was a close game against Andrew Luck on the road, we almost pulled it out”  What really happened was “Gee fellas, I’m sorry, we had a shot to upset Andrew Luck and the high flying Colts, but I went into a shell, my QB Programmer algorithm told me not to throw the ball past the sticks because, well, it’s dangerous you know, there are men on the other team just dying to take that ball away, and so you see, I took the safe route, and left it in the capable hands of our defense instead”. 

Soooooooooo, we play the Bills in what has now become basically a meaningless game.  The Bills threw up 41 points against the Jets, we just threw up against the Jets, hanging on for dear life with a 13-6 victory in a very painful game to watch.  The Bills defeated a demoralized Jaguars team, but still, a formidable defense for sure, but a team with about as much teeth in their offense as ours. It’s a damn shame, SB7 wants to get together this weekend, but dammit, I don’t have it in me to travel to NYC to watch this team play, not anymore.  I’d sooner meet up and go to McSorley’s Old Ale House, and see if we can deplete them of all of their delicious dark ale, rather than languish at Slattery’s, “The House of Horrors” for Dolphins fans hoping for a crucial win to make the playoffs. 

Tis a sad state friends, and I believe as long as Adam Gase is here (The QB Programmer), and good ole #17, Ryan Tannehill is here, there will be more of the same.  Hell, if I was Ryan Tannehill, I’d welcome the opportunity to compete for a starting job elsewhere, maybe he can have that Rich Gannon type of resurrection.

Anyway, wish I had more positive things to say, but alas, this past week and and frustrating loss has once again left me angry and unsatisfied with the Miami Dolphins.  By the way, I shit you not, I was watching SNY this morning, looking for some positive sports news about the New York Mets, and on the scroll line, I saw the Mets hired Adam Guttridge as Assistant GM for analytics, I saw the Adam G, and I was like “WTF is that, Mets hired Adam Gase!!!!!!!??????”  It got me ultra-pissed for just a millisecond, but that’s how i feel about Adam Gase right now.  I want him nowhere NEAR our rookie QB that we draft next season.  NOWHERE!!!!! 

For those of you who still enjoy the games, I salute you!  Bookman, I love ya man, I wish I could share what you feel, so please continue to bring it here so at least I could share a little of it still.  Even if I get a sliver of it, it will be better than not having any of it.  I admit, sports has made me bitter.  Losing, disappointing seasons are the norm across the board for me now, Dolphins, Mets and Knicks.  The hits keep coming, and I’m feeling like Glass Joe, ready to hit the canvas. 


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  1. ocalarob says:

    I’m still confused as to why they would line up in the wildcat with Ballage on 3rd and 1 to seal the game, at that point Buffalo new it was going to be a running play, starting from the shotgun running that play had zero chance. you have to have bread and butter short yardage plays, plays that you are most certain will work, a QB sneak or a short handoff to Gore as a FB up the middle with the QB under center, those plays have a high success rate.

    that wildcat play almost cost us that game, Buffalo should have never got the ball back and if they did there would only be 10 seconds or so left.

    Gase does not have a clue how to close out games, he makes stupid decisions in clutch moments!

  2. Randy,
    I just wanted to respond to your comment on the last page where you were talking about looking at quarterbacks in the draft and, specifically, the part about “expecting a rookie to come in and perform as well as a 7 yr vet is ridiculous” because I see that a lot.

    A lot of people have been saying the same exact thing and I’m not picking on you, specifically, I just wanted to respond to the comment because I’ve seen it so much.

    What, exactly, has Tannehill done this year that is so great that makes anyone think that a rookie couldn’t do the same thing. He was averaging less than 200 yds a game in the first 3 games this season and only threw for 137 yds on Sunday. Yeah, he had 3 td’s but looking at his overall numbers for the year, how can anyone say a rookie isn’t going to be able to do that?

    How many times has he stood there too long with the ball in his hands? He almost cost us a safety on Sunday because of that. Again, I’m not picking on you or trying to start an argument with you, specifically, but I just don’t understand where ppl think Tannehill has done so much that a rookie couldn’t do at least what he’s been doing.

  3. olddolphan says:

    DON’T be surprised if this human piece of SHIT resurfaces as THE NEXT HEAD COACH OF THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS!!!
    LIAR has EXACTLY what Bob Krapp wants in a head coach–NO MORALS and a willingness to bend and/or break every rule in the book if that’s what it takes to win.
    It’s a match made IN HELL!!!
    WILL MIKE VRABEL resign as HC of the Titans and return to his Columbus roots???

  4. Tim Knight says:

    It’s pretty crazy that the Dolphins are the #7 seed at the moment in the playoff hunt.

  5. Mike E. says:

    I think it really depends on the roster you have and what you think of the rookie QB you drafted. It seems most rookies start relatively early, usually some time in their rookie seasons, but not necessarily from week 1. If we had the O-line we currently have at this point of the season, I wouldn’t throw a rookie QB in there, it would probably hinder his development

  6. Mike E. says:

    I think we might draft at least a couple of guys on the O-line this coming draft. We could use 2 OG’s and an OC. Even if Sitton comes back, we have to have better depth. We’ll probably have to sign a FA OL as well.

    • Mike E. says:

      Same for Kilgore

    • stangerx says:

      OL is my focus #1. Was last year too….. but not complaining about getting Minkah either. OR Baker for that matter. Like how the D is shaping up.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Both Sitton and Kilgore are suppose to be ready for 2019. We also need to address RT as James is a UFA. We can’t look to the draft for two many OL in one year because they tend to have a learning curve even the top prospects. I’d say one early and one mid rounds and a couple of UFAs. Brendel might be an option as the backup C. Then let it work itself out. But I do think we need to upgrade and create more competition for final spots. We can’t keep it the same.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Let’s say this works out for 2019, who the hell knows? LOL
        LT Tunsil
        LG Sitton
        C Kilgore
        RG? upgrade
        RT? or re-sign James$?
        Then say Davis, Brendel, Sterup, Asiata and some newbees compete for depth. I think we move on from Larsen who is mediocre at best and not that durable. Young, we can do better. Guys like Swanson and Johnson are always out there in a pinch, they were this year.

        We need to add serious contenders for starting jobs on the right side.

  7. Mike E. says:

    I think we should sign James to a multi-year contract. Not sure what FA RT’s are available, but he’s a good one, we shouldn’t let him walk. He’s not great, but he’s solid.

    • stangerx says:

      He does sorta have us in a place where we need him at least. Draft is all inside on the OL for me if we get that done.

    • Tim Knight says:

      My main issue with James is his durability. How many times do our backup tackles have to play because he misses games or comes out of games? He’s missed 18 games in less than 5 seasons. He’s gone down for the season twice missing the 2nd half of the year.

      He’s going to be a guy the team has to really evaluate this offseason but he will be on the FA market unless we re-sign him before that. I think he’s 50/50 right now that he’s back with us.

  8. Mike E. says:

    It’s every other year with James, which means next year he’s probably going to miss some time. lol

  9. Randy says:

    I think a rookie can come in and perform well his rookie year and it is becoming more of an expectation. I do think it’s a lot to ask a rookie to perform as a tenured vet would, but it can happens. My comments were more directed at people saying: “Who are you gonna draft/sign that can replace Tanny?” I think it’s unfair to expect a rookie to do that in his first year….not suggesting one can’t. And the overall point was that any rookie should be given time to develop and become the player he can be….and not judge him by whether he produces just as a 7 year vet has. That, to me, is not a justification for not drafting a QB because it’s not about what he does his rookie season but what sort of player he develops into.

  10. Tim Knight says:

    Another thing to think about with the OL is if Tunsil keeps trending upwards, we’re going to have to re-sign him before he becomes a UFA in 2021 and he’s going to be expensive being a quality LT.

    • Mike E. says:

      Once we get Tannehill’s salary off the books, it will make it easier to do those things. We don’t really have any huge contracts

      • Tim Knight says:

        You don’t know what contracts we’re going to have in 2019 and 2020 yet, but with Tunsil, if all continues to go well he is not a player you let walk. He will be in the $85-90+M range as a UFA. Top LTs are not cheap in their 2nd contracts.

      • Mike E. says:

        You draft a young QB, you don’t have that hefty salary for at least 5 years, or 4 years if you draft them in the 2nd RD

      • Tim Knight says:

        Not just QB. We don’t know yet what other players we bring in or re-sign. Then you start adding them all up. It’s not about one position.

  11. Randy says:

    I think James had a toe injury that they considered operating on to repair and a groin issue. I’m not sure he’s “injury prone”. I also think there may have been some shenanigans going on where he was held out of games while the team looked to trade him. That said he continues to be too damn inconsistent. One day he plays like a top 5 RT. One day he plays like JAG. That’s probably the most frustrating thing about him. I don’t think you break the bank to sign him, but if he is willing to take a fair offer, I’d definitely consider it. We can’t keep getting rid of good OL though because we never seem to have enough.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Teams can’t I/R guys for shenanigans. Agents would never allow it, it de-values their client. He went on I/R in 2015 missing the last 9 games and again in 2017 missing the last 8 games of the season. He also leaves games multiple times with injuries and backups have to finish the game. It is a concern for a long-term 2nd contract.

    • Rockphin says:

      you also have to take into account the traffic cones we have put out there at RG while he has played. Sometimes mistakes occur due to the next to you. NOT IN ANY WAY ALL of his issues are due to this. He has struggles plenty on his own.

      I yearn for the days when the RT position was locked down by this guy

      Oh, wait…….No I don’t!


  12. Mike E. says:

    Good chance Quinn is gone next season too, which opens up more salary. It sucks he didn’t really pan out, but I can’t see us paying him $13M next season.

    • ElephantRider says:

      What about Wake?

    • Rockphin says:

      I doubt he will not be here next year. We are hollow at DE right now and can’t replace everyone. Wake is almost as old as you now. Harris is a bust for a first rounder. Quinn has been a major disappointment with only 3.5 sacks on the year, but he has been turning it up lately. I am willing to be he get’s the second year of his contract.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Just remember Harris missed 5 games with an injury. He’s on a light 1st rd contract in his 2nd year. Don’t give up on him yet.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Yes DE is a position to watch in the offseason. Wake, Quinn and Branch. Dollars vs. production will have to be evaluated.

  13. Rockphin says:

    Wake is UFA next season

  14. Mike E. says:

    ER – I wouldn’t mind if Wake returned him, but not for some sentimental bloated salary. I don’t know what would be fair, but how about $5M?

    • Mike E. says:

      What am I typing there? Sheesh

      • ElephantRider says:

        I meant Wake being a free agent next year. If they cut Quinn let Wake walk, then what?
        I’m with you on a nice deal for him and the team, but he may be at the end of his rope for this franchise and want to try and find a contender for one last chance.

  15. Mike E. says:

    Branch is as good as gone too, no way at $9M. BUH-BYE

  16. Mike E. says:

    Rock – You’re right, we can’t just go into next season with 1 DE, and a sucky one at that in Charles Harris. We might just keep Quinn for one more year, and then he’ll be off the books.

  17. D says:

    Wake, if they ever moved him to being a situational pass rush specialist, would still be worth 6-8mil a year. the Elite pass rushers are 15-20, so its not hard to imagine a guy like Wake who can be productive without them being able to single him out for double-teams like they are this year.

    I see Quinn around the same. His 12mil per would be fine if he was a step above how he has been playing, id extend him at 8mil per in a heartbeat, but i think 12 is a little bit of an overpay.

    Branch is a 5-6mil per kind of guy, he is a definite overpay. Hayes is a 5-6mil a year guy too. Branch offers a little more in the way of pass rush, even though Hayes was more effective. Hayes is your jack-knife DE, not especially potent as a pass rusher, but he plays the edge well and does just about everything else you would want a DE to do.

    • D says:

      Harris i think is better than his stats. He has been hurt this year and when he has been on the field he get good pressure, he just isnt catching any breaks as far as coming up with the sacks. I think he could still turn out well for us, but he is cheap so its not like we have a 15mil guy over there not doing anything. We will see with him, at least until it comes around to paying him the 5th contract money.

  18. D says:

    We should add some talent at DE but i dont think we have to go first round on one. The draft next year is top heavy at DE, and its fairly deep too. Montez Sweat from Miss. State could fall to the second round and he’d be a 2nd or 3rd DE off the board in most drafts. Jachai Polite from UF is a good edge rusher too, a little short so he ight be better as a 3-4 OLB but he has the size to play DE. This draft seems heavy at the 1-3rd rounds, so if we got a guy in rounds 1-3 we probably are getting a day 1 starter.

    • D says:

      We could do one of two things at DE this off season. Either cut Quinn and use his 12milcap to sign Ansah and re-sign Wake at 7-8mil per. Or keep Quinn, let Wake walk and then let Harris and high round draft pick battle it out for the spot opposite Quinn. If i did the first one id probably still draft a guy to be depth/rotational but id draft him later in the draft.

  19. Randy says:

    James has missed fewer games than Tannehill has. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist poking the bear. Lol

    • D says:

      I think James is pretty relible. He has spent some time out but all of out OL have. James has actually been more reliable than most the ones we have had out there, and generally plays well. He seems to have trouble with power/bull rushers though and the bad gsames he has had usually are those. He has shut down some of the premiere speed rushers though. Could we do better than james, i think so, but not at much less than 8-10 mil a year.

    • D says:

      And James is considerably cheaper and will still be even if they give him a top RT contract, like half as much cheaper.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Not surprised. But wait, Tannehill is in his 7th season and missed no games his first 4 years. KaBooowzzz!! LOL

  20. Mike E. says:

    LMAO @ Randy

  21. naplesfan2010 says:

    Minkah is quoted saying he’s feeling comfortable at outside CB and would like to stay there.
    He played 100% of snaps vs Bills.
    He and X form one of the best CB duos in football. Fitz allowed 25 yds on 2 catches. Howard 2 of 8 complete and a rating of 7.8 against him.
    Minkah has allowed a 20.8 passer rating on 10+ air yds, which is the best ever recorded by a rookie CB since 2006 in wks 1-13.

    • stangerx says:

      Still want Minkah as my free safety. There he could be spectacular. Not that he couldn’t be a darn good outside corner.

  22. naplesfan2010 says:

    James is also a very good downfield blocker.

  23. naplesfan2010 says:

    Why was Minkah left off the pro bowl ballot and why is he not even mentioned for rookie DPOY?

  24. naplesfan2010 says:

    Kenyan Drake became Sunday the third player in Dolphins history with at least four rushing and four receiving touchdowns in the same season. He’s also one of only eight players in the NFL to have done that this season, along with Todd Gurley, Alvin Kamara, Kareem Hunt, Melvin Gordon, Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey and James White.

  25. naplesfan2010 says:

    Rookie Jason Sanders, who is 16-for-17 on the season, is one of only six kickers in the NFL with at least 15 field goal attempts and no more than one miss.
    Punter Matt Haack is second in the NFL with 31 punts inside the 20.

  26. Tim Knight says:

    Howard, Minkah and McCain are all adjusting to their roles with Jones and McDonald at S. Keep it rolling. Minkah can play anywhere in the secondary. He’s going to be around for quite some time and I don’t care where he plays. It’s a matchup game and we have a quality 5 in the secondary. The new NFL is nickel most of the time. LBs are becoming the dinosaurs. You need them, but two play most of the time and then you need some depth.

  27. naplesfan2010 says:

    Kiko Alonso is now tied for second in the NFL with Green Bay linebacker Blake Martinez with 106 total tackles, trailing only rookie Darius Leonard of the Indianapolis Colts.
    Alonso, Leonard and Jacksonville’s Telvin Smith are the only players in the NFL with at least 100 tackles, an interception, a fumble recovery and a forced fumble this season.

  28. naplesfan2010 says:

    Ryan Tannehill had three touchdown passes for the second time this season and the 13th time in his NFL career.
    Tannehill had a 103.6 passer rating against the Bills, the 21st rating of 100 or higher in his career and his fourth this season. He needs two more 100 ratings to match his career high of six, set in 2014.

  29. naplesfan2010 says:

    Thanks to Howard’s picks, the Dolphins now have 19 interceptions on the season, their highest total since 2003 when they finished with 22. By comparison, the Dolphins finished the 2017 season with nine interceptions.
    At their current pace, the Dolphins would finish with 25, which would represent the ninth-highest total in franchise history. It also would represent the team’s highest single-season total since 2000 when they had 28.
    The 19 picks are second in the NFL behind the 21 by the Chicago Bears, and five more than third-place Cleveland and New England.
    Along with six fumble recoveries, the Dolphins have 25 takeaways in 2018, good for third in the NFL behind the 30 by the Bears and the 27 by the Browns.
    The Dolphins are tied for seventh with Houston and Denver in turnover margin at plus-8.

  30. naplesfan2010 says:

    Howard is the 16th Dolphins player with four interceptions or more in consecutive seasons, as he joined Brent Grimes (2013-15), Patrick Surtain (2002-04), Brock Marion (2000-02), Sam Madison (1998-2000), Terrell Buckley (1996-98), Troy Vincent (1994-95), J.B. Brown (1992-93), Louis Oliver (1989-92), Glenn Blackwood (1984-85), William Judson (1983-85), Gerald Small (1978-79), Jake Scott (1970-75), Lloyd Mumphord (1969-70), Dick Westmoreland (1966-67) and Jimmy Warren (1966-67).
    The game against the Bills marked the fifth time in his career that Howard had two interceptions. He joined Sam Madison as the only cornerbacks in franchise history with at least four games with multiple picks (Madison did it six times). The only other Dolphins players to do it were safeties Glenn Blackwood (six times) and Jake Scott (five times).
    Going back through Week 13 of the 2017 when he had two picks against the Denver Broncos, Howard has 11 interceptions in his past 17 games, the highest total in the NFL. It’s three more than Fuller of the Bears.

  31. naplesfan2010 says:

    Cornerback Xavien Howard was at it again Sunday, coming up with two more interceptions against Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen.
    Howard now leads the NFL with seven interceptions on the season, one ahead of Atlanta safety Damontae Kazee and Chicago cornerback Kyle Fuller.
    The seven interceptions represent the highest total for a Dolphins player since 2003 when Patrick Surtain also had seven.

  32. naplesfan2010 says:

    Just to follow up on us building a better core of young players.

  33. stangerx says:

    Naples — gotta love you come on with all kinds of sunshine. And am loving this secondary we have, even if would grab a CB and get Minkah back inside (even if in a 3 safety scheme). Lippett recovers then no need to waste an early draft pick.

    • Tim Knight says:

      The only 3 safety scheme is in dime. And even then it’s how you play those guys. If one is in the box it’s more like a LB. Or one is the deep safety. But most of the time you have 3 corners on the field.

      Lippett is gone brother, you mean Tankersley.

      • stangerx says:

        Actually meant Lippett, but didn’t know he was gone. If Tank getting healthy is the option then back to take a CB. And Pats run 3 safety all the time. Just have to go light one LB. And we have safeties who hit like LBs.

      • Tim Knight says:

        It’s not 3 safeties, it’s personnel groupings and a DB playing another position. If you are playing nickel defense with 4 DL, 2 LB and 5 DBs against a 3 WR set, a RB and TE, how are you playing 3 safeties? One of them is a nickel like McCain or Minkah. You’re not allowing 5 potential receivers to get open on 4 underneath all day with 3 playing back deep.

  34. Mike E. says:

    Who’s Jake Scott?

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      #13 of the Dolphins … you see that jersey a lot at games… like in MF’s screen name.

      • Mike E. says:

        I was joking, trying to summon SB7MVP, who incidentally, was Jake Scott. I figured that would get his attention. 🙂

  35. Mike E. says:


    Lippett is on the Giants

  36. naplesfan2010 says:

    Even after catching a 74-yard touchdown pass the previous week, Leonte Carroo did not get a single offensive snap at receiver Sunday. Kenny Stills played 48 of Miami’s 55 offensive snaps, DeVante Parker 46, Brice Butler 34 and Isaiah Ford 13.

    ▪ At running back, Kenyan Drake played 30 snaps, Frank Gore 20, Kalen Ballage eight and Brandon Bolden three. Bolden got his first rushing attempt of the season, and he gained 10 yards.

    “I have been wanting for a while to get Brandon involved,” Gase said. “He runs hard. He was a good running back when he came out of college.”

    ▪ Nick O’Leary logged 32 of the tight end snaps, Mike Gesicki 22 and Durham Smythe 17.

  37. naplesfan2010 says:

    The Ravens must play at the Chiefs on Sunday and at the Chargers on Dec. 23 and at home against Tampa and Cleveland.

    The Ravens, at 7-5, hold a one-game lead over the Dolphins, Indianapolis, Denver and Tennessee, who are all 6-6.

  38. naplesfan2010 says:

    The Dolphins are 5-4 in the AFC, which trails Baltimore’s 6-3 AFC record but is better than the conference records of the Colts (5-5), Titans (4-6) and Broncos (4-5).

    Even though the Dolphins lost to Indianapolis (and beat Tennessee), the Dolphins are the No. 7 team at the moment – ahead of the three other 6-6 teams – by virtue of conference record.

  39. naplesfan2010 says:

    In multiteam ties, head-to-head comes into play only if one of the teams has swept the others. And the Colts and Broncos don’t play this season, as one example, meaning Miami can win some three-team tiebreakers with the Colts even though they wouldn’t win a two-team tiebreaker with Indianapolis.

  40. Mike E. says:

    Man – Jonathan Cooper out for the year again, this time a torn biceps tendon.

  41. ElephantRider says:

    Who’s this new CB we picked up? Any good?

    • ElephantRider says:

      Dee Delaney?

      • naplesfan2010 says:

        got him from Jax for intel. Shrewd. Bellicheater-esque.
        at least make them think, study extra, change some defensive signs and call words.

        had to put AJDerby on IR.

      • naplesfan2010 says:

        Jags had to waive somebody to bring Fournette back.
        Hopefully he does not last long.
        They’re a different team with him.

  42. naplesfan2010 says:

    Hey Dee is from my neck of the woods!
    I grew up next door to where he went to college … The Citadel.
    Good player!

    A native of Seabrook, South Carolina, he attended Whale Branch Early College High School where he earned 14 varsity letters in football, basketball, baseball and track. As a Wide Receiver and Kick Returner he was named Region Offensive Player of the Year as a senior and invited to play in the North-South All Star Game. He was also an All-Region selection in basketball and baseball as well as being a member of the first place 4×100 relay team on the Class A state championship track team.[1] Wikipedia

  43. naplesfan2010 says:

    Delaney began his collegiate career at at The Citadel, where he was a 3-year starter and 3-time All-Southern Conference selection as well as a 2-time Walter Camp FCS All-American; he was also named to the Associated Press FCS All-America team and garnered All-America honors from College Football Madness, STATS, Athlon and HERO. His 13 interceptions rank second in school history.[2] After graduation, Delaney used his final year of eligibility to play for the University of Miami as a graduate student; he started 6 games collecting one interception and a fumble recovery as the Hurricanes advanced to the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship Game and played Wisconsin in the Capital One Orange Bowl.[3][4] Wikipedia

  44. Rockphin says:

    Howard and Fitz at CB’s can be outstanding, but we are going to have to pay Howard. This year, not next. he count for like 2m next year but he is going to get 12+ per year for 5+ years you betcha

  45. Rockphin says:

    Clay doesn’t count for this regime.

  46. mf13ss says:


    You’re KILLING it today with some nice and interesting stats! Thanks for posting them, and very good job, man.

  47. Tim Knight says:

    Rock, on the current course I pay Tunsil and Howard.

  48. ElephantRider says:

    Thanks for the info Naples

  49. mf13ss says:

    This is how I envision most of the fighting that goes on here, LOL 😆

  50. Tim Knight says:

    It’s funny, we’re all Dolphins fans here. In my other world many of us are Led Zeppelin fans yet none of us get this disconnected. Maybe because music is not sports and not competitive in nature.

    On this date 38 years ago this is what happened. A sad day for Rock and Roll.

    “We wish it to be known, that the loss of our dear friend and the deep respect we have for his family, together with the deep sense of undivided harmony felt by ourselves and our manager, have led us to decide that we could not continue as we were.”
    – Led Zeppelin

    That’s what John Bonham meant to Led Zeppelin. There is no Led Zeppelin without Bonzo.

    • mf13ss says:

      Good post, Bro.

      But look, it’s alright to have differing opinions on our Phins. If someone thinks that Tannehill sucks, that’s okay. If someone thinks that Gase sucks, that’s okay. If someone thinks that our O-Line sucks, that’s okay. If someone thinks our Defense sucks, that’s okay.

      This isn’t a debate club: this a fan site dedicated to the love of our Phins, and we’re all going to see things slightly differently. That doesn’t mean we need to be hostile to those we disagree with.

      In other words, it’s all GOOD! Different is beautiful! So long as peeps don’t make it personal, there’s nothing to be offended by. This is just my $.02, and I hope I didn’t offend anyone by ‘telling them what to think’, LOL.

      BREATHE, peeps!!! We’re still in the playoff hunt!!!
      GO PHINS!!!
      HELL YEAH!!!

      • mf13ss says:

        Tim, I wasn’t solely addressing you with the entirety of this post… just so ya know. I hope everyone understands that it’s alright to disagree!

      • Tim Knight says:

        It’s all good, man. Led Zeppelin means more to me than sports and the NFL. They were the band that told record companies to fuck off – we do it our way or the highway. LOL

        Ahmet Ertegun of Atlantic Records said do what you do and the rest is history.

  51. ElephantRider says:

    Good post M

  52. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    December 4, 2018 at 11:24 pm
    It’s all good, man. Led Zeppelin means more to me than sports and the NFL. They were the band that told record companies to fuck off – we do it our way or the highway. LOL

    Ahmet Ertegun of Atlantic Records said do what you do and the rest is history.
    I was born half a generation after you, but my music heroes did the exact same thing as Led Zep did: screw the record companies. They grew independently, even selling tapes out of the trunk. Once they got big enough, they were able to sign MAJOR distribution deals… and the rest is history.

    To be able to sell 30,000 albums as an indy artist = $300K. That’s not too shabby for one album, then put another one out every 1 or 2 years… that’s a decent living.

    I’ve got respect for Led Zeppelin.

    • mf13ss says:

      And know you know why I remain INDY.

    • Tim Knight says:


      Led Zeppelin got to the point where when doing shows they told the venue it’s 90/10 take it or leave it Then there was their Manager Peter Grant. He had their back all the time. LOL

    • mf13ss says:


      • Tim Knight says:

        Right, just go play and do what you do, I got this the nonsense.

        Back then bands and artists were being ripped off by charlatans. Jimmy Page who was a session musician along with John Paul Jones both knew the nonsense. That wasn’t going to happen here. They set the standard for artists to be who they wanted to be and tell the labels and critics to fuck off!!! Even through all the bad press, they got on as a band and overwhelmed the entire industry. Not naming their 4th album was a reaction to them to tell the critics to once again fuck off!!! LOL

  53. mf13ss says:

    Geez… the “Ring of Fire” has been very active of late. This follows the 7.+ earthquake in Alaska.

  54. Phindog says:

    Tim. I’m a huge Zeppelin fan. Jimmy was my biggest guitar influence and still is. 😎👍🎸🎼

  55. ElephantRider says:

    Lol Tim!

  56. I’m on the fence with the “edge rusher” DE’s anymore. I’m not sold on the smaller, faster guys in our 4-3 because they never seem able to set the edge. I like Sweat a lot too and he seems like he gets it done out on the edge vs the run but I’d have to see more. The next level is different when you’ve got guys blocking you.

    I’m more in favor of getting a guy like Jones from Ohio St and putting him at end instead of DT. He’s got speed, size and power and that size and power will help him set the edge better vs the run than these smaller pass rushers that seem to be the norm these days. Harris just keeps getting pushed around. Maybe if Harris can develop to the point where he could use his speed and quickness to beat the block instead of letting a guy get his hands on him it would be different but he struggles.

  57. ocalarob says:

    The sea was red and the sky was grey
    Wondered how tomorrow…………could ever follow today.

  58. ocalarob says:

    the final stretch of games should tell us a lot about the state of the team

  59. ocalarob says:

    Parker looked dominate on the first TD and Brice Butler looks like he can play!

  60. Mike E. says:


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