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from Stanger


Q -Fields, Denney and Carpenter hang out on weekends, are the godfathers of each others kids, go golfing together, their wives are BFF’s…………what’s it like being Caleb Sturgis these days?




I would say Sturgis’s main focus right now is making the team.  He may feel a little left out of the club, but the club he really wants to make is the Miami Dolphins Football team.  He starts kicking “toe to toe” with Carp, and he’ll be the one going out with Fields and Denney, while Carp is searching for another job.




from M13


Q – Dear Ask Mike,


What is your opinion of young Josh Samuda? According to reports, he was running well with the “1s” on Wednesday as a Guard, not Center. Seems this guy has a real knack for the WCO and can play all interior positions if called upon. This is obviously a GRAND problem to have, where I could see him potentially pushing for a starting position contingent upon a solid camp. 


That stated, John Jerry could be in trouble as he’s not in the mold of a typical ZBS (Zone Blocking Scheme) O-Lineman. Furthermore, the signing of Lance Louis is interesting as he was brought here to either push or replace Jerry.


I’ll cut to the chase: do you think John Jerry is in danger of losing his job in Miami?





I like Samuda a lot, and was impressed with his attitude, and his talent, coming here as an UDFA.  “Dickhead” can play, but I don’t see him threatening anyone for a starting job at this time.  He will back up at Center and Guard.




As far as Lance Louis is concerned, everything hinges on his health.  If his leg is good, he will probably give serious competition to John Jerry.  That being said, I think it’s Jerry’s job to lose.  If Jerry is in shape, and playing up to his potential, I don’t think Louis or Samuda are going to supplant him.  If Jerry is out of shape, heavy, and not moving well, then anything is possible.  I think Jerry will be our starting RG this season.



from Wyoming


Q – HI mike E




If healthy (and not fumbling) does DT earn the starting running back competition?


I don’t think so Wyoming.  I think Lamar “MillerTime” Miller will be the starting HB.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that Daniel Thomas won’t get a solid amount of playing time if he’s finding holes, and blasting in the open field.  He was drafted high, trading up into the 2nd RD because they thought he was a decisive, one cut runner, a downhill runner.  So far in his career, injuries (concussions and hamstring), and a slight case of “fumblaya” have hampered his progress.


Oddly enough, I think it would be more likely that Mike Gillislee, who really carried the load last year for Florida, could steal the starting job.  That would only happen if Miller struggled, but I think Gillislee has the talent to be a starting HB in the NFL.  I think our stable of RB’s are underrated, mostly because they haven’t proven anything on the NFL level.  Yet . . .



from Piggy


Q – 2 Parts, 4 Questions

1.  Prediction time:  How many RBs do we keep?  What is your RB depth chart?

2.  Is that whore Miss Piggy still into frogs?  What are the chances she takes me back?


– Mr. Pigsgerald Bacon


I think we will keep 5 RB’s on the roster.  It could even be 4 RB’s and a FB.  I see the starting depth chart as this . . .


1- Lamar Miller


2- Daniel Thomas


3- Mike Gillislee


4- Marcus Thigpen (KR/PR)


5- Jorvorskie Lane OR Vonta Leach (If we sign Leach)


I have good news, and bad news, regarding Miss Piggy.  The good news is, she is no longer into frogs.  The bad news is, she is really mixed up.  First, she posed in this magazine . . .



Then, she was seen with other notable lesbian pigs out on the town.   Give her a call though, she may be willing to change teams again with a little coaxing.  Maybe a big coaxing would be better.


Pick a dress for Miss Piggy




from Manitoba


Q – Yo Mike E,  glad ya back at work sir.. Congrats on complete recovery..


Non Fins question….


Was watching NFLN “A Football Life , The Immaculate Reception”


Wondering about the rule that they say “Should have negated the catch”  if the ball hit the receiver and not the defender…. Am I missing something here, or has that rule since been repealed ??  in my understanding if this rule were still on the book’s any deflections off an offensive player can not be caught by an offensive player… or is there some “Tuck Rule” weird detail that I am missing…


Thank ya..


And for Stanger…


FINS UP !!!!!!

Doug Patterson (Manitoba)


Thanks Manitoba!
Appreciate the kind thoughts bud.  The rule at the time of the “immaculate reception” was just as you stated.  Once an offensive “eligible receiver” touched a pass, he was the only one who could legally catch the pass, so the controversy was at the time, whether the ball was hit by John Tatum of the Raiders, which would make the catch a legal catch, or if it hit off John “Frenchy” Fuqua, which would make the catch illegal, and the Raiders win the game.


This rule has been since been repealed in 1978.  Now any pass can be caught by an offensive eligible receiver as long as it doesn’t hit the ground, regardless if an offensive or defensive player touches it first.




Now for the babe of the week . . . 



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