Center of attention

In the 2020-2021 offseason, the Miami Dolphins signed free agent C Matt Skura, who was not re-signed by the Ravens. I wasn’t a big fan of that move, I didn’t really have a lot of confidence in the Ravens castoff. Twofold reasoning here. When the Ravens let a guy go, there’s a reason. They are one of the best run franchises in the NFL and when they make personnel decisions, they’re usually correct. Unlike the move last year of bringing in former Patriot Ted Karras, this one smelled of we missed out on who we really wanted but we need to take someone. In walks 2019 Miami Dolphins 3rd RD pick Michael Deiter, #78 overall.

Deiter played all 16 games of the 2019 season at LG with 15 game starts. He played 93% of the offensive snaps that season. You have to go back to 2018 for Skura where played 100% of the snaps and each year his play has decreased. Of course it’s easy to say that Deiter didn’t play much at all last season, but 2020 is a mulligan due to COVID-19. There’s no official status yet that Michael Deiter will be our starting C but it seems clear that they wouldn’t mind if it worked out that way. The former Wisconsin road grader will be given every opportunity to take the job, and I hope he does just that.

Coming out of Wisconsin, Deiter played both left guard, right guard and center with the majority coming at center. Deiter is a bit tall for a C at 6’5 but the Dolphins had Mike Pouncey here for years who was also 6’5. Deiter can win at the LOS but has some trouble with second level blocks. I’ll take winning at the LOS for now. Deiter’s draft rating was “Good backup who could become starter” OK Mike, take the job and run with it! Deiter is signed through next season so we can get a good look at him this season and then we have next season to either decide whether he’s our future center or whether we need to look for another. Skura has a 1 year contract which to me says he was just an insurance policy that the team would use if necessary for one season.

As far as the other camp battles, Austin Jackson appears to be a shoe in for the LT position while at LG, my choice for RT Liam Eichenberg has been getting lots of snaps. I wouldn’t read too much into it, I still firmly believe that Solomon Kindley will be the starting LG. Robert Hunt has been at RG where I feel he will be the starter and Jesse Davis has been getting reps at RT. All this is very fluid though, guys need to get reps in and once again, I feel it will be Jackson – Kindley – Deiter – Hunt – Eichenberg when the dust settles. I do think there’s an outside chance that Jesse Davis starts at RT early but I think/hope that Eichenberg takes the spot.


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  1. Rockphin says:

    Our “deep” wide receiver unit isn’t really all that. I think we will see some of them on other rosters (playing, not just taking space) but I don’t think we will get much if anything in trade for any of them. (the ones we wind up moving on from) 5th round picks or later most likely IF we can swindle anything out of another team. It’s not like other teams don’t know we have too many and will have to cut some.

    Our depth over last season really amounts to the addition of Fuller on a one year deal and Waddle. Everyone else was on the “mediocre” squad last season…..

    • mf13ss says:

      I hear ya, but IF Jakeem’s hands have drastically improved, coupled with the return of Albert Wilson from the COVID-exempt list of last year, now ya have 2 WRs who are kind of new additions to the team.

      Preston Williams was kicking butt last year before he went down, so we can’t ignore him, either.

      I truly see this team’s WR corps as NICE!

    • stangerx says:

      For sure we might trade a guy were gonna cut anyhow, but not gonna get any stunning value. Having too many legit NFL quality players is still a nice problem to have though.

    • CavalierKong says:

      I think we have 4 or 5 legit starters at receiver (Parker, Fuller, Waddle, Williams, Wilson), and at least 4 other guys that are quality 2nd tier. That’s deep no matter how you slice it.

      • CavalierKong says:

        I do agree that I think it unlikely we’re going to get anything in trade for the guys that are going to be cut anyway.

    • Ken says:

      Count me as skeptical about Grant’s hands

  2. mf13ss says:

    stangerx says:
    August 12, 2021 at 2:23 pm
    Absolutely eligible….. he was a rookie last year. Question would be if some other team would poach him. And think that would happen.
    Thanks, Stanger. And yes, I absolutely believe Bowden would be poached the second we place him on our PS.

  3. Rockphin says:

    U75’s work at the Chicago Sun as well it seems.

  4. CavalierKong says:

    I can’t recall ever seeing a player going into his 2nd year get as much shyte as Tua has endured this offseason.

    It reminds me of the Brittany Spears episode of South Park, lol.

  5. Rockphin says:

    Forgot the obligatory MVP tweet

    ▪ Jason Sanders went 6 for 6 on field goals. He’s had a great camp

  6. bailbondmike says:

    M13, TM is dropping a new song tomorrow. It’s called “Brainwashed”. Interested to see what this one will be about. lol

  7. wyoming85 says:

  8. CavalierKong says:

    I guess it’s a matter of perspective, lol

  9. Rockphin says:

  10. CavalierKong says:

    Reading the Bears beat reporters makes it sound like they whooped our asses, lol. I guess we’ll see on Sat!

  11. ocalarob says:

    i get no respect either, i was once playing in my sandbox an the cat tried to cover me up!

  12. son of a son of a shula says:

    That headline reads to me as a dig at the Bears not us.
    Another fine mess the Bears are in.

  13. CavalierKong says:

    Grant had two drops today, one became an INT.

  14. stangerx says:

    Williams, Parker, Fuller and Wilson didn’t practice today . According to Crabbs those four have a combined 19 NFL seasons (not counting Wilson’s Covid opt-out). All together in those 19 are 2 seasons with 16 games played.

    Maybe our WR roster is deep for a reason.

  15. The Flying Pig says:

    I don’t think the Chicago beat writers have ever witnessed good QB play

  16. Rockphin says:

    back to our depth at WR, is it deep or is it wide? If I am not mistaken we have one player in that room who has been to a pro bowl, albeit as return man (grant) I don’t think any of the rest have had serious consideration? I just don’t see a “great” group there at all.

    • stangerx says:

      A healthy Fuller, Parker and Waddle are a real solid trio to trot out on the field. First two have been the Alpha wideouts on their team and we drafted the third at #6 for a reason. See them as a strength of the team.

  17. steveccnv says:

    We know Fields is going to make some spectacular plays, his problem will be consistency

    That int where he had a wide open receiver, but tgrew a pick, game over

  18. Tim Knight says:

    The WRs I’d keep are the ones playing the best. 😉

  19. our depth at WR is shaky, because at least 4 are injured, along with Long

    Parker, FUller, Williams, and part time Wilson missed sundays practice, but Gesicki returned today,

  20. Jevon Holland had a pick yesterday, hes looked good and I think he will start this season

  21. mf13ss says:

    David C (@DolphinsSB52) says:
    August 12, 2021 at 8:41 am
    these are analogies that have nothing to do with the current rise in hospitalizations and deaths

    many people take their health and their families health more seriously, than your toenail fungus
    My bruh, I wasn’t comparing my toenail fungus to the serious effects of COVID. Rather, I was talking about the 5% (and that was being very generous) to those who are seriously affected by COVID. Truth is, it’s more like 2%.

    We cannot allow 98% of the population to be dictated by the 2% affected… that’s illogical by any measure. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few… or even the one.

    • the entire nation has been effected by covid, and you bring up toenail fungus , at all?

      in Florida, Covid is a SERIOUS problem with deadly implications, it wont be solved by distractions from the solutions IMO

      • mf13ss says:

        I think you’re missing my broader point, and it certainly wasn’t about toenail fungus. Stats, man… stats.

        Are we going to ban the masses for EVERYTHING that has a 5% infection rate? We’re talking about the chances of being struck by lightning or a shark attack.

        Look, if one has pre-existing conditions or is highly susceptible to COVID, get the vaccine, wear a mask, and have a Coke and smile. It’s that simple, David.

        That’s all I’m trying to point out. Mandates are totalitarian.

      • i got your point, it was to avoid any solution, and totally down play the seriousness of this, seen it all too often
        that doesnt work in FL,

        its not what we need, we need common sense solutions THAT WORK

        FL destroys your numbers, its a serious problem here

      • mf13ss says:

        I really don’t want to talk about COVID or politics right now, I just wanted to address your comment to me earlier this morning. I’m NOT trying to compare toenail fungus to the seriousness of COVID to the pre-existing… I’m talking about statistical data as it pertains to the 95% of people who have nothing to be concerned about.

        That’s all! No harm, no foul, and for my part, it’s an opinion. We can agree to disagree.

  22. stangerx says:

    40% of new Covid hospitalizations are in either Florida or Texas. That covers a bunch of folks on the board. Surges suck. Stay safe out there guys.

  23. here is some REAL time stats for You MF

    one of my best friends in a nurse practioner, and he tells me stories of covid deaths, that are horrific

    he claims that half, 50 percent of his patients die every night from covid

    i have no reason to doubt him, and i feel that downplaying this is dangerous to OTHERS

    i kindly ask that we please show some concern to OTHERS< because all of us are in the same boat, and its not getting better doing what we are doing, something much better is needed for our health

    • mf13ss says:

      Again, we can agree to disagree. I, too, know people who have died from COVID (the flu): they were all over 80 years old. One was my former Pastor’s wife, God love her.

      She was one of the TENS of THOUSANDS who died here in PA, due to our ‘governor’ Tom Wolf mandating that COVID patients need to be pushed into nursing homes.

      If you don’t think I care about this, I don’t know what to tell ya, my man. I AM a compassionate soul, as are you. I think you need to re-think some things, respectfully.

      We need to get back to football, BRUH!!! 😀

      • mf13ss says:

        Yo, you still have my email address, right? Get at me via email! We shouldn’t be talking about these things on the blog in the swing of football season upon us, dude!

      • i have heard others disregard what my friends are saying in the medical industry

        but the others had one thing in common, they were not doctors, and never met my friends
        i DO believe that You care, i know You do, but i seriously think that we all need to do some soul searching, and determine what is most needed to solve this and move forward

        i DO believe this can be solved, everyone of us would like to return to a world without covid again.
        I believe that can happen, if we all get on the same page, and use our efforts to fight the covid instead of each other
        stay safe My friend, use some good care for your safety and others

  24. stangerx says:

    M3 — I am curious about how the Covid restrictions have impacted your life in a way you talk about the 2% dictating to the 98%. Is it having to wear a mask in certain situations? Florida is pretty much just like before Covid. Is it different for you?

  25. Randy says:

    I think this WR group is a solid group that needs to play better. They’re only deep in that we have a bunch of decent but not great guys and not really any bad ones. For me, I think you can win with them IF they play to their potential. If they don’t, they’re fairly pedestrian.
    And I’m with Ken, there’s one thing a WR has to do, catch the damn ball. If you can’t, I really don’t want you around….no matter how fast or whatever you may be. And, if you can’t stay on the field, who cares how good you may be?

  26. stangerx says:

    Ogbah apparently was tearing it up against the Bears and he way outperformed his contract last year. Wonder what he thinks about the extra money X got.

    • Tim Knight says:

      If he continues to play like that the contract will come. Maybe even during the season. If he has a big season, he’ll get more than he would right now.

      • stangerx says:

        Repeats last year and for sure the contract gets bigger. But X did the same last year and got paid now. Have to think Ogbah noticed. How could he not know what we do?

      • Tim Knight says:

        Ogbah’s 2020 season was not at the level of what X did. If he was a 15 sack guy it would be different but 9 is not exceptional even though it’s not always about stats. Ogbah is a good overall DE but stats do play a role in it.

      • stangerx says:

        Wasn’t saying Ogbah should be paid the same as X or that should have gotten as much extra money. Only that he outplayed his contract. You don’t think he did?

      • Tim Knight says:

        Yeah I would say he did but it’s probably in his best interest to have another really good season like he did in 2020 to get what he’s hoping for whether from us or another team.

      • stangerx says:

        And sounds like that is what he decided as well. But Ogbah was the other player to skip minicamp. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when he talked to his agent after.

  27. Krishna says:

    So much for football.

    Thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s take on the team!

  28. Randy says:

    I will say this about Parker; while he most certainly has issues staying on the field and has earned criticism about that, he played hard last year. You could see he wasn’t 100%….or he’s lost a step….but he went out and tried. He competed and made a lot of contested catches. But, if he keeps missing games I’d have no problem moving on.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Parker definitely has durability issues but he’d no problem finding another team even though he’s really happy in Miami. He’s got skills that not all receivers do. He’s excellent on contested passes and high pointing the ball and he also converts a lot of 1st downs or sets us up for manageable downs.

    • Krishna says:

      I know! And, that’s what’s so frustrating!

      He’s fragile and not there when we need him!

      Am I wrong?

  29. mf13ss says:

    stangerx says:
    August 12, 2021 at 5:57 pm
    M3 — I am curious about how the Covid restrictions have impacted your life in a way you talk about the 2% dictating to the 98%. Is it having to wear a mask in certain situations? Florida is pretty much just like before Covid. Is it different for you?
    I’ll answer your question, but then I implore us all to get back to football. States don’t run things any longer… corporations do. Whether we are vaccinated or not, my Fortune 500 company mandates that everybody wears masks.

    • mf13ss says:

      Even if I worked in Florida, I’d be mandated to wear a mask.

    • stangerx says:

      So it is wearing a mask that bothers you. Question answered.

      • mf13ss says:

        No, not exactly. It’s the MANDATE that pisses me off, destroying freedom. This sets PRECEDENCE, and it’s not cool.

        I’m a Constitutionalist, my man.

      • stangerx says:

        As a constitutionalist assume you know what your company is doing is within its constitutional rights.

      • Krishna says:

        What bothers me truly is truly we don’t know what we don’t know.

        I don’t live life in fear of not knowing.

        Why are kids getting Covid now that all their parents have been vaccinated? Because they’re hanging out with unvaccinated kids?

        I am not into conspiracy, everyone knows that about me. I question everything and everyone.

        So that’s my question.

      • stangerx says:

        You called it Krishna. Kids aren’t vaccinated so more likely to get it.

      • pheloniusphish says:

        Can corporations have constitutional rights or are those reserved for individuals?

      • stangerx says:

        They don’t get individual rights in the bill of rights, but as corporations they are free from undue governmental interference.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Some of us are really trying to focus on football. 🙂

  30. steveccnv says:

    New and improved Cam still a hot mess, only thing new is his fn mustache

    Mac Jones looks great

  31. wyoming85 says:

    I’ll just say this!
    I won’t miss Mondo one bit!
    He was the second most arrogant prick to write about the Fins!

  32. wyoming85 says:

    On the Covid front?
    I’m sure by now everyone knows how everyone else feels about it?
    Nobody is changing there opinion so it’s no use to discuss it!

    Quit telling me I don’t count!!!!!

  33. ocalarob says:

    Wide Receiver
    This is where things get interesting. All of Dolphins Twitter has been debating who will be able to secure Miami’s final spots at the wide receiver position (and whether the team will keep six or seven receivers total). Given the tradition of not supplanting established veterans with rookies on unofficial early depth charts, it’s no surprise that DeVante Parker, free agent signee Will Fuller, and speedster Albert Wilson are listed as the top three at the position. The coaching staff is high on Wilson and he’s reportedly been an absolute stud in training camp practices.
    stangerx says:
    August 12, 2021 at 1:55 pm
    If Wilson starts over Waddle at slot first game, will only be cause Fuller can’t play and Waddle is on the boundary.

    Mike E. says:
    August 12, 2021 at 2:33 pm
    You talking about part time Wilson? 🤣

  34. Tim Knight says:

    ORob, good stuff on the WRs. I think people spend too much time on is it Wilson or Fuller or Waddle along with Parker and Gesicki, it’s all of them. There is a lot of skill with those 5. We want to get the ball in the hands of all of them. It’s all about durability.

  35. Mike E. says:

    Rob – I was just having fun with David’s favorite scapegoat Albert Wilson

    • Tim Knight says:

      Wilson has been very impressive this offseason. Not just physically, but his entire approach from interviews I’ve seen. He’s in a good place and is still showing he’s explosive. Why would anyone root against that?

  36. Tim Knight says:

    Just like we want to be multiple on defense, they’re doing the same thing on offense. If we want to play big we can, if we want to plays quick and fast we can. That’s the Patriots method.

    I think keeping 7 WRs is a lock. STs and depth (durability) plays a big role in that. At RB and TE we might only keep 7 between the two. Are we so deep there that we needs to keep more? I don’t think so.

  37. Tim Knight says:

    It sounds like Gaskin, Ahmed and Brown will be the main three backs. I can see us keeping 4 TEs though – Gesicki, Smythe, Shaheen and Long.

    Waddle and Wilson and/or Grant will also be a part of jet sweeps in the running game. Our offense is fast, we just haven’t seen it yet. 🙂

  38. sb7mvp says:

    one more day until we get to root for our favorite laundry during fake football season.

  39. bailbondmike says:

    I think our LB room is faster and better this year without KVN and Lawson. KVN’s experience and football smarts will be missed. I can’t help but be hyped about this group.

    • steveccnv says:

      KVN was the biggest reason we didn’t get a lot of consistent pressure in 2020, Buffalo exposed him

      He compiled his stats, when guys were covered and the QB held the ball too long

      His strength was smart football and making the plays in front of him he was supposed to make

      But nothing from an elite type of play

      He’s not going to blow by anyone or bullish thru

      Don’t think he’s missed at all

      • bailbondmike says:

        That is how I feel about KVN. His lack of speed will not be missed. He is just a smart player and knows how to play in this defense. Our LB’s stay healthy he won’t be missed. He got wore down toward the end of last season. I remember many times the last 6 games him getting man handled one on one. Even by a TE.

  40. Ken says:

    I see 6 wrs and 3 TEs plus Mack Hollins as he can line up at both

  41. steveccnv says:

    2020 Tua did pretty good against AZ with just Parker, Williams and Gesicki

    2021 Tua should be able to similar to that game each week as long as he has 3 of Parker, Williams, Gesicki, Fuller, Wilson and Waddle

    That leaves plenty of room for some out each week

    We’ve seen in camp Gesicku, Parker, Fuller and Wilson out and he hasn’t missed a beat

    By having this receiver group by committee, you can get by without paying 1 guy too much too

    Think the injuries will come, but won’t have much of an affect as far as production goes

  42. Rockphin says:

    I found it interesting that Grant was 2nd string outside receiver behind Parker and not slot guy. But then, it is the first preseason game and the only reason the Dolphins posted anything at all is because of league rules that demand it before a game.

  43. Rockphin says:

    Told a coworker that I was excited about tomorrow’s game and he belittled me about it and was saying it is preseason and it doesn’t matter who wins so why watch. I answered that yes it is preseason and when the regular season starts, yes these games wont count but at the same time YES it matters to me if we win or lose. I ALWAYS want my team to win.

    • steveccnv says:

      They don’t count, but they do matter

      Take the extremes, let’s say Tua’s first play is a slant to Waddle and he takes it to the House

      His second drive he takes us 80 yards in 12 plays and throws another TD pass

      Vs he throws 2 ints on his first 2 passes

  44. steveccnv says:

    Think Hollins makes it, as long as he shows up a little in PS games

    Think he’s pretty good making a play here and there, was responsible for catches against Raiders and Cardinals that won us those games, but don’t want him as our #1 or #2 WR on any given week

    Expect 7 WRs to make the week 1 53, Williams may still be on PUP, so that leaves a lot of room for guys to at least make the first 53

    Fringe guys like Grant, Foster and Hollins and maybe even Bowden should be on that 53

  45. ocalarob says:

    i think tua may have a little trouble if mack is playing

    • bailbondmike says:

      If it is starting maybe so. If it is just playing in a game, I don’t think so. Not counting ST. He is great in RZ. He is a really good blocking WR. You could line up inside 5 yard line with just one TE but having Hollins is really like having 2 TE’s in there.

  46. ocalarob says:

    over or under, Tua throws for 100 yards?

  47. ocalarob says:

    over or under, Tua gets sacked twice

  48. Rhino says:

    Fins/Bears will be on NFL Network. Won’t have to search for any online links. whew

  49. ocalarob says:

    over or under, tua throw a pick

  50. ocalarob says:

    over or under, tua throws a TD

  51. Rhino says:

    If Phillips and Holland step up right away (which Holland looks like he is already doing) our Defense could be top 3 in NFL … it is built for the modern rules that favor the offense.

  52. Rhino says:

    Did anybody watch the “Field of Dreams” Game (NYY vs CWS) … or at least the beginning? Players taking the field FROM the corn was pretty cool entertainment.

  53. Rhino says:

    BBM, if Phillips becomes the beast Flores et al thinks he will be, I’ll be looking forward to when the ‘other team’ has the ball. 🙂

    • bailbondmike says:

      I kind of already am looking forward to that. With X locked up, a new run stuffing MLB, a new BALL HAWK in Holland, and a more experienced DL that with the addition of another Seiler type in Adam Butler.

      Much to get excited about with this defense!

  54. bailbondmike says:

    M13, video drops around 11am. I sneaked a listen. All I have to say is you are going to like it. A LOT!!!

  55. Phindog says:

    Over or under, O Rob keeps bagging on Tua ? 😆

  56. bailbondmike says:

    Rhino, I know you don’t like to brag but how are your little genius girls doing?

    • Rhino says:

      They both graduated with degrees and THEN decided they wanted to go to med school… so they had to go back and take some science classes that they would have taken if they were pre-med … so both are studying to take MCATs this summer. Thanks so much for asking. 🙂

  57. CavalierKong says:

    Rhino says:
    August 13, 2021 at 10:28 am
    Fins/Bears will be on NFL Network. Won’t have to search for any online links. whew

    And of course I don’t have NFL Network, but when the game is playing there, you can’t watch it live on Game Pass, so I still have to use one of the illegal links. The NFL is one enormous douche bag.

    • Rhino says:

      those links make me nervous … a few years back I had to reset laptop to factory settings because of all the crap that came through the link.

      • CavalierKong says:

        They’ve always made me nervous too, but so far I haven’t had an issue. (fingers crossed)

  58. Mike E. says:

    NEW BLOG UP!!!!

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