2018 Season – Game 11 – Dolphins @ Colts

The author has decided to take a different approach this week.  It is, after all, Thanksgiving Week, and I’ve decided to look for things to be thankful for.  First off, our record is actually 5-5, and that’s not a bad place to be. It’s been an odd year in the NFL, with a handful of good to elite teams in each conference, followed by a lot of average to poor teams.  The Chiefs (9-2),  Steelers (7-2-1) and Texans (7-3) lead their divisions, but the Chiefs are the only team that is being challenged within their division, as the LA Chargers are in 2nd at (7-3).  Every other division leader is followed by a .500 team.  We’re one of em, as we trail the Patriots (7-3).  So there’s hope, right?

On paper this could be a tough matchup for us.  The Colts are flying high, and Andrew Luck is looking more like the Andrew Luck of old.  The Colts are putting up points, lots of them, scoring 29.8PPG.  That’s good for 5th in the NFL.   After 10 games, Luck already has 29 TD’s, and even more impressive, only 9 INT’s.  Impressive, considering he’s thrown the ball 400 times already.  The good news is, if there’s one thing we do well, it’s take the ball away on defense, especially in the passing game. In fact, which team is #1 in INT’s in the NFL?  Your very own Miami Dolphins!

The Colts have a running game, but their offense is all about Andrew Luck and the passing game.  I hope Frank Reich and OC Nick Sirianni decide to throw all day, I think we can make things difficult for them.  The Colts leading receiver is the super fast and diminutive T.Y. Hilton, with 585 yards and 6 TD’s on 38 receptions.  Right behind him has been TE Eric Ebron who came over from the Lions has really flourished in Indy.  Ebron is having a career year with Luck, 39 receptions for 463 yards and 9 TD’s.  Ebron had just 11 TD’s in his first 4 seasons with Detroit.  

The Colts running game, like most NFL teams these days, is a 3 headed attack.  Marlon Mack, who is finally healthy is the lead back, and he’s spelled by Jordan Wilkins.  Nyheim Hines is Luck’s receiving back.  While Mack has 471 yards rushing, Hines has 226 yards receiving.  Hopefully, we’re able to contain the backs, and although the passing game is where the Colts live and breathe, it’s where I think we can make things tough on them.

The biggest hole in my strategy is our lack of pass rush.  That, and the fact that Bobby McCain is questionable.  We will once again be forced to employ many different combinations of CB’s and safeties, and Minkah will likely reach a new high in snaps this week.  He’s got to be on the field, he’s bar none our best cover guy out there next to Xavien Howard.  Minkah has been better than Howard, but I give Howard his due, he’s been very good himself.  So Minkah will play LCB, SCB, FS, SS, LB, he probably shouldn’t come off the field unless he’s spent.

So where do we generate a pass rush?  Charles Harris is quite questionable, which means that Cam Wake and Robert Quinn are going to get a lot of snaps.  Cameron Malveaux is no longer a Dolphin, so depth wise it’s Andre Branch and Jonathan Woodard, unless Harris suits up.  Quinn and Wake need to have big days.  That’s it folks, if these guys can step it up, and hit Luck early and often, it could lead us to something special, a huge upset of the Colts.

Ryan Tannehill returns this week, and no, he’s not at 100%.  He needs to hunger for this.  He’s seen the team slip in his absence, he has to want to get in there and right the ship.  The good news is that Tunsil and James look to be good to go despite both of them nursing injuries.  Larsen is questionable, but Jake Brendel may not be such a bad consolation.  It seems like our whole team is questionable for this game, but I think they’ll all play, including Kenyan Drake, and possibly even Devante Parker.  I hope Tannehill seizes this day, and makes us a winner.  It would be a great story.  Maybe after this victory, it leads to more victories, and we have an improbably playoff run.  It has to start somewhere, and this is as good a place as any.

So back to Thanksgiving.  I’m thankful for the community we have here.  I haven’t met all of you here, still working on that, but I have met quite a few.  You’re a wonderful bunch, it’s been a pleasure to get know all of you, even the ones I haven’t yet met.  I hope you all enjoy this week with family, friends, whoever you spend it with.  It’s always been a holiday where I learn to appreciate my family, which keeps on growing.  A Dolphins upset win over the Colts would be a great dessert, wouldn’t it?

Happy Thanksgiving from Finsmobunleashed!!

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  1. ElephantRider says:

    The defense only gave up 20 pts if I dont count 1 play….wtf reasoning is this?

  2. Randy says:

    We had too many procedural penalties again today. This offense is not good enough to overcome those things. We are still an undisciplined team. 24 points is almost a minimum to be competitive now. You can’t throw away possessions.

  3. son of a son of a shula says:

    Why did we draft a long range kicker and punt from their 38-40 yard line ALL THE TIME?

  4. Mike E. says:

    Piggy – I understand full well that we were deep in their territory on that last drive, but I knew, I’m not a seer, or a prophet, but knew we lost the game right there. Think about this for a second. Who would you bet on with the game on the line, Andrew Luck or our defense? Run for no gain on 1st down, a screen pass for no gain on 2nd down and then a run for 4 on 3rd down. That’s a give up. You know how in baseball you play for a win on the road because the other team gets last licks? Same premise here. You give the ball back to one of the best QB’s in the NFL with enough time to beat you, he will beat you. By playing it safe on the last drive, he gave them the win, handed it to them. You have to throw the damn ball past the sticks, and all too often we don’t. That pass that Carroo caught for a TD was atrocious. A terrible rainbow that took forever, but you know what, it was fucking TD! Luck threw 2 INT’s on 2 deep passes, but who won the game? I’m so tired of this “safe” shit when “safe” means an L in the standings. People can say it’s lack of talent, I say it’s lack of balls by our head coach.

  5. mf13ss says:

  6. sb7mvp says:

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    November 25, 2018 at 9:55 pm
    I don’t have a facebook account
    then who was posting your words verbatim and has the same profile pics?

  7. we’re in a bad situation as fans. we don’t get to make decisions for the team and the team isn’t going to listen to us so the best we can do is hope and take it up the ass year after year when we’ve got a bunch of incompetent people running the team and incompetent coaches coaching the players and calling the plays on offense and defense.

    • stangerx says:

      I really like being a fan though, and fully understand can’t control what the team does. But for me that actually adds to the enjoyment of watching what happens. My Pirates had 20 straight losing seasons….still my team. Phins are my good team. So a joy to watch the 3-5 games go to each year (and 2-1 in the stadium in 2018).

      • All that matters is you’re happy. Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I have my own takes on things and so do others but your opinion is the only one that matters for you.

        So, if that’s what you like then that’s great. Some people don’t like chocolate ice cream. Others love it. As I got older I just decided that I wasn’t going to waste as much time and money on “my” teams as I did in the past. I live for other things now.

  8. Mike E. says:

    Son – it’s “safe” to punt, but if you miss a long FG, you give Luck a short a field to with, kinda like punting him to him at the end of the game after a pathetic 3 and out. I don’t want my coach to be doubting we can do something all the fucking time, I want him to go for it.

  9. Tim Knight says:

    Ha! I didn’t even see OD correct my spelling of except vs. accept. It was a simple typo. Now you know the rest of the story. LOL

    Yes Bat, it was a team loss. But when you’re up 24-14 on the road, the defense needs to step up. They basically made it easy for them to come back.

  10. son of a son of a shula says:

    SB, it’s probably his twitter posts that show up on FB they can all be linked

  11. ElephantRider says:

    Bullshit is throwing out whatever you want to further your point.
    Especially when it isnt even necessary….

    • Quarterbacks like Brees and Rodgers get paid a lot of money to throw up balls and let their wr’s make plays like that. Tannehill isn’t Brees or Rodgers. When he throws up a ball like that everyone on the sidelines is putting their hands over their eyes and hoping it’s not intercepted. Rodgers and Brees have been doing that for years; successfully. Tannehill hasn’t. It was a great play by Carroo to go up and get that ball but Tannehill was lucky as shit it turned out that way.

      You want to call it throwing out whatever you want to make your point but if Tannehill was that capable of making things like that happen this team wouldn’t be 5-6 right now and we would have won that game today.

      Bullshit is not having the ability to accept the truth that Tannehill is NOT a franchise quarterback in the NFL.

  12. stangerx says:

    Everything is relative. Talked to a guy from San Juan last week and asked him how bad did Maria hit you. He said, “I was real lucky…. only lost power for a month.”

  13. Mike E. says:

    Frank Gore understands the deal . . . He said this . . .

    “We didn’t finish,” Gore said in an expletive fueled rant. “S—. We’ve got to finish. That’s the key. Especially when they got a f—— guy over there that can get hot, who I respect, plays the game how it’s supposed to be played, the quarterback. Finishing, man.”

  14. Tim Knight says:

    The points are already on the board. You can say all you want keep scoring like we’re some juggernaut offense, but we’re not. The defense has to rise to the occasion in that situation. That’s how I feel. Is that okay? We blew a 10 point lead on the road in the 4th quarter.

    • It was definitely a team loss. I can’t say it was on one side or the other. Sure, the offense could have converted more thirds and kept drives going and maybe if they just had one long drive to seal the game it would have been enough.

      Maybe if the D had one good stand against Luck we would have won the game. However, we lack talent at certain positions on the team and we lack talent at the coaching level.

      We have two 6th rd DT’s that our brass feels is the answer. We lack talent on the o-line, d-line, db and, worst of all, qb. So, yeah, it’s a team loss because we just don’t have what we need from a player perspective, a coaching perspective and a management perspective.

      Unfortunately, we’re just fans. So, the only thing we can do is talk about it but we can’t do anything to change it. And that………sucks.

    • Mike E. says:

      It’s OK Tim, I just don’t agree with it. You’re playing a team that scores nearly 30 points, and their offense is hot. Why give them the chance with their best unit on the field in their house to just take the game? Neither unit of our team is a juggernaut, but why bet on your defense against a great QB like Luck in his house? If he really trusts his QB, let him take a couple of legit shots on one of the last 2 drives to actually score ourselves? Our defense was OK today, they did more than I expected actually, but I knew as soon as wen’t into a shell on that last drive that we were going to punt and lose.

  15. mf13ss says:

    LOVE the diverse convo regarding our football play… that’s what we should be about!

    HATE the skunks on this board, trying to diss others for their opinions.

  16. On the brighter side, I believe that with our loss today and wins by 3 other teams we moved up like 3 spots in the draft and should be at #13 right now. So, there’s a silver lining.

  17. Randy says:

    Gore gets it. You try to finish the game. Go for the win. You don’t give Luck a chance to win the game. He’s a true franchise QB…and he’s probably gonna get it done. It felt like a total belly up move. I’d be pissed too if I was Gore.

  18. New Age says:

    Gase lost this game plain and simple. With 13 minutes left, we had a 10 point lead and all we had to do was stop Indy from scoring 3 times in 13 minutes. Up to this point, they had scored twice in 47 minutes and their next drive would take five of those 13 minutes away for a measly FG. Unfortunately, Gase thought it was time to save those minutes and we used 2.5 minutes out of the 13.

    We were getting about 5 yards a run and they usually use up about 40-45 seconds of time per run. 6 straight runs with no first downs would have eaten over 4 minutes of game-play alone but I know that might not have worked. Trying it the first series would have wore out their bad defense even more especially with the Colts needed to make quick strikes. Gase is an inept play-caller and he’s had Yes Men at the OC position since he started here. That’s the primary problem today at least.

  19. Just want to leave this here one last time. See: Adam Gase, Chicago Bears. If you saw what Gase did when he was in Chicago, there was no reason to believe he was going to make any kind of huge difference in Miami.

  20. D says:

    Gase didn’t help the defense by running g time off the clock. He passed on first and we one downstairs with a lead in tg 4th quarter so you have to either put that on him or put it on Tanny audibling out of the run plays. I lean toward it being Gases calls but I might be wrong.

    Tanny doesn’t play well under pressure so putting it in his hands to close it out instead of Gore is re—- well you get the picture.

    OL had a pretty good game except the penalties which there were a few but not a crazy amount. Tanny played well for a couple of quarters but the bulk of his good passing plays were high percentage passes that got turned into big plays. Offense did look better though today than last couple of weeks.

    Defense had ups and downs. Looked real good at times but they also broke at times and though I do think think they should have been in the position they were in, we did need them to bow their backs and close the game out. It was a tough call because Luck is a true franchise guy who can lead his team back. Sucks to lose but honestly we played better than I expected so for me i was prepped for it I guess

  21. Tim Knight says:

    We lose a game by 3 points on the road with all the injuries we have but it’s still Tannehill, Gase and Ross but not making tackles on defense is okey dokey! Oh… okay! LOL

    • D says:

      If Gase runs the ball instead of passing we eat up clock and they do t get a chance to drive down and win. If Tanny complete those passes we get a first down extend the drive and they don’t get a chance to drive down and win. Defense being successful in stopping them is no more or less contributing than the offense failing to keep theirs off the field by doing their job to stay on it or score more points. You can’t dictate what people complain about when there are options to choose from and all are valid options.

      • Tim Knight says:

        We scored a TD in the 4th qtr to make it 24-14 on the road. Can we make a stop on defense? Geez man, do you ever look at anything else but if Tannehill did this or that? Did you watch the game? Our defense gave up over 450 yards again. We stop nobody when it matters. We gave up 13 points in the 4th quarter because of horrible defense. But let’s make Tannehill the scapegoat. Seriously?!!!!

    • I’m sorry, but if a win is a win; a loss is a loss. No way to sugarcoat it. Doesn’t matter if you lose by 20 or you lose by 1, it’s a loss. There’s teams that have lost a bunch of games by small margins but they still had losing seasons. Doesn’t matter.

      You lose, you lose.

    • And, yes Tim, it is Gase and it is Ross and it is Tannehill. Go back and look at what the Chicago offense did with Gase as the OC and tell me this isn’t the exact same offense he ran when he was in Chicago that didn’t put points on the board with Cutler.

      Now he’s doing the same exact thing in Miami because he’s got the same type of quarterback who isn’t capable of putting the team on his back and pulling out a win and he showed that AGAIN yesterday. Tannehill did little to help this team win but keep thinking he isn’t a major part of the problem.

      But, at the same time, Gase is the guy who attached his wagon to Tannehill and made it sound like he could get it done. Ross is the guy who hired all the wrong people in all the wrong places and when he blew it up he didn’t do it the right way.

      If Ross blows it up right and gets rid of everyone and hires a competent GM like an Elito Wolf, George Paton, and I’m sure there’s a few others, and leaves them alone to hire a head coach and staff we will see the difference it makes.

  22. I’m still enjoying it for what it is. We lost yesterday and three other teams won and we moved up about 3 spots in the draft. So, in a matter of two weeks, we went from about 18th to around 13th and if we lose a couple more we may end up with a top ten pick. And that’s something we sorely need.

    If we get into the top ten we need to go for it and get our qb. Go get Grier or Herbert and put that position to rest already because we’re not winning consistently with an inconsistent quarterback. We can’t put the future of the franchise in the hands of a guy who’s been inconsistent his entire career and has been injured more in the past two years than he has played.

    There is no way we can look at another franchise and say “wouldn’t want to be them with their quarterback situation” because ours is no better.

  23. Tim Knight says:

    LOL…………… make a friggin stop on defense. Please stop with the doofus narrative. We had a 10 point lead in the 4th quarter and allowed 13 points in the 4th quarter. Just be honest and stop pointing fingers at the same people. The DEFENSE lost this friggin game! If only the offense did this or that. Yeah right, but the defense doesn’t have to do anything right? WTF!!!!?

    Go get your new shiny QB, if the defense keeps playing like this we’ll be 8-8 at best for a decade.

    • Tim,
      we all know the defense isn’t where it needs to be. I said before that we took two DT’s in the 6th rd two year ago and the brass thinks we’re good because of it. Our d-line situation is a shambles. We get no pass rush from our ends and we don’t get any pressure up the middle. We can’t stop the run.

      We all know that. It’s nothing new. But, at the same time, this is just one game and it’s a symptom; not the disease. The disease is the fact that we’ve got people making decisions who shouldn’t be so nothing is going to change until that changes.

      If we don’t solve those issues first it doesn’t matter that the defense couldn’t make a stop in the 4th qtr to win this game. We’re just going to keep having the same conversations over and over.

      • Tim Knight says:

        You mean 2017 Godchaux in the 5th and Taylor in the 6th who was balling before going down for the season?

        The defense lost this game. They couldn’t make a stop at crucial times in the game – the 4th quarter. When you hold a team that is hot to 14 on the road for 3 quarters and allow 13 points in 10 minutes in the 4th quarter you did a bad job. I’m sorry I expect more from my defense. Our offense is a shell of what it once was. A 10 point lead is solid. No turnovers happened. Our defense shit the bed. AGAIN!!!!

    • And, the unfortunate part about it is we are just fans. Only thing we can do is watch it and hope for the best. I choose to hope for something completely different because, then, at least maybe we can “Browns” our way to becoming better if we’re not going to get better coaching and people in the front office.

    • Also, as far as QB goes, you gotta start somewhere and QB is a great place to start. Get your guy who can help the offense put points on the board. Look at the direction of the NFL at this point. Everything favors a passing offense.

      Look at the points teams are putting up. Defenses are having and extremely hard time trying to stop these lethal passing offenses that are out there.

      So, yes, a quarterback is what is needed. There’s no doubting that.

  24. ocalarob says:


  25. ocalarob says:

    They are doing a soft rebuild right now, focusing on the 2020 off season, they stopped signing top shelf FAs, they are clearing the books and still trying to stay competitive.

  26. ocalarob says:

    all players on this team will take no more than 5% of the cap in 2020 with the exception of Jones and maybe Tannehill, top 2019 fa signings should be James, hayes, gore and maybe wake.

    2020 FAs will be, Quinn, Branch, Sitton, Amendola Spence, Larsen, Howard, Aikens, Drake, Grant. we should definitely keep Howard and Grant, and maybe Drake.

    we will have had two drafts and should have a great cap situation in 2020,

  27. ocalarob says:

    if we’re drafting a QB we should take either Grier or Haskims

  28. Rockphin says:

    I am fully committed to the re-re-re-build again. Adam Gase and his screen passes on first down and draw plays on 3rd and long needs to go. Our defense has talent, but the scheme sucks and cannot get off the field on 3rd down or stop the other team from scoring.

    Gase just needs to go.

  29. stangerx says:

    Lost by 3 to a fairly good team on the road.
    And I at least thought having Tanny back a clear plus.
    Only thing that really stings me is how we lost.

    • Mike E. says:

      I feel like that’s how Gase felt. Hey Tanny, you did a fine job today, no need to sully that by putting you on the spot now in these last 2 drives, we made it a close game, that’s all that matters. No reason not to give the ball back to Luck and let him beat us, we can still hold our heads up high.

    • stangerx says:

      We get an INT on that last drive and would the convo be different today? I don’t know. But win or lose the conservative play calling bothered me. I was begging to just work to get a field goal the last two drives cause thought that was all we needed to ensure the V.

      • ElephantRider says:

        The punt from the 40 bothered me more than the last series….

      • Mike E. says:

        Not for me Stanger. At the risk of being extremely repetitive, you don’t go for the tie on the road. Granted, we had poor field position, but also because of that field position, playing it safe was the wrong move. You have to try and get that 1st down, and then if you do, try and win the game right there. Punting from deep in your own territory with 2:52 is precisely the formula to lose the game by handing it to Luck on a silver platter. Haack boomed a nice punt (62 yards), but it was returned 14 yards to the Colts 42. Inexcusable! All they need is a damn FG, just to get about 25 yards, and that’s how we’re gonna win the game? GTFO! That was the worst coaching ever. He ties himself to Tannehill, and then with the game on the line, ties his hands behind his back. Fuck that, I want a HC that wants to win games.

      • stangerx says:

        Mike E — well we both wanted them to go for it more. So we agree on that. I would have just been happy with the field goal (or in my mind get where you can kick the 3 and then go for more). Coach Hand and Coach Stanger would have done it differently, even if not exactly the same.

  30. Tim made a point earlier. The offense isn’t a juggernaut and I agree with that but that is why changes need to be made. We don’t score a lot of points and that is a major reason why we lose. Wouldn’t you rather an offense that can compete? I know I would.

  31. Mike E. says:

    Stanger – Gase defends his position on not trusting Tannehill, and Tannehill agrees with Gase. That’s all wonderful, they can both agree with each other for a different team, because I want my QB to unequivocally want that football with a chance to win the game, and I want my HC to feel the same way. Both of them can go on their merry way!

    • stangerx says:

      I completely agree with you, except for the go their merry way part. I wanted them to go for it up field bad. Was saying that before. And like ER brought up, especially when they were in midfield territory.

  32. Tim, you are not stopping other teams with two 6th rd DT’S.

    • pheloniusphish says:

      I don’t believe what round they were drafted in matters. More importantly is whether they are being used according to their skill sets. Are they being coached well? Does the scheme fit the players or are they hammering square pegs into round holes.

  33. pheloniusphish says:

    I think the team has enough talent to be competitive, if a little lacking in depth. I have issues with the play calling. It has been consistently poor and Gase shows no willingness to adapt. If he doesn’t change that over the next 5 games, I agree that he should be fired. Continuing to do what got them to this point while making excuses and refusing to try something else is arrogant and rigid. Gase has done nothing in his career to this point to allow that.

    That aside, I understand Bookman’s ire with those who only show up to make useless complaints about ownership and management and to say or imply I told you so after a loss. It’s one thing to discuss what went wrong, in our opinions, and a completely different thing to gloat because you were right once like a blind squirrel that occasionally finds a nut. Or just to constantly bitch and make up silly names for ownership like OD does.

    • Mike E. says:

      I get it too Phelon, on the other hand, this blog is an open forum. Everyone is allowed their piece, whether anyone else agrees or not. If it bothers Bookman, he just needs to ignore those comments. I understand his frustration completely, but he knows as much as I do that we’re not going to block any of those people from doing what they do, so he has to make a choice, I hope he makes the right one, which is the one that makes him happy. Hopefully that means staying here and overlooking certain comments, but if it’s taking a break for a bit, that’s cool too.

      • pheloniusphish says:

        Nor should you block anyone. It’s easy enough not to read posts from people that you don’t want to read.

      • pheloniusphish says:

        Besides, I would be a candidate to be blocked since I like to antagonize people with over inflated egos and thin skin.

      • stangerx says:

        LOL Phelon — one thing I like about you is the “you get what you see” factor. Just happy my over inflated ego comes with a real thick skin. 🙂

  34. Randy says:

    We scored a TD in the 4th quarter?

  35. Randy says:

    I thought this game was fairly typical for this team. Nothing special. Did just enough to lose. Indy is not a really good team. I think they are pretty comparable to our team except for the QB position. I’m not surprised it was a close game. The bummer part is the game was there for us to win, and instead we found a way to lose. In a game in which we dominated the TO battle and blocked a FG. And yes…this is partly why I don’t like Tanny. He hasn’t and never will be the guy who wins games for you.

  36. Phindog says:

    MONDAY’S……. SHIT !!

  37. Mike E. says:

    Doggy – I’m as tired of shitty Monday’s as you are. How do we change it? Fire the HC? Cut the QB? Both? Shut down the blog? 🙂

    • ElephantRider says:

      I said last night the blog is almost the same no matter the outcome. So leave it.

      Cant cut the QB because there is nobody else on roster that is even mediocre.

      I’m ok with firing Gase, but I think that isnt the way to go. Let the season finish. I think there is more going on than the HC will publicly say.

  38. mf13ss says:

    I think we played a very good football game against a red-hot Colts team… but for the 4th quarter. And that’s the bitter pill we have to swallow today, knowing that we did just enough to lose the game, as Randy stated above.

    And if it weren’t for Carroo coming away with that very ill-advised throw by Tannehill (should have been INTed), Tanny would have finished the day with roughly 125 yards passing… that’s not good enough in this league. Heck, 200 yards passing isn’t good enough in this league.

    The dink-and-dink has got to go. Gase mismanaged yet another game. The Colts’ TOP was nearly 4 minutes more than ours, and our Defense wore down in the 4th quarter as a result.

    Gase’s seat just got a little warmer after yesterday’s game, but I still think Ross will retain him for another year, barring an ‘0-for’ the rest of the season. We’ll see…

    • ElephantRider says:

      I have to disagree about the Carroo TD. He was single covered and RT17 took a shot. Isnt that what hes supposed to do?

      • mf13ss says:

        Perhaps I shouldn’t have said “very ill-advised throw”. But the fact of the matter is that it turned into a jump-ball situation, being Tannehill severely under-threw it. That should have been an automatic INT, or at least batted down by the Defender.

        Props to Carroo for making the play! That’s one he’ll NEVER forget!

      • ElephantRider says:

        I’m still OK with a jump ball…unless it’s to Parker. LOL

  39. mf13ss says:

  40. pheloniusphish says:


    “Gase also said he thought the team “shot ourselves in the foot too many times” and lamented the focus on the final score rather than things that went well earlier in the game.”

    Dude doesn’t get it. The game is about winning or losing. The focus is always going to be on the final score. Nothing else matters.

  41. Mike E. says:

    ER – I didn’t mean this season, but going forward in the off season. I’d like to see a little more Sean Payton in Gase, and I understand he doesn’t have Drew Brees, but if Gase really believes in his QB, he’s gotta run with him, and can’t handcuff him, for better or worse.

  42. ocalarob says:

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    November 26, 2018 at 11:10 am
    Tim made a point earlier. The offense isn’t a juggernaut and I agree with that but that is why changes need to be made

    You can’t make changes over night, it takes years, first you have to dump all your over the hill high priced FAs, then you have to eat their dead money and sign replacements that will end about the same time you get out of cap hell.

    it’s easy to sit back and armchair this thing without realizing what this team is truly up against.

    that said if it wasn’t for all the injuries i believe we would have contended this year

  43. ocalarob says:

    ocalarob says:
    November 26, 2018 at 8:28 am
    if we’re drafting a QB we should take either Grier or Haskims

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    November 26, 2018 at 8:39 am
    Or Herbert

    His completion % is in the 50s, seems like fools gold to me, another Sam Darnold

  44. D says:

    ocalarob says:
    November 26, 2018 at 8:28 am

    if we’re drafting a QB we should take either Grier or Haskims
    Haskins is going to bust just like all the other Ohio State QB’s of the Urban Myer era. I dont want that guy at all. I wouldnt take him as a potential backup.

    • D says:

      As much as i like Grier, i wouldnt take him as my only QB pick. I think we need to double up and hope competition between the two will rally bring great out of one of them. Lock and Grier, or Jones and Grier would be good pairs.

    • ocalarob says:

      69% completion percentage, he’s on target, have you watched him play? he destroyed Michigan. he fires the ball has mobility, he reminds me of Dan Marino the way he passes.

      I think he’ll be great in the pro’s whomever gets him.

      • D says:

        I have watched him, i dont see it. Comp percentage in college isnt as important as watching his passes and seeing if he is in stride witht he receiver and his accuracy is pin point. Catch radius in college is like the broad side of a barn, only if you cant hit it do you stand out. I dont think Urban does a good job of getting QB’s ready for the NFL, so i just dont think they guy winds up a good pro.

      • ocalarob says:

        The hardest part of playing QB is accuracy, if i’m drafting a QB that is my number one concern. all the college QBs are judged by the same standard so Haskims is leading in the accuracy dept as far as i’m concerned. he has pin point accuracy….the rest is easy by comparison, look at Darnold he had a piss poor accuracy rating and oh by the way he leads the NFL in picks, and he was taken with the 3rd pick LOL!

  45. ocalarob says:

    liked the changes gase made last year dumping pouncey, suh and landry, bringing in wilson ,
    amendola to go along with Grant and stills, bringing in Sitton and Kilgore . not too sure about gesicki but smythe seems to be a good choice.

    It just didnt pan out this year due to injuries but it looks as if it’s a good core of players.

    • D says:

      I wasnt initially a fan of all those moves, but ultimately i think it was time to make them and start shedding really high number contracts. He still has to prove his money ball strategy works though. I think Wilson and Amendola both have proven it. Kilgore didnt, but that was because of injury. Our DT situation is a good bit worse, but we are thin there too, so we never really got to see how that rotation thing would have worked out. Still we arent really “missing” any of those players.

  46. ocalarob says:

    Grier is another player with a high comp%, if he’s there when projected take him!

    • D says:

      Rob, one of the things im saying is you cant account for the misses that go against you in comp percentage as being bad throws. You could have bad receivers, or really good ones. The system could be set up to go for a lot of high percentage passes or it could be set up to take deep shots a lot. You cant account for the talent at DB that you go up against, completing 90% of passes agauinst a shitty DB group isnt that impressive as any JAG could do it. Again, im not debating that accuracy isnt important, i just think comp[ percentage isnt all about accuracy.

      • D says:

        The scouts though they know the difference because they watch the film, so i trust them to know well enough if they feel the QB is good enough to draft. My evaluation of Haskins comes with some bias against OSU QB’s but i also dont see anything differently that he looks like than did Barrett, Jones, or Miller.

  47. D says:

    Right now my three favorite QB’s are Lock, who has big arm talent and elite potential, Jones who i think is most pro-ready of any of this class and good high end potential, i could see him being a day 1 starter and Grier, who i think still lacks a little refinement, but if he reaches his potential he could be on Hebert or Lock’s level. Ill admit i am holding Urban Meyer product, against Haskins, but i also just dont see anything to think he would break the mold of that Ohio State QB who is a amazing athlete but just not a true pro QB. I think Finley and Thorson are good game manager QB’s with slightly more to them if they develop, but thats not what im hoping we go for. I use to think Stidham and Patterson might be decent later round flyer material but i dont know recently they seem like wasted potential just waiting to happen.

  48. mf13ss says:

    TOUCHDOWN!!! Nasa just successfully landed “InSight” on Mars!!!

      • mf13ss says:

        Pretty incredible first pictures just coming in…

      • mf13ss says:

        Pretty sure this is the first ever ‘controlled landing’ on Mars, as opposed to dropping via ‘bubble-wrap’ (see the rovers of the past). Incredible feat of human ingenuity.

    • D says:

      Did you know that Earth is the only non-greek/roman god named planet? Did you know that the reason for this is that when looking to the skys the planets were identified and named because they were though to be the Gods in their Celestial homes and thats why Earth was no given such a name because no one was gazing up at Earth. Instead Earth was the ground beneath our feet and therefore was given the name Earth or Erde which is germanic for “ground”. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and Mercury were the only planets identified when the naming began and it wasnt until telescopes were invented that people discoverd/named the rest, but as they were discovered the people who named them opted to keep the tradition of naming them after Greeak and Roman Gods.

  49. mf13ss says:

  50. mf13ss says:

    Maybe we should have NASA find our next QB, being they know how to throw TDs from Earth to Mars. 😉

    • ElephantRider says:


      Think they’ll find anything in the dig? I don’t. Gotta go deeper I think. But sure is cool to find out.

      • D says:

        Its a starting point. Science happens in stages, with a lot of failure pushing you to go further.

      • mf13ss says:

        Just going by memory here, I think the InSight is equipped with drilling tools to go DEEP under the Martian soil to find water. Ya know, kind of like digging here to drill a water well. I DO think we’re going to find water there. What’s more, the latest tech aboard the InSight will be able to carbon date that which it drills.

        The coolest thing? InSight is equipped with seismometers. It’s function is to record any and all aerial bombardments on Mars. We’ll be able to learn more about Mars’ very thin atmosphere, the way our own atmosphere protects us from such bombardments (a comparison tool, if you will), and just exactly how often we (Earth and Mars, collectively) see as much.

        This is incredible stuff!!! 😀

  51. O rob,
    I’ve watched Herbert play. He throws a lot of lower % passes, a lot of deeper stuff, thus the lower comp %. However, he’s very accurate when he throws the ball. A lot more accurate than what we’ve got right now. I’ve seen him lay the ball over a defenders head to the outside shoulder of a wr on the sideline plenty of times and place it in there perfectly. So, the comp % isn’t really a concern of mine.

    Grier would be my top choice because I think he’s the most pro-ready of them all. Herbert, however, could end up being that generational talent with the right coaching.

    Lock is going to struggle big time at the next level. He was in a Baylor offense the past two years that didn’t require any reads or progressions. It was just get the ball from center and throw it to your first target and that’s it. Since bringing in Derek Dooley and changing to a pro style offense that requires him to make reads and progressions he’s struggled a lot to make the adjustment and has had trouble getting it down.

    I like Haskins as well and the one thing about him I don’t know if many know is that he knows how to read a D very well and is very good going thru progressions. I’d like to see him stay one more year because he is kind of a one year wonder even with all those td’s.

    My sleeper. David Blough of Purdue. Doesn’t have the big numbers but you watch his compact throwing motion and his accuracy, his mobility, arm strength (he throws a lot from the far hash across the field) and he’s smart. Jeff Brohm trusts him with the offense.

  52. Rob,
    It’s not about making changes overnight. This team needed to make changes 3 years ago and they didn’t do it. And, the major change I’m referring to is the change at qb. We’ve got plenty of playmakers on the offensive side of the ball but we don’t have the quarterback who can get the ball to them so they can make plays like they’re supposed to.

    That’s the biggest thing holding back our O. We need to put up more points to compete. That’s the way today’s NFL is going and the people running this team should have seen that because they were well aware of the rule changes far enough in advance to make that change.

    innovate or die. that’s what it’s like in any business. Looks at Toys R Us, Sears, Kmart, BonTon and others that didn’t innovate and are now gone or almost gone. Football is a business. You need to innovate to survive. There’s teams that did and are putting points up like crazy.

    And look at the Rams with the great Suh and Donald on their d-line and they can’t do anything to stop it. Thing is, Phins aren’t innovators. They are followers. They’re always catching up to the league.

  53. Rockphin says:

    not too sure about gesicki but smythe seems to be a good choice.
    So far Smythe seems to be the better pick, but it is early yet. We have a least gotten more production out of Smythe than we have Gheysucki.

    We SHOULD have gone with Goedert he was always the better prospect IMO

  54. ElephantRider says:


    Thought they were only drilling 16ft. Either way…its cool

    • D says:

      I think they probably expcet to drill to a certain depth, but since this is the first time, how would they know what to expect. It might get down 3or 4 ft below the surface and hit a material they cant drill through. Again, this is breaking new ground (no pun intended) success is just learning something you didnt know before not necessarily hitting pay dirt on the first go.

    • mf13ss says:

      You may be right on 16 feet, my Brother… I was quoting from memory on that one point (as I noted). But HELL YEAH, it’s cool!!! 😀

  55. mf13ss says:

    I did want to comment on the Gesicki fumble yesterday. I’m sorry, but IMO, he did not possess the ball long enough to call it a fumble. I’m not sure he actually demonstrated a “football move” (as the announcers had said), and I’m not sure he really had the ball long enough to demonstrate “possession”. It was such a ‘bang-bang’ play that should have been ruled an incompletion.

  56. D says:

    To me almost anything i see where we as a society are learning something that before we didnt know, and on a personal level when i get a chance to learn something i didnt know previously, those are the cool things in life. It also doesnt have to be new scientific discoveries it can be historical discoveries that maybe fill in a blank or two that we had in the history books or even insert new pages into the books that we didnt even know were missing. I find all that really neat stuff.

  57. mf13ss says:

    Our Defense played HARD yesterday.

  58. mf13ss says:

  59. Rockphin says:

    The probe on the InSight is only designed to go 5 meters deep. (16’4″) It is designed to study the “deep” martian crust, but it will do so with electronics, etc.

  60. ElephantRider says:


    I wasnt downplaying it. It just seems so lackluster…16ft…..

    Considering they cant even explore our own planet fully, 16ft is huge! LOL

    I’m just poking fun, fyi. 🙂

  61. Rockphin says:

    Goedert – 3 TD’s
    Gesicki – 3 TO’s

    • ElephantRider says:

      Gesicki is soft. He will benefit greatly with his first offseason. He seems to have a good attitude and a worker, so I think he’ll be pretty good with a little time.

  62. pheloniusphish says:

    professorlou miamidolphinsblog says:
    November 26, 2018 at 4:07 pm
    no such thing as a “scientific discovery”. Science has never “discovered” anything that hasn’t already existed.

    Science has discovered many things.

    CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat)/Cas9 didn’t exist before scientist developed it.
    The internal combustion engine didn’t exist until it was invented
    And on and on

  63. Rockphin says:

    Kenyan Drake says Dolphins need to do a better job finishing games [43 minutes ago] [Open in Separate Window]

    Yeah, you need to do a better job starting them too!

  64. Mike E. says:

    Rock – Leave the kid alone!

  65. Mike E. says:

    Tim – Is that right, Ducky Boys were real?

  66. If you disagree with the playcalling of Gase yesterday imagine being a Giants fan watching Barkley standing on the sideline most of the 2nd half after having such a great 1st half

  67. son of a son of a shula says:

    Driskel will start for Cincy as Dalton goes on IR making him the second Oviedo,FL Quarterback who will be starting on Sunday. Both played in these last games but Dalton started. Driskel is from Hagerty HS and Bortles went to Oviedo HS.

    But it’s our college QB Milton who we are all saddened by. A source tells me it’s a not a career ending injury it was a bad dislocation and emergency surgery was necessary because of restricted blood flow. He might be back for his senior season.

  68. son of a son of a shula says:

    Marino wouldn’t have handed it off. He laughs in the huddle and calls a pass play.

  69. son of a son of a shula says:

    Miller goes for 97 what a run

  70. son of a son of a shula says:

    He did that with us once wasn’t it against the Texans ? The Fest game in the rain?

  71. So, just to satisfy my curiosity, is there still anyone remaining who thinks Tannehill should continue to get more chances or is everyone in agreement it’s time to move on?

  72. pheloniusphish says:

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    November 26, 2018 at 8:09 pm
    the internal combustion engine wasn’t invented by scientists.


    Science, not scientist. The internal combustion engine is an almagation of scientific theory put together by an inventor.

  73. ocalarob says:

    Gase says Tannehill’s the man, but even if he didn’t think that he certainly wouldn’t reveal that. Tannehill is the property of the Miami Dolphins and you want to make that property valuable.

    I really think Tannehill will be the starting QB next september, No drafted rookie will come in and replace him and i certainly don’t see the fins hitting the FA market for a QB unless of course it’s a back-up.

    so yes Lou you better get use to Tannehill because he will be here in 2019 barring injury.

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      He will be and we’ll hear for the entire off-season what a great leader he is. Then we’ll win 6 or 7 games and every one will say whoopie

  74. ocalarob says:

    and if Gase really believes in Tannehill we will find out in March, i would assume they may renegotiate Tannehills contract, maybe another 3 year extension to save cap space next year.

    if they dont and let him play out his last year and Draft that QB savior that everyone wants; that should be a clear sign that they are moving on from tannehill.

    so we should find out the long term plans for miami and Thill at the beginning of March.

  75. ocalarob says:

    For me i don’t think the loss at Indy is all on Tannehill, the defense got shelled, they were getting killed in the running game

  76. son of a son of a shula says:


    • pheloniusphish says:

      Lol…yes that too. Spelling for Marines…I don’t even know what I was thinking while typing.

      • son of a son of a shula says:

        By Lol, I read it as it should be and was ready to give you major props for a ten dollar word then I looked closer…

  77. son of a son of a shula says:

    Alex, who is the Miami Dolphins offensive line?

  78. pheloniusphish says:

    Must be bedtime. Lights out.

  79. pheloniusphish says:

    Funny how your mind can make you see what a word should be rather than what it is.

  80. son of a son of a shula says:

    Nevermind my earlier post Bortles is getting benched

  81. After seeing the way some rookies play and see how ineffective the Phins offense is with Tannehill under center it boggles the mind to think that no rookie could possibly replace Tannehill. That’s not true, because it happens. Plus, there’s always the possibility Tannehill suffers another injury. There would be absolutely no excuse to go into next season with Tannehill as the starter and nobody else on the roster or to even give Tannehill another chance.

    That would just be complete and total incompetence on the part of ownership and management. This “setting up for 2020” is also a ridiculous concept because if they end up high enough in the draft at the end of this year you’ve got to pull the trigger. You don’t know where you’ll be in draft order next year and moving up to get a quarterback could cost you a fortune to do so. And I know some are advocating to wait for Tua but, again, if you don’t have the draft capital or it’s going to cost you way too much to move up, then you either reach for a lesser player or you screw up your future by using up a ton of picks.

    So, the concept of waiting until 2020 is a ridiculous one.

  82. I still can’t believe this team has wasted 7 years on a quarterback who I knew wouldn’t get it done when they drafted him. If an average fan could see that this guy would never come around then why couldn’t the people who run the show in this organization?

    However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. If Gase felt Tannehill couldn’t get it done for him and seal the victory late in the game Sunday then you know they’re going to do something in the offseason to solidify the qb position.

    They have to. And the concept of there not being a rookie who can beat him out is just a poor argument. Other teams have been drafting quarterbacks since 2012 who have surpassed Tannehill and there’s no rookie who can beat him out. He’s not that good. I don’t know what some still see in this guy but they need to cut the cord because he was just another in a long line of wasted draft picks by this franchise.

    Whether they cut or trade him he’s doing nothing with any other team.

  83. The Flying Pig says:

    Do you guys remember when Ryan Tannehill set the record that Philip Rivers just tied over 2 games

    This is before Gase

    Offense looks better before Gase if you ask me.

  84. pheloniusphish says:

    Piggy – This is why I go back and forth on RT. When the game plan calls for it, he can get it done. So is it the chicken or the egg? Play calling or play execution? I’m on the play calling boat. I’ve never liked the Wr screens and 3 yard passes. And I hate playing not to lose. I thought Gase was going to be an innovative, offensive minded coach, but he’s really not. He doesn’t scheme upcoming opponents, doesn’t make in game adjustments, and afraid to take any chances. He thinks throwing a 1-yard pass on 3rd and 2 is taking a chance.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      RT has had some. Laments where it looks like he is almost there

      But some of his big issues haven’t gotten better and I think we are too deep into his career to expect that to change

      But the point pof the videos is Gase
      It looks to me like our offense has regressed

      He’s not a great offensive coach
      His offense is predictable and doesn’t really use the field

  85. ocalarob says:

    even if we draft a great QB to replace tannehill he wont have enough time to learn the system that tanny has been playing since gase got here. you wont pay tanny 26 mil and not start him.

    also tannehill isn’t as bad as some suggest, it wouldn’t surprise me to see another 3 year deal worked out for tanny in the beginning of march.

    Ross likes tannehill, said he’s a clean cut guy a leader on and off the field.

    one of the reasons philbin got fired was he didn’t like tannehill.

    Ross has Tannys back

  86. ocalarob says:

    if your gase do you draft a qb early? maybe with the first round pick or do you add depth to other areas?
    for me i really cant see him drafting a QB, he seems to like his pet projects in Fales…Oz… falk…even worked out Paxton Lynch.
    not to mention didn’t he have 4 QBs on the roster at one point?
    he seems to think he can take some of these failed QBs like OZ or Lynch and resurrect them.

    so why would he use a valuable first round draft pick on a QB when he has issues at other areas??

  87. The Flying Pig says:

    If we kept Gase and didn’t draft a QB high in 2019

    There would be no reason to watch

  88. Tannehill is finished. Stick a fork in him. They’re not restructuring a contract and giving him bonus money with the possibility he gets hurt again and then is out for another season.
    Best thing to do is cut bait, draft two qb’s and keep one vet. Falk sucks.

  89. Rockphin says:

    I have resigned myself to another failed season next year already. I believe that Gase is the problem with the offense. It doesn’t take a superstar 1st round QB to throw bubble screens and dump off passes to RB’s all day. When Gase gets the axe next December hopefully Tannenbaum will be out the door right before or after him. Let the new HC / GM draft his QB. If Gase winds up drafting one next year, it won’t save his job and the new HC will want to pick his guy anyway. Sigh….I’m tired of being a Miami fan.

    • Tannehill can’t make the other throws. If he could he would be doing it. What kind of offense did the have in Denver? Manning made those throws. He wasn’t limited. Tannehill isn’t making those throws because he can’t do it consistently. If he throws too much in the middle of the field it will be a disaster.

  90. Rockphin says:

    Mike E,

  91. Rockphin says:

    Shit, brain fart. Mike E “quoted” the Wanderers and I was thinking of the Warriors. Both movies feature gangs in the Bronx and were both released 1979. My bad.

  92. Mike E. says:

    Loved both movies. Heard Boomer take a shot at Gase this morning regarding the last series against Indy, said Gase was playing pussy football. Loved It!

  93. stangerx says:

    Since both movies came up — The Wongs would kick the shit out of those Fing wimps the Baseball Furies.

  94. Mike E. says:

    Emilio, Perry’s dad would kick the shit out of anyone!

  95. Mike E. says:

    LOL – exactly!

  96. Mike E. says:

    Cameron Malveaux poached by the Cardinals

  97. Randy says:

    Did you ever think that maybe Gase runs the offense he believes Tanny is able to operate? For instance, Tanny has never used the middle of the field. In his whole career, he does not throw passes down the middle. He throws outside the hash marks all the time. Maybe it’s because he shows in practice that he can’t. Maybe he has him throw easy, first read passes because Tanny struggles doing otherwise. Just sayin’.

  98. Mike E. says:

    Randy, all that may be true, but if we trot out Tannehill again next season, it’s madness

  99. Randy says:

    Hey, I would have moved on from Tannehill long ago. I just don’t think Gase can. He got this job because he was seen as the guy who can develop Tannehill and get him to the next level. Why would he ever claim Tannehill isn’t “the guy” because that would mean Gase failed to develop him….and that means his supposed reputation as a QB guru was a bunch of horse shit. Then what do you base your decision on to keep him? He’s done nothing worth making the arguement to keep him, and he no longer has the reputation as a QB miracle worker. Right or wrong, Gase tied his success to Tannehill’s. If Tannehill isn’t seen as a success, then how can anyone say Gase is? I think they either both stay, or they both go.

  100. Mike E. says:

    I hear ya Randy. At this point, I’m all for both being gone

  101. Rockphin says:

    Randy says:
    November 27, 2018 at 11:49 am
    Did you ever think that maybe Gase runs the offense he believes Tanny is able to operate?

    Hater’s view… but doesn’t account for the 4 other QB’s that have run Gase’s offense while in Miami who all had the same playbook and same play calling.

    It is NOT because Tannehill limits the offense because he cant throw to the middle of the field. That is just bull shit.

  102. Rockphin says:

    Here is how I think things will go down. Gase will coach the Dolphins again next year. Tannehill will be the starter and will be restructured again this off season. Gase will get fired next year, the new regime will draft their guy and either keep Tannehill for the one season or bring in another stop gap guy until the new coaches guy is up to speed.

  103. stangerx says:

    I don’t have absolute answers, but how much of Tanny’s less than explosive game is cause of him versus the scheme is a legit question. Even with horrible games against the Bengals and Pats (which may have been injury related) he’s still at a 97 QB rating for the season. So he has been efficient.

  104. Rockphin says:

    Here are the FACTS

    • stangerx says:

      Certainly shows he has been completing up to 20 yards over the middle when he throws there. That +20 score where Stills normally runs deep is harsh.

    • 1. it’s only 1 yr of his career 2. it’s ancient history. we’re in 2018 now 3. if Gase’s scheme is so bad this blows that narrative out of the water. Just like Lazor sucked but he had his 2 best seasons with Lazor.

  105. Rockphin says:

    Here it is from 2016

  106. Rockphin says:

    This site has some nice breakdowns and charts of all kinds of situational stats, etc.


  107. Randy says:

    How often does he do it, Rock? I am just going by memory of watching games and was talking about how often he does it not how he rates against other QBs.

    • Rockphin says:

      I posted the charts to show he CAN do it (and above average) There are other charts on the website that show how often he does it.

  108. Randy says:

    If they keep Tannehill as the stopgap guy, how much do you pay him just to keep him around for a year? And, why would Tanny do that? If I was him and they make it clear by their moves that they want to go in another direction, I’d try to sign with another team. The only reason I can think of that he’d stay is because it would give him a year to prove he can stay healthy and increase his value.

    • Rockphin says:

      How much is he worth? He is paid like an average QB now. (17th highest in the league)
      Why would he restructure? Cash in hand now. In my scenario above the team restructures him this off season. In his mind he is the starter through what ever the term of the extension is. The new coach then either keeps him or tosses him based upon how the new coaches new toy works out. I don’t see any of next year’s QB crop beating him out. As much as some dislike him, he is a veteran and knows the game better than any rookie coming out of college.

    • stangerx says:

      If they pay him like $8-something mil next year (real money not cap) he has no choice in the matter.

  109. Mike E. says:

    RIP Stephen Hillenburg

  110. BailBondMike says:

    Gee those two charts show me that it is Gase’s fucked up “offensive” scheme more than it is Tannehill. Coupled with Gase’s fucked up play calling makes it even worse. Look at that video against Houston. Much more wide open scheme instead of this dink and dunk shit and Tannehill looked great. How many passes were over 10 yards. If I were Tannehill, I would restructure my deal and ask for a trade to the Jags, Giants or Raiders.

    • Mike E. says:

      Just curious, why would Tannehill restructure, and then ask for a trade? He should just ask for a trade.

    • Another excuse. How many is that now? How many total excuses have people used to defend this guy? It’s always someone or something else. It’s never Tannehill. Hasn’t done shit in the 7 seasons he’s played but, yeah, it’s not him.

      You guys are hilarious

  111. Rockphin says:


    These are interesting. If you just look from a high level and scroll through the QB’s and the weeks you will notice that the majority of the passes thrown in the NFL travel less than 10 yards in the air.

  112. BailBondMike says:

    I don’t know Mike. I just thought his salary next year would be to high for any takers. I am probably wrong.

    • Mike E. says:

      It’s possible, but if you think the team that’s trading for Tannehill wants him as the starter, they’ll pay him his salary, otherwise they’re not really interested in him. KnowhatImean?

  113. BailBondMike says:

    Thing is, we could draft 7 QB’s this draft and sign a couple vet F/A QB’s and we will still be a .500 under Gase. Tannehill isn’t the problem, IMO. We have better talent on this roster now than we did back before Gase. It’s his scheme that sucks.

  114. Mike E. says:

    Colts are up to #9 on CBS Power Rankings. Not that I really give a flying fuck, but if Gase weren’t such a pussy, we could have beat the damn Colts, but we’ll never know . . .

  115. Rock,
    My hatred has nothing to do with anything. Tannehill is a 30 yr old qb who has shown himself to be inconsistent and now he’s been injured more than he’s been playing. So you can’t rely on the guy. Why would you want to put all your eggs in one basket and go into next season and have the same thing happen that happened this year?

    And to also think that there are no quarterbacks coming out of college who can dethrone the mediocre one despite seeing evidence to the contrary is naïve, at best. How you can still sit there and defend this guy, how anyone can, is just ridiculous at this point because this team is going nowhere with him.

    Yes, he IS the problem and this team will continue to be mediocre and be playing to win 8 to 9 games a season if they continue with him as their starter. There is NO doubt that’s what will happen.

    Best thing for them to do is try and get what they can for him in a trade and move on. That’s the only way this team is going to move forward. I don’t care if we have a more solid o-line and two all-pro wr’s and an all-pro TE we ain’t getting it done with him at quarterback.

    7 years and nothing .Nothing but a big waste of time and people still want to continue with this mediocre quarterback as the starter. Cut him or trade him and watch what he accomplishes elsewhere. If he’s not the problem then you’ll see when he’s backing up some young guy that just came out of college.

  116. Rock,
    I said before the ’12 draft that if we drafted Tannehill we would never do shit with him at qb and here it is in his 7th season and …..lookee!! I’d say I have a ton of credibility. Maybe you don’t think so because you choose to live in denial rather than accept things for what they are.

    Tannheill was never the answer. Was never going to be. And I guarantee that if the Phins draft either Herbert or Grier you’re going to see how much of a difference a REAL quarterback makes in an offense.

  117. Another year of mediocre quarterback play by Tannehill and another year of excuses. Now it’s bad scheme by Gase. Jesus, when will it end?

    • stangerx says:

      Did you actually think we were going to do something this year? I never did. Vegas had us at 7 wins and always thought that about right. As is been a bunch of exciting games and good promise for the future. But then mainly just like watching exciting football.

      • well, no, I didn’t think we were going to do much this year because the team decided to stick with Tannehill and not draft a quarterback. I would have been more excited with a rookie because even if we didn’t do much at least there would be something to look forward to. but, as long as Tannehill is the starter, there’s nothing to look forward to.

  118. Tim Knight says:

    I’m not sure why everything is about Gase and Tannehill and nobody is talking about the defense allowing the Colts to score on 3 consecutive drives in the 4th quarter when we were up by 10. Sure it would have been nice for the offense to do a better job late in the 4th quarter to run the clock down or score at least a FG. But nobody ever looks at it like maybe the Colts defense made crucial stops against us late in the game where our defense did not.

    Can we also focus on how our WR corps is depleted and where the hell has Kenny Stills been? He has 8-108 1TD in his last 6 games. It’s kind of hard to think we’re going to score a lot of points with him playing like that, Parker being the inconsistent guy he is, Amendola getting banged up and losing Wilson and Grant for the year. There is only so much you can ask Drake to do as the main target. And even with all that we scored 24.

    The defense has allowed over 400 yards in 6 games this year. We’re 2-4 in those games. They have been a big disappointment this year. They have flashed a few times and showed some potential but they’ve been shredded way too often. They are as much at fault for our record as anything else. But the narrative is about two guys every week. Even when one of them didn’t play 5 games. Kind of strange that is the only focus with this team for a lot of you.

  119. Mike E. says:


    The last 2 drives on offense for me were more about Gase, but possibly also Gase not trusting Tannehill. The defense sucks, we know that, we get gashed regularly in the run game, and still can’t regularly put pressure on opposing QB’s, but that’s a different issue. We’re talking about eliminating one (Gase), or two (Gase and Tannehill). We can’t get rid of the whole defense. We know we need D-line help, hopefully we address that next year.

    • Tim Knight says:

      It’s a different issue and a very big one. It’s a big part of being a good or bad football team. Defense matters.

      On those last two drives I’m not sure what Gase is supposed to call when the passes were incomplete and one for no gain along with 3 rushes for 1 yard. We also had a PI call on offense declined because of the no gain to Parker which would have come back if there was a gain. Sometimes the defense has to make a stop.

      If you want to say we should have been more aggressive and try to close out the game going for big plays, okay fair enough. But we get picked off doing that with a lead late and the next thing we would hear is we should have run the ball more and been more conservative. I don’t think it was Gase having a lack of trust in Tannehill as much as he did in the entire offense at that point in the game. We have an issue running the ball when we have to. I wish we didn’t but we do.

      Another thing is I heard the announcers mentioning that we weren’t getting any separation from our receivers. How do you throw the ball down the field if they’re not open? Even on the shot Tannehill took to Carroo one on one that went for the 74 yard TD was questioned by fans saying that should have been picked. But it wasn’t.

      • We’re in a new age of the NFL. Look at what the Rams have on defense and they can’t stop offenses that are capable of putting up a lot of points. We NEED a quarterback who can get it done. We don’t have one.

      • Tim Knight says:

        We don’t have a lot of the pieces the Rams have on offense. That offense isn’t all about Goff. Like I said, where is Kenny Stills making plays? We all know Parker is up and down. Where are the big plays coming from? You can’t ask Drake to make up for all of it when we can’t block consistently in the run game. Our entire offense is an issue as we saw when Tannehill was out. If we go and find a real good QB there is still more that needs to be done on offense. It’s not about one guy.

      • When you have a quarterback who can challenge the defense it makes all the difference in the world. You say the team can’t run block. Well, it sure as hell can’t when defenses are putting 8 in the box against you and daring you to throw the ball because they know you can’t.

        Everything is tied to the quarterback position. We’ve got a guy who can’t get it done. It’s as simple as that. No need to overcomplicate it. Get Grier or Herbert and watch how fast things change.

        Then people will be saying our o-line never run blocked or pass blocked for Tannehill like that.

  120. Do you want to know what the facts are? The facts are: 2016 is over. It’s ancient history. It’s now 2018 and what Tannehill did in 2016 doesn’t matter because it’s a different year. Same shit, different day.

    Facts are: Tannehill missed all of 2017 and missed a bunch of games this year. Facts are: he’s going to be 31 next year and keeps getting injured and can’t contribute. Facts are: Tannehill is done. Stick a fork in him.

    Pat him on his head and send him on his way. He’s useless

    The team needs to cut the cord. Try and trade him and take what you can get or cut him. Move up this year to get your guy at qb and draft a 2nd (David Blough) later and keep a vet for a backup.
    We’ve been through year after year of mediocre season so who cares if we suffer thru one more with a rookie starting. Not like we’re going to do anything with the golden boy starting anyway.

    • stangerx says:

      I like Tanny. So am rooting for the kid. And seems Gase does too. Pretty sure he will be here next year, even if they might make a move to bring in a rookie or more serious comp. Just don’t see this team doing the major move to get a QB up high or a big name FA.

      • well, that WOULD be the Miami Dolphins for you. Other teams play for Super Bowls. The Pats play to win Super Bowls. The Saints play to win Super Bowls. The Steelers play to win Super Bowls. But, the Miami Dolphins play to win 8 to 9 games because, as long as the fans come to the games and fill up the seats, the team is happy with being mediocre.

        The Dolphins don’t want to win the Super Bowl. They’d rather keep the mediocrity train going by keeping around a quarterback who hasn’t proven squat in 7 years but needs more time. SMH

      • stangerx says:

        Try to be realistic about the state of the team rather than getting all bitter about it….. but that just me. Especially since just like watching football. A piss poor team would really piss me off from that standpoint, but yeah my ego is not all that tied in with Superbowl or not. But guarantee if we make one though that will be there.

      • The state of the team is tied to the quarterback position and the person playing that position. As long as that guy is with the team and is the starter things will not get any better. Why?

        Because, one, if he’s still here it means the people making the decisions are still making bad decisions. However, if they choose to move on and draft a qb in the first rd in ’19 to be his replacement, it means the people making the decisions are starting to make better decisions and, maybe, the state of the team has a chance to improve.

      • stangerx says:

        And I would fine if they made a move for a QB in the offseason….. would root for that guy too. Just a fan of whoever wears Aqua and know can’t control who does.

  121. Phindog says:

    Tuesday…. Shit !!

  122. So, where’s the logic in this. It’s not Tannehill’s fault but it would be difficult to get anything of real value for Tannehill in a trade because his salary is too high.
    He’s NOT the problem with our team but nobody else is going to give up too much for him because ..they don’t think he’s worth it?
    Wow, Just wow.

  123. ElephantRider says:


  124. Just want to leave this here one more time. I was RIGHT back in 2012 before the draft when I said we shouldn’t take Tannehill.

    I was right. I was right. I was right. Thank you. Thank you very much.

    • Tim Knight says:

      This is the same guy who had something very different to say about what Gase was building even with Tannehill in 2016. So what were you right about? Flip flopping when it suits you?

      • Yeah, right. I never said Gase was building ANYTHING with Tannehill. Not going to happen. Tannehill sucks. Always has; always will.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I’m not going back to find it but yes you surely did say it because I was surprised at how positive you were. Then you changed your tune when Tannehill wasn’t even playing anymore.

      • no way I ever said that Gase was building with Tannehill. Never happened Tim. Never. Now you’re just making things up.

        Tannehill has never been capable of doing anything. I may have said that Gase was going to try and supply him with a lot of playmakers to help him out so he didn’t have to do as much. I remember saying that if Gase brings in a lot of playmakers and the offense line plays solid the offense could do well and it means they could do that with pretty much any quarterback and it doesn’t mean Tannehill is the reason.

        But, no, I would never even somehow imply that Tannehill could be the answer at quarterback. He’s just mediocre.

        I can understand you being bitter though because your boy is a failure at quarterback; just like I said he would be.

  125. Tim Knight says:

    We’re not a good team period for a lot of reasons. Fire the HC and go get that shiny new QB and we’re still not a good team.

    • stangerx says:

      Start with don’t think the HC will be fired. Think an extra year was the deal when he made all those off season moves absent meltdown. QB move possible, even if think more likely is a rook to develop.

  126. ElephantRider says:

    Both sides of the ball collapsed in the 4th qtr. Gase tried to run, got nothing. Defense seems to always play lost.
    Defense played a little over a half of good football.

    That Gesicki fumble really really hurt too.

    • Tim Knight says:

      The Gesicki fumble could have resulted in lost points at the time – don’t know if we score there but possible, but we survived it at 14-14 and still lead by 10 points much later in the game.

    • stangerx says:

      Everything went wrong in the 4th Q — was brutal. Can understand why play calling and Gase came up….. almost like we weren’t trying.

  127. Mike E. says:


    I think the defense did a decent job against the Colts. The Colts came in scoring 34, 37, 42, 29, and 38 in their last 5. My point is we match up better with our offense against their defense than we do with our defense against their offense, so I didn’t expect more from them. The Colts are just fair on defense, so if we were going to win, we’d have to hold them to less than they usually score, which we did, but we didn’t come through on offense. That’s how I see that game in a nutshell

    • Tim Knight says:

      Like I said of course it would have good for the offense to do more at 24-14, but allowing 3 consecutive scores in the 4th qtr is not winning football either. I’m looking at the entire team, not just the same two guys every week. Unless we get turnovers we stop nobody. It’s been that way most of the season. Right now we have more flaws than just a position or two or play calling. That’s how I see it.

  128. ElephantRider says:

    LOL Tim

    Take advantage of their turnover. I agree that this defense seems to either get a turnover or get scored on. So the offense cant give it right back. ..

    • Tim Knight says:

      That turnover didn’t result in a score for the Colts is all I was saying. We still lead the game by 10 in the 4th quarter.

      I’m a defense guy and this group has really disappointed me because I thought we’d be better. The offense has lost a lot more talent than the defense and I understand we’re not going to light it up on offense. So when we have a two score lead late, we need the defense to step up in big spots and they only have a couple of times this season. Most of the time we give the game away in the 2nd half.

      We don’t play complementary football enough, either side of the ball. It sucks!

  129. pheloniusphish says:

    Lou just wants to say he told us so. Blind squirrel, say hello,to nut.

    Philbin, Campbell, Gase. Tannehill’s Head coaches and offensive designers since he came into the league. They may have broken him beyond repair confidence-wise , but to say he can’t make certain throws is just goofy, BarcaLounger coaching shit.

    • 7 years. That’s right. 7 years. And he’s done nothing. But it’s not his fault. It’s someone or something else that has stopped Tannehill from reaching his potential.

      He was never, ever going to be anything other than what you’ve seen but you, like some others still out there, would rather be in denial than accept the truth and the fact that I was right back in 2012.

      And now it’s Gase’s fault or the scheme he runs on offense. Yet, all you guys were head over heels in love with him when his name was put out there and when he interviewed. But now, he sucks. SMH.

      How can a quarterback who supposedly spends so much time with his skill players in the offseason still not have taken the next step? Because he’s not good. Never was. Never will be. Accept it for what it is and move on.

      When the Dolphins draft a real quarterback maybe you’ll see the difference but I’m not sure you’d recognize it if you saw it.

      • stangerx says:

        Lou — I’m just happy that you care enough about the Dolphins to put so much time and energy into wanting them to be a better team. Part of why we love you so much.

  130. Randy says:

    I would not have been surprised if they had drafted one of the top 4 QBs if one fell to us last year. I have no problem with how they played it, but none if us know what they would have done if the Cardinals hadn’t jumped in front of us. Also, at least the Cardinals must have thought we would take a QB. Otherwise, why move in front of us in the draft? Maybe that was just their best trade partner. Who knows.
    Tannehill is not irreplaceable. He’s just the best option we have right now. If you like 8 wins a year. He’s your man.

  131. mf13ss says:

    The Colts had nearly 4 minutes more in TOP than us. Our Defense wore out late as our Offense couldn’t convert a 1st down late in the game (poor play-calling and game management). That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. We’re lucky we only lost by a last-second FG.

    • Tim Knight says:

      You think that 31.54/28:06 difference wore our defense down? So no credit to the Colts defense for making crucial stops against us? Just blame our offense and give our defense an out? I’m not buying that one. The offense didn’t do a good job late but the defense was worse.

      What was the game management part of it? We didn’t convert any of the plays called. So if we only would have called some other plays we would have converted? What plays would those have been? We didn’t execute the plays called. Why is it always play calls and never execution?

    • Mike E. says:

      Hey man, you can’t nutshell! I nutshelled at 4:17PM already!

  132. mf13ss says:

    I don’t know a thing about this guy, but I think it’s time to look into replacing Dave Puloka as our Strength and Conditioning Coach. Between our late collapses (lack of stamina) and the injuries we’ve sustained, HOLY $#!T.

  133. mf13ss says:

  134. Randy says:

    I agree. We’re not a good team. We’re an average team, and who wants that? We lack talent at some very key positions. As I’ve said, I think the defense is getting close. It will take more production from our pass rush and better run defense. I think run defense is a team thing, so I’m not gonna put that on any particular level of the D. They all need to do better. I do see improvement in areas though.
    The offense concerns me. With our current roster completely healthy, I think we’d be ok. Not real good but ok. I just don’t think that’s good enough in the NFL these days. Unless you have a lights out defense, you have got to score. In a few years 27 points could be the bottom end to being a playoff team. I think we’re somewhere in the low 20s, but I’m not sure. Just not good enough anymore.
    The reason the defense has gotten closer, I think, is because we’ve added better talent. Baker, Minkah, Howard who’s finally playing up to his potential….we have some nice young pieces on defense to build around. I think we need a couple more of those sorts of players on offense.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I agree. We have plenty of individual talent at a bunch of positions on both sides of the ball, but we’re not a good team at this time. The injuries have played a factor because who knows if the OL would have been better without losing two starters and playing a different lineup every week. Then we lose two explosive players for the season, Stills is basically MIA, we know Parker is up and down and our TEs are not there yet. So there is no way we’re going to score a lot with that. Oh yeah we lost our starting QB for 5 games and even though he’s mediocre he’s better than our backups. We never had a chance to grow on offense, build chemistry and get anything going. It’s been piece-mealed all season.

  135. mf13ss says:

    Translation: our Defense didn’t do so badly against a RED-HOT Andrew Luck. Like I said, we’re lucky they only beat us by a FG. Sucks that we caved late in the 4th quarter, but we played a good game overall on Defense.

    • Tim Knight says:

      So the offense leading the Colts 24-14 in the 4th quarter played a pretty good game overall too then. We know we’re not at full strength on offense so were you surprised we were even leading by 10 in the 4th? I know I was. We hadn’t scored a TD on offense the previous 9 quarters heading into the game. That’s when you need the defense to step up in the big spot. Not say well we were good for most of the game and hang your hat on that.

      I’m not saying I was happy with the offense the last couple of drives. But I was way more disappointed in the defense. Whatever the Colts needed, we gave it to them.

  136. mf13ss says:

  137. Mike E. says:

    It drives me crazy that we can’t ever possible win a shootout. If the opposing team goes over 28, game over for us, that’s beyond our capability, and our HC plays right into that!

    • Mike E. says:

      ^ possibly

    • Tim Knight says:

      No we can’t but how do you expect us to do that? Stills and Parker aren’t making big plays, our TEs don’t make plays and we lost Wilson and Grant who actually did. I don’t know where it’s suppose to come from if the guys we have can’t do it. Drake and Gore can only do so much.

      Mike, you know what it’s like as a Mets fan if the guys who are suppose to hit don’t and other big bats we do have are not in the lineup, we’re not going to score a lot of runs. I understand your frustration, we all wish we were better, but we are what we are right now and that’s a mediocre offense at best. We’re also a mediocre defense at best. Both units are sup par too often as well. It sucks!

      • Mike E. says:

        Stills and Parker need someone to throw them the football, they can’t do it by themselves. I’m fed up with our offense, or lack thereof. In this league, it seems every team has had fireworks on offense but us. I mean the fucking Jets have scored over 40 twice this year, who the fuck do they have??? Really, look at their team, and tell me how they have more talent than we do at any offensive skill position.

      • Tim Knight says:

        So you think we don’t want to get Stills and Parker the ball down the field? Stills has been MIA since earlier in the season. Parker is Jekyll and Hyde. I don’t have the answers but it’s not happening.

  138. Mike E. says:

    I found a team that sucks worse than we do on offense. The Arizona Cardinals. I feel better now.

  139. The team needs a real quarterback. Get Grier or Herbert and 90% of the problems on the offense go away.

  140. Put Andrew Luck on our team with the guys we have on offense and the team is a consistent playoff contender. It’s the quarterback!!!

    You might not think drafting a quarterback is going to mean much but if the team goes up and gets Grier or Herbert it means a lot. The reason for that is because the management and head coach realize they need to make a change and that says a lot. That’s a complete change in philosophy from before where they thought they had their franchise quarterback.

    If they make that change in philosophy maybe they also start to draft better overall and see that we need a blue chip guy at center and DT to help on both lines instead of just picking guys to fill holes.

  141. Tim Knight says:

    Mike, the Jets have scored less than 20 pts 8 times this season. Two games doesn’t make them good on offense. Sometimes a team has a game or two like that. I know we haven’t but I’d prefer wins over scoring 40 a couple of times. We didn’t need 40 to win a bunch of our games.

  142. Mike E. says:

    Tim – I don’t think anything, I just see we don’t do it. I know Stills has been hurting this year, I think one of his legs is injured, so that could be the issue.

  143. CavalierKong says:

    There are many things about this game that can be debated. Depending on your viewpoint, blame can be placed on the D for not holding a 10 point 4th quarter lead, on the offense for not scoring in the last 13+ minutes of the game, Tanny, coaching, the scheme, the playcalling, the injuries, the whole team, whatever. We are not a good team, we’re average. That is something I think we can all agree on.

    What I can’t get over, was the last two drive 3rd down calls on offense. Our coach is just flat out awful too often in these big moments. And these are some of the biggest factors in separating good coaching from bad IMO. These are the moments where good coaches can help their team win or lose.

    The Colts are the #4 scoring offense in the league with nearly 30 points a game. Prior to our game the Colts previous five games they scored 38, 29, 42, 37, 34. Luck has been the hottest QB in the league with 3+ TDs in each of those five games. The rules favor good offense over good defense. If you have a top 5 offense that is clicking, it will shred most average to good defenses. If you have a top 5 defense, MAYBE you can hang your hat on them getting a stop. Otherwise you have to get some scores. At the very least you want to make that high powered offense go the length of the field.

    We don’t have a top 5 defense. By nearly any criteria you choose, our defense is bottom 3rd of the league. Points, yds, rushing, passing, all bottom 3rd. The Colts offense was clicking in the 2nd half. Their QB has been money in big moments. And we essentially give up on 3rd down our final two drives, helping to hand the game to them.

    The thing that made me lose my shit was the ridiculously inept situational playcalling at the end of the fucking game. It has been a constant theme with this guy (poor situational team management).

    You want to say the defense should have held in the 4th quarter, fine! It would have been nice, but the Colts moved the ball into scoring position on every drive of the 2nd half except their first! Our defense wasn’t getting stops. Was our coach not watching the 2nd half like the rest of us? When we punted it from inside our 10 with less than 3 minutes left, was there anybody that thought we actually were going to hold? You figure even with a good punt and coverage they get the ball around the 35 to 40 yd line. At most they need 30 yds for a game winning FG. It was a foregone conclusion once we punted that ball.

    Does our coach not know this and understand the situation?! Apparently not. Or maybe we just don’t have a 3rd down pass in our bag that is capable of travelling the 10 yards needed for a 1st. IDK, whatever the issue was, to run it there was the final straw for me. I’m convinced there is an ego issue, or an intellect issue, or maybe the moment just gets too big for him at this stage of his career. Whatever the problem is, I’m over Gase as our offensive playcaller.

    I’ll reiterate, I’m not saying any of the things I listed at the start didn’t contribute to the loss. Sure they did. Even if we pass the ball on 3rd and long the last two drives, I personally think we were still going to lose that game. I could have lived with that and just been angry about the loss. But for our coach not to understand that 3rd down play inside our 10 was THE GAME ON THE LINE, and to fucking run it for the 2nd series in a row on 3rd and long, essentially throwing in the towel on both of those offensive series’, was unforgivably dense. He did’t even give our offense a chance at redemption or a chance to fail.

  144. pheloniusphish says:

    Lou – Yes, I liked the Gase hiring when it happened, but he has not lived up to the hype. He’s not entirely bad…I like that he dumped big contracts and big egos. It his play calling is questionable to say the least. And I don’t blame that on not trusting the QB. If you don’t trust your QB and you want to protect your job, you expose the QB by calling a good game. But I’m sure you told us all of this before he was hired.

    RT is not an elite QB. Nobody here has argued that. But to say things like he can’t throw to the middle of the field, just to support your claim of I told you so is just inane. This is why you are staining Naugahyde and not working as a GM.

    • he can’t throw over the middle. it’s a proven fact. a few stats from one season means nothing when the remainder of the time he played qb for this team he was just plain bad throwing over the middle.

    • “RT is not an elite qb. Nobody here has argued that”. Bullshit. When people constantly come to his defense and say he’s not the problem and that we can win with him at quarterback and he should be given more time that’s exactly what they’re saying.

      When people see him in his 7th season and he’s still as ineffective as ever but they’re now using the excuse that Gase’s scheme is what is holding him back that’s exactly what people are saying.

      He’s average at best. He would be a good backup. A guy you need to come in and give you a game or two if your starter goes down because he’s too inconsistent to be in there to help your team win games over an entire season.

      • CavalierKong says:

        professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
        November 27, 2018 at 6:41 pm
        “RT is not an elite qb. Nobody here has argued that”. Bullshit. When people constantly come to his defense and say he’s not the problem and that we can win with him at quarterback and he should be given more time that’s exactly what they’re saying.
        False equivalency

  145. pheloniusphish says:

    Randy – I was hoping Mayfield would fall to us.

  146. pheloniusphish says:

    Put Luck on Miami and have Gase call 0-3 yard passes and all the weird shit he calls and you would have a consistently mediocre team. Just like they have now.

  147. Tim Knight says:

    I’m not sure when I say things like “I understand your frustration, we all wish we were better, but we are what we are right now and that’s a mediocre offense at best. We’re also a mediocre defense at best. Both units are sup par too often as well. It sucks!”, that it gets treated differently than when others say it. We’re not a good team.

    Okay, if we had an “elite” QB we’d be better. If sports teams could find elite where they need it every team would be awesome. It’s not that easy.

    Tannehill didn’t lose the game Sunday, he didn’t throw a game changing pick or get strip sacked etc. We had two stalled drives and the defense couldn’t get a stop down the stretch. But apparently that doesn’t mean anything anymore. It always comes back to the same narrative.

  148. mf13ss says:


    STELLAR post above! CHEERS!

  149. mf13ss says:

    This is a domestic violence case, and Goodell decides NOT to outright suspend Foster? WTF?!!

  150. pheloniusphish says:

    Lou – So you’re saying that The QB should not run the play when the coach calls WR screens and 1 yard passes? The QB should say fuck that and wing it?

  151. Tim Knight says:

    Kong, we don’t have a top 5 offense either. To me there is too much if we did this or that instead we would have won. If we can’t execute simple stuff, how are we suppose to execute more low percentage explosive plays? Maybe they just aren’t there and that’s why we aren’t that good. I think too many of you are just wishing for a much better team than what we are. I think we all want that but like many other fans our teams are not that good in a lot of phases.

  152. Mike E. says:


    Mike E. says:
    November 25, 2018 at 9:55 pm (Edit)
    Piggy – I understand full well that we were deep in their territory on that last drive, but I knew, I’m not a seer, or a prophet, but knew we lost the game right there. Think about this for a second. Who would you bet on with the game on the line, Andrew Luck or our defense? Run for no gain on 1st down, a screen pass for no gain on 2nd down and then a run for 4 on 3rd down. That’s a give up. You know how in baseball you play for a win on the road because the other team gets last licks? Same premise here. You give the ball back to one of the best QB’s in the NFL with enough time to beat you, he will beat you. By playing it safe on the last drive, he gave them the win, handed it to them. You have to throw the damn ball past the sticks, and all too often we don’t. That pass that Carroo caught for a TD was atrocious. A terrible rainbow that took forever, but you know what, it was fucking TD! Luck threw 2 INT’s on 2 deep passes, but who won the game? I’m so tired of this “safe” shit when “safe” means an L in the standings. People can say it’s lack of talent, I say it’s lack of balls by our head coach.
    Mike E. says:
    November 25, 2018 at 10:13 pm (Edit)
    Son – it’s “safe” to punt, but if you miss a long FG, you give Luck a short a field to with, kinda like punting him to him at the end of the game after a pathetic 3 and out. I don’t want my coach to be doubting we can do something all the fucking time, I want him to go for it.
    Mike E. says:
    November 25, 2018 at 11:16 pm (Edit)
    It’s OK Tim, I just don’t agree with it. You’re playing a team that scores nearly 30 points, and their offense is hot. Why give them the chance with their best unit on the field in their house to just take the game? Neither unit of our team is a juggernaut, but why bet on your defense against a great QB like Luck in his house? If he really trusts his QB, let him take a couple of legit shots on one of the last 2 drives to actually score ourselves? Our defense was OK today, they did more than I expected actually, but I knew as soon as wen’t into a shell on that last drive that we were going to punt and lose.
    There are more today, I just got tired of looking. 🙂

  153. ocalarob says:

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    November 27, 2018 at 8:42 am
    Tannehill is finished. Stick a fork in him. They’re not restructuring a contract and giving him bonus money with the possibility he gets hurt again and then is out for another season.
    this sounds more like you are stating a fact rather than an opinion. I disagree, they will look to get stronger this offseason, so unless gase feels that tanny is not his guy, which by the way he’s saying the exact opposite; they will not restructure but if he does like tanny they most certainly will restructure to gain cap space. if they don’t restructure tannys contract this off season that to me is a clear sign he is not the QB of the future for miami. at any rate he will be the starter for 2019.

    • he isn’t the quarterback of the future and they will not restructure his contract. they will attempt to trade him and get what they can for him just like they did with Landry.

      they’re not going to restructure him and give him upfront bonus money when they have no intention of him being their future at quarterback. they’re finished with him.

      when your head coach has zero confidence in a guy to put the ball in his hands in order to win the game then I’d say it’s pretty obvious Gase doesn’t think he’s the guy anymore. he’s as good as gone. deal with it.

    • Oh, and the #1 way they can “get stronger” is to draft a quarterback of the future who can get the job done. Do that and 90% of the problems on the offensive side of the ball are solved.

  154. mf13ss says:

    I think I’m going to duck out of here before $#!t really hits the fan, LOL.

  155. Tim Knight says:

    Okay, I think everything that can be said has been said. I wish we could presto our team to being a top team too. I hope whatever it is that has to happen to make that happen… happens. LOL

  156. ocalarob says:

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    November 27, 2018 at 6:52 pm
    We don’t have a top 5 offense because we don’t have a good quarterback. Draft Grier or Herbert
    Hebert will be a bust, and not one in the hall of fame, he has a flawed throwing motion, he throws off his back foot, reminds me of Jim Everett of the Rams back in the 80s

  157. Tim Knight says:

    Phish, I am part French too. A small pct. but it is there. LOL

  158. ocalarob says:

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    November 27, 2018 at 7:04 pm
    Oh, and the #1 way they can “get stronger” is to draft a quarterback of the future who can get the job done. Do that and 90% of the problems on the offensive side of the ball are solved.

    no…i don’t think you get stronger drafting a QB who has a 50% accuracy rating and will cost you an abundance of early picks this year and next, he won’t even play.

    Gase has his QBs, if anything Falk will compete, he’s 6’4 220, and he has a little seasoning

  159. CavalierKong says:


    I think looking at ‘we lost for this reason or that’ at this point is an exercise in futility. Our team is so decimated we are going to struggle to be competitive the rest of the season. None of us agree on any of this stuff anyway, lol. That is why I listed every aspect of the team as a possible ‘reason’ for losing.

    Honestly, the dynamic between scheme, gameplan, playcalling, and team execution is too varied and complex for us to be able to truly make a valid assessment beyond the general anyway, especially without knowledge of plays, assignments, and a full view of the field. We all really just stroke ourselves more than anything when it comes to ‘assessment’. We are nothing more than the talking heads we talk so much shit about. Some of us know that, others…not so much, lol.

    So I make my own little assessments, and have my own little thoughts about which players are up to the task, which aren’t, what schemes work, and which don’t etc, etc…(like we all do). I don’t really take myself very seriously when it comes to this aspect of the game regardless of how it may seem.

    IMO, one thing we CAN look at is how the team operates, including situational play and with that in mind, I feel Gase keeps making indefensible mistakes. As I said in my original post, I think even if we threw it both of those 3rd downs, we still probably lose that game. I could live with that, but I can’t forgive not even making the attempt.

    At times it comes down to percentages. In my opinion, that is what situational football is all about. If you are in the 1st quarter, 3rd and goal from the 10, whether you throw it or run it, the playbook is open. It’s not game on the line, and maybe you want to show unpredictability, set up a bigger play down the road, whatever, you can live with a run play there, and 3 points. Same situation with only 3 seconds left in the game, down by 5, to run it is idiocy. There is no percentage in that play. IMO that is essentially what we did, and it’s not the first time Gase has taken really low percentage plays into big moments.

    I think I hit my quota for post length today, lol.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I think a lot of it is a confidence thing in what’s happening in the game at the time. Like I said if we can’t execute some simple plays what plays should be run? The run didn’t work and the short passes didn’t work so Gase likely said I’m not going to turn it over here and put it in the hands of the defense and that didn’t work either. Was that conservative, yes, but sometimes you go with your gut. If it works everyone is happy. When it doesn’t work everyone is pissed off.

      I was disappointed in the defense because I didn’t think we were going to give it up the way we did. I thought we were going to stop them. We didn’t. 😦

  160. CavalierKong says:

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    November 27, 2018 at 6:53 pm
    no. it’s not.

    Sigh, it’s textbook false equivalency, and not debatable. Do I really need to break down the statement to explain it to you? If you’re going to truck in logical fallacy, at least own up to it when you get called on it, and move on to valid points. You do make plenty of valid points without having to resort to flawed logic.

    • Mike E. says:

      ^ impressive!

    • stangerx says:

      Without getting into the definitional aspects of the phrase….. if someone on this board is claiming Tanny is elite they are doing it in a real, real subtle way. Don’t even see anyone saying that as to what he could possibly be. Bigger fan of his than most, but think a top 5 QB he will never be. Average starter up to say #6…..could see.

    • pheloniusphish says:

      That’s the problem with Naugahyde…It’s not real leather and it really doesn’t even look like it.

    • there’s people on here who think that a no college qb can come in and beat him out. that implies those people think he’s elite. maybe it’s flawed logic to you but we’re not dealing with a lot of logic on this board to begin with. see: ORob

  161. Mike E. says:

    Stanger – I think he’s pretty damn near close to his uniform # if you ask me

  162. Mike E. says:

    Phelon – That is pretty close to his uniform # . . .

  163. Tim Knight says:

    So let’s say Tannehill is middle of the pack. Some think he can be better than that, others think he’s worse. Okay fine. The problem is our offense isn’t middle of the pack and neither is our defense. They are both towards the bottom. Neither is because of just a few players. Lots of decisions will have to be made in the offseason.

    I personally don’t care what has to be done to make this team better. I’m a Dolphins fan first, not a fan of the owner, FO, coaches or a handful of players first. I want us to be good and win just as much as anyone.

  164. Mike E. says:

    #12 was his bestest, he likely will never see better than that, not on this team with Gase as the HC. Not that I agree with ESPN’s own QBR, but they give credit for a more dynamic QB, and Tannehill is always near the bottom with their rating, even this year and 2016, his best seasons

  165. CavalierKong says:


    To be honest I don’t understand the statement ‘if we can’t execute some simple plays what plays should be run?’

    This wasn’t Cincinnati, where we were allowing free rushers every pass play after our tackles went out. It’s not like we were getting sacked every dropback, or fumbling every snap. We also weren’t turning it over every drive.

    We had a couple of drives that didn’t go anywhere. That means we suddenly can’t execute a 10 yd pass in a critical moment? Or two critical moments? So we essentially give up our possession of the ball. To put it in the hands of a defense that hadn’t got a stop since the first drive of the 2nd half?

    If that was our coaches thought process, I hate the end game decisions even more. This offense goes through stretches where it doesn’t move the ball. Then suddenly it can. That is who we have been all year. We see it almost every game. It happened in the 1st half of this game. We scored our opening drive, then struggled, then scored again.

    Maybe one of those end game 3rd downs we could have completed a flippin 10 yard pass. It’s not a 40 yd bomb down the field we’re asking for. It’s a 10 yd pass. It’s a much higher percentage play than a 10 yd run.

    I think our coach made another poor play call decision in a critical moment that gave us next to no chance to win. I feel I’ve seen it enough to not want him calling plays anymore.

    I understand you disagree, and think the coach was trying something because he felt the other things weren’t working, and you are ok with it. We both have our opinions and both are valid points of view. We can agree to disagree about this.

    • Tim Knight says:

      It’s not that I disagree, but like you said earlier none of us know all the details that go into the decisions. Like you also said earlier we’re decimated and going to have a hard time competing at a high level anyway. The coaches have to deal with that too and have to try to win the game the way they think they can. It’s easy for us to sit back and simply say should have done this or that. We struggle to finish games. We all know that. Even in close games early on it always slips away from us in the 2nd half.

      At the end of the day we’re not matching the better teams this year even if we made the playoffs. I think we know that now.

      • CavalierKong says:

        ‘The coaches have to deal with that too and have to try to win the game the way they think they can.’

        This is the crux of the matter for me. To think our ‘best way’ to win is to run it on 3rd and 10 twice with the game on the line is an inexcusably poor decision to me. My opinion is just that, but I bet you’d be hard pressed to find many people that would disagree.

        And just to be fair. I know my last point is garbage, lol. Argumentum ad populum, appeal to the masses. Just because a majority believe it to be true, it doesn’t lend your point any validity.

        We’re circular now, Tim. Let’s move on, yah? 🙂

  166. Tim Knight says:

    Kong, it’s all good. I’ve already come to the conclusion that we’re not that good and Gase believes that too. Put it this way if he’s the HC next year and he probably will be he won’t survive another sub par season.

    • CavalierKong says:

      Cheers, bro. I have no doubt he’ll be HC next year, and to be honest, I’m not even sure I wouldn’t mind him as just HC. I like his no-nonsense attitude. I just want a different playcaller.

  167. Rockphin says:

    Tim Knight says:
    November 27, 2018 at 4:24 pm

    Like I said of course it would have good for the offense to do more at 24-14, but allowing 3 consecutive scores in the 4th qtr is not winning football either. I’m looking at the entire team, not just the same two guys every week. Unless we get turnovers we stop nobody. It’s been that way most of the season. Right now we have more flaws than just a position or two or play calling. That’s how I see it.

    Tim, I agree with you on it being the whole team, but that boils down to ONE guy and his name is not Tannehill. Gase is the problem. HE allows Burke to run a scheme that allows teams to pile up 400-500 uards per game. The defense has playmakers, it just is very young and the scheme has inherent weaknesses. I forget who suggested it but I like the idea of Rizzi as the HC. I just don’t like what Gase has done.

  168. CavalierKong says:

    Ok, Lou. I feel I may have erred in starting this with you. For some reason I just thought you’d understand. I have never engaged David in this topic because I understand it’s pointless. But you did exactly what I would figure he would do if we ever got into this conversation. You countered my statement by doubling down on the exact same logical fallacy that you started with, lol.

    (Sorry, David. That is twice I’ve maligned you recently with no provocation. But it’s the truth.)

    Ok, Lou.

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    November 27, 2018 at 6:41 pm
    “RT is not an elite qb. Nobody here has argued that”. Bullshit. When people constantly come to his defense and say he’s not the problem and that we can win with him at quarterback and he should be given more time that’s exactly what they’re saying.

    The argument: Nobody here has argued that RT is elite (paraphrased)
    The counter: People have argued RT is elite (paraphrased, as the actual statement was “bullshit”)

    Counter point: “When people constantly come to his defense and say he’s not the problem and that we can win with him at quarterback and he should be given more time that’s exactly what they’re saying.”

    Substance: (Equivocating) people coming to his defense saying he’s not the problem, we can win with him, give him more time…is equal to…RT is elite.

    Fallacy: Equating two opposing points of view as equal. (This fallacy is often cloaked because of apparent similarities between the statements or views, but they are not equivalent, hence the fallacy.)

    Example: People could be defending RT, saying he’s not the problem, we can win with him, give him more time because they think we can win with an average QB and you don’t need an elite QB to win, etc.

    Conclusion: The entire counterpoint statement, with the exception of “bullshit” as the premise of an argument, has no substantive value, and contributed nothing to the validity of your argument.

    Hence, False Equivalent.

    I really only posted it as a joke figuring you’d laugh it off, or acknowledge and move on. I didn’t expect an actual back and forth, lol.

    • People don’t have to come right out and say “I think he’s elite”. That statement can be implied and when certain people make certain comments about him like “no rookie is going to come in here and beat him out” and “he knows the Gase’s system better than any rookie does”, the latter being the funniest of all, and I’ll explain in a bit, they are making statements, along with other statements, implying they think he’s irreplaceable and, therefore, elite.

      The last statement was a good one because people have been bashing Gase’s system and then you see that comment that nobody knows Gase’s system as well as Tannehill. But, I’m the idiot.

  169. ocalarob says:

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    November 27, 2018 at 8:44 pm
    there’s people on here who think that a no college qb can come in and beat him out. that implies those people think he’s elite. maybe it’s flawed logic to you but we’re not dealing with a lot of logic on this board to begin with. see: ORob


    look here you goofy fuck’n moron last year you had benkert as our savior so excuse me for thinking you don’t know shit. your rants are moronic.

    you’re right any conversations with you are over.
    what a fuck’n douchebag!

  170. Randy says:

    When Tannehill was ranked 12th in 2016, he was almost the same distance from the 16th ranked QB as he was the 10th. I’m going from memory, but I’ll go with it. He was just as close to being the epitome of mediocre as he was to being top 10. He’s just not that good. Average among your peers isn’t good. Sticking with mediocre because you’re afraid you may get worse is how you stay mediocre.

    • ocalarob says:

      I think there’s more to winning than just having a great QB, Tannehills best season was when he had run support. he needs help, most QBs in this league can not carry a team by themselves, I was more concerned with how our Defense folded at Indy.

  171. ocalarob says:

    What a stupid post…Look at what this fuck’n moron writes, is his last name Ross???

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    November 27, 2018 at 7:00 pm
    he isn’t the quarterback of the future and they will not restructure his contract. they will attempt to trade him and get what they can for him just like they did with Landry.

  172. ocalarob says:

    Oregon QB Hebert

    Has rockback issues in his lower body mechanics that affect accuracy, especially when looking to throw a frozen rope. Base widens and weight leans back onto back foot. Will also regularly sail balls downfield, in part due to the whip motion of the arm, but also due to the inefficient weight transfer of the rockback. Stays on his first read quite long into his progression, and when he moves to his second read, it’s often from a place of panic; accuracy notably drops off on throws beyond the first read. Internal clock seems a little too quick, but return from injury may have exacerbated this phenomenon. Often a first read-scramble QB. The sidearm release becomes more prominent when he’s hurried or when he wants to release the ball quickly, and thereby short throws can spike down.

    Generally struggles with pressure–again, considerations given for return to injury–and will panic, putting the ball in dangerous spots as he throws under duress. Will radically step in bucket/lose mechanics in the face of even faraway pressure, which affects accuracy. Most interceptions on tape clearly tied to presence of pressure, which DCs will note. Doesn’t do well to acknowledge the blitz pre-snap and has poor pocket presence–will step up into pressure or fail to sense it and become rather statuesque. When emphasizing over-the-top motion, a hitch will occasionally appear that slows down motion–but release process is generally speedy, if you don’t time the rockba

  173. Rockphin says:

    Nah uh! I see what I expect to see

  174. Randy says:

    Ya win or lose as a team. In the end, neither side played well enough to win. I thought the D played better and felt the O was lucky and inconsistent but none of that matters. We still lost.

  175. Rockphin says:

    I would like to see Falk develop, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

    What I liked about the kid coming out of school was he threw over 2000 passes and had 112 TD’s and 39 ints.

  176. Randy says:

    All I’ve ever said is Tannehill is an average NFL QB, and I’ve gotten ripped for years. Kinda suggests many here did not agree with that take, until now. Lol

    • CavalierKong says:

      Randy says everyone who ripped on him over his Tannehill opinion believes that Tannehill is an elite QB.

    • Rockphin says:

      hmmmm, too lazy to search for proof, but I think this is inaccurate. I’ll let it go though. I believe your stance has been “below average” at best, but…..

  177. Randy says:

    You would be wrong but go ahead and look. I have said his pocket management is below average.

  178. Randy says:

    That isn’t what I said, but I do believe the phrase “high end average” was suggested. That was a good one. Lol

    • CavalierKong says:

      You didn’t say it, but it was implied……….
      I’m just messing around, Randy. Lol, I know that wasn’t what you said or even implied.

  179. Phindog says:

    Is it Groundhog Day ? I’ve read these same posts before I just can’t remember where… oh wait 🖕I will go back to chasing my tail and dropping yard cigars 🐕💩

  180. Tim Knight says:

    Randy, after the 2014 season I said I don’t think Tannehill is a sit back in shotgun and throw all day type QB yet we kept being that. He’s better under center with a running game, play-action, bootlegs, roll-outs and some ROP stuff. I still don’t understand why the game can’t be played like that anymore. It still all starts up front to run that stuff. WRs, TEs and RBs still have an advantage in the passing game in today’s game. Why does it have to be spread 3, 4 and 5 empty backfield all the time? All that does is create more nickel and dime defense. I’d rather put skilled players on LBs all day.

  181. ElephantRider says:

    LOL Kong

  182. Glad to see this place hasn’t changed. You come on here to post your opinion on the state of the franchise and when people don’t like your opinion they start with the attacks. Way to go.

  183. There’s people here who think a 6th rd quarterback who was cut by another team and picked up by Miami is going to be the savior. Nobody is attacking them.

    Face it. There’s people on here who attack you for the a difference of opinion because they are so hell bent on wanting to be right they’d rather attack others and call them names then admit they are wrong.

    When I said Landry would be traded I was attacked, called idiot, moron, etc for my opinion. What happened.

    When I said Suh would be cut same thing happened and what was the result.

    Can’t come on here an have an opinion on something without some small-minded individual or group of individuals come back at you and attack you for your opinion.

    What a fucking joke this blog is.

  184. Love the counter with the “expert” analysis. Like they’re never wrong and there’s plenty of instances where they were. Even our own “experts” have been wrong in the past. Like trading down for Odrick instead of taking Earl Thomas, taking Tannehill instead of Keuchly and trading up for Dion Jordan. Yep, those “experts” really know what they’re talking about.

  185. ocalarob says:
    November 27, 2018 at 9:24 pm
    What a stupid post…Look at what this fuck’n moron writes, is his last name Ross???

    People like this should be banned from blogs like this. If others can’t come onto a fan blog and post an opinion without being attacked by others there’s something wrong. But, this is the state of the country we live in to because we have a president who attacks people on a daily basis so we have other people who use that as an excuse to validate their bad behavior.

    • ocalarob says:

      I totally agree you fuck’n moron, never said a bad word to or about you and then i get this! what are you a fuck’n quack? Go Away!

      professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
      November 27, 2018 at 8:44 pm
      we’re not dealing with a lot of logic on this board to begin with. see: ORob

  186. pheloniusphish says:

    Lol@Randy. “High end average” was mine. I kinda liked it. Poetic.
    Above Average = 1-10
    Average = 11-21
    Below Average = 22-32
    See, RT at 12 would be on the high end of the average scale. It is very scientific.

    I thought RT had the potential to become above average. Now I’m not sure. Whether he never had the mentality or it was beaten out of him early on by Philbin RT al, I dunno. I do think the team’s current woes are tied more to coaching and play calling. If a WR runs a 3-yard route when he needs 4 yards for a first, the WR ran the wrong route (poor coaching) or he ran the correct route (poor play calling).

    Trying to blame the collapse entirely on the QB in a team sport, like Lou does, is silly. Then to get offended, like Lou does, is sublimely silly. Rock is more on point with his faux “Denny must go burn it all down” rants than Lou is with “everyone is saying he’s elite/I told you so/I don’t need numbers to support my statements.” Being right about Landry or Suh and gloating about it is the epitome of throwing shit prognostications against the wall to see what sticks just so you can say “I was right.” Most guys here will make an effort at doing and providing some analysis when they disagree.

    • stangerx says:

      My scale as well with the the subcategory of 1-5 as elite, which I don’t think Tanny will ever be but apparently has said he will by saying no rookie we take would beat him for the starting job in 2019.

      And reason I never got the feel for elite was his mentality, or maybe something else in his brain. Whether “feel for the game” or “the game slowed down” that great QBs have is lacking….. that part just not there.

  187. son of a son of a shula says:

    Dolphins are 3-1 when Drake gets 10 or more carries. 10 not 20 not even 15. Get him the ball.

  188. ocalarob says:

    No more Professor quack for me!

  189. ocalarob says:

    If you look over the years Tannehill hasn’t been that good but neither has the team, I don’t see him in the same light as a bortles,
    along comes Gase and Tanny has a decent season. then he gets hurt, after his knee injury he was still in good standing with this board.
    comes back and plays 5 games goes 3-2, lost to @NE and should have won the cincy game, at that point everyone soured on him.

    I just don’t think the Tanny/Gase combo has been given a chance yet due to injuries.

  190. Mike E. says:

    NEW BLOG UP!!!

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