WR Corps suffer legitimate depth issues with 2 COVID-19 opt outs

Many of you here didn’t really value the services of one Allen Hurns, and maybe I’m on the side of overrating him, but Hurns was on target to be the starter opposite DeVante Parker at least into training camp. If Preston Williams proved he was healthy and battle ready then it’s possible Hurns slipped down the depth chart as he was replaced by the younger, more explosive Williams. IN any case, Hurns was a veteran receiver with AFC experience and one that thrived playing opposite a very talented receiver in Allen Robinson in Jacksonville. Never as much of a big play threat as Robinson, Hurns was a steady, reliable , professional possession receiver. Albert Wilson looked like he was almost all the way back last season, especially towards the end of the season. The last 3 games he caught 17 passes which is nearly half of his season’s production of 41 receptions. He had the lowest YPC average of his career at 8.1 and only one TD but the hip injury that cut his 2019 season short really took its toll on the receiver as he finally worked his way back. I do recall seeing a couple of plays at the end of the year where his explosiveness resembled the player of 2019 where he was turning nothing into something big routinely.

Before the opt outs, I felt like we had a very strong WR room with serious depth and a nice mix of youth and veterans. Parker is 27, Wilson 28 and Allen Hurns 28, along with young up and comers like Preston Williams (23), Gary Jennings (23), Isaiah Ford (24), Malcolm Perry (23) and Jakeem Grant who is now 27. If Preston Williams is ready he takes Hurns spot on the outside opposite Parker. Which receiver or receivers get to thrive in the slot? Jakeem Grant will be in the running as will Gary Jennings and 7th RD draftee Malcolm Perry. Grant has the speed and explosiveness Wilson had but not the size, Grant (5’6 171) is about 25 lbs lighter and doesn’t have the run power to break tackles like Wilson did. Gary Jennings is a little less speedy and explosive but has good size at 6’1 216. Jennings ran a 4.42 at the combine and put up 20 reps so he has some upper body strength. Malcolm Perry is closest size wise and elusiveness to Wilson but doesn’t have the top speed that Wilson had. Perry ran 4.63 40 at the combine. If you watch Perry play though, he always looks fast enough and is a very slippery runner. The Dolphins signed Colts WR Chester Rogers to a 1YR deal which deepens the depth a little. Rogers caught 53 passes in 2018, just 16 last year playing behind WR Zach Pascal.

The biggest concern I have about our WR’s, or really any unit on our team is the depth. If we’ve learned anything by watching MLB, NBA or NHL in 2020 in the year of COVID-19 is that players drop like flies. One second they’re on the team and the next they’re on COVID-19 protocol. Add in the usual NFL injuries, especially considering this year with a huge lack of practices and no preseason games and you will likely see how important good depth will be. I’d even question whether the league will be able to play a full season. We’re going to have to count on a bunch of our deeper depth players this season and I hope we get them all ready for action. When Chan Gailey was with the Jets in 2015-2016, he utilized Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker mostly, with a decent amount of passing to the RB’s Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell. In 2016 Decker was gone after 3 games and replaced by Quincy Enunwa and the offense didn’t really feature a slot WR much. Robby Anderson provided the deep threat on the outside and again, the RB’s, now Matt Forte and Bilal Powell caught a bunch of passes. Jordan Howard isn’t much of a pass catcher but Matt Breida is a good receiver out of the backfield who was stifled by playing time in a 3 headed attack in SF with Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman and also CJ Beathard. Malcolm Perry may also get some use out of the backfield and Kalen Ballage was thought to be a good receiver although he didn’t get to show any of those skills here in MIA. Patrick Laird and Kenyan Drake caught the most passes at RB. In any case, one thing we’ll probably have to get used to in 2020 is NEXT MAN UP . . .

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2,262 Responses to WR Corps suffer legitimate depth issues with 2 COVID-19 opt outs

  1. Tim Knight says:

    Yes!!! Flyers win!!! 🙂

    • CavalierKong says:

      Big win!

      • Tim Knight says:

        Had to have it! You go up 3-0 in the 1st and lose going down 2-0 in the series you’re likely done. None of these teams get to feed off the home crowd energy. It’s pure hockey on the ice.

  2. bookman11 says:

    Looks like Brewers may not play tonight either, that means they would be available to go to Kenosha to help.

  3. CavalierKong says:

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      Well fuck guess my days of enjoying sports is coming to an end. It’s already pretty much down to football anyway.

      • bookman11 says:

        I’m with you on that. I am really tired of the grandstanding and rushing to judgement, or should I say rushing to looting and rioting. At least our pathetic Governor IS accepting Federal help, unlike Portland.

        Did Lebron speak yet today, I can’t do anything until I hear from him

      • CavalierKong says:

        We’ll see how it plays out. We’re not there yet, but clearly we’re trending in that direction.

    • steveccnv says:

      My team was the Lakers, but I’m boycotting them until Lebrom leaves.

  4. steveccnv says:

    It’s as simple as this, you can put a rookie on IR, but you have to honor his contract if you do. If you don’t want to honor his contract you can waive him and pay him an injury settlement, and if he clears waivers you can then put him on IR. In either instance, if he was put on IR, the team still owns his rights.

  5. steveccnv says:

    Fuck these NBA players, no one gives a shit if they play or not.

  6. son of a son of a shula says:

    Hope all your stuff is ok Wyo, glad you got the hell out of there

  7. pheloniusphish says:

    Dude they are rioting over had a knife. Fuck’em all.

  8. ocalarob says:

    The NBA ratings are way down anyway, the guy got shot for resisting arrest with a weapon, he was a wanted criminal for sex crimes.
    if you’re going to make a stance against social injustice you may want to pick and choose the situation and who you stand behind a little better.
    this incident is a very lame way to support your agenda

    • CavalierKong says:

      Completely agree. In the video it sure looks to me like he was reaching down not just climbing in. He had a warrant, was resisting, then was reaching down for something. Is the cop supposed to wait until the guy turns around and fires before acting?

      I don’t know about shooting 7 times. But I also don’t know what the cop was seeing.

      I am really curious to see how this plays out once all the drama dies down. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the cop charged even though I don’t think he should be.

  9. bookman11 says:

    ORob and Phelon spot on

  10. CavalierKong says:

    Lightning are killing the Bruins. 6-1
    Awesome, lol.

  11. olddolphan says:

    CAV KONG: Saw your “big win” words for the Flyers. Indeed, it was. But speaking of “big win,” how about that 6-1 ass kicking the Lightning are laying on the Bruins after 2 periods!?!?? After going 0 for 15 on the power play, Tampa Bay scored on three straight power plays to break this game wide open.

    Expect plenty of fights in the third period!!!

    • CavalierKong says:

      LOL, just beat ya to it, OD. You guys are putting on a clinic. And we’ve had one fight already, and i do expect a couple of more.

    • olddolphan says:

      PS: An unconfirmed report tonight says that Tampa Bay’s captain and top scorer, Steven Stamkos will miss at least another full week of the playoffs. At some point, they’re going to need him.

  12. ocalarob says:

    This hurricane reminds me of Andrew, a small hurricane like a buzzsaw

  13. son of a son of a shula says:

    Ballage is getting cut source says according to the Palm Beach Post.
    Being awarded Salvon Ahmed off waivers appears it has sealed his fate.

    • Tim Knight says:

      That doesn’t surprise me. Howard and Breida are the two top dogs and Laird and Gaskin are next up.

    • CavalierKong says:

      I would have been fine with Ballage being released last year. He was terrible. Myles Gaskin reportedly has been having a very good camp, so him along with Breida and Howard makes up our top 3. Maybe we keep a FB and/or maybe Perry is designated as a back. That fills up that room.

      So Ballage’s days were numbered. Laird probably doesn’t make it out alive either.

      • son of a son of a shula says:

        I like Laird’s chances honestly, he’s just a hard worker, good teammate and has a lot of tools in his belt – blocks, good receiver, good with the ball in his hands, special teamer and so on. Plus a year of experience in his pocket.

      • CavalierKong says:

        I’ll be rooting for him, don’t want to see him end up on the Pets, lol.

  14. son of a son of a shula says:

    Despite playing different positions Laird reminds me a lot of 7-11 (can’t think of his name). They fucked that up, we sucked, all they did was praise him and then they cut him. Goes on to thrive in Buff and NE.

  15. CavalierKong says:

    It’s weird not to see a progression of cuts. A week before the season, all these players are going to be cut at the same time.

  16. son of a son of a shula says:

    Philbin did the same thing to a Safety named McClay I think. “He’s just a football player, he looks like a football player” (paraphrased), then cut. Goes on to start for freakin Seattle. Seattle could use him but we couldn’t 🤷‍♂️

  17. pheloniusphish says:

    Hogan signed with the BiPlanes

  18. ocalarob says:

    i hope your home fared well wyoming

  19. ocalarob says:

    Orange TX & Vinton LA got slammed!

  20. Ken says:

    ORob you must be in mourning with the release of Ballage

  21. D says:

    CavalierKong says:
    August 26, 2020 at 9:56 pm

    Completely agree. In the video it sure looks to me like he was reaching down not just climbing in. He had a warrant, was resisting, then was reaching down for something. Is the cop supposed to wait until the guy turns around and fires before acting?

    I don’t know about shooting 7 times. But I also don’t know what the cop was seeing.

    I am really curious to see how this plays out once all the drama dies down. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the cop charged even though I don’t think he should be.
    Not a fan of basketball, so its of no immediate affect to me, but yes, just like with Kaepernick, to me if they had picked a better person to rally around it would have a different view, or at least i know it would have for me. Supporting the kneeling to me wasnt a big deal but supporting something Kaepernick started with his intention not being a voice for change really had me at odds. Like i also said about BLM, i can support the cause but im at odds with the group, again, not the protesters, but the organization.

    This one was a combination of issue for me, 1) the guy was in the wrong, he didnt comply, he went back to his car for what could have been another weapon and they shot him. The 7 times with deadly force seems excessive to me, but had he not gone back to the care, that probably doesnt happen.

    There is some onus both sides have to take, police need to think about alternatives to the actions they take, they need to practice more descalation tactics but the public has to stop treating them like the enemy and refusing their commands. The black community needs to fight for their rishts but they need to educate their people and hold themselves to a standard that normal society follows or there will just be more of it. Until they can accept some of their ownership of this problem, there is no solution.

    • Ken says:

      I watched the video several times and I can see no justification for the shooting. I have defended police officers in Federal Court on shooting cases several times

      • steveccnv says:

        But you don’t know what was really going on at the moment of the shooting. Why is everyone in such a big hurry to decide what happened?

        The narrative in our country seems to have lead to this outcome. These people think it’s Ok to resist the police and not follow their command, and there’s not a damn thing the cops can do about it. Some idiots learn the hard way.

      • pheloniusphish says:

        Dude was a criminal resisting and had a knife. You want the cop to wait to be stabbed? The only thing the cop did wrong was aim poorly.

  22. D says:

    No more ballgag….such a disappointment to many.

  23. Ken says:

    Where can find another ass as big as Ballage’s

    • steveccnv says:

      There’s plenty of big asses out there, Lebron comes to mind, not sure they can run the ball any better though😉

  24. D says:

    Ken says:
    August 27, 2020 at 10:07 am

    I watched the video several times and I can see no justification for the shooting. I have defended police officers in Federal Court on shooting cases several times
    What part of the video is shown, i agree it was excessive force, but there is a lot more to that situation than they show on the video. I have seen that video a bunch too and i cant completely say one way or the other.

    • steveccnv says:

      I’m pretty sure the cops had at least some justification for firing off the first shot. The other 6 IDK.

    • Ken says:

      It doesn’t matter so much as what part of the video was shown. What matters is that the part that was shown included the shooting and at the moment he was shot there was no imminent risk to officer’s life which is the standard under the U.S. Supreme Court decision of Tennessee v Garner. All police training manuals teach that you do not use deadly force unless you believe your next breath is your last. There is also a continuum of force that you are supposed to go through before you get to deadly force. Watching that video I know there are a host of other options other than shooting the individual

      • steveccnv says:

        So now you’re Nostradamus and know what he was getting out of the vehicle😉

      • steveccnv says:

        Key phrase you seem to be putting on the pay no mind list, “the part that was shown”

      • Ken says:

        I think you missed the point Steve. He did not get anything out of the vehicle. Police officers watched him with guns drawn walk from one side of the vehicle open the door and try to enter the vehicle. There were numerous options to intervene with non lethal options prior to the point and at the point he was shot he had not grabbed anything out of the car. It was not at the point where deadly force was justified

      • steveccnv says:

        Obviously he didn’t get anything out of the vehicle or it would’ve been on tape, the point you don’t want to regard is what he was reaching for in the vehicle, and that’s the big unknown.

        If I did exactly what he did I would expect that my life woukd be in danger. Some people choose not to learn/follow basic rules, so that’s on them.

      • D says:

        He was leaning across the front seat, not getting in the car though, thatss how you go to grab something out of the console not just get in the car and leave, which they also cannot let him do. He drew wielded a knife against another person, so who is to say what else he went for, and even if driving away, what he would have done if they just let him go. My only agreement is i do think they had non-lethals they could have ysed WAY before he got around to the other side, so thats where my conflict comes in, the number of shots, also kinda concerns me, but since one cop could have suspected danger, then they all would have had the same reaction, so even that im not clear on. I know you rep cops in shootings like this, and i know you know your field of expertise, im just saying, i couldnt come to that decision from what i saw.

      • D says:

        To me, more needs to be known here and i agree with Steve in the respect that without the whole truth, the whole video, the level of outrage and the level of condemnation of their actions should be put on hold while those details come out.

  25. D says:

    White, black, chartreuse, compliance id key in these situations and its not too much to expect. We have these gfuys to protect and serve, and to interfere with that is to push them outside their basic training. Some cops can handle it because they are cut from the right cloth, some cant, those guys need to gone but until such time that police reform can occur, your best bet to live it to comply.

  26. steveccnv says:

    People think they know their rights. Someone needs to put out a video, that goes viral, to teach people their basic rights.

    These people seem to be daring the cops to shoot them.

    • D says:

      There are so many factors in play, social differences in different communities, history, community learning vs real understanding (ie blacks teaching their children to not trust because they dont trust, etc) there are class issues in play, i see rednecks act in similar manners, so its a whole bunch of things that will have to be changed to get to a better place and its WAY deeper than just police reform.

      That said, two primary factors to work on is compliance within the black community, and reform within the police force. Better education deescalation, how to not let the situation get there, and again, respect for authority on the peoples part, people will live more often than not if they can get those two things under control, then you get to the deeper issues of culture changes, faith in law enforcement, etc.

  27. D says:

    To me this is also way more of a class issue than a black/white issue and as long as it remains a black/white issue your chasing the wrong problem, introducing an even deeper level of hate into things and spinning your wheels of progress.

  28. D says:

    Oh and i want my big asses on the cheerleaders not the RB lol. Ballage was hyped up when he came into the league, i didnt think much of him when he was at ASU, and to be honest i dont really think much of PAC 12 RB’s, even though occasionally a really good one does come out of there. Still, maybe it was just a bad fit for us, maybe he goes on and does really awesome stuff, he just isnt there yet, and his time ran up.

  29. Mike E. says:

    NEW BLOG UP!!!

  30. Tim Knight says:

    Guys I was saying Laird and Gaskin will be the depth, not next to be cut. LOL

  31. wyoming85 says:

    Well the house is still standing!
    Actually weathered pretty well!
    A few shingles off the shed and well house, but other than that no damage!!!!!!!

    It moved to the east just enough!!

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