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From Gigi


Q – Mike,

If Jake Long and Reggie Bush do not re-sign with the Fins, who do you think will take over as the veteran team leader(s)?


I think leadership is somewhat overvalued. Take into account the fact that with Jake Long, and Reggie Bush, and without Chad Pennington and a favorable schedule, we haven’t finished better than 7-9. Therefore, how much of an effect has our leadership had our success?


I do think there are players on our roster that can step up and assume leadership roles, and they are C Mike Pouncey, and more importantly, Ryan Tannehill. A great QB should be a leader of men, and I think Ryan does show those characteristics. You really want your QB to be one of the team leaders, because as we know, QB is the most important position on the field, so if the QB has the respect of his teammates, it’s a huge plus. It can however be a real drag if the team doesn’t like and respect the QB.


I also think as much Jake was leader, it’s hard to be a leader when you’re injured, and not playing. You need your leaders to be on the field of play, to keep things together. I think on the defensive side, Reshad Jones is the type of guy, that if he continues his ascent, will be a team leader as well. I would also expect FA pickups like Greg Jennings to assume a leadership role too, but I think we need to sign him first.




From Rigel (M13)


Q – What make you of the Running Back position in Miami? Are you ready and willing to unleash Lamar Miller as our lead back, or do you re-sign Reggie Bush for a two-headed monster who can take it to the house at any time? What do you do for a short-yardage back should Daniel Thomas get injured again? Should we add another back in the Draft or F/A, or should we just sit with the status quo (allowing Reggie to walk)?


My primary concern is a blocking back and I’m not sure he’s on our roster. There are many options, and we have the draft picks and lots of money under the cap to address the position if it’s even deemed necessary. There’s obviously no right answer, and maybe we shouldn’t do anything at all. But what would YOU do? Thanks!


I would say MillerTime is ready to be our feature back. I think we have intentions of signing Reggie Bush, but only at the right price. Whether that happens or not is difficult to say, but I do believe they are in a position that they are not desperate to sign Reggie, and it will be up to him if he wants to play here for less, or take a little more, and go somewhere else. He’s a limited guy, and I’m not sure if many GM’s view Bush as anything more than a complimentary RB.


DTinfinity is an enigma. I think he will be in the mix, but I think it would be wise if we add some depth to what we have in the backfield. DT hasn’t shown he can be counted on, and I’m worried about doing exactly that. We have Jonas Gray, but he’s not a pounder. Good thing is, pounders are available late in the draft, and usually as UDFA’s. We don’t need Earl Campbell, just a big body that can pound the rock in short yardage situations, and wear teams down at the end of the game.


As far as a blocking back, it’s a skill that needs to be learned just like anything else. I think any RB that has the will to be a good blocking can be just that. I’d bet that they will be working hard with MillerTime, DT and Jonas Gray, as well as Charles Clay and Jorvorskie Lane. Whomever shows the best aptitude will likely be the 3rd down and passing situations blocking back.




From Steve (CCNV)


Q – Mike, there’s been a lot of talk on this board lately about us trading back, and some even saying we don’t need more picks, so what is your ideal (realistic) situation on what we do at #12 (trading with Dallas should get us #18 and there 2nd)?


Taking into account all the information I hear, read etc., it seems like a trade back would be the ideal thing to do, would be to acquire more picks, because this year, supposedly all the players from 1- 40 or 50 are very close talent wise. If that’s true, and I don’t necessarily think it is, that would make it nearly impossible to trade back, especially if every GM bought into that idea.


Whatever the case, we have players graded, and we have needs. Ideally, you match a highly rated player at the position of need, and it seems like you go and get that player. If of course, you get an offer from a team that is interested in that pick, then you have to weigh your options, and try and get the most value compensation with draft picks that you can. If you think the extra early pick, either 2nd or 3rd RD (Depending upon how far back we move), then it comes down to whether you think you can find a player at the position you have a need that is close in talent, or be pleased with being able to shore up one or 2 other areas you may not have been able to do.


I would prefer that if there was a player we really coveted, a DE, WR, OT, CB, whatever, if we thought that this player was a difference maker (Didn’t say the dreaded “P” word Jahn !), then we should take that player, unless some team makes us a generous offer we can’t refuse. I really believe we should have enough picks as we are right now, with 1 first RD, 2 second RD and 2 third RD picks. If we do as I hope, and acquire Greg Jennings, and Andy Levitre, and possibly TE Dustin Keller or Michael Bennett, we will have less real needs in the draft, and we can fill our roster with plenty of talent in the draft, without feeling the necessity to trade back to get more picks.




From Derek


QLet’s assume Miami (and Jeff Ireland) fail to acquire even one of the free agent wide receivers thought to be splitting from they’re franchises. Reasons are unimportant, maybe they just wanted to stay put, or wanted to go to a “Contender” and did so regardless of money. Should Miami……


A. Do everything they can to re-sign Brian Hartline and go early (1st round early) at a WR in the draft…?


B. Continue on with WR’s Fuller, Binns & Mathews, sign Brian H. & make strong attempts to trade for a quality WR..?


C. Allow Hartline to walk regardless, work trade angle and Draft early WR help?


D. Go after restricted players with draft picks in tow, prepared to over-pay to save the season..?


EBurn Down Stadium… Go Fishing with Jimmy Johnson…?


I would have to choose “F”, none of the above. I like Hartline, and I would like to keep him here in MIA, but we surely can’t be desperate to keep Hartline. You have to set a value for a player, and once demands get beyond that, you let him walk.


I very much doubt Armon Binns will be in the mix, except for possibly as a training camp body, because I really do expect to sign a FA WR, and I will be surprised if Greg Jennings is not a Miami Dolphin this year. I also expect to re-sign Hartline, and then pick up 2 more WR’s in the draft, one early (even at #12), but more likely 2nd RD, and then another even as early as the 3rd if the right one is there. (2 Samurai?).


I’d much rather go fishing with Capt. Stubbs or Capt. Randy, so I guess Jimmy is just a third fiddle in this case. If he wants to come along, and pay for all the beer, he’s more than welcome, as long as the Capt’s are cool with it, and I’m sure they would be. 🙂




From Tits McGee


Q – If you were in a bar fight, which Exoduss blogger would you pick to have along with you?


All of the people I’ve met seem like really nice people, so that makes answering this one a tough question.  Son is a big boy, so immediately he comes to mind. He’s EYEtalian too, and I’d bet he’s got a temper (Right Gigi?).  Capt. Stubbs is a big guy too, and he has a couple of vices for hands, as even with a bad shoulder (Due to a ladybug kite injury), he was snaring passes with one hand with ease.  OD is military man, and I’d trust that man with my life any day of the week.  Then we also have Piggy, who has the advantage of the Aerial Attack. If the bar had high ceilings, he’d be a possibility.  If I could convince Gigi that every person we were fighting was Jeff Ireland, she might be the perfect one for the job.  Bat has bouncer experience, and he’s a big dude as well, and of course, he would have the evil minions on his side. Jahn has to be considered, as he is considered a God after all. Randy is a former NT, or Noseguard (I thought a noseguard was the thing Lifeguards used to wear not to get sunburned).  You would think Randy could occupy at least 2 guys at a time, right? Bri is a big dude as well, and he seems like the type of guy that wouldn’t mind mixing it up a little.  Stanger, Walka, Ken, Tim, David and Diggs are all about my size, so no offense, but I’d want a bigger dude in a fight.


People I haven’t yet met, Top Secret and Derek would very likely be the best choices. Both have extensive military backgrounds, and no doubt would packing serious heat, and therefore, either one of those guys would be my choice.


Thanks Tits, for the excellent question. 🙂




From Piggy


Q – Do you fear the Samurai?


Oh hell no, I do NOT fear the Samurai. If we don’t get at least one Samurai in this draft, I’m going to be very angry. We NEED a Samurai. I truly expect us to have one secured by RD 3, but even more likely by RD 2.


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