Welcome to Miami Christian Wilkins!

The Miami Dolphins got themselves a very nice player in DT Christian Wilkins. Very high character, productive Defensive tackle. You’re probably thinking this is a conformist puff piece, right? NOPE!

So the Dolphins drafted a nice DT, that’s great. Guess what? We may have gotten the 3rd best DT in this draft in our division. Quinnen Williams, who may be the best player in the draft went to the Jets, and Ed Oliver a diversified freak of an athlete went to the Bills. Guess what else? Both of those teams have QB’s. Just shows how far behind the 8 ball we are. I will be watching Dwayne Haskins career closely. He was right there and we passed. I know so many of you are happy we did, and so many of you are happy we drafted Christian Wilkins instead. I’m not that guy.

Sure, there’s a possibility we take a QB in RD 2, or maybe in RD 7, but in my mind, our success or failure will be measured by Dwayne Haskins and Christian Wilkins. We didn’t have to reach for him, there was no trade up necessary, we just went in a different direction.. Look, this doesn’t mean I’m right, it’s just my opinion, and my opinion of this move is not good. Maybe we wait until next year with Tua, Herbert and Fromm, or maybe it’s just Tua and Herbert and Fromm plays his Senior year. Who knows what happens down the line, and it’s very risky putting all your eggs in one basket.

The draft isn’t over yet, I’m not condemning the entire draft of everything we do, I simply don’t agree with the choice they made last night. I hope Christian Wilkins has a great career here and is a perennial All-Pro. I just hope next year at draft time we’re all not scratching our heads about what we do at the QB position, the most important position in football.

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1,183 Responses to Welcome to Miami Christian Wilkins!

  1. naplesfan2010 says:

    Thepats picked 2 RBs? and they already had 4 on the roster?

  2. ElephantRider says:

    I’m done reading anything from these Dolphin beat writers.
    They bitch, take a QB every year, then bitch they get one.
    Now bitching Fins didnt fill any holes and its obvious they are tanking….. They had 3 picks…..came out with most likely 3 starters. I guess those 3 picks so far should of solved everything.

  3. Brian in NY says:

    Mike, don’t you remember the last time we had a lot of picks and you held a draft party?

  4. naplesfan2010 says:

    Sorry…that was the Bills.

  5. naplesfan2010 says:

    ER … How much better can you get than 3 starters out of 3 picks?
    2 First rounders due to shrewd trading … filling a gaping hole at LG with a guy so nifty he can catch TDs (An OG who can catch TD passes?????)

    Plus Wilkins, a great guy, smart guy, strong guy, quick and agile guy, comes from a 2 time national champ.

    Why should anyone complain?

  6. Mike E. says:

    Where’s Rock? Dieter looks like Lock’s lesbian big sister.

  7. Mike E. says:

    Bri – I remember well man – This is different! We got things right now (hopefully)

  8. Mike E. says:

    Goodnight all! GO DOLPHINS!

  9. dbolt48 says:

    So this draft has landed:
    -Elite DT
    -Possible Franchise QB
    -Starting OG
    -More 2020 draft ammo.

    Kudos Grier!

  10. CavalierKong says:

    Maybe the media can quit with this ridiculous tanking narrative now. It’s a f$%^3ing rebuild. We got a QB prospect and added players to both lines in the first 3 rds of the draft, and added a 2nd next year.

    I know, now it’ll be, ‘well they didnt get a pass rusher or a (insert player position here), so clearly they are tanking’ . lol

    • Tim Knight says:

      They’re so novice after all these years you have to consider that they have mental disabilities or their company requires them to spew bullshit. Pick one. LOL

      • CavalierKong says:

        I do wonder about the corporate line. Negative sells, and people have been eating up the tanking garbage.

  11. wyoming85 says:

  12. CavalierKong says:

    I didn’t want Dr. Rosen Rosen, but I am down with this FO, and they wanted him. They are so clearly following a game plan. It’s pretty fun to watch.

  13. manitobafinfan says:

    There goes ximines

  14. wyoming85 says:

  15. BailBondMike says:

    I can see a number of players who could be there in the 5th at #151 for us tomorrow:
    OT Mitch Hyatt, CLEM
    OL Dru Samia, OKLA
    EDGE Carl Granderson, WYO
    EDGE Jordan Brailford, OKLAST
    EDGE Maxx Crosby, EMICH
    RB Ryquel Armstead, Temple
    LB Khalil Hodge, BUFF
    There are more who I did not list who could slip past the 4th.

  16. wyoming85 says:

  17. wyoming85 says:

  18. wyoming85 says:

    • BailBondMike says:

      I will support the teams decision on this. The deal is good considering the potential. Hope he comes in humble with a chip on his shoulder.

  19. Tim Knight says:

    Not trying to be cocky lol, but what have I said the last few weeks leading up to the draft – first 3 rounds DL, OL and QB in no particular order?

  20. Rockphin says:

    alright, they did something right again with the third round pick by getting the big fella from Wisconsin to counter the DT’s taken by the other AFCE teams, but they still wasted a 2nd roiund pick.

  21. Rockphin says:

    ***founding member RDS

  22. Rockphin says:

    so, who is going to rush the passer this year? Jelen Jenks? Max Crosby?

    • days64 says:

      Slow down its still early… Breathe… Trust this FO… remember there was a guy named Wake was once upon a time an UDFA… I really believe… we find another… this year if not two!!!

      God Bless these Fins!!!

  23. New Age says:

    Fantastic draft so far. They’ve done everything right based off their goals. Top notch DT, talented QB prospect, really good OL I’m really more excited about Wilkins than some of the edge guys. He will put out lots of inside pressure while killing the run. I think it’s harder on modern QBs to deal with inside pressure and those huge arms in the air than the guy being pushed past the QB 98% of the time. I’d love to see some late picks shipped off to get a 4th back but a rebuild needs filler too. Really solid draft since we should have 3 starters out of it already.

  24. days64 says:

    How many years since we have been real contenders… I believe, we are on our road back to Redemption… Woo fucking Hoo!!!

  25. days64 says:

    This Crew, our front office just didn’t go down to the creek flip over rocks… They went downtown and robbed a freaking bank… Nice haul of talent, and it is just the beginning… I am back on the wagon, ready to hunt bear!

  26. ElephantRider says:

    Our new OC liked Rosen coming out last year. New regime, new opinions…..

    We will see how it works out. Rosen for 3 years at 2M per doesn’t handicap the franchise. Still ton of draft capital for next year. Even if Rosen is back up, he’s cheaper than Moore was.

  27. Rosen got a bad team with Arizona.
    Arizona fired offensive coordinator Mike McCoy after seven games and replaced him with first-time offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich. lol serious
    or Steve Wilks & staff lost their jobs after only one season .

    . Rosen’s struggles didn’t help their cases, but it’s hard to argue Rosen had great coaching.

    also for good measure, his offensive line was a disaster.

  28. sb7mvp says:

    I see everyone is still draft drunk this morning lol

  29. I am thrilled beyond thrilled that this team finally, FINALLY, after all those years since Marino has a real starting, franchise quarterback. FINALLY!!!!

  30. It’s an amazing thing. There’s a ton of Phins fans who are so butt hurt that we traded for Rosen and now are probably not going to “tank for Tua” they have to console themselves with “well, worst case scenario is if Rosen doesn’t work out we can always draft one of the guys in 2021”.

    They sat there just like everyone else for the past 7 yrs and watched as the golden child led this team into the bowels of mediocrity but when we finally get a franchise quarterback they can’t handle it because it doesn’t fit their narrative?

    I’m convinced there’s a lot of Phins fans out there who don’t watch a lick of college football and wouldn’t know a franchise quarterback if we got one.

  31. I don’t care what anyone says. You look at the Bills and the Jets and all the FA acquisitions and draft picks those two teams have had this year and it doesn’t mean squat because we’re still going to be a better team than both of them.

  32. Rockphin says:

    You are a fucking idiot

  33. Mike E. says:

    NEW BLOG UP!!!

  34. Hey!! Let’s “Tank For Tua!!” Bwah hahahahaha!!!!

  35. naplesfan2010 says:

    “The Dolphins were my biggest winners on Friday, ”
    Greg Rosenthal
    “The Dolphins could not have managed value in this draft any better. “

  36. Normally, I’d be looking at the names of the remaining players or my list of mid-round, late rd guys I like and be hoping we pick a couple of them up but it really doesn’t matter. These guys GOT this. It feels so good to finally have people in charge of my favorite team who know what they’re doing.

  37. I’m as happy as a pig in slop. What a wonderful feeling!!!

  38. sb7mvp says:

    I dont watch a lick of college football because it’s an incredible waste of time. And watching college football doesn’t mean anything anyways. There are people that do it for a living and still are consistently wrong.

  39. Krishna says:

    IDL and IOL (two starters imo) and a QB on a first year contract with little risk, high reward (vs. high risk written all over this year’s QBs). Nice job, Grier and Co!!!

    Hopefully, we can find another gem or two in the later rounds ala starter.

    Next year we will have essentially two drafts and can trade away one of them for whoever we want. WTF??? I’ve never seen that before.

    Now this is how you build a team. Go Dolphins.

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