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From Rick (GetterDone)


Mike E, do you think the Phins should make a push to sign a FA CB like Grimes who may be another 6mo away from full recovery and untested in combat, or maybe a guy like my fav DeAngelo Hall who’s just 29, tons of experience and likely better suited in a zone coverage that Coyle runs, vs. say just relying what we already have in Marshall/Patterson plus what me “may” add in the draft to fill out or needs in the defensive backfield?


Also please explain if any of the above is in combination with the draft, then what rounds and what player do you think will be the call?



GetterDone Phins!


I think Grimes is a possibility, but we (wisely) may be waiting on him, to see how his health is progressing. I’m not a doctor, but an Achilles injury is a tough one to come back 100% from, especially, a CB, who constantly has to stop-start-stop, and make precise direction changes all the time. I don’t think Hall is in the cards, I think we’re trying to stay young.


I expect us to take 2 CB’s in this draft, and one relatively early, with either our 1st or 2nd pick. I have mentioned it many times, but I would love Des Trufant here. Right behind Trufant, I have Jordan Poyer, and then M13’s boy, #1 David Amerson, and then Blidi Wreh-Wilson.




From D-Bolt




I want to take a break from ‘Fins talk and ask you a serious question regarding one of our teams biggest rivals, The Jets. Here it goes……If David Garrard wins the starting QB gig for the Crop Dusters, how far up his ass will Omar Kelly be? Myself I see Omar up there so far that when Garrard goes to call a play in the huddle that he looks like one of those acid spewing aliens that have a mouth within it’s mouth……except instead of that Omar Kelly’s small head pops out of Garrards mouth repeating the line “I WATCH FILM!” Do you see this as a likely scenario?





First off, I LMFAO at this question! The question in and of itself provides sufficient entertainment without the need for an answer. But, I have a job to do here, so here goes.


I think if Garrard succeeds with the Jests, Omar will go off the deep end. He will be relentless in his praise, and subsequent ridicule of Sho’Nuff, as Omar much prefers DARK chocolate over WHITE chocolate. Garrard was a likable enough guy, and seemed like a good teammate, but Omar takes things overboard and goes to extremes all the time. Tannehill never earned the hatred of Omar, and never deserved it. All he did was come in and work his ass off, and the coaches realized quickly, he was near the same level as Garrard AND Moore.


I expect Omar to predictably continue to hate on young Tannehill, regardless if he improves this year from last year. There will be statements like “With ALL these weapons that Tannehill now has, he should be doing better” I can see it now, clear as day.




From Piggy


If you were a samurai, what natural disaster would you cause?

Do you believe there is any chance we

draft a Samurai? (Piggy Bows)


To the tune of Fiddler on the Roof’s “If I were a rich man”


If I were a Samurai,


I would send a lighting bolt and split Bill Belichick in two,


All season long I’d destroy the AFC,


Especially the Pats and Jets !


I would catch a lot of touchdowns,


Cause a tornado that would blow Met Life stadium far away,


All season long I’d keep us in 1st place,


Our division lay to waste,


If I were a Sam-u-raiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !




From Stanger


— Are Ross, Philbin and Ireland looking to be serious contenders next season? They are pouring money in like that. Too soon?


No doubt that the Dolphins are changing the culture here in Miami from just another team in the AFC East, to a contender for the AFC East crown. There is no “Too soon”. Fans here are sick and tired of being irrelevant, and second class citizens in the AFC. We were poised to make some noise with loads of cap space, and I believe we spent wisely, and didn’t go overboard at all. Admittedly, I was very surprised by the acquisitions of Ellerbe and Wheeler, and the cutting of Dansby and Wheeler. It was a daring move that got us younger, less expensive cap wise, and hopefully HUNGRIER.


I think you kind of have to throw out the “overpay” label on any free agent acquisition. You MUST overpay for a player in free agency if you want him on your team. It’s as simple as that.


Mike Wallace was a must have for our team. Game changer. He’s young, and he can get better. More importantly, he makes everyone else in our offense more dangerous. They can move Wallace around, on either side of the perimeter, and in the slot too, and he will be a mismatch wherever he is. He will no doubt draw the focus of the defense.


I’m pleased we didn’t overspend on Jake Long, as I think we needed to go in a new direction. Too maligned by injuries, and although he was a warrior, he was asking too much $$$ for a player who hasn’t finished a season 2 years straight, and barely finished out the year before that.


I think we will continue to build through the draft, we just took advantage of a window where we had a lot of cap space, and due to the fact that you have to spend 90% of the cap space anyway now, we’re going about this responsibly.




From O Rob


At this point in time who is the odds on fav at 12? I was thinking lane Johnson due to the priority put on OT, if so do we consider moving up to land him with one of our #2s?


It all hinges on what they think of Jon Martin. I think Lane Johnson is a good bet, because I think they need someone to challenge Jon Martin. LT’s are getting overdrafted as much as QB’s these days, so there is no certainty that Johnson will be there at #12. I have seen a trade up scenario already from pat Kirwan, where we trade up to #10, (in front of SD), and take Lane Johnson at #10. I’m cool with that. I have said many times that it’s a great move to use an extra pick to get a player you covet. I’d rather have 5 important, impact players than 11 JAG’s (just another guy). Use those extra picks to your advantage, to get the players we need.


If the coaches are more confident with Martin, and are sold he can handle the LT spot, we could go DE with Barkevious Mingo, or CB with Xavier Rhodes, or my guy Des Trufant, or WR with Cordarelle Patterson.


My money would be on Johnson, but taking into account I’m hardly EVER right with Ireland picks, I guess I’m gonna lose my money!


Here’s something for all who want a little back . . .




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