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From Ken


Q – What will it take for Tannehill to finally get some national recognition. He was won 2 games on the road to start the season including one where he outdueled Andrew Luck. Yet all the national media highlight shows put up more Andrew Luck highlights than Tannehill highlights. There were more RG III highlights in the Redskin’s loss than Tannehill highlights. What will it take for Tannehill to finally get his due as a top young QB?




Ken, I think Tannehill is getting his due, as I saw Jeff Garcia very effusive with praise about Tanny, and the Dolphins.  It was a segment on which team is the most impressive 2-0 team, and Garcia chose Miami.  I think you, I, and most Dolphins fans are extremely sensitive as to how the media treats our team.  The truth is, in the past, it hasn’t been pretty, but after 2 games, we’re already opening up some eyes.


To answer that question in even further depth, just look at our blog.  Game 1, we’re hanging with the Browns, on the road, at halftime, and you’d swear that we were the Superbowl Champs going up against the Jaguars at home, the way some people were killing our team.  Even after winning the game, there was still a cloud hanging over the blog.  It’s going to take time to change minds, open eyes, and make people believers.


I think a win this weekend at home, against a talented Atlanta Falcons team will make change even more people into believers.  The past few years we haven’t been that good, so it’s understandable there is still apprehension here, as well as in the media.  We’re in the top 10 on some NFL Power Rankings, and I think that’s great.  Slow and steady.  Just keep winning, and Tannehill keep playing games with more TD’s, and less INT’s, and those wins will keep a comin’ with our defense.




From Wil (TryPod)


Q – 

Hello Mike E!
Question: Who is the next star on this current Dolphins roster, or is he on the team yet? Let me clarify; Besides the 70’s guys and of course Dan, we have gone a long time without a big time player. Personally I think Zach and maybe Jason were the closest we have come since Dan. Will mothers on the near future be naming their children after Ryan or Dion, or maybe even someone else, or are we still waiting for that game-changer to make it to our roster? Thanks, and GO DOLPHINS!


Great question Wil, and thanks for asking!  We really have a nice mix of young talent, young veterans, and some older veterans too, but in general, we are a young team.  I hope that Dion Jordan is a star in the making, and I give the Dolphins a lot of credit for their patience with him.  It would be so easy to just throw him into a game for 40-50 snaps, but I think their plan is two fold.  I don’t think they want to hand this kid a job, considering how little time he was able to work in training camp and preseason football.  They want him to earn his playing time, rather than just get it because he was the #3 pick in the draft.


I think they also know he’s not 100% yet, and there is no reason to risk this kids health, when we certainly have capable players to play while he isn’t (Olivier Vernon, Vaughn Martin Derrick Shelby etc.).  So while Jordan is healing, and getting to full strength, it’s no burden to the team.


I think Jordan is one guy who is a future star, and I think Ryan Tannehill is definitely another.  He is definitely progressing nicely, and it’s even more impressive when you consider his limited resume.  Tannehill is a hard worker, you can tell the coaches love his work ethic, and for that reason, along with his talent, I think he’s a near future star.  I also think Reshad Jones is a star in the making.  Last year he made his mark, and I think he’s quickly becoming know as one of the better young safeties in the NFL.


I also think Mike Pouncey is a star right now.  He’s definitely one of the best centers in the game, and if he keeps up his great play, (and keeps his mouth shut!), he may be considered the Dwight Stephenson or Jim Langer of his time.




From Rhino


Q – Mike E.,  it is clear that our defense is built for offenses like the one we will see when Atlanta comes to town on Sunday.  We do have some injury concerns, although not as many as Atlanta.  I’m not worried about our Defensive Line as we literally have four guys who can start in the NFL at DT in a 4-3 system (Soliai, Starks, Odrick, and Vaughn).  However, I’m more concerned if Clemons can not go (we will know sometime during the day when Ask Mike is posted as it coincides with the release of the injury report.  


My question:  What will Coyle do with our DBs with Clemons out and the rookie CBs likely to still be out?  Is it a straight up replacement, or is it situational?  If situational, please share a few scenarios of what we should look for.  Thanks.  (by the way, since you are a Mets fan, I heard someone say “hey Mets fans, that light at the end of the tunnel?… it was a train after all). 🙂





(singing) I said, Doctor, Mr. M.D., Doctor, I say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah – – yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah – – Yes indeed, all you really need . . .


All you really need is Wilson, Jimmy Wilson to play a solid game in the place of Clemons.  Just keep in mind that Clemons has never been spectacular for the Dolphins, but one thing he has been relatively consistent with is not giving up big plays.  On the other hand, he hasn’t really made many either, so he’s just a solid contributor.  As long as Wilson stays disciplined, and doesn’t get beat deep, we’ll be fine.  Who knows, maybe the kid steps up and makes a few big plays, it’s possible.  All that being said, I have a feeling that Clemons does play, and all this for nought.


Another possibility is playing Kelcie McCray as well as Wilson, because we don’t really employ a FS and SS, so we may see a combination of the two.


As far as the Mets are concerned, that was the #7 train for sure rumblin’ outta that tunnel, and rolling right over our future, tromping it to dust.  It hurts to see a young start extinguished, but he will be back, and there are a lot of nice young players on the Mets that we have to look to forward to, like Wheeler, Legares, d’Arnaud, Matt den Dekker, Wilmer Flores and some other young pitching prospects like Syndergaard, Montero and Familia.  We’ll just have to be patient (AGAIN!!), and wait till Harvey is better, and slots back into the ace spot of the rotation in 2015, and we make our run!




From Sol Rosenberg


Q – I feel a little silly asking this, but . . .Hello! Hi!


Who do you think the next break out player will be will be for the Phins? Like what Reshad Jones did last year.


Thank You!


Sol R.


Listen Jerky!  It’s obvious that Tannehill is breaking out, but since I already sort of answered this question already, I’ll give you another two, that I hadn’t previously mentioned.  Olivier Vernon, and how about an offensive guy, Lamar Miller!  It’s not too late for Miller to break out, even though it’s been a slow go in the early going so far.  He can definitely bust out, and I think MillerTime may just do that.  Once the O-line jells a bit, I think Miller will begin to run wild on opposing defenses.  There’s TWO for ya jerky!




From M13


Q – What do you think of one Brent Grimes?!! BALL-HAWK!!! I have concerns regarding our match-up against the Falcons WRs. The best way to stymie them is with our incredible pass-rush… the one that showed up against the Browns. 


If Dimitri Patterson is healthy enough for the go, I feel CONFIDENT. If not, I’m relying on our pass-rush. In a “best-case scenario”, both Patterson and the pass-rush show up.


Here’s the question: who do you put on Julio Jones if Roddy White gets the green light this week?


Thanks, Mike E!



Wait, so you don’t have confidence in the #5 CB in the entire NFL, Nolan Carroll???  🙂


I’d feel better with Patterson going as well bud, but that might not be the case.  Clemons may also be out, and that would be 2 down in the secondary, against Jones and White (if White plays)


I think you have to put Grimes on Julio Jones, because he is our most athletic CB, to match up with their most athletic WR.  Not an easy task for Grimes, but he’s familiar with both, and vice-versa.  Ideally, Patterson would match up with White, but it’s likely Carroll (#5) will get that job.  Whoever it is, both DB’s have their hands full with those 2, who arguably are the best duo in the NFL.


No matter what, we need our pass rush to return, and be vicious once again, like they were against CLE.  The O-line is not a strength of this Falcons team, so we should be able to get pressure.,  We also have to contain Tony Gonzalez, who has slowed down, but still a tough matchup for any LB or S.


I think ATL will score some points this week, but I have us winning by a TD, 27-20.  It will take an outstanding defensive effort to accomplish that!




From Convict


Q – Mike – this is convict… 2 questions:


1) Am I a pervert for watching Full House re-runs?


2) Can the blog pitch in and buy John Jerry a monthly weight watchers subscription. How many points a day would he be allowed to have?




It depends on which character you’re watching them for . . . If it’s for the Olsen Twins, you . . may . . have . . a . . problem.  If it’s John Stamos, or Bob Saget , well, that’s not perverted, just different.


Jerry was keeping his weight relatively under control before he got hurt.  I think that injury really set him back.  I think he’ll get better as he gets more playing time, and gets healthier, but that remains to be seen.




And now for the babe of the week . . . 


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