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from Piggy


Q – Dear Mike


Any concern about the Jordan signing?  When we do get him signed, where do you think he plays:  OLB or DE?  I think he is a DE.  I know we are technically a hybrid, but I think we play a lot more 4-3 base this year and use Vernon to cycle in with Wake and Jordan – and move the versatile Odrick inside.  I feel this in my snout so I know its true. 


Second Question:  Have you been preparing for the Oinkining?  Do you fear the Oinkining?  You should human, you should…


  • Mr. Piggy Bacon



I’m a little concerned about signing Jordan, even though our track record is very good signing our 1st RD picks before training camp begins.  I do think we will get him signed before training camp, and although we remain steadfast on the contract language, I think due to the fact that Jordan has already missed time in OTA’s and mini camp, that we might give in a little in order to ensure Jordan gets a full training camp in.


As far as where Jordan plays, I really believe he will be used with his hand on the ground at DE the majority of time, but because he is so fast and versatile, and excels in pass coverage, I expect him to sometimes drop back into coverage on some TE’s, and in general, I expect Jordan to move around a lot, forcing opposing offenses to locate him pre-snap.  He will be all over the place.  We will almost always have 4 DL, considering how often teams pass these days, and how much we need to line up either in the nickel or dime formations.  Odrick will rotate in the DL, sometimes inside, sometimes outside, and I’m really curious to see how he fares at his “Justin Tuck” weight.


I don’t fear the Oinkining, which IMO is the NWO.  I know my pal Piggy Bacon will not destroy me, and I may be willing to convert to Porcinism.



from OD


Q – Going into camp, which position worries you THE MOST in terms of the Dolphins having good enough players to play the position?


Honestly, there are 3 units that worry me equally. I think in time, they will all be fine, but I’m concerned about our O-line, our CB’s, and our LB’s.


You know I think Martin will be fine at LT, but he may have some bumps along the way.  I also worry about the entire unit jelling together, with basically a new LT and RT.  It’s possible this unit could be a strength for the team, but it may take some time to get that point.


I’m also worried about whether Brent Grimes can be healthy enough to make it through the season, and who starts opposite him.  Is it veteran Richard Marshall, or maybe Dimitri Patterson?  If it’s Marshall, can he stay healthy?  It’s also possible if Jamar Taylor shines in camp and the preseason, that he gets the nod.  IN any case, nothing is near settled at CB.


The LB’s are set, we know Ellerbe is the MLB, and Wheeler is the WOLB, and Misi will be the SOLB.  How this unit works together, is a big key.  Wheeler and Ellerbe are new here, and Misi has not played with either of them.  I hope Misi continues to improve, as he seems to be turning the corner.  Dansby and Burnett were very solid last year, so this unit will have to play well to maintain that level of play.



from Wyoming


Q – With the known questions on the OL, and the experience level of the RB I am starting to get very concerned about teams Blitzing!


Is this your biggest concern also?



I’m not really concerned with blitzing.  A well timed blitzed can always be dangerous, but with Tannehill’s athleticism and speed, it doesn’t really worry me too much.  Tannehill can also stand strong in the pocket and deliver a quick throw, so if defenses are going to blitz a lot, they are also going to get burned a lot.  We have a quick short passing game, even with Wallace at WR.  He’s not always going to go deep, and if a DB or LB blitzes, that’s one less dude to catch him.


What I do worry about is the ability of Lamar Miller to pick up pas rushers in general, whether they’re blitzing, or just got through.  I hope he’s up to the task, because he is an unknown right now in that department.



from Diggs


Q – Hi Mike,

I have to admit I was extremely disappointed with the selection of BJ Cunningham with the 183rd pick in the 2012 draft when Marvin McNutt was available.  Glad to see him back in a Fins uniform where he belongs and hopefully he stays for many years to come.  McNutt has the All-Time career TD and All-Time single season TD records at the U of I. With our desperate need for scoring offense from the WR position and O’Keefe being his former OC at Iowa, what do you think the odds are he makes our 53 man roster?  Do you see a place for him in our offense?





I definitely think McNutt makes the roster, as I believe we will carry 6 WR’s.  I think Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Matthews, Binns and McNutt all make the roster.  I like the idea of having a  couple of bigger WR’s around, especially in the redzone.  Potentially we can have McNutt (6’2” 216), Binns (6’3” 209), Egnew (6’5” 260) and Keller (6’2” 250).  That’s a fair amount of size near the endzone to cover.


As I stated in my previous article (June 6th), we have a lot of WR’s with size, and I think McNutt and Binns are going to make the cut.





from Twice The The


Q – Hey Mike,


I was wondering if you had advice for any new and controversial topic I could bring up on the blog that will incite and divide the masses. Even though I’m new here, I want to feel like I’m contributing.







OK, here are a few . . .



A – Steve Ross is the best owner in the NFL


B- George Zimmerman deserves the death penalty


C- Jeff Ireland deserves a 5 year contract extension, even if we go 6-10 in ’13.


D – The Florida taxpayers MUST pay for Sun Life Stadium upgrades


E – Why the Dolphins new logo is the NFL’s best


Now for the babe of the week . . . 


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