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from Piggy


Q – Oinks to you 


Hate to bring up a controversial subject but controversy is no stranger to me.  I am writing this without any pants on.  What are your thoughts on suspending players indefinitely before the legal proceeding plays out?  In Shelby‘s case, do you think there is a chance that the people around him overreacted or overreached?  Are the Dolphins going a bit over the top trying to improve their image?  Every time I see some one get in trouble for something they said or do I can’t help but go back to Hard Knocks and watching Philbin have a discussion which Ocho Cinco about profanity.  Is this who the Dolphins are now?  If so, I fear I have nothing in common with them anymore.  What do vulgar farting piggies like myself do when their team becomes boy scouts? Do I have to only watch the NFL to actually watch the game?….lol 


As I’ve stated on the blog, each organization has the responsibility to protect itself.  The Dolphins are one organization amongst 29 others under the umbrella of the NFL, and it seems each team, or organization is handling things a little differently.  I think there needs to be an across the board rule on how to handle these things, and take the pressure off each individual team on making the right or wrong choice.


I totally understand, and actually agree with suspending Shelby.  It’s obvious that he did something wrong.  Whether he groped women or not, he was in a private establishment, and if they asked him to leave, he has no right refusing.  Obviously, he was drunk, and the liquor helped him make this bad decision, but that’s on him, no one else.  I’m not going to blame the police, who were called in to remove Shelby from the club.  It’s pretty black and white, he’s trespassing, and the police needed to remove him from the premises.  I think the Dolphins want to gather all the facts they can, and then determine if it’s right to reinstate him to the team, or if he needs to punished.  It’s not ALL about PC.


Hopefully this blows over, and it turns out Shelby was just uncooperative leaving the club, and doesn’t get charged by any of the women in the club for sexual misconduct, and he can be on the roster in a week or so.  Don’t blame the Dolphins though for doing the responsible thing.  Back to my earlier point, I think the NFL should have clear guidelines on how each team should proceed with cases like these, as they seem quite prevalent.  Every week another one seems to pop up, and for the leagues own sake, it’s better for all the teams to be on the same page.  You don’t want one team having a killer or rapist on the roster because he’s a good player, and another team suspending a player with outstanding parking tickets.


As far as speaking profanities, I’m sure the Dolphins players curse up a storm.  Philbin is evolving too, you know.  He’s changing, trying to loosen up a little.  He is who he is though, and he’s a good man, with good integrity.  Not sure if he’s a great Head Coach, but he’s a good man with strong convictions.  Also keep in mind, this in the No Fun League, where players celebrating TD’s get flagged.  They really need to LOSE that garbage!  How many of us did the Billy “White Shoes” Johnson TD dance when we scored a TD in the park?  It’s part of the game, let it go, it’s FUN!


from UK


Q – Howdy from across the pond Mike E


You clearly have a trained eye and I was wondering where that training came from?


If you’ll indulge me with a second question, it’s the one everyone wants to know the answer to but no one actually does yet. At Wembley, we saw the top “edge of seventeen”. Will he ever get to a point where he can do that more or less consistently enough to become one of the greats or have we got a heartbreaker at the helm and more rollercoaster seasons ahead of us?


Cheers and have fun at the Fest mob (and you at home Mike E)




First of all, thanks for sending in questions each week long distance, I’m sure the charges are mounting.  🙂


If you didn’t know, I’m in the Optical field, I’m an Optician, also known as an Ophthalmic Dispenser.  I’ve been in the Optical field for 27 years now (YES, I’m old!), and I would guess that’s where the trained eye comes from.


Quick anecdote on “Edge of Seventeen”, the popular hit song by Stevie Nicks in 1981.  Stevie was inspired to name the song “Edge of Seventeen” after a conversation with Tom Petty’s wife Jane. Jane was talking about her daughter, who was reaching the age of seventeen, but she had a very strong southern accent, which Nick’s heard as edge of seventeen.  She liked the sound of the phrase edge of seventeen so much, she made it the title of the song.


Oops, went off on a tangent there, eh mate?  Back to #17, Ryan Tannehill.  As trained as my eye might be, I’m still not sure about Tannehill.  I still think it’s tough to judge a QB who wasn’t always a QB.  Tannehill is a rarity.  How many other QB’s in the NFL were WR’s their first 2 seasons of college?  Keeping that in perspective, which I still think is important, I think Tannehill is doing fine.  I can’t say whether he will ever be elite, but I do think his timetable needs to be longer than most because of his unique circumstances.  I watch a LOT of football, having the NFL Sunday Ticket.  I see other QB’s who IMO are less talented than Ryan make throws I think he should be making every week.  It’s frustrating to watch him miss passes we all think he should make, but I do believe he needs more time to see what he can be.  Right now, at the very least, he’s good enough to win with, provided the other units do their job.  He may not be ready to carry the team yet, but Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith took time to get it right, why not Ryan Tannehill? I do think Ryan can be a great QB, but give him some time to get there.


from Tim


Q – Okay we’re approaching game 5 and we’re getting some guys back from injury and suspension, so we’re almost at full strength although throughout a season it’s very difficult to maintain that.


What adjustments do you feel the coaches should have made during the bye week after having a 4 game review to assess the team?


Thank you!


One thing I hope they learned is that they shouldn’t overvalue their starters just because they were starters.  They should have to earn their way onto the field.  I’m specifically referring to the LB’s.  Jelani Jenkins has done very well this year, and the only reason he got an opportunity to play was because of injuries to Philip Wheeler and Koa Misi.  Use that experience to your advantage!  Maybe you give Wheeler or Misi a game when they’re healthy, but if Jenkins, Tripp, McCain or anyone else is giving you more production per snap, then play them!


It appears that Mike Pouncey may possibly be playing RG this week, or at least, that’s been reported.  I think it’s great.  Do whatever works best for the team, not for one individuals ego.  I don’t know if we’ll ever get the story right here, but I recall Pouncey stubbornly stating he’s a Center, and that’s the position he wanted to play.  He made it clear that there are only a handful of elite Centers in the league, and he wanted to be one of them.  Now we hear that he’s always wanted to play G, and he’s a natural G.  really odd, but the point is, do what’s best for the team.  If Satele is playing well enough at C, and Pouncey is the best guy to play RG, then by all means do it! If Pouncey is the best C we have, and Shelley Smith is healthy and is our best RG, then do it!  Like most of us, especially O Rob (Props!), play your best 5.


As far as game adjustments, and not just personnel adjustments, we’re facing a very talented Green Bay Packers team.  This team can play power football with Eddie Lacy, and can shred you in the passing game with Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and Davante Adams.  One good thing for the Dolphins, is GB no longer features a dangerous TE.  We’re going to have mix it up on D, put some beef in on early downs and then go with the speed.  Getting Randy Starks back is HUGE, especially now without Shelby out.  Shelby is a big run stuffer, who also rushes well inside on passing downs.  It’s next man up again.  We need to get pressure on Rodgers and not let Cobb and Nelson terrorize our secondary.  I expect McCain to get opportunities this week to be a headache for Rodgers.  We’re going to be rotating the D-line a lot.  Odrick will likely take the reps Shelby was getting, along with Anthony Johnson and Terrence Fede.


Another adjustment I hope they made is working with Tannehill, and showing him on film,  opportunities he’s had to get positive yardage by running the ball, but instead took a sack.  That’s part instinct, but it’s not far fetched that because of his obvious physical talent and running ability, the coaches may have stressed to him early in his development here, to not give up on a play too soon, and be too quick to run.  You watch Russell Wilson play, and that guys instincts are off the charts.  It’s easier though, when you can pound the ball at will with Marshawn Lynch, and your defense keeps opponents scoring to a minimum.  Not taking anything away from Wilson, who is a very smart, instinctual player, but his job is easier due to the situation he’s in.


Let’s hope whatever adjustments and personnel changes we’ve made lead us to a big Fest victory for all of our guys and girls going to the game!


from GDP


Q – When you look at our division’s schedule this week and the next 2 weeks after that…do you see Miami in a must win situation to be able to keep up already?


Also, after 1/4 of our games, what player do you think has done the most for Miami being at 2-2 & what unit do you think has done the best?


Thanks for taking my Two for Thursday 




I’m not worried about what the rest of the division does, we just need to win the games we have on our schedule.  So far, no one has run away, nor looks like they will.  Every team in our division has had a good game, and then a bad game.  The Patriots play at Buffalo, then home for the Jets, and home against the Bears.  They could easily lose all 3, although I wouldn’t bet on it.  The Bills play the Patriots at home, then home to the Vikings, and then travel to NJ to play the Jets.  The Bills could also easily lose all 3.  In other words, we just need to care of our own business. We’re home for the Pack Fest week, then travel to Chicago to face the Bears, and then home for the Jaguars.  We have tough games, as does the rest of our division.


As to which player has done the most for the Dolphins, that’s always tough, because it’s a team game.  I’m going to look at this from one specific perspective, and give you my answer.  I’d say RT Ja’Wuan James.  If you think of how the RT spot has haunted this team the last few years, with Marc Colombo,  and then Jon Martin, then Tyson Clabo.  Just think of how bad it has been, and now how solid young James has been.  There are other guys who deserve consideration, and a few of those guys are in close proximity with James.  Branden Albert has quietly done well with the Dolphins, to the point where no one even brings him up, which is always a good thing.  When you’re not talking about an O-lineman, it means they’re doing their job.  Daryn Colledge has been solid at LG too.  We’re #5 in the NFL in rushing this year, so Colledge and friends have been opening holes.


This kind of leads into the next question, as to which unit has performed the best so far.  I would say the O-line has done the best job.  #5 in rushing, and only allowing 9 sacks puts them at the top.  The defense has been up and down, but mostly good, ST’s have been mostly poor, but the O-line has played consistently well so far for our team.  I hope that continues, and even improves with Pouncey back in the fold.  Maybe Tom benton is the most important guy, but you said player, so Ja’Wuan James is my pick.



from SB7


Q – Halloween is coming up. What are your top 5 horror movies and why?  Also, if you could pick Philbin’s costume for this year what would it be?


OK, off the top of my head, and just going by how they scared the hell out of me, I can think of 3 immediately. The rest I have think a bit.  Ok, here goes . . .


The Omen

The Exorcist


Night of the Living Dead

Pet Semetary


Pet Semetary as a whole didn’t scare me, but one scene just freaked me the F out.  I know M13 knows it well, but for those of you who may not, here it is . . .


The whole scene scared me, but especially from 2:55



As far as Philbin’s costume, that’s easy. This would be it, except he doesn’t need the mask





from Jahn


Q – What’s the prognosis for Miller when Moreno gets back? Is he relegated to being a 3rd down back with far fewer than half the touches?….or has he earned a true 50/50 split like we saw with Ricky and Ronnie a few years ago?





I think Miller will get his fair share of carries when Moreno returns.  He’s been too good not to give him that much.  It may not be exactly 50/50, but I also think we’ll take the go with hot hand approach, so some games Miller may get more carries than Moreno, and vice versa.  I think Moreno is best suited for 3rd down because of his pass blocking and pass catching abilities.


Miller has definitely improved at hitting the hole quickly, and getting downfield in a hurry.  What I’d like to see next out of him is a little more control when he’s in the open field, like anticipating the angle a player is taking, and slow down, and change direction or make a move to avoid the tackle.  A lot of that is instinctual, but I think if he has it in his head, he can improve on that.


Moreno definitely brings a toughness factor that we haven’t had for a long time.  Moreno wills extra yards, he fights for yardage, and it was really refreshing to see that.  I look forward to his return, and hope that with Moreno, we can stay in the top 5 rushing or better. The better we run, the less pressure Tannehill has, and the longer we have the ball, so it’s a big factor in our success going forward. Miller is averaging an impressive 5.7 YPC, with a large enough sampling (49 carries) that is legitimate.  Miller should also come close to doubling the amount of receptions he had last year, which was 26.  He has 12 already after 4 games.


In any case, it’s always a good problem to have.  I hope they’re both so successful, that the coaches have a weekly conundrum on their hands as to who deserves the ball more, Moreno or Miller.  As the long as the O-line continues to play as well as they have, and both Moreno and Miller can stay healthy, something neither has been specially good at doing, it should be a case of going with the hot hand in each game.



from Wyoming


Q – If Piggy falls asleep in the sun will someone write bacon on his forehead so he will have a WTF sunburn?


OK serious

Our LB’s were abused by KC! Do you think with Misi returning we can keep Rogers from doing the same?


LMAO!!!  I hope so if that happens.  That might be one of the funniest pictures evah if it happens.  No offense Piggy, but now I’m actually rooting for that to happen!


I think we do need Misi back for this game.  We need a stout run stopper in there, and out of all of our LB’s, it looks like Misi and Jenkins.  Lacy is a load to bring down, so we will have our hands full.  Of course with the Packers though, they don’t usually run the ball all that much.  If we can stay ahead of them, that will but eliminate the run game from their offense, as the passing game is their bread and butter.  They’re still trying to find the balance of running the ball.  Eddie lacy has carried 66 times for 266 yards (4.0YPC) and then James Starks with 27 carries for 121 yards (4.5YPC).  In contrast, Rodgers has thrown 147 times.  They still pass more than they run, but it’s closer this year than in the past.  Rodgers has been amazing this year too, completing 66.7% of his passes for 1155 yards, with 12 TD’s and only 1 INT.  We need to jump ahead of the Pack, and keep Lacy off the field, and try to harass Rodgers and always have someone in his face, and stay disciplined and keep containment on him as well, because he will run if he has the chance. It will be nice to have Starks back, and I hope Fede,  Johnson and Odrick can replace Shelby.




Last, but certainly not least . . . . 


from Walker


Q – Dear Axe Mike,


Since I’ve been having issues logging on, thought I’d send a few months worth of questions all at once.

Are we due for another Fest win this weekend or do we need to exorcise the demons from the O Rob curse? Who will be this year’s tailgate casualty? Who will bring the biggest gun? Where will everyone hide their wallets? Will I ever be able to log back on to the site that I founded? Will Philbin try to get cute or will he pound the ball against the league’s worst run D? Should I start Tannehill this week or play the big raper versus Cleveland? Who’s tent will fly away first? Who’s escort will look the hottest? Who will talk the most smack but can’t throw for shit? Who’s likely to not even show up though they say they are going? What are the chances that we can smoke one in the stadium again without getting busted? Do you see a difference in this team since the Tennessee fiasco?


Hope all’s well brother and would like to give a special shout out to my boys: Bat, Top, Phelonius, and the Captain. Also thanks to those who stay in touch but keep in on the low down.


The Chiefen


Good to hear from you bro, really!  Well, that’s a lot to digest, so we’ll just take ‘em one at a time.


I think the Dolphins will win this week, so the O Rob curse will be lifted.


I nominate Piggy again this year, as Pigs don’t have a high tolerance for alcohol.  I nominate YOU to write B-A-C-O-N on Piggy’s head with sunscreen when he passes out .


No one will have to hide their wallets because we all know you’re just going to take all the money anyway, so what’s the use?  OK, just in case, I’m joking . . .


I hope that someday you can log in, but I’m beginning to think if you haven’t done it by now . . .


I think Philbin will do the right thing this week, and keep with what brung us.  We will run the ball successfully against the Packers on Sunday, and all Fest participants will rejoice.


Go with Big Rape, we’re going to run the ball down their throat, which leaves good, but meager FF stats for Tanny.  Maybe something along the line of 20-27, 230 2TD’s 0INT’s.  I think Big Rape might do a little better than that.


I think the only person who may bring a tent is Son, so I vote for Sonny’s tent to take an unauthorized flight.


I haven’t seen anyone else’s wife besides Stanger’s, so I’ll go with the safe bet, Stanger’s wife.  She’s a hottie! (No offense Jon)


I’m going to go with Wyoming on the smack talking.  I think people from Wyoming are well known for their smack talking.  It’s very common.


It looks like O Rob is gonna be the guy that was going but now isn’t.  Looks like some bad timing with his impending surgery.  He’s waiting till I go anyway, cause he knows I want to meet him.


I think the chances that you smoke are 100%.  No way are you guys NOT going to smoke.  I think you’ll be alright not getting busted.  They don’t look for trouble there.


I think we’re lightyears better than the team that got demolished by the Titans that day.  Thank God we had each other to blow away the misery.  I’m also glad we took the party outside, because that game was putrid, and it was much more fun in the parking lot.


Hope someday you can figure out WTF it is that won’t allow you to get back on your blog.  We all miss you, and even though we don’t say it every day, YOU BELONG HERE!!!!**


One more note – I hope all attending this years Fest have a fantastic time this weekend, and get to enjoy a great win by our Miami Dolphins.  Stay safe everyone, and have a wonderful time!


And now for the babe of the week . . .



Looks like she just got stabbed from behind here, no?




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