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from Anonymous


Q – Now that training camp has started and regular season is around the corner do you think we will have a trade before the season starts to stock pile lots of picks for next draft? We seem to have reversed a tread of giving away picks and just recently started stock piling picks. 


I don’t think we will be looking to trade anyone at all, to be honest.  I think we’re gearing up for a playoff run, and we’re going to need all the horses we have to do that. Trading away talented players at this point, in order to profit in next years draft is not an option for a GM whose career may literally be on the line for this season.


I think the Vontae trade was more a product of a new Head Coach not being particularly happy with the immature attitude of his player, and Ireland chose to take advantage of the opportunity presented by the Indianapolis Colts.  I think if the Dolphins were actively shopping Vontae, the compensation would have been considerably less than the 2nd RD pick we got from the Colts.  Many times, once you start actively shopping players, their value drops significantly.




from Wyoming


Q – What are the Miami Dolphins doing at FB?


And if we do not keep a FB on the roster does it mean an extra TE/HB is going to be kept?


Since you have went this far you might as well name the roster  😉  


Tough call at this juncture.  They haven’t really tipped their hand, although it seems to be that Charles Clay, formerly known as the ever confusing “h-back”, now seems to be taking on more FB like duties.  That will impact both players we keep at TE and FB.  If Clay becomes proficient enough at blocking out of the backfield, that could make Jorvorskie Lane obsolete.  Egnew has also been seen blocking in the backfield, so it’s definitely possible we don’t go with the ubiquitous FB anymore, but rather a couple of guys that are versatile enough to play both FB and TE, which brings us right back to “h-back”  lol


I’m also thinking that Rishard Matthews’ health will impact how many WR’s we carry.  Right now, we know we have Wallace, Hartline and Gibson.  Bumphis is making a strong case in the early going of preseason to make the roster.  I still think Marvin McNutt, who struggled a bit in preseason game 1 is a likely candidate to make the roster.  That being the case, it really depends on whether or not we carry 5 or 6 WR’s, whether Matthews is going to make the roster.  It’s a very fluid situation though, and it will probably change week by week.


At TE, some think Miller will stick, but I don’t.  I think they want Egnew to succeed, and he looked the part in Game 1.  The ever evolving equation continues with how many TE’s do we keep.  I think 4, so if Lane is gone, then Miller would be the 4th TE.  If Lane is here, then I think we have Keller, Egnew, Clay and Sims.  It’s possible that they could try and put Sims on the PS if they really like Miller, but for some reason, I really think they want to keep Eggs.




from Stanger


Q – Dion Jordan…..what’s he gonna do?   We all know he is going to edge rush, but what else is he going to do…..and how much of the time?




I think he’s going to do a lot more rushing the passer here in Miami than he did at Oregon.  We NEED him to be a terror, and at the very least, we want to teams to worry about him, where he is, and what he’s doing.  I think he’ll also be used as a LB in coverage, because he excels at it.  Our own Son expects him to play 90% of the snaps, and I love Son, but I don’t think he’ll play quite that much.


I do think Jordan will be used more and more as the season wears on, and he has more experience, and gets used to the game, but I don’t think we’re going to tax him in the early part of the season.  I think we’ll put him in optimal situations where he can wreak havoc, on passing downs, and then eventually, he will play more on 1st and 2nd down, but it will be a progression.  He has the ability to both DE and LB, and I think he will do both, but more of his time will be spent with his hand in the ground.




from Gigi


Q – Mike,


You guys know I can make Sunday Sauce…ask Walker he’s tried it.  What is the key to your Sunday Sauce and more importantly, what are you wearing or not wearing while making it? 😛




The key to the Sunday sauce is to make it on Wednesday, which also happens to be my day off.  You need to have a lot of energy to make it right.  I use a combination of crushed tomatoes, and I also blend lightly Italian plum shaped tomatoes.  Nice virgin olive oil to saute the garlic and onions, and then pour in the sauce.  I like to add basil, oregano and parsley, I DON’T add salt, but I do like a da pepper, so I always add a generous amount of fresh ground black pepper, and sometimes, even a little spicy red pepper flakes.  I let it cook for a while. I will also add a little sugar, not much, just a TBSP.


For the meat sauce, I usually fry up some Italian sausage, then slice them up them up and add them to some of the already cooking marinara.  Then I’ll make a about 2-3 pounds of meatballs, and once they’re cooked, I’ll throw them in the meat sauce, and you get a nice blend of the pork and the beef.  Mmm mmm!


I usually wear a comfortable pair of panties and bra.  LOL!


No really . . . . . .  they don’t have to be comfortable, just look good, that’s most important.




from Tim 


Q – Hey Mike,


At what part of the season do you think Jonathan Martin will settle in forcing people to get off his back?



A Whale’s Vagina


Not sure that time will ever come, to be honest.  I know for a fact he will struggle from time to time.  Every sack he allows will be discussed as if no other LT allows any sacks all season.  I think he’ll play well enough for us to accomplish getting into the playoffs, but I still feel that some people just won’t concede that he’s not that bad.


That’s my honest take on the Martin situation.  I can tell because I see so many Dolphins fans tweeting like crazy every time there is a negative report from camp about Martin.  Twitter lights up like a Christmas tree.  It’s all very over reactive IMO, and I think he’s not even close to as bad as most people think.  I think he will be average to above average, and frankly, that’s all we need.  How’s Joe Thomas’ Browns doing?




from Piggy


Q – Do you think the new
uniforms look like Blue Gatorade?

Also, when the Pork inherits the Earth, what type of skin will go best with eggs? 


  • Anonymous Oink Purveyor


Oops!  Just realized I blew your cover.  Sorry!


I don’t see blue gatorade when I look at our unis.  I think the color is very cool.  People forget that the team is called the “Miami” Dolphins.  The color probably reflects the art deco styles of Miami, as much as the aqua color of the ocean.  I liked the last uniform, I liked the ones before that too, because it’s my team, and I’ll get whatever they create.  They’re fine with me.  The only thing I don’t love is the numbers font, but it’s not bad enough for me not to like the unis as a whole.  I think they went ultra modern, and considering that the game is essentially becoming “2 hand touch”, I guess it’s fitting.


Now for the babe of the week . . . 



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