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From Piggy


Q – Do we take LT in the first round of the draft? I don’t think so. Although I think we have a hole at OT, it’s RT. If Martin was not pencilled in at LT, we would have Albert or Long right now – or even Winston. And RT won’t be a 1st round pick.  Also what are you feelings on “Oink”?  Be honest…


My feeling is we don’t take a LT in the draft. Our front office have left the door wide open for a number of different scenarios for US to think about, as only they know, and are following a plan. We still may sign one of the RT’s that are currently available, and my guess is they will STILL be available after the draft. I think once the draft is said and done, there will be teams that may not feel comfortable with the depth they have at T, and that’s when the phones will be ringing for Eric Winston and Tyson Clabo. It’s probably in both T’s best interest to wait IMO, as they will be much more in demand once the dust settles.


I’m not going to repeat myself about Jon Martin. Y’all know my stance. Despite that, it’s still very possible we are looking to move up to grab a LT. How far we have to move up is obviously debatable. I figure we we would have to pick before ARZ, because with Carson Palmer now on board, it’s almost a certainty that they take the the remaining of the top 3 LT’s. Lane Johnson, who likely would be the last man standing would then be Arizona’s choice.


I hope we don’t move up to get a LT, because then there is so much excitement as to which direction we go. Who do we take at #12, do we actually pick at #12, or do we trade back and accumulate another couple of picks? So many different players would in play if we do choose at #12. A pass rushing DE, a CB, WR, TE, or maybe even an OG.


I like “oink”. It’s part of your personality, and I think it’s what makes you the special pig you are. 🙂




From Stanger


Q – Pretty simple — pick your candidates for breakout player in 2013 and then your projected winner.



Just to set the guidelines, I’d say the breakout player candidates need to be someone that is currently on the roster, and not a draftee, because we haven’t drafted yet.


I’d say the candidates are . . .


QB Ryan Tannehill

WR Rishard Matthews

LT Jonanthan Martin

TE Michael Egnew

RB Lamar Miller

LB Koa Misi

DE/DT Jared Odrick

DE Olivier Vernon

S/CB Jimmy Wilson


Not to piss everyone off (OK, maybe a little), I’m going to go with LT Jonathan Martin. Here’s my thinking. If he plays average, to above average, that will be lightyears better than most expect to him play, especially those who don’t expect him to play LT at all. I think Ryan Tannehill will improve incrementally each year, but I don’t expect a 4000 yard, 35 TD, 10 INT season for Ryan. I’d say he improves his TD/INT ratio to maybe 25TD’s-15INT’s, and about 3500 yards. I think Rishard Matthews will get more action than last year, but there will be a lot of talent out there to get the ball to, and I can’t see him making a significant enough impact for the award.


Miller can easily be the winner, as well as Odrick or Vernon. If either guy reaches double digit sacks, and it’s very possible, that would leave them in good standing.


In summation, I expect Jon Martin to play above average at LT, and steal the award.




From New Age


Q – Mike, been a while since I’ve had a solid question worth asking you but now I’ll have a couple multi-question ones that you can pick between if you’d like.  RB seems like a position we’ll use a pick on. Where in the draft is this a value for you and who do you like(also add round picked if you want)?


Do you think we could go with someone like Bailey at WR or McDonald(Kelcie,etc) at TE and still be explosive enough? Or put another way, if we go DL, OL and CB our first 4 picks…is it still successful in your eyes?


Do you still have disco pants and practice in the mirror? Do you also suddenly break out the moves if a song you like hits ‘the waves’? Similar to the Applebees commercial a few months ago


From a worried friend,

New Age


I for one, hope we hold back our desire to draft another RB early. Far too many examples of successful NFL RB’s taken in later rounds or even undrafted, that makes taking one early an exercise in futility. It’s not like we don’t have a couple of guys that can run the ball. Lamar Miller is a little less unproven as than other RB that would be drafted. He already went through training camp, preseason, and the NFL season. He didn’t get a ton of playing time, but he has the experience, knows the offense, and he’s healthy.


My preference would be to take a RB in the mid to later RD’s, and even pick up and undrafted back or two. We just need depth, not necessarily a starter. Here’s the list of guys, and the range of RD’s they are projected to be taken in.


Le’Veon   Bell RB Michigan St. (4.52) 6’1” 230 RD 2-4

Stepfan Taylor RB Stanford (4.76) 5’9” 216 RD 3-5

Michael Ford RB LSU (4.50) 5’10” 215 RD 4-7

Marcus Lattimore RB S. Carolina (4.58) 6’0” 218 RD 4-UDFA

Spencer Ware RB LSU (4.57) 5’10” 228 RD 4-7

Jonathan Franklin RB UCLA (4.49) 5’10” 205 RD 2-4


Bell is a big bruiser, similar size to our own DT. If we get that big boy in RD 4 or later, that’s fine with me. The two backs for LSU, Ware and Ford split a lot of time, do they should both have fresh legs without being overused, and should be available in the later rounds. Stepfan Taylor is a kid who really disappointed with his 40 time, but was a very productive back at Stanford. He could fall due to his speed, but would be an excellent RB to have in our stable. Marcus Lattimore is unfortunately known for his horrific leg injury, but if healthy, and able to recover, he’s a stud back. He will be a bit of a wild card, because someone might take him early and take a chance on future production with this kid, as this year, he likely won’t contribute much if at all. Jonathan Franklin was one of the most productive backs in UCLA history, so he would be worth a shot if still available in RD 4. As you can see, I loathe to spend a pick earlier than a 4th for RB


There are options for us in the later rounds, and I hope that’s where Ireland and Co. keep their focus.


I do think Stedman Bailey could be a target if he lasts to RD 3, otherwise, I doubt it. I’d actually prefer not to take a one of the 3rd or 4th tier TE’s, because I think we already have bodies, and if we’re not serious about getting a guy who can contribute now, then I’d rather save the pick.


I don’t have any “disco” pants, I’m more of a jeans, cargo pants type guy. I still love to dance though, and I will tear shit up if I go to a wedding, and they have a good DJ. Both my wife and will bust a move if a good song comes on the radio, absolutely bro, we both love to dance. 🙂




From Getter Done


Q – Mike E,


The 2013 NFL Draft is nearly upon us. What advice would you give Philbin & Jeffro on how to handle the 5 picks from the first 3 rounds? Do you stay put with them, try to work trades, target needs, system fits, or go BPA’s?


Also to what extent do “You” think Philbin, Sherman, & Coyle get to input on players, positions, and what rounds said guys might be available or key to selecting.



GetterDone Phins


I think I would prefer to keep the picks, but I would use one of the 3rd RD picks to possibly go back into the 1st RD to get a player we targeted. I am, as I have said many times, against trading up for a OT beyond a couple of spots, but if we could get a skill position player that dropped a little further in the 1st than expected, such as TE Tyler Eifert, or WR Tavon Austin, or even an OG, like Jonathan Cooper, I’m all for getting that player, and would try to get back in to grab him.


I think we can do a combo of BPA and needs. Considering the talent is relatively even from picks 10-50, I think we shouldn’t have trouble grabbing players with needs that are equal to the BPA.


As far as whether Philbin, Coyle and Sherman, and their input, I would say this is a team effort. They will all get to voice their opinion, but ultimately, I would say Philbin would have the most impact on helping Ireland make the pick. Ireland however, still has the final say, IMO, as to which player is selected, after weighing carefully the input from the group.




And now for my babe of the week.


Walker – Hers are still pointing south as gravity would dictate, just not as much as last weeks. (She did have a sweet ass though) 😛




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