1-6 : Where do the Dolphins go from here?

The NFL Trade deadline is coming, now less than a week away. Moves will be made by our organization, but the magnitude of the moves has yet to be determined. This team has underperformed and once again disappointed a fan base that thought, believed and expected better things. In the 3rd year of Grier and Flores, armed with a multitude of first and second round picks in consecutive drafts, we thought we finally were going to get a talent laden roster of young players to build to build around. No more foolish spending in free agency trying to put band aids on wounds that needed cauterizing. We were going to build a young nucleus, with a young QB (Tua Tagovailoa), and then sprinkle in the right veteran players in free agency with no desperation, and no need to get the hottest and most expensive players, just the right veteran players to put us over the top. Instead of building on the 10-6 record we achieved last season, this team has fallen backwards at 1-6 after 7 games and and basically at a point where the season is lost. So now we get to see how this trio of Ross, Grier and Flores handle their failure and try to remedy things. The Deshaun Watson trade rumors have been present since before the season. Is Watson a better QB than Tua is now? Sure, but Tua is a rookie with a 7-6 record, completing over 65% of his passes and a 2:1 TD/INT ratio with 18 TD’s and 9 INT’s. To me, pulling the plug on that is preposterous. On the other hand, the track record for Grier and possibly Flores surrendering a 2nd and 5th RD pick for Josh Rosen in 2019 makes you wonder if they are capable stewards of making such important decisions. They did evaluate the QB class of 2020 and they chose Tua Tagovailoa at #5. Do they pull the plug on a player that has worked so hard and to rehab injuries they were fully aware of when drafting him, especially since he has played well enough to have a winning record and at least average to above statistics? The bigger question is, for what player to make you the trade for? A QB embroiled in controversy and 22 civil lawsuits filed against him by 22 women. This is what makes you abandon the player you were all in on just one year ago? You have to wonder if either of the 2 under Ross really deserve to be here themselves.

I believe the Dolphins aren’t going to make that move. Yes, Watson has been convicted of nothing, there are simply allegations at the moment. He is not guilty until proven otherwise, but many times where there’s smoke there’s fire, and 22 lawsuits is a smoldering inferno. Is that the desperate approach you want to take as an organization? You will probably get elevated play at QB with Watson as compared to Tua but would it be enough of a difference to make this team a winner? We’re 31st on defense statistically. Is Deshaun Watson going to be a 2 way player? Our offensive line has been poor the entire season. It won’t be any better for Watson. As expected, our best WR’s can’t stay on the field or even when they’re on the field, they’re not healthy. We have had DeVante Parker on this team for 6 seasons before this year and he played a 16 game season once. In 2019 he finally had the year we all thought he could have and became the player we hoped he could be, but that was the flash in the pan. He can’t stay healthy, and when you have a #1 receiver that’s rarely healthy, how do you bring in Will Fuller who also has never played a 16 game season. The we have Albert Wilson who opted out of the season last year due to COVID-19. He hadn’t played since 2019 in which he had a terrible hip injury that cut off his nice season in which Wilson was the one exciting piece of the offense. Preston Williams has also been injury prone and only managing to play a maximum of 8 games in 3 different seasons. Is all this Tua’s fault? Is it Tua’s fault that the defense that that was 6th in points allowed is now 31st?

We sent a few veterans packing this season, one after trading for him in the very same offseason. We traded for LB Benardrick McKinney and then cut him in one of the last cutdowns. We traded OG Ereck Flowers to the WFT for a swap of 7th RD picks. I was fine with trading Flowers because I figured that meant that we had our starting LG in Solomon Kindley, or maybe rookie OL Liam Eichenberg. In the short term, sending Flowers hasn’t worked for the better. I still feel like I’d rather have these guys learn than sit behind a vet like Flowers, but with that comes growing pains, and the QB (Tua) along with the offense itself have felt that pain. I was all for giving AVG more playing time and jettisoning KVN allowed that to happen. Getting rid of McKinney while a surprise allowed LB Elandon Roberts to play, and I feel he deserved that as well.

So what happens going forward with this team? Do they finally make the trade for Deshaun Watson? I certainly hope it doesn’t happen, because even if the team is better, marginally or significantly, I won’t feel good about it. It’s just not the ideal situation in my mind at all. “Hey, we have a QB in a hot mess of legal trouble due to his very questionable character, so will give him to you at 50 cents on the dollar”. Yeah, I’ll take a pass on that. Besides the fact that I like Tua, all he’s done since he’s got here is bust his ass to be the best he can be, and he has played well enough in my mind to give him more time to see what he can be. There’s also a huge risk factor that will only mitigated by less compensation initially, there will be no protection for us once the deal is done. Is Tua part of the deal? I would imagine so, but that much is not clear as of yet. Besides the potential trade, I want to see growth for all our young players. I want our O-line looking much better by the end of the season and I want our young LB’s playing at a high level and showing legitimate pass rush chops. I want Tua to show that not only does he belong and deserve to be our QB, but that he’s a damn good one that has earned our respect. It’s not ideal being 1-6, but there are still things that can happen that can make this season a good one. Let’s hope these things happen, all of them.


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  1. Tim Knight says:

    “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.”
    – 1858 Abraham Lincoln; Illinois Candidate for Senator

    “A country that’s divided, surely will not stand”
    – 1990 Dave Mustaine; Megadeth ‘Rust in Peace’ “Holy Wars”

  2. bailbondmike says:

    Kenneth Walker III
    Wyoming, I have been talking about him for a while. Was thinking we could get him in 3rd or 4th at beginning of the season but not anymore. His draft stock has risen to where our team won’t take a RB it appears.

    He ran over Michigan today on 23 carries for 197 and 5 TD’s.

  3. bailbondmike says:

    Walker has 1194 yards on 175 carries, 6.8 average and 14 TD’s through 8 games. Good speed and size 5’10 210 and runs with power.

    vs. #6 Michigan

  4. bailbondmike says:

    Another QB rising quickly who would still be a mid to late pick if he enters the draft is Wake Forest redshirt sophomore QB Sam Hartman. He has quietly led WF to an 8-0 record and averaging over 43 points a game. Has 22 TD’s to 3 INT’s and 6 rushing TD’s.

    Might make an interesting backup prospect but have not watched any tape on him yet.

  5. wyoming85 says:

  6. wyoming85 says:

  7. Mike E. says:

    The Watson shit just doesn’t go away. I’m going to hate this team if they make this trade and I kind of hate them already for engaging with the Texans up until now. They look bad either way, whether they make the trade or not.

  8. Mike E. says:

    If they do make the trade, I hope Watson never plays in a Dolphins uniform, he gets convicted and banned from the NFL, Tua has an excellent career in the NFL, Grier and Flores get fired and Ross dies.

  9. Rockphin says:

    It’s game day bitches!!

    Ready for disappointment and anger?

  10. Rockphin says:

    Imagine how bad the infestation of crabs would have to be to actually bleed someone to death!

  11. wyoming85 says:

    Mike E I can’t believe your still in a tail spin over a click-bait rumor???????

  12. Mike E. says:

    Is it? I go to NFL.com and it’s the top story.

  13. The Flying Pig says:

    Let’s go Tua!

  14. manitobafinfan says:

    I see Ken’s Cox PIC (lol) on FMU page , but if I log in through WordPress site ( it auto refreshes) they do not appear …

  15. CavalierKong says:

    Ken, I see your posts, and they are something to behold.
    The glory, the majesty, the nobility…
    I pity those who are bereft of their magnificent splendor.

    • manitobafinfan says:

      That truly was a Cavalier answer

      • CavalierKong says:

        lol, I did choose the name for a reason…

        Are you home now, Toba? I was sorry to read about your travel troubles. I would have probably been an extraordinarily grouchy simian in your shoes.

      • manitobafinfan says:

        Yes thanks, got home 21:30 last night… left our hotel Friday at 11:00 am…

        And to ORob: yes it is a bitch being a smoker flying , especially International… have to arrive and check in 3 hrs prior to boarding, and all the restaurants are after security, so a 5 hour flight is 8 hours without a fix , nevermind transfer/layover in next city then another 3 hour flight.. and Friday midnight got our baggage back and pulled 2 packs out in case.. they lasted 😊

      • manitobafinfan says:

        If security is not busy I will go back out and come in , but if lined up I don’t chance it

    • Tim Knight says:

      I would love to read them with mindless amazement but I can’t. LOL

      • CavalierKong says:

        Perhaps they are only made visible to those of virtuous nature. You haven’t slaughtered any unicorns or lost your virginity recently, have you? LOL

      • CavalierKong says:

        LOL @ calling myself a virgin unicorn lover. I should have gone with the ‘you were born from peasant stock’ line instead 🤣🤣

  16. bailbondmike says:

    I remember when the Atlanta airport had smoking rooms. I would walk into a clouded room and come out smelling like I rolled around in a giant ashtray. LOL

  17. wyoming85 says:

  18. Mike E. says:

    Just wondering how many people here still think Hunter Long is replacing Gesicki? 😂

  19. ocalarob says:

    They will try to hirt tua again

  20. Tim Knight says:

    Damn no Baker.

  21. Tim Knight says:

    LOL @ Kong

  22. Mike E. says:

    Rob – you were inactive at D&B. Missed you there bud!

  23. New Age says:

    I think Tim keeps saying he’s not seeing them because he likes watching Cox give them the bird over and over.

  24. bailbondmike says:

    Toba, I had a very similar smoker nightmare story. Last time we flew anywhere was Hawaii 6 years ago. We were on our way home to Pensacola via Dallas. Our flight got cancelled due to an ice storm and was stuck in Dallas overnight. Wife and I went outside for a last smoke about 10:30pm. Went to go back in and they locked us out and said that security would not let anyone in until 5am.
    We were stuck in the area between the double doors leading outside for 6 hours.

    The lady we were dealing with was real nice and could not understand why security wouldn’t let us back in either. She went out of her way and brought us 2 cots, blankets and hot chocolate from the USO.

    • manitobafinfan says:

      Okay that’s insane …. My wife usually waits inside while I smoke , she woulda freaked…

    • stangerx says:

      Strangest travel story I’ve heard in a while. But guessing if you were on the other side of the doors would not have had a cot. Long as you had a bathroom available you might have ended up better off cause of that nice lady.

  25. bailbondmike says:

    Red red wine no feel so fine, why he inactive, all of the time?
    My question is, what was the purpose of signing Greg Little?

  26. bailbondmike says:

    My take on drafting Hunter Long was to possibly upgrade over Smythe and/or Sheehan who are also free agents in 2022 along with Gesicki. Also why they brought in Cethan Carter and some others who didn’t make the team.

  27. wyoming85 says:

    Salt Lake and Key West are the only airports with smoking area’s left that I know of

    • stangerx says:

      Haven’t been there since pre-Covid but Atlanta always had those negative flow rooms. Denver has one attached to a bar in one of the main terminals.

      • wyoming85 says:

        Denver’s closed that one a few years ago.
        Haven’t been through Atlanta n 20 years or so

      • stangerx says:

        I found a recent list — also at

        Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport
        Nashville International Airport
        Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
        McCarran International Airport (Vegas)
        Washington Dulles International Airport

    • bailbondmike says:

      If I am within 12 hours, I drive. Guess that is why I have only driven to Key West once. It’s 13.5 hour drive from Pensacola. Once I retire, I am going to look into taking military hops on the cheap. Especially being 5 min for NAS Pensacola and 1 hour from Eglin AFB.

  28. manitobafinfan says:

    Woohoo snowing

  29. Mike E. says:

    Gameday blog up!!!

  30. Ken says:

    Fucking shoot me

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