2021 Position outlook – WR

Since the Miami Dolphins own the #3 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, a lot of speculation has the Dolphins selecting Alabama WR Devonta Smith to add an important offensive weapon to help speed up the success of QB Tua Tagovailoa. While this is certainly possible, let’s take a look at who’s actually on the roster at this time and under contract in 2021.

DeVante Parker, Jakeem Grant, Preston Williams, Lynn Bowden and Malcolm Perry will all be returning players from this year’s roster. Two players who opted out due to COVID-19 are set to return, Albert Wilson and Allen Hurns. We sure could have used these guys this season. I’d be willing to bet that if we had Albert Wilson, the Lynn Bowden trade never happens. In any case, it’s good to have a young player like Bowden and I think he showed us some potential as well as some limitations. Allen Hurns is a solid possession type receiver who benefited greatly when paired with superstar WR Allen Robinson in JAX. Neither Wilson or Hurns are guaranteed a spot on this time, especially with the current youth movement, and although like I said, if Wilson was here, Bowden probably wouldn’t be here, he is, and now he threatens the possibility of Wilson coming back.

Let’s look at what our WR’s did this season statistically . . .

DeVante Parker – 63 / 793 4 TD’s 12.3 YPR

Jakeem Grant – 36 / 373 1 TD 10.4 YPR

Lynn Bowden Jr. – 28 / 211 0 TD 7.5 YPR

Preston Williams – 18 / 288 4 TD’s 16.0 YPR

Malcolm Perry – 9 / 92 1 TD 10.2 YPR

Isaiah Ford before and after he was a Patriot totaled 28 receptions for 276 yards and Mack Hollins had 16 catches for 176 yards, none bigger than the 41 yard completion from a twisting Ryan Fitzpatrick. As per the norm over DeVante Parker’s career as a Miami Dolphins, nagging injuries hampered him most of the season and as per usual, when healthy, he showed us just how good and dominant he can be. Just look at the numbers there and tell me we don’t need to make a serious investment at the WR position. Once again, we do have Wilson and Hurns potentially coming back next season but both are stopgap guys, and are not here for the long term. There’s not one player on this team at the moment that can be counted on for significant production. That’s a problem.

Devonta Smith, Ja’Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle, Chris Olave, Rashod Bateman, Kadarius Toney and some other WR’s, we will be selecting at least one or maybe 2 in this draft. We also may look to FA which would then almost guarantee that at least one of the 2 returning WR’s from the COVID opt out won’t be back. We need playmakers, and my guess is we will be seeking a RB who can do that as well, but right now we’re discussing WR’s.

In the 2021 Free Agency class, the list is headed by guys we won’t be looking at. A.J. Green, Allen Robinson, Larry Fitzgerald, T.Y. Hilton etc. We’re not going to pay that kind of money but a guy like WR Marvin Jones who played for the Lions and is 31 and should come in under $10M might be a target. He’s been good for 60-70 receptions and in the neighborhood of 700-1000 yards a season and close to 10 TD’s. I think we need consistency and Marvin Jones is that guy. There are a lot of other talented and younger WR’s available, like JuJu Smith Schuster but the cost will prohibit us from looking at them. A lot of who we look at will depend upon who is hired to be our new OC in 2021 as former OC Chan Gailey decided he’s had enough.

I’ll be looking at different segments of our roster each week, I just felt that Wide Receiver was so hot right now I may as well run with that. I suppose fro some of you readers I should be looking at QB’s next but sorry, not going there! I’ll probably look at RB’s next. After all, this is about getting Tua weapons to succeed, so the team succeeds, right?


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  1. olddolphan says:

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    Enjoy, you fellow puckheads!

  2. Rockphin says:

    Rockphin says:
    January 20, 2021 at 7:06 pm

    What is your guys opinion on Ja’Marr Chase – LSU vs DeVonta Smith – Alabama? Besides both having stupid made up names.

  3. Rockphin says:

    Chase sat out a year. Does that raise his value because of less miles, or lower his value because he was out of the game for a year?

  4. Rockphin says:

    84rec 1,780 yds, 21.2 ave, 20 TD’s
    114rec 1,856 yds, 15.9 ave, 23 TD’s

  5. the edge goes to SMith, plus hes worked with Tua before,

    Tua NEEDS more chemistry with somebody

  6. Rock, just wanted to say that SMITH is a very average common name, lol
    its gotta be one of the most common ever

    • good read Phel, thanks

      I like Tua and feel he can make improvements, but think his upside is limited compared to someone like Watson, a plug and play top 5 QB

      i dont like losing the draft picks, but honestly Watson makes us a playoff team, draft picks dont
      as good as everyone here at picking players, unfortunately sometimes the fins get mixed results from their first rounders, whereas Watson is a sure thing

      • Krishna says:

        We are not close to letting our QB be the premier player for our team.

        If Marino couldn’t do it, i doubt Watson will as we have to stand pat with what we have. WTFIT?

      • Tim Knight says:

        We were a win away or another team losing one game away from being a playoff team. I expect Tua to be much improved in 2021. He had a solid rookie season but he can get better. All this Watson talk is silly.

        Anyone ever look at Josh Allen’s rookie season? Young players do get better.

      • Marino had us in the playoffs MANY times, Watson COULD do the same

  7. bailbondmike says:

    Chase is bigger and excels in tight-window situations, but he doesn’t win with his speed, separation and quickness as often as Smith.
    Again, I said this a few weeks ago. Chase gives only a slightly faster Parker. He is no way as dynamic as DeVonta Smith. Smith is the shit, IMO. BTW, that is my last name also. LOL

    I am 8 corona’s into my BBQ. Phelon, this grill is freaking awesome!!! Thanks brother!

  8. Tim, Josh Allen DID have a terrible rookie season, and of course is one of the best now.

    its possible Tua could have similar results, but Im not sure his upside is as high as Allens was.

    We can build a team with Tua to compete, but if we want to go to the playoffs every year, and compete for a SB, i think Watson is the better QB for that

    i see Tua as a Griese, and Watson as a Marino

  9. I am concerned of the reports that some of the players are not convinced Tua is the franchise guy

    first of all, the rumours are BS, should not have been aired IMO, if a player has a concern, they should have went to the HC with it, not publicly air it.
    But if the players have doubts, that really sucks, that needs to change or heads need to roll.
    Tua did NOT give up 56 points, and to single him out for the collapse is short sighted at best IMO

    Im sure that Grier and Flores will make the right decisions on this, and with our draft capital the team will come out good one way or the other

  10. Mike E. says:

    I think it’s absolutely absurd how quickly and unfairly Tua is being judged. This is the the ultimate case of the microwave era. I want my fucking shit now!!! Not only did Josh Allen not look great his rookie year, he looked like he was going to just be another big, running QB his next season. If Tua threw for just over 3000 yards this season with 20TD’s and 9 INT’s which is what Allen did his 2nd season, completing only 58.8% of his passes, people would be losing their shit. I think part of the problem is people saw Fitz move the offense better, but what people fail to understand is Fitz is a 16 year veteran who can easily assimilate what he sees from a defense and was also playing with a different perspective. He knew this was his last run here so he never held back in any way. I think Tua was careful most of the season and then when the situation dictated for him to let it go, between the talent on the field with him and being down so much just overwhelmed him. It was one freaking game though. The lack of patience from Dolphins fans is appalling.

    • mf13ss says:

      It was more than just one game, man. Just sayin’. And, I have not lost faith in Tua, either.

      • mf13ss says:

        I’m so happy I’m not the GM in this instance… that is, to possibly trade for Deshaun Watson.

      • Mike E. says:

        It was one game where he was really bad. I think he played careful most of the season, which is why going into the BUF game he had 10 TD’s and 2 INT’s. To be fair by the time he got to play, he had Preston Williams for 1 game and a healthy Parker for 2, and a constant shuffling of RB’s. Parker was a shell of what he was earlier in the season, and the guys he was playing with at the end just weren’t up to snuff. I shouldn’t have to point this out, but I will when people miss it.

      • mf13ss says:

        You make very fair points, dude! I cannot and will not disagree with what you’ve just stated.

  11. im patient with Tua, especially with a beavy of draft picks to get him some blocking and playmakers

    its up to Grier and Flo really, do they want a franchise QB now, or develop their own with Tua?

    the only real question , is how much upside does Tua have? Allen had tons of upside

  12. mf13ss says:

    I think it was Adam Beasley who tweeted it the other day: can you imagine the AFC East with Josh Allen with the Bills and Deshaun Watson with the stej? And, we know Belicheat* is going to get a good QB soon.

  13. Mike E. says:

    M – I also don’t see any pressure in this situation on the Dolphins. The pressure, if Watson wants to force his way out is on the Texans, not the other teams. The Dolphins unless they’re faced with a very favorable trade don’t have to make a move and can stand pat with what they have.

  14. reports are Dolphins and the jests are the frontrunners, Dolphins with the edge because of superior draft capital, and Watson has said he likes Miami

  15. Mike E. says:

    Allen had tons of upside? Why does every QB have tons of upside but our very own QB? This fucking drives me crazy! I recall Allen being panned in general by the NFL as a QB after 2 seasons. Can we let our Qb have a full offseason learning the offense (If we ever hire a fucking OC) and a full training camp and preseason? Did Josh Allen have to deal with that as a rookie QB?

    • mf13ss says:

      Again, I agree 100% on this. I stated this same thing about 2 months ago.

      • Mike E. says:

        I understand that Watson is more of a proven talent right at the moment, but Tua could actually end up being the better player overall. It’s not out of the question. Just imagine if we did make the trade, and then Watson gets injured or has an uneven career here while Tua becomes a top QB and takes the Texans to the playoffs every season. That would be about as awful a set of circumstances that I can imagine.

    • relax, lol i ASKED, how much upside does TUa have? i KNEW with Allen, I dont know with Tua, the hope remains, because i really like Tua
      its really an answer that Grier and Flo have to answer, and i have faith that they will make the right call, and ill support their decision either way

      • Mike E. says:

        Why did you KNOW with Allen? What did he do that made you think he would finally get it after watching his first 2 seasons? I’ll tell you, NOTHING! I’ll tell you what happened, he finally got some WR’s that can run routes, get open, and run by people. Can we arm Tua with similar weapons and see how he fares before we send him packing please?

      • i saw Allen in college, and I believed that once he had a team around him he would excel. Hes got a cannon for an arm, and is super intelligent, one of the most intelligent in the NFL

      • but yea, i saw Tua in college too, He was incredible

        hes a different kind of QB, harder to read maybe? but if hes completely healthy, he should have alot of upside, enough to compete if the rest of the rebuild is completed

  16. mf13ss says:

    ‘Upside’ is always a question mark, until said player actually achieves said “upside”.

    Deshaun Watson has achieved top-5 QB credibility (especially now with the retirements of Philip Rivers and Drew Brees).

    There’s no gamble in trading for Deshaun, there IS a gamble in Tua. Problem is, we’d have to trade the MOON to land Deshaun (yes, we CAN do that).

    Truth is, I’m 51% with Tua, and 49% in trading for Deshaun. This is a HUGE decision at hand.

    • Mike E. says:

      Sure there’s a gamble. First off, he comes with a hefty price tag starting 2022. We’d also likely have to surrender a ton of draft capital and Tua, and if Tua becomes a great QB, oh man does that look bad. Plus, it’s harder to acquire talent for the team with less picks and much less cap money to spend.

      • mf13ss says:

        Agreed, to be sure. But the gamble wouldn’t be on the QB position.

        You sound like me several nights ago: we’d be in a quagmire if Tua rocks for the Texans and Deshaun doesn’t take us to the promised land. Conversely, if Deshaun rocks for (say the stej) another team, and Tua flops for us.

        Brother, that’s exactly why I’ve compared this to Brees vs Culpepper several nights ago.

        I’ve got to trust in Grier/Flores to make the right decision… I think they’ve earned it.

      • mf13ss says:

        What I’m saying is Deshaun IS a sure thing, but we might not be able to surround him with enough weapons in the short-term to allow him to have the success we’d expect out of him… especially in order to quantify his ma$$ive salary. He’d be run out of town.

  17. good point Mike, the Culpepper / Brees deal and many others still haunt us, lol

    but i think the team gets it right this time

    • Mike E. says:

      I don’t think this is anything like Pep/Brees. We may truly not be involved in this at all, it’s all speculation. We know of no discussions between us and the Texans.

      • mf13ss says:

        +10000000000000000 on referring to Daunte Culpepper as “Pep”!!! It’s been a LONG time! I used to call him “Pep”, 24/7.

  18. The Flying Pig says:

    It’s not even close to be like Brees and culpepper
    I hate the comparison

    We don’t have to choose between two free agents

    We chose our QB last year

    The Dolphins have pretty much rejected anything other than Tua is out QB next year
    It’s just a media driven controversy

    Not only do we not know if there are discussions
    The Dolphins rejected all advances

    The only one who appears to want a treads to happen is Watson
    I don’t think the Dolphins are going to stop everything to accommodate Watson…lol

    I like Watson a lot
    But the only thing that has happened is that Watson is trying to get out of Houston and some people in the media have run with it

    Our team doesn’t have to dive into every others teams controversies just bc it crates something for the media to talk about

  19. mf13ss says:

    We haven’t been in this position to choose our fate since Pep/Brees, 15 years ago. May we choose wisely… the football ‘gods’ will judge us again 15 years from now, of course.

    • mf13ss says:

      Deshaun tore his ACL in his rookie season, and Tua has had 5 significant injuries in college… including the last one that almost ended his football career.

      • mf13ss says:

        Deshaun tore his ACL in his rookie NFL season. We all know what he’s been able to do since. That ACL injury is so in the past (due to success) that nobody even remembers it.

  20. For the Texans, New York would be able to provide one of the better offers general manager Nick Caserio would hear. The Jets not only own the second overall pick, but a second first round pick. They also own an additional third rounder, and a potential replacement for Watson in the form of Sam Darnold. An additional first rounder would also need to be added to the package, especially if Darnold is not a part of the deal.

    If Darnold is not a part of the deal, the Texans would then have Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields right in their sights. Fields, an additional two first rounders, and a day-two pick for Watson would be a haul if a team is forced to trade their franchise quarterback.

  21. Mike E. says:

    I don’t care what the Jets do, or what the Texans do. We have our build plans in place and the Jets and Texans aren’t involved in that and either is Deshaun Watson. Just keep with the build as planned, all will be well.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      But look at this new shiny object

    • mf13ss says:

      I LIKE that mentality! And you’re right… it’s about what WE do, not what they do. But… what ‘if’ Tua is bound to bust due to injury? One mere hit to his reconstructed hip may derail his career, see Bo Jackson.

      I’m only playing devil’s advocate, here. Yeah, what if Deshaun re-tears his ACL again… I get it. But he hasn’t, and over a relatively long period of time.

      HAPPY that I’m not the GM on this critical decision. A top-5 QB in his prime only becomes available once in a generation, if even.

  22. Rockphin says:

    BBM how do you account for the 5 yard difference in YPC then?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I would be very happy with Chase or Smith

      But honestly Chase is more of the style of WR I like
      He fights for extra yardage and is really scrappy

      • Rockphin says:

        That’s what I was looking for. I don’t watch college ball much at all so this is the only time of year i get to know them. You summed it up for me.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        Smith is probably more explosive

        Kind of pick your poison

        I don’t think we can miss with either

  23. Randy says:

    How happy will the selfish Watson be here when we give away all of our draft picks and can’t surround him with any weapons?

  24. CavalierKong says:

    Have you been feeling like your head is about to explode because of Dolphins trade rumors you just don’t understand? Try laughter yoga. It’s a hoot.

  25. Watson led the NFL in passing yardage (4,823 yards) and yards per attempt (8.9). He also posted an elite passer rating of 112.4, rushed for 444 more yards and produced 36 total touchdowns.

  26. Rockphin says:

    Mike E. says:
    January 20, 2021 at 9:44 pm

    It was one game where he was really bad. I think he played careful most of the season, which is why going into the BUF game he had 10 TD’s and 2 INT’s.

    this is one where stats lie. He had 5-6 other bad throws that bounced off of defenders hands and / or were called back due to penalty (not PI)

    But then it is just confirmation bias on my part because I didn’t want us to draft him to begin with and was on the Herbert bandwagon. He’s what I got so when he is on the field I’ll root for him, but I will root for better in the meantime too.

  27. mf13ss says:

  28. Randy says:

    I consider any player who tries to force his way out of a contract situation or off a team selfish. I don’t care that he had his feelings hurt or wasn’t listened to…even though we don’t even know if he truly was listened to and simply ignored or not. Where’s his loyalty to his current teammates, coaches and fans? Or, is that just an inconvenience to him because he’s unhappy? He’s doing this all for himself. That, to me, is selfish. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to do it, but it’s still selfish..and all the crap about not being given a seat at the big boy table is just the rationale for making what he’s doing okay.

    • mf13ss says:

      Cool, and I DO understand your POV, truly. Thing is, Texans’ brass TOLD Deshaun that he would have significant input on future coaching hires. This, in lieu of Bill O’Brien trading away all of Deshaun’s weapons.

      The organization probably shouldn’t have made that promise to Deshaun if they wouldn’t listen to him… and I think it’s even more foolish that they promised Deshaun such input. This isn’t the NBA, right?!!

      I’m with you in principle, Randy.

  29. Tim Knight says:

    I like Tua being challenged. I wouldn’t bet against that guy. He’s very grounded.

  30. ElephantRider says:

    Tua will work his ass off this offseason. Instead of rehabbing he can focus on football. The only shitty thing will be if there is no camp and preseason again.

  31. Krishna says:

    ‘A win away or someone else’s loss away from the playoffs’ is technically correct, but imo is a delusional when your defense gives up 50 points and half of those were from a half-pint backup QB.

    If that’s a playoff ready team, i don’t know shit about football.

    I think i need laughing yoga to see the light.

  32. Krishna says:

    We have a core, foundational, strategy….stay the course!

    With our draft capital and position in draft and FA, I’m hoping for deja vu. A repeat of last year’s effort and success. KISS!

  33. Mike E. says:

    ER – I really hope they have camp, and 2 games of Preseason. I think Tua will still be in a better place than he was last season even if we don’t because he’ll be getting first team practice reps all the time. Still, I think that would be helpful for him if they do have training camp and Preseason games.

    • pheloniusphish says:

      He had to be shell shocked last year. Missed his last year of college because of injury, then going into his 1st NFL game after no offseason training or preseason games? Talk about being thrown into the fire. Basically went from 18 months no football to NFL starter.

      • Krishna says:

        Pp, thanks for the link.

        While Tua wasn’t my first choice for QB, i have saying the same thing about Tua. The critics need to back off and find perspective. Geez, loueez.

        Safety could be upgraded, for sure. I trust Flores on defense all the way.

      • Krishna says:

        I think it was 10-12 months but I’ve made same point.

  34. sb7mvp says:

    I’ve said as much before, but it bares repeating. I’d rather use this draft capital to build an incredible team to surround Tua and allow him the opportunity to be successful so that if he’s not the guy, we can move on from him and we get the right person in here to take this team to the next level.

  35. wyoming85 says:

    As if we are a QB away from winning the SB?

  36. Mike E. says:

    NEW BLOG UP!!!

  37. bailbondmike says:

    BBM how do you account for the 5 yard difference in YPC then?
    Rock, don’t read to much into me. Call it homerism. Mid way through the 2019 college football season I wanted us to draft DeVonta Smith because I thought he was better than Jeudy or Ruggs. Everyone kept shoving Jeudy back in my face. Then, Smith opted to return to Alabama so it was a moot point. Though, I knew from the start of the 2020 season, I wanted us to get Smith in the 2021 draft. I want to see what Chase runs at the combine. He may not be a faster Parker. Parker ran a 4.45 but don’t think we have seen much of that 4.45 on the field unfortunately.

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