What Make Hulk Angry: 11/26/14


By Dr. Bruce Banner

So Hulk watching game on Sunday at home of New York City Dolphin Fan Club. Hulk see Miami Dolphins have 11 point lead going into 4th quarter. Hulk starting to feel happy. Maybe Bruce Banner be on train ride back to Connecticut as Dolphins have number 2 overall defense.What could go wrong? But peace and calm no meant to be for Hulk. Hulk is Hulk and Hulk is always angry and once again here is what made Hulk angry this week: Moral victories. Moral victories are for the weak. You want to feel good even though you lost. But you still lose. You no win. Moral victories don’t make you feel better in January when you watch another team play football that is not Miami Dolphins. No one tells their grandchildren about moral victories. No one goes to Hall of Fame because of moral victories. Hulk take ugly win over moral victory any day. Hulk smash moral victories.

You know what else make Hulk angry? The Detroit Lions. The Detroit Lions play the Miami Dolphins and win on last second play. Everyone then think Detroit is Super Bowl contender. Then they go play New England Patriots and they look like pretenders. What Hulk want to know is how does former pro bowl QB Matt Stafford, who has thrown for 5,000 yards in a season complete only 18 of 46 passes when he has Megatron as a wide receiver on his team? Hulk don’t know how that even possible given new rules that make it impossible to smash WR before they get ball.

You know what else make Hulk very angry? Kevin Coyle and his pussy defensive game plan. Everyone know key to defending Peyton Manning is to hit him and knock him down many, many times. Hulk wanted to see Cam Wake smash Peyton Manning like Hulk smash Loki. But no Cam Wake or anyone on Dolphins smash Manning. Instead Kevin Coyle have Dolphins play soft zone and rush only 3-4 players on any given play. Dolphins make only 1 sack and it was a Groundhog day sack where Peyton saw a shadow and got scared so he tried to burrow into ground. He no get hit. Kevin Coyle have pussy defensive game plan and that make Hulk very angry.

Kevin Coyle’s Defensive Game Plan

Hulk also angry that Kevin Coyle forget to practice run defense this week. He so busy with how to avoid hitting Peyton Manning drills he forget to have team practice run defense. Hulk would think by half time Kevin Coyle might have thought he should make adjustment to stop run but Kevin Coyle keep playing soft zone and let Broncos run like the horse’s behind that Coyle is. Kevin Coyle make Hulk very angry!

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