Do you feel the Dolphins are heading in the right direction? This guy does . . .

These 2 guys. The one on the right has done an excellent job this offseason. He took care of things very responsibly with the amount of draft capital he had available, managing to fill two huge needs, DT and QB. Drafting Christian Wilkins in RD 1 (Pick#13) was a good marriage. Christian Wilkins may not be the most talented DT in the draft, but he’s just a shade off in that department, behind Quinnen Williams and possibly Ed Oliver. Where Christian Wilkins shines is his leadership abilities and quality personality traits. We need a great defensive tackle, but we also need a guy who does things the right way. We had a great DT for a while here in Miami, Ndamukong Suh. Did he ever make the team better? Did anyone on the team get better because of him? Never. Suh with all his talent isn’t a team player, he’s a ME player. He’s a sellsword, if Game Of Thrones references help explain things. Grier traded our 2nd RD pick (after trading back to #62 and acquiring a 2020 2nd RD pick) to the Arizona Cardinals for QB Josh Rosen. I can’t tell you at this point that Josh Rosen will be our franchise QB for the next decade or more, but I do think he will be our starting QB game 1, and we’ll be a better team for it.

Brian Flores is not Bill Belichick. Sure, he learned how to conduct business from watching Bill, but he’s not a clone. He’s a no nonsense guy, tough, and like Bill Belichick, he’s not giving out too much info, so if he’s learned anything, that’s a good trait to pick up. I think everyone on the team instantly respects Flores. He has a commanding presence, but he’s not abrasive like Adam Gase. He’s not arrogant like Adam Gase. Take Minkah Fitzpatrick, who before the season wanted to know where specifically he will be playing, either CB or S, so he could train his body accordingly, either gain weight and muscle to play S, or lose it and become quicker to play CB. The answer is Minkah will be playing more positions than he did even last season, and “LB” may be added to the list. Not LB in the sense that in a normal 3-4 or 4-3 base formation he will be playing LB, but in a multiple DB formations like nickel, dime and quarter he may be the LB. Minkah is one of our best players and Flores knows this, and wants to keep him on the field as much as possible.

I think we have a lot of players now that other teams didn’t look at as treasures but we’re looking at them as possible answers. OL Chris Reed is one of those guys. Right now he’s going to compete at LG, but he can play each of the interior OL positions. We drafted Michael Deiter, and he’s in the competition to play LG as well, but he’s going to have to beat out Chris Reed. Even if Deiter wins the job, Reed gives us better depth than we had last year. Nate Orchard is another one of those guys. The Seahawks recently signed DE Ziggy Ansah, which made the 5 year veteran Orchard disposable. The Dolphins picked him up because they think he can help their pass rush. Orchard racked up 18.5 sacks his Senior year at Utah so he can rush the passer. He just hasn’t found the right fit. Both Flores and Orchard feel they may have finally found it. Putting people in situations to succeed. That’s what Flores will do. Orchard isn’t much against the run, so Flores will try to improve that, but also try and put Orchard in more pass rushing situations to make better use of his talents.

On a bad note, Reshad Jones still M.I.A. not in MIA. The minicamp that begins June 4th is NOT voluntary, that’s mandatory, so we’ll see if Reshad Jones wants to be a part of this team or not. Regardless, it’s not a great look that Reshad isn’t here now, I hope he doesn’t make this a huge conflict. While he’s not really a part of the future of this team, if he’s here I want him to play well, and if we want to trade him, I want to get top value for him. Staying away from the team accomplishes neither.

Back to Josh Rosen. So far he’s doing everything right, not taking anything for granted, not doing anything except what’s expected of him. He hasn’t made any bold proclamations, and he shouldn’t. He should just let his actions do the talking, work hard every day, learn this offense as well as he can, and work hard with his teammates and hopefully those things allow him to earn the starting QB spot. It won’t be handed to him, Flores has made that clear. Still, I believe Josh Rosen will earn it, and will be our starting QB, and I believe he will redeem himself this season.



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  1. The Flying Pig says:

    First and Oink

  2. days64 says:

    Go Fins… Nice Oink Piggy!

  3. wyoming85 says:

  4. stangerx says:

    Nice write Mike E. Right direction or not is the big Q, but as history has shown only time will tell. Like what have seen for Flores, but then was excited by Gase too (until he gave me reason not to be). One thing different this time is going into full rebuild mode. That offers more chances to work with….. but then you gotta rebuild right.

  5. Phindog says:

    Great Job again Mike E !!

  6. Tim Knight says:

    Nice little recap of where we’re at, Mike.

  7. Tim Knight says:

    Piggy, from last night – yeah I’ll be down the shore a few times this summer. Why do you ask?

  8. ElephantRider says:


    Alright Mike E!

  9. The Flying Pig says:

    I’m just curious about summer plans as I’m planning mine

    I’m not going to jersey but I will probably be between at Long Beach, Greenport, Fire Island and the Catskills

    I’m hoping eventually to settle on a place to buy a vacation getaway

    Do you rent a home/condo? Are you a part of a share? Do you stay at hotels?

    • Tim Knight says:

      Gotcha! Good luck with your search.

    • stangerx says:

      Pig — don’t have much to offer on the others, but been to Fire Island twice. Really depends on which area (stayed at Ocean Beach and Point O Woods), but my overall impression was real slow except for the rainbow flag places. Pretty cool how they do it, but a place to pack your meals and drinks and hang out with a group. Lots of families. Sorta of like a cabin in the woods on the beach.

  10. The Flying Pig says:

    Good oinks Mike

    Orchard is an interesting story
    Drafted fairly high by the Browns
    Not a bad rookie year

    Then kind of a non factor for 2 years before the browns cut him
    Then somenone signed him and a month later they cut him…lol

    The Seahawks signed him in April and cut him in May
    Did they let him unpack?

    • Tim Knight says:

      Yeah not sure what’s up with this guy. Maybe he’s not a DE because we’re playing him at OLB.

    • Mike E. says:

      I think the Seahawks put themselves in a bad position. They couldn’t afford to pay Frank Clark, so they traded him, but then they felt they really needed to replace him. Ansah does that better than Orchard, and the Hawks are in cap hell because of the salary they’re now paying Wilson, so they cut him. Hopefully he works out well for us if we find a way to use him well.

  11. The Flying Pig says:


    Fire island is actually my favorite and where I will be for part of this weekend
    As tolerant as I am – I don’t want to go to the 🌈 pines area – that’s like a gay orgy

    But the ocean beach portion is great
    There’s actually a lot of Cityfolk like myself going there to get away from city life for a weekend

    I just need a go to place that’s a few hours away from me to decompress

    • stangerx says:

      If that is what you like then that is. For me was slow…… but maybe when you live in NYC rather than the burbs like me decompress is the goal. And try to get me camping. 🙂

      It’s a cool, quirky special place though. Don’t write off the gay areas though…. that’s where the best eating spots are. Just like any other place.

      You obviously know more, but man is it pricey for what you get and just a hurricane away from what you buy not being there anymore.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I don’t think it’s slow at all

        It’s kind of like spring break for professionals

      • stangerx says:

        Like I said up to you man. And I might have been in the family parts. Amazing how the place is different ferry stop by ferry stop.

  12. Mike E. says:

    I went to Fire Island back in the mid 80’s with a girlfriend. She had some friends that had a summer house there, I don’t even know what part it was. We didn’t even go to their house that day because they weren’t around. I don’t remember much about it, we went to a beach, and then later just walked around. Looked nice, but nothing exceptional.

    • ElephantRider says:

      Anything not in the city would be exceptional to me. A beach just puts it over the top.
      My wife, unfortunately, is the opposite. She loves the big cities. That’s her way to unwind. LOL.

  13. Phindog says:

    Go to Gilligan’s Island to get away and decompress. It’s only a 3 hour tour 🙂

  14. The Flying Pig says:

    Lol…there’s a guy in nyc who gets off on making people late for work

  15. Mike E. says:

    No Ginger Piggy! I’m a Mary Ann fan through and through!

  16. CavalierKong says:

    Listen, I’m not saying I would kick Ginger out if she wanted to play ping pong with me and Mary Ann, but if it’s a two person table tennis game, my opponent is Mary Ann all the way.

  17. The Flying Pig says:

    When you have it all

  18. Mike E. says:

    Ginger was kinda sexy too, but Mary Ann was the deal! She looks pretty good in that particular pic.

  19. Mike E. says:

    I wonder who Herd likes better . . .

  20. Mike E. says:

    LOL @ Twice all in on Mrs. Howell 😉

  21. Mike E. says:

    Kong – Same here regarding Ginger

  22. Tim Knight says:

    Wow now Omar doesn’t understand that “All in the Family” was a comedy show to raise awareness about social issues of the time. He doesn’t find the show funny because he takes it too seriously. He must be a real fun person to hang with. The rap and hip hop he listens to and the garbage that he allows on his twitter feed is all good but “All in the Family” bad. LOL

  23. stangerx says:

    Gonna have to agree with Mike E on the Gilligan’s Island Dockers debate. First wife was Ginger and current one is Mary Ann….. no doubt which one is better, even if the first was one of the chosen people. 🙂

  24. CavalierKong says:
    This is a pretty big change.

    1st: For the new potential pass interference review rule, in the final two minutes coaches will have to throw the flag. It won’t be initiated from the booth.

    2nd: No review for hail mary plays.

    I actually like both of these tweaks to the new pass interference rule. It stops the last 2 minutes from becoming a review fest, and it takes the hail mary, which would be a nightmare to review, out of the equation.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Only in the final two minutes? So if a play that happened in the Rams/Saints game happened at 2:01 it’s all good? What the league really has to figure out is how to determine ticky tack vs. blatant. That’s what is ruining the game.

      • CavalierKong says:

        No, they can throw the flag at anytime for pass interference review. In the last two minutes a coach still has to throw the flag, it won’t be booth initiated.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Okay good.

  25. Mike E. says:

    LMAO @ D!

  26. Mike E. says:

    Stanger – Your May Ann rocks!

  27. Rockphin says:

    Mary Ann is definitely the right choice over Ginger!

    She was even prettier in Bonanza. (as if she looked anything like a native American (rolling my eyes)

    Did you guys ever notice that Mary Ann and Ginger went out for a three hour tour with over 100 outfits each? They never appeared in the same outfit twice during the 98 episode series. (and wore more than one outfit in several episodes)

  28. D says:

    wyoming85 says:
    May 22, 2019 at 10:40 am

    The league has also made player safety recommendations to teams about drills that should no longer be used in training camp. The banned drills: Oklahoma, Bull in the Ring/King of the Circle, Half Line/3 Spot/Pods. The hope is this will drive down concussion numbers in camp.

    — Judy Battista (@judybattista) May 22, 2019
    Bull in the Ring is kinda rough, but it teaches you to use your senses to acclimate to whats happening around you and react quickly. King of the Circle is kinda the reverse of Bull in the Ring, but teaches you similar skills but you are the aggressor instead of the defender. These to me do have some skill they bring but i can see getting rid of them.

    Oklahoma drill is a true football drill, man against man. I dont think this one should be overlooked for what it brings to football and its not nearly as dangerous as those other two. Taking out Half Line, 3 Spot and Pods just seems to be silly. Its easier to isolate and teach certain situational football in those drills. They are getting stupid with the changes. Pretty soon football practice is just going to be film study and walk throughs.

  29. Mike E. says:

    Rock – I don’t believe that article is correct. I really don’t. I feel like Ginger wore that beige/tan gown in so many episodes. You really believe that it’s right?

  30. Rockphin says:

    Guys, I’m not making it up. there are multiple references to their wardrobes. I just posted the first one I found.

  31. herdfan says:

    Mike E. says:
    May 22, 2019 at 2:57 pm (Edit)
    I wonder who Herd likes better . . .
    D says:
    May 22, 2019 at 3:08 pm (Edit)
    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    Well, if you must know, I think they couldn’t have survived without Mary Ann. She cooked for everyone. Not the answer you’re looking for probably. At least guys had a choice for this discussion. There were no thoughts along that line for female viewers given the choices of Gilligan, the skipper, professor or Mr Howell. How bleak.

    • Mike E. says:

      That’s a little harsh. The Professor wasn’t a bad looking fella. LOL

    • stangerx says:

      LOL — but how true. Two pieces of eye candy for the guys…. but nada for the ladies. They cast today and Gilligan would be one of the Jonas brothers.

  32. Rockphin says:

    Google Gilligans+island+maryanne+wardrobe

    and you can thumb through the images.

  33. wyoming85 says:

    • Mike E. says:

      That’s a nice article. Could the print be any smaller though?

    • Tim Knight says:

      The DL hold their ground and let the LBs and DBs flow to the ball. That’s the idea of the traditional 3-4. If those DL can also rush the passer even better. Had a feeling this was where we were headed on defense. Stunts and blitzes is how we’ll attack the QB. Minkah will be a big part of it. He did a lot of that at Alabama. He becomes that player where the offense says where’s #29 – is he blitzing, playing corner or safety?

  34. Rockphin says:

    Ok, I will say I was wrong. They do repeat outfits so the statement that they never wear the same outfit is wrong, however he is some SERIOUS research by a geek fan on Maryanne’s wardrobe

    Mary Ann
    dark top and “Daisy Duke” shorts in Two on a Raft,
    striped shirt tied as top and “Daisy Duke” shorts in Two on a Raft,
    red pattern shirt and “Daisy Duke” shorts with straw hat in Two on a Raft, Home Sweet Hut,
    orange top and “Daisy Duke” shorts in Gilligan’s Mother-in-Law
    orange sweater, blue jeans in The Sweepstakes
    red shirt tied as top, “Daisy Duke” shorts in Gilligan’s Mother-in-Law, The Little Dictator, The Chain of Command, You’ve Been Disconnected,
    red top, blue jeans in Don’t Bug the Mosquitoes, V for Vitamins,
    red top with yellow trim in Don’t Bug the Mosquitoes,
    red top with “Daisy Duke” shorts in Mine Hero, Operation: Steam Heat,
    red spotted top and blue jeans in Not Guilty, The Postman Cometh, Ship Ahoax, Feed the Kitty, Gilligan Goes Gung-Ho,
    black bathing suit with optional red wrap in Beauty Is as Beauty Does, Splashdown,
    blue sweater and blue jeans in Beauty Is as Beauty Does, Smile, You’re on Mars Camera, Castaways Pictures Presents, Hi-Fi Gilligan, Don’t Bug the Mosquitoes, Gilligan Gets Bugged, Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up?, Pass the Vegetables, Please, Mr. and Mrs. ???, Up At Bat, Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, And Then There Were None, All About Eva, Court-Martial, The Hunter, Lovey’s Secret Admirer, Our Vines Have Tender Apes, Gilligan’s Personal Magnetism, Splashdown, The Second Ginger Grant, It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, Bang! Bang! Bang!,
    blue sweater and khaki pants in The Invasion,
    blue sweater and skirt in Lovey’s Secret Admirer, Slave Girl, It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane,
    red one-piece in Beauty Is as Beauty Does, Castaways Pictures Presents
    green top and shorts with optional green hat in Beauty Is as Beauty Does, Gilligan Gets Bugged, Ship Ahoax,
    green top and blue jeans in The Chain of Command, Not Guilty, You’ve Been Disconnected, The Postman Cometh, Gilligan’s Living Doll, Feed the Kitty, Operation: Steam Heat, V for Vitamins, The Kidnapper, Gilligan the Goddess,
    green sweater and blue jeans with green hat in All About Eva, The Hunter, Lovey’s Secret Admirer, High Man on the Totem Pole, The Secret of Gilligan’s Island, Bang! Bang! Bang!,
    orange sleeveless and skirt in Beauty Is as Beauty Does, The Postman Cometh, Love Me, Love My Skipper, Pass the Vegetables, Please,
    orange sweater, brown skirt with white suspenders, cap and boots in Don’t Bug the Mosquitoes,
    orange t-shirt and blue jeans in Ghost a Go-Go,
    light blue large collar and tie dress in Beauty Is as Beauty Does, The Sweepstakes, Quick Before It Sinks, Ship Ahoax
    pink dress in The Little Dictator, Nyet, Nyet, Not Yet
    pink top, blue jeans in Castaways Pictures Presents, Gilligan vs. Gilligan,
    pink top, blue shorts in Gilligan Goes Gung-Ho,
    pink sweater, blue jeans in The Sweepstakes, Agonized Labor, Nyet, Nyet, Not Yet, Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue, You’ve Been Disconnected, Love Me, Love My Skipper, Operation: Steam Heat, Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up?, Ghost a Go-Go, Allergy Time, Pass the Vegetables, Please, Ring Around Gilligan, The Invasion, Court-Martial,
    pink shirt, light blue skirt in The Chain of Command, Seer Gilligan,
    pink t-shirt and blue jeans in Voodoo, Where There’s a Will, Man With a Net, Our Vines Have Tender Apes, It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane,
    pink t-shirt and “Daisy Dukes” in The Kidnapper,
    yellow top, blue jeans in in Smile, You’re on Mars Camera, You’ve Been Disconnected,
    red sweater, striped shirt (seen in window) in Quick Before It Sinks
    red gingham dress in Home Sweet Hut, Castaways Pictures Presents, Agonized Labor, Hi-Fi Gilligan, The Chain of Command, Gilligan Gets Bugged, Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue, Not Guilty, The Postman Cometh, Gilligan’s Living Doll, Ship Ahoax, The Friendly Physician, Splashdown, The Second Ginger Grant,
    sailor blouse, “Daisy Duke” shorts in Agonized Labor
    blue sleeveless dress in Agonized Labor, Nyet, Nyet, Not Yet,
    black leotard and tights in Hi-Fi Gilligan
    blue top with spots and blue jeans in Splashdown,
    large blue shirt (sleep attire) in Home Sweet Hut, Hi-Fi Gilligan, The Postman Cometh, Gilligan’s Living Doll, Allergy Time, V for Vitamins, Gilligan vs. Gilligan, Ring Around Gilligan, The Invasion, Bang! Bang! Bang!,
    spotted red top, (unseen pants) in You’ve Been Disconnected,
    red sweater, striped shirt, blue jeans in The Postman Cometh,
    red sweater and checkered mini-skirt in The Pigeon,
    white t-shirt, blue jeans in Seer Gilligan, Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow,
    white t-shirt and “Daisy Dukes” in The Producer,
    white top and yellow jeans in Topsy-Turvy,
    white sweater and blue jeans in Lovey’s Secret Admirer,
    pink dress with white poofy sleeves in Gilligan’s Living Doll,
    khaki shirt and “Daisy Dukes” in Forward March,
    baroque brown top and skirt in Feed the Kitty,
    red pattern top, blue jeans in Operation: Steam Heat,
    red pattern top, blue shorts in Take A Dare,
    light blue sweater/dark blue suspender outfit in Ghost a Go-Go, Allergy Time, Mr. and Mrs. ???, Meet the Meteor, Voodoo, Our Vines Have Tender Apes, High Man on the Totem Pole, Bang! Bang! Bang!, Gilligan the Goddess,
    lavender sweater/dark blue suspender outfit in All About Eva, Gilligan’s Personal Magnetism,
    lavender blouse and blue jeans in Take A Dare,
    orange/pink two-piece print in Mr. and Mrs. ???
    red print dress in Mr. and Mrs. ???, Meet the Meteor, The Producer, Where There’s a Will, Man With a Net, The Kidnapper, All About Eva, The Hunter,
    light blue checkerboard dress in Up At Bat, Gilligan vs. Gilligan, Where There’s a Will,
    blue checkered shirt tied into top with blue jeans or “Daisy Duke” shorts in Where There’s a Will, Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow, The Invasion, Take A Dare, High Man on the Totem Pole, The Pigeon, Slave Girl,
    blue checkered one-piece dress in Where There’s a Will, Our Vines Have Tender Apes, Gilligan’s Personal Magnetism,
    green gingham top and skirt with hat in The Pigeon, Slave Girl,
    yellow blouse and white trousers in Man With a Net, Court-Martial, Gilligan’s Personal Magnetism,
    yellow blouse with blue jeans in The Secret of Gilligan’s Island,
    sea-green sweater and blue jeans in Ring Around Gilligan,

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I thought this was one of D’s posts

    • stangerx says:

      Why’d she take all that on a 3-hour tour? Seems all Gilligan brought was a red shirt and hat.

      • D says:

        Because she is a woman.

      • stangerx says:

        D– isn’t it amazing how much women pack when they go on trips? My wife must roll away with twice what I do, and she is half my size almost. But maybe yours is better about that…. have met some who are.

  35. The Flying Pig says:


    Dazed and confused disagrees with you, at least one of the cast members does

  36. wyoming85 says:

  37. Mike E. says:

    LOL @ Rock – That’s insane!

  38. CavalierKong says:

    The tangents this blog goes on are freakin awesome, lol.

  39. wyoming85 says:

  40. Tim Knight says:

    Rock, wow great post. Sorry not reading a list of wardrobe from Gilligan’s Island. LOL

  41. Mike E. says:

    Kong – That’s why I love this group. Anything can pop up on here as a topic, and it’s usually amusing too.

  42. Mike E. says:

    Herd – Told ya the Professor was a sexy guy! lol

  43. The Flying Pig says:

  44. wyoming85 says:


  45. Randy says:

    Those drills like Bull in the Ring are the most fun drills to run in practice….and can really encourage and develop team chemistry. I loved all of them. Oklahoma was a blast because it was so quick but violent. It showed you who could hit or take a hit and win. The game gets even softer….and we wonder why nobody can tackle anymore.

    • D says:

      I completely agree with this. I did bull in the ring plenty of times and I’m fine…….. Wait a minute……

  46. manitobafinfan says:

    Prayers and thoughts out to you OD.

    Kong : how many times do ya think The Goal from 70 will be mentioned/ shown before game 1?? Was a huge Bruins fan back then. And Bobby Orr was and still is my Favorite player of all time, but Go Blues. Can’t stand that team these days first Linesman, then Lucic, now Marchand.. bunch of asshats …

  47. manitobafinfan says:

    Maryanne even though I am married to a Ginger 🤡

    • olddolphan says:

      MANITOBA; THANK YOU for the kind words. This will be the first time I’ve ever had surgery. And I’m a bit apprehensive about it. But, hey, NO ONE gets a free ride in life that I know of. I need to get through this so I can can continue to help Mrs. OD through her daily challenges.
      YOU and I completely agree on the Stanley Cup Finals. The Blues come back from having the worst record in the entire NHL in early January to, now, making the Finals, is the stuff of legends!!! Meanwhile the obnoxious Bruins deserve to be embarrassed on national TV!! Can’t stand those assholes!! —Game One is MONDAY!
      Y’all have a great day!

  48. pheloniusphish says:

    Beckham and Landry diving right in….not.
    What a couple of overrated and overpaid prima donnas.

  49. wyoming85 says:

  50. wyoming85 says:

    • D says:

      Pretty much the same kind of signing as Orchard and Tank, there is a lot of upside to the player and its little to no risk involved with the contract.

  51. D says:

    LOL i love this comment on the Odell article.

    ” mlvcfan says:
    May 23, 2019 at 8:30 am

    Odell wants to turn the Browns into the Patriots — doesn’t show up for OTA’s”

  52. wyoming85 says:

    More to D’s point

    • D says:

      I really liked the Rowe signing and Walford, though the latter is in a deep competition group. I think Rowe winds up being a starter for us. All the rest i could easily see making the 53 and being at least rotational pieces. I think Rosen dosnt really deserve to be part of this conversation, the rest are kind of reclamation projects, where as Rosen is not.

  53. D says:

    I just saw they have mock drafts for basketball….that might not be news to many but its not a sport i care much about. Still im confused. How do they mock basketball drafts when they dont know the order of the picks until just before the draft?

  54. wyoming85 says:

  55. Mike E. says:

    Reminds a little of what the Knicks did last season, picked up a lot of young players who were high draft picks on cheap contracts just to see if they could find a gem.

  56. wyoming85 says:

  57. Tim Knight says:

    Adolphus Washington at 6-4 295 could be a 3-4 DE and rotational DT on passing downs.

  58. The Flying Pig says:

    giving talented young players a 2nd shot to make an impact isn’t a bad model

    • Tim Knight says:

      Agreed. We discussed that this would probably be how we fill out the roster. With young players that Grier, McKenzie and Allen liked from previous drafts. These guys are fighting for their NFL careers so the competition should be high.

  59. Rockphin says:

    so what do you guys suppose the purpose of the structure / canopy over the players heads is for in the Muscle + Hustle#FinsUp video above? Is it to make sure the guys stay low in their stance?

  60. stangerx says:

    You do a rebuild and you become a team guys looking for a chance want to come too. Includes ODFAs and former high round draft choices looking to make happen what they think should have before. On our side — you bring’em in, churn out the ones who don’t have it, and keep whoever does. Hopefully after it is all over your roster is a better one.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Yep! This is going to be a very competitive camp with the new staff. Players have to prove it to them, not rely on the past or draft and FA status.

  61. D says:

    It’s training for staying low coming out of the stance Rock.

  62. Rockphin says:

    Stanger, are ODFA’s Free agents that OId Dolfan will approve of? What is an ODFA?


    • stangerx says:

      LOL — an OD free agent is either one who went to University of Central Florida or looking to buy the team from Ross. Thought everyone knew that. 🙂

  63. wyoming85 says:

    • stangerx says:

      He should at least have some guys to have a beer with. Adolphus was 3rd round in 2016
      2017 — Raekwon McMillan
      2018 –Jerome Baker
      2019 — Isaiah Prince

  64. Randy says:

    When we ran drills way back in high school, our OL coach took us to the parking lot where they had a steel cable running around part of it as a sort of barrier. He’d have us line up and run drills under that cable because it was just about the right height to teach us to stay low. If you fired out and had your head up a little, that cable smacking your helmet snapped your neck, hard.

    • Mike E. says:

      I get the feeling that could never happen in the pussy world we live in today. Probably can’t even say attaboy!, it’s more like attaperson! I hope my kids are happy with this bullshit they’re creating. lol

    • Tim Knight says:

      What are your thoughts on our DL being more read and react now as opposed to attacking right off the snap?

    • D says:

      We had a metal cage like thing with 5 boxes you got into position outside of it and on the other side were the dummies. We would have to come e out of our stance staying low and stay thow through the block on the other side. You could ring your bell really good if you didn’t stay low. Just teaches good technique and form for keeping leverage

  65. Randy says:

    Our HS OL coach was also our shop teacher. Burly old dude. If you pissed him off and weren’t doing something right, he would get down and run a drill against you. He would knock the shit out of you wearing nothing but shorts and tshirt. He didn’t try to hurt you or anything, but he would put a lick on you to get his point across. We loved him. He was a tough SOB. Not a chance he could do that anymore. He’d be in jail for abuse. Nowadays, players don’t even want to be yelled at because it hurts their feelings. It’s a whole different world….and I think it’s for the worse.

    • Tim Knight says:

      When I played Pop Warner football we’d go to the borough hall to get our equipment sizes and the coaches would slam a helmet on you and say nope too loose or too tight until they found the right one. The tight ones felt like your ears would get ripped off as they pulled it off. I doubt they can even do that in today’s world.

  66. Randy says:

    Your DL in a 3-4 have always been more reactive and gap controllers than attackers, so that is pretty standard. What NE was doing so successfully was using their front 7 in ways to get favorable matchups with shifts, stacking and moving guys around. That takes guys who can shift to different positions(multiple) and disguise stuff. It’s not that hard to shift to a 3-4 alignment. Teams play both throughout the season all the time. The tough part will be when the players need to learn all the nuances of how they line up, shift and disguise stuff. If the players are able to learn it, it’s still gonna take awhile to get it down. Guys like Washington they just signed are what they’re looking for…tweeners, sorta….and smart.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Yeah that’s what I was saying the other day. More play recognition and hold your ground. I brought it up because Godchaux talked about it the other day saying it’s different than what he’s used to. He said all the DL are playing in different spots as are many other defenders across the board.

  67. Phindog says:

    Shit. In five years even the NFL will be handing out participation trophies at the end of each season because that’s what the kids are so used to now.

  68. The Flying Pig says:

    When I was a young piglet, they use to smother us with maple syrup and make us run from Rottweilers

    Many a pork chop did not make the cut

    (Piggy spils a drink on the ground)

  69. Randy says:

    Lol. As we were always told, your helmet isn’t the right size unless it’s really tight. Pretty standard to have a headache the first couple days of practice because your helmet was so tight and you were constantly sucking on your brand new mouth piece to get it tight. Two-a-days in August could really suck. Our practice jerseys were a heavy, thick cotton that hung half way down your thighs and didn’t breath a bit.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Wow you reminded me of the mouth piece. We would boil them then let it conform to your mouth. Those were the days.

  70. stangerx says:

    Randy — but coach participation can go too far. My college wrestling coach played for 2 years for the Colts on OL (even if think a back-up). Came to us after an ACL. Cool as anything, but then he was looking to get back in went from like 260 to 295 in one summer…. and then had the roid rage going on in practice when he’d go with us. Scared the heck out of me when went against him. Was really and honestly worried about the safety of our 250- whatever heavyweight he worked out with.

  71. Randy says:

    Absolutely. Guys can take things too far. I didn’t experience that…but it sure happens. Ours was done as a lesson….a hard one…but he wasn’t trying to purposely hurt us. There was respect there.
    Back to work.

    • D says:

      Most the shit that happened at my school was verbal, one time a coach tried to “show us how it was done” and i wound up hurting him. He goaded me to fire out of my stance full tilt and i did and knocked him a few feet backwards. At least he was man enough to admit he had asked us to go full speed.

    • stangerx says:

      Randy — your guy was cool. 167 pound me wrestling a 290 pound coach looking for the NFL on roid rage freaked me out. Gotta lucky take down on one time….. his angry response told me never take him down again.

  72. D says:

    3-4 and 4-3 can have straight up assignments where you engage the OL, read the play and react. Doesn’t really have to be 3-4.

    • D says:

      Depends more on the technique you are playing and what kind of slant, stunt or shift the DC has for that paly.

  73. Mike E. says:

    D – Yeah, 120 games since he signed that 4YR/$110M contract. Still pretty awful!

  74. wyoming85 says:

  75. wyoming85 says:

  76. D says:

    Friggin 95 here today, its been pretty hot every day recently, having to go home and rinse off the ball sweat BEFORE i workout.

  77. wyoming85 says:

  78. naplesfan2010 says:

    So Malik Rozier did not get invited even past tryout status and rookie minicamp?
    We only have 3 QBs on hand now? to do all the drills?
    I guess that is ok since Fitz and Rosen need to get in plenty of reps,
    since it is a totally new offense for them both to start from scratch. (-ish for Fitz)

    plus we will quite probably only have room for 2 QBs in the regular season.
    Is Rudock PS eligible? We would need a scout team QB for when the real games start.

    Another question for Flores is how much bubble wrap he can afford to keep on the 2 QBs in preseason games and still see what he’s got and who will start while still minimizing the risk of losing one that early and wrecking the whole “trade for Rosen” plan they did in the draft.

  79. naplesfan2010 says:

    I had a JV coach who loved the meat grinder drill.
    he was also was famous for malapropisms.
    He must’ve said a dozen times for us to “pair off in groups of 3.”

  80. Mike E. says:

    Naples – Ginger or Mary Ann?

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      Back then I thought Ginger was so elegant and classy. And still very very hot.
      She was the epitome of the movie star we regular guys could never hope to get with.

      I thought Mary Ann was just like all the girls I knew in high school, church, the beach, kinda girl next door cute, but nothing transcendent like Ginger.

      Now I look at the pix of Mary Ann and have a much higher opinion of her … athleticism.

  81. naplesfan2010 says:

    My JV coach also yelled out, “Everybody down for side-straddle hops.”

    And when lightning came and we had to go indoors, I guess he thought he would lay some coaching wisdom on us. He said, “Guys, when it rains, the field gets wet.”

    I mean, I kinda knew what he meant, like he was saying “perk up to conditions and take extra care with the ball, your footwork, etc.”

    But most the boys on the team did not go that deep and just stared at him like “no shit.”

  82. naplesfan2010 says:

    To be honest, Donna Reed was one of the most beautiful women on TV or anywhere in the world.
    So was Ava Gabor on “Green Acres.”

    But that blonde Jeannie in the bottle was the one, man. That girl was so perfect in every way, it was breathtaking to watch her. She was so graceful, it was like she was a real genie or goddess or something, just floating through her scenes. And she was so nice and sweet. I like that in a sex object.

  83. The Flying Pig says:

    What the heck kind of camp drills is Gase running?!?!

  84. naplesfan2010 says:

    from camp observers:
    ▪ Really like the ball skills of cornerback Cornell Armstrong, the former 2018 sixth-round pick who made at least three impressive breakups on red zone drills. In 2017 at Southern Mississippi, he allowed just 17 of 46 passes thrown against him to be caught, with a 52.5 passer rating in his coverage area. And he impressed the Dolphins in limited chances last season. He’s fast, solid on special teams and can play on the boundary or slot. There’s clearly something to work with there, and the Dolphins love his speed.

    • Tim Knight says:

      He’s one of the reasons I didn’t think we needed to target a corner in the draft.

      • naplesfan2010 says:

        agreed, him and Tankersley and Jomal Wiltz and Jalen Davis and Montre Hartage all seem to have talent.

        I think you need 10 DBs
        and I think we have some really good prospects there for young depth.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Minkah is going to move around, McCain and McTyer. Our secondary was the least of our problems. The nation looks at the Dolphins like we’re so void of talent meanwhile we have one of the more talented secondaries in the league.

  85. naplesfan2010 says:

    ▪ The Dolphins are not permitting reporters to reveal how players are specifically being used in OTAs. Violators will have their press passes revoked and will be required to sit in a small dark room, for days, watching a continuous loop of Ryan Tannehill’s sacks over the past seven years.

  86. pheloniusphish says:

    D says:
    May 23, 2019 at 3:01 pm
    We had a metal cage like thing with 5 boxes you got into position outside of it and on the other side were the dummies. We would have to come e out of our stance staying low and stay thow through the block on the other side. You could ring your bell really good if you didn’t stay low. Just teaches good technique and form for keeping leverage
    We had a metal box-like thing that wasn’t tall enough to stand in but was too narrow to sit in and it had holes drilled in it to blow smoke in…oh wait…that was for something else, not football.

  87. Tim Knight says:

    I kind of see us keeping 7 DL as in the bigger DT/DE types, 8 LB (both Edge and sideline to sideline types) and 10 DB.

  88. olddolphan says:

    IN RESPONSE TO ROCKPHIN & YOUNG STANGER, an acceptable ODFA (UDFA) is, indeed, someone who can make Ross an offer he can’t refuse for the Dolphins franchise. GREAT work, YS! –Other possibilities include FA’s from FAU, FIU, USF or UCF who can really compete for starting jobs in Miami’s O-Line or in their D-Line/Edge positions. The current regime has NOT DONE ENOUGH in these two key areas throughout the 10 years of of misery which Ross has presided over. More recruits from the southern half of the state might even bring better attendance to Fins home games, where seats directly behind the Miami bench are mostly vacant!!!
    For those who may not know, FAU has over 30,000 students while the other 3 universities average enrollments are over 55,000!!! UCF, I believe, has the highest enrollment of any university in the United States!!! Getting stronger support, and attendance, from those school is an economic PLUS that Ross has yet to figure out!

  89. Rockphin says:

    Did I just see a commercial for Men In Black with Thor and the Valkyrie from Marvel Universe as the lead actors?

  90. Rockphin says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    May 23, 2019 at 3:28 pm

    When I was a young piglet, they use to smother us with maple syrup and make us run from Rottweilers

    You have realized since that the maple syrup had nothing to do with making the Rottweilers chase you right? You coach just had a really messed up sugar fetish.

  91. dloxahatchee says:

    Sorry to hear about your situation
    If it helps at all, I’ve been through the same several times
    Growing up in the sunny south and putting up these buildings for my entire adulthood
    it catches up with ya,
    It really is not a difficult procedure, in and out before you know it, you’ll be fine.

    To add, for all of you out there, sunscreen, dry fit clothes, whatever it takes, just a tip

    Puts a whole new spin on “fun in the sun”

    Good luck to you OD

  92. manitobafinfan says:

    I dunno Having a guy named Wiltz on Defense just doesn’t sound like any improvement.. kinda sounds like the D we ran (or didn’t) last year

  93. Mike E. says:

    I’m not so sure our CB situation is so rosy just yet. Tank is coming of the ACL injury, Wiltz has to make the team, Armstrong looked promising last season, but I’m not sure exactly where he is if he had to start due to an injury. I have Rowe as the starter opposite X, but he’s far from a solid guarantee. Keep in mind the Evil Emperor sent Philly a 2nd RD pick in ’15 for Rowe, but this past season let him walk. He’s an athletic freak, big, strong fast, can jump out of the stadium, but somethings missing. I know someone here loved Armstrong, can’t remember who. I like him and hope he continues to improve. Jalen Davis might be a sleeper too, I hope so. I just don’t think it’s a strong point for our team. If the front 7 aren’t getting pressure, we’ll really see where we’re at back there.

  94. Ginger and Mary ann are inseparable

    the answer isnt which one, its BOTH

    why choose only one, they both were hot

    btw Dawn Wells, Mary Ann was unhappy she was shorter than Ginger, so she always wore heels and very short shorts to appear taller on cam
    if u didnt like heels and short shorts back then, maybe brokeback mountain is more Your style,

    but she is the first woman i ever saw that was wearing shorts so short, you could see the bottom of her cheeks poofing out, love it, lol

    • Rockphin says:

      she was the first woman to appear on TV in shorts EVER. Also there were network rules at the time (sensors) that prohibited someone’s bellybutton being shown on TV so she used to sew on additional material at the belt line to cover her navel.

  95. Mike E. says:

    Naples – I couldn’t agree with you more about Barbara Eden. She was scorching hot. So unbelievably sexy. I remember she was in this movie “Harper Valley PTA”, mmmm, so sexy. I need a shower. lol

  96. Krishna says:

    Thanks, Mike E. Nice article. I think they are going in the right direction, as well. I just hope they don’t get off course and end up spouting “company” line and “right messages” but don’t follow through. So far, they seem to be following through. Can’t wait to see the players in actions.

    • Mike E. says:

      Oh man, that statement sums it all up for me man. ” I just hope they don’t get off course and end up spouting “company” line and “right messages” but don’t follow through”. That’s my biggest fear, because we all get caught up in the new regimes rhetoric, but they have to execute it to make it legit. How many times have we seen that happen, we all buy in and it’s a clunker.

  97. Krishna says:

    Mrs. Krishna and I were thinking of you yesterday, Piggy…..

    • Mike E. says:

      At a BBQ restaurant? lol

    • Krishna says:

      There was supposed to be a picture of the “Dixie Pig”, a neon sign outlined in pink neon, with Dixie written above the neon P I G. We loved it, took a picture and I tried to send it to you……all the way from Springhill Catfish Parlor in Austin, TX. Cheers!

  98. Krishna says:

    Got to get to work……..catch up later.

  99. Mike E. says:

    Krishna – Send it to me. I’m at work until 5, can’t accomplish that from here, but I can do it when I get home.

  100. Rockphin says:

    Mike, I never liked Barbara Eden all that much back in the day. I just went and googled images of here and now I am like, WTF was wrong with me back then? LOL

    She had a hot new millennium body way back then.

    • Mike E. says:

      I can’t even explain to you. I know it’s not necessarily normal for a kid of 8 years old to be horny, but I was. My parents asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I was in the back seat of our car while we going somewhere, and I responded “I want an 18 year old lady, nekkid!” Barbara Eden was very sexy

  101. Mike E. says:

    Another one who was really hot, yet hidden in a kids after school program, “The New zoo Review”. When I was like 8 years old I was already drooling over her, my friends didn’t get it. Years later, we were like 21 and came home drunk after clubbing and stayed over at my friends house. We put on the TV the next morning and there’s the show, and I remind them that I told them she was hot, and we laughed, and they all agreed. LOL

  102. Mike E. says:

    Henrietta was aiiight. lol

  103. stangerx says:

    Pretty cool — they are putting a pedestrian bridge over Dan Marino Blvd. That will let folks get from the outer lots into the main Hardrock area without waiting for the traffic to be stopped. Also should mean the traffic flows better cause it ain’t being stopped.

    • Mike E. says:

      Is that good for us for the Fest?

      • stangerx says:

        Only people who will use it will be folks who drive themselves and don’t get an orange pass. But it should make traffic flow better around the stadium and everyone gets there by a car.

  104. The Flying Pig says:


    If every human kept pigs in their thoughts more often then the world would be more oinky

    Good start for you and the Mrs.

  105. The Flying Pig says:

    How drunk were you guys?

    This might be weirder than Mrs Howell

  106. Mike E. says:

    Stanger – So it won’t help those of us that take Toba’s shuttle buses? Last year was quite a walk from where we got dropped off

    • stangerx says:

      Don’t know where you got dropped off, but if you had to cross the street then chances are you’d be taking the bridge (don’t know exactly how it works yet).

  107. stangerx says:

    And you thought the line for Space Mountain was bad — this is the one for top of Everest….. and people die if it is too long.

  108. wyoming85 says:

    Did someone mention short short’s?

  109. wyoming85 says:

  110. BailBondMike says:

    Didn’t get to respond yesterday. Went Kayaking/fishing all day. For me, Mary Anne all day. LOL

  111. The Flying Pig says:


    Done with court and ready for the weekend!

    (Piggy puts pants on)

    Gonna get wild!!!

  112. Tim Knight says:

    Mike, injuries have been Rowe’s issue. He’s kind of like the DeVante Parker at CB.

    • Mike E. says:

      Oh, then we’re in trouble. lol

      • Tim Knight says:

        His last 3 years in NE he played in 9, 8 and 4 games.

        As far as our CB situation, I don’t think it’s rosy, but I do think we’ll have a lot of competition for the spot opposite Howard. For a team rebuilding our secondary is in pretty good shape overall and better than a lot of other teams. Some teams don’t have a Howard or a Jones or a Minkah or even a McDonald. I also think we underrate McCain.

  113. big raises in the workforce, IF, You are the CEO

    CEOs at the biggest companies got an $800,000 pay raise in 2018, equivalent to roughly a 7 percent increase, while the median worker saw just a 3 percent increase in their paychecks.

    imo, self employment is the only way out of the matrix trap

    • stangerx says:

      Most people I have met who are rich (and talking more than doctor rich) did just that. They were good at something and started a business doing it.

  114. stangerx says:

    DBs are probably our strongest unit.
    LBs have 3 legit starters and some depth.
    DTs are strong.
    DE/edge is a concern.

    Have a feeling this D is gonna hold up just fine, especially for one on a rebuilding team.

    • BailBondMike says:

      I agree, may be some learning curve hiccups to start the season but think by end of the season we will be at least a top 20 defense. I think, right now, we are just as talented on D as a lot of teams not in the top 10. It will come down to how quickly they can adapt and communicate in this new system.

    • Tim Knight says:


  115. BailBondMike says:

    Oh, and I had a Barbara Eden poster next to my Farrah and Barbie Benton (1975 Playboy) posters, lol.

    • stangerx says:

      3 good ones — everyone had that Farrah poster. Had Cheryl Tiegs, Lonnie Anderson and Catherine Bach as part of my wall harem. 🙂

  116. Tim Knight says:

    Loved Barbara Eden growing up. Had the Farrah poster, Heather Thomas and Cheryl Tiegs as well.

  117. Mike E. says:

    Krishna, Pigs – Krishna’s pig pic is now at the top of the blog

  118. Rockphin says:

    So this old man, well into his 80’s gets a call from the IRS. The guy from the IRS tells him that they want to talk to him about suspicious activities in his bank account. There are way too many large deposits and withdrawals for it to not be some kind of illegal activities and that they want to see him at the IRS the following Monday at 9am. The old man agrees and says he will be there.

    The old man thinks about it for a while and decides he better bring his lawyer along just in case.

    Monday comes around and the old man enters with his lawyer and sits with the tax man. The tax man explains to him the suspicion of the department and offers to let the old man explain the unusual banking activities.

    The old man after some thought says “That’s easy I like to gamble” The tax man says “so you are saying that all these huge deposits and withdrawals, many of them over 100K are from gambling winds and losses? That is hard to believe ”

    The old man says “well, it not just strictly legal gambling. Like to bet on all kinds of things.”
    The tax man says “like what?” The old man thinks for a while and says “Tell you what! I’ll bet you $5,000 I can bite my own eye. The tax man thinks for a while and says OK. The old man takes out his glass eye and bites it, then puts it back in. Tax man says “damn, you got me on that one”

    Old man says “ha ha, I thought I would with that one. How about I give you a chance to win your money back?” Tax man says “how?” Old man says “I bet you $7,500 I can bight my OTHER eye”

    Tax man thinks for a minute, looks at the old man who is obviously not completely blind and agrees.
    The old man pulls out his false teeth and bites his other eye with them.

    Now the tax man realizing that he has lost $12,500 to this old man is angry and it shows so the old man says wait, wait, wait! Don’t be cross with me. I don’t want the tax man to be angry with me while I am being investigated! How about I give you the opportunity to make it all back plus more?

    Tax man asks how? Old man says “I bet you $15,000 I can stand at one side of your desk and take a piss across the room into the trash can and not drip a drop anywhere.”

    Tax man thinks about it and with a sly smile says “you will piss, without moving from this spot? and NOT A DROP will land anywhere except the trash can? Old man “yup” Tax man “you are on”

    So the old man proceeds to stand up, walk around the desk, pull out his pecker and piss all over the desk, carpet and everything except the trash can.

    The tax man laughs in triumph as says “HA! You owe me $2,500!” and turns to the lawyer “you heard him right?” The lawyer is just sitting there with his head in his hands shaking. The tax man asks him what’s wrong with you?” and the lawyer says “on the drive over hear my client bet me $100,000 that he could piss all over your desk and make you be happy about it”

  119. wyoming85 says:

    Piggy has been on my mind lately also!

    • Tim Knight says:

      My brother-in-law is in Minneapolis for a wedding and he posted on FB that’s he eating a 60% Angus 40% bacon burger with bacon on top along with cheese curds.

      • wyoming85 says:

        I was hankering a cheese burger yesterday!

        Made a 3/4 lb Swiss burger with bacon, on an onion roll bun!

        It was DELICIOUS!

      • Tim Knight says:

        That sounds amazing. I love swiss on a burger and love onion rolls. Bacon goes without saying. Sorry Piggy! LOL

  120. The Flying Pig says:


    I appreciate the Pig Memorial photo on top on this massacre filled weekend

    (Piggy pours his drink on the ground)

  121. stangerx says:

    And that cream gravy just doesn’t work….. has to be made out of the juice of the pig from the patty sausage with some chunks.

  122. ElephantRider says:

    It’s a shame what has happened to Everest. World’s largest toilet/dump/cemetary……

    • Tim Knight says:

      Wherever humans go. But it’s not the World’s largest toilet/dump/cemetary……, that would be the ocean.

  123. Randy says:

    I’m kinda feeling weird because the posters I had were Bruce Lee, The Outlaw Josey Wales and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I guess I could’ve ripped out the pages from the Sears & Roebuck woman’s underwear section and hung those on my wall…but that would’ve just been creepy….and my mom woulda been pissed.

    • Tim Knight says:


      I had posters of bands and other cool looking stuff as well, like those fluorescent velvet ones of wild cats or psychedelic stuff.

      Funny you mention Sears & Roebuck woman’s underwear section. Back in the early 90’s my two friends and I shared a big 3 BR apartment. I cut out Sears & Roebuck boys underwear ads from the newspapers when they actually printed those and taped them on one of my friends bedroom wall. He didn’t notice for like a day until a few people were there and in his room at the time when I said, hey bro what’s that all about? There was much laughing and he was beside himself like WTF man. LOL

  124. Rockphin says:

    I tried to get Piggy to wear this sun screen last fest, but he wasn’t having it.

  125. ElephantRider says:

    You’re right Tim

    Should be world’s tallest. LOL

    • Tim Knight says:

      There you go. It’s fuckin disgusting what we do. Every body of water I go by has garbage at the shores. What is so difficult about not throwing it anywhere and put it in the garbage? Yet we spend all our time thinking it’s about which political parties are in power. Yeah that changes everything. LOL

  126. BailBondMike says:

    Ah shit, belay my last, Piggy. I am also making bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers Monday.

  127. The Flying Pig says:

    Is there no place free to oink anymore!

  128. Phindog says:

    Piggy.. Humans are fucking savages.

    • stangerx says:

      If we get a ChickenPete and SteerAndy on this board….. Fest is gonna have to go Vegan.

      • Phindog says:

        For some reason I don’t ever see that happening. Chicken Pete can go choke himself 😎👍

  129. Phindog says:

    Those fuckers in China even have a cookbook “101 Ways to Wok your dog”. 🐕🖕

  130. pheloniusphish says:

  131. Tim Knight says:

    Doggy, I don’t remember if we discussed Pat Metheny during our discussions. I’m listening to him now. One of my favorite guitarists and musicians ever.

  132. wyoming85 says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    May 24, 2019 at 3:56 pm
    Is that some kind of new ceremony?
    It”s a prayer to ST, Marinade!

  133. olddolphan says:

    DLOXAHATCHEE: SAW your post well up the page. THANKS for the kind wishes. I’ve already gotten A LOT of advice from my surgeon and his staff regarding floppy hats, long sleeve shirts, sunscreen, etc. LOOKS like my Super Bowl 17 Dolphins hat I wear to every game may have to be mothballed for most of the games, but we’ll see.
    My wife & I own a house near the intersection of Congress Ave and Forest Hill Blvd. I purchased it way back in 1975, so it’s been paid off for a long time. We’ll retire and move back into it when I can afford to retire. I plan to have a few Colorado Kool-Aids in the fridge with your name on it!! – – HOPE to see you at the Fest!

    • olddolphan says:

      PIGGY: I’M the one who is always after you to wear a hat and use sunscreen. SO I’M THE ONE WHO GETS MELANOMA!!! I tell ya, it’s not right!!–No good deed goes unpunished!!! Instead of a long sleeve shirt, I’m just going to wrap some bacon around my forearms for the Fest!!

  134. Mike E. says:

    Are you saying Memorial Day isn’t just for people who died in the service of our country, it’s for fallen pigs as well?

    • Tim Knight says:

      I look at Memorial Day like a celebration of freedom. Anyone who doesn’t realize the sacrifice of the people who help keep us free doesn’t get it and they need to get it. I root for The USA. Why do I want us to fail? For some f’d up political bias? Even if you don’t like it, out with the old and in with the new. This nation has to start representing progress. We create too much wealth and ignore modern infrastructure. Micro-managed wages like raising the minimum wage doesn’t accomplish anything. The rebuilding of the infrastructure will. Jobs galore! LOL

  135. The Flying Pig says:

    This website has gone to the humans

  136. pheloniusphish says:

  137. pheloniusphish says:

    Uh oh…I’ve been moderated!

  138. The Flying Pig says:

    I just unspammed you

    Sometimes the links people post causes it to go to spam for some reason

  139. The Flying Pig says:

  140. Phindog says:

    Wow Tim. Dig that guy . A little Neal Shone with some classical licks

  141. naplesfan2010 says:

    The Pat Metheny Group put out some fine work. I saw them live once somewhere like Nashville or maybe Charlotte. in a small venue, and it was one of the best of that type of live gig I’ve ever seen.

  142. pheloniusphish says:

    “Ranking Team’s Triplets” from

    32. Miami Dolphins (31.0)
    QB Josh Rosen, RB Kenyan Drake, WR Kenny Stills

    Rosen was not put in position to succeed last season in Arizona, and at least at the start, he will not necessarily be in position to succeed in Miami, either. The Dolphins appear to have a rebuilding plan, but it’s still in its beginning stages. This is the core of a tear-down team’s offense.

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      Amazing how easy it is for everyone to sink us to the bottom.
      I suppose the rater is using some production metric?
      Or is this just pure opinion?
      Do you agree with this?

      I suppose until we prove differently, this is reality.

  143. Mike E. says:

    Naples – I don’t get upset by those ratings. They have to throw this garbage out there, and they have to have a starting point. It’s just easy to pick the team that’s in a rebuild to be last. I do feel we’re a huge unknown, our run defense was just awful last year and to the outside observer, it may seem like we haven’t done enough, and they might even be right. Realistically, if you look at what Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen did last season, there’s no good reason to expect great things.

    • Mike E. says:

      Between the 2 QB’s, they were 5-15. That doesn’t mean they’re going to be as poor this season, but until proven otherwise, I understand it.

  144. Mike E. says:

    People calling my office asking hours for today, we close at 1PM. They ask me if I’m open tomorrow, NO, how about Monday? Seriously???

  145. Mike E. says:

    Phelon – I know you’re an authority on bourbon, what do you think of Buffalo Trace?

    • pheloniusphish says:

      Buffalo Trace is marketed as the low end, the shelf retail liquor version of Pappy Van Winkle. However, it is a different mashbill. Not one of my favorites, a little raw still to my tastes, but everyone is different. I mean, I like sipping Wild Turkey 101 if i can’t get anything else. Lot’s of people like Buffalo Trace or at least think they do because of it’s association with Pappy’s. Overall I would say it is okay. I wouldn’t throw it out, just not my first choice.

  146. naplesfan2010 says:

    So if we won 7 last year,
    how are we so much worse this year that we are now the worst team in the league?
    Which position got worse?
    RT? ok I’ll give you that one. Gore? Amendola? I think this year might be the last for both of them, so I am glad it is not with us that they decline and retire.

    Except for not expicitly replacing Wake’s and Quinn’s sack numbers, isn’t every other poistion the same or better? DE is now my only concern. Is that worth 4-6 more losses than last year?

    OK we lost Tannehill, but Rosen is probably as good as he was. Fitz is better than Oz.

    Do they think Gase was 4-6 victories better of a coach than Flores will be?
    Surely, Flores is a better DC than the faker we had last year.

    I just don’t see the huge drop-off from last year.

  147. naplesfan2010 says:

    just got this:

    Wednesday Night Lights
    You’re invited to Hard Rock Stadium to spend an evening with Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino!

    This event will include:

    – Q&A with Hall of Fame QB Dan Marino

    – A complimentary drink

    – Access to the seating bowl

    – An opportunity to learn more about 2019 Membership

  148. naplesfan2010 says:

    Maybe they are picking us to be last
    because they think we WANT to be last, as in we are tanking on purpose.

    I don’t think what we have done so far says we are trying to lose as many as possible.
    Maybe I am naive.

    • Tim Knight says:

      How do you try to teach team first, discipline, promote competition at every position and push conditioning to a high level and then tank?

  149. Tim Knight says:

    Naples and Doggy, I’ve seen Pat Metheny 4 times, 3 with his group all at the Beacon Theater and once with vibe player Gary Burton at the State Theater in New Brunswick, NJ which is probably where they were in that video you posted, Doggy. He’s always been some of the best live music I’ve ever seen.

    Doggy, were you not aware of him until I brought him up? If so you’ve got a whole new listening experience to explore as his catalog is extensive. Start with his first album Bright Size Life with Jaco Pastorius on bass of course.

  150. wyoming85 says:

  151. The Flying Pig says:

    I know he feeling

    I have like 5 emails since late yesterday afternoon from random people looking for an attorney

    Not sure if they expect a reply before Tuesday – but if they do, they will be disappointed

  152. stangerx says:

    Don’t know if White Lightening is invited.

  153. The Flying Pig says:

    I saw some random YouTube dorks predictions today of 10 teams he expected to improve or get worse

    And of course we were on the get worse part

    But he started by saying Adam Gase probably deserved one more chance…lol

  154. The Flying Pig says:


    Can you get us seats like these for the fest

  155. BailBondMike says:

    Naples, I totally agree. How can we be any worse?

    We lost RT, James, Frank Gore, Josh Sitton, Danny Amendola, Cam Wake, Andre Branch, Robert Quinn, William Hayes, etc.

    I mean, with the losses of DE’s Cam Wake, Andre Branch, Robert Quinn and William Hayes, we only lose production of 16 sacks. IMO, our DE situation is no worse than last season.

    Though, if Hayes didn’t go down with the ACL, he would of had a few more but still..

    • Tim Knight says:

      Nobody knows what this team will look like, they’ve never seen this team play before. It’s all just blabbering about. LOL

    • Did we lose anything? Or are players are moving around because we are rebuilding?
      I noticed you didn’t mention we lost Gase?

      The names You mentioned, aren’t part of the rebuilding , so we didn’t lose them, we moved them on, and replaced them.

      The Dolphins will have their full 53 on Sunday’s,

      remember we once lost woodley, but not to worry, Marino did ok 😎

  156. olddolphan says:

    GOOD NEWS from the Conference USA baseball playoffs in Biloxi, Mississippi. FAU, the regular season champion of C-USA, is leading Texas San Antonio 6-0 in the 3rd inning. An Owls win would put them in the championship round against the winner of today’s Rice-Southern Miss game. The Owls are a lock to advance to the NCAA playoffs, even if they don’t win this tournament, due to their #29 ranking in one of the national polls. Regular season wins over both Miami and Florida ON THE ROAD have given them a very high ranking in the computers. But winning the C-USA Tournament would give FAU a higher seeding in the NCAA’s “JUNE MADNESS!”

  157. Tim Knight says:

    Phish, I started reading and then a pop up came up about a subscription and when I closed it the type was grey and blurred. It might be a cookies and cache thing but I don’t want to shut other stuff down now. Can you give me the gist of what it was about?

    • pheloniusphish says:

      It’s about Flores introducing competition between players and squads. Everything is a competition. And there is no walking allowed. He wants the best conditioned team in the league.

      And there was a link to a good article about Godschaux transitioning to a 3-4 NT. How he is handling it from his perspective and how the DL is going from attack to read and react.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Thanks! I’ve read the Godchaux stuff. He and the other DL are playing up and down the line. Seems NT will be by committee unless someone really stands out at the position.

        Pete Carroll does the same thing with the Seahawks, they run all the time. Glad Flores is doing the same thing.

  158. wyoming85 says:

    It was just talking about Flores and his “changes” he’s making

    Tuesdays push-ups for the loosing squad!

    This is the end of the article

    Players who make good decisions and show consistent effort despite what may develop into difficult circumstances this season, are, of course, more likely to earn more playing time. But even now, in May, Flores and his staff are making evaluations based on what they see each practice.

    “I think the guys who thrive with competition are the guys we’re going to want on this football team,” Flores said.

  159. pheloniusphish says:

    Here you go Tim.

    DAVIE — “This one’s for pushups!” Dolphins coach Brian Flores said.

    And soon, there were push-ups. As in, the entire defense did pushups after Miami’s offense scored a red-zone touchdown during an organized team activitity practice last week.

    Advantage, offense. This time.

    “It’s fun for us, the competition,” said receiver Kenny Stills, who seemed to enjoy watching $76 million cornerback Xavien Howard dropping down for some extra work. “We’re out here trying to build something and I think that’s what competition does.”

    It’s May. But first-year coach Flores is stoking competition between within position groups. And between offense and defense.

    “I like to talk a little trash to X,” Stills said with a smile.


    There will be no-hand outs under Flores. Doesn’t matter where you were drafted. Doesn’t matter how much you make. Doesn’t matter how many games you’ve started in your NFL career.

    “Left tackle, right tackle, left guard, right guard — every position, there’s competition,” Flores said. “I think we can’t push our players to that next level if they don’t feel competition.”

    It seems absurd, and it probably is, to believe left tackle Laremy Tunsil is actually competing for a starting position,
    but Flores is trying to make a point. Actually, Tunsil and Howard are two of the few players on the team virtually assured a starting position.

    • At quarterback, veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick (126 career starts) has a head start on NFL sophomore Josh Rosen (13 starts), as he joined the roster sooner. Flores knows of the perception Rosen has felt entitled during his career and this is a brilliant opportunity to make Rosen earn every start this season. It is in the best interest of the organization for Rosen to earn the starting position. But if Fitzpatrick dramatically outplays the former 10th-overall pick in training camp and the preseason, it would put Flores in a position to perhaps start Fitzpatrick for at least the season-opener.

    • At left guard, rookie Michael Deiter is expected to earn the starting position. But scrappy journeyman Chris Reed will battle, as well. Veteran center Daniel Kilgore, echoing Flores’ message about competition, downplayed the suggestion Deiter will make an immediate impact. “He’s still a rookie,” Kilgore said. “Any rookie is a big question mark, I don’t care of you first overall or third round.” Kilgore, the likely starter at center, suggested he does not feel his spot is safe. “There’s always competition at my spot,” Kilgore said. “Always. You know just as well as I do that they are looking for younger and cheaper guys. So there is always competition and if you don’t feel there is competition, then you’re in the wrong spot.”

    • At running back, it’s no certainty Kenyan Drake will dominate carries with talented Kalen Ballage in the stable. At tight end, the pressure is on second-year players Mike Gesicki (especially) and Durham Smythe to both learn from and hold off veteran additions Dwayne Allen and Clive Walford. At right tackle, veteran Jordan Mills is the favorite, but he must gain some confidence in the preseason or Miami could play Zach Sterup or even move Jesse Davis back to right tackle, if necessary.
    • On defense, Miami will give every opportunity to a slew of potential pass-rushers to fill a cratered void. Will any of these players step forward and seize the moment: Charles Harris, Jonathan Woodward, Nate Orchard, Andew Van Ginkel or Jayron Elliott? In an ideal situation, at least two of these players would demonstrate the ability to consistently affect opposing passers this season. At cornerback, Eric Rowe will be given first crack to start opposite Howard, but if he fails, will Torry McTyer, Cornell Armstrong, Jomal Wiltz or some other under-the-radar player emerge?

    Miami dropped its last three games last season, to finish 7-9. The organization hasn’t won a playoff game in the last 18 seasons. The Dolphins dumped veterans like Ryan Tannehill (who really should have faced more legitimate competition late in his Miami tenure), Frank Gore, Josh Sitton, Danny Amendola, Cam Wake, Andre Branch and Robert Quinn in a dramatic re-build.

    Any they hired Flores to alter the culture, which is both an over-discussed and over-discussed notion. On the one hand, it could be argued successful teams require talent more than culture. On the other hand, teams with great talent sometimes fail due to lack of strong culture.

    Flores believes the team needs both. But right now, his focus is on establishing a way things will be done. Competition is a big part of that. So are intangibles like effort. It’s why anyone attending a Flores practice will note players now run quickly from drill to drill.

    This is not always the case at NFL practices.

    “Coach (Flores) always harps on we’re going to be the most conditioned team in the league and I feel like he’s really pushing that,” receiver Jakeem Grant said with a smile. “He got onto me one time. He was like, ‘Jakeem, what are you doing? Are you walking?’ I’m like, ‘No sir, no sir. I’m not walking.’ I also looked back at him to make sure he’s not walking.”

    Flores delivers a tone of seriousness and his passion for the game should rub off on players. Flores believes things should be done a certain way, and it seems he’s going to demand that they are.

    “Everybody talks about ‘This guy is talented, that guy is talented.’” Flores said. “The talent on the team and a lot of things in this game come down to focus, execution, not making a bad penalty. Really, that’s not a talent issue, it’s a focus issue, it’s a mindset issue.”

    Added Kilgore, the center: “I’ve seen a big difference in guys this year, from my whole nine years, of guys adjusting to the professionalism that is being ask of them.”

    Players who make good decisions and show consistent effort despite what may develop into difficult circumstances this season, are, of course, more likely to earn more playing time. But even now, in May, Flores and his staff are making evaluations based on what they see each practice.

    “I think the guys who thrive with competition are the guys we’re going to want on this football team,” Flores said.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Good stuff! Thanks WYO for your input.

      The reason Tunsil and Howard will win their jobs is because they’ll earn it because they’re better than their competition. Of course they have to compete. There is no going through the motions or that will get you benched. Neither player is like that.

  160. The Flying Pig says:

    I don’t know about whether his methods

    We will see if they work

    But I’m happy that Flores is willing to hire qualified assistants

    I don’t want to end up with any coffee fetchers

    • Tim Knight says:

      Same as Grier in the FO. I don’t see big egos here.

      We have no idea yet how well the coaches will get the players on the same page and if we have enough players to execute what they’re asking and be more of a competitive team than the nation thinks we’ll be. But I like that Flores is pushing hard on discipline and conditioning. That alone can help you win a few games you might not have if you’re an undisciplined and dragging late in games type of team.

  161. Tim Knight says:

    So the speculation is we get a 3rd for James and a 5th for Wake in comp picks if I remember correctly. So that gives us a 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 6 and 7 in next year’s draft. We get an extra 2nd in the Saints trade this year, a 4th for Tannehill, a 6th for Quinn and we sent a 5th to ARZ in the Rosen deal.

    That along with potentially having around $50M in 2020 cap space after extending Howard. Tunsil is likely up next for a new deal if he plays to the level the coaches expect this year. We gave him the 5th year option but he’s playing for his second contact this year even though he’s signed thru 2020.

    I have to say Grier really did some nice work this offseason for this transitional season and setting us up for next year. Kudos!

  162. olddolphan says:

    PHELON,PIGGY,TIM: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this talk of “We’ll be the best conditioned team in the NFL!” But I’ll believe it when I see it.
    If Flores clearly has the Dolphins in BETTER SHAPE ON OPENING DAY than Harbaugh’s Ravens, I will be one happy guy. During THE PERFECT SEASON, conditioning was one of Shula’s most important advantages.
    Someone said something like “none of these guys–the coaches–has an ego.”
    All I want to know is who gets to pick up the gum wrapper?

    • Tim Knight says:

      I said that about ego. The reason is Flores has surrounded himself with asst. coaches with as much or more experience as him including former HC Jim Caldwell as his asst. HC and QB coach.. Grier did the same bringing in well respected college talent evaluator Marvin Allen as asst. GM and former Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie. It’s shows they believe in themselves rather than being intimidated. There’s a lot of good football people in the building.

      We’ll see how well they can coach this team up and which players buy in moving forward. But I think so far it looks pretty good. We haven’t done anything dysfunctional yet. LOL

  163. Tim Knight says:

    Doggy, I’m on a Metheny marathon. Check this one out. You too Naples or anyone else who can dig it. 🙂

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      nifty finger-picking … I love the arrangement with all the other sounds meshing very nicely. How many cymbals does that guy have in his kit, though? jus sayin

      • Tim Knight says:

        Pat was a Beatles fan growing up because of melody and then became a jazz guitarist and blended them both. You know those desert island choices people throw out? He’d be one of mine even if it was 5 choices.

  164. pheloniusphish says:

    Where is everyone? You would think it was Saturday night or something.

    • stangerx says:

      Slow time of year, maybe the slowest. Took the wife out for her B-Day and we are still together….. so guess worked out OK. 🙂

  165. bookman11 says:

    I hate The Drake

  166. manitobafinfan says:

    Phelon : thank you for posting PBP article .. I really like the sounds of what the Coaches are trying to institute.. Holy Crap a coach holding players accountable for Dumb Penalties 😱.. wanting them properly conditioned 😱.. what Novel concepts 👍👍

  167. naplesfan2010 says:

    I thought a drake is a male duck.

    The actor Drake’s real name is Aubrey Graham.

    • Drake is a rapper from Canada

      i remember that reference to him from Black Jeopardy, lmao

      if You have never seen Black Jeopardy, consider Yourself fortunate and blessed, lol

      for the gluttons of punishment,,,,,,

  168. wyoming85 says:

  169. naplesfan2010 says:

    The last time we had DeGuglielmo as an OL, he got Reggie Bush to a thousand yard rusing year.
    And a whole bunch more in the passing game.

    I sometimes think of Reggie as old school Kenyan or Drake as Reggie 2.0.

    Drake is even tougher and stronger and just as fast and nifty.

  170. Drake will forever be remembered in all time Dolphin history. The miracle in Miami!

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      I never get tired of watching that play.
      It would be great just as it is, but the fact that it came against New England is even better, and that it won the game with no time left just makes it the best play in history.

  171. olddolphan says:

    YOUNG STANGER: CONGRATS to your wife—-and to YOU for being smart enough to marry her!
    MANITOBA: Holding players accountable for dumb penalties AND getting the squad in tip-top shape have NOT been high enough priorities by the prior coaches approved by ROSS. Philbin and Garse, in particular, failed to achieve these two goals. NO WONDER some players lacked respect for the coaching staff!!
    TIM: Maybe we FINALLY DO HAVE the right coaching staff and the right GM.
    BUT I’ll believe it when I see it, given Ross’s dismal history in this regard.

  172. naplesfan2010 says:

    Don’t know why Drake is mistakenly thought of as smallish.

    He’s 6’1 215.
    Maybe it is because Ballage looks so huge. He’s 6’2 237.

    The new guy Gaskin is shorter at 5’10 and only 193.

    Maybe they were thinking of Gore, who really is short @ 5’9 — weighed 212 though.
    (and “only” ran a 4.58 40).

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Bc he uses his speed and agility when he runs
      And most people think small backs do that

      I think of Gaskin as a small back in the mood of Gore or Barry Sanders – obviously not as good

      He runs like a shorter back and he’s hard to tackle

  173. BailBondMike says:

    Funny, Memorial Day weekend is LBGT weekend at Pensacola Beach every year. Just bonded ($500 bond) this dude out with pink hair for indecent exposure on Pensacola Beach. His first name is Darcainus (Darc – ainus) LOL. He is from Ocean City, NJ so I had to get full cash collateral from his mom in NJ for the bond.

  174. The Flying Pig says:


  175. wyoming85 says:

    I think I’ll drive the pool over to the neighbors today!

  176. wyoming85 says:


  177. Tim Knight says:

    Stanger, we’re not in the slow football doldrums just yet, there is another OTAs May 28, 29, 31 and then mandatory minicamp June 4-6. Then there will be nothing until late July when TC begins.

  178. agreed it wasnt realistic to think Mary Anne and Ginger packed 100 outfits for a 3 hour tour.

    and what about that radio, seemed to get every station and the batteries made the energizers look weak, lol

    if the show meant to be realistic, by the third season Gilligan would have been murdered fpr being so annoying and incompetent, killed with the radio since it never worked,
    and the ladies clothes would have worn away,
    by the third season, they would be doing the shows topless and wearing bottoms made from palm trees tied with vines. lol
    with no Gilligan or clothes, the show would be renamed Ginger and Mary Anne nudist island

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      sounds good to me … Let’s cast it
      “Gilligan’s Island, the sequel.”
      Who would play Ginger today?
      Mary Ann?
      Maybe The Rock would be that polynesian chief who lived on the next island, just over the horizon. Instead of sending supplies via some of those old outrigger canoes, he could send Gronk and Zion on jetskis.

  179. wyoming85 says:

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      It’s cloudy and windy in Miami Gardens, temp in the upper 80s with a 59 humidity.
      14 mph breeze
      Will be that way or hotter all week, but the wind will keep it below 90, usually.

    • D says:

      It’s hotter and more humid than that here right now

  180. Tim Knight says:

    One of the more underrated albums by Pink Floyd that preceded Dark Side of the Moon.

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      This one was actually my fave Pink album of them all.
      Of course D Side of the Moon has some fabulous hits,
      but this one set the world up for that one.
      Absolutely Curtains is great. With the African (?) choral group at the end.

      I saw PF in Atlanta before Dark Side even came out (I think),
      and they played a lot off this and some ummagumma
      and Atom Heart Mother. (again, hard to remember specifics that far back)

      Anyway, it was very psychedelic, yet at the same time, very cerebral.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Awesome, man. Obscured was their 7th album before Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Wall. Then Roger Waters left the band. For me that was the end even though the other three continued on. You can’t be Pink Floyd without Roger Waters. He was a founding member and a huge part of their writing, especially lyrics. It is what it is. It bummed me out when Waters left.

      • TryPod says:

        The Final Cut was the last album with Waters/Gilmour.

      • TryPod says:

        Admittedly, it’s not like they were all onboard emotionally on this album- it comes across as preachy Waters- but they do get credit for writing and musical contributions.

      • TryPod says:

        Regardless, although I an a really big fan of the major albums, done songs like Set The Controls, See Emily Play, Fearless.. really good songs from less acclaimed works they produced.

      • TryPod says:


      • TryPod says:

        *some not done
        F-it, I should have left well enough alone

  181. Randy says:

    I enjoy the anticipation of seeing how Flores builds this team. I’m not getting worried about wins and losses yet. Just like with any new coach and regime, I’m cautiously optimistic and hoping for the best. It should be fun seeing how this team grows. Just show you’re competing and playing hard.
    The MN Twins are kinda having a season where the young guys….and team overall….are starting to ball and develop positively after a couple years. It’s fun to watch.

  182. Rockphin says:

    Any of you guys watch Frontier on Netflix?

    I like it.

  183. stangerx says:

    Watched an old movie last night. Some get better with age and some sure don’t. THis one has aged well…. even if Voight hasn’t.

  184. pheloniusphish says:

    Saw Pink Floyd in ‘94 at RFK. Flying Animals. 9th row center..

  185. olddolphan says:

    MAXED OUT AT 96 DEGREES TODAY in the northern suburbs of Tampa. Heat indexes in triple figures! No doubt the Succanears work out in even hotter conditions than do the Dolphins. No significant chance of rain here for the next 7-10 days. More talk of climate change and global warming. But, today, people should be focused on Memorial Day and the great costs of freedom.
    Tomorrow, after I walk the dogs in the morning, I’m gonna sit in my chair on the back porch over looking the lake and ponder about how incredibly lucky I am to be in America. Those who made that possible have my eternal gratitude.

  186. olddolphan says:

    It has just been announced that Cheatriots tight end Ben Watson has been suspended for the first 4 games of the upcoming NFL season for violating the leagues PED drug policies. WHAT A SURPRISE!!! —THIS IS THE SAME CHEATRIOTS TEAM that had receiver Julian Edelman get suspended last season for the first four games FOR EXACTLY THE SAME REASON!!! – – – Edelman went on to win the Super Bowl MVP Award, proving what EVERY PATRIOT FAN KNOWS VERY WELL – – – namely, IT PAYS TO CHEAT IN THE NFL!!!!!!
    Since felon Bob Kraft brought Bill Belicheat on board, the Patriots have run up an impressive laundry list of violations, for which they’ve coughed-up millions of dollars of fines and several lost draft choices. NO MATTER. Since the violations they’ve been caught doing amount to just the tip of the iceberg of football violations, on balance, they have profited mightily from their football misdeeds. Unfortunately, many (most?) sportswriters just shrug their shoulders and say “that’s football in the NFL.” Then they heap tons of praise on football’s Masters of Deceit as they crown this organization the GREATEST OF ALL TIME!, otherwise know as “GOAT!”
    I call them G-COAT!! –Greatest Cheaters of All Time. I say the difference between them being an average franchise (which they were prior to Belicheat) and a Super Bowl winning franchise is cheating just enough to win a few extra games during the regular season AND NOT getting caught cheating during the Playoffs. Notice I didn’t say “they don’t cheat during the Playoffs.” I just said they don’t get caught. Some day all the shit and all the tricks –illegal ones–pulled by Krapp and Belicheat will catch up with them. And that day MIGHT be sooner than we think. But, until that happens, expect more of the same. Key players getting caught taking PEDS. Illegal alterations of footballs, communications equipment, illegally sneaking hidden cameras into other team’s practices before games (a rules violation they’ve already been punished once for). The list is endless and disgusting.
    HELP MAY be on the way. Roger Goodell is serving his LAST term as commissioner. In a couple of years, a NEW commissioner will replace this blundering fool. With perseverance and a little luck, the new man just might get the evidence to blow the lid off this corrupt football program. When that happens, this Cheatriots franchise will be regarded in a totally different light than it now is.
    I wonder what the chances are that Ben Watson pulls an “EDELMAN?? –That is, he comes back from a PEDS suspension and wins the Super Bowl MVP in THE SAME SEASON??

  187. The Flying Pig says:

    Ben Watson is still playing?

  188. manitobafinfan says:

    He did play for NO last year though …

    • olddolphan says:

      Watson said he “felt retired” when they gave him the test. However, I believe you have to have signed a valid NFL contract in order to be tested, per the CBA.
      NOTICE WATSON HAS NOT DENIED taking a banned substance.
      AH, details, details!! I WONDER WHO gave the “JUICE” to Watson??
      OR the really retired Gronkowski???
      OR maybe Robert Kraft’s under age “massage girl??”

  189. D says:

    Frontier, at least as far as I have gotten into it is ok. I like the era in history and the story but the bro’s aren’t era speech, the eyes up here references aren’t era, so there are a few things I’m not fond of but overall it’s ok to good

  190. Tim Knight says:

    Try, you are correct on The Final Cut. That wasn’t Pink Floyd to me anymore. They were over at that point. Their beef turned me off. So much that I thought The Final Cut was a Roger Waters album.

  191. olddolphan says:

    I SAT DOWN for a few minutes and contemplated how lucky I am to be in this great land. For someone whose first home was in an orphanage in Canada, things have turned out OK. OK??
    GREAT?? –YES!!
    Today is the day to feel grateful.
    Game one of the Stanley Cup Finals begins about 8:30 ET tonight.
    Boston is a prohibitive favorite.
    But which team has been the best team in the NHL since Jan. 3??
    In terms of winning percentage, it’s the St. Louis Blues.
    And the Blues have won 8 of the last 11 games they’ve played in Boston.
    And they have won about two-thirds of their ROAD GAMES during the playoffs.
    Most of the East coast hockey gurus think the Bruins will dominate.
    They may be right.
    But if the Blues win tonight, this series will be up for grabs.
    The Blues definitely have a shot!!

    • naplesfan2010 says:

      You Canadians like that pseudosport that doesn’t even have a ball, don’t you?

      Is it not true that 83% of all goals scored in hockey are just blind luck?

      I quit watching it when they replaced the human goalies with those robo-manikins hidden under 6 layers of armor and upholstery.

      Gimme the real men with no front teeth, an eye patch, and visible stitches scars.

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