By: Randy Campbell (Old Dolfan)



The Miami Dolphins 3-0 start captured the attention of football fans everywhere. Upset road wins over Kansas City and Minnesota resulted in rampant speculation concerning Miami’s status as a legitimate Super Bowl contender. Could a team in just their seventh year of existence, from the “inferior” American Football League, actually WIN the most prestigious trophy in American Sports?

No discussion of THE PERFECT SEASON is complete without a thorough understanding of the most important football game ever played — Super Bowl III in the historic Orange Bowl.  From 1960 through 1965 the NFL t_33894-150x150and the AFL were locked in a death struggle. Each league held its own separate draft of college football players. The top players could (and DID) play one league’s offer against the other league’s offer, escalating rookie player salaries to amazing levels.  In 1965, the New York Jets, owned by Sonny Werblin, offered Alabama’s All-American quarterback Joe Namath the unprecedented sum of $450,000 to sign a contract (the NFL’s Cardinals had offered less than $200,000 — an amount Namath was ready to sign for).  This one incident, more than any other factor, brought about a merger of the two leagues. It also led to a common draft and somewhat controlled salaries for pro football players.  The two leagues agreed that an AFL-NFL World Championship game would be played, beginning in January of 1967. By 1969, the name of this game had been changed to “The Super Bowl.”

Traditional old-guard football experts agreed that the NFL likely would destroy the champs of the younger AFL.  In the first two Super Bowls, Lombardi’s Packers blew-out the Kansas City Chiefs (35-10) and Al Davis’ Oakland Raiders (33-14), the latter game having been played in the Orange Bowl.  A year later, the Super Bowl returned to the Orange Bowl for what most believed would be another lopsided win by the NFL.  This time, young head coach Don Shula and his Baltimore Colts would represent the NFL. Shula had overcome the loss to injury of stellar quarterback John Unitas by replacing him with the man who was voted the NFL’s Most Valuable Player — Earl Morrall.

At the same time, young Joe Namath had finally lived up to his superstar image (and salary) by leading the upstart Jets to the Super Bowl in his fourth professional season.  No one outside of New York thought the Jets had a prayer in Super Bowl III.  Namath and his team mates watched as joe-namath-150x150the spread rose to 15, then 16, then 17 points in Las Vegas.  Jimmy the Greek Snyder said “It will be a 21-point spread by game time. The Jets have NO CHANCE!”  At a banquet in Miami a few days before the game, a reporter asked Namath, “What do you think about being almost a 3-touchdown underdog?”  Namath responded with perhaps the MOST FAMOUS QUOTE IN PRO FOOTBALL HISTORY; “We’re going to win this game, I GUARANTEE IT,” said the cocky Namath!  A hush fell over the banquet.  Colts players JoeNamath1-150x150who were at this banquet literally stood up and glared at Namath.  It was “Game On!”  The media frenzy that followed exceeded anything ever seen before in South Florida.  In fact, Super Bowl III became the most anticipated sporting event in Sunshine State history up to that time!  As we all know, Joe Namath delivered on his guarantee.  He talked the talk!  He walked the walk!  The 3-touchdown underdog Jets prevailed over the NFL’s Colts 16-7.  When the Kansas City Chiefs repeated the Jets’ success by crushing the favored Vikings in Super Bowl IV, the verdict was in.  The AFL had two Super Bowl wins; the NFL had two Super Bowl wins.  The following season, the two leagues totally merged, ending the separate league format.  By now, it was understood that the best teams in the AFL could “play with, and BEAT, the best teams in the NFL.”  This gave added importance to the Dolphins-Jets showdown in New York.

Joe Namath was still the ultimate sports icon the day the undefeated Dolphins arrived at Shea Stadium to play the Jets.  In week#1 of the season Namath led New York to a 41-24 win over Buffalo.  In week #2, Namath passed for 496 yards and SIX TOUCHDOWNS as the Jets outscored the highly regarded Colts 44-34.  Many in New York believed THIS would be the year Namath would get the Jets back to the Super Bowl!  (P.S.-Jets fans are STILL waiting 43 years later!)

Miami knew they would have to control the Jets’ high octane offense.  Shula developed a two pronged approach.  First, he planned to make more use of a back-up wide receiver in some three and four wide schemes.  His name was Howard Twilley.  Yes, this was the same Twilley who made two clutch receptions in Miami’s last gasp winning drive the week before in Minnesota.  Shula believed the Jets would focus on stopping Warfield and Briscoe.  He believed Twilley and the number four receiver, Otto Stowe, would have opportunities for big plays. If these plays worked, Namath’s offense would spend more time on the bench while Miami controlled the ball.  The second prong involved some wrinkles with the “No Name Defense.”  Defensive coordinator Bill Arnsparger and Shula installed some new defensive coverages they believed would slow down Namath’s decision making process.  Dropping #53 Bob Matheson back into coverage was sure to disrupt some of New York’s medium-range pass patterns. And including Lloyd Mumphord as a fifth defensive back was added to the mix for a large number of defensive plays.

On the game’s first drive, Namath seemed unaffected by Miami’s defensive strategies.  Several Namath completions set up Cliff McClain’s apparent run for a touchdown.  But just before crossing the goal line, McClain fumbled.  Jets guard Randy Rasmussen fell on the ball in the end zone and the Jets had an early 7-0 lead.  The Dolphins offense sputtered in the opening quarter.  Jets fans celebrated as their defense stopped Miami cold.  But, in the second period, Griese hit Twilley with a 16 yard completion.  Then, Griese hit Warfield in stride for 24 more yards.  On third and 14 from the Jets 16, Griese was on target to a wide open Twilley and the game was tied. The three and four wide schemes were GrieseBob50-190x300giving New York problems.  Griese decided to stick with them.  On their next offensive series Griese threw an 8-yard completion to Warfield at Miami’s 46. Then he hit Marv Fleming for 12 yards and Otto Stowe for 18 yards.  From the 6, Jim Kiick burst through a small crease in the line for a touchdown!  The noisy Jets’ crowd became quiet as Miami tool a 14-7 halftime lead.  A Yepremian 27-yard field goal extended the Dolphins lead to 17-7.  Namath reportedly told fullback Matt Snell, “We’ve got to respond NOW!”  And respond they did.  From the Jets 47, Namath launched a high arching bomb right on the money to speedy Jerome Barkum.  Dick Anderson dragged Barkum to the turf about 6 inches short of Miami’s goal line!  Namath tried to sneak the ball across the goal line.  He was stopped for no gain.  Jets fans were roaring!  Next, Cliff McClain was STUFFED, inches short!  All-pro back Matt Snell then appeared to be stopped short, but the Jets were guilty of offsides and the ball was moved back just outside the 5.  So Namath tried a pass.  Jake Scott broke it up!  Incredibly, on fourth and goal, the Jets WENT FOR THE TOUCHDOWN!  This time, loud Jets’ fans seemed to cause their own team an illegal procedure penalty! The ball was moved back another 5 yards from where Bobby Howfield made a chip-shot field goal.  Instead of getting seven points, the Jets had to settle for three!  17-10, Miami.

On the ensuing kick-off, Mercury Morris returned the ball to Miami’s 40.  Big runs by Larry Csonka ate several minutes off the clock.  Then, a 23-yard completion to Warfield set-up a 3 yard TD run by Jim Kiick early in the fourth quarter.  It was now Dolphins-24, Jets-10.  Seemingly, Miami had the game won.  But Dolphins-Jets games almost NEVER go as planned.  Sure enough, Miami’s Charlie Leigh fumbled a Jets punt and gave them life!  Quickly, Joe Namath led New York down the field.  Emerson Boozer roared in from a yard away and the Jets trailed 24-17.  The noise from Jets’ fans was deafening!!  One fan held up a sign that said “3-1.”  But not to worry.  No miracles today.  A Garo Yepremian 43-yard field goal later in the fourth quarter sealed the deal. The “No Name Defense” stopped the Jets one more time and Miami secured a 27-17 victory at Shea Stadium.

Both sides agreed the key point in the game was Miami’s goal line stand.  f981fceddb3c3e73165746a987a1b7d608113e5c“Any time you’ve got first down with 6 inches to go and have to settle for a field goal, you’ve got a problem.  It takes something out of you,” said a somber Namath.  For the day, Namath was only 12 for 25 for 152 yards and NO touchdowns.  Once, again, Larry Csonka rushed for over 100 yards.  And Jim Kiick ran for two scores.  Bob Griese outplayed Namath in this battle of future Hall of Fame quarterbacks.  His numbers, 15 for 27 for 220 yards were highlighted by four clutch receptions by Howard Twilley, including a 16 yard catch for the only passing touchdown of the game.  For his efforts, Twilley was awarded the game ball in this match-up of first and second place AFC East teams.  In the post game locker room, Shula said he was pleased to be undefeated with a two game lead in the division.  “We have a lot more winning to do,” said the Don of Miami.  Soon, very soon, the personnel Miami would use to win would change drastically.  A potentially catastrophic injury was just around the corner. The 1972 Miami Dolphins were now 4-0.

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  1. Brian in NY says:

    First. I win again! Nice work OD. These are bittersweet for me, as I was only one at the time, and have only seen these highlights. Maybe one day we will return to our former glory.

  2. Try Pod says:

    I appreciate the effort, I truly do. I hate that we have to live in our past to find some semblance of glory, though. It just tears me. Can someone in charge of the Dolphins please get us to respectability, a place we haven’t sniffed since the Wandstedt era? And I don’t want to hear about the 1 year we went 11-5, as one year does not an era make.

  3. The Flying Pig says:

    Great piece OD

    Love to read about those wins overs the jests

  4. dbolt48 says:

    Still enjoy reading these OD. Thanks once again!

  5. olddolphan says:

    I REALLY, REALLY appreciate the kind words from each and every one of you. –Those words mean so much to this Old Dolfan, and his lovely wife, too!! –One thing I failed to do was to fully explain how intense, how dominating, this rivalry was “back in the day.” EVERY TV SET in Florida and New York was tuned in to this game. Every church sermon was kept brief because preachers and priests KNEW parishioners would LEAVE EARLY so as NOT to miss the kickoff of a Jets/Dolphins game!! –Checkout stands at Publix and Winn-Dixie move briskly around 12:30. –The pace of life was TOTALLY DIFFERENT ON GAME DAYS!! –One sign on a south Florida church read “God is impartial. But we are NOT. Beat the Jets!”
    On another front, FAU’s late rally came up short as 2nd ranked Florida edge FAU 10-8 last night at Roger Dean Stadium. (“edged”). Congrats to the Gators who avenged last year’s loss to the Owls.
    OFF TO WORK. Talk to you wonderful Dolfans tonight.

  6. dbolt48 says:

    On to another topic. I believe I’ve mentioned to you guys before that my co-work is from Massachusetts. Well his father is a retired high roller from the Boston area and his company has sent him on a retirement tour of sorts where they scheduled him to private dinners with local team owners and HC’s. My co-worker just came into my office this morning and made a wise ass comment about how the redesigned stadium looks amazing & all we need is a team to play in it. Then he got a serious look on his face and told me about his fathers luncheon with Kraft & Bellicheat. He said when his father asked what team concerns them the most moving forward & without hesitation they said Miami. They felt once Mia settled the OL that the Phins had the potential to become a powerhouse. BB also said Tannehill is one of the hardest QBs to coach against. Said he reads defenses really well and typically makes the right play. Also said his ability to extend plays makes him even more dangerous. Said he thrived even when OL play was below average. Take it for what it’s worth or not, but it’s what was relayed to me this morning.

  7. The Flying Pig says:

    I’m pretty sure Kraft was drunk at the Super Bowl DBolt

    Did you hear him after the win?

  8. Silly Tim says:

    Dbolt, don’t let Randy read your post. LOL

  9. D says:

    Sounds like to me Nelson wasn’t high profile enough for Adidas to want to feature, so they bailed on the offer and cited a technicality.

  10. Silly Tim says:

    OD, good stuff.

  11. dbolt48 says:

    @JasonPhilCole: FWIW, talked to one former HC (now OC) who said when his teams play at #Patriots he refuses to allow any locals to even help in locker room

  12. The Flying Pig says:

    Mando is reporting that the Dolphins are interested in David Harris

    I don’t know how I feel about that

    He seems near the end of his career
    He was good in his prime
    But I don’t think he is that good now

    I would rather we draft a MLB

    But I guess it’s dangerous to go to the draft with a huge hole
    No guarantees you fill it

    • Silly Tim says:

      Harris can still play at a high level. He’s versatile and can play any LB position. If the goal is to win now, we need some players who can play now. I don’t think the LB class is that good in this draft in terms of instant impact. Harris makes us better.

    • D says:

      Im not a fan of that move. I understand we have weaknesses in LB position, but addition of a good DT like Knighton and a high level pick at the position and we will be in a pretty solid spot.

    • D says:

      Also i dont see the LB hole nearly as evident at OG, and probably DT as well.

  13. D says:

    Broncos reporters are saying Demaryius Thomas for sure resign, they arent going to let him walk but a lot of the others will be make them moderate offers and take it or leave it. Juilius Thomas they said will be in a different uni next year.

  14. D says:

    Ravens owner rips Dolphins’ deal with Mike Wallace —ESPN.

    Gotta love sensationalism. The guy was using the Wallace deal as a buyer beware in FA spending. He wasnt “ripping” us over it, he was just saying shit doesn’t pan out and paying big sometimes gets you in a financial bind. It was in reference to the idea they might get outbid on Torrey Smith in FA. He used it as a key point in an otherwise blanket statement. Headline reads like he was calling us out, calling Phins a organization of tards who shit them selves and have to get assistance when eating.

  15. New Age says:

    Great article OD!

    I also am not sold on Harris. The Jets have a ton of cap space comparatively so why wouldn’t they match if he’s worth it? I think we do need to fill as much as possible but it will truly be a job to work this out.

    • Silly Tim says:

      What’s not to be sold on? The guy is a tackling machine. He’d be our best LB the day he enters the facility. I wouldn’t worry about the numbers, let Hickey and Aponte figure that out.

      • New Age says:

        I’m not sold we could get him. The Jets have more space and know the guy very well. Why wouldn’t they match our commitment and leave a huge hole in their defense?

  16. BoulderPhinfan says:

    the jets have 50 mil in cap space. I think they can out bid us for harris.

  17. Mike E. says:


    Once again, excellent work. Always enjoy reading these.

  18. Mike E. says:

    I think some people here talk like we have tons of cap space. It’s going to be hard to get one guy we target, forget 3 or 4.

    • D says:

      I think we have a legit shot at two higher profile players. We can clear up and create a good bit of space without significantly hurting our team, im going to submit something to you as an article that outlines it, but suffice to say i think we can re-sign Clay and make two decent sized moves in FA.

  19. D says:

    Harris is essentially a rental not grow with the franchise player.I wouldnt pay top dollar for him and you can bet the Jets will push his price up at the very least. If our need was severely dire, its not, i would agree he is a good prospect, but if we want a vet, there are others out there that would suffice and be with us longer. I prefer we draft a guy high, and i think if we put effort into fixing our DT needs, LB issues are helped a good bit just by that.

  20. herdfan says:

    Today is Inconvenience Yourself Day. WTF does that even mean?

  21. getterdone says:

    The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson reports the Dolphins are “expected to pursue” free agent ILB David Harris.
    Harris would play middle linebacker for the Dolphins. Though he just turned 31, Harris is expected to have a robust market, with the Dolphins joining the Bills, Falcons, Bears, and Jets as teams interested in him. New Dolphins president Mike Tannenbaum drafted Harris in New York in 2007. If he were to sign with Miami, MLB Koa Misi would kick back outside to strong-side linebacker. Free agent MLB Mason Foster is viewed as a fallback plan for the Dolphins if they can’t sign Harris.
    We’ll end up with Foster, but that’s ok, he was a guy I mentioned early on and he’s younger @ 25. Besides you know Rex will want his boy Harris.

  22. Silly Tim says:

    I’m not saying we will land Harris, I said I’d love to have him based on a report that we’re interested in him. We can create a lot of cap space if some of the cuts that have been reported happen. Who knows if Harris wants to stay with the Jets. Let it play out.

  23. Silly Tim says:

    Inconvenience Yourself Day:
    “Make a sandwich without your favorite condiment on it and go to stores that likely won’t have it.”

  24. Silly Tim says:

    Herd, love that avi. All I’m asking for is 30s and 40s weather. Get this Artic shit the fuck outta here.

  25. D says:

    We have Jenkins, and Jordan who can play OLB’s. We have Misi who can play ILB or OLB, we technically dont need anyone of a vet level player to be brought in. Harris, by the time he adjusted to our scheme may already be at end of contract. Im actually only mildly nervous about our LB corps, and if we draft a guy high ill be pretty ok with it. I know i have no justification that we will be solid with Misi who is injury prone and Jordan who hasnt played much, but Harris at ILB you really wont know what to expect there either. Ellerbe was highly sought after, he played well for his other team. Harris would be playing in a different scheme moving from 3-4 where he excelled to a 4-3, same as Ellerbe, so where is your assurance? My way at least it isnt costing us big buncks and probably a FA at another position of need.

    • Silly Tim says:

      Jordan hasn’t proven he can play OLB in a 4-3 scheme and I still don’t think it’s a good position for him.

      Harris has played in both schemes. Rex Ryan doesn’t run just a pure 3-4, he runs multiple fronts and the ’46’ defense which also uses 4 man fronts and a MLB. Harris is an excellent LB.

  26. D says:

    Brandon Spikes is a good run support LB, cheaper, younger, and has intel on at least 2 AFC East teams lol.

  27. Silly Tim says:

    D, Ellerbe was what? He’s also not on Harris’ level.

    Not a fan of Spikes, he’s slow.

  28. Mike E. says:

    Out of respect to inconvenience yourself day, I’m having all my tires replaced on my car, so I brought the wrong car in, had to go back home and switch cars, bring it back, and I purposely left my wallet home so I had to go back and get it. WHEW! I was really inconvenienced.

  29. Silly Tim says:

    I guess everyone is wanting to go to lunch but they’re purposely keeping themselves from going.

  30. Mike E. says:


    Yeah, the Mustang’s tires are toast, after about 29,000 miles. A little disappointed, considering I haven’t really killed them like some people most likely do. I was driving home the other night, and I was in 2nd gear, and I hit the gas, and all of a sudden the back started dancing, and I was like OK, let’s check these tires out! They were pretty toasted, so it was time for new ones. I drive that car every day, except when it snows.

  31. herdfan says:

    To inconvenience myself, I went out at lunch to gas up the car so I didn’t have to do it tomorrow when it’s supposed to be snowing. It would have helped if I had remembered to take my credit cards with me. 😦

  32. jahndoh says:

    Gone for 2 weeks, but this made my day upon my return. Thanks Dbolt!

    “He said when his father asked what team concerns them the most moving forward & without hesitation they said Miami. They felt once Mia settled the OL that the Phins had the potential to become a powerhouse. BB also said Tannehill is one of the hardest QBs to coach against. Said he reads defenses really well and typically makes the right play. Also said his ability to extend plays makes him even more dangerous. Said he thrived even when OL play was below average. “

    • herdfan says:

      How was the trip?

      • jahndoh says:

        Thanks for asking Herd. I had a great time, but my friend, who’s 40th B-day was the reason for the trip, took off on a bomb of a wave and landed on his back on the reef, breaking 3 ribs and landing him in the WW2 era “Hospital” in Micronesia for the duration. He’s still there, but stable. Hoping his medivac flight comes today and gets him home to Hawaii with his wife, and out of that hell hole. The food looked like 3rd world prison rations.

      • herdfan says:

        That sounds horrible. Glad you enjoyed it. lol

  33. jahndoh says:

    Don’t like the idea of spending on Harris either. We don’t have the cap space. I also have no doubt D could figure out how we could resign Clay and still get two high profile free agents, but that almost never happens in this era (one team signing two of the higher profile free agents), and I really would prefer we don’t max things out going into a year where we’re about to make Tannehill the top salary on the team.

    Play is conservative this offseason with free agents. Address as much as you can via the draft and via middle-tier free agency short deals with minimal guarantees. The era of spending big in free agency for high earning QB teams is over. Look around. If your QB makes a lot of money, your team isn’t signing the Mike Wallaces/Mario Williams of the world.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I think Harriss will be pretty inexpensive but I’m not sure about that

      he is an “aging” player

      • jahndoh says:

        Well if he’s “middle tier” money, than I would be fine with it, but I assumed given the Jets cap space, and the way Tim was glowing about him that he’s going to get big money. I’m over paying older FAs on their last big contracts. Let someone else take on that sort of liability.

    • Silly Tim says:

      Good to see you, Jahn.

      The discussion about David Harris was a report by Armando that we are interested in Harris, not a fan created thing. So we obviously think we can sign him if we truly are interested.

  34. The Flying Pig says:


    I really don;t know what the market is for Harris
    but it doesn’t sound like big FA $ to me

    I think that might be one of the reasons the team has expressed interest

    • D says:

      He’s the top LB’er this FA, he currently makes 7mil per, He will get i think at minimum 5mil per and probably at least 2 year contract. He’s old but he’s not “in decline”. Id think of him like Dansby, where a team like Arizona might really like to have him, and they will pay him a good amount, but short term or incentive laden. Either way, he wont be cheap and he would be a stop gap.

  35. Silly Tim says:

    I don’t think David Harris is going to be cheap.

  36. Silly Tim says:

    Jahn, that sucks about your friend. At least he wasn’t eaten by a shark. 😉

  37. finfanrob says:

    “Said he thrived even when OL play was below average.”

    what the hell does he know. he is no randy. we all know the OL was stellar it was just tanny that caused the 17,587 sacks in two years

  38. Mike E. says:


    Good to see you back. Sorry about your friend. Man, that must be tough.

  39. jahndoh says:

    Thanks guys (and girls!) good to see you too. Tim, that Harris report could easily be us trying to drive up the price for the Jets. That sort of thing does happen this time of year. I am not sold on anything Armando reports as being 100% believable. I do think he’s got a few connections in Davie, but I think sometimes he gets played by them.

    LOL @ the shark comment. We actually flew through an atoll in the Marshall Islands called Majuro and they had a sign that dubbed is the largest Shark sanctuary in the world. I laughed thinking: “If I get chomped Tims gonna bust my balls for sure”.

    • Silly Tim says:


      I was just commenting on if the David Harris interest was real. I’ve mentioned him before as an option saying if you want to upgrade MLB just sign him. I’ve always felt he was one of the better LBs in the league.

      Not sure we upgrade at MLB from the draft, it’s not a great class. In fact the overall 4-3 LB class isn’t overly strong, a lot of smaller sized guys who aren’t particularly fast.

  40. jahndoh says:

    PS, my friend will be fine in the end, but his surf season is definitely over. I’m hoping to hear within a few hours that he’s being medivac’d. It’s 8 hours earlier there than on the east coast (but a day later, talk about a mindfuck!)

  41. New Age says:


    Good to hear your friend will be ok and glad you’re back.

    On to Harris, I don’t think he will be cheap. He’s been expensive and has had Sexy Rexy telling him he’s the best for a half decade. I don’t see him being cheap unless the market for top LB talent has dried up.

  42. Silly Tim says:

    Gonna go get some lunch. BBL.

  43. getterdone says:

    All the yapping about Harris but nothing about my suggestion with Foster….lol
    Harris will be a Bill. He likes Rex & Rex likes him, plus Buffalo has a lot of cap space.

    Depending on who we cut, I see Miami trying to sign Foster, Maualuga, Lattimore….

  44. finfanrob says:

    It’s 8 hours earlier there than on the east coast (but a day later, talk about a mindfuck!)

    well shit, tell him to get tonight’s lotto numbers before he leaves

  45. D says:

    Paul Posluszny is said to be a potential cut from Jags, though they has so much cap space i dont know why they would feel the need to. If you wanted a oldlish vet, that’s the guy i would want. He is Zach incarnate, cept bigger. He also has more natural ability in coverage tan most other true 4-3 MLBs.

  46. getterdone says:

    Would be great too if Tripp & McCain have a Jenkins kinda year 2 breakthrough as well.
    Also, do we resign Kelvin Sheppard on the cheap, he now knows the defense, he’s 27 & on his 3rd team.
    Also what do we have in Jake Knott the young 24yo LB that we signed to a reserve/futures contract.

  47. getterdone says:

    Jake Knott finished his collegiate career with 347 tackles (18 for a loss), while breaking up 15 passes and making eight interceptions. A two-time captain (2011 and 2012), Knott was a 2011 first-team All-Big 12 honoree after finishing second on the team with 115 tackles and leading the squad with four forced fumbles.

  48. Silly Tim says:

    GD, Lattimore?

  49. D says:

    Silly Tim says:
    February 25, 2015 at 2:44 pm
    Is he any good?
    D says:
    February 25, 2015 at 2:47 pm
    Meh, not great, would be a good depth guy though.
    Lemme rephrase, i think he is good enough to push our young guys and provide close competition, but ultimately he would be a depth player that would give us security for the “in case of”

  50. jetsssuck says:

    i remember the colts vs jets game where the passing game was unbelievable. I believe they broke passing yard records. I remember the announcers commenting about how this was a remarkable feat we were watching.

  51. Try Pod says:

    Sorry to hear about the bummer trip your friend’s birthday turned out to be. And I can tell by the fact he lives in Hawaii, his life probably already sucked, so this is a double whammy! J/k. Getting hurt on vacation sucks, period.

  52. getterdone says:

    Tim, I’m really thinking we see Tripp have his coming out party if he stays healthy. The coaches were giving him looks with the first team in camp last year before he had the chest injury.
    He could turn out to be 5th round Gold for Hickey!

    • Silly Tim says:

      Would love to see it. 2nd year players making the jump are as if not more important than the next draft.

      • getterdone says:

        exactly…drafting players in the next draft never guarantee’s anything regardless of round! Even 1st rounders are busts or guys get multiple injuries.

  53. Silly Tim says:

    I meant to ask this earlier, what would 3rd world prison rations consist of? Bugs, turds, rocks?

  54. dbolt48 says:

    So today was daddy day at the elementary school. There’s between 40-50 kids in the class and all but fathers show up. We all had to sit in a huge circle while our kids had to introduce us by name and say what they enjoy most that we do together….they get to my daughter and she stands up and doesn’t introduce me, but proceeds to inform everyone that her favorite thing is “when he performs ballet dance with me all the time.” Holy shit, I had a true look of confusion on my face while the teacher, who’s good friends with my wife, looks like she’s about to piss her pants re announces to everyone that I do ballet with my daughter. My son stands up next and introduces me next while shooting a glare at his sister and says his favorite thing to do with me is “working out & training for flag football.” Thank god I had my son there to bring balance to the force 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  55. finfanrob says:

    Try Pod says:
    February 25, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    Sorry to hear about the bummer trip your friend’s birthday turned out to be

    and i am sorry as to how gullible all you are. like jahn has any friends.

  56. Silly Tim says:

    Dbolt, read the sensitive comments below the video. LMAO!!!

    • dbolt48 says:

      They don’t show on my phone

      • Silly Tim says:

        “Uploading this to make others aware of how terrible this movie is. From the movie Modern Problms. A guy Ballet Dancer trips and slides off stage into the orchestra, tossed into the scenery and finally his crotch explodes. Absolute bullshit that a movie could get away with treating dancers this way.” LMAO!!!!

  57. getterdone says:

    Glad Hickey is working on resigning Clay…we need to do it ASAP, give him his $5.5M and be done with it before we see the market blow up with Julius Thomas, and guys getting good pay days like Owen Daniels, Gresham, even Cameron.

  58. finfanrob says:

    guys, all this draft and FA talk is a waste of time. there wont be any football this year. hell there wont be anything. i heard on the radio yesterday some priest saying the world will end on Oct 7th. so none of this draft talk really matters. oh yeah, and he said all those that god is going to save he already saved them back in 2011. so if you didnt get the notice from god you might as well live it the fuck up for the next 5 months.

    • Silly Tim says:

      Oh here we go again. I guess if one of these guys gets it right one time they will forever be thought of as a true prophet and voice of God. The only problem is everyone will be dead so it will be like it never happened. LOL

    • The Flying Pig says:

      The draft is in April which is well before October 7
      we get like 5 games in before that day!
      So get excited
      you have the draft and 5 games to look forward to

    • wyoming85 says:

      They could have done it the day BEFORE my birthday not After!

      That way I could have died young and handsome!
      Not just handsome! 😉

  59. wyoming85 says:

    There is that folding in December thing we won’t have to see again!

  60. getterdone says:

    Tim, we are known to be wanting to resign Clay, he is a team FA priority right?

  61. The Flying Pig says:


    Next month in March then April then May
    (Piggy pats himself ont he back)

    I’m Smawt!

  62. finfanrob says:

    lol @ wyoming. i can see philbin talking to ross

    ross: you got to fix that late season collapse
    joe: dont worry stevie boy, no way in hell will it happen this year.

  63. Silly Tim says:

    It looks like everyone is up to something.

  64. getterdone says:

    Well, I’m sure we are on verge of signing Clay, he has stated that he’d like to stay, and the club said they want him. Now it comes down to dollars & sense 😉

  65. finfanrob says:

    Silly Tim says:
    February 25, 2015 at 4:35 pm

    It looks like everyone is up to something.

    for the end of the world.

  66. D says:

    Maybe we should just trade Wallace to get Stabby back….hear he might be a cap casualty

  67. D says:

    wyoming85 says:
    February 25, 2015 at 3:57 pm
    There is that folding in December thing we won’t have to see again!
    See world is now ending and its all Mike E’s fault. He kept praying never to see another Dolphins collapse and God decided would be easier just to end the world….gee thanks Mike.

  68. getterdone says:

    Obamacare for the Internet. In two days there will be a government takeover of the Internet. There will be MASSIVE regulation of the Internet and we won’t know whats in it til they pass it.
    Sound familiar? It’s coming in Two Days
    But not to worry. Barack says if you like your ISP you can keep it, Susan Rice will be on the Sunday talk shows telling us how great it is, and Hillary says “What difference does it make?”

    • Silly Tim says:

      I’m sure it will be more open and free because that’s what government is all about. (rolling eyes)

      • getterdone says:

        LOL, you scared me when I first started to read your reply.
        Yup, we’ll see more of our freedoms and so called level playing fields continue landsliding away.

  69. getterdone says:

    Now back to your regularly scheduled propaganda!

  70. The Flying Pig says:

    Fanspeak draft

    14: R1P14
    47: R2P15
    78: R3P14
    111: R4P15
    142: R5P14
    175: R6P15
    207: R7P15

    • getterdone says:

      3 DB’s…and no Wr’s, yeah that makes sense 😉

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I missed the boat on WRs

      • getterdone says:

        It happens, but I feel it’s too good a year to not get 1-2 WR’s in the draft especially our quickly eroding WR corp.
        Tanny needs weapons to keep improving in his 4th consecutive year.
        I think we can pass on Gurley given a lot of talent @ RB also. Gurley scares me with being possibly injury prone.

      • getterdone says:

        I do like Shelton, Grissom, Amos, & Jones!

  71. getterdone says:

    Branden Albert ✔ @B_Albert71
    I was born with the wolves and bears!!!!! I will never lose it!!!!!

  72. getterdone says:

    Branden Albert @B_Albert71 · Feb 21
    For those who even care….my knee is feeling pretty good 🙏🙏 #godplans

  73. finfanrob says:

    ‘I’m sure it will be more open and free because that’s what government is all about. (rolling eyes)’

    yep, now you must answer if you have health ins on your taxes. just another privacy invaded by the gov. next they will be asking ‘gay or straight porn’ and tax you on that

  74. Brian in NY says:

    I saw a lot of people talking about Gurley to the Pats at 32. I will lose my shit if that happens.

  75. finfanrob says:

    getterdone says:
    February 25, 2015 at 6:19 pm

    Branden Albert @B_Albert71 · Feb 21
    For those who even care….my knee is feeling pretty good 🙏🙏 #godplans

    guess good ole brannie hasnt heard god’s plans

    • getterdone says:

      Alex Kujawa
      It is an honor and privilege to support the Dolphins. It is an incredible feeling seeing #71 and #70 protecting #RT17

  76. getterdone says:

    Branden Albert @B_Albert71 · Feb 24
    September can’t come fast enough !!!!!!!

  77. getterdone says:

    Steelers C Maurkice Pouncey has restructured his contract.
    Pouncey was due $8.1 million, including a $3.75 million roster bonus.
    Good news, this will help us restructure Mike.

  78. getterdone says:

    Packers released ILB A.J. Hawk.
    A no-brainer move by Green Bay, Hawk’s release saves $3.5 million against the cap. Hawk graded out as a bottom-ten inside linebacker by PFF last year and is one month removed from ankle surgery. He’ll likely have to settle for one-year deals in free agency. The Packers need cap room to sign in-house free agents Randall Cobb, Bryan Bulaga, and Davon House. Kansas City would be a sensible landing spot for Hawk. The Chiefs are incredibly thin at inside linebacker and GM John Dorsey was in Green Bay’s front office when Hawk was drafted.
    I wonder Philbin’s thoughts as well as Hickey’s on AJ Hawk? I’d seriously look into acquiring him with the right deal.
    He’s coming off a 90 tackle season, the 2 previous seasons 120 & 118 tackles.

  79. getterdone says:

    Hawk, a respected locker room presence, leaves Green Bay with 1,118 tackles, tops in the franchise since 1975. He appeared in 142 out of a 144 possible regular-season games with 136 starts since being drafted in the first round in 2006 out of Ohio State.

  80. Mike E. says:

    Your score is: 5932 (GRADE: A)

    Your Picks:
    Round 1 Pick 14: Vic Beasley, OLB, Clemson (A)
    Round 2 Pick 15: Laken Tomlinson, OG, Duke (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 14: Ronald Darby, CB, Florida State (B-)
    Round 4 Pick 15: Grady Jarrett, DT, Clemson (A)
    Round 5 Pick 14: Justin Hardy, WR, East Carolina (A)
    Round 6 Pick 15: Karlos Williams, RB, Florida State (A-)
    Round 7 Pick 15: Mike Hull, ILB, Penn State (A)

  81. finfanrob says:


    it is ok, most of your post are blank anyways

  82. Silly Tim says:

    Hardy har har har!

  83. Silly Tim says:

    Anyone have a good feel for who we’ll take at #14? I have no idea.

  84. Mike E. says:

    14: R1P14
    47: R2P15
    78: R3P14
    111: R4P15
    142: R5P14
    175: R6P15
    207: R7P15

  85. olddolphan says:

    HEY FOLKS; ARE YOU getting a little tired of ESPN’s “PURSUIT OF PERFECTION” theme when discussing Kentucky’s basketball season?? –Over the long span of NCAA basketball, several teams have had undefeated seasons. Aren’t we forgetting about THEEE TEAM that popularized “PERFECTION?” –Aren’t we ignoring THE ONLY PERFECT SEASON IN NFL HISTORY just a little bit???????

    If the University of Miami invented “SWAGGER,” then the ’72 DOLPHINS INVENTED PERFECTION!!!!!!! Say “PERFECTION” and what’s the first team that comes to most sports fans mind??? Well, I’ll give you a hint, Bristol Boys. It’s NOT the University of Connecticut. –It’s NOT Kentucky (whose ’54 team went undefeated). –And it’s sure as hell NOT a team that has ANYTHING to do with the city of NEW YORK or BAWSTON!!


    Did I make myself clear on that issue?

  86. Ken says:

    What’s up FUers?

  87. Ken says:

    What day does FA start?

    • olddolphan says:

      NOT sure, Ken, but the blood letting has already begun with several big name players being released yesterday and today to create salary cap room for those teams looking to sign players in Free Agency. –I expect the Dolphins to cut a few players within the next few days for the same reason.

  88. Ken says:

    Hey Dbolt:
    Lynn Swan used to take ballet. That doesn’t make it gay? Not that there is anything wrong with that. JBB bro. You go dance with your daughter.

    • dbolt48 says:

      LOL. Just a mind blowing comment by my daughter. She couldn’t mention vacations, fishing, soccer, reading, coloring, etc. She mentions something I don’t do with her, I watch the recitals, but holy shit Id kill muskeg attempting what she does.

  89. Silly Tim says:

    I’m not sure FA will decide who we take at #14. I think we’ll go with value. Now obviously if we sign a big time talent at a specific position it could tilt us towards another position in the draft, but I’m not sure we go for big time talents in FA.

  90. dbolt48 says:

    LMAO. Omar Kelly curse strikes again. 1 day after saying Zmike Wallace will be a Dolphin in 2015 Ian Rappaport reports Miami is exploring trades for Wallace. Bye-bye Mike!

    • olddolphan says:

      Here’s hoping the Sun-Sentinel says “bye-bye” to Kelly, also.
      Has anyone heard from Miss Gigi in the last week?? –Hope she’s doing well in Fresno.

  91. Silly Tim says:

    OD, I don’t see any major snow storms in the forecast for the NE.

  92. finfanrob says:

    Say “PERFECTION” and what’s the first team that comes to most sports fans mind??? this one

  93. Ken says:

    Good to see Jahn back. Sorry to hear about his buddy winding up in a 3rd world hospital.

  94. dbolt48 says:

    @HeraldSports: Report: Miami Dolphins trying to trade receiver Mike Wallace

  95. olddolphan says:

    The Old Dolfan’s got to call it a night. Appreciate all the feedback on this episode of ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. –Talk to you folks tomorrow.

  96. Silly Tim says:

    Dbolt in his first ballet performance.

  97. manitobafinfan says:

    The new league year opens at 4 p.m. ET March 10, when unrestricted free agents can sign with any team

  98. Silly Tim says:

    Wow the Wallace trade rumors are everywhere now.

  99. The Flying Pig says:

    Do you think it’s possible to get a 2nd round pick for a Wallace???

    I would love that


    Any other WR starved teams out there?

    • Silly Tim says:

      The team probably would like to get something, get some cap relief and lose his contract and move on.

      There is more to this than just him quitting in the Jets game. I think there is a pattern here and Gibson’s comments about not paying attention in WR meetings is another reason.

    • dbolt48 says:

      Sounds like no chance at hell for a 2nd. From how it’s being made out, it would be a miracle to get a 4th.

    • Ken says:

      As bad as Cleveland needs WRs I don’t see them doing that. They may be in the market for QBs and are unlikely to be unloading draft choices.

      Seattle is not going to have the cap room to carry Wallace especially with Wilson’s contract coming up.

      KC would seem to be a good possibility but if he thought Tannehill doesn’t throw deep he is going to hate playing with Alex Smith.

      2 other possibilities that make sense: The Raiders. Give Carr a weapon he needs. Also the Vikings. Both have young QBs that need WRs.

  100. Ken says:

    Try Pod says:
    February 25, 2015 at 9:24 pm (Edit)
    Somewhere there’s a guy who shits himself that’s very excited by this news:

    There I fixed it.

  101. Silly Tim says:

    Piggy, that Darlington post was from the day of the Jets game.

  102. dbolt48 says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    February 25, 2015 at 9:37 pm
    That’s not really worth it

    The cap relief is so minimal

    Sounds like everyone in the org is of the mind Wallace is not worth the headaches anymore. We either take something in a trade or he’s cut. The writing is on the wall.

  103. manitobafinfan says:

    49 ers are not exactly stocked at the WR position either, i believe Crabtree is a ufa

  104. Try Pod says:

    Hawk is just another in a long line of overrated buckeye linebackers, that include katzenmoyer, gholston,Laurinaitis, Carpenter…

  105. manitobafinfan says:

    Silly Tim says:
    There is more to this than just him quitting in the Jets game. I think there is a pattern here and Gibson’s comments about not paying attention in WR meetings is another reason.

    I think there i sno chance Gibson is back with his “Puppet” speaking for Wallace either.. If we can’t get anything more than a second rd pick or a player in exchange then we have to suck it up and keep him, at least for this year.. Like Tim says: Subtraction of talent is not a good thing just for the sake of it.. (paraphrasing Sorry Tim)

  106. dbolt48 says:

    Ok, you folks have a good one

  107. Ken says:

    Thanks for the info on the start of FA.

  108. Ken says:

    Straight up Wallace for Cordarelle Patterson? I know a certain blogger that would be very excited about that.

  109. The Flying Pig says:


    I don’t get that logic

    If it’s not a 3rd or better I don’t want to trade him

    I’m not saying he’s not a headache
    I’m not even saying he makes it out of camp

    But being in more talent
    Make him compete
    Move him down the depth chart
    If he can’t he’s fodder

    But additions by subtraction is a littler overused IMO

    We should be bringing in talent not letting it go

    The steelers let him go when he was a FA
    They didn’t cut him
    They didn’t trade him for crap
    They brought Antonio Brown along while they put up with Wallace antics
    We need to do the same unless we get decent trade value

    • manitobafinfan says:

      DING DING DING !!!! Thats kind what i was trying to say above.. unfortunately i am less eloquent than the Swine .. 🙂

  110. Silly Tim says:

    It’s not about Wallace being a ‘headache’, it’s that he goes to the beat of his own drum. He’s not a team guy.

    • manitobafinfan says:

      1/2 the WR in league history have been that way.. i believe the word is DIVA..
      don’t get me wrong , not a fan of “quitting” but cutting him and taking a 6M price tag for it is bad shit.. if we cant get anything decent for him, keep him, he keeps up the suck ass attitude Suspend him for Conduct detrimental to the team.. then we dont HAVE to pay him.. not that that would take his money off our cap .. but would keep some in the purse.. How does that work for suspension $$ ?? Does it still count towards the cap ?? Could we roll over the savings into the following years cap ??

      Seriously any one know ??

  111. Silly Tim says:

    Ken, Misi isn’t slow, he’s just not what you would call fast. He moves pretty well for a 6-3 250 guy.

    • Ken says:

      He is not fast enough to be a MLB and it showed last year.

      • Silly Tim says:

        He had a high ankle sprain in week one and it lingered all year. Misi runs faster than Zach did and he’s bigger. I’m not saying he’s as instinctive as Zach, not many LBs are, but pure physical speed isn’t an issue.

      • Ken says:

        I don’t know their 40 times but you can’t tell me that Misi runs better than Zach on the field in pads. No way.

  112. Silly Tim says:

    You know when teams says a player is a good fit or not, that’s the issue with Wallace. He’s not a good fit.

  113. Ken says:

    Patterson hasn’t busted just yet. He flashed as a rookie but took a step back last year. I wouldn’t give up on him. If we are going to ditch Wallace Patterson may not be a bad acquisition. He has freakish talent.

    • manitobafinfan says:

      The only Flashing he did was as a return man if memory serves right..

      • Ken says:

        He had some big catches as well and a couple of reverses. Everyone thought he would break out last year because he finished his rookie year strong but then he took a step back.

    • Silly Tim says:

      The book on him coming out of college was he wasn’t polished as a WR and he’s still not. From what I’ve read, he doesn’t understand concepts in an offense. His pure talent with the ball in his hands is awesome, but as a WR he’s not good enough to get the ball a lot. Right now, he’s a return man and a specialty player.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        Sometimes it’s not just understanding the route
        It’s selling the Db on biting on a different route

        Everyone says that Jerry Rice made every route look the same from the LOS and his first few steps

        I think that is why Patterson is struggling
        He’s not working the DB before the ball is in his hands

  114. Ken says:

    It’s not that easy to suspend someone and I don’t believe you can with hold their pay. If there is a suspension then the union will appeal and it will get ugly.

    • manitobafinfan says:

      We are used to ugly Union disputes LOL… kick off the 2015 season on a high note LMAO.. I’d rather Wallace just “played nice” and Balled this year.. Here’s hoping.. I dont wanna have to rebuild the whole WR corps again..

      • Ken says:

        If we had to rebuild it again it’s not a bad year to do it. Great WR draft, some good FA options too including Randall Cobb who I think would be a great fit in this offense.

  115. Silly Tim says:

    Ken, Zach’s instincts always had him ahead of the game, but he ran in the 4.8s and Misi ran in the 4.75 range. Misi isn’t slow, he’s just not what you call fast. I think people under estimate this guy all the time. How do you play on a high ankle sprain at a new position and look great doing it? He was still making a lot of tackles when he did get on the field.

    Misi was never 100% all season. Not fair to conclude what he is based on that.

    • Ken says:

      Misi hasn’t been 100% for his career. Time to move on.

    • jahndoh says:

      I thought he played pretty decently, but like so many other topics, the folks who doubted him before the season still doubt him, the folks who didn’t still don’t.

      I think he’s a borderline excellent SLB in a 4/3. Don’t know that MLB was his forte, but I still think he was the best MLB candidate we had, and I don’t know how not missing a game since week 4 this season is a strike against him, but then again, I wonder about late season games missed way more then early season. I guess I live in a make believe world where playoff availability for a player matters to me.

  116. jahndoh says:

    Thanks for the greetings guys (except you FFR, I’m thinking about turning you into a locust for the no friends comment :-P). Good to be seen.

    My buddy is safely aboard his flight to Honolulu an will be back in the first world very soon.

    Tim, I have a picture of the food. It’s dingy looking rice, a hotdog (no bun, condiments or anything else) and a bowl of miso soup. If he gets to it before the ants do (yes, ants invade his hospital room whenever they leave the tray) he can eat the miso. The rice is al-dente though, too crunchy.

    For breakfast they skip the hotdog and give him one hardboiled egg and some rice.

    When I get a chance I’ll post the picture to the web so you can see it. They might paint the room pink and call it a “hospital” but a prison cell is a prison cell. From the window you can see a WW2 era japanese tank…sitting right where they left it when they fled the island from their headquarters….which…was….the hospital. LOL…I don’t think anything in that building has been changed since.

  117. Silly Tim says:

    Toba, if the team wants to move on from Wallace they will. Team chemistry is more important than a cap hit. There are ways to work around it.

  118. Ken says:

    If Misi plays anywhere it should be at OLB. The one thing Misi does relatively well is set the edge. He does not have the quickness or it you want to call instincts to go sideline to sideline. That’s not his game,

  119. jahndoh says:

    Cap relief is Wallace is released. Have you guys kept propagating the notion that his release doesn’t save us cap space and money while I was gone? LOL..sheesh!

    • The Flying Pig says:

      2.5 million isn’t going to get us a starter

      • Silly Tim says:

        Not sure what that means?

      • jahndoh says:

        I bet I could list you 10 starters making less then that. This draft is rich at WR. If he’s not with us, he’s against us. When a guy has a career year and still pulls himself from the last game of the season what’s it going to be like when he doesn’t have a career year?

        I’m over malcontents. He’s been here 2 years, has he helped us make the playoffs yet? Then he’s expendable.

      • jahndoh says:

        Tim he’s saying the 2.7 Million of cap relief we get won’t buy a starter of his caliber. He’s only right if you don’t believe you can draft a starter. Keenan Allen, Odell Beckham, and many of his 7 samurais says he’s wrong.

  120. manitobafinfan says:

    Ken , yes i suppose with the depth and talent in the draft it IS a good year to hit reset , but then our Draft hand is really forced.. Unless one of the FA WR is more suitable.. i dunno scares me.. Seemed like we were finally fairly deep at the position before last year ended on the down note.. ..

  121. jahndoh says:

    “Ken says:
    February 25, 2015 at 10:05 pm
    I don’t know their 40 times but you can’t tell me that Misi runs better than Zach on the field in pads. No way.”

    Well, since that’s about as subjective as it gets, you can’t tell me the opposite either. No way. LOL…the clock doesn’t lie, Misi is much faster then zach ever was. Zach just read plays way better then Misi ever has. If he had Misi’s speed he woulda never been a 5th rounder, and would be a sure fire first ballot HOFer (though I think he’s an hof-er anyway).

  122. manitobafinfan says:

    jahndoh says:
    I live in a make believe world where playoff availability for a player matters to me.
    LOL Sorry, not something we need to worry about..

    THAT WAS BAD Manitoba Stop That !!!!!

    i’m sorry .. could not help my self… Forgive my momentary lapse …

  123. jahndoh says:

    Thanks Toba, good to see you. It was actually amazing. Got to surf with one of the best big wave surfers on earth out there. When he left we traded hats and he got on a plane repping my brewery. 🙂

    Kohl Christensen:

  124. Ken says:

    Straight line speed in a 40 yard dash in your underwear is a lot different than wearing pads and gear and running in a game. I don’t care what the clock says Zach was much quicker than Misi will ever be on the field. Maybe Misi wins on the track but not on a football field.

  125. Silly Tim says:

    It’s funny, if a player on another team get criticized fans will say well he was hurt all year. But with our own guys it doesn’t seem to count.

    Misi was 3rd on the team in tackles playing in 11 games.

  126. manitobafinfan says:

    If they do decide to part ways with Wallace , i believe we need to 1)draft someone in Rd1, We already had the need to draft one , just not as high if we dump Wallace.. and 2) sign a cheaper vet in FA.. or aquire one in a trade for Wallace.. any of the below ring yer fancies ??

    • manitobafinfan says:

      Wide receivers

      Seyi Ajirotutu, San Diego Chargers
      Miles Austin, Cleveland Browns
      Jason Avant, Kansas City Chiefs
      Kenny Britt, St. Louis Rams
      Vincent Brown, Oakland Raiders
      Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys
      Randall Cobb, Green Bay Packers
      Michael Crabtree, San Francisco 49ers
      Jacoby Jones, Baltimore Ravens
      Josh Cribbs, Indianapolis Colts
      Marcus Easley, Buffalo Bills
      Derek Hagan, Tennessee Titans
      Leonard Hankerson, Washington Redskins
      Dwayne Harris, Dallas Cowboys
      Darrius Heyward-Bey, Pittsburgh Steelers
      Jerrel Jernigan, New York Giants
      Brandon Lloyd, San Francisco 49ers
      Jeremy Maclin, Philadelphia Eagles
      Robert Meachem, New Orleans Saints
      Denarius Moore, Oakland Raiders
      Josh Morgan, Chicago Bears
      Santana Moss, Washington Redskins
      Hakeem Nicks, Indianapolis Colts
      Kevin Ogletree, New York Giants
      Kassim Osgood, San Francisco 49ers
      Eddie Royal, San Diego Chargers
      Dane Sanzenbacher, Cincinnati Bengals
      Cecil Shorts, Jacksonville Jaguars
      Brad Smith, Philadelphia Eagles
      Torrey Smith, Baltimore Ravens
      Brandon Tate, Cincinnati Bengals
      Demaryius Thomas, Denver Broncos
      Deonte Thompson, Buffalo Bills
      Nate Washington, Tennessee Titans
      Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts
      Wes Welker, Denver Broncos

  127. Silly Tim says:

    A healthy Misi (I know he has to prove it) along with Jenkins and a OLB to replace Wheeler is the way to go. Misi at MLB isn’t the issue, the other OLB is. Also more stout DT play changes everything.

    • Ken says:

      I would much prefer getting a better MLB and have Misi at OLB where he is better suited, especially in setting the edge in run defense.

      • Silly Tim says:

        Fair enough, that’s why I said target David Harris because ILB/MLB in this draft is not that good. I don’t think there is one worth a 1st rd pick. That doesn’t mean someone won’t emerge in other rounds, it’s just not that deep. There are a lot of smallish LBs being called ILBs in this draft that may be run of the mill.

  128. The Flying Pig says:


    The draft has nothing to do with Wallace

    I believe instant starters at WR are in thus draft and I would love that

    But it’s doesn’t change our financial situation
    2.7 is just not enough savings to cut a guy IMO

    It would affect me drafting a WR
    I’m all for it
    Move him down the depth chart
    Make him compete

    But without adequate trade comp I don’t see the point of parting ways with Wallace
    I need to see return besides the ambiguous addition by subtraction that every proposes when an athlete acts like a baby

  129. The Flying Pig says:


    I meant Jahn

  130. manitobafinfan says:

    Ken : I’d like Maclin too, but i dont think either are gonna be affordable to us.. just sayin..

    i dont know why but i have always kind of liked Avant.. never really does a whole lot , but something about him..

  131. Silly Tim says:

    Piggy, it’s Wallace’s attitude not his cap hit that has turned off the team. You have to get past the cap, it’s not about that. Quitting isn’t a good team trait.

    • jahndoh says:

      I don’t think the addition by subtraction is so ambiguous as Piggy does either (in this case).

      I stand by my earlier analysis, If he’s not good for the team, for Tannehill, I cut him and never ever look back. Just so over it when good guys like Landry can be found for much less and will be consummate professionals.

      • Silly Tim says:

        Yeah I agree. Not sure why Toba thought I said that about Wallace. In this instance, Wallace is a player the team seems to want to move on from.

        My point on addition by subtraction is about not trying to trade a guy like Wake and hope someone else can pick up the slack. Wake isn’t a problem. If you’re trying to win now, trading him makes no sense. I would personally value Wake at a much higher level than Wallace.

    • manitobafinfan says:

      i guess looking at Future savings would also get us past the initial Hurt.. If cut is this the only year he impacts us this heavily $$ wise ? or does it continue into future years ?

      • The Flying Pig says:

        The worst is actually in the rear view mirror

        But I do think we would save a little in 2016

        I would prefer if we made a move based in return now

      • jahndoh says:

        It’s a net savings on the cap from here on out. If kept he counts 12.1, 13.7 and 13.7 for the next 3 years. If he’s cut he counts 9.6, 4.4, and 2.2.

      • jahndoh says:

        Said another way, if cut he saves us 2.5, 9.3, and 11.5 million vs what’s currently on the books.

  132. The Flying Pig says:

    I having tech difficulties

  133. manitobafinfan says:

    And as for Hartline ?? Think we can get him to restructure ? can we get him back to previous usefulness ?

    • jahndoh says:

      I’m going with yes and yes. When we talk about money, even as one of my favorite players on the team, I have to admit Hartline didn’t perform to his contract last year. At least he’s not a bad guy though.

  134. Ken says:

    My feeling on Wallace is that if we are going to instill a winning attitude on a team you can’t have a player who takes himself out of a game because he is pissed that his team mate scored a TD instead of him. If his behavior does not get punished it’s sets the precedent that you can go out and there a quit and if your contract is high enough the team won’t do shit it about because it is afraid of a cap hit. F the cap hit and ditch the quitter.

  135. The Flying Pig says:

    Bad locker room presence is very subjective

    If you just look at in in terms of return, you can’t cut the guy to save such little money without at least day 2 draft compensation

    Some of my coworkers are brats
    I hate it
    But I do my job

    • Ken says:

      But wouldn’t work be better if they were fired?

      • The Flying Pig says:


        But It doesn’t affect my performance

        If Wallace wants to be the team brat
        Let him sulk
        Maybe he contributes
        Maybe he doesn’t
        But I want to see the WR we draft first if that is the plan (which I like as a plan)
        And 2.7m is enough not to take that precaution

    • jahndoh says:

      I consider team sports a totally different thing then an office staff. I consider football the ULTIMATE team sport.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        Some of my legal assistants are built like LBs

        Bottom line is it’s still subject and not a very practical choice with so little return

    • Silly Tim says:

      Not the same type of environment as sports.

      If the top brass, the coaches and a lot of players are down on Wallace, you keep him because of money? Nah… that’s a chemistry issue.

  136. Ken says:

    Alright I need to turn in for the night. I am out. Peace to you all.

  137. manitobafinfan says:

    Tim: sorry i wasn’t meaning to say you meant it as directed toward Wallace.. just that i remembered reading that line and respecting it.. and in reading up yes it was kind of badly applied by me..

    • Silly Tim says:

      No worries. I do say addition by subtraction seems like an endless task. But in the case of Wallace, he seems to be another Marshall issue. Me first, the rest of you whatever.

      I’ve also changed my stance on Wallace because it seems like his stance with the team is not good and it’s getting stronger as we head towards FA.

  138. jahndoh says:

    Peace Ken.

    Piggy, I have to apologize, the 2.7 was a typo, you were right about the 2.5 number…

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I thought so

      If it was 5m+ I would fill completely different
      Or if we received a day 2 pick

      This a financial issue to me
      We can draft better team guys irrespective of what occurs with Wallace

      • jahndoh says:

        I get what you’re saying, but I’ve always argued, and still do, a savings of even .01 means it makes financial sense to rid a team of a bad attitude.

  139. manitobafinfan says:

    If he’s cut he counts 9.6, 4.4, and 2.2… Maybe i’m just a Cheap Prick LOL, but paying 9.6 M for someone who is not here , and nothing in return IRKS me.. I get the Cancer removal, i really do.. but OY.. next two years are not TOO bad.. But hey it also is not my money or my decision.. it will be what it is and i will remain a fan..

    • jahndoh says:

      This is something that frustrates me. Dead cap hit isn’t money that anyone pays. It reduces the available cap. Read the other post and the other way I said it, cutting him SAVES you 2.5m, 9.3m and 11.5m vs. what you’ll HAVE TO ACTUALLY PAY (and incur against the cap) with the current situation.

      • manitobafinfan says:

        I do get it, (i think) but in my feeble mind that is still 9.6 M we cannot use to add other players to replace him..

  140. Silly Tim says:

    Jahn, once the new NFL fiscal year starts (March 10-15?), does our cap situation change once all our FAs come off the books?

    • jahndoh says:

      all the numbers we discussed assumed that it’s already past that date. The current situation is what’s projected to be at the new cap year start. If we cut anyone who’s under contract for 2015, then it’ll change the cap situation.

      So I guess I’m answering no. LOL…

  141. jahndoh says:

    Gotta go BBQ guys. Cheers!

  142. Silly Tim says:

    Piggy, does it bother you that Wallace is known not to pay attention in meetings, work extra time with Tanny when others do, and then quit in a game? Like Dbolt has pointed out, there are other plays where Wallace half-assed an attempt for a ball throwing his hands up that it wasn’t perfect. That’s BS.

  143. The Flying Pig says:

  144. manitobafinfan says:

    Anywho… I am out now.. Stay Warm creatures…

    Feels Like -25°

  145. Silly Tim says:

    The thing is, Wallace will be replaced regardless of money and is it insurmountable to replace 862 yards and 10 TDs? The year before he had 5 and everyone was like WTF is going on? LOL

    Let’s not treat him like he’s 1,500/15.

  146. Silly Tim says:

    Unfortunately I think the issue is, Hickey has been handed the task of fixing Ireland’s last stand in in 2013.
    1. Ireland’s 2012 WR class was so bad he went bonkers for it in FA 2013.
    2. Ireland did a bad job with the OL in 2013 and it exploded with Bullygate. Oy!
    3. In 2013 Ireland also went bonkers at LB with Ellerbe and Wheeler in FA and the production has fallen flat on its face. You could argue Misi and R. Jones’ extensions were premature too.
    4. In 2014 Hickey’s first season, he had to use major resources on the OL – Albert, James and Turner.

    He’s still fixing problems and Wallace seems like a big one for the team moving forward. Philbin has to win but at the same time we can’t ignore the way this team was built in recent years. We have some good pieces but some glaring voids as well.

    Ireland put Hickey in a tough spot and I think because it was such a large undertaking, Ross felt adding a veteran administrative guy and former GM like Mr. T would help him.

    The team doesn’t have to be rebuilt, but somewhat restructured. There seems to be more of a long-term vision here than a win now or else attitude. Philbin may not be under the gun as much as fans and media think he is. If everyone understands the issues they face, then it makes more sense.

    This team can go to 10-6 without major modifications. But big plays have to be made at crucial times. It’s not like every other team is a powerhouse with no flaws. But top teams make big plays in big spots to win games.

  147. Silly Tim says:

    What I feel is coming.

    1. Let Odrick walk and release Starks – sign a FA DT to join the rotation immediately with Mitchell and use Fede like Odrick and Shelby. We need more out of Jordan and McCain on the edge. A. Johnson and Francis etc. at DT? Gotta be good up front.

    2. Revamp the LB position, release both Ellerbe and Wheeler, look to Jenkins, Misi, Tripp and some hybrid stuff from Jordan and McCain, a FA and maybe a draft pick or two.

    3. We need more competition in the secondary and to fill FA and injury voids.

    1. OL, raise the bar with competition. Protect your franchise QB in Ryan Tannehill and improve the running game. Gotta be good up front.

    2. Add some size and speed at WR and don’t look back.

    3. Re-sign Clay.

    Special Teams:
    1. Competition at Kicker.

    2. Return game – Landry is pretty good and reliable outside of a few muffs, but more explosiveness would be welcomed.

    • Silly Tim says:

      Just remember, this means FA – 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier, the draft (7), UDFA and off the street types, along with draft picks and 2nd thru 4th year players taking the next step.

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