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Q – Okay, I’m axin’ Mike:


Does Omar think that pretending he only watches line play and not the skill positions makes him sound more profound? Did he read Kirwan’s book “Take Your Eyes Off the Ball- How to Watch Football” and think it make him seem smarter? Why does anyone care what Omar says? Is Omar a douche?


Now for my football question:


Which LB do you think is worthy of drafting as depth and which round should he be drafted in?


Very phelonious of you to get 5 questions in one.  Props!


I can’t speak for Omar, but yeah, I’d bet he he did read the book, and it probably would make him a little smarter, as it would anyone who read it.  I think reading is important.


I think we care what Omar says, or at least some care, because he is a reporter for our team, the Miami Dolphins, and we all want to hear about our team.  Some of his reporting, or opinion has merit, and some doesn’t, just like a plethora of other reporters out there.


I don’t think Omar is a douche.  I really don’t.  I think he wants attention, and I think he wants to become bigger and more relevant, but no, I don’t think he is a douche.  Does he do some immature things like his “pimp hand” slaps? Sure.  Does he sometimes think he’s more important than he really is?  Do I think his apparent bias against white players is totally out of line? Sure.  Despite, that, I think Omar is a good guy, I really do.


OK – Now to some FOOTBALL!


I do think there are a few LB’s that we can look at for some depth on our squad.  I’ll look at the OLB’s first.  I’m just going to pick 2 OLB’s, and then 2 OLB’s.  It’s not an important position at the moment, other than depth, so I’m not going to take up too much time with it.




Jonathan Bostic ILB, Florida  6’1” 245 (4.61) RD 3-4


In 2012, Bostic totaled 68 tackles, 2 INT’s, 3 sacks, and 1 FF from the inside linebacker position. He projects to be a mid RD pick, RD’s 3-5.  Here is his NFL profile . . .





Kiko Alonso ILB, Oregon 6’3” 258 (4.70) RD 4-7


Alonso in 2012,  totaled 81 tackles,  14 tackles for a loss, 4 INT’s, 1 sack, and 2 FF’s.  Another projected mid RD pick,  somewhere between the 4th and 7th RD’s.  I picked mid to late RD picks, because that’s where I figure we might begin looking for that type of player.


Here is Alonso’s NFL profile . . .






Trevardo Williams OLB, Connecticut 6’1” 241 (4.57)  RD 3-4


Williams in 2012 totaled 42 tackles, 13.5 tackles for loss, 11.5 sacks and 1 FF.  The kid seems to have some giddyup, and was in the backfield an awful lot. Real strong too, put up 30 reps at the combine.  A little short at 6’1, but as a 4-3 outside backer, it’s fine.


Here is Williams NFL profile . . .






Jelani Jenkins OLB, Florida 6’1” 245 (4.55)  RD 3-4


Jenkins totaled just 29 tackles in 2012 during a season filled with minor injuries, like a broken thumb and a hamstring injury.  In 2011, Jenkins totaled 75 tackles, 6 tackles for loss, 1 INT, 1 FF and six passes defensed.  Another outside backer with good speed, and another strong kid.  The minor injuries are not a concern physically, but the toll it took on his season is.  Still, he’s a talented football player that could probably use another year of college (He’s a Junior).  He could be had in the mid to later rounds though, where he will be a bargain pick.


Here is Jenkins NFL profile . . .





From O Rob


Q – Do you think Ireland is position minded when it comes to early draft picks, if so will he disregard need if a player at a premium position is there at 12?


I can only speculate, obviously, because I have no way of knowing what Ireland will do.  I do think we will be in a position to marry need and BPA, and won’t be locked into one position.  I think our needs are OT, CB, OG, TE, and DE.  I’d be surprised that if we are sitting at #12, that one of the best players at one of those positions will be available.


I was listening to NFL radio the other day, and a caller asked about a different teams pick, somewhere between #10-15, I can’t recall.  I loved the answer he got, and I personally feel this way as well.  Basically, the debate was taking the 2nd or 3rd best player at a position, as opposed to taking the best player at a position.  An example would be, taking Lane Johnson, the 3rd best OT as opposed to say taking Kenny Vaccaro, or Tyler Eifert, both universally considered the best at their positions.  Of course, the ratings still exist, so if there was say a weak class at a particular position, you wouldn’t take a S or TE rated at an 80, over the 3rd best OT rated at a 95.  The point is, say the ratings are close, with a slight edge in the ratings to the best player that their respective position, does it makes sense to take the best at his position?  The host (Shame on me for not remembering) went on to say historically, the best player at his position has turned as a safer pick, and the highest rated player at his position has had a good NFL career.


My feeling is, if the best player at CB, or TE is there at #12, I’d have to think long and hard, and really dig in before I make my pick. In other words, more specifically, if we’re at #12, and CB Dee Milliner, TE Tyler Eifert, and OT Lane Johnson is there, it will NOT be an easy decision.




From Stanger


Q – What is the more dangerous place to be on draft day — a forward base on the Afghan/Pakistani border or the Mike E residence?


I’m used to being disappointed on draft day, and it’s ironic, because even though I usually do feel disappointed, it’s still something I love and look forward to.


Last year was a pleasant surprise, when we stepped up and took <strike>Jon Martin</strike> Ryan Tannehill.  I thought we would take him, but I had my doubts that Ireland would actually pull the trigger on a QB in the 1st RD, after all those years (many he wasn’t here for) that we didn’t.


To answer the question, I’m pretty volatile on draft day.  I was so excited last year, I was driving home from work when we took Tannehill, and Walker called, and I was practically in tears from happiness.  Both of us were just so happy we finally got our QB, I’ll never forget that.


I would say it’s always more dangerous for our military men, wherever those good souls are defending our country.  The worst that could happen here is someone might accidentally get hit with some chiffon, which could scratch a cornea or something, and I’ve heard many times, that could be more painful than even childbirth (A woman actually said that LAST NIGHT!), but nothing compared to what our military men and women face.  🙂




From Brian in NY


Q – Mike,


Which pick(s) do you think we should invest in a Wide Receiver? 


Much to many a peoples chagrin, I really don’t see us investing in a WR until the 3rd RD or later.  That’s not a hard fast rule, but I think we have other needs to attend to.  Not to say if a very highly rated WR is sitting there at one of our earlier picks, maybe even #12 for Tavon Austin if they love him, can’t happen.


I’d figure 3rd RD Bri, with guys like Stedman Bailey, Aaron Dobson, and Ryan Swope.  Those guys could be possible targets, and should be there in the 3rd RD.  Of course, a run on WR can move all of them up, and they can all be gone by the 3rd, but I’d bet they will be there.




And now for our babe of the week . . .


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