No rumors, lips are zipped in Davie FLA

The NFL draft is just 15 days away, and our beat writers here, you know them well, Omar Kelly, Armando Salguero, Adam Beasley etc. have been silent. Usually at this time there are names floating around that we are especially interested in, but not this year. I like it. Keeps us all guessing, as it should be. Perhaps Grier and Co. are also running a tight ship, which should also be commended.

I’m still completely unsure where we’re going at #13, or if we even stay at #13, or move up, or move back. I do think all of the above are possible depending on what happens in front of us, if we have enough interest in a certain player to make a move up, or if we’re just staying true to our board ready to select whomever we think is the best fit for our team. Will the Cards really take Kyler Murray at #1? If they don’t, does he fall? Is Dwayne Haskins really set for a fall as some prognosticators are saying? If he does, do we gladly stop his fall, or do we continue his slide and take a DE, DT or OL?

Is there a QB in this draft that we have a strong interest in? It could be Will Grier, who’s a projected 2nd or 3rd pick. It could be Tyree Jackson, who could go anywhere from the 3rd RD or later. Heck, maybe it’s Gardner Minshew or Easton Stick. No one in MIA really seems to have an idea, which is pretty surprising.

We know we need DL help, especially at DE. Sack production from our current crop of defensive ends in the NFL is abysmal. Yes, Jayrone Elliott led the AAF with 7 sacks, but in the NFL in 3 seasons with the Green Bay Packers he had only 4 sacks total. In other words, temper your enthusiasm. There could be a few very nice prospects who may make it to #13, such as DE’s Montez Sweat, Clelin Ferrell and Rashan Gary. We might have a choice of DT’s such as Ed Oliver and Christian Wilkins. On the OL side we may have a chance at Jawaan Taylor of Jonah Williams. Any one of these players would help our team going forward.

So let’s all hope for the best for our draft this year, but also understand that no draft will sate the majority of Dolphins fans, because we all have different ideas of how it should be done. Looking forward to April 25 to see who our 1st pick is!


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  1. wyoming85 says:

    And for the 13th pick in the NFL draft, The Miami Dolphins select????????

  2. wyoming85 says:

  3. wyoming85 says:


    wyoming85 says:
    April 10, 2019 at 10:38 am
    As much as I hate the QB talk and over drafting one!

    What this regime does at QB will define them!

    I would like them to get it right! Hope they get it right! Pray they get it right!
    Sacrifice small animals to the football gods for them to get it right! 😉

  4. wyoming85 says:

  5. stangerx says:

    Mike E — think the reason the beat writers are having problems focusing in on just a few players for us even in the first is the same reason other teams will have no clue what we do as well. Not just a new regime, but a clear rebuild mode. So many holes you can’t slot need so much and they don’t even have to fill the ones we have…. and in fact won’t. When the goal is not to make the playoffs in the next year….. pretty much anything can happen.

    • Mike E. says:

      That’s definitely all true, yet I feel like with the other regimes, no matter what state the roster was in, and it has been in flux many a time, we always heard things like we’re in love with player X. Haven’t heard a peep. Maybe Flores brought the sealed lips with him from Foxborough? Or, maybe Grier in charge is what we needed all along? Both?

      • stangerx says:

        Have always thought that a lot of the draft info from the writers was just lot of educated guessing, even if supported by some source “familiar with the team’s thinking.” For sure know Omar never had one of those. One with the best tap into Davie has always been Mando….. but maybe with the new regime he lost his go to guys. Which is a way of saying you might be right that what inside looks there were are closed.

  6. Tim Knight says:

    Mike, that pretty much covers it all. Rashan Gary is a good fit because he fits the multiple. He was used all over the place at Michigan. He can move around on the DL and at LB. Think Dont’a Hightower. His best football should be ahead of him.

    • Mike E. says:

      Did you read anything about scouts saying that Ed Oliver could probably shed some weight and be a top quality LB?

    • mf13ss says:

      I’m not a fan of Rashan Gary. Yes, he can play all over the place, but he doesn’t do anything well. Heard from multiple scouts first, then I checked his tape to see for myself. The scouts aren’t wrong.

      • Tim Knight says:

        He needs some polishing for sure. But he’s a good kid, smart, hard worker, non-stop motor, size, speed and athleticism. I won’t be surprised if he’s a better pro than he was in college.

  7. wyoming85 says:

    Maybe we should trade up for Josh Allen?
    Draft a NT go to 3-4? Supposedly maximize Harris’s potential?

  8. stangerx says:

    Wyoming — just read an article on how we are a true NT away from a 3-4 look. Maybe the writer had been reading Tim’s posts.
    The group that comes to mind is the defensive interior of Vincent Taylor, Davon Godchaux, Raekwon McMillan and Jerome Baker. This group has the makings of a solid foundation of a base odd (3-4) front seven.

    Neither Taylor or Godchaux are potent penetration players who will create the kind of havoc expected from a 3-technique in an even front (think Fletcher Cox and Geno Atkins). Neither is a physically overwhelming player in the A-gap as a nose tackle, either. But if you tasked them with playing “4i” alignment and stuffing up blockers in the B-gap, suddenly you’re a stout nose tackle away from having a ton of run for your linebackers to run free.


  9. Rockphin says:

    wyoming85 says:
    April 10, 2019 at 12:06 pm
    The difference between a pig and a hog is????


    I have been busting Hoggy’s chops (LOL chops) for years now because he most definitely is NOT a pig. In the US a domestic pig is 120lbs or less. above 120lbs they are referred to as hogs. As Hoggy has not been south of 120 since before highschool…..

  10. Tim Knight says:

    Mike, I did not hear that about Oliver being a LB. Wouldn’t surprise me because of his athleticism though.

    • Mike E. says:

      Can’t remember where I read it, they were saying his frame is probably maxed out, and it may suit him better to shed some weight where he can use his power, athleticism and speed at LB.

  11. Rockphin says:

    stangerx says:
    April 10, 2019 at 10:46 am
    My only real hope on it is that they don’t do like an RB3 trade-up and put all our eggs in one basket. If gonna put that much capitol in the position — put it in two guys, even if turns out to be two firsts in a row.


    The RG3 trade was an egregious case of GM malpractice. But I like the spin you put on taking a first round QB two years in a row. While I am still adamently against taking a QB just to take one and then taking another in the first round again after only a year it does still sound better than trading away years of draft picks for “a chance”.

    • stangerx says:

      Whether in the first, a 2nd for Rosen or like Will Grier….. would just like us to have a young arm with a legit chance to be the guy on the roster this year. Seems would be a waste not to put the time into developing and kicking the tires on one.

      • Rockphin says:

        of if their ceiling is mediocre (as I believe Rosen’s is) it WOULD be better to not waste the draft capital.

        It will come down to the scout team’s evaluations…(The SAME scout team that has whiffed again and again the past decade)

  12. wyoming85 says:

  13. wyoming85 says:

    If your bored go here and read the comments!

  14. Rockphin says:

    Will the Cards really take Kyler Murray at #1? If they don’t, does he fall? Is Dwayne Haskins really set for a fall as some prognosticators are saying?

    I have read some articles that say if the Cards pass on Murray he may fall all the way to the bottom of the round. I’ve read that some teams have Haskins rated higher than him and that if the Cards pass then Haskins may be the first QB off the board.

    Then again, I have also read that many teams do not have Haskins rated that high and he may fall to the bottom of the 1st.

    This may be one of those “there is no consensus because they just aren’t that good” cases.

    Who do you listen to?

    • Mike E. says:

      Probably none of them, because my bet is 3 QB’s go top 15, Murray, Haskins and Lock, and then Jones goes before #25. We can revisit this quote on draft day. I’m pretty confident of this.

    • Tim Knight says:

      It’s going to be interesting that’s for sure. It should be a fun 1st round.

  15. Rockphin says:

    I keep hearing “if the Cards don’t pick Murray, he will NOT fall past Gruden at #4”

    Who says? There may be rumors about Gruden not liking Carr, but there is no guarantee that is true. He might take the BPA at 4 and go QB at 24.

  16. ocalarob says:

    Even though i like him, If Haskins is there at 13 i don’t think we take him, in fact i’m hoping he wont be there at 13 to allow a good defensive player to slide to us

    if you look at our situation i would think there is a process to gain the most from over a period of time. first of all i think if we do move off 13 it will most likely be back not up.

    i would assume this FO wants a very good draft selection in 2020. with that in mind…

    I think if we stay at 13 the most probable selection will be on the DL. or edge rusher.

    If you take that player it’s more than likely you will lose more games than taking the best OL at 13.

    taking a QB at 13 means he sits a year, we are not ready to expose our new QB anyway and it may take 3 years from now to start competing again,

    so now you have your new QB 3 years into his rookie contract, in the next year or so if he’s the franchise guy you will be paying him 30mil + per year.

    waiting on a QB puts that rookie contract on hold and when you finally decide on that guy you will have the option of allocating that money elsewhere.

    if we do stay at 13 the safe bet is along the DL

    • Mike E. says:

      Boooooooooooo! I had everything planned out. Haskins ready to go opening day 2020, we pick at #3, some team gives us a boatload of draft compensation, we get top DL, OL, and more! Oh happy day! LOL

      • ocalarob says:

        you never know….IMO if i had to bet, the odds are more favorable along the DL, it’s a very good possibility that Haskins won’t even be there at 13.

    • Tim Knight says:

      If you look at our roster, the biggest void is edge rusher. Charles Harris and newly acquired Jayrone Elliott are really the only ones who fit that role.

      • mf13ss says:

        But if we’re following BPA and Jonah Williams is still there, do ya bypass him just to fill a need at the DE position?

      • Tim Knight says:

        We don’t know if an Edge BPA will be there yet. If not we can address that in other rounds. There are other Edge rushers we could get in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Chase Winovich is an Edge I think would be a good fit.

  17. mf13ss says:

  18. Mike E. says:

    M – Doesn’t it matter who is available at #13? Montez Sweat or Rashan Gary are both graded higher than Jonah Williams. So is Ed Oliver.

    • mf13ss says:

      Brother, we don’t know how WE have these players graded on OUR board.

      • Mike E. says:

        Oh no doubt, but then again you were assuming that Jonah Williams is rated higher than any DE will that will be available, so . . .

  19. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    April 10, 2019 at 2:03 pm
    We don’t know if an Edge BPA will be there yet. If not we can address that in other rounds. There are other Edge rushers we could get in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Chase Winovich is an Edge I think would be a good fit.
    Agreed. I’m just reminding you that BPA will be our focus… not a positional need. It could very well turn out that our BPA meshes with DE.

  20. mf13ss says:

    Mike E. says:
    April 10, 2019 at 2:08 pm
    Oh no doubt, but then again you were assuming that Jonah Williams is rated higher than any DE will that will be available, so . . .
    I’m never “assuming” anything, man… especially when it comes to the Draft, where there could be a great many trade-ups/down.

    But I firmly believe we’re going to have our shot at a decent EDGE or Tackle by sitting @ R1P13. There are those EDGE players who I don’t like, and hope they go before we select.

    • mf13ss says:

      I’m not a fan of Gary or Burns… I don’t feel they fit or are effective enough for what we’re trying to do on Defense. JMO

      • Mike E. says:

        I gotcha – I’m hoping that Haskins falls to us, and of course we take him. I think it’s unlikely, but it would be great to get our QB, especially w/o having to use additional picks to get him.

  21. mf13ss says:

    Tim, Mike E, etc…

    THIS is how I see it…

    R1P13: BPA between DE Clelin Ferrell and OT Jonah Williams
    R2P16: BPA at the position we didn’t address in the 1st round between DE and OT

    I really feel we’re going to address both sides of the trenches EARLY.

    • mf13ss says:

      PS: I’m very alright with being completely wrong… just build a winner!

    • wyoming85 says:

      I feel that would be our best bet!
      Unless Oliver or someone slides???????

      Everything falling my way!
      I would go DE then OT!

      But we all know what happens when you roll the old bones!

    • Tim Knight says:

      QB is the only position I see throwing that off. So we could say first 3 rounds could be all three positions.

  22. wyoming85 says:

    Your Picks:
    Round 1 Pick 13: Jawaan Taylor, OT, Florida (A)
    Round 2 Pick 16: Zach Allen, DE, Boston College (B+)
    Round 3 Pick 14: Beau Benzschawel, OG, Wisconsin (A-)
    Round 4 Pick 14: Will Grier, QB, West Virginia (A+)
    Round 5 Pick 13: Lamont Gaillard, C, Georgia (A)
    Round 7 Pick 19: Olive Sagapolu, DT, Wisconsin (A)
    Round 7 Pick 20: Hunter Renfrow, WR, Clemson (A+)

  23. wyoming85 says:

    Where is Al Davis when you need someone to take a WR early???????

  24. stangerx says:

    My prediction is that we are gonna be big players in free agency this year. Hasn’t happened yet, but we have all that cap room and don’t see any way that a lot of our roster isn’t filled in post draft.

    So not like we will be buying the big ticket items in the window at 5th Ave stores, but our shopping cart might end up filled real high with Walmart bargains. Every cut that comes up, figure the roster will change a bunch.

  25. Mike E. says:

    Stanger – I agree. we’ll be picking up a bunch of cut players to help fill out the roster. There’s always salary cap casualties, some good older players that we’ll sign for a 1 or 2 year contract to fill some gaps. Some young ones too.

  26. Mike E. says:

    Tim – I wasn’t just talking about a WR with Chucky. I was thinking if the Cards pass on Murray, he might go for him. From what I’ve heard he was really working hard with Carr and probably feels like he can get him right, but you never know.

  27. Tim Knight says:

    I do expect some surprises on day one of the draft.

  28. mf13ss says:

    C’mon, guys! You’re all better than this! Do you really believe these rumors over the last several weeks?

    EVERY YEAR we see takers on these fake-azz stories! It’s SMOKE SEASON!

  29. wyoming85 says:

  30. The Flying Pig says:

    The turtle army is no joke guys

    I’ve seen it first hand

  31. My 2019 NFL Quarterback Mock:
    4. Oakland- Kyler Murray – ARZ lets the smoke die down on draft say but Chucky loves himself some Murray.
    10. Denver – Drew Lock – The one guy in the draft who reminds Elway of Elway and he can’t resist.
    11. Cincinnati – Daniel Jones – Why? Because Zac Taylor absolutely loved Ryan Tannehill.
    13. Miami – Dwayne Haskins – Chris Grier said he’s going to build a team the way he knows how to build a team and what he meant by that was you go and get your franchise quarterback and don’t look back.

  32. Tim Knight says:

    Lou, who do the Cardinals take #1 – Bosa or Williams?

    • My real answer, and it’s not to be a smart ass, is I don’t care who they take. It’s a tough call because Bosa had one good yr and one great yr and then one yr where he only played 3 games and basically quit on his team. Williams had one of the most dominating performances of any d lineman in college football since Donald.

  33. Tim Knight says:

    NEW: Dolphins summon three highly productive college linebackers to team headquarters in past 24 hours.

    This is from the MH, does anyone know who they are? My monthly free access is over and I don’t feel like clearing cache and cookies because I’m working on something and that would mess that up.

  34. Mike E. says:

    Screaming Takitaki would be fun. Just saying . . .

  35. Gee, is there any wr in this draft who has a more impressive highlight reel than Cody Thompson?

  36. Tim Knight says:

    From the SS.
    #Dolphins’ need for a top receiver just as dire as needs at quarterback, offensive and defensive lines

    I don’t agree with this at this time. I’d rather see what we have this year. Not saying don’t draft a WR but I don’t think we’ll draft one early. Our RBs and TEs could be much more involved in the passing game this year as well.

  37. naplesfan2010 says:

    Did you guys see that insane guy on espn(?) yelling how he thinks brian Flores will be coach of the year this year as he breaks 500 and might sneak into the playoffs?

    Quotes Kenyan Drake as saying he’d already run through a wall for the new HC.
    (I think there was a part in there about ‘if it’s not first down’ or something)

  38. Tim Knight says:

    Lou, what kind of offense do you think we’ll run based on our current personnel? Basically our strengths even though I know we still need to see how they all perform to get a better feel for this year.

    • I think we have the ability to go with a controlled passing game with a lot of short passes that allow for yac (not necessarily bubble screens) but I also think we’re going to have the ability to push it up the field more than we’ve seen in the past; despite what some may think about our o line.

      I think the run game is going to be a larger part of the offense than it was under Gase, the te’s will be used more in the passing game and so will the rb’s. So, IMO, it’s going to be quite diverse compared to what we’ve been used to seeing. Again, it’s only my opinion. But, that’s what I see happening.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I was asking for your opinion. LOL
        I agree. We have a lot of YAC personnel. The thing people are forgetting is we have multiple players who can take it 70+ yards to the house in a lot of ways.

  39. Randy says:

    Peter Shrager is a moron. Some of the shit he says is completely ridiculous. But, I think he likes the Dolphins.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I like him, he’s entertaining. He has fun with his opinions just like a fan does. But as a national reporter he shares intel. He does seem to like the Dolphins.

  40. Randy says:

    Boy, the Twins sure kicked the crap outta DeGrom and the Mets last night. I wonder if they can do it again? 😁

    • Tim Knight says:

      Yes they did. deGrom was 2-0 with a 0.00 ERA before last night. He was off and the Twins got him. The Mets pitching is not off to a good start overall, but they are the talent base. The Mets lineup is what has been impressive so far. If they can keep that up and the pitching gets on track, they’re going to win a good amount of games. Staying healthy always a concern.

  41. Tim,
    I don’t agree that we have a dire need at wr either and I agree that the Pats get it done without the a top guy and that is why I like guys like Zaccheaus and Thompson so much. Two guys who are quick AND fast and have that grit about them after the catch.

  42. mf13ss says:


    LOL, I stopped following baseball hardcore a long time ago. But for the Twins, I really loved Kirby Puckett, Kent Hrbek, and Frank Viola in their heyday.

  43. Steven Peoples LOOKS like a Miami Dolphins RB:

  44. The Flying Pig says:

    I’ve become nostalgic of the days when the draft had 12 rounds

    do you guys remember those days?

    Imagine what our mocks would be like today

    This year we can draft am entire offense and a kicker
    and next year an entire defense and a punter

    Would be cool

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      The only thing I would change is going for the punter with the offense instead of with the defense but otherwise I like it.

  45. Randy says:

    I know next to nothing about baseball. I just wanted to join in the Mets conversations that go on. Lol
    M13, yes Puckett did have some vision issues right before he died.

  46. Randy says:

    I do t think WR is a dire need, but I do think there are enough question marks in that group to where I wouldn’t question a high pick being spent on one. I wouldn’t, but I rarely like taking WRs high in the draft.

  47. Tim Knight says:

    We currently have 8 WRs on the roster with a good mix of size and speed. 5-6 make the team. If the Patriot way travels with us it’s going to be do your job when called on. I think we can compete with what we have. TE is going to be the position to watch. How do we use them?

  48. Randy says:

    Yeah, 12 rounds and they did it in two days. And, nobody really cared about it. Lol

    • Tim Knight says:

      I did back in the Dolphins Digest days. I also used The Sporting News and other annual draft papers. LOL

      It was probably 86/87 when I got into the draft when Kiper was the main draftnick.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I think they used to do it during the week to instead of weekends

      The draft has changed so much in the last 20 years
      I remember getting to the 2nd round and not recognizing names

      we were completely dependent on Mel Kiper assessments of anything after the 4th round

      I don’t even think some of the players knew they were drafted if you go back far enough

  49. Randy says:

    That was probably about when I started paying more attention to the draft too. I had a Dolphin Digest subscription. My wife hated it because it was really expensive. Bitched about it regularly. I paid to get it immediately, and it was spendy. That was probably early to mid 90s.

  50. Krishna says:

    Tim, I would correct you on “How do we use them?” I would suggest, will we use them? We haven’t used them as a weapon since…….I can’t even remember.

  51. Randy says:

    I can’t remember what it was, but I used to go buy a magazine every year before the draft that went over all the eligible guys. But, the information they gave was really limited. Mostly just stats, really. I think it was earlier in the week too. The only way you really knew anything about guys is if they were playing on TV. There was no video out there.

  52. Hey guys, what’s up, I’m feeling a little better especially since I saw Miami signed Ricardo Louis, one of Auburns best WR, and also took him from the damn browns, lol screw off brownies!

    Anyone remember the prayer at Jordan Hare? Fourth and 18, down by a point, 36 seconds left, Auburn at their own 25 yard line, and magic happens.

    At Miami Beach High School, he played a half dozen positions, at Auburn , WR, but he did a ton of end around runs, he has better than decent, but not world class elite speed,
    He catches everything, human butterfly net, even passes he shouldn’t be able too. 😎
    He was on IR last year with a neck injury, but hopefully he got past that.

    The prayer at Jordan Hare,,,,

  53. Pro Lou, Cody Thompson, looks legit,

    30 TD,s. Dayummm

    what round do You think He may go in?

  54. Krishna says:

    Great questions, Tim. about TEs. Again will we use them, go big, how often, seam threat, 3rd downs, etc. Will we ever use them as weapons again in my lifetime? I sure hope so.

  55. son of a son of a shula says:

    Hey Tannehill what’s a Tight End?

    Tannehill: I think they’re in the NFC East?!?

  56. This guy is the fastest WR in the NCAA, ran a 4.31 at the combine. Pariss Campbell. He’s probably a late first or early second rounder imo.

    He’s the second rated WR behind Metcalf

    He can blow the top off a defense before they know what’s up

  57. Tim Knight says:

    Tannehill is like heroin. Can’t get off it. LOL

  58. son of a son of a shula says:

    I think the TE is inherently schemed in –
    block block block go out for a pass
    Open up the middle send the TE in
    Put the TE on a Safety in the middle and hit your open wideout
    When the QB is so focused on one route play after play he misses obvious wins all over the field.

  59. Krishna says:

    I remember scheming the TE as part of the game plan against some teams. Can’t remember when we did that the last time. Decades maybe?

  60. son of a son of a shula says:

    Dan Marino A Football Life is on right now.
    Those were the days…

  61. son of a son of a shula says:

    Gee our old La Salle rAn great

  62. son of a son of a shula says:

    Adroit. That’s really it. The QB must be adroit in using his TE otherwise missed opportunities pile up.

  63. naplesfan2010 says:

    When we had Fasano the first time we also had a great seam splitting TE whose name evades me right at this moment and between those 2 and that 6’8 guy that year, we set a record for TE scores for the Dolphins.

  64. naplesfan2010 says:

    correct Toba … thanks
    I owe you a beer.

  65. son of a son of a shula says:

    Toba, glad you’re doing alright brother

  66. CavalierKong says:

    Damn, OD, Lightning lose the first game. Kind of a surprise, especially after going up 3-0 in the first.
    Blues down 1-0 going into the 3rd.

    • manitobafinfan says:

      You serious?? I watched 1st period and Bolts were storming and Columbus goalie looked like shit .. wow

      Jets Blues is gonna be a low scoring physical series.. nowhere near as much confidence in Jets going this year, but at least Laine is on the board .. Go jets !! 😊

      • CavalierKong says:

        Yeah, I think the Lightning let up once they got up big, then never started back up.

        Blues have been phenomenal the 2nd half of the season, but the Jets have more talent on offense. Binnington is the X factor though. He might be capable of winning this series for us.

        Go Blues!! 😀

      • CavalierKong says:

        I figured the Lightning would sweep. I wouldn’t be shocked if they win the next game by 6 goals.

    • manitobafinfan says:

      So a beer at the Fest is on the line then ?? 😊

      • CavalierKong says:

        If I ever make it to a fest, I’ll definitely buy you and your wife a beer regardless. How ’bout if the Jets take it, I’ll send you a 10 spot for you to buy a beer at the next fest.

        When I looked up the cost, it says bottled beer are $8 and draft is $11. Do they really sell bottled beer at Hard Rock?

      • manitobafinfan says:

        Yes the aluminum 20 oz cans

  67. manitobafinfan says:

    Once upon a time we did have some good ones … Ferrell Edmunds , Keith Jackson.. I am forgetting a REALLY good one just after Jackson .. I was early on the Clay Bus as well

  68. Trivia question,

    What Miami WR caught Touchdowns from all of these 4 quarterbacks.?

    Bob Griese, David Woodley, Don Strock, and Dan Marino

  69. manitobafinfan says:

    Crash Jensen ?

  70. This ones tougher,

    Which Miami TE caught TD,s from all of the above 4 quarterbacks?

  71. manitobafinfan says:

    Don johnson ??

  72. son of a son of a shula says:

    Mandich was gone before Woodley

  73. My favorite fins of all time were Dan Marino , Mark Clayton, Jarvis Landry, Jason Taylor, Larry Csonka , Tony Nathan, A j Duhe, John Olividatti

    Hard to argue with those , but I’m sure some would anyway, lmao. 😎

  74. naplesfan2010 says:

    That was a really good team with a lot of good players, and we played a fluid 3-4 base with lots of stunts.
    Fasano and David Martin at TE.

    We had Jake Long and Vernon Carey at OT and Justin Smiley at LG.Steady Samson Satele at C.
    We had Kendall Langford and Vonnie holiday at DE with Philip Smerling off the bench.
    We had Jason Ferguson, Randy Starks and Paul Soliai at DT. Plus 2 more good rotational guys.

    We had Lousaka Polite at FB and Ronnie and Ricky at RB.
    Ted Ginn, Davone Bess, and my hero Greg Camarillo at WR.

    Akin Ayodele and Channing Crowder and Rob Ninkovich and Matt Roth and Joey Porter at LB.

    Will Allen and Renaldo Hill and Chris Crocker and Yeremiah Bell as DBs.

    Capenter and Fields as K and P
    and the great John DENNEY at LS.

  75. manitobafinfan says:

    Cav: I have learned not to put too much stock into game one winners , especially if it’s the road team .. most times it’s an anomaly

  76. manitobafinfan says:


  77. Miamis best offense ever, 1984

    Dan Marino, Mark Clayton, Mark Duper, Nat Moore ! don Johnson
    Woody Bennet, Tony Nathan,

    Ol, left to right
    John Giesler, Roy Foster, Dwight Stephenson, Ed Newman, Cleveland Green

  78. CavalierKong says:

    LOL, slow your roll there, buddy. Gotta get through game 1 to start. And as I type it, BOOYOW. 2-1 Blues!

  79. manitobafinfan says:

    Wow what a save on Scheiffle

  80. manitobafinfan says:

    Next one will be nasty from the looks of it .. Jets have to relearn how to close out a game .. was a good game though.. I’d say good luck in game 2 , but I really wouldn’t mean it 😊

  81. I’m reading some of the worst takes I’ve read yet on Twitter regarding this rebuild. Bad enough that Armando started with the tanking bullshit but some of these people are absolutely batshit crazy with this stuff.

    1. We are accumulating 2020 resources to put ourselves in a better position to get a qb.

    Yeah, right. We’re accumulating 2020 resources on purpose. NOT. We’re accumulating 2020 resources because that’s all we’re being offered in a trade. It’s not like we’re being offered 2019 picks in these trades and saying “no thanks, could we have one of your 2020 picks instead”
    What a ridiculous concept.

    Secondly, when did the rule come into play that we couldn’t use any of those 2020 picks to move up some this year? Huh? We’re looking at the possibility of getting two comps next yr so, with that, they could be thinking they have at least two picks they can sacrifice for this year.

    2. “They’re ensuring they’re in the best position to get a qb next yr, hence the reason they’re not building the team to the best of their ability”

    How stupid is that comment. What GM or combination of people we’ve got in the front office would risk putting off the start of a rebuild and think to themselves they are THAT good that they could overcome having a complete shit team? Nobody is going to put themselves into that position and not try and make their team as competitive as possible at every opportunity. Does anyone think that the guys they just signed from the AAF were just signed on a whim? That they don’t think these guys can come in and possibly contribute, even if it’s giving the team solid depth at positions?

    Just had to share this stuff. It’s getting more and more ridiculous

  82. Here’s one more: “they’re waiting until 2020 because the qb class is better”

    Really? Because I don’t know anyone who has a crystal ball. If we take a look at a guy like Mariota when he was with Oregon and his time there with his comp% and the td’s he threw and the minimal ints he threw he looked like he was going to be a really good one at the next level. Moved well to escape pressure, had the ability to pick up 1st downs or td’s with his legs.

    Then you have Gabber at Mizzou. Another guy who looked really good throwing the ball and using his legs. How about Weeden at Okla St? I remember people thinking Locker was going to be a really good one.

    NOBODY can say which qb’s will be good at the next level or what qb class will be better than another. It’s boom or bust. Roll the dice.

  83. ocalarob says:

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    April 11, 2019 at 4:49 am

    How stupid is that comment. What GM or combination of people we’ve got in the front office would risk putting off the start of a rebuild and think to themselves they are THAT good that they could overcome having a complete shit team? Nobody is going to put themselves into that position and not try and make their team as competitive as possible at every opportunity

    when you are trying to rebuild and have what we have, there are a lot of pieces missing, the way to get the high quality pieces that we are missing is thru quality draft picks which mean we have to lose.

    I’m sure when this FO goes thru the draft they are going to pick the best player they can however different positions equate to having a better shot at winning.

    say if we pick up the best RT at 13 and get a good LG with our backs and rec there’s a good chance we win more games than say drafting an edge rusher or a DT.

    put together our OL from there we’re likely to lose more games under that scenario.

    we need edge rushers and DTs so filling that void first seems the right way to go.

    this team and it’s coaches will not tank as they have to protect their brand however i would think the GM and owner are tanking in that respect.

  84. ocalarob says:

    son of a son of a shula says:
    April 10, 2019 at 10:05 pm
    Larry Csonka for me. Manny Fernandez second then all those guys.

    I met Csonka in 1970 i believe, I played little league at west hollywood optimist, he was there and he signed a base ball for me, i didn’t even know who the hell he was????

  85. ocalarob says:

    From my understanding this new coach will deploy a FB…looking at Wisconsin running back/fullback Alec Ingold which is great news. we need a bell cow to pick up the 3rd and short plays also a guy who can catch similar to how the pats use their FB. i forgot his name???

  86. Mike E. says:

    Lou – I totally agree with you on your take of the plan to take a QB in 2020. Too many variables get in the way of making that work, can’t plan it.

  87. steveccnv says:

    If memory serves me correctly, Nickovich never played for us. He played great in preseason for us one year, but didnt make the final 53. This board was on fire when he got cut.

  88. steveccnv says:

    I bet we win 5 games. I think all the tanking talk is wishful thinking by some, so we’re better situated for the 2020 draft. Unless the tanking comes from Ross, it ain’t happening.

  89. steveccnv says:

    I sure would like to see Murray drafted by us, he’s the real deal. If it does happen I say we win 8.

  90. D says:

    Any time you rebuild, and Ross knows this from a business perspective, you rebuild by laying the foundation first. Thats why i completely believe we not trade back unless we just dont think there is a building block guy still available. I dont think building block has to me a DL or an OL or a QB, i mean it could, but whomever we take this year we wont be looking to get multiple picks as much as we need an anchor to help build around.

    That said, the biggest anchor position on a team is the QB, so i fully expect it to be a very high consideration for pick 13, i just am not sure we even get a shot at one since there are several other teams that really need to rebuild on offense as well. I guess we will see when the draft rolls around, but i think the idea of waiting for another year just doesn’t make sense when the clock is ticking on the rebuild. I know we have no pressure to compete this year but we do need to get started getting to that point. 5 years will pass by fast and by year 3 if there are significant strides being made, guarantees or not, i promise you it wont be good for Flores.

  91. D says:

    I think we wont force the pick, but i dont think we pass on it for “next year” there is just too much at stake to leave that position up to a “if”, and there are a lot of if’s when planning out a draft pick that far int he future.

  92. D says:

    Lou this is how i see it. We are accumulating picks in 2020 because thats going to be the fill out the roster with our people year. I think this is a foundation year, center pieces, and 2020 is going to be a flesh out and stock the shelves year. In business terms, lay the foundation and processes, and then stock the shelves.

    • Mike E. says:

      I think we may have been offered a RD later this year in the deals we made but chose the earlier round in next years draft because we have so much building to do, and it all can’t be accomplished in one draft.

  93. D says:

    son of a son of a shula says:
    April 10, 2019 at 9:53 pm

    Ooh McMichael I was thinking McDaniel and knew it didn’t sound right
    I think we had a McDaniel too but he was a DT i think.

  94. D says:

    Randy McMichael was my favorite dolphins TE, but i think Kieth Jackson might have been our best. Crash Jensen lined up at TE some too, but then again, where didnt he line up.

    • Mike E. says:

      I liked McMike, I also liked Ferrell Edmunds, and I wouldn’t have minded if we took his son last year instead of Minkah, but I’m good with Minkah now. At the time, I really wanted Tremaine. Troy Drayton was pretty good too, but not here long enough.

  95. D says:

    We also cant even count on those guys being available in 202. They can choose to go back to school. Hebert went back this year even though he was projected to be the first QB taken, so its not a given they will leave. There are the chance someone gets broken in 25 pieces and spends a hear needing to be put back together. There is a chance they get an injury and never play again. There are a LOT of things that can go wrong and screw up projections more than a year out. Its just foolish not to take bird in the hand, thats a recipe for failure and extending failure.

  96. bailbondmike says:

    BBM Trady Pants. No relation to Rockphin Trady Pants. LOL

    Your Picks:
    Round 1 Pick 26 (IND): Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson (A)
    Round 2 Pick 2 (IND): Yodny Cajuste, OT, West Virginia (B-)
    Round 2 Pick 22 (HOU): Chase Winovich, DE, Michigan (B+)
    Round 3 Pick 14: Beau Benzschawel, OG, Wisconsin (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 25 (IND): Anthony Nelson, DE, Iowa (B+)
    Round 4 Pick 14: Saivion Smith, CB, Alabama (A+)
    Round 5 Pick 13: Dru Samia, OG, Oklahoma (A+)
    Round 5 Pick 23 (HOU): Gardner Minshew II, QB, Washington St. (B-)
    Round 6 Pick 22 (HOU): Mitch Hyatt, OT, Clemson (A+)
    Round 7 Pick 19: Cody Barton, OLB, Utah (A+)
    Round 7 Pick 20: Hunter Renfrow, WR, Clemson (A+)

  97. mf13ss says:

  98. stangerx says:

    “this team and it’s coaches will not tank as they have to protect their brand however i would think the GM and owner are tanking in that respect.”

    Think ORob nailed it as far as “tanking” there. The coaches and players will try to win every single game on the field. But then there is who is on the field. If less than who we could have put out…. guess you can call that tanking. But the front office will call it rebuilding.

    • D says:

      I dont see it that way, like at QB they didnt have to get Ryan Fitzpatrick, they have a much better chance of being non-competitive if they just rolled out there with Falk. They let high priced vets go, a sign of a rebuild but not tanking, Wake didnt fit the multiple philosophy, neither did Quinn or Branch. They also set up next year to have a lot of cap space so they can get their guys then. I dont see this anywhere near a “tank” they cleaned the closet, and started re-organizing, if they wanted to tank they would have just said fuck it, and sold off everything and then put nothing but scrubs out there. Tanking is deliberate, and anything not deliberate to lose games wouldnt be tanking. I dont even agree with the “well they are putting themselves in position to lose”, the only thing i see is they are accepting this isnt a year to make a push for post season and superbowl, but tanking, i cant see it.

      • stangerx says:

        Very fine lines here. For sure they are not trying to tank in a “Major League” kind of way, but maybe the flip side of not maxing out your roster for a given season as you rebuild is that you don’t put out the best team you could. And maybe you think more about 2021 than 2019 when it comes to roster moves.

      • CavalierKong says:

        Completely agree, D.

      • CavalierKong says:

        This idea that the FO might look at a DT or an OL in the draft this year and say “well we need both, but if we pick the OL guy this year we might win more games, so we’ll pick the DT instead” is way off base IMO.

  99. mf13ss says:

    The way I see it? 2 of the last 3 so-called ‘rebuilds’ we’ve had (Sparano, Philbin, and Gase), we landed a Wildcard berth in year one… Philbin being the obvious one who didn’t accomplish as much.

    Quite honestly, if we address the O-Line sufficiently this year, Ryan Fitzpatrick is no joke and he has the weapons around him to win shootouts… unlike Tannehill before him.

    Additionally (and with a real DC now, unlike Matt Burke), we’ve got playmakers on our Defense. Get an explosive pass-rusher on Defense, and we could be scary on that side of the ball.

    Whatever Vegas is predicting for us, take the OVER.

  100. Randy says:

    They had to TD some veteran QB to put in that room. I’m not saying that’s why they got Fitz. But, I think, with his intelligence and experience, they may have been looking at his impact in the QB room more than his impact on wins and losses.

  101. wyoming85 says:

  102. Randy says:

    It’s not about tanking. It’s about making decisions for long term success not immediate wins. There are plenty of ways you do that. Of course coaches and players are still working and planning to win games each week. But, that doesn’t mean decisions can’t still be made that are focused on long term success and building a team that is capable of sustained excellence…not immediate gratification.

    • CavalierKong says:

      Well put. I wrote a long exposition I was going to post, but yours says pretty much the same thing and is much more succinct.

    • CavalierKong says:

      As fans, we’ve complained for years about doing half-assed resets and rebuilds, and now that the team appears to want to do it the right way, we and the media are calling it tanking.

  103. wyoming85 says:

    Personally I would have been just fine going with Falk or the new QB!
    Shore up the trenches, then see who stands up to meet the challenge, or lays down on you!

    Replace accordingly each year!

    • Tim Knight says:

      That’s what I think this year is also about. The new staff will see who fits and who doesn’t moving forward as they add players they feel are good fits.

    • Mike E. says:

      I said that from the start, I was fine with Falk, Rudock and whatever QB we draft competing this year. They went out and signed Fitz, which they definitely didn’t have to do.

  104. Randy says:

    I usually post during my lunch hour. I got no choice but to keep it short. Lol

  105. stangerx says:

    Tanking is at least a word that gets people going. For me at least, will only really come up if the Q is how hard are we trying to win games towards the end of the season if a high draft choice for say Tua is involved. Not like some on this board weren’t on the Suck for Luck train some years ago.

    • Mike E. says:

      Like a few have already mentioned, when the Colts tanked they threw out Curtis Painter as the QB. We went out and got Fitz, so you have to at least give them that much.

      • steveccnv says:

        My issue with the Colts tanking, was once they were secure in the spot to draft 1st overall they started playing lights out.

      • stangerx says:

        You know my best hope is that Fitz is there to mentor our new young arm. But if it ever comes to it….. am sure something will be there where we can put him on IR and trot out Davon Godchaux or Quentin Poling as the best QB available. 🙂

  106. ocalarob says:

    The players and coaches will do everything in their power to win, for them there’s no such thing as tanking.

  107. Tim Knight says:

  108. wyoming85 says:

    Too bad we don’t need a safety!

  109. Mike E. says:

    Wyo – Harmony? What’s that?

  110. Rockphin says:

    and the great John DENNEY at LS.

    CURSE YOU!!!!!

  111. Rockphin says:

    Mike E. says:
    April 11, 2019 at 8:29 am
    Lou – I totally agree with you

    this just proves you need a time out.

  112. Mike E. says:

    Damn Wyo – I should have got that. Too literal sometimes.

  113. Rockphin says:

    bailbondmike says:
    April 11, 2019 at 11:11 am
    BBM Trady Pants. No relation to Rockphin Trady Pants. LOL

    NICE draft BBM! I like that you resisted the urge to take a bust QB just because you are jonesing. (looking at you MikeE) LOL

  114. wyoming85 says:

  115. Rockphin says:

    Fuck tank for Tua. (Shrimp)

    Suck for the Duck!

    Herbert is the QB I want

  116. D,
    Again, we’re not accumulating 2020 picks on purpose. We’re accumulating 2020 picks because that’s what’s being offered. I’m pretty sure that if we were being offered 2019 picks they wouldn’t be turning them down and telling teams they want 2020 picks instead.

    • Tim Knight says:

      That’s probably true but it’s not so bad to build up draft capital for next year. The coaching staff will know the team better in 2020 after having a season together and they’ll have a better idea of which positions they want to target next year.

    • D says:

      Maybe, i guess it could be that way, but i bet if they wanted to, they could have taken a lower round pick this year instead. I guess we will just have to go with our own opinions on this because neither of us can know for sure.

  117. D says:

    D says:
    April 11, 2019 at 3:40 pm

    wyoming85 says:
    April 11, 2019 at 2:35 pm

    It’s a misspelled name!
    its a stripper name

  118. wyoming85 says:

  119. Mike E. says:

    Lou – I think if they had the choice of a 5th RD pick this year or a 4th next year, they took the 4th. I would. We’re in no rush, and next year, that 4th will be worth more than the 5th we would have gotten this year.

    • I don’t see the logic in that statement; especially the part about being in no rush. Yes, we are rebuilding the team. We got rid of some bad contracts and some players who had no future with the team and also didn’t have much of an impact on the team’s ability to win games.

      Nobody knows what these guys have in mind as far as what this rebuild is going to look like and how fast it’s going to get done. I’ll bet that, by the time the season rolls around, a lot of people are going to be extremely surprised with what this team’s roster looks like and by the end of the season a lot of people are going to be surprised by how competitive this team was.

      Not much is expected of this team this year but there’s a lot of time between now and the beginning of the season. The roster is nowhere near what it’s going to look like for game 1. Between the draft, free agency, undrafted free agents and cuts after the draft and during camp this team is going to have a whole new look and that doesn’t mean it’s going to look like shit.

      I took a look at the free agents who were signed so far. Go look at them on Sportrac. Most of them are the same old, same old. A lot of them have done little but they’re being scoffed up by teams because they have experience even though that experience hasn’t amounted to much.

      So, I’m not buying that we’re taking our time. I’m looking at a group of guys in a front office making some calculated moves to put together a roster that’s going to surprise just about everyone.

  120. Phindog says:

    weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

  121. I’m sorry but the people in the Phins front office are working their asses off right now looking at all the prospects; free agents, draft prospects, etc and it’s just something to see people trying to undersell what they’re doing and say things like “they’re in no hurry”.

    It just conjures up an image of a bunch of guys sitting around shooting the shit instead of being hard at work trying to assemble a team with the best players they can and, even if they don’t look like it, it’s guys they believe can contribute and players they feel they can make something out of.

    No disrespect Mike. It’s just that a lot of fans I’ve talked to have this idea that the brass doesn’t give a shit about this season. How do you evaluate your talent at the end of the season? How do you evaluate the coaching staff? How do evaluate yourselves and the job you did bringing in talent from different areas; how effective your process was?

    You just can’t do it if you’re not all in all the time? Nobody has the luxury of just saying, “well, we’re not really worried about trying to accomplish too much this season”. That just boggles the mind. This year will go a long way to giving them a base to work with. It’s a starting point. You can’t just blow this year off and then think you can just flick a switch in 2020 and come out like hellfire.

    This stuff about next year’s draft is just ridiculous. They don’t know who they are going to have a shot at in any of those rounds. I would love to see someone who thinks this team is “all in on 2020” sit in a room with these guys and talk like they’ve been about this season being a tank season and going for it in 2020 and have them look at that person like they have 3 heads.

    • D says:

      Lou, Overall i agree with you, but i also think you are reading too much into what Mike said, he isnt saying they arent trying to win, he was saying they arent setting the bar of success at any sort of win total. Winning will not be the primary objective, getting a solid foundation and solid start to the roster will take precedence. I completely agree with that, they arent game planning to lose, they are game planning to win, ut they arent going to be arguing over wins and losses as much as they are on execution and failing to execute so they can fix those issues.

  122. ocalarob says:

    I bet there will be some surprises…let’s see… we may be better at the QB position then last year…we should definitely be better at the coaching level and we will have a lot of hungry guys trying to make a name for themselves. we may be a better team than we were last year.

  123. ElephantRider says:

    I’m with M

    Take the over

  124. mf13ss says:

  125. Mike E. says:

    Lou – It’s all about compensation. Nowhere did I say we’re not trying this year, just that if they had the option to get a better RD in next year’s draft they took it. Let’s be honest, neither of us know or ever will know what was offered, so it’s all just speculation. This is not a one year project, it’s probably 2-3 at a minimum, and that has no bearing on what we’re trying to accomplish this season.

    • don’t get me wrong Mike. Like I said, no disrespect to you. I’m just getting sick of the hot takes about how this thing is going to go down. However, my opinion is that when you look at what we’ve got now at the top of the organization in terms of talent and you look at the coaching staff we’ve assembled I just don’t believe these guys are going to settle for anything less than being the best team they can be this year; whether people believe it or not.

      People are looking at what was let go and what they’ve brought in to this point and just have a ridiculous view of things in thinking these guys aren’t bringing in talent; that they’re just filling the roster with shit so they can lose games on purpose in order to be stacked with high picks in 2020.

    • Mike E. says:

      I apply the same logic to us trading back and taking DT Jeffery Simmons. He won’t help us a lick this season, but he could be great for us next year and 4 or more after that. I would do that if we traded back, it would be a smart pick. Not because we’re tanking but because he would help our team in the future.

      • I’d be fine with that. I love Simmons.

      • Mike E. says:

        OK, so I wouldn’t be taking Simmons because he won’t be playing this year, I’d take him because he’ll help us next year and beyond. I’d hope that getting a better pick in RD 4 next year would be better than what we’d get in RD 5 this year. That’s all I’m saying Lou. We don’t have to agree on it, just my thinking.

  126. D says:

    So we for sure are looking for another quality RB, i think that makes drafting one in a late day 2 early day 3 a possibility, if we dont get a vet before then.

  127. Randy says:

    I don’t know if we’ll have better QB play, but I’m pretty sure we’ll see fewer sacks this season than we’ve seen in a long time….maybe other than 2017 when Cutler was here.

  128. Here’s my guy. Probably goes undrafted but he just LOOKS like a Miami Dolphins running back:

  129. Tim Knight says:

    D, that’s why the Ravens waived Alex Collins.

  130. Randy says:

    Fitz has only played 16 games 3 times in his 15 year career.

  131. Did anyone else notice we only have 3 qb’s on the roster?

  132. Randy says:

    What does a Miami Dolphins RB look like? Lol

    • tough, built like a brick shithouse. lol. I remember the good old days when we had running backs. not guys like Daniel Thomas. I like Drake but even he isn’t a guy who is a full-time running back.

      I like the guy who can punish defenders and wear down a defense late in the game.

  133. stangerx says:

    Didn’t catch which one it was, but on QAM when was going to Publix they were talking about some pre-draft power ranking that had the Phins at #32. Seems at that point worst you can do is meet expectations. Am guessing we end up better than that though.

    Would actually prefer say 6-7 wins as a sign that Flores and crew have it going on.

  134. wyoming85 says:


  135. Randy says:

    I really do t care how many wins we get next year. If actually prefer fewer wins to get a better draft pick. I won’t root for losses, but they won’t bug me this year. As long as we can see progress being made I want high draft picks. Don’t kid yourself, they matter. Cleveland wouldn’t be where they are right now with a decade of mid round picks.

    • High draft picks don’t guarantee anything. CLE had high draft picks and multiple high draft picks for about a decade. It’s coaching and talent evaluation. You bring in the guys who can help your team and the coaches have to be the best at their jobs.

  136. Randy says:

    Nah, that’s just something people say. The stats show that the higher the draft pick, the better players you get. It’s not an absolute, but it is the way it works. Of course coaching and talent evaluation matter but so does drafting better players, which usually happens with higher picks.

  137. Randy says:

    For instance, no amount of coaching in the world would make Tannehill a better QB then Peyton Manning. Manning is just more talented, and he was drafted first overall because he was more talented than anybody else.

    • what’s your point? take a look at the number of first rd quarterbacks who weren’t as talented at Manning. the first rd is littered with guys at the qb position that just absolutely SUCKED. yet, they were taken in the first rd because GM’s had a hard on for them.

      Where a guy is picked doesn’t matter. We have a tendency of keeping about 20 to 25 udfa’s on our 53 man roster. That’s right. Undrafted free agents. There’s guys who were picked in the draft that didn’t make the rosters of other teams but there’s undrafted free agents who did.

  138. Randy says:

    Yes, of course there are players who don’t pan out….and that goes for every round. But, there are plenty who do, and most NFL rosters are about 60-70% 1-3 round picks. So, if it doesn’t matter, why aren’t there just as many 4-7th rounders? It matters, but it isn’t the only thing that matters. I’ll still take a number one pick over a 20th any day.

  139. Randy says:

    You said it was more about coaching. I simply pointed out that the better players are simply better and no amount of coaching is gonna make an average player as good as a really talented player. And those players are usually higher draft picks. You’re talking about exceptions…not the rule.
    And I’m okay with us having a difference of opinion. I want the most talented players I can get. You have a different take. That’s cool.

    • here’s some top performers from the Pats D in 2018:
      Kyle Van Noy – Rd 2 and he didn’t pan out w/the team that drafted him
      Duron Harmon- Rd 3
      Lawrence Guy – Rd 7
      J C Jackson – Undrafted
      Deatrich Wise – Rd 4
      Malcolm Brown – Rd 1
      Keion Crossen – Rd 7
      Elandon Roberts – Rd 6
      Jason McCourty – Rd 6
      Jonathan Jones – Undrafted
      Trey Flowers – Rd 4
      Devin McCourty, Chung, Hightower and Gilmore were all 1st rd picks. But, the majority of the players on the Pats D that shut down the high powered Rams O in the SB weren’t taken anywhere near the 1st rd.

      Which is actually great for us, if you think about it.

  140. stangerx says:

    Randy — obviously Peyton Manning is about as good as it gets. So maybe the talent egg heads got that right, but think about who was drafted in the spot right after him. The big Q before that draft was who would go first.

  141. Randy says:

    My point was about coaching. lou said coaching is more important. Coaching wasn’t gonna make Tannehill or Fitzpatrick or Henne….better than Manning. Manning was just better. That post was more about coaching than draft position. It just so happened that Peyton was the first pick too…but it was more about coaching impact.
    The older I get, the quicker these sorts of conversations make me wanna go take a nap. Lol

    • stangerx says:

      Guess was folding into your comment about about how Cleveland wouldn’t be where it was without the high picks. But for sure, some players are just better than others. ‘Tis a draft coming up though…… and see that as a crap shoot.

  142. Randy says:

    I do think Cleveland is where it is right now, in part, because of all the high draft picks they’ve had to build a roster with. I don’t think it’s the only reason, of course, but it did help them get a lot of good players they wouldn’t have if they’d been picking in the 20s that whole time. Could they be in the exact same spot with mid round picks? Sure, it’s possible…but I doubt it. That’s us! Lol

    • yeah, and CLE had those picks for about a decade and they FINALLY are starting to look good. why, because a lot of those high draft picks didn’t pan out and it took them a while to get better talent in and they finally look like they might have a head coach.

      coaching doesn’t matter but look at what CLE did w/Jackson and what they did after he left. they were 2-5-1 with Jackson and you’re going to tell me coaching doesn’t matter.

  143. Randy says:

    If I gave you the choice of having the first pick or the 20th pick in a draft, which would you take? And why? For me, I’d take the first pick every single time. Because it gives me a better chance of getting a better player AND the guy I actually want. Might I blow it and take a guy who sucks? Sure. But, I’ll take my chances with that not happening the higher I pick.

  144. Randy says:

    Lol. Touché! I actually could see the logic in a trade back in the first year of a rebuild.

    • stangerx says:

      And I am with the professor on this one, especially this year. But then I’d trade back every year and get as many top three round picks as I could….. and trade for future ones as well. Coaches on the hot seat out there every year.

  145. Randy says:

    I never said coaching doesn’t matter. In fact, i said it all matters. I don’t like to talk in absolutes. They’re rarely true in sports. But, do you think drafting Mayfield with the #1 pick may also have something to do with it? Is that even possible? Was it simply and solely because of the coaching he received or possibly because he was a better player?

    • they were 2-5-1 with Jackson. if Jackson were still there they never would have done as well.

    • it’s the bad teams with bad coaches who need to have the star players on their team. the better coaches get it done without all the star players. again, look at what Brian Flores did with his defense with the guys he had to work with that were mid, late rd picks or even undrafted. and all those guys contributed a lot to the defense.

      all I know is we’ve got a good one.

  146. wyoming85 says:

    Your Picks:
    Round 1 Pick 19 (TENN): Kaleb McGary, OT, Washington (B)
    Round 2 Pick 16: Zach Allen, DE, Boston College (B+)
    Round 2 Pick 19 (TENN): Elgton Jenkins, OG/C, Miss. State (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 14: Beau Benzschawel, OG, Wisconsin (A-)
    Round 4 Pick 14: Renell Wren, DT, Arizona St. (A+)
    Round 5 Pick 13: Tyree Jackson, QB, Buffalo (A+)
    Round 7 Pick 19: Hunter Renfrow, WR, Clemson (A+)
    Round 7 Pick 20: Andrew Van Ginkel, OLB, Wisconsin (A+)

  147. Tim Knight says:

    A lot of the players that CLE has that has everyone excited they did not draft. I feel bad for Joe Thomas though, the franchise he was loyal to for many years were a few years late in getting things on the right track.

  148. Randy says:

    Name me a team in the last couple decades who wins a championship without star players?

  149. Tim Knight says:

    Randy, of course the odds are higher for success with earlier draft picks. I think the biggest issue with a lot of teams who never win anything is they can pick players, even very good ones, but they don’t build good “teams”.

  150. I’m calling it now. Sione Takitaki to the Phins unless someone else takes him before us. Don’t know what rd, whether it’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th but we’re taking him. Guarantee it.

  151. Randy says:

    The Pats have Brady….possibly the biggest star in the league. And, that wasn’t about draft position but coaching. Even one of the greatest coaches of all time hasn’t won championships without a star player. Nobody….even bellicheat….wins championships without star players. In 2008, without Brady, they won 11 games but didn’t even make the playoffs.

  152. Tim Knight says:

    Lou, the thing I like about Flores and some of the defensive staff he brought in is they’ve all coached the same defense together – Graham and Boyer. So right off the bat there is no disconnect. Even his OC came over with him from NE. That could be the difference this time around as opposed to first time coaches having to find guys they know or know of, but they haven’t worked much together.

    Maybe we’re not a top defense this year but what I want to see is less communication breakdowns. That was a major issue under Joseph and Burke. We had some good talent but they were always confused and still didn’t have call in when the ball was snapped. The result were guys running in the open field untouched for big gains.

    • agreed. but I also will go one further and say these guys are also a lot smarter. but I think we’re also going to see a lot more coaching going on during the game on the sidelines. position coaches going over things with their guys, offensive coordinator going over plays with the qb. stuff we’re just not used to seeing.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Jim Caldwell was a great outside hire for Flores. He’s a long time QB coach with HC experience and successful offenses. He’s going to be good for O’Shea as well.

      • definitely, and most people are discounting all that. it’s like they’re stuck in the past and just can’t get over it. those days are gone. this is a completely different franchise.

        if this were Tannenbaum with Grier and Gase and his staff reworking this team right now under the same circumstances I’d say what difference does it make but we’re not looking at anywhere near the same thing.

        We’ve got the guys who can get it done.

  153. naplesfan2010 says:

    Yeah but Lou …
    According to your listing above,
    The Pats had almost HALF their starting Defense as First Round draft picks.
    Devin McCourty, Chung, Hightower, Gilmore, and Malcolm Brown.
    That’s 3 DBs and the 4th is a twin of one of the first rounders. !!!
    a LB and that Big DT (I won’t use the term NT which seems to offend so many on this blog.)

    That is a lot of talent. Throw in a Round 2 guy Van Noy. Any team would love to have such a base of high draft picks. They’ll make those mid and late round diamonds in the rough look better.

    We had 2? plus 2 round 2s? i forget where Kiko was taken. And throw in Harris the bust.

    So if we had had a DC that knew what to do we might’ve had a chance.

  154. naplesfan2010 says:

    Sorry about not knowing that the former Ravens RB got popped for intent to distribute.
    I doubt he was. He just probably had a newly bought stash big enought to get him through tthe off season without needing to score again, since buying weed is dangerous. LOL not funny though

    The idiot fell asleep in his car. Sheesh. The “friend” walked home and left him there. Some friend.

  155. Rockphin says:

    Randy, where does Brady fall in your equation? Was he great at Michigan?

  156. Tim Knight says:

    Wouldn’t it be something if the Brazilian guy Durval Queiroz Neto becomes a physical beast at NT/DT for us. Not a pro bowl or all-pro but a quality cog in the defense. That would be cool! LOL

  157. mf13ss says:

    Mike E, Ken, Pig, and other Star Wars fans…

    I have it on very good authority that both the ‘title drop’ and the first teaser trailer for ‘Episode IX’ will be revealed tomorrow!

    Let’s hope that JJ Abrams can rectify the mess that Rian Johnson left him.

    CAN’T WAIT!!!

  158. Tim Knight says:

    We have 15 DBs on this team, is that really where we go early in this draft? Man… I hope not. Let that group compete for 10/11 on the 53.

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      I agree.
      BPA must be tempered with common sense.

      We don’t need a TE, K, P, or LS in the first round either.
      And I would add we don’t need a WR or LB either, but that’s JMHO.

      We need a DE or DT or edge rusher or OT in the first round
      and the others in the second and third.

      Then add OG and RB in the 4th and 5th, because you can still get good ones that late.

  159. ElephantRider says:

    Teams are perenniall contenders and pick late in the draft. The only difference is they have their QB. Get your QB and you suddenly dont have to pick top 10.

  160. Mike E. says:

    ER – Get the right QB, and the right HC, and you’re on your way

  161. Mike E. says:

    M – Looking forward to it!

  162. Mike E. says:

    TAKI TAKI !!!!

  163. Mike E. says:

    Tim – It would neat-o if Neto was a good player for us

  164. Rockphin says:

    The Dolphins brought Hawaii linebacker Jahlani Tavai to team headquarters this week, as first reported by ESPN’s Jordan Schultz.

    Here’s at least the fourth college linebacker summoned to Dolphins headquarters in the past three days, joining BYU’s Sione Takitaki, Maryland’s Tre Watson and Idaho’s Kaden Elliss. All four count among the team’s “30” visits, which are never announced by the team.

  165. wyoming85 says:

  166. wyoming85 says:

    That’s pretty impressive?

  167. wyoming85 says:

  168. wyoming85 says:

  169. mf13ss says:

    • D says:

      I usually add him as a later round OL prospect when i do mocks. He seems to be a pretty decent player with potential.

  170. D says:

    That’s pretty impressive?

    Kristin Cavallari says Jay Cutler unclogged her milk ducts by “sucking harder than he’s ever sucked”

    — Jezebel (@Jezebel) April 12, 2019
    Surprised he didnt take the nipple clean off the tit.

  171. D says:

    mf13ss says:
    April 11, 2019 at 8:55 pm

    Mike E, Ken, Pig, and other Star Wars fans…

    I have it on very good authority that both the ‘title drop’ and the first teaser trailer for ‘Episode IX’ will be revealed tomorrow!

    Let’s hope that JJ Abrams can rectify the mess that Rian Johnson left him.

    CAN’T WAIT!!!
    Ya mean the political agenda they masquraded as the previous installment of the series?

  172. wyoming85 says:

  173. wyoming85 says:

    7-11 to Son’s Newtons!

  174. mf13ss says:


    To be clear, I was upset with the political agenda, the gender agenda, story lines that were totally irrelevant, lack of character development, who was/is Snoke, who are Rey’s parents, Luke needlessly dying at the end, Luke drinking green milk straight from the alien’s breast, goofy sideshow BS, out of place comedy, a lack of continuity from “The Force Awakens’, where is this all headed with only one more movie to tie everything together, why did Kylo destroy his awesome mask, a lack of creativity, and I’m just getting started!!! LOL

    • Rockphin says:

      I started getting down on the franchise when Jar Jar Binks ruined the past 3 movies. Then I didn’t like the casting of the other movies and the writing between General Leah and Han Solo (ancient as they were) was horrible. The whole series has been on a downward slide since Disney took it.

  175. mf13ss says:

    Star Wars Celebration starts live in 7 minutes. We’re supposed to get the title drop and the first teaser trailer at some point during this event.

    You can watch it live here:

  176. wyoming85 says:

  177. wyoming85 says:

  178. mf13ss says:

  179. Tim Knight says:

    One Dead, 3 Injured in Shooting During Nipsey Hussle Funeral Procession.

    I suspect this is gang related. I mean even at a funeral they do a drive by. SMH

  180. Tim Knight says:

    M13, yep it’s all about guns right, Obama?

  181. mf13ss says:

    GOT IT!!! Here’s the official “Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker” teaser trailer!!!

    • mf13ss says:

      That laugh at the end of the trailer? None other than Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine. As a matter of fact, after the trailer dropped at Star Wars Celebration, the lights came back on and there was Ian McDiarmid on the stage, to EVERYBODY’s surprise! Yes, I watched it live!

      McDiarmid then said (in his Sidious voice): “Roll it, again!”

      Sidious is coming back, y’all!

  182. Mike E. says:

    Tim – That was an old George Carlin joke. It went like “There was a crash between 2 funeral processions today in California, 8 people were killed, not including the 2 that were already dead

  183. mf13ss says:

    This is my dude, Star Wars Theory, in the house at Star Wars Celebration. You’ll see his reaction to the Episode IX trailer being shown, including Ian McDiarmid coming on stage by surprise to say: “Roll it, again!”. WOOOOOOOOO!!!

  184. D says:

    Nathen Stewart
    2 days ago (edited)
    That murder was a set up by the Illuminati… the guy that they arrested and the guy that’s in this video is not the same people…. people need to pay attention

    Lovely Tashay TV
    2 days ago
    Exactly! It’s obvious the elites ordered to take him out of here

    The best covers Music Channel
    2 days ago (edited)
    When you know all about Mkultra, cloning and freemasonry, you know its easy for the elite to put all of this together when they want to do a sacrifice or shut someone up.

    2 days ago
    The elites figure Christopher Darden is a good puppet lawyer for this large staged trial their fin to do just like the stage OJ trial.. this is all ritual for divide and conquer specifically tailored for us

    2 days ago (edited)
    I KNEW HE WAS NOT IN JAIL,,,,,,,,,THIS IS WARNER BROTHERS,the only reason they are giveing this alot of attention is to satify the masses ,THEY SEE WE KNOW NOW!

    2 days ago
    This was a ritual sacrafice confirmed by ruthless reliable sources.

    Obito Uchiha
    2 days ago
    Like i said it was setup THANK YOU RC.

    J S Dwayne
    2 days ago
    100% SETUP, Sebi documentary is the reason. Didn’t want the truth out smh!!!
    Just a glimpse of the brain power thats is the future generation. Jesus what a fucking lost generation.

  185. Rockphin says:

    I know who Nipsey RUSSLE is. Who the F is Nipsey Hussle?

  186. Rockphin says:

    No Tim, it’s not about the guns. It is about the abhorrent portion of society that glorifies drug use, violence against women, gang banging, etc. (Rappers)

    • Tim Knight says:

      Right, and there was Obama doing a reading at Nipsey Hussle’s funeral and a drive by happened during the procession killing one and injuring a few others. Why would a former president be at a known gang member’s funeral?

      • D says:

        Disney is opening Star Wars land August 29th, pretty close timing to the release of the movie. Ive seen some aerial photos of the expansion and they have a ride called Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and its in the Falcon. Literally, they built a life-sized Falcon that they have the ride in. Disney is going to be PACKED probably Septermber (a normally slow month because kids just went back to school) though New Years at least. Again, other than Thanksgiving week and the week before Christmas through New Years, its not normally a busy time, but i bet it will this year, Specifically Hollywood Studios.

    • D says:

      When it comes to rap, it use to be about telling stories of their life, and not so much a glorification of it. Most early rap was like this is how i fight to live every day in the hood, and the streets are my school, and i want out but im going to die here in this life kinda messages. A lot of it today is almost like advertising and the people doing the advertising most of the time play us how hard they are and they portray being hard as a positive trait to where before it was a condition of their life. Its a good bit different from the NWA days.

    • wyoming85 says:

      That’s not gonna age well!

  187. Rockphin says:

    George Carlin was a very funny comedian earlier in his career. I saw him about 10 years ago and I didn’t even gafaw once. He was just a bitter angry old many ranting about everything at that point. There was no humor left in his show.

  188. mf13ss says:

    First time I’ve seen this in my Twitter life (roughly 10 years)…

    Every single top-10 trending topic is about Star Wars! WOW!

  189. Tim Knight says:

    Interesting that since Nipsey Hussle’s death Omar’s Twitter was all about him but nothing about the shooting at his funeral today. Hmmm…

  190. Mike E. says:

    Comedians definitely have a shelf life. At some point, their shtick gets old and too familiar, and then they just fade away.

  191. Mike E. says:

    Tim – Are you saying the funeral shooting wasn’t “black love”?

  192. CavalierKong says:

    I am out of the loop on this stuff, but wasn’t Nipsey Hussle an ex-gang member that was big in the community, including working with cops, to find solutions to gang violence and to keep kids out of trouble and improve the community?

    • Tim Knight says:

      If that’s the case I retract some of my comments. I was going by what M13 said that he was a known gang member. He was probably murdered by gang members because he turned on them, and the shooting today was likely more of that.

    • mf13ss says:

      Then you just may have suggested a motive for his murder… seriously. NOT trying to be cute at all, but rather, you might have hit the nail on the head, CavKong.

    • Mike E. says:

      I’m more than out of the loop, I’m out of the film completely.

    • CavalierKong says:

      I honestly don’t know. I’m only going by a few headlines I’ve seen and some of the scuttlebutt around Sac.

      I thought you might know more about it than I do, MF13.

      • mf13ss says:

        I do, but I’m not going to say too much other than Nipsey was gang-affiliated. RIP to Nipsey.

  193. I’m open to any number of scenarios with this team including:
    1. Trade for Rosen and go into the draft w/your qb, then trade down in the first accumulating more picks in order to get your OL & DL players.
    2. Draft Haskins if he falls to #13 and then just use the remainder of picks as you would.
    3. Trade down into 20s and draft Simmons, getting a couple more picks to work w/this yr.
    4. Trade down & then trade down again, completely out of the first rd, draft Will Grier as the qb and have picks to start building the OL & DL.

    Honestly, I’m fine with any number of scenarios

  194. D says:

    D says:
    April 12, 2019 at 3:09 pm

    Disney is opening Star Wars land August 29th, pretty close timing to the release of the movie. Ive seen some aerial photos of the expansion and they have a ride called Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and its in the Falcon. Literally, they built a life-sized Falcon that they have the ride in. Disney is going to be PACKED probably Septermber (a normally slow month because kids just went back to school) though New Years at least. Again, other than Thanksgiving week and the week before Christmas through New Years, its not normally a busy time, but i bet it will this year, Specifically Hollywood Studios.

  195. mf13ss says:

    Guys, once ya join a gang like the Bloods or Crips, there’s no way out… try as you may.

    • Tim Knight says:

      It’s like the mob. You know too much.

    • mf13ss says:

      They operate all over our nation, notably in big cities. You can’t run from them, you can’t stray from them, and they won’t let you out.

    • CavalierKong says:

      Not trying be argumentative, but that is a gross overgeneralization. I know and have worked with a lot of ex-gang members, both red and blue.

      I will meet you half way though and say it’s hard to leave and stay in the same community overrun with gang organizations, and certain factions of gang organizations are definitely much harder to leave than others.

      • CavalierKong says:

        Damn! I was hoping my last post would push my message to Toba to the top of the next page, lol.

      • CavalierKong says:

        I’ll also say I have no idea how the dynamic works in the music industry. That is more your purview.

  196. CavalierKong says:

    Alright, Toba!
    Basically a MUST win for your Jets tonight. Ya’ll don’t want to head to St Louis down 0-2!

    (I hope you have noticed I refrain from applying the pejorative moniker ‘Jest’ to your Winnipeg team even though they share a nasty name with that putrescent team from NJ.) 🙂

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