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From Craig A. (Big Dawgg)


Q – We need CBs in a really bad way. Name 2-3 that should be pursued in FA and the draft.


At the NFL combine, a few guys really helped their stock. Dee Milliner, who had been considered the top CB by many before the combine ran a combine best 4.37 40, which just solidified his top spot. I think if anything, it made it a little less likely that he will be available to the Dolphins at #12, M13’s boy David Amerson (#1) ran a solid 4.44 40, which will help him. Jordan Poyer did not run a blazing 40 (4.54), but I think he still has the skills, and the short burst quickness, and the ability to CATCH the ball, so I like him for our zone scheme. Dez Trufant also ripped off a 4.38 40, and that definitely elevated his stock. Blidi Wreh-Wilson ran a 4.54, and I like him too


As for FA CB’s Brent Grimes should top the list. I don’t think there is another CB out there we should be pursuing. I would be interested in Alphonso Smith, but I would need to dig deep as to why he was cut from Detroit last year, and even more importantly, why not ONE NFL team tried to pick him up when he was waived. That’s a concern right there.



From Tim


Q – Hey bro,


If we draft an O-lineman at #12 even if that player is a good fit for us, do you think there will be a civil war on the blog?


I don’t there is one pick that will be a universal hit. We have so many different personalities on this blog, and some personalities that have so many personalities, so I think there will be complaints no matter who we pick.


Honestly, I think the combine showed us that there is really good value in the “big uglies”. There are some very athletic OL, and DL in this draft. OT’s Terron Armstead (6’5” 306) and Lane Johnson (6’6” 303) ran a 4.71 and 4.72 40 yard dash respectively. Of course that doesn’t actually translate to anything meaningful for an OT, but it’s amazing that these large guys can move so quickly. Of more importance, Armstead put up 225lbs 31 times, while Johnson did 28 reps, both very solid, but not outstanding.


There were good performances form DT’s and DE’s, and there seem to be quite a few good prospects at both positions. At DE, Dion Jordan, Ziggy Ansah did well at the combine. I was listening to NFL radio and picked up a nice tidbit of information. Shame on me for not remembering the host, but the info is good. He said a great way to measure a players quickness is to take their 40 time, and compare it to their 20 yards shuttle time. Elite quickness is about 0.5 seconds less in the 20 yard shuttle than it was in the 40 yard dash. For example, Ziggy Ansah ran a 4.63 40, and his 20 yard shuttle was a 4.26. Not quite a a half second, but very good. Compare that to Margus Hunt, who some here have been drooling over. Margus Hunt ran a 4.60 40, but his 20 yard shuttle was a 4.51, which shows a real lack of quickness. I think that’s a very important trait for a pass rusher, that quick burst. Dion Jordan is right smack in the middle of the 2 previous guys. Jordan ran a 4.60 40, and his 20 yard shuttle was a 4.35, which is good, but not as good as Ansah.


Back to your question about OL. Free agency will really impact that answer more than anything. If Branden Albert becomes available due to the Chiefs trading for Alex Smith, then he may become a free agent we try to acquire. The other possibility is we come to an agreement with Jake Long. Either one of those would make it very unlikely we go OL with our first pick, but if neither of those occur, I don’t think many people would be too upset, especially those that don’t have faith in Teflon Jon (For you 631!)



From Gigi


Q – Since we now are aware the Ramada Inn in Downtown Hollywood is a cesspool for swingers, hookers and pimps, how would you warn future visitors with family to avoid the place? 🙂


Hmmm, that’s a tough question. Maybe the best thing to do would be to give Miami Vice (Not Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas) an anonymous phone call, and they could bust up the entire ring there. Maybe, we could make a life lesson out of it, and show the kids what really happens when you don’t go to school and hit the books. We could all wear Reggie Bush jerseys and see if we get poked, but not be the pokee. We could also see if we can see some Bush, no not Reggie. Even better, we could get into a Ramada Inn bar fight, and then we could get the true answer to who’s best in the bar fight arena. 🙂




From Son


Q – I wonder why its impossible for the same O-line (meaning we resign Jake) we had last year to improve if they played together again. Doesn’t it take time for a unit to gel? We did install a new O with a rookie QB and lacked the kind of threats on the outside that are going give DC’s nightmares.


That’s an excellent question, but knowing I have my preferences and biases, I’ll try to answer this as neutrally as possible. The first thing that has to happen is Jake Long needs to get healthy and in better shape than he had been in the last couple of years. H needs to lose weight, and be fully recovered (or close to it) from his knee, arm and back injuries, with no lingering effects. I think John Jerry would also need to lose a little more weight, to help him get out and pull when needed. I know Jon Martin needs to quite a bit stronger as well. If all those things happened, then it is most definitely possible that this unit could be better than last year, and might even be a very good unit.


Ryan Tannehill having a years experience under his belt will also help, as he will get rid of the ball a little quicker, and his recognition of what the defense is doing, and how to deal with it will also be better, along with knowing how and when to step up and avoid pressure, rather than staying back and being directly in the arc the pass rushers take.


All that being said, my belief is we need an upgrade in talent on the O-line. Branden Albert would be a great addition if he becomes available, as he is the athletic, solid blocker who should thrive in the zone blocking scheme. There are some very athletic T’s and G’s that might help too, if Albert is unattainable, such as T’s Eric Fisher, Lane Johnson, Terron Armstead, and G’s Jonathan Cooper, Barrett Jones, Dallas Thomas and Brian Schwenke. I’d love to bring in at least one or two of these guys I mentioned for some competition. I’m sure you’d agree, even if you wanted to let the current guys mesh, that competition is very important. You get the best out of your players when there is someone else that could take their spot.



From Randy


Q – MikeE,

If I ever make it to a Festivus and I need to go to the bathroom but my hands are full of beer….would you hold it for me…and would you shake it more than once?


Laughed my ass off at that one! It’s unbelievable how one typo mistake (or was it?) blew up into “Handgate”. Hate to disappoint you bud, but I would not be available for such services, as much as I like you. I really am strictly hetero, and have no desire to touch manflesh, and yes, even the chiffoned one, Colin Kaepernick.


I would however be more than happy to buy you a few beers if you ever get yourself down to FLA for a fest. That much I can guarantee. 🙂




Addendum to the quickness formula I mentioned before. (.5 seconds less for the 20 yard shuttle than the 40 yard dash indicates elite quickness)


When I watched the Senior Bowl, I thought Jordan Poyer looked really quick in the one on one drills, he broke back to the ball very fast. As it turns out, his numbers do indeed bring that out. He ran the 40 in 4.54, but his 20 yard shuttle was 4.18, and he was a top performer in the 60 yard shuttle at 11.51 seconds.


For comparisons sake, Dee Milliner ran the 40 yard dash in 4.37, but the 20 yard shuttle was 4.32, showing he’s more fast than quick.


Now take a look at Dez Trufant. This guy is the real deal when it comes to athleticism at CB, fast, and really quick. Dez ran a 4.38 40, and then blazed a 3.85 20 yard shuttle. That is truly elite quickness. I would have posted for Amerson and Alford, but neither ran the 20 yard shuttle.


Robert Alford though gets a major honorable mention for killing it all round though. Alford ran a 4.39 40, put up 17 reps which was tops amongst CB’s, and also had a 40” vertical, also best of the CB’s, along with a 132 broad jump, again, best of the CB’s.


Some very athletic prospects available, and I hope we get 2 of them !


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