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From Tim


Q – I know you don’t like that Dion Jordan isn’t playing more. But outside of just complaining about it and questioning the coaches about it, why do you think his reps are limited?


I can answer this question a lot of ways, especially based on this regime’s track record of playing time for rookies.  The answer YOU want to hear, is Jordan isn’t better than the guy he’d be replacing at this point, so why pull Vernon, when he’s a better player right now than Jordan is right now.


Another possible answer is he was injured, and they want to keep Jordan healthy, and not overburden him to the point where he becomes injured again.  Maybe his shoulder is still not 100%, and a big workload might get him hurt again.


I think the true answer is this staff just seems to be a little cautious with their rookies, and possibly too demanding in what they expect from them in order for them to earn playing time.  Of course this is speculation, but we all knew (Ireland certainly knew) that we needed CB help, so he drafted Jamar Taylor with our second 2nd RD pick,  #54 (#42 went to the raiders in the Dion Jordan trade up).  Then after a bizarre trade of Davone Bess for a swap of 3rd pick spots, Ireland took CB Will Davis at #93.   2 CB’s, one in the 2nd, and another in the 3rd.  Seems like CB was high on need, wouldn’t you say?  Despite the heavy need, and some injuries to Patterson, we have gone forward with Nolan Carroll, or even RJ Stanford, but not Taylor or Davis.


What it comes down to, is either Ireland is screwing the pooch with his picks, or this staff is just too reluctant to go all in with their rookies, and live and die by them.  Sad thing is, they’re dying without them anyway, and I think that’s why so many of us are disappointed by the rookies lack of playing time.




From Brian in NY


Q – Mike,


There has been a lot of talk about firing Ireland and Philbin after this year. Would you hire a veteran in those positions, or some new blood? Who are some that you think would be considered?




Brian in NY



Here we are again, huh?  I think at this point, while there are many good candidates from the College ranks, and also some hot coordinators, both offensive and defensive, I think this team need a steady hand of an experienced coach.  It’s possible that there is a leader out there who has yet to be a coach, but Sparano and Philbin both lacked experience, and maybe that’s part of the problem.


Some of the young offensive coordinators are Jay Gruden (Bengals), Darrell Bevell (Seahawks), Adam Gase (Broncos),  Greg Roman (49ers), and Pep Hamilton (Colts).  All of these guys have had success at times, but sometimes, you also have to evaluate the talent they have to work with.  Adam Gase has Peyton Manning, along with WR’s Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker and Eric Decker.  Is it Gase, or the wealth of talent he is working with?  Hamilton has Andrew Luck, and now he has Trent Richardson.  They did lose Reggie Wayne, but TY Hilton is very explosive, and Luck can make lesser WR’s look better.  Darrius Heyward-Bey looks much better as a Colt than he ever did as a Raider.  Roman did well with Kaepernick and the read option offense last year, but this offense has regressed, as has QB Colin Kaepernick.  Without the read option, Kaepernick has looked below average as a pocket passer.  He was best when posing the threat of running, as did RG III last year at Washington.  No coincidence that now, both of these QB’s are not nearly as dangerous.


I think the Dolphins need someone they believe in as a leader, someone they can relate too, or maybe just fear.  I think Jon Gruden might be that guy.  He has the experience, and he seems to relate to players well.  I think he knows what it takes to win, and has tons of experience with the WCO.  He also seems to like Ryan Tannehill, and that may be a shiny lure to get Gruden out of his soft cushy commentating gig.  I’d be afraid to go with Jack Del Rio, because he would be named Head Coach and then in April, Zach Thomas would come in and replace him.  Sometimes it’s the 2nd time around, and maybe Lovie Smith deserves a 2nd chance too.  I do think, at this moment, I like Jon Gruden, but it’s not clear at all whether he wants to coach again.




From Piggy


Q – So I have my new Jordan jersey and I wore it for the Tampa game.


He plays 9 snaps.  9!!!


Do you know how hard it is to find a Pig size jersey?


So who is at fault here? Is he a bust?  Are the coaches being too cautious? I don’t get it.  


Fuck you world!




A Piggy who has been to hell and back


As a fellow fan who also has a Jordan jersey, I say it SUCKS!!!  Unless you want to blame Ireland for drafting an injured player who is more of a project (And moving up to #3 and trading our #42 pick), then you have to blame Coyle, and Philbin.  Maybe like the Martin/Incognito situation, Philbin doesn’t know (LOL!)  I think you need to blame Ireland for drafting a kid that early that at this point, is still not ready to play, Coyle, for not having him ready to play, and Philbin, for not insisting he wants to see Jordan getting more time on the field.


It just sucks Piggy!  If it’s his shoulder that’s still bothering him, you have to winder if we didn’t make a big mistake moving up to #3 to get him.   Not that his career is defined by his rookie season, and maybe once he’s healthy he will be a terror the NFL has not seen the likes of, but it most definitely makes you scratch your head now seeing him utterly under used. Like I said earlier, I’m ore pissed that Taylor and Davis haven’t been used, and we have Nolan Carrol and RJ Stanford playing before these guys.  WTF!!!!!!




From Ken


Q – What was the worst episode of bullying/hazing that you ever experienced?




When I was in elementary school (NYC Public Schools), I was picked on by one of the neighborhood bullies.  He was a tough kid, and unlike the bully that you punch in the mouth and it stops, Harris was a really good fighter, and regularly kicked other kids asses in the schoolyard.  It wasn’t constant, and not everyday, as Harris had many targets.  I was a scrappy kid, and I always defended myself.  I was an undersized skinny kid, but I didn’t take shit from anyone, except Harris, occasionally.


I had a friend named Jeffrey, and he was a big kid.  he once saw Harris picking on me, and he came to my defense, and Jeffrey got his ass beat down in front of a big crowd.  I felt horrible.  It also made me realize harris was going to be on more now, and with a vengeance.  He was, and I dealt with it.  This all started at about age 10.


As we got a little older, into our teens, we played roller hockey, my friend Steve was a huge hockey fan (Philadelphia Flyers) (Bernie Parent).  He got us all into hockey, and I loved it.  Harris played with us, and I always had to have eyes in the back of my head.  He laid into me hard when he could, but I always got up, kept playing, didn’t complain, and never showed him it hurt.


Later on in life, probably late 20’s, we had a neighborhood reunion at a one of the guys from the hood’s house in Colts Neck NJ, and Harris was there, and he came up to me and apologized.  At the time, I may have been my biggest,  about 175 lbs and more muscular than I am now.  Not saying that was the reason why he apologized, but it didn’t hurt!  I think he just realized how wrong it was, but he was cool, and I was friends with his little brother all during the “bullying”.  It was never awful, but I also never asked for help, so I can see how it can happen.




From Wyoming


Q – From Wyoming85


So we are going back to the drawing board!

Just a simple question then.

Who is your choice for GM, Head coach, OC, and DC?


I already addressed HC possibilities, and to be honest, I don’t know the football execs well enough to know.  I can throw some popular names out there for you, but I’m not going to make believe I know anything about their potential.


As Tim has mentioned, if we promote from within, there is Asst. GM Brian Gaines.  Eric DeCosta, Asst. GM in Baltimore is another possibility.  Omar Khan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Director of Football Administration and Director of Business is another.  Brian Gutenkunst (Which is German for . . . (Never mind) Director of College Scouting Green Bay Packers.  Last one is Jason Licht (Which kinda goes with Gutenkunst don’t you think) is the Director of Player Personnel for the Arizona Cardinals.




Now for my weekly plea . . . .   FFR – Get yer ass back here soon!  You are missed!




Fittingly, after mentioning FFR, Now for the babe of the week . . . 



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