With the 5th, 18th and 26th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, The Miami Dolphins select . . .

#5 – QB – Alabama – Tua Tagavailoa

#18 – LT – USC – Austin Jackson

# 30 – CB – Auburn – Noah Igbinoghene

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1,111 Responses to With the 5th, 18th and 26th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, The Miami Dolphins select . . .

  1. naplesfan2010 says:

    hey great swift Dobbins and Taylor are still there.

  2. CavalierKong says:

    I had a blast. I’m trusting the FO and their process. We got a QB with tremendous upside, an OT with tremendous upside, and CB with tremendous upside who can also return kicks.

    Can’t wait to see what we do tomorrow.

  3. Rhino says:

    Tua HIGH … followed by a long stretch of lows. Yes, Fin fans are bipolar.

  4. steveccnv says:

    With the Noah pick that likely takes McKinney off the board, but who knows.

  5. Ken says:

    Possible franchise QB, possible franchise OT and a possible stud 3rd CB. I am good with that. Still really good RBs left to grab in round 2

  6. manitobafinfan says:

    Detroit will take one RB score we pick , next .. should be only ones ..

  7. manitobafinfan says:

    ^ before not score

  8. manitobafinfan says:

    I’m okay with Tua. Would have preferred Burrow but , here we are… stay healthy Tua !!🤞

  9. Mike E. says:

    We still have work to do. We need a RB, pass rusher, possibly a C but that’s looking less likely now

  10. Mike E. says:

    Ken – Not sure how Jackson fits in right now. With no offseason, taking a project guy doesn’t have me optimistic for this season, at least early.

    • Mike E. says:

      That’s why unless we take Cushenberry at C, I think taking Biadasz could be a problem because he may not be ready to play either

    • Ken says:

      I agree but the kid is only 20 and he is a stud athlete. He will need to mature a bit but I like the pit. Tua and Jackson may both not play that much this year but that is okay they will be around for a while

    • rich0322 says:

      I would have liked trading up to get Wirfs. We have a future left handed QB and Jesse Davis playing RT. Yikes.

  11. manitobafinfan says:

    I still hope we get Badass just for his name.

  12. Rhino says:

    If we had stayed at 26 and got Wilson for Tua’s blind side, I’d go to sleep tonight very satisfied (within all the options available).
    However, I will defer CB decisions to Flores (like I have a choice lol). Hate the Pats as we do, they have always done well in this area.
    What is it about our OL that made them say “eh, we good”.?
    Tomorrow good targets: TCU’s DT Blacklock, one of the other 3 RBs, OT Jones still there, Cushenberry, doesn’t look like a Safety is a target until maybe 4th, lots of really good WRs still available….

    Bottom line… everyone feels smarter during 1-10 than during picks 22-32. 🙂 2nd round built the Pats… lets see if Flores brings that same focus.

  13. Rhino says:

    Noah “give me a year to learn to spell it” must have been high on their board at a position that fits the plan Flores wants to follow. BUT … gotta admit, missing on Ruiz and Wilson was like losing air hockey to your 10 yr old nephew smart ass. ya’ know?

  14. Mike E. says:

    Any of you like Lucas Niang at RT?

    • rich0322 says:

      My top 6 OT are off the board now, so any one tomorrow will have more question marks, but It doesn’t mean will still shouldn’t strongly consider another one.

  15. Rhino says:

    How cool would it be if NFL required teams to release their ‘boards’ AFTER the draft ended. 🙂

  16. Mike E. says:

    rgs – Thoughts on Leki Fotu?

    • rich0322 says:

      I like him, but my favorite would be Davon Hamilton in the late 2nd or 3rd round. Fotu would be an option B, maybe late 3rd/early 4th. We just need a versatile guy who plays NT first and DT second. Godchaux was decent at NT, but would be better at DT/DE.

  17. manitobafinfan says:

    A body good left with a name like Mike Smith that we can pronounce ??

  18. Mike E. says:

    Goodnight all!

  19. Phindog says:

    I’m happier than a fag in a dick tree. Was hoping Swift at 26 but hopefully they Know they are doing. 🐕😎🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🐕

  20. ElephantRider says:

    Well….they tanked for Tua. Congrats!

  21. D says:

    Jones is still out there, but I’m not sure how he transitions to RT. There is also Prince Tega and Matt Peart those are the next three on my OT list. If we aren’t running This out there the first year those guys could learn on the job and give us better than Davis.

  22. Tim Knight says:

    Addition doesn’t always mean subtraction.

  23. Tim Knight says:

    Noah Igbinoghene was a surprise but there is always a surprise in the draft. I love this part of the process looking into players like this. He’s a tough, physical corner who can play inside and out.

    Our defense is being formed before our eyes.

  24. Tim Knight says:

    The 2nd round will be a RB explosion and I expect us to land one of them.

  25. ElephantRider says:

    I have no clue who the CB they grabbed is. I’m cool with it, can never have enough of them… I figure they must really like him if they picked a CB in the first.

  26. Krishna says:

    Reminds me of the last 3-4 drafts….

    So much for getting 5 starters….so silly. You were right, D. My apologies.

  27. wyoming85 says:

    Kinda disappointing to only get a 4th for moving from #26 to #30!

  28. son of a son of a shula says:

    Well we went with premium positions in the first round, which on its own is pretty smart. We need these guys to work out for us now.

  29. wyoming85 says:

    Here’ Noah against 2 1st round WR’s

  30. naplesfan2010 says:

    We now have 3 bona fide shutdown corners … no one will be able to throw against us … should give us some coverage sacks as well … with Noah as the nickel

  31. The Flying Pig says:

    Look at all the talent left on the board
    Swift, Josh Jones, Higgins, Pittman, shenault, mims, dobbins Taylor, Cleveland, Winfield, Delpit, McKinney, Davis, Duggar (the second round is stacked with safeties) espenesa, gross-matos, Baun, Blacklock, Gallimore, cushenberry, Biadasz

    Let’s get 3 of them today! At least

    Make it a fourth and a 🐷 can’t take much more

  32. naplesfan2010 says:

    Thing about this draft is we are not Super Bowl ready anyway,
    so Tua can pull a Mahomes and sit for a year while learning from the pro’s pro.
    And getting his body NFL ready.

    Jackson can go in even as raw as he is, because Fitz is magic. Look what he did with the worst OL in America. Jackson can’t be any worse, even if he is still learning.

    The kid CB is not the type of rookie who’s scared, overmatched, or timid hitting like some CBs.
    He played well against excellent competition, he is kinda stocky built for a CB, and he is a hitter.
    Plus he won’t need to guard the first best or even 2nd best WR, just the slot guy down in the box where Noah can be a second skin and his rookie mistakes won’t happen around downfield for TDs.

    Some say he was the best man-press corner in college last year.

    Flores wanted him; you can tell by them taking him in round 1.

  33. steveccnv says:

    So we went straight BPA with the NOAH pick it seems. I hope none of you BPAers have an issue with this pick 😉

    The only BPA guy here I know for sure, because we talked about it the other day, was Tim and he seems to like it.

    QB, LT, CB are any other positions besides Edge worthy of a 1st round selection?

  34. steveccnv says:

    Imagine if we take McKinney at 39, what this D will look like.

  35. steveccnv says:

    Seems like no one worthy of the 26 was available that they felt wouldn’t be there at 30.

  36. wyoming85 says:

    Round 2 Pick 7 J.K. Dobbins Ohio St. RB
    Round 2 Pick 24 Robert Hunt Louisiana OT

  37. The Flying Pig says:

    On nfl network They are bragging about a guy getting 6 picks right in Their mock draft
    We got the first 10 right!

  38. The Flying Pig says:

  39. The Flying Pig says:

    Trent Williams is also still available for a 2nd

    • The Flying Pig says:

      He’s 31 btw

      Will the reclaims take a 4th?

    • Rhino says:

      I had that thought last night. But what’s his contract? Williams at LT, Jackson at RT and let Karras play center for one season… The OL would be much improved. Plus Williams and Flowers have a year of ‘chemistry’ together.

  40. TryPod says:

    Can the hype actually be elevated?

  41. ocalarob says:

    The tackle we got doesnt look like a huge overweight guy. He looks to be in shape at that weight.

  42. wyoming85 says:

    You guy acting like Ruiz was the only Center / OG in the draft!

    Lloyd Cushenberry III LSU C/OG 2
    Matt Hennessy Temple C/OG 2
    Netane Muti Fresno St. OG/C 2
    Nick Harris Washington OG/C 2
    Tyler Biadasz Wisconsin C/OG 2
    Zach Shackelford Texas C/OG 3
    Darryl Williams Miss. State C/OG 3
    Jake Hanson Oregon C/OG 3

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Biadasz may be the best when it’s said and done
      He was great in 2018 with Wisconsin
      Then struggled a bit with injuries this year
      He’s going to be there

  43. pheloniusphish says:

    I kind of expect them to use some later picks to move around tonight.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      If you can move down 4 spots in the first with a 4th rounder
      Then you can probably move up 10 in the 2nd with that same 4th rounder

      We can go from 56 to 46 or from 70 to 60 with that pick

  44. pheloniusphish says:

    Just say no to big contract, 31-yo LT.

    Also not convinced they take a center. They have Karras for a 1-year tryout and can always draft one next year if needed.

  45. pheloniusphish says:

    Tonight I think we see a RB and another OT in that order.

  46. bailbondmike says:

    Miami Dolphins
    Draft picks: Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa (No. 5 overall); USC OT Austin Jackson (No. 18 overall); Auburn CB Noah Igbinoghene (No. 30 overall)

    Day 1 grade and analysis: A
    Tagovailoa’s injury history might have caused him to drop a couple of spots, but teams will regret not moving up to get him. The Dolphins did not pass on Tua, despite the injuries, avoiding repeating the mistake they made with Drew Brees in free agency back in 2006. Is this pick a risk? Yes, but greatness often starts with a risk. His accuracy is off the charts, his athleticism is excellent and his character impeccable. Build around this guy.

    Miami gained first-round picks from the Texans for offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil and the Steelers for safety Minkah Fitzpatrick. With Pittsburgh’s pick, they got their new left tackle to replace Tunsil in Jackson. He’s an athletic tackle and while he might not ever be as good of a player as Tunsil, he was the best of the second-tier linemen and will get stronger as he grows into his frame. The Dolphins met a need (in a mediocre tackle class overall) and got a really promising prospect. With the Tunsil pick from Houston, Miami traded down with Green Bay, picking up a fourth-round selection in the deal before landing a talented cornerback in Igbinoghene. Though a bit raw as a former receiver, his quick feet are tough to ignore. Other corners they could have picked here include Kristian Fulton, Jeff Gladney (who went to Minnesota on the next pick) and Jaylon Johnson. Their other needs — running back, interior offensive line and safety — are ones they can meet with their plethora of later selections.
    I give us a B.

  47. The Flying Pig says:

    Tonight we can still have Friday Night Tunes
    But it must be draft themed music only

  48. New Age says:

    It was a pretty fantastic draft. Tua is one of the top 2 QBs as has talent in spades. OTs went extremely fast but we still got a great prospect. We also got a top CB prospect at the very end of the round. There’s tons of talent left and we have a ton of picks. I can’t see how anyone could say we didn’t win the first and most important round. We need to have another blockbuster day but so far so good.

    • steveccnv says:

      Fulton is still on the board, don’t know much about our new CB, but something I heard yesterday from the Finside was they were rating CBs for their board based on if he could play slot, since that’s what we need.

      I wonder, if we felt Igbinoghene was the best fit in the slot?

  49. bailbondmike says:

    Trypod, I give us a B with the potential of being an A+. If Tua stays healthy for most of his career, he could be the steal of the draft. That was my only real knock on him. I did knock on him for not making the tight window throws but that is something that will improve over time with more confidence. He can sling it.

  50. pheloniusphish says:

    I will worry about Tua’s hip until he retires, but his talent and upside can’t be questioned.

    • D says:

      If blood flow isn’t an issue it shouldn’t be degenerative which is the only real concern for those types of injuries.

    • TryPod says:

      I am not as convinced about his skill as much as many of you are, but I will say that if he was the one you wanted and you got him at your price, then it was a win. I hope he stays healthy and I hope he is what he has been hyped to be. I’ll question his ability until it’s displayed on the NFL field. There have been many college superstars whose game was not NFL caliber. He seems like an awesome individual, A really good young man, a guy the team will be proud to have- I hope his game is one of those reasonshe makes them feel that way.

  51. D says:

    Jackson the more I look at him doesn’t bother me as much as he did leading up to the draft. I mean he does have upside, he is athletic which I saw before and knowing now he might not have been 100% because he had some medical (short term) complications due to donating marrow for a critically ill family member, has me more positive about the selection.

  52. wyoming85 says:

  53. ocalarob says:

    Is it just me or does mel kiper have parkinsons? He looks as if he shakes uncontrollably. I hope im wrong

  54. bailbondmike says:

    Kyle Crabbs from Thedraftnetwork has us taking on day 2:
    #39 RB DeAndre Swift
    #56 OL Robert Hunt
    #70 S Ashtyn Davis

    I hope we trade back up into 3rd.

  55. wyoming85 says:

    • steveccnv says:

      The first play I watched of his game tape I said I like this guy, has good balance, quickness and power, and it didn’t change the rest if the tape. I saw problems in the quickness and feet for Wills and Wirfs, but those 2 are more powerful run blockers.

  56. ocalarob says:

    Josh Rosen has to be demoralized

  57. Ken says:

    Day 1 of the Tua era begins

  58. Ken says:

    Aaron Rodgers has to be demoralized

  59. Ken says:

    My prediction is we will cut Rosen and sign a journeyman QB that could step in if anything happens to Fitz so we are not rushed to put Tua in. So any thoughts on who that will be?

  60. Mike E. says:

    Josh Rosen who was picked #10 in the 2018 Draft was replaced in the 2019 season after the Arizona Cardinals drafted another QB at RD1 Pick #1, Kyler Murray. He was traded to the Dolphins for a 2nd RD and 5th picks. In 2020, The Miami Dolphins selected Tua Tagavailoa RD1 pick #5. Uhhhh, it’s not looking very promising for Josh Rosen right about now. He just might now have that competitive fire that is required to be the man in the NFL. Who knows, maybe this gives him that fire, but more than likely, the best he can hope for is to increase his trade value right now

    • Ken says:

      I think more likely he will just be released

      • Mike E. says:

        Why do that? He can play in training camp and then in the preseason and possibly a team loses a QB to injury, someone may come a knocking. Either that or if by some miracle some team is still interested in him, trade him today or tomorrow for a 4th or 5th RD pick. Get something in return for him!

      • steveccnv says:

        We have Tua’s injury concerns to worry about, and after this season, I don’t expect Fitz to be on the team, so where does that leave us at backup? Rosen surely has the potential and checks off enough boxes. His arm is much stronger than Tua’s too.

        I’m not ready to throw him out on the scrap heap just yet. Besides, what do we gain by cutting ties?

  61. steveccnv says:

    The post above about the U75s raving about someone getting 6 picks right, kind of blows we away. I don’t know if my theory of them being that stupid is correct, or if the people here as a group are just that smart? Well its both😀

    Most things we talk about here can be summed up just like the mock, majority rules. I mean someone talks about a subject, thinks they know what they’re talking about and someone else either comes up with a different point of view or adds another element to it and the consensus seems to change. Outside of the P word, most aren’t too stubborn and set in their thoughts.

  62. pheloniusphish says:

    I think they will try to trade Rosen tonight. If they can’t, they will carry 3 QB.

    • Mike E. says:

      I think there would have to be some interest, and I’m not sure there is, but we should try to get some return on him. Releasing him outright makes no sense to me.

  63. bailbondmike says:

    My prediction is we will cut Rosen and sign a journeyman QB
    Ken, we kind of have that in Ruddock.

  64. Mike E. says:

    BBM – Thoughts on Bobby McCain? Back to safety? Doghouse?

    • bailbondmike says:

      No doghouse. He will have to step up at FS though with the addition of Noah as probably our new slot CB and if we also draft a safety. He plays with a lot of heart and a good team player. It was his first season so I think he sticks around. Again, depends on what kind of safety we might draft.

    • stangerx says:

      This coaching staff wanted him at safety…. and they want him to stay there. Might draft the future there tonight though.

  65. Ken says:

    Steve I fully expect not only will Fitzpatrick be on Miami but he will also be the starter for most of the season

  66. ocalarob says:

    What if we went jedrick wills. Tristan Wirfs. And Jordan love. Which we could have done that.

  67. Ken says:

    Mike E:
    I don’t think we get anything for Rosen. Everyone knows he is deadman walking

    • steveccnv says:

      Well I’m just a no one then, but I think they’re smarter than that.

    • Mike E. says:

      I disagree – Teams know the situation here. They know we had no O-line and no run game. It was too much to ask Rosen to push through that, especially since we had Fitzpatrick here. It’s natural for us to think he’s trash because he looked bewildered, but he was set up to fail here, and that’s the truth, and I think that’s why we pulled the plug early on him.

  68. ocalarob says:

    I think they carry 3 qbs. This has to be fitz last year especially if he gets the hook in favor of tua. So we will need a back up for tua until rosens contract matures.

  69. ocalarob says:

    With taking the CB last night they may move jones to free safety. A position he has played before

  70. bailbondmike says:

    With expanded rosters, I think we keep 3 QB’s also.

  71. ocalarob says:

    Plug mccain on the slot rec

  72. Mike E. says:

    BBM – I honestly don’t see a huge need at safety. We have McCain, Rowe, Fejedelem, Colbert and Parker

  73. ocalarob says:

    With the first picks miami went need. Obviously they thought they needed a franchise qb. We know they needed a tackle. It was a reach to select jackson at 18 so they didnt want to take any chances.

    • ocalarob says:

      I expect they will continue to draft for need tonight.
      Do we need a safety?
      Do they think they have enough DBs?
      I think we need a rb. My money is on dobbins. We also need a 3-4 NT.
      whos the best NT available?

  74. stangerx says:

    Action Jackson
    Austin Powers
    Steve Austin
    Austin Jackson

    I figure they all got game.

  75. bailbondmike says:

    D, that is a good point about Noah. He has the speed McCain doesn’t to play FS.

  76. D says:

    Noah and McCain can play both slot Cb and S, they are pretty close to the same type player, with a little more size and speed for Igbinoghene. Like i said above, consider Igbinoghene and upgraded McCain and i think thats saying a lot because McCain is no slouch.

    • stangerx says:

      Has Noah played safety or are you just projecting? Thought he was relatively new to CB.

      • D says:

        He is fairly new to CB, but the skill set comparison between slot CB and FS is pretty similar. I think they more consider us to have 4-5 CB’s on the field instead of 2-3 CB’s and 2 S’s, i said that a little while back on here.

      • stangerx says:

        D- thinking the plan is him at slot. If they wanted a S they would have taken one. And talking the first round not the 4th.

    • D says:

      They have had him lined up there at Auburn, it wasnt a primary position but in certain looks he played there.

    • D says:

      Not to mention his skill set looks to be what we are looking for at S these days

  77. D says:

    I think we start with a Rb, since it looks like the last pick of the 1st round started the run. Later second probably DT. Beauty of the overlapping position players is that you can draft a CB and wind up with a Cb and a S selection with the same pick. Eliminates the need to start early with a S. Now McKinney is kinda still on my list of possibles just because he can be a hybrid LB, but id be less shocked if we let him pass and took Chinn later.

    • D says:

      I guy i didnt come arcross until a good bit later in the draft process is Shyheim Carter, if we add a guy later, another guy who could play hybrid slot CB or FS, then we will have plenty of guys that cant rotate in and out and give us all kinda crazy secondary looks that will confuse the fuck out of a QB.

  78. bailbondmike says:

    I don’t agree that Rosen has no Trade value. I believe he is much better than any we have left. I think he could be packaged with #141 or a 5th for a mid 3rd. There are some teams with older QB’s who could have Rosen as a backup.

    Lions #67 or 85
    Panthers #69
    Pats #71, 87, 98 or 100
    Jaguars #73
    Bucs #76
    Falcons #78
    Raiders #80, 81 or 91
    Steelers #102

  79. ocalarob says:

    We may have 4 picks tonight.
    We may use that 4th we got from GB along with a 5th and maybe a 7th to move into the 3rd round

    • steveccnv says:

      Little light on the comp, but yeah I said that last night after the trade. It’s going to take more like all 3 5ths and the 4th, to get I to the 3rd.

  80. bookman11 says:

    I would not get rid of Rosen yet, unless they get really good value for him. It doesn’t hurt us at all to have 4QBs right now. Let things play out like Mike said, and maybe deal him later. No real need to do anything now, again, unless they get good value for him now.

  81. Rhino says:

    big question is … What number will Tua wear??
    HOF Griese #12
    HOF Marino #13
    maybe Fitz will let the newb have #14 (?)
    Can’t take #11 cuz thats Parkers

    single digit jersey is littered with QB busts and bad memories lol… only Brian Griese wore #14 as a QB.

  82. Rhino says:

    just saw article saying “Tua won’t wear Marino’s 13” Umm that should say “CAN’T wear #13” cuz it is retired.

  83. rich0322 says:

    Ok, some day 2 thoughts.

    I think trading down last night gave us another pick to use for a trade up tonight. I will be shocked if we don’t add another 3rd round pick before the night is over.

    While I would never turn away a safety or pass rusher, I think the only glaring need that might be addressed on defense on day 2 is a NT/DT.

    Today is probably the day we focus on the run game. …drafting a RB and another O-lineman.

    Some players Miami was rumored to like that they may not be able to pass on if they start slipping… Antoine Winfield, JK Dobbins, Lloyd Cushenberry III, and Marlon Davidson.

    Some of my favorites still available, Antoine Winfield, Grant Delpit, Lloyd Cushenberry III, Davon Hamilton, and Antonio Gibson.

  84. rich0322 says:

    Tua could go with #8. There were 2 pretty good lefty QBs that wore that number eons ago.

  85. Ken says:

    I think we will keep 3 QBs Rosen won’t be one

    • Mike E. says:

      Possible, but I can almost guarantee we don’t release him. Either we trade him now, or later.

      • Ken says:

        I stand by my deadman walking comment for 2 reasons. One Rosen has not shown any in stints as a starter with 2 teams to make a gm want to invest in him. Second, every gm knows he is not in Miami’s plans so I why do I give up something for him when I know they really don’t want him

    • stangerx says:

      When Fitz retires still gonna need a #2, but now maybe for some other team to decide if Rosen has it.

  86. stangerx says:

    Speaking of lefty QBs — is Austin Jackson gonna play LT or RT? Everything is flipped. So RT protects the blindside and that RT run game need is now on the other side.

  87. Ken says:

    I am guessing Tua wears #3

  88. wyoming85 says:

    • rich0322 says:

      Yea, we got the DB I wanted. I just thought it would be safety, but this definitely works too. …Love the pick.

  89. wyoming85 says:

    Tua said #7, #8, #9 He didn’t care!
    Said Marino’s #13 is sacred and wouldn’t even think it!

  90. ocalarob says:

    I dont think social distancing is working very well. Not everyone is following the rules therefore the virus keeps spreading. When will we reach the apex? It seems SD is prolonging that. Meanwhile our economy is getting crushed.

  91. bailbondmike says:

    I expect to see runs on RB, DT, safety and IOL today. We need to trade up into mid 3rd.

  92. ocalarob says:

    In the US. 34k new cases a day. 2500 people dying from it every day. We are over 50k dead.

  93. wyoming85 says:

  94. wyoming85 says:

    Move out???
    You mean move up!! Right?

  95. steveccnv says:

    Rhino says:
    April 24, 2020 at 12:30 pm
    big question is … What number will Tua wear??
    HOF Griese #12
    HOF Marino #13
    maybe Fitz will let the newb have #14 (?)
    Can’t take #11 cuz thats Parkers

    single digit jersey is littered with QB busts and bad memories lol… only Brian Griese wore #14 as a QB

    How about the obvious – 2

  96. D says:

    Id be willing to trade back from 39 as well. Only had two guys i really though we might target there and both of them are gone. Swift is the only one id stay put for but something seems off since he was skilled over and it wound up being Helaire that got selected first, maybe there is something we dont know about. We could move back a little and still get one of several high second low first graded RB’s. DT still has several good players, OL still has several good players. Almost every target group we have seems to have enough that trading back might work and still get the guy we really like.

  97. Mike E. says:


  98. Rockphin says:

    Rob, we have all been social distancing to “flatten the curve” not to prevent infection all together. The assumption is that the virus is still going to spread. The purpose of flattening the curve is simply to reduce the strain on the healthcare system. Too many all sick at once would lead to many more deaths than if the infections are spread out over time where individuals can get the help they need. Odds are that Covid-19 is here to stay and yearly outbreaks will continue to occur (forever) like the flu. Once there is a vaccine it will help but it is here to stay. EVERYONE will eventually catch it. This year, next or 5 years from now.

  99. wyoming85 says:

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