PRESEASON GAME 1 – Dolphins @ Bears

Wow, so pumped just to be typing the words preseason game 1. COVID-19 wrecked any opportunity to have any preseason at all last year, but this season, we not only get THREE preseason games but we also get an extra regular season game to make it 20 games in total! OK, so preseason isn’t all that, but to me, It’s game action against another team, and I personally believe it’s essential. Practice is practice, against your own guys, but when you face a different team, guys will bring more effort and the competition sparks a little extra than you get in practice. We have such a young team, I think they will benefit from having played these 3 meaningless games. You can laugh all you want at this but Tua not having training camp and preseason games did him no favors last year.

First and foremost we need to come out of the preseason healthy. There are injuries in practice, there are injuries in preseason games and there are injuries in regular season games, but you never want to lose a player before the real season begins. There will be some interesting competitions to watch, not only for starting spots but for roster spots too. There are always surprise cuts and sometimes there are surprises as to who makes the starting roster and this year will be no different. At least this year with training camp, minicamp and the preseason, players will have had a chance to show what they can do and the evaluation process should also be easier for the coaching staff.

I think the most interesting battle in my opinion is the O-line. This is where there is the least rotation and the starting 5 usually get the greater majority of snaps. As of now, the line is as so . . .

LT Jackson

LG Eichenberg

C Deiter

RG Hunt

RT Davis

I’m not buying this, and I believe by the time the season starts it will either be Eichenberg or Hunt at RT. If it’s Hunt then maybe Eichenberg stays at LG, but if Eichenberg gets the RT spot, I think Kindley settles back in at LG. We know the 3 starting DL in the 3-4 alignment are going to be Wilkins, Davis and Ogbah. I think we also know the 4 starting LB’s in that same 3-4 are AVG, McKinney, Baker and Phillips. I know Phillips has had a slow start and it’s possible he may not start the season the season there but I also know they will give him every opportunity to make it happen. With Howard getting his extension we know it will be Howard and Jones, but then the safety battle will be an interesting one. I think Eric Rowe is safe at SS, but does the wily veteran McCourty start the season at FS, or does 2nd year man Brandon Jones get the nod or does the rookie who looked great against the Bears in practice, Jevon Holland steal that spot?

On offense, I feel like health will determine who starts at the skill positions, WR, TE and RB. If healthy, Parker, Fuller and Wilson, all veterans will “start”. There will be tons of opportunities for the others though and that’s where it comes down to the roster crunch. We know Waddle makes 4, so does that leave 2 more spots or 3? Hollins is the gunner on special teams and that’s an important factor as to why he might make the team as he’s a good one. Grant is an electric returner, a playmaker but his suspect hands (on returns and as a WR) may leave him off the roster. What about Lynn Bowden Jr.? We gave up a 4th RD pick last season to acquire Bowden and he showed some promise, especially late in the season. It would be hard to let him go so if we keep 7 WR’s, all of the above should be in. That means veteran Allen Hurns, Robert Foster, Kirk Merritt, Isaiah Ford, Malcolm Perry all gone but a couple may end up on the PS.

Oh, by the way, Gesicki is back! Can’t wait to see him back in action and watch him get his well deserved new contract! So Hunter Long is NOT gone for the season, that’s also great news! That should leave Gesicki, Shaheen, and either Smythe, Carter or Myarick to go along with Long as the 4th TE. At RB, Gaskin is the lead back followed by Malcolm Brown, Ahmed, Scarlet, Laird and Doaks. Hey, what happened to world beater Doaks you were all telling me about? Sorry, had to get that out! I’m guessing we’ll carry 5, maybe 6 so Doaks has a chance to make the roster. We no longer officially have a FB, so we might carry 6 RB’s.

The game is on NFLN tomorrow afternoon at 1PM. I will record it as I will be working unfortunately, but I’ll get around to watching it at some point, I may stay away from this blog so it won’t spoil the viewing. Enjoy the game, it will be nice to see some of our exciting rookie prospects suit up for the first time, and see the growth of our 2nd year QB. Looking forward to it!


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  1. wyoming85 says:

  2. wyoming85 says:

  3. Rockphin says:


    They were the RedSkins which was racist apparently,so they had to change it and the famous group of Olinemen were the Hogs and they became fan favorites so I imagine that is why they have evolved to the Redhogs as a choice.

  4. son of a son of a shula says:

    Native hogs though voiceless are offended by Redhogs. Who’ll stand up for them?

  5. Krishna says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    August 19, 2021 at 4:06 pm
    Wait for it
    I tried to repost the picture of you starting a dumpster fire. It didn’t copy, but…..

    …..nice lighter Piggy! It’s YOU! LOL!

  6. Tim Knight says:

    Rock, the Hogs is really good. All the politicians in Washington are Pigs so that makes perfect sense. Sorry Piggy, but you know what I’m saying. LOL

  7. herdfan says:

    I don’t know who came up with that list but Commander is a bad choice IMO. Doesn’t anyone watch The Handmaid’s Tale?

  8. herdfan says:

    Soooo…..I’m just back from vacay. A girls trip. Me, my daughter, my sister and her daughter. I think I’ve mentioned how things go when I travel with my sister. Welp, her daughter is WORSE! She’ll be 44 in a couple of months. You’d think she’d never been anywhere and was on spring break. NEVER AGAIN!

    • wyoming85 says:

      Is this how it went????

  9. wyoming85 says:

    LOL Herd!

    Just post video’s!

  10. Tim Knight says:

    We sure do seem to target and find natty DBs. They said it’s a passing league. So how should we play defense? Stop the run! LOL

  11. Tim Knight says:

    You know what I would find funny, if they named the WFT the Washington Palefaces. LOL

  12. Krishna says:

    LOL at your travel adventures, Herd.

    Mrs. K and I thought it might be “great” for her to take her 30yo (daughter at the time) and my 30yo sister to Paris together. It was fucking awful…..

    Told Mrs. K I wanted to go back but NOT with them!

    Needless to say, the second time was awesome….one of my favorite trips.

    I bet you and your daughter would have a great time………………by yourselves!!!

  13. mf13ss says:

    I think the Washington Football Team should be renamed the Washington Establishment. The emblem would be cool, featuring a Mt. Rushmore of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham.

    Most everybody would be on board for it: it’s an equal-opportunity offending name for both sides of the aisle, it might put these buffoon, global elite (NWO) politicians on notice, and everybody would root for them to lose… except for Dan “Deep Pockets” Snyder.

    Funny thing is that Snyder just might go along with the idea of renaming his team the Washington Establishment!

  14. Tim Knight says:

    Pretty much.

  15. Tim Knight says:

    Embarrass Washington with this logo. LOL

  16. The Flying Pig says:

    There’s only one nfl team that gets to use pork

  17. sb7mvp says:

    Washington Fatcats

  18. Rockphin says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    August 19, 2021 at 9:15 pm
    That’s bacon

    Not to dispute with you which body parts of your families that I eat, but actualy your skin is pork rind and your belly fat / meat is bacon. Mmmmmmmmm pork belly!

  19. ocalarob says:

    Big Man.. Pig Man …..ha..ha ……charade you are!

    pink floyd

  20. Mike E. says:

    Watching the news this morning . . . NYC setting a very dangerous precedent. Segregating people by vaccinated or non-vaccinated. Love that Rocco’s Pasticceria said FUCK NO! to the NYC mandate. She was eloquent in her response as to why and I couldn’t agree more. The goalposts do keep moving for restaurants and food service businesses. They were told once the vaccination rate of 70% was met they could stay open. Now the rules have changed again to allowing only vaccinated people (with vax cards) to enter. Nowhere is there a provision for someone with antibodies or immunity to COVID. She then went on to say people w/o the vaccine can contract COVID and spread it but so can people who have had the vaccine, so therefore what’s the science and reasoning for separating vaccinated and non-vaccinated people? I think we’re entering dangerous territory here, and it’s got to stop. Too much Government intervention and then you have to take it from where it’s coming, possibly NYC’s worst Mayor since Dinkins, Mayor de Blasio. Sorry if this seems political, but it is what it is. Very scary to me that this is happening now in the United States.

    • Krishna says:

      Don’t know about NY politics today, but lived it during the Mario Cuomo days….the machine.

      • Mike E. says:

        I’ll stay out of NYC, I haven’t been there in a long time and I don’t miss it one bit. That a-hole needs to be out and he will because his term is almost up but the next Democratic Mayor will likely do the same thing. Keep voting stupid, keep getting stupid!

      • Krishna says:

        Sorry, missed the NYC mayor issue vs state issue… glad I never dealt with that!

      • Krishna says:

        I yield to Piggy on the city issues….

      • The Flying Pig says:


        I’m not a fan of deblasio for a lot of reasons I won’t get into here bc I just don’t think people outside of nyc have any business talking about nyc politics. Everytime I hear some one who doesn’t spend time in nyc talk about it, it reminds me of my time in catholic school when a nun was tasked with teaching sex ed.

        I doubt that policy is driven by deblasio and I suspect the next mayor will do the same thing. De Blasionis already in his way out.

        The vaccination rate in the city is over 70%. I heard 4 Manhattan zip codes were reporting 100% rate (but that sounds like bullshit). So it’s actually a small portion of residents affected. Whomever was mayor, even if was still Gulianani, would probably be doing this IMO

        I’m not a huge fan of slippery slopes “what will this lead to” arguments. I think that sort of thing gets in the way of making practical decisions that are directly in the interest of the majority of people in a jurisdiction. Just apply the facts you know and weigh the pros and cons. The circumstances in nyc are much different than most of the country.

        Nyc is a congested place and is really more vulnerable to spreading virus that most suburban and rural areas. We also went through hearing ambulances every night last April/May. So it can do a lot of damage fast in nyc

        Im not sure I get doing that at restaurants though. I lot of private businesses were taking steps to reduce risks without city intervention. I’m not sure keeping people who are unvaccinated out of restaurants has a lot of value or is the kind of setting where the virus spreads.
        I would probably like to hear a scientist talk about that, bc my guess is, it’s low on the places where the virus spreads. If that’s wrong, I think it’s fair game

        I represent a lot of restaurants and bars and I’m part of the nyc hospitality alliance. There’s a lot of frustration – but I don’t think anything has ever been black and white. For a long time most business owners have been planning for “we don’t know what happens next” and I think most of the feedback from the city hasn’t been any promises about the future so I don’t get your moving goalposts analogy. If business owners were blindsided by this sort of thing they were being advised poorly.

        I’ve been settling rent disputes on behalf of business owners in restaurants and gyms for more than a year now thinking about covid and city regulations in that context

        I’ve been building in provisions to settlements with reduced rents that don’t return to 100% until all the covid regulatioms are lifted. Moving goalposts are the world we live in now. No one should be surprised by it.

        Vax cards in restaurants is such a minor infringement in a city with such a high vax rate – and it’s actually a good sign that they won’t even scratch the surface on closures

        I think a lot of bar and restaurants owners don’t really have a huge problem with it and it’s not really going to hurt their business substantially

        Like you, I do question whether it’s necessary or even beneficial though. It might be just political

        Or maybe it’s just aimed at tourists bc so many come
        From jurisdction with low vax rates

        The data so far is showing that the vax may stop the damage but it won’t stop the spread of it. So it’s a questionable regulation to me

        I just don’t want to hear slippery slope – it’s a dangerous place arguments that’s competent remove the unique circumstances

    • steveccnv says:

      The point of all of this, just like 2020, is to continue on with how dangerous it is to go vote, so we’ll of course have to allow mail in voting to everyone in 2022.

      That’s my theory, but if this shit is still happening next year, think about this

  21. Mike E. says:

    Krishna – This woman from Rocco’s Pasticceria is part of a lawsuit against NYC for making them ban non-vaccinated people from their establishment. Not sure if it would be classified as a class action suit but there are going to be a lot of businesses on that list and rightfully so.

    • Krishna says:

      Are you saying it’s a requirement that businesses force vaccine passports?

      Is so, that’s fucked, imo!

      To protect the vaccinated from those that aren’t? How much protection do you want? Hazmats for the vaccinated and seclusion for the unvaccinated? I’m confused!

      • Mike E. says:

        Restaurants and food establishments, yes. At least to start, until the Nazi Party decides to delve further into separating vaccinated from non-vaccinated, like Home Depot , movie theaters etc.

  22. wyoming85 says:

    Sorry Toba!

    The United States on Friday extended the closure of its land borders with Canada and Mexico to non-essential travel such as tourism through Sept. 21 despite Ottawa’s decision to open its border to vaccinated Americans.

    • Phindog says:

      So we can’t go there but they can openly cross our border illegally and be flown to a a town of their choice on taxpayers money? Well that makes a shit ton of sense.

  23. Rockphin says:

    The hyperbole of comparing everybody you don’t agree with to Nazi’s regardless of their actual political affiliation is out of control. It is ignorant.

    • Mike E. says:

      Until it isn’t. It started somewhere Rock and I personally feel this is dangerous territory that they’re doing in NYC.

      • Rockphin says:

        I may be authoritarian, unjust, not thought through or just plain stupid. It does not make them Nazi’s.

        I just take exception to the lessoning of the term. Nazi’s are Nationalists / Socialists. In the US those two ideologies somehow got separated to different ends of the political spectrum, with the Dem’s leaning toward Socialism and the Repubs leaning toward Nationalism.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        As I stated above, I personally don’t like the slippery slope argument

        I think resorting to how dangerous something can become highlights that it’s not dangerous as is

        Why is it dangerous now?
        What are the pros and cons?

        That’s what’s important

        I also think that maybe the “benefits” of the vax cards in nyc restaurants are minimal, so I question the rule too

  24. Krishna says:

    As a TRUE student and professional of science/medicine, the question I have is this….

    If the commom cold and flu are annual afflictions of a modern society that we have learned to live with for centuries (being recent technology on flu vaccinations as an epic failure and money grab by big Pharma) why is this moment different in the history of viral science?

    The flu vaccine doesn’t protect you against all flus….chasing your tail kinda effort. Look it up, the science supports that claim.

    COVID is here to stay. Live or die with it. Vaccinations will, at best, help you to survive. I will or will not survive on my own merits.

    • steveccnv says:

      This is the kind of shit that’s really crazy, most people here and around the country, if you break things down, have a close enough opinion of things, like this, that we should be able to stop the govt from doing it, yet the semantics seem to get in the way and we fight with each other about it, as they intended

  25. ocalarob says:

    I want to protest, when do we get the new blog up, vs Atlanta?


  26. Mike E. says:

    Rock – It’s not about agreeing or disagreeing, it’s about taking away people’s rights as an American Citizen with no good reason. It’s a power grab, they’re doing it because they can do it. That’s if we let them do it. If anyone can get the virus and spread the virus why the fuck do they get to decide to segregate and separate people? That’s how the Nazi party segregated Jews, claiming they spread disease and they were unclean. Is it really so different Rock, and if so, explain how?

  27. Krishna says:

    Steveccnv, I think I get your point….gov’t should advise, not dictate, especially on the COVID issue. Close?

  28. Krishna says:

    Did you know the common cold in more medical terms is referred to as a rhinovirus? Hmmm….

  29. bailbondmike says:

    This is just another divide and conquer tactic. 😉

  30. Rockphin says:

    Mike, because it is an overused term thrown out by ignorant people on both sides. Trump is not a Nazi. Neither is Deblazio but ignorant people on both sides conflate the term with authoritarianism. I don’t want to bog the blog down with semantic debates. I’ll just concede now “you are right” and move on….SMH

    • Mike E. says:

      Well, I’ll agree that the term Nazi is thrown around too often and without merit in most cases but you have to see the similarities here now in NYC and what happened in Nazi Germany. The non-vaccinated are unclean and disease spreaders as were the Jews back then. This is just the start, restaurants and food businesses. What if they take it further?

      • steveccnv says:

        I see both your points, but in this instance seems to me Mike isn’t just throwing around nazi, and since others before have used the term loosely it makes Mike’s statement seem like more of the same

  31. Mike E. says:

    Piggy – It’s dangerous now because it’s 2021 and NYC has just separated and segregated its citizens. What if every Democratic state follows suit? Will it be dangerous then? Cuomo set the tone and NJ and CT followed suit. I know Cuomo’s gone but say NJ and CT roll on with this, it will start to happen all over the USA, except in the Republican states. Will there be a revolution? Fuck man, I think if this actually starts to happen we may be in for something like that

    • The Flying Pig says:

      It’s not for me to tell you how to feel or how to argue

      But stuff like “what if….” Doesn’t resonate with me

      To me that, “where is this going” sort of argument is just a complete absence of pragmatism. Way too many People are arguing “isms” and their fears of where legislation, instead of what the legislation actually is, on this site and in this country for my taste, so I just can’t engage In That sort of thing – it drives me crazy, whether I hear it from the left or right.

      The current reality in nyc is that Nyc has a high vaccination rate. I think (I don’t know the stat) that a majority of nyc residents favor the policy. If the people here in nyc want that legislation, it’s their business, isn’t it?

      If there is an individual right you should be concerned with it’s the right to govern ourselves. A city has a right to pass regulation for itself if the residents support it, doesn’t it?

      Of course, There are limitations to what a jurisdiction can do. The city may have breached the states constitution – I don’t know the answer to that and I suspect that the nature of the lawsuit.

      But I wish you could examine the irony of saying “it’s about taking away the rights of American citizens” when the citizens of a jurisdiction support the legislation.

      I generally think if a majority of people within a jurisdiction support a regulation, then unless that regulation violates a individual constitutional right, it’s valid.

      And that’s why I don’t like the where is this going sort of argument you are making. Where you are going is taking away the rights of nyc residents to govern themselves by making
      these slippery slope arguments

      I object to your use and comparison of the word segregation too but that’s a bit nitpicky. it’s correct technically, but the message that word sends is 1960s white only water fountains

      To me there is a good argument against requiring vax to enter restaurants, I think you are missing by worrying about the bigger picture of where it’s going.

      You are missing the pragmatic argument against it. What’s the point? Vaccines aren’t slowing down the spread of the delta variant, they are just reducing (significantly) the affects of it – that’s what the data shows anyway. FWIW vaccines are slowing down the spread of old covid though. But this fall, delta is the biggest concern. If you are not slowing down the spread with the vaccine, why do you have to keep unvaccinated people out of public places? That serves little utility doesn’t ?

      Now like I said, its not for me to tell you how to Feel or how to argue – but that’s a Persuasive argument, isn’t it? What does nyc get or of this? Bc it’s not going to help stop the spread of delta according to the science. The benefits seem minimal.

      • Mike E. says:

        Piggy, the bigger point should be the reasons why they’re doing it. There’s nothing behind their reasoning which makes it all the more disturbing. I’ve been vaccinated, I can get get the virus, can spread the virus whether I’m sick or not. If you’re not vaccinated, you may either have the antibodies, and if not, you can get the virus, spread the virus whether sick or not. If all that is true, and the CDC and experts say it is, why then do this? On what grounds?

  32. steveccnv says:

    Someone mentioned how TE heavy, catching passes, we seemed to be against the Bears, and that could be a good thing.

    Say we keep 7 WRs, and several are out 1 week, we could use Gesicki and Long as the inside receivers when in 4 or 5 receiver sets, with hopefully some speed on the outside, so Wilson and/or Waddle or about anyone else would still be good enough to move the ball effectively

    Think Flores has all his bases covered, except that pesky OL

  33. Krishna says:

    TEs catching passes is always a good thing, imo. How do you open up an offense, include your TEs.

  34. The Flying Pig says:

    Now I’m done for the day. I’m gonna try to get some work done and close up shop early on Friday

  35. Mike E. says:

    NEW BLOG UP!!!! I know, perhaps a little selfish because I opened my own Pandora’s box, but let’s please keep the politics and COVID discussion off the new blog. If you want to discuss more, keep it here.

    Thanks, Mike

  36. Rockphin says:

    I had somehow missed this little factoid and it makes me feel much better regarding our injured players right now.

    “The NFL last season began permitting teams to place an unlimited number of players on IR after preseason ends and to remove an unlimited number of players after missing only three games.

    That rule will continue this season, and it could help the Dolphins manage their roster, with difficult decisions looming at several positions before teams must cut to 53 players on Aug. 31.”

  37. CavalierKong says:

    Looks like I just missed Piggy, and the conversation is over, but I’ll still throw my two cents in.

    Piggy, I agree with you in disliking slippery slope arguments. We are entirely capable of stopping something at any point along a line so that if you are afraid A might lead to H, that shouldn’t stop us from going to A if A is beneficial. We can always stop at B or C, etc.

    I also can’t pretend I know anything about NYC’s socio-political atmosphere and how it may differ from other parts of the country.

    That being said, I personally draw the line at governmental policy which segregates people based on vaccination status. For me, that is stopping at B or C. It’s not because I think we’ll become Nazi Germany or anything like that. Nor am I worried this is a continuation of a scheme to cheat the next election. I just don’t want our government taking that kind of step for anything less than absolute necessity, period.

    I’m ok with businesses making that kind of decision for themselves, I believe they should have that right- and that is where it should stop. The government should protect that right and let those people and businesses decide for themselves. If the majority of people in NYC want to segregate vax vs nonvax in public businesses, then IMO the government’s actions should be to help that portion of the populace enforce those rules in their places of business. That can be done without the requirement that all businesses segregate.

    I’m ok with government regulations that affect the entire populace- like mask mandates, but I inherently disagree with government intervention enacted which requires segregating large portions of the population. If you are going to start requiring that we separate groups of people, IMO there needs to be cold, hard, provable facts that support the reasoning, the benefit, and most importantly in my mind, the necessity.

  38. New Age says:


    I also dislike the misuse of Nazi most of the time. As you stated, national socialism is not being used by either side. One seeks the evil of nationalism to counter always good globalism. Putting American citizens first is ignorant and very unAmerican now. Bad people indeed.

    On the other side is pure communism. Take from everyone until we are completely equal serfs…except for communist leadership. These people all hope to be leadership but evidence shows only 3% get there. You know, current Dem leadership fits that percentage pretty good and that’s why they are promoting it.

    These ignorant people and their Nazi labeling. Can’t they see obvious media propaganda behind their cloth masks? Sad

  39. Rockphin says:

    I’m posting this on “Last weeks blog” to keep the political argument of of today’s blog. I think what DeSantis is doing in Florida is wrong and every small government conservative should agree with me. It is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY against the way conservative should be! I believe in small government conservatism. Locals should be able to govern themselves. If Dade, Broward and Palm Beach local elected official decide it is best for their local districts to instate mask mandates they should be allow to. It is LOCAL GOVERNANCE! For DeSantis to step in and propose sanctions against local governments that want to run themselves is wrong and counter to every conservative idea. He is doing it because those counties are “blue” and he is pandering to the underpopulated red counties in the state that have different conditions / situations.

    EVERY small government conservative should agree with this stance IMO. This goes for Piggy’s argument about NY as well.

  40. manitobafinfan says:

    Wyoming/Doggie: yeah wife and I were expecting the no border crossing to be extended, but it still bummed us out … we also expect Sept 21 it will be further extended…

    US doesnt want to piss off Mexico, by letting us in before them , and we all know what’s waiting at their border….

  41. manitobafinfan says:

    As for COVID mandates here , Provincially we are about 80/70 1st/2nd shots. Province has lifted mask restrictions, letting individual businesses decide if mask required or not.. Football stadium and all True North Entertainment facilities, including Jets arena which holds concerts as well, has stated no VAX No ENTRY …

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