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from Brian in NY


Q – Mike,


Hope you enjoyed your party bud; you deserve it.


Here goes:


In honor of your 50th birthday, what are YOUR 50 most memorable moments in Dolphins history? Kidding, you can give us 5.


Brian in NY 


Thanks Bri, the party was a dream.  I had a fantastic time, and I can’t thank my wife enough.


Right off the top of my head, I’d say the 1st most memorable moment as a fan, was the 1983 draft.  Now I didn’t follow football as religiously as I do now back then, but it was nearly impossible to do that anyway, living in NY, and the team playing in Miami.   There was no internet, and news on the Miami Dolphins was hard to find, other than the standings and the post game stats in the paper Monday morning.


I find it very ironic that the ONE, and ONLY college football game I have ever attended, was in the winter of 1982.  My dad’s cousin got us tickets to see a Rutgers football game. The Pitt Panthers were coming to NJ to play Rutgers, and frankly, I didn’t know anything about either team, as I had never been into college ball. I do remember 2 things very well from that game.  It was so ridiculously cold that day.  I was wearing corduroy pants and a warm winter jacket, and I was still freezing.  My dad’s cousin accidentally knocked over my hot chocolate, and I watched it course through the channels of the corduroy, and then within minutes, freeze up.  The other thing I remember very well was how damned good Pitt’s QB was.  This wild and crazy dude named Dan Marino.   I was really impressed with him that day, as Rutgers defense was no match for Dan the Man.  This is all leading up to moment #1.


The 1983 draft, with Miami picking 27th, Dan Marino was pretty far from my thoughts that day.  The ’83 first RD will always be know for it’s QB’s, but there were some great players that weren’t QB’s taken in that 1st RD. RB’s Eric Dickerson, Curt Warner, OL Bruce Matthews, DE Jim Jeffcoat, WR Willie Gault, and the last, but certainly not least pick in RD1, CB Darryl Green.


There were 5 QB’s taken BEFORE Dan Marino in that 1st RD.  Elaway at #1 by the Baltimore Colts, which was traded to the Broncos, Todd Blackledge at #7 to KC, Jim Kelly at #14 to the Bills, Tony Eason with the next pick at #15 to the Patriots, and then finally Ken O’Brien at #24 to the NY Jets.


As each pick went by, I began to notice that Dan Marino was still on the board.  Like I said earlier, Marino was far from my thoughts, as I really didn’t think we had a shot, but as the draft went on, and we got closer to picking, I started getting a little excited that maybe, just maybe it could happen.  I started getting that nervous excitement like getting the first 3 numbers of LOTTO, but knowing you’re not going to get the next number, and the fantasy is over.  When we took Marino at #27, I jumped up in the air, and yelled to my dad, “Daaaaaaaaad!!!!, we got Marino, we got Marino!!!!!!!”.  “Remember the QB we saw against Rutgers?”  “We got him!!!!!”


That’s an easy #1 for me, the rest are somewhat more difficult.  I’d say moment #2 would be 1982, the “No snowplow” playoff game at home in the Orange Bowl against the Patriots, who had earlier in the year, defeated the Dolphins in New England 3-0, when infamous field crew worker Mark Henderson jumped on a snowplow before Patriots place kicker John Smith went to kick, which enable the kicker to have a clean path to the football, on a field completely covered in snow.


My dad and I happened to be in FLA that week, totally by coincidence, my dad took me because he had work to do down there.  He actually asked me the day before, if I wanted to go the game.  He said we’ll just go to the stadium, and we’ll buy from a scalper, which we did.  Face value, which I still don’t understand how that was possible, but it happened.  We sat near the top of the stadium, but I remember it being a relatively warm day, about 75 degrees.  Lots of people had signs with a picture of a snowplow within a red circle with the slash through as in the no smoking signs you see.  I thought that was great, because I was so pissed when New England cheated and won that game earlier in the season.  David Woodley was the QB, and he had his best game ever against the Patriots, finishing 16-19, with 242 yards passing, 2 TD’s no INT’s and a QB rating of 153.8.  It was so much fun to sit there in the warmth of the FLA sun, with a rocking stadium, and I mean rocking!  The orange Bowl literally shook and rattled with those bleacher seats, and it was awesome.  Uncomfortable as can be, but awesome, nonetheless.


I’ll just name the other 3 moments, because this answer is getting a little long. #3,  The Dolphins beating the Patriots 39-35 in the season opener  of the ’94 season, when Marino came back from the achilles injury.  #4 was trading up in the 2011 NFL Draft from the 3rd RD to the 2nd RD while surrendering  our 3rd, 5th and 7th RD pick to get Daniel Thomas. Not!!!!!!!!


#4 would be the “Fake Spike” game against the Jets, snagging victory from the jaws of defeat Nov 27th 1994.


#5 is drafting one Ryan Tannehill in the 2012 NFL draft at pick #8.  ALL HAIL THE QB!!!!!!!



from Piggy


Q – Human,


What is your prediction for the preseason game vs the Texans?  My prediction:  (close up on Piggy’s face) PAIN!

Seriously, it would be nice to see a little Tanny to Wallace this Saturday…


– Clubber Bacon


I expect to see Tannehill play longer, and like you, I expect to see at least a couple of Tannehill to Wallace connections.  I hope JJ Watt doesn’t torture our O-line, and knock down 5 Tannehill passes, as well as 5 Tannehill himself sacks.  I’m expecting to see more MillerTime, and I expect him to give us his best showing yet.  Not sure how long the starters play, but I assume at least the entire 1st qtr as a minimum.


I expect to see good things from Vernon, and Wake of course, and maybe some pressure from the interior of the D-line, more specifically, Odrick.  Not sure if Jordan will play, but I guess he will.  Love to see a sack and a couple of TFL’s from Jordan, but again, not sure if he’s going to play due to his shoulder.


I think Keller has a good game, and I think Eggs is going to do some real good things in the 2nd half.  Eggs is going to break out of his shell!  Jerry started practicing, so it would be nice to see him get some game action, but they may not want to rush him that quick.  If RG III isn’t playing the first 3 exhibition games, than no worries with Jerry.  As long as he’s healthy, and not too fat, he’ll be ready to go.


I would also like to see solid play from our starting LB’s.  Love to see a little something special, a forced fumble, and INT, a couple of sacks, whatever, but something from the group of Ellerbe, Wheeler and Misi.




from 631


Q – What up! First time sending you a question. I figured I’d let you get warmed up before throwing fast balls. 


Who do you think makes out of the TE/FB corps? And how do you rank them? Seems like Simms is just a blocker now but that could mean more playing time than Clay or Eggs of the Oline doesn’t lock it down. 





I answered a similar question last week, so as I said last week, a lot depends on how many WR’s, RB’s and TE’s we keep.  Each unit will be affected by the other.  I originally thought 6 WR’s, but now I’m back to 5 (Wallace, Hartline, Gibson, Matthews, Bumphis) (Unless McNutt finally does something, I think he’s out, although they seem to keep giving him opportunities) (OR, unless Matthews isn’t ready to go physically due to injury).  I think the TE’s will be Keller, Clay, Egnew and Sims, which makes 4 TE’s.  I’m actually beginning to wonder whether we carry a true FB at all.  If they believe Clay and Eggs can handle enough blocking out of the backfield, that may make Lane  obsolete.  I think we also carry 4 RB’s, Miller, DT, Gillislee and Gray.  That might make it tougher to keep Lane.



from Wyoming


Q – With the Loaded DB roster who do you think makes the 53. And the practice squad?


Do you really think Tits McGee beats out Denny as the LS?


I haven’t checked Boulder’s spreadsheet lately, but that’s funny as hell that someone changed my long snapper to Tits McGee.


I’m thinking we keep 9 or 10 DB’s in total.  CB’s  – Grimes, Patterson, Marshall, Taylor, Davis and Carroll.  One of those might go though, and if they want a keep and extra LB or DE, then I guess Carroll would go.  I expect 4 safeties, Jones, Clemons, Wilson and McCray.


There will be some real tough cuts to make on defense, that much is true.




from Otto Pumpernickel


Q – Mike,


Fellow Met fan here. I’ve been hearing often about the prospect of sending arms to the Syrian Rebels. Do you think this would be a good opportunity to move Dillon Gee while he is pitching well and could bring good value?  Or do you think the Rebels would more likely need bullpen help? Are you familiar with the Rebels roster and farm system? Who would you look to acquire in a deal? …Also, is it true that Lindsey Nelson and Bob Murphy were gay lovers?



Otto Pumpernickel

Go Mets!

I thought the Syrian rebels were a militant guerilla group.  Is there now a minor league affiliate?  I’m obviously not up on my minor league teams.  Shame on me!


Dillon Gee should definitely be in the Mets rotation next year, so I don’t believe he’s going to be traded to the Syrian Rebels or anyone else.


I loved Bob Murphy, but . . . .


I used to joke with my best friend Scott that Keith Hernandez was gay, and we made up this fake interview scenario where Murphy went into the Mets locker room to talk to Keith Hernandez.  It went something like this, and of course, you have to imagine Bob Murphy’s trademark voice . . .


“Bob Murphy here at Shea Stadium, and joining me in a moment, is New York Mets first baseman Keith Hernandez”


(Hernandez approaches Murphy, wearing only a white towel around his waist)


Bob Murphy:  Keith, pleasure to talk to you today, as the Mets march towards a World Series appearance.  Now that you’ve been here for over a full season, do you feel more comfortable being a Captain for the New York Mets?


Keith Hernandez:  Bob, no doubt, I really love NY, and I think we have a great young ballclub here, with lots of talent, and uh, they just need a little direction every now and again, and I’m proud to be able to help


(Hernandez loses his towel)


Bob Murphy: Oh my Keith!  Now that you’ve lost your towel, it’s quite evident that not only are you the Captain, and a field general on the ball field, but that you are the Captain of the locker room as well!


Come here Keith, and give it to me!


(Keith Hernandez engages Bob Murphy from behind)


(Both smoking cigarettes now)


Bob Murphy: Oh my Keith, that felt good!




Otto – One day I’ll actually do that imitation for you.  🙂


Just the voice, not the other stuff.  lol




And now for the babe of the week . . . 


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