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From Wyoming


Q – In limited time, Dion Jordan has done well, getting a lot of pressures on the opposing QB.  What do you think his productivity will be if he plays full time?


My guess on Jordan is that they prefer to work him in slowly.  I don’t think they want to overwhelm him, especially since his shoulder may still not be 100%.  I know a lot of fans are down on Olivier Vernon, but I think he’s a capable player, and I suspect they think DJango will be more effective in small doses, for now.


I also think they can afford to do this.  We’re winning, and we don’t have to rely on DJ just yet.  I’d bet they’d prefer to have him strong and healthy, and more experienced for the playoff run, and let him develop his skills, with out over burdening him mentally, and even more so, physically.


I think we’ll get to see plenty of Jordan towards the end of the year, and of course next year and beyond.  I think he’ll probably always be a better pass rusher, than run stopper, but we knew that when we took him.  If he could become a perennial 10+ sacks per year guy for us, I think we’ll be happy.  It’s not all about the sacks though, just putting pressure on the QB counts big as well, and in that department, I think Jordan will succeed.  Once he develops a repertoire of pass rush moves, and learns how to use his hands to fight off blocks, he will be an awesome pass rusher.  Unchain DJango!!




From Tim


Q – If we beat the Saints do you think the national media will shit their pants and forget who they are for a half an hour, or will they give us our due? 


Then will the local South Florida media take a moment to bask in the glory or will they continue to look for more things to be negative about, like Ryan Tannehill doesn’t look serious enough like other elite QBs?


Tits McGee




I think if we beat the Saints, the media will have no choice but to recognize that we’re for real, and give us our due.  The very guys they put up on pedestals, Andrew Luck, Matty “Ice” Ryan, and Drew Brees, all defeated by Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins, how can they not give us our due?  Not only that, but beating Luck and Brees in their own house should further lend credence to what we’ve accomplished.


I also think Tannehill is slowly getting recognition for what he’s done so far this year.  Jeff Garcia regularly praises him, and so have some others.  Like I’ve said before, I think our fans are a little oversensitive to what the media does or doesn’t give us credit for.  The fact is, before this year, we haven’t been a very good team.  It takes time to change the perception, but I’d say this win against the Saints will bolster our spot as a real contender.  Of course, to be fair, it’s still only a quarter of the way through the season, so we can’t expect everyone to say we’re going to win the Super Bowl.


We just need to take care of our own business, and so far we’ve done that.  We’re still a low profile team, we’re not overzealous, or cocky, we’re just going out there and getting the job done, without high flying antics, or a lot of bravado.  I like that about our team.  No more of the nonsensical “We have the best CB tandem in the NFL” garbage!  No talking, lots of winning!




From OD (Old Dolfan)


Q – Who will win more games in 2014, The Mee-ami Marlins, or the New York Mets?


If I knew Matt Harvey would be in the rotation and healthy the entire season, I would quickly say the NY Mets.  I hate that he hasn’t decided to go for the Tommy John surgery, and I fear he will be pitching a short while in the first month or two during the season, he will feel a lot of discomfort, and then they will shut him down, and he’ll first get the surgery done in May or June, which will effectively remove him from the 2014-2015 seasons.  A total effing clusterfuck!  I think the Mets should have forced Harvey to get the surgery now, so at least you could be certain he would be ready by 2015.  Once again, an organization that does very little right.


With Harvey out, it will be close, with both teams hovering around 70-80 wins.  Obviously, anything can happen between now and then to change this, but as currently constituted, that’s what I predict for both teams.  OK, enough baseball, we’re 3-0!!!!




From Brian in NY


Q – Mike,


Taking NOTHING away from our 3-0 start, do you think the fact that we have been outgained in yards every game this season is a concern? Do you think that this, combined with the fact that we are playing games tight will eventually catch up to us?


Brian in NY


Actually, I’m not concerned with that fact at all Bri.  I think a team that finds a way to win, is much more impressive than a team that puts up gaudy stats.  Once you have the confidence that you can win a game, it makes the team stronger.  The important statistics are all in the 4th quarter, and that’s where we’re getting it done.  The Dolphins are ranked #2 in Team Opposition 4th QTR scoring, allowing 1.0 PPG.  Yes, 1 point per game.  That’s how you win in the NFL!


On the flip side, the Dolphins are averaging 5.7 PPG in the 4th quarter.  That’s been the difference.  We’re getting it done at crunch time, not allowing teams to score in the 4th, and we’re doing just enough to get it done.  We’re ranked at #15, scoring 24.7 PPG, compared to last year scoring 18 PPG. We’re also ranked #8 in allowing 17.7 PPG.  Big difference from last year.


I think we need to come out and play better at the beginning of games.  We came out real flat against Atlanta last week, and let them hold the ball almost the entire 1st half.  I don’t think we can continue that trend, because that’s living dangerously.  I do believe though, that winning these tight games does build team character, and gives the team much needed confidence that they can win those close games.




From Tits McGee


Q – What does your wife think of the BOTW?  What criteria do you use for the BOTW?


Well, as expected, my wife does NOT dig the BOTW.  I explained to her many times that I do it for you guys/girls, and you guys/girls only, but she doesn’t buy that.  The truth is, it really is for all for all of your enjoyment.  I don’t know why she doesn’t believe me.


As far as criteria, for the most part, I try to keep it clean, because I know some people are reading this in their office, so I try to tone it down it down a bit.  I also try to change it up, and get a different look, or find something I know will appeal to a certain group of people from the blog, but mostly, it’s just random.




From Stanger


Q – Who’s gonna complain about 3-0, but aren’t we (and especially the national media) getting a bit just too hyped on this team?  Luck hits one good pass down the stretch in the Colts game and we are 2-1.  Same if Tanny can’t get that great drive done against the Falcons.   Just like last year when we pointed to what our record could have been…….this year are just a couple plays from 1-2.




Much like the way I answered Brian’s question, I don’t think so.  Winning is the deal, not statistics, or moral victories.  We’re finding ways to win games, and are doing the necessary things to win in the 4th quarter.  Usually, that’s reserved for experienced, veteran teams, yet our young gun Tannehill is getting it done in only his 2nd season.


The NFL is full of “if only that one play went this way”.  The important thing is to WIN those games.  So far, we’ve taken care of business closing out games.  That’s tremendous.  Even in those 7-9 years, we had a few games where one negative, or one almost positive just didn’t come to fruition, and we lost.  You can’t underestimate what winning those close games does for a team.  We have a tough task ahead of us playing the Saints in the Superdome, where it will be LOUD!  That may make a 4th QTR comeback much more difficult for us, beca`use of the inability to communicate due to the noise, so hopefully, we’re ahead for a change, and make the defensive stops, or get turnovers to finish them off.


I think it should be a very competitive game Monday night, and I think once again, we pull out a close one.  Let’s hope I’m right!




Now for the babe of the week . . .




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