Game 14 – Jets @ Dolphins

Divisional rival game. Throw out the team records, throw out the last meeting between these two teams and also, throw away all the momentum of the 5 game winning streak. All that is in the past. What remains in front of the Miami Dolphins is a team that knows them backwards and forwards, there are no surprises, no secrets. Unfortunately for the Miami Dolphins, the one thing that the win streak afforded them was consistency. That went out the window when the entire Dolphins RB room tested positive for COVID. More unfortunately, it wasn’t just the RB room. We have potentially lost our star WR Jaylen Waddle as well as our star S Jevon Holland. Both of these players are huge part of what we do on offense and defense respectively. The pass game went through Waddle and the versatility and effectiveness of Jevon Holland doing everything from blitzing, to coverage, to playing near the LOS as a LB has been so valuable to the Dolphins. There is potentially good news as S Brandon Jones is questionable to return from ankle and elbow injuries Sunday. He’s logged 2 limited practices so it’s possible he can suit up. Jones isn’t Holland, but if I had to pick one of our safeties to replace Holland, it would be Jones.

Back to the consistency thing. We need Deiter in there at C and we need him to play well. We’ve had 3 different centers this season though I believe we’ve seen the last of C Austin Reiter who was waived this week. Greg Mancz who we picked up from the Ravens is IR/DFR which means he’s off the IR and designated for return. He’ll likely be the backup this week to Deiter who is wearing a precautionary walking boot. I’m really hoping Myles Gaskin can play. We know his limitations, as do the Jets, but he gives the offense some consistency which is much needed this week. If Waddle is OUT, and it sure looks that’ll be the case, DeVante Parker who is being rested this week and not practicing will hopefully be wearing his Superman costume under his uniform. The WR corps will be Parker, Wilson, Hollins, Ford and Williams. I would imagine TE Mike Gesicki would be in line for a heavy dose of targets this week although it’s difficult to say that with certainty since his targets have been anything but consistent.

Our defense will have to set the tone, and they have been doing that during the duration of this five game win streak. There won’t be the statue-like Joe Flacco at QB this week, it will be the much more mobile, much less experienced rookie QB Zach Wilson. To be fair, Flacco carved up our defense pretty well but ultimately it was his lack of escapability that did him in. Zach Wilson can move, but pressure will cause errors in judgement and poor throws. We need Emmanuel Ogbah, Jaelan Phillips, Andrew Van Ginkel to keep up their relentless pass rush. All of these guys have been killing it the last few games. If S Jevon Holland is OUT, hopefully Brandon Jones can step in and get the job done.

The Jets will likely get a boost for their run game as rookie RB Michael Carter will be coming off IR this week. Carter has played well this season and has been a definite bright spot in their offense. Bad news for the Jets is WR Elijah Moore is on IR and will not be able to play Sunday. He’s been the bright spot in their passing game which now features Denzel Mims who is desperately trying, along with the Jets to get going. The Jets will rely a lot on Jamison Crowder, Keelan Cole and Braxton Berrios. Tevin Coleman and Ty Johnson have been splitting RB duties but if Michael Carter is able to play, he’s the one to watch out for.

I don’t care what this game looks like on paper. Yes, the Jets are 32nd in points allowed with 397 (30.5 PPG). They are 29th in points scored with 226 (17.4 PPG). The Dolphins have made significant gains in both categories during the 5 game win streak. The Dolphins are now 25th in points scored with 254 (19.5 PPG) and really moved up defensively to 13th with 288 (22.2 PPG). When 2 teams know each other so well, anything can happen, especially after having the win streak snapped by the interruption of the BYE week. What could have been a week to improve our roster by getting healthy has turned out be a disaster with COVID infecting too many important players. It will take a lot for Brian Flores and his staff to stay focused and find a way to overcome the obstacles that have presented themselves this week. Hopefully Flores has this team’s attention and they understand the importance of winning E-V-E-R-Y * S-I-N-G-L-E * G-A-M-E. There are no week’s off, this team must win the rest of their games or the season is done. Jets Head Coach Robert Saleh would love nothing more to end this streak and have the Dolphins join them as another team from the AFC East OUT of the playoffs. This game could be a nail biter, so fasten your seatbelts!!

PS – Some good news most recently from the Stanger camp. Jon has improved since my last update. Things are looking up so all of you BLOG Cardiac Surgeons can rest easy and don’t worry yourselves about transplants and the like. Hopes and prayers to Jon that he continues to improve and get out of the hospital able to resume a normal life.


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  1. Tim Knight says:

    Nagy is gone. The Bears will blow it up and start over. Not a great place to be.

  2. CavalierKong says:

    I think this is worth reposting. For those that don’t like too many scenarios, here you go.

    If these 4 games go our way on Sunday, we control our own destiny (win out and we’re in no matter what else happens).

    BAL @ CIN – CIN
    PIT @ KC – KC
    DEN @ LV – DEN
    BUF @ NE – BUF

  3. this team had no problem throwing millions at losers like part time WIlson, and Fuller,

    but wouldnt pay for productivity with Landry

    maybe if Landry missed a few years , or had 100 LESS receptions a year , he would have got paid

    • sb7mvp says:

      Paying 15 million a year for Landry’s production would have been a waste too. None of those deals were good.

    • steveccnv says:

      That’s the first thing you’ve said in the last decade that’s made any sense (having less production and getting paid by us)

      But since he did have the production I agree with SB7

  4. Rockphin says:

    Will Fuller had a set back alright. Watson isn’t coming. I can’t believe they threw away $10M on that POT

  5. wyoming85 says:

  6. Ken says:

    For all the Tua detractors I am glad we didn’t draft a QB in last year’s class. Trevor Lawrence is struggling mightily. The Jets wish they had a gay lesbian volleyball player at QB because that’s better than Zach Wilson and Justin Fields is struggling as well. Trey Lance hasn’t seen the field and is the only one positioned to succeed because he is on a good team with a good coach, good QB and he doesn’t have to play right now

    • steveccnv says:

      You’re nuts, if you wouldn’t take Lawrence over Tua, he has shown some bite, just in as bad of a situation as there is

      • Ken says:

        Lawrence is the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck. It doesn’t mean he will be a good QB. Right now he is not and while I get he was thrown into a shit show he may be damaged goods at this point because of that

    • Capt. Stubbs says:

      You had me at ” gay lesbian volleyball player ” lol haven’t heard that in awhile

  7. Capt. Stubbs says:

    Ugly game, however with the bye and hindering covid. I’ll take it. I actually thought it was a very entertaining game almost broke the 80inch TV in the first quarter though!!! I hope the covid protocols go away, because I believe we have a close knit team. Hard to come together on zoom calls although I believe Tim’s idea on a zoom meeting is good

    • steveccnv says:

      A win is a win at this stage, that’s all many wanted going into the game, especially with guys out

      How did Brady play the other night with his WRs out?

      • Capt. Stubbs says:

        I totally agree on a win is a win. ” You’re only as good as your record is”
        On Brady… love seeing him butt hurt. His best pass was the Microsoft laptop! Loved it!!! I think tua could of thrown it further lol

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      It is a good idea but even in the best of health Stanger wouldn’t be able to figure out a zoom meeting lol. Me either for that matter I’ll need help from my wife.

  8. Ken says:

    I do like the idea of a Zoom meet up at some point

  9. CavalierKong says:

    What exactly is Zoom? Is it like Yoohoo? Whatever, I’m down.

  10. Ken says:

    Maybe we can do a pregame meet up the night before the Pats game? Gives us a couple of weeks to figure this out

  11. pheloniusphish says:

    Maybe not the bust we thought. Just a late bloomer.
    — Hats off to former Dolphins first-round pick Charles Harris, who’s having himself a really good season in Detroit. Harris, who was a major disappointment in Miami, had a career-high 12 tackles (exactly double his previous high), 1.5 sacks and 3 tackles for loss to help the Lions stun the Arizona Cardinals, 30-12. Harris now has 7.5 sacks on the season, more than twice as many as his previous career high of 3, set last year with Atlanta after he had 3.5 sacks in three seasons in Miami.

  12. ukfinfan says:

    Anyone remember these before the ball got booted through the EZ every time?

  13. ukfinfan says:

    Accountability – works wonders!

  14. Rockphin says:

    Man, I hate Monday Night Football. I runs too late. I is 10x worse to stay up to midnight and watch your team lose than watching them at 1pm. Winning on Monday Night is better, but still you are amped up and can’t get to sleep for hours. I am “happy” when we don’t get prime time games.

  15. The Flying Pig says:

    • Rockphin says:

      ▪ The simplest way for the Dolphins to make the postseason: Win the next three and hope Buffalo wins at New England on Sunday. If those four things happen, Miami would have a 99 percent chance of making the postseason.

  16. Rockphin says:

    Is Jacksonville’s offensive line worse than ours? Have they given up more pressures? Does his WR’s drop more passes than Miami’s? Is James Robinson 757 yds @ 4.7 yds per carry & 8 TD’s worse than any of our backs?

    I think the answer to all these questions is a firm NO. So, why, pray tell, is it NUTS to take Tua over Trevor? Just going by performance.

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      He did underthrow a sure Touchdown to Wilson on Sunday, needed 7-10 more yards on that throw.

      • Ken says:

        True he missed that. Definitely his worst game of the season and we won. I always believe that a good QB is one that can beat you even when he is not playing his best. That is kind of what happened on Sunday

      • son of a son of a shula says:

        He’s a gamer that’s for sure

    • Rockphin says:

      That’s a great “Stat” but when you look at it like this it’s not so impressive.

      Tua throws greater than 20- 25 completions.
      Murrey Throws greater than 20 – 42 completions
      Herbert throws greater than 20 – 45 Completions

      So it appears that the other guys have attempted nearly twice as many passes of 20+ yards than Tua has.

  17. sb7mvp says:

    I’d like to see some 2 back sets with Gaskin and Johnson in the next game. Both are good catching the call in space and both complement one another in the run game. Get some good PA passes out the backfield and churn out some yards through the air.

  18. boulderfinfan says:

    Nice win. I really hope our oline can handle the Saints pass rush on Sunday. That’s a big key to the game IMO.

  19. Rockphin says:

    steveccnv says:
    December 21, 2021 at 11:34 am
    If those are your determining factors, that decides who is the better QB, you go girl

    NO PERFORMANCE is the determining factor. Tua has performed substantially better than Lawrence through his first 14 games. I was just eliminating your next round of excuses. “But Lawrence played for a worse team.

    58.1% completion percentage, 2,945 yards, 9 TD’s 14 Ints 5.8 yard per pass ave, 69.3 passer rating,

    But he must pass your eye ball test….

  20. Phindog says:

    Son, I posted these kids from Australia before. But I know how much you like this song so I needed to share it. Enjoy

  21. son of a son of a shula says:

    Lawrence has that ghey hair commercial out so Tua’s better

  22. Rockphin says:

    Pray tell I said……

  23. D says:

    steveccnv says:
    December 21, 2021 at 9:35 am
    You’re nuts, if you wouldn’t take Lawrence over Tua, he has shown some bite, just in as bad of a situation as there is
    As if Tua was in so much better of a situation here. Lol i mean i get we are fans of this team but you can look just a few games ago and you would see a probably worse shit show going on here. At least Lawrence didnt have to deal with the controversy of Watson being courted by his FO. Remember we got beat by that shit show just a few weeks ago. Their OL was also arguably better than ours was in the first 6 games. It definitely couldn’t be called worse.

    • steveccnv says:

      What did Tua have to do last year to beat the Rams and other teams?

      He also hasn’t had to score too many points to win

      Last week he handed the jets 10pts, otherwise they score 14

      The Jags are a train wreck

      I like Tua, and think once we get things fixed our O is going to be great with Tua at QB, but I’m not going to say he’s better than several other QBs in the league

    • Ken says:

      All good points

  24. sb7mvp says:

    Good to see you D.

  25. Rockphin says:

    So Steve only has empty snarkiness as a response. No logic, no supporting argument, only his typical condescension and self superiority. U75…

  26. sb7mvp says:

    Tua and Lawrence’s situations are different. Tua has had better coaching and a better defense. Lawrence has the better supporting cast on offense. Both are different types of QB’s. I’m not seeing a special factor when I look at Lawrence, but I don’t see a special factor when I look at Tua either. I still wouldn’t have replaced Tua with Lawrence. Lawrence has more physical tools, while Tua is more cerebral.

    • steveccnv says:

      Tua’s advantage over all other QBs is the quick release and accuracy, once he’s given a better than avg supporting cast he’ll win a championship

      He’s not as dynamic as Herbert, Allen, or Burrow, these guys will wow you from time to time, but don’t have the consistency

      Tua can’t put a team on his back like the ones mentioned above, so beating the Bills is a real challenge

  27. Rockphin says:

    Look away, look away substance below;
    Tua Tua tua one TD to Ints
    Lawrence 14 Ints to 9 TD’s

    Tua almost 10% more completion percentage
    Tua nearly a yard per pass attempt more than Lawrence
    Tua 25 more points in passer rating that Lawrence
    Tua 24.8 more points in total QBR Rating

    I can go on, but it’s not worth arguing with a nani-nani booboo responder

    • steveccnv says:

      If we’re talking about right now, then yes Tua is a better QB, but last year Fitz was the better QB, so why is he now in Washington?

      • Rockphin says:

        I am talking through the first 14 games of each QB’s career.

      • Rockphin says:

        but you go girl

      • steveccnv says:

        My original comment in response to Ken’s not taking a QB this year was:

        You’re nuts, if you wouldn’t take Lawrence over Tua

        So why are changing the subject?

        My comment had nothing to do with what they’ve done so far, just the better prospect

  28. Mike E. says:

    It’s funny how people who are fans of this team say Lawrence is in a worse situation. How much worse than the worst pass blocking team can there be? Will you guys understand this issue determine thst Tua throws 5-10 yard passes all day. The defense knows it too yet we move the ball anyway. Instead of giving him credit we tear him down. Y’all would rather have him sacked 60 times or fumbling 15 times getting hit all day. Tua makes this offense work despite it’s handicap.

    • steveccnv says:

      Not even close, just don’t make him out to be what he’s not

      In your opinion has Tua been everything you expected, when we drafted him?

  29. wyoming85 says:


  30. D says:

    Lawrence was to me, pretty much what Ken said, probably the best physical traits specimen since Andrew Luck, and yes he hasn’t gotten much coaching since he got to the Jags to help him acclimate. I do think, however, that i didn’t really think he was as polished as Luck was leaving college, As SB7 said, Tua has a better composure and understanding of the game, just lacks some of the physical gifts that Lawrence has. Its like comparing Brees or Brady to Rogers. I think its splitting hairs, good is good great is great and to try to swap an already good to great QB prospect for another is just gambling game, and personally id rather us look to what we have and continue to build around that than to roll the dice again and still have to ddo the same thing with the new guy. At some point ya got to commit to a path and walk it. This reboot reboot reboot thing just gets old and tiresome and gets us nowhere but perpetually rebooting.

  31. Ken says:

    If they were both coming out at the same time I would have taken Lawrence over Tua but right now I am happy that wasn’t the case

  32. Rockphin says:

    Boy, that “Put a team on his back” stat is really hard to find. Closest thing I could find was QBREC which really is a team stat, but here goes Burrow 10-13 record, Herbert 14-15 record, Tua 11-7 record.

  33. sb7mvp says:

    Can anyone tell me what our identity is on offense?

  34. Ken says:

    My point in my earlier post is that it is really hard to hit on a QB in the draft. People are complaining about Tua who has won more games than he has lost and had a 2-1 TD to int ratio to date. All that teams that drafted QBs this year would kill to have that kind of production

    • steveccnv says:

      Production and potential aren’t the same

      • Ken says:

        Famous coaching saying: “your potential is going to get me fired”

      • steveccnv says:

        True, but my response was, if you could roll the dice you’d be crazy not to take Lawrence

      • Ken says:

        As I said above if they were coming out at the same time I would have taken Lawrence. Right now I am happy that wasn’t the case

      • sb7mvp says:

        There’s cases to be made for both of them. I wouldn’t call anyone crazy for picking one over the other if they were both in the same draft, just like I wouldn’t call anyone crazy for picking Tua over Herbert. I wanted Herbert instead of Tua in the draft myself, but I didn’t think anyone was crazy for doing the opposite. They have different skillsets and both bring good and bad to the table. You pick one and build to their strengths.

  35. sb7mvp says:

    potential means you haven’t done anything yet.

  36. ocalarob says:

    you people keep throwing all these stats up in an attempt to convince yourself you’re right. Stats are for losers. you’re beating your chest now as to how good Tua is but he’s just one bad game away from being trashed by the same people. and i had seen a little of that in his last performance around here.

    this offense has not been very good, we all know the D is carrying this team, not Tua.

    I doubt Tua has the arm to take this team to a title, he’s limited, he’ll never survive against the big boys, a playoff caliber D will destroy Tua.
    even New Orleans this week will be a huge test and they are just a middle of the pack team.
    let’s see how he fares these next three games.

    • Ken says:

      I truly don’t get what you mean about the stats. You routinely cite stats and created a few of your own. Stats are measure that is used to measure performance. It’s not the end all but it is a measure and it’s objective. It doesn’t matter if Lawrence has the strongest arm if he is throwing 2 ints for every TD

      • sb7mvp says:

        Stats are for losers. It’s much cooler to pee your pants.

      • ocalarob says:

        because Lawrence throws have a higher degree of difficulty, nothing wrong with stats but you don’t rely on them for proof positive that the player in question is a hall of famer or a bust.
        “look at his completion pct, it’s among the best he has to be great”

        what you’re missing is he throws 3 yard passes.

      • steveccnv says:


      • Ken says:

        By what measure do Lawerence’s throw’s have a higher degree of difficulty? How is that measured? Seriously. Do you measure it by yards in the air? Do you measure it by time in the pocket? Do you measure it against the blitz? Do you measure it against press coverage? Do you measure it against nickel and dime situations? Do you measure it by down and distance? Do you measure it against zone coverage…I mean it is impossible to make such a blanket statement without context hence where statistics become important

      • ocalarob says:

        i measure it in throws over 20 yards! where’s the stat gorilla kong?
        how many passes has Tua completed over 20 yards vs Lawrence??

      • steveccnv says:

        Get serious Francis (Ken)

      • Ken says:

        Tua is currently 3rd in the NFL in % of completions over 20 yards behind Kyler Murray and I don’t remember the other one ahead of him

      • CavalierKong says:

        35 for Lawrence
        25 for Tua

      • ocalarob says:

        I don’t care about percentages, he Tua rarely throws passes that travel 20 yards in the air, Lawrence does it all the time. that’s where the degree of difficulty comes in.
        stick to the subject please.

      • CavalierKong says:

        Of course those are completions over 20+ yds, not travel in the air over 20. Not sure on air distance over 20+

      • ocalarob says:

        attempts or completions? Kong

      • Ken says:

        Again quantify how many he thrown vs Tua and that is a harder degree of difficulty

      • CavalierKong says:

        The 35 for Lawrence and 25 for Tua are completions of 20+ yds.

      • bookman11 says:

        I am with Ken on this. What is degree of difficulty. Is distance of the throw the only consideration? That seems like cherry picking

      • Ken says:

        The stat Kong posted is completions and doesn’t take into account yards in the air. The stat I posted is in regards to throws over 20 yards in the air

    • pheloniusphish says:

      One time, in band camp….

  37. ocalarob says:

    another thing that concerns me is the Titans play Thurs, they have a week and a half to get ready for a home game, we’re coming off a Monday night game against the Saints, a short week in which we have to travel.
    a tough road to hoe

    • CavalierKong says:

      That’s a messed up scheduling quirk to give us a short week when they get extra time.

      • steveccnv says:

        They do that type of shit just about every year to us, yet teams like the cheats play 7 years in a row at home on Thursday, the Rams have no games against teams coming off of Thursday or bye

      • CavalierKong says:

        If it was early in the season, it wouldn’t be as big a deal, but to do that at the end of the season during what is almost certain to be a playoff run against a strong opponent…jerks.

    • steveccnv says:

      One of several FUs the schedule makers threw at us

      They should make the schedule fair, every team should play at home every 2 years on Thursday, every team should play 1 team coming off of a Thursday game, and 1 off of a bye, they should never be combined with a Monday Night game

  38. mf13ss says:

    I have this strange feeling that I’ve been teleported back to the year 2011 and onto Omar’s blog! LOL 😉

  39. mf13ss says:

    pheloniusphish says:
    December 21, 2021 at 10:04 am
    Maybe not the bust we thought. Just a late bloomer.
    — Hats off to former Dolphins first-round pick Charles Harris, who’s having himself a really good season in Detroit. Harris, who was a major disappointment in Miami, had a career-high 12 tackles (exactly double his previous high), 1.5 sacks and 3 tackles for loss to help the Lions stun the Arizona Cardinals, 30-12. Harris now has 7.5 sacks on the season, more than twice as many as his previous career high of 3, set last year with Atlanta after he had 3.5 sacks in three seasons in Miami.
    Yessir! And Baldy did a breakdown of him earlier…

    • mf13ss says:

      WHY couldn’t we even get close to this kind of production out of Charles Harris? It took him 5 YEARS and 2 teams after us for the light to come on? While with us, he was playing opposite of MR. CAM WAKE!

  40. ocalarob says:

    I heard he doesn’t have many passes that travel over 20 yards in the air, last i heard the count was three. i know of one to waddle, wilson, and Hollins

  41. Tim Knight says:

    Back to the same discussion I see. LOL

    One thing about the deep ball. Do our WRs get open deep often? Do we run a lot of deep routes? We also know our OL struggles to block long enough to set them up. So it’s likely more of a team issue than Tua can’t or won’t throw deep.

  42. Rockphin says:

    However you want to look at it Tua is better than Lawrence

    Completed air yards per completion:
    Tua 5.6
    Trevor 5.3

    Completed air yards per pass attempt:
    Tua 3.6
    Trevor 3.1

    Trevor has gotten more help from his WR’s
    YAC per completion (after the catch)
    Tua 4.1
    Trevor 4.8

  43. Mike E. says:

    Steve – I think he’s been great under the conditions he’s played under. In that regard, yes, he’s been as good as I would hope. He plays winning football. He knows what he’s doing and is competent enough to do it.

  44. mf13ss says:

    2 impending FA RBs for us to sign in 2022, career stats at the moment

    Player A: age 25, 5’11”, 220, 204 attempts, 1038 yards, 5.1 Y/A, 7 TDs
    Player B: age 28, 5’9″, 210, 485 attempts, 2056 yards, 4.2 Y/A, 10TDs

    Who is player A, who is player B, and who would ya take?

  45. Rockphin says:

    CavalierKong says:
    December 21, 2021 at 3:34 pm

    35 for Lawrence 14 games (2.5 per game)
    25 for Tua 10 games (2.5 per game)

    Can’t find a listing of ONLY 20 yards in the air stat, but Tua has a higher ratio for both completed and attempted air yards so it is simple deduction that he throws and completes a higher percentage.

  46. wyoming85 says:

    Wash, rinse, REPEAT!

  47. mf13ss says:

    As Tua has proven, he can do miraculous things without a functional O-Line or running game. Now get him a ‘power back’ and a FA Tackle… watch him take it to a whole new level.

  48. ocalarob says:

    Would we want aaron rodgers ?
    I think he may be leaving GB

    • mf13ss says:

      I feel as though Green Bay bent their knee to A-Rod’s wishes, and their success this year is palpable… meaning, I don’t think A-Rod is going to leave Breen Bay after all. I think they could very well make the Super Bowl this year and even win it all.

    • Ken says:

      Rodgers is one of the greatest ever and no doubt he makes any team better but I don’t think he is the missing piece. OL and RB are the biggest weaknesses. Rodgers is older and has such a small window to win now I would rather have a younger guy with a longer window to win with be it Tua, Watson or someone else and to me preferably Tua

  49. CavalierKong says:

    Don’t eat grandma 🙈

  50. CavalierKong says:

    I’d really like to see that Holland is back practicing.

  51. wyoming85 says:

    No NHL players going to the Olympics!

  52. wyoming85 says:

  53. wyoming85 says:

    Yee Haw!!!

  54. Tim Knight says:

    The issues with our team is not the QB. It’s the OL and a lack of playmakers on offense. We have some good players, but who ever breaks a big play and takes it to the house? Hollins 65 yard TD catch was more pass 50 and run for 15, and Brown’s 24 yard TD run is the longest. That’s it.

    I thought Waddle would bring more of that but it hasn’t happened yet. His 57 yard catch and run was close but DBs had the angle on him because they always focus on him.

  55. Ken says:

    An update on Stanger:
    He has had a bit of setback. He has been reintubated and is likely to have a tracheostomy to help him breathe. He is back in the ICU. I will let everyone when I hear anything else

  56. steveccnv says:

    In 2023 the new TV contracts will add 100m+ to the salary cap, so 2 years from now the price for FAs is going to skyrocket

    Belicheat gave the most guaranteed money this year in FA, is ahead of the curve again?

    Don’t pay enough attention to how they write contracts, but if he’s putting the high part of the contract in the future I’d say yes, he’s ahead of the curve

    Some other teams like Dallas, Buffalo an KC have done this too with their QBs

    If we don’t sign guys this year in FA, that pushes cap figures to the future Grier needs to go

    Don’t know if we still have a Dawn Aponte, but even so the GM needs to initiate the FA talks with pay it forward in mind

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      She’s been gone for a while. She works in the league office.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Wow!!! People will go nuts with what guys get paid, but the market pool increased. I still see fans bitching about what some players get paid even if it’s now considered chump change.

      Ogbah should be a priority. Gesicki will be in the discussion. Signing UFAs from other teams I have no idea right now. But we have a lot of cap in 2022 and like you just posted, every team will get a boost in 2023.

      • steveccnv says:

        The key is to sign them in 2022, and defer the big money, before all he’ll breaks loose the following year

      • steveccnv says:

        And no ($$) reason to let Ogbah or Gesicki to walk

      • Tim Knight says:

        I hear what you’re saying. I’m sure we have a numbers cruncher – capologist.

        First thing they do is target what they feel they need to add in FA vs. the draft. Then what is the market? Do we sign one or two big time FAs or sign 4 or 5 significant contract type players but not the top scale? No Idea.

        It always comes down to who is available. Do you overpay for good not great in FA? Do you over-draft for a position of need but the talent is not really there. That’s the challenge.

  57. olddolphan says:

    STILL HOPING for the absolute best outcome for Young Stanger. And we all know he didn’t get to his current high status in his occupation by giving up easily. He is one determined man!!
    On a somewhat related situation, when my 56 year old daughter’s outlook was particularly grim, she got even more hard-nosed about some things. She demanded PROOF that every one who came into her room had been vaccinated. Those that didn’t were shown the door! This particular Cancer hospital instituted mandatory vaccinations for all staff members. Those who did not comply were terminated and replaced. This policy withstood a court challenge and is now in full effect.

    NOT SURE if Jon’s hospital has a similar policy or not. Clearly, though, his chances of a full recovery would take a gruesome hit if he caught the Covid. And, as for my daughter’s current status, she is now considered to be in remission. However, she’s not yet back at work as a research scientist. However, when she DOES RETURN, I guarantee all those at her research facility will be fully vaccinated.

    Rest well tonight, Jon. Your very best days are still to come!

    • Tim Knight says:

      I don’t know what it’s like in every state, but in NJ the COVID spike has caused a ban on visitors vaccinated or not in hospitals. So it’s back to not being able to say goodbye to a loved one if they pass. A friend of mine is dealing with that with her father who is in his 80’s and has COVID. We’re in some very sad and difficult times.

      • olddolphan says:

        It’s my somewhat NON-expert opinion that as long as we have vast numbers of people who are unvaccinated we will continue to have to deal with one variant after another. Only global vaccination can get this situation under control. Indeed, some diseases, sicknesses and illnesses, once thought to be under control, are making a comeback, particularly in rural America and in less developed nations around the globe. I call it the “Revenge of the Flat Earthers!”

      • Tim Knight says:

        OD, I held out longer than most getting vaccinated only within the last 2 months. But I got both shots and I’m now fully vaccinated. My “patience” about it was based on after effects and seeing what the results were.

        Once I realized the people in my life were fine from it I said now it’s time. That was my personal decision. If I felt sick and had the COVID symptoms I would have adjusted my situation. But I wore masks, gloves at times, used wipes and washed hands when going out and about, I still do. That is still a good practice, but too many vaccinated people think they’re good now and act like we don’t have a pandemic even when they talk about how we do.

        People are traveling again, going to big events and have no issue with being in heavily populated areas. That is what is causing the spike. You can be vaccinated and still get it and pass it onto others behaving that way. It’s more about behavior than anything else. People are selfish in all sorts of ways.

  58. Mike E. says:

    OD, so many vaccinated, including triple vaxed like myself, are getting sick. They’re getting it and spreading it. I find what the government is portraying is just not accurate. I think the one thing that is true is that those vaccinated are less likely to get very sick and die, which is why I got the booster shot. I get pissed when they intimate that non vaccinated people spread it and vaxed don’t. It’s horseshit. Triple vaxed people I know have just tested positive.

    • Tim Knight says:

      See my reply above to OD.

    • olddolphan says:

      MIKE; Since day 1, the 3 major vaccination producers have had efficacy rates below 100%. INDEED, Jets’ owner Woody Johnson’s J&j Vaccine has a reported efficacy rate in the 60’s. So, AT NO POINT, did I get the impression the government was saying those vaccinated can NOT pass the Covid to someone else. FAR FROM IT. They DID say that those fully vaxxed are less likely to get hospitalized and die. And, like you, that’s WHY I’ve had all the shots and the booster. And, according to what I’ve read, no one who has had all the shots and boosters has died, although it’s just a matter of time until that DOES happen.
      Taking the shots is just the smarter option. Even TRUMP admitted he’s had the shots and took a booster. He was summarily booed by some of his supporters for doing so at a recent event moderated by Bill O’Reilly.

  59. manitobafinfan says:

    Pulling fir ya Stanger🍻

  60. manitobafinfan says:

    This Omnicrom seems to be the most contagious, yet mildest , thankfully, version so far .. #’s are huge but hospitals are not being overrun

  61. wyoming85 says:

    I guess I’m to stupid to understand the Earth is round because I live in “rural America”?

    It’s fine with me for you to think that way. As I set out in the country and watch nature I’m reminded that there are truth’s in this world that most folks will never understand!

    • Tim Knight says:

      I would think those of you who live in more rural areas would be in better shape. I live in a heavily populated suburban and close to urban area. People around here who don’t wear masks I assume are vaccinated and act like things are back to normal. At the same time many of them condemn the unvaccinated who may still avoid large crowds and still abide by sanitary practices. Even this is an issue to divide people with hypocrisy and propaganda running wild. I’m getting really tired of all of this nonsense.

      Yes the pandemic is real. So are the hypocrites.

  62. mf13ss says:

    Being perfectly honest here, and as a scientific-minded individual: if said ‘vaccine’ does NOT prevent the acquisition and/or spread of a coronavirus, it’s NOT a vaccine… okay?

    So what is and what is in this so-called ‘vaccine’? We won’t know for 75 years: FACT, and y’all can look it up. Suspect, is it not? Fear-mongering is winning today, and it’s sad.

    This omicron variant displays nothing more than a runny nose, sneezing, or sore throat. AKA: THE COMMON COLD! Yes, the omicron variant is hella contagious… just like the seasonal cold/flu!

    And unlike the original COVID-19 (which has had less than a 1% mortality rate), omicron is even less severe.

    Quite honestly, y’all have a better chance of being bitten by a shark in Omaha, Nebraska, than having to be concerned about death via omicron.

    • Tim Knight says:

      It doesn’t always take 75 years to find remedies for illnesses. Even many years ago penicillin was a pretty quick discovered healing agent. We’re so much more advanced now than in the late 1800’s and early 1920’s.

      Do you really know what the pathology of Omicron is?

      A vaccine is not 100% never has been. But it does curb the spread of a disease. That’s what vaccines do. This coming from a guy who always feels icky getting one.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      It does actually prevent the spread

      The original variant is mostly gone. All the variants now are just mutations of the original virus and as long as the virus isn’t eradicated, it will likely mutate

      The 2nd wave was the delta variant and the data on the delta variant demonstrated that the the “viral load” was the same for vaccinated and unvaccinated persons. Viral load is just a term of measurement which basically measures the amount of the virus in a body.

      That fact, though, was misrepresented by many people to mean the vaccine was not effective – but it was. It lessened the severity of symptoms and duration of the virus, just not the viral load. So yeah you can catch and spread it, if vaccinated, but you’ll probably have it for a shorter duration which certainly affects the spread of it.

      So that’s the real difference regarding delta

      The booster is really not designed for Omnicrom – and as far as I can see, it doesn’t look anywhere as severe as delta, as you stated

      But im sorry to say, and even if it insults you guys, it doesn’t change the fact, if the virus lives in you longer, you’ll have it longer and be more likely to spread it. And if the virus survives longer, it’s also more like mutate.

      There’s an alpha, beta, delta, gamma already. Some are more contagious than others. Some are more dangerous. Omincrom seems very contagious but not as severe, at least early on – that’s what I have read.

      A vaccine is not a button you press simply get a desired result. We are fighting a living organism. It will mutate, it will change. It will fail sometimes and it will succeed. So having this threshold where it just supposed to stop everything in it’s track is really just not anymore realistic than expecting a seat belt to prevent death from car crashes.

  63. mf13ss says:

    And just exactly WHY does Joe Biden and his handlers want 100% vaccination? 80% of the population has been vaccinated, right, yet it’s still spreading… but he blames it on the 20% who haven’t been vaxed?!!

    That doesn’t make scientific sense! If one (or 80% of our population) has been so-called ‘vaxed’, they should be immune, right? WRONG! The vaxed can STILL acquire it and spread it! What’s going on here?!

    Yet, the un-vaxed (20%) are being blamed by the current communist regime?

    WHY does this rogue regime want 100% vaccination, which isn’t really a vax?

    • Tim Knight says:

      The Biden Administration is a disaster. They’ve contradicted themselves on the COVID situation and foreign policy since the primaries because of politics. Now they can’t answer a question about anything. They don’t have an answer.

  64. Ken says:

    This started as an update on Stanger and it has turned into a political debate. Just keep it in perspective please

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I didn’t even see where a stanger update lead to a discussion of covid and vaccines

      So for my part I’m sorry to engage if I did without realizing

      • Ken says:

        You didn’t start anything and it was an innocent enough start by OD at 8:46 but then it steamrolled into politics. I know there was no ill intent by anyone

      • The Flying Pig says:

        Oh okay I missed that

        I thought it was just an unrelated discussion

    • Tim Knight says:

      Ken, this was based off OD’s posts about being a proponent of getting vaccinated. It’s not really about politics for me other than individuals making personal decisions. All I did was point that out. This is more about current events. It wasn’t about Stanger for me. That’s another issue altogether. COVID is not what has Stanger ill.

  65. D says:

    Is it just me or does Troy P. Look like a baby crowning from a 70s bush on that picture up there.

  66. Tim Knight says:

    The Miami Dolphins were 1-7, and no NFL team has made the playoffs after being six games under .500 at any point in a season.

    How about we become the first. 🙂

  67. Ken says:

    Just as an FYI and perhaps why I am little sensitive to the subject but 2 of Stanger’s ICU nurses have tested positive and there is concerns he was exposed

    • Tim Knight says:

      Fuck!!! I don’t know what to say. Get well Stanger!

    • ukfinfan says:

      Got everything crossed this side of the water. From what I have read, Stanger is nothing if not a fighter so has that massively in his favour. #Stangerstrong

      This side of the water there have been 60,508 cases of Omicron recorded, with 129 needing hospitalisation and sadly 14 deaths. Individual reactions to Covid exposure have always been all over the map and are exactly that – individual. The worst usually happens when the body overheats in it’s reaction to the virus and the patient almost drowns from fluid in the lungs. I had the original variant in October ’20 and it was like a bad flu in my case with accompanying loss of taste and smell. The pneumonia I battled in January of that year was 100 times worse. The last thing Stanger needs is to add something else to fight off and I sincerely hope that is not the case, but in this worst case, the treatment is also now light years ahead of early ’20 when the first wave hit. He’s in the safest hands possible and has a lot of people rooting for him, in much the same way you did with your fight.

      Thanks for the updates.

  68. bailbondmike says:

    Tim, we do need that one more stud receiver. Can you guess who we need? Lol


    6’2 with 4.3 speed

    Go get him Dolphins!

  69. sb7mvp says:

    Shout out to Stanger. We know you’re going to power through this setback.

  70. sb7mvp says:

    So if we win a Super Bowl with Tua/Waddle, do we forgive Nick Saban or did he commit the unforgiveable sin?

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      He handled it very poorly but if he didn’t want to be there then it’s for the best that he left. Incidentally yesterday was to the day that he pounded on the podium declaring “I will not be the Coach at Alabama”, two weeks later he was of course.

  71. Mike E. says:

    Truth is, if we win the SB, Saban wouldn’t even cross my mind

  72. bailbondmike says:

    Tim, that was my fear the last month on Jameson. His stock soared through the season. To think he was stuck behind Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson at Ohio State. This is his only year starting and I was hoping that would keep his stock down but he has shown the NFL world the elite talent and measurables are there. If he falls out of the top 10 in this weak draft, I will be super surprised.

    Other options for a play making speedster are Garrett Wilson or the other Alabama WR, Metchie. Only problem I have with them is they are very similar to Waddle and not sure that is what we need as in another speedy slot.

  73. ocalarob says:

    isn’t it funny how no one wears a “Build Back Better hat”

    Things that make you go….hmmm?

    • Rockphin says:

      No, it was stupid that people went around with fan hats for MAGA. It is NORMAL for people not to be fan boys of political figures.

      • Rockphin says:

        Did you ever see a Bush hat? A Reagan Hat? A Nixon hat? Clinton Hat? The whole cult of personality surrounding the con artist crooked businessman was and still is bizarre.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        The differences between a Trump Rally and a WrestleMania event are barely noticeable, so of course they give the hats that much weight…

      • steveccnv says:

        Didn’t hear anyone mention Obama hats or tee shirts, that I’ve seen plenty of

        People buy/wear this stuff, because it’s something that moves them, so back to what ORob asked about Biden’s BBB

        No one gives a fuck about the sham that is BBB

    • sb7mvp says:

      No, but this is:

  74. ukfinfan says:

    Love this. And don’t think Tua’s OL didn’t either. Playing for each other.

  75. The Flying Pig says:

    Yesterday was the last time it was the 21st day, of the 21st year, of the 21st century

    I hope you made the best of it

  76. Rockphin says:

    It appears that the dolphins are opening as 3.5 point dogs on Monday night. I thought it would be worse than that actually.

    I know it was only a 9-0 win against the Bucs, but the Bucs have a pretty good Defense and Tom Fn Brady at QB. I feel like they were able to shut down the Bucs offense the entire game they should be able to stifle our week sputtering offense.

    I hope I am wrong, but I just have that feeling that we are going to be doing a bunch of mock drafts next week.

    • bookman11 says:

      lol @ mock drafts next week.
      I just hope they don’t get embarrassed on national TV after all of these wins in a row.

    • steveccnv says:

      NO D has made TB look horrible in the regular season the last 2 years, then gone back to normal the next week

      Games before and after they played TB
      2021 game 1 before beat a bad Seattle team 13-10, after lost 27-25 to Atl enroute to a 5 game losing streak
      Game 2 before beat the jets to end the 5 game losing streak

      2020 beat TB week 1, then lost 2 in a row. Game 2 came in the middle of a 9 game winning streak with Brees

      Buffalo has in the past gotten up so high to play us, then gone back to normal the week after, mostly losses

      NO has a very good D, just don’t look at what they did against their rival and think it’s going to continue, look at what they did the rest of the season or last 5 games

  77. Rockphin says:

    They won against the Bucs 2x, crushed the packers earlier this year 38-3, lost a close one to the Titans, beat the Pats by double digits and rolled over the Jets who gave us a hard time last week.

  78. Rockphin says:

    Some red meat for the animals

    • steveccnv says:

      No he isn’t the problem, he’s part of the reason for the winning streak along with the D

      I’d could say the soft schedule too, but earlier in the year, when we were losing, the soft schedule didn’t help get wins

      What Omar is saying is true, but we still need to see it against a good team to think he’s the franchise QB and he has to beat Buffalo to get that monkey off of his back

      • Rockphin says:

        he has never won a game against Buff so definitely need to get that monkey off his back! The panthers HAD the number 1 pass defense when we played them so there is that. You are right about the soft schedule not helping early in the year. Like they say you can only play the teams on your schedule though. The Saint’s D is pretty good and the Pat’s D is looking top of the league this year too so we will see in the next month what the offense with Tua at the helm can do.

  79. Rockphin says:

    Is Omar becoming a fan?? ??

    • steveccnv says:

      Omar isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is a tool

      Why might the 2 have the same yards per attempt average?

      It doesn’t take a genius to figure out when 1 QB has a higher comp% it raises his yards per attempt vs someone with a lower comp%

      The correct stat to compare would’ve been yards per completion, but some like to use stats to shock stupid people

      • sb7mvp says:

        There’s not a whole lot of difference there either.
        Allen 10.9
        Tua 10.1
        from yesterday’s discussion Trevor Lawrence – 10.1

    • bookman11 says:

      He hasn’t yet reached David Garrard status, but……..

  80. steveccnv says:

    Last couple of weeks, short sample size, I’ve been watching the air yards for QBs and mostly they throw short passes

    The difference is Tua throws a larger % of his passes short and doesn’t have the top end deep pass talent to scare the DBs

    I actually prefer Tua throw short passes, but I hate the 1 yard pass he throws with a defender in close proximity, sometimes its all he’s got, just don’t want him doing it too often

    When Tua is throwing the quick 5+ yard passes he’s in his element, especially to Waddle

    He needs to also throw the occasional 10+ yard passes to Parker and Gesicki to keep a D honest

  81. wyoming85 says:


  82. wyoming85 says:

    • Rockphin says:

      One pussy attempt at a tackle that led to a TD for the Jets

      • D says:

        People saying the defense saved us and I thought they play pretty shitty especially early on. Piss poor tackling, they had several sacks that they just didn’t bring him down.

  83. wyoming85 says:

    • wyoming85 says:

  84. wyoming85 says:

    • Rockphin says:

      Well Skippity Dee!

      I LOVE IT! Keep getting better guys. (it doesn’t hurt their efficiency that Tua has gotten the ball out in an average of 1.9 seconds per play.) YOU ARE NOT MIS-READING THAT. 1.fucking.9 seconds per play in November.

    • Rockphin says:

      And that is with us STILL SEEING Davis on his back like a turtle 3-4 times a game!

  85. CavalierKong says:

    Sucks Holland is still sick.

  86. Rockphin says:

  87. Rockphin says:

    We will see Monday Night just how much the offensive line has improved (or not) Marcus Davenport & Cameron Jordan can make an offensive line look, well, down right offensive. Can Davis and Eichenberg keep Tua upright against them?

    • Ken says:

      Key is going to be those quick short passes to Waddle and or Gaskin

    • D says:

      Cam Jordan to me is one of if not the most complete DE in the NFL. You have to be a damn good tackle to defend him, he just has too many options as a pass rusher to not find a weakness and exploit it if you aren’t well rounded. His pass rush strength is strength moves, but he can flip them into speed rushes and he isn’t too shabby with speed rush either. It’s gonna be a tough night for our OTs.

  88. Rockphin says:

    The Saints are calling for a “black out” Monday night, basically all their fans to where the all black jerseys. Miami should wear their all white throw back jerseys.

  89. Rockphin says:

    I don’t want to look too far ahead, but can you imagine if we DO MAKE IT to the playoffs and then to the Superbowl? What a Cinderella story that will be.

  90. son of a son of a shula says:

    X got washed out on that play he didn’t puss out. Go watch it again. That little shrimp went up and in on the other side of X. Smart because he would’ve never made the corner.
    I’ve never see X avoid contact and that was a high speed play, he had no opportunity to square up which is what he would have needed to do to be able to make that stop.

    • Rockphin says:

      Nah man, I looked at it several times. I even froze the play to take a picture to send to Mike E HE CLOSED HIS FREAKING EYES AND CURLED UP to hip check him instead of wrapping him up in a tackle.

  91. Tim Knight says:

    Steve, there are a lot of pass plays team runs on offense where I say why would you call that or at least in this situation. We do it too and I hate it but it seems to be a common thing these days. The play I hate the most are the really short ones to Gesicki. He doesn’t have quick twitch moves to make a guy miss and pick up yardage. As soon as I see it I say well this will be no gain. Gesicki needs to be moving to be effective, not stop and go.

  92. Rockphin says:

    Guy sat down at counter next to me today, he had brown hair and BIG red beard. He asked can I have a Ginger Beer please. I said under my breath you already have one and he heard me. Luckily he laughed and said BEER not Beard!

  93. wyoming85 says:

  94. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    December 21, 2021 at 10:00 pm
    It doesn’t always take 75 years to find remedies for illnesses. Even many years ago penicillin was a pretty quick discovered healing agent. We’re so much more advanced now than in the late 1800’s and early 1920’s…
    I don’t want to get back on this topic, but I either miscommunicated or ya didn’t understand. The FDA doesn’t want data on the COVID-19 vaccine to be made public until the year 2096 is what I was trying to communicate… at least according to what I’ve read and heard recently.

    Things that make ya go hmmmmm…

    • Tim Knight says:

      Oh okay. I saw that too. We were talking about different things. I don’t understand what government agencies do from time to time. It doesn’t make much sense to me either. It should be available in real-time. When it comes to public health all intel should be available. This is the problem when government gets too big. Government is not supposed to be a corporation. Its supposed to serve the people.

  95. Tim Knight says:

    Tua is our QB! He’s playing well but I still think he will get better. I don’t think he’s where he needs to be yet but the entire offense isn’t where it needs to be yet. But they’re playing better and they need to keep working so we can see who carries over into 2022. I think we can really improve on offense in one offseason with the cap we have and our draft. If we can add a stud OL, RB and WR along with some better depth, we could be a really good offense.

    • steveccnv says:

      As could any team with a QB, that can get out of his own way

      • Tim Knight says:

        Not sure what that means based on what I said. Do you mean the QB not making too many mistakes?

      • steveccnv says:

        You said, If we can add a stud OL, RB and WR along with some better depth, we could be a really good offense.

        That’s almost like saying we’d win every game, if we scored more pts than our opponent

        Don’t you think every teams O would be really good adding 3 studs + depth?

  96. steveccnv says:

    Xs and Omar, Hyde stumped by Os Q about Josh Allen and Tua having the same yards per attempt avg

    Allen 4544 yards on 572 atts in 2020 7.9 ypa
    3734 yards on 528 atts 2020 7.1
    344 completions

    Tua 211 of 302 2141 yards 7.1ypa

    Allen isn’t having a good year, he isn’t getting a lot of Diggs yards over the top

    Why didn’t O compare Allen’s 2020 season with Tua?

    Tua has the benefit of higher comp% + Allen isn’t having a great season, he’s come back to the pack

    • Tim Knight says:

      Tua and our offense are not on the level of the Bills. The Bills have been very up and down this season but they’re better than us. They’ve been building their team longer.

      Right now Tua is an efficient QB not losing games, making some plays and learning how to become a top QB. Our offense has been a patchwork and building process since 2019. It’s in its infancy. We need to improve in a lot of areas in 2022. But it’s doable.

  97. steveccnv says:

    What would our record be right now, if Tannehill was our QB?

    I’d say he’d have been sacked 45 times and we’d be 5-9

    • The Flying Pig says:


    • Tim Knight says:

      That is what has been most impressive about Tua – sacked only 13 times in 10 games and 9 starts. Never sacked more than twice in a game. Pocket presence and his ability to move around and find another option is one of his strengths for sure.

  98. Tim Knight says:

    Steve, I was saying 3 offensive players at those positions added to some of the good players we already have could make a major difference. This young team is getting quality snaps this year moving forward. I think we have a championship caliber defense. STs are usually good. My point was we can take the next step in 2022 without needing a whole lot. Grier/Flores have to get to that next level in 2022.

  99. mf13ss says:

    Get us a ‘power-back’ RB, a ROCK at one of the Tackle positions (I’d prefer for Tua’s blindside but I’m not too picky), and a WR who can be a healthy version of DeVante Parker.

    I guarantee, Tua is going to be a top-10 (probably more like a top-5) QB.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Right now it seems like keeping Eichenberg and Jackson on the left side is the way to go. RT would be my target. It doesn’t have to be an all-pro/pro bowl guy, but a solid starter who has like 50 starts at RT and a proven vet. Move Davis back to backup duties because of his versatility in a pinch. I would also look to add competition or upgrade at C if we can. Deiter looks okay but is he long-term? That improves depth.

      Add a physical RB who doesn’t have to have amazing stats but can get the tough yards when we need them and make some plays here and there. Maybe in time he becomes a feature back. That improves depth.

      Can we be so bold to ask for another playmaking WR? I don’t care what type of game this guy has, I want a playmaker who makes teams worry about more than Waddle. Right now teams don’t fear us beating them over the top or taking it to the house out in space. Waddle is the only one and they always have more than one DB around him.

      Parker when healthy is a very good WR as we all know. Because of that, I keep him for 2022 but I want to replace Wilson who does not look very good on a consistent basis and Williams who rarely plays. I like Hollins (STs) and Ford as depth. Add one WR in FA and one in the Draft that can change the dynamic of our passing game. That improves depth.

  100. mf13ss says:

    wyoming85 says:
    December 22, 2021 at 6:40 pm

    I could swear Tua is my younger brother with all of his “yup-yup”s!!! Damn!!! I LOVE IT!!! 😀

    • mf13ss says:

      I got my “yup-yup”s from Teddy Riley, the innovator of “New Jack” music back in the late 80s-early 90s. I have NO idea where Tua got his from. It’s certainly not a Hawaiian or Samoan thing, to be sure.

    • Tim Knight says:

      He also says yes sir and let’s go a lot. LOL

      Tua is a grounded individual and a competitor just getting started. Build around him and very good things will happen. Yes deep passes too. 😉

  101. olddolphan says:

    THE DOLPHINS WILL BE a much different team with Waddle returning and, perhaps, Duke Johnson starting. The Saints won’t know quite what to expect because, well, it’s the FIRST TIME they’ve played together as team mates. So the Saints coaches have to deal with an UNKNOWN FACTOR right from the get-go.

    Miami’s coaches, on the other hand, KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY’RE GOING TO DO WITH THIS DYNAMIC DUO RIGHT OUT OF THE GATE. And THAT’s the time they need to fire all their weapons!! New Orleans is over confident, thinking we just shut out the Super Bowl CHAMPS— so these guys (the Dolphins) should be NOTHING compared to Tampa Bay.

    “NOT SO FAST, MY FRIEND!!!” The Fins have been DEADLY on their first drives this season, even tho’ they’ve been short handed on a few occasions. BUT NOT THIS TIME!!! Miami has all their guns loaded. They are READY TO SHOCK THE FOOTBALL WORLD!!

    I can almost see Coach Flo grinning with that malevolent smile covering his face from ear to ear. It’s more like a sneer. Well, Saints fans, FEAR THE SNEER cuzz Coach Flores IS HERE!!

    GET BETTER QUICKLY, Young Stanger!! This game could put a major league smile on your face!

  102. Tim Knight says:

    Anyone think WR Allen Robinson might want out of Chicago as a UFA? He would make us better on offense. Tua gets a savvy vet WR with size who makes plays.

    • olddolphan says:

      TIM, QUITE A FEW “savvy vets” will want to come to Miami after this season is over.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Re-sign Gesicki, sign Robinson along with Waddle and Parker that’s not an easy cover. Then add another explosive WR in the draft. BOOM!!! We already know Hollins and Ford can step up when needed.

    • mf13ss says:

      Who is this Allen Robinson you speak of? LOL 😉

      Yup, he would be an OUTSTANDING signing for our Phins, and without a doubt.

      • mf13ss says:

        What’s more, I think Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace are both GONE on ‘Black Monday’. Not sure Robinson wants to go through another rebuild in Chi-Town.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Allen Robinson will the best FA WR on the market. Not sure what you’re suggesting? I know who he is. LOL

  103. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    December 22, 2021 at 11:06 pm
    Allen Robinson will the best FA WR on the market. Not sure what you’re suggesting? I know who he is. LOL
    I know you know who Robinson is, Bro! I’m suggesting I watched him in college at PSU, that’s all! 😉

    • mf13ss says:

      Again, I 100% agree with ya on potentially signing him in the offseason.

    • Tim Knight says:

      He’s one of the best WRs in the NFL skill wise. The Bears have had quite the QB carousel. Robinson makes Tua better and vice versa. It really does make sense. These are the types of moves Grier needs to make now.

  104. Tim Knight says:

    M13, why would Robinson want to remain in Chicago? New GM, HC and a learning curve for a young QB in Fields. Tua is ahead of Fields as a young QB. The Dolphins are better than the Bears.

    • mf13ss says:

      mf13ss says:
      December 22, 2021 at 11:05 pm
      What’s more, I think Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace are both GONE on ‘Black Monday’. Not sure Robinson wants to go through another rebuild in Chi-Town.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I was saying that generally as it’s pretty obvious. Not saying you’re not aware of it. LOL

  105. manitobafinfan says:

    Robinson feels like another “ I can’t stay healthy “ WR … I’d prefer not … want a new one in draft for sure , preferably early …

    • manitobafinfan says:

      Agree want 2 OL in FA, possibly a FA WR , but one that can stay healthy and on the field … and as above draft a burner with hands …

  106. manitobafinfan says:

    On a FFB note….

    Stanger put up a different strong fight , and took out Hulk .. keep fighting Stanger I gotcha …

    • manitobafinfan says:

      Phelon fell to Mrs Toba two weeks in a row , and was bounced from playoffs after finishing #1 in Regular season …semi finals are set and we will 100% have a feMale in the finals as Darlene faces Herd and Stanger will continue his fight against Twice Twice to see who plays fir the gold …

      On an ironic note … of the 5 leagues I play in, I had Stafford as QB in 2, and Tua in 3 … guess which three teams made the playoffs… hopefully an Omen fir Dolphins season

      # Stanger Strong

  107. sb7mvp says:

    I know we need RB, WR, OL, but I’m concerned about CB if X can’t stay healthy in the future or the team decides to move on from him before his contract is up. He’s literally won games for us singlehandedly in the past, and quite honestly, has made Flores look a lot better in the win column. If Iggy’s not the alternative, then who is?
    To me, it’s like the situation with Cam Wake in his later years. Everyone kept saying we needed someone opposite of Cam, but never opened their eyes to the fact that we needed his eventual replacement too.

    • Mike E. says:

      Damon Arnette is the CB of the future! lol

      • ocalarob says:

        isn’t he the guy with issues?

      • Mike E. says:

        Who doesn’t have issues?

      • Rockphin says:

        On Friday, a video of Arnette went viral of him holding multiple guns. In the video, he repeatedly threatened to kill someone but did not name them. He recorded the video himself using several expletives and appeared to be by himself.

        The same day the video went viral, TMZ reported that Arnette was the subject of a lawsuit after he was involved in a car crash last October. Arnette struck a woman’s car in Las Vegas and the lawsuit claims he left the scene of the crash before exchanging information with the woman.

        Arnette stated he made an illegal turn but stayed long enough to make sure the woman was all right, per documents obtained by TMZ. He had a friend stay behind at the scene, but he did not provide any information to her and tried taking the blame.

  108. ocalarob says:

    which four dolphins players on D are normally on the field thru-out the entire game?

  109. Rockphin says:

    Robert Jones to the Covid list. I hope he’s the only OLineman exposed!

  110. Rockphin says:

    Answer: None, they are on the sidelines when the offense or special teams are playing.

  111. Rockphin says:

    Howard, Jones, Baker & Holland get the most snap counts on Defense.

  112. Rockphin says:

    Peyton Manning Breaks Down Tua

  113. Jesus was a dark skinned, Jewish, socialist, immigrant with radical liberal views.

    he was the purest human on earth, the only one without sin


  114. Rockphin says:


    Who was the last offensive player for the Dolphins to go to a Probowl?

  115. Rockphin says:

    The answer is Jarvis Landry 2017

  116. sb7mvp says:

    I bet Albert Wilson gets tired running pre-snap knowing he’s probably not going to see the ball his way.

  117. steveccnv says:

    Who will be the next Dolphins offensive player to go to a pro bowl?

  118. steveccnv says:

    Think we have more important needs than WR

    Parker, when he’s on the field he’s been good with Tua and his dead money says he’ll be back next year


    Hurns and Bowden, they kept these guys to bring back, and I’m good with that

    Hollins, great ST and big play guy, when used as he has been

    Think we have 6 to start the season, Merritt may be given the first shot at it, but he needs to show a lot more

    Preston might get a shot too, think he’s still injured, if he can get his form back

    May draft one after first 3 rounds

  119. steveccnv says:

    RB doesn’t seem to be a priority for Flores, but a lot may ride on what the Duke does the next 7 games😉

    Either way we need a top guy and/or depth

  120. steveccnv says:

    OL playing better, but RT will surely be our 1st rd pick, unless we buy one

    If you’re going to invest draft capital as we have in OL, you have to be willing to have patience and expect growing pains

    Tua has been this OL’s BFF, as he’s allowed them to suck, while moving the ball and winning

    • Rockphin says:

      He has been getting rid of the ball at an incredible 1.9 seconds per snap in November. (overall average on the year 2.1 seconds) He HAS been their BFF for sure.

      • steveccnv says:

        The first half against the jets was so frustrating, that I missed the dink and dunk, move the ball, ball control, no turnover O

        It’s not a bad thing

  121. steveccnv says:

    TE, can’t see how Gesicki isn’t re-signed

    Smythe, can’t see how he is, unless it’s 2 or 3 mil

    We’ve missed Shaheen, and Long should figure it out soon enough

    No draft capital to be used on TE in 2022 draft

  122. steveccnv says:

    QB, not sure I’d look for one in the draft, to be used as a 2022 #2, but I would for a project, future #2

  123. Rockphin says:

    steveccnv says:
    December 23, 2021 at 10:45 am
    Who will be the next Dolphins offensive player to go to a pro bowl?


    That’s a real tough one. Gesicki is probably the best offensive player, but there are better TE’s in the AFC and they have “street cred” already. Once you get selected to the bowl it is more likely that you will be selected again because of name recognition.

    Waddle? He needs to get more yards and TD’s to be a contender.

    Who else? I doubt Tua makes it unless we start making it to the post season regularly. I can’t think of another worthy guy on this team.

    • steveccnv says:

      Thought Waddle was the no brainer choice

      Tua plays an entire season like the last 5 games, not counting winning every game, just his play, he’s in the discussion

      Gesicki has to really break out at some point and may slide in one year, but agree tough for him to get in

  124. Rockphin says:

    Steve, I agree with your logic, but probowl selections are not logical. Often it is reputation over production in any given year. Chase got in as a rookie with less catches than Waddle, but he also had way less yards and way less TD’s.

    I think Parker would be fighting an up hill battle even if he stayed healthy because of his reputation for NOT staying healthy.

    As to Tua, I think he could play great and finish the year at the top of the passer rating board, but still be passed up for “big arm” QB’s

  125. Rockphin says:

    This year’s AFC choices

    WR Tyreek Hill Chiefs
    WR Stefon Diggs Bills
    WR Ja’Marr Chase Bengals
    WR Keenan Allen Chargers
    TE Travis Kelce Chiefs
    TE Mark Andrews Ravens

  126. Rockphin says:

    Taysom Hill out for NO. Got Covid listed this morning! Who the hell is Ian Book?

    Answer: The starting QB for New Orleans this Monday night!


  127. Rockphin says:

    Rookie out or Notre Dame going to start against our D Monday. Fingers crossed it goes the way it should and not some outlier / odd game where he winds up with a perfect passer rating!

  128. Rockphin says:

    Must be going to the spam folder. Let me try to type something with the tweet

  129. Rockphin says:

    From your mouth to God’s ears Hal!

  130. wyoming85 says:

  131. naplesfan2010 says:

    Not to jinx anything (shaking my juju bag just to be safe), but does thus season remind anyone else of that Tony Sparano (RIP) one? Where things began to go our way and every week brought another break for us and fortune facilitated our run to the PO … along with a deadly accurate QB?

  132. naplesfan2010 says:

    While on that subject, it seems unfair that some people dismiss our win streak as being against lesser teams. When we were on the losing streak, no one cut us any slack for it being a very tough schedule against superior teams.

    • steveccnv says:

      It was against shitty teams, you could even argue that Balt was shit when we played them, they haven’t done much since

      When we were losing 7 straight we were playing better competition mostly, but we were bad

  133. naplesfan2010 says:

    I mean plenty of teams have lost 7 games. Why are they considered better because their wins and losses were interspersed? That might be just how the master schedule worked out. Arizona lost to Detroit, so teams do slip against bum teams. Losing to a bad Jax team is bad on us, but we beat the hell out of Baltimore WITH Jackson, so they trade off.

    • New Age says:

      We also lost to a very bad Falcons team and were blown out by the Bills twice. We earned our bad rep but that doesn’t mean we haven’t improved even with the easier schedule. Every team has easy games on their schedule but winning them is still hard, like you stated with the Lions beating the Cards.

  134. naplesfan2010 says:

    The Falcons have won 6 games. They are 6.8 the bills are 8.6 Not much difference.
    In fact, 16 teams, half the league, has 6,7,or 8 losses.
    Why are those who have alternated wins and losses consider ed better than us just because ours were streaks? It’s still the same number of losses.
    They “feasted on bad teams” just like we did and got beat by the few quality teams, just as we did.

  135. steveccnv says:

    Taysom isn’t close to a good QB, but he’s a pretty good game manager with their D

    Even so Book can at least throw the ball

    Belicheat has a thing about beating rookie QBs, think Flores has it too

    Feel much better about our chances, but it’s not Monday yet, Taysom still has time to clear the protocol

  136. New Age says:


    I don’t see many people saying we are one of the worst teams. We are in the playoff hunt and I see just about everyone acknowledge it. Who still says we are one of the worst?

    We aren’t a very good team even if we win 10 straight. It’s the same argument isn’t it? We’ve played a lot better against the weaker part of our schedule and are a middle of the toad team. That’s average. Hopefully we will be good next year but so thought we’d be this year so Flores needs a great offseason.

  137. CavalierKong says:

    It may seem things are going our way since the Saints may have to start their 4th QB, but hey, we have been hit too.

    We’re likely going into the game without Robert Jones, but it’s next man up…(it is Robert Jones, right? Davey Jones? Tom Jones?) Whatever, we won’t have that guy available and we’re not crying about it. So buck up Saints fans! 😉

  138. naplesfan2010 says:

    Wait … Jones was a UDFA, but he was honorable mention at middle Tennessee, so there’s that.

  139. CavalierKong says:

    Witcher season 2 👍👍

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I watched the first episode of season 2 and I wasn’t really impressed

      But I think I’ll probably go back and rewatch

      Right now I’m focusing o. Hawkeye

      Super Heroes > Wizards

      • CavalierKong says:

        I’m going to get to Hawkeye at some point in the next week or two. I’ve heard good things. It’s Marvel, so even if it’s not great I know it’ll entertain. They have the formula down.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        Marvel is solid

        But I have one suggestion To improve their brand

  140. Tim Knight says:

    This is cool!

  141. The Flying Pig says:

  142. Krishna says:

    Win out is all I’d like to see.

  143. New Age says:


    Witcher was about as good as I could have hoped. Impressive at all levels. I heard WoT episode 7 was the best one yet so might give it a shot sometime. You’ve got me wanting to try Dark again. I liked the first 3-4 episodes, but my wife didn’t, and we were watching stuff together back then. I didn’t even remember it until you mentioned it. Netflix is constantly promoting new stuff and dumping old stuff in dark bins.

  144. olddolphan says:

    I’ve GOT to ask you this question:
    IF Christian Wilkens sacked Ian Book, then celebrated in his usual form
    Would that be a “BOOKWORM?”

  145. Krishna says:

    It’s not about kick in the nuts! It’s about learning and getting your shit together when the season STARTS.

    At least have something worthwhile in place…geez, loyeez.

  146. Rockphin says:


  147. Rockphin says:

    They did say that they thought Hunt might have probowl talent at guard.

    Those mashups are cool. That one rocks.

  148. mf13ss says:

    Here’s how I see it…

    If we can REALISTICALLY beat the Chefs* or Bills in the playoffs this year, GO NINERS!
    If we can’t or won’t, GO TITANS!

    Plus, there’s more than one path for us to get into the playoffs. If we can get in with the 49ers losing, I like that path.

    • olddolphan says:

      MF-13; I called a Buckeye friend of mine with the “BOOKWORM” Joke and he thought it was great!!! My wife, however, said “Keep your day job!”
      I just can’t get no respect!

      • mf13ss says:

        Mr. Dangerfield, you got an honest chuckle out of me! 😀

      • mf13ss says:

        For whatever it may be worth, I think Rodney Dangerfield on Johhny Carson’s show is absolutely GRAND!!! And yes, each and every time he was on Carson!

      • olddolphan says:

        THANKS Mr. Spikes; I’ll leave you with one final Dangerfield for this evening.
        Hey, hey, I went over to a PUBLIX supermarket and jumped on the scales.
        The scales said “GET OFF!!!”
        NO RESPECT, I tell ya!
        Y’all have a great evening. This Old Dolfan is out.

  149. Rockphin says:

    This one is pretty good too

  150. Rockphin says:

    Ratt & Marvin Gaye is a good mashup too.

  151. son of a son of a shula says:

    Isaiah “Larry Csonka” Bowser
    Go Knights

  152. The Flying Pig says:

    I will fill in for Ken on this one

    Stanger is having a tracheostomy tomorrow around 12:30
    His wife asked us to send positive mojos

  153. Ken says:

    Go San Francisco

  154. Tim Knight says:

    X made his 3rd pro bowl.

  155. Tim Knight says:

    Come on Phins, win that 9 in a row for Stanger!

  156. New Age says:

    Watching the game and Tannehill is terrible without his support system at full strength. We have a real chance next week against them. He’s averaging fewer yards per game than Tua, has 6 more ints, and the same number of TDs in basically 5 more games. If we can finally get Tua some tools, who knows how far we go but based off Tannehill…quite far,

  157. Randy says:

    Really, somebody said Hunt might have the potential to be really good at guard? No shit? Lol

  158. Randy says:

    Thinking of stanger as always! Hoping Santa brings him health and peace.

  159. Ken says:

    Jimmy G sucks

  160. mf13ss says:

    This Titans team is WEAK without Derrick Henry. Tanny can’t (nor has ever been able to) put the whole team on his shoulders. That NO disrespect to Tannehill, who is GRAND when he has a complementary running game… but no mas.

    We’re going to destroy the Saints on Monday night, then we’re going to crush the Titans the next week.

  161. Ken says:

    Did I say Jimmy G sucks

  162. manitobafinfan says:

    Wonder if we see Lance tonight

  163. Ken says:

    Tannehill is on fire right now

  164. manitobafinfan says:

    That was a good throw 😕

  165. mf13ss says:

    How did AJ Brown NOT get flagged for throwing a DB down, 15-yards past the LOS???

  166. The Flying Pig says:

    We need to have waddle run the same route Debo Samuel just ran

  167. mf13ss says:


  168. The Flying Pig says:

    I guess that’s that

  169. The Flying Pig says:

    I guess we gotta root against the colts

  170. Ken says:

    Well that sucks

  171. Tim Knight says:

    What was that about Tannehill? Some of you guys still don’t give him credit. He’s a good QB. He’s just not elite.

  172. Ken says:

    Man Jimmy G was horrible tonight

  173. manitobafinfan says:

    Result didn’t kill our playoff chances … but yeah go all Colts opponents

  174. Ken says:

    Man the Tannehate is strong

    • Tim Knight says:

      You can win with Tannehill. But he’s not the elite guy everything goes through. Okay so what. Bob Griese wasn’t that either.

      • steveccnv says:

        That’s what I thought of Greise too, but watching some old tape I no longer feel that way

        Greise was a very good to great QB

      • Tim Knight says:

        He was super efficient. Made the most of his 12 pass attempts. 😉

        It was a different game back then for sure, I used him as an example of not overwhelming but still good.

  175. CavalierKong says:

    Before tonight’s game, we had three likely paths to the playoffs.*

    The Colts/ Titans path
    The Chargers path
    The Bills/ NE path

    The Colts/ Titans path: It probably died tonight. Now that path requires either two losses from the Titans (vs MIA, @ HOU) AND the Colts winning out or the Colts losing twice (@ARI, vs LV, @JAX).

    The Chargers path: Requires either one loss from the Chargers (@ HOU, vs DEN, @LV) AND help to make sure it’s only a two team tie with us and them or two Chargers losses.

    The Bills/ NE path: Requires either NE to lose to the Bills this weekend, or the Bills to lose to NE AND one of their last two games (vs ATL, vs NYJ).

    Our best shot is the Bills winning this weekend. It’s one game and nearly guarantees us a spot.

    *(The assumption is the Raiders, Steelers, and Ravens will all lose one more. That needs to happen no matter the path.)

  176. CavalierKong says:

    And this is still in play:

    If these 4 games go our way on Sunday, we control our own destiny (win out and we’re in no matter what else happens).

    BAL @ CIN – CIN
    PIT @ KC – KC
    DEN @ LV – DEN
    BUF @ NE – BUF

  177. steveccnv says:

    The Tenn win tonight might have made our game against them easier

    If Ind loses against AZ this week Tenn wins the div

  178. steveccnv says:

    SF no longer controls their own destiny

  179. Krishna says:

    Thanks for the updates on Stangerx guys. Wish it was better news…..

    I think about him everyday and always sending “be strong, healing” vibes to him and his support.

  180. herdfan says:

    Life has been busy so I’ve not been here much. I did notice Stanger wasn’t around, saw a couple of comments and finally went back enough to see what happened. Wishing him all the best and restored health for Christmas. Thanks to Ken, Piggy, Mike E for updates. #stangerstrong

  181. Rockphin says:

    Man I really wish I could make my voice heard to Ralph and the producers at Amazon about the abortion they created and called wheel of Time

    Just garbage pure fucking garbage completely rewrite the fucking story why don’t you fucking woke fucking bastard

  182. wyoming85 says:

  183. Mike E. says:

    NEW BLOG UP!!!

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