New Age – My Fan Origin

New Age- My Fan Origin

My fan origin starts with my father and his part of the story influences all of the rest. My father was raised in a time when the NFL wasn’t nearly as popular and baseball was still king. His grandfather loved the Reds and didn’t watch that other stuff. He preferred football and has always considered Shula the greatest coach ever (he is). He would watch football whenever given the chance but only one game a week because there were more important things to do than just watch TV.

He transferred his allegiance when Shula went to Miami. Those early years were amazing and I wish I had seen some of those games (thanks for letting me relive them OD!) After high school, my dad experienced a bit of wanderlust and decided to explore Florida for a few weeks with his younger brother. They saved up a few weeks of pay and were off. It was an awesome experience for both guys but after 3 weeks…they ran out of money and headed back home to West Virginia. Several years later, he met my mom and they moved to Ormond Beach, Fl. It was a rough but magical time for them but they moved back to care for their parents and grandparents four years later…with two boys in tow. It was a tough decision but they missed their family. Many summers during my early years included trips back to visit where I was born. It’s sad to see the Florida of the 70s and 80s disappear so completely. It was definitely a different place back then.
I can’t remember my first games as a Dolphins fan but I was always one because my dad raised me as a fan. My earliest Dolphins memories are some of the best though. The early 80s teams were very good and as I got older, Marino was a weekly addiction. We were always ‘in the hunt’ and no one had a better QB during the 80s and 90s.


My dad hasn’t seriously watched the Dolphins in 15 years. They are not the preferred weekly choice in our Virginia market, Marino and Shula retired, and he just doesn’t have as much fun watching this team without his kids. He also really enjoys the atmosphere of college football. As a Hokies fan, his taste in college ball seriously diverges from mine but we will always have the same pro team. I’m hoping that we will soon be able to watch a SB together and be cheering for the same team in it…the Dolphins. Let’s hope Hickey, Ross, and Philbin can get us there sooner than later.

Hickey, Ross, Philbin

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  1. finfanrob says:

    jahndoh says:
    March 9, 2015 at 8:08 pm

    “Help” should have read “Hell” there fwiw.

    oh well now you tell me. the hell with that. now i disagree with everything you said.

  2. Silly Tim says:

    Jahn, we didn’t click the other day for whatever reason but just want you to know I meant nothing against what you were saying. I was just sharing my feelings on the whole Suh speculation which now seems to be 99.9% gonna happen.


    • jahndoh says:

      Cheers bro. I have my concerns about the contract’s cap ramifications, but (it appears) he’s a Fin now, and when the contract specifics get released I’ll go into homer mode and figure out how to like it. 🙂

      Go Suh!

  3. Silly Tim says:

    So if the Bills want to offer Clay a deal they think we won’t or can’t match, what would it be?

    • jahndoh says:

      Would be hard to know. Reportedly they gave McCoy a contract extension, so it’s hard to know where they stand with their cap. Might be a case of making him what they see as a generous offer, and hope that our valuation of him will be less than that. Would think the basis for their offer would start by considering the transition tag number of 7M+

  4. Silly Tim says:

    Jahn, Shula also likes Philbin but that gets tossed into the company line waste paper basket because that’s how it works when you don’t like a guy.

    The bottom line for Philbin is he has to start winning and we all know that.

    • jahndoh says:

      Yup. And like Sparano, if it doesn’t work out with Joe as the HC (knocking on wood), I’m not going to be a revisionist. I like the guy, and if I were an athlete, I’d play my ass off for him.

    • Try Pod says:

      He seems like a very nice man. I’d want him for a grandpa, or perhaps even a dad. I’m not convinced he is a good head coach, but I don’t disparage him, except for if I think of something funny. So, I don’t disparage him.

  5. finfanrob says:

    jahndoh says:
    March 9, 2015 at 8:14 pm

    Back to normal than. 🙂


    (but dont tell anyone else on the blog, but in all honesty i agree with you quite often)

  6. The Flying Pig says:


    Honestly these days im in “lets improve the roster mode” rather than judge Philbin mode

    I have no doubt Rogers sees him as a mentor fwiw

    But I have a hard time giving Philbin the support you give him
    That said I don’t see myself criticizing him in the offseason

    • jahndoh says:

      Everyone’s got their opinions. I don’t share Boulder and Mike E’s opinion of him, but I’m ok with the differences. If we are sitting on this blog at 2-2 or 3-2 and the firing talk starts, I can virtually guarantee it’s going to drive me nutty, but I’m going to try really hard to just close the blog down if I can’t handle the negativity this coming season. I love Tannehill, I’m excited about the offense as a whole, and how can I not be excited about the defense now?

      I REALLY want to focus on ENJOYING this upcoming season, for whatever it has to offer. We’ll see if I can execute on that strategy or not. 🙂

      • Silly Tim says:

        2-3 or 3-2? How about 1st series of a game or 1st quarter. It happens every game day and when that starts I usually leave for awhile because it bums out my game watching experience. LOL

        Most games come down to 4th quarter and we had a lot of those. As a team, I do think that’s an area we need to improve on. Finish!

  7. Silly Tim says:

    Maybe Philbin isn’t a good HC, but the guy is a good coach and knows the game. The same with Sparano. Not everyone is HC material but that doesn’t mean they don’t know football and can’t coach players up. It might mean they just aren’t good at controlling the entire deal. We’ll see.

  8. The Flying Pig says:


    I think Suh is the best thing for Jordan, provided we leave Jordan at DE

    If we brought in another edge rusher (like the Graham rumor) then I think there is a chance Jordan plays OLB

    I guess that is the open question with Jordan – is
    He going to be DE or OLB?

    • Try Pod says:

      I do want that guy to work out for us. I’d really like to have him be able to make up for an aging Wake’s loss of ability- someone to rush off the edge. It’s kinda why I asked what the plan is for him. I have no idea how they intend to use him.

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      Maybe they analyzed what I said last year
      and they’ll bring him in this year as a Power Safety

      We don’t need no stinkin’ Shaq

      Suh – Perryman – Jordan
      the middle of the defense

  9. finfanrob says:

    soooooooooooooooo pretty sure jahn is going to be driven nutty this upcoming season.

  10. son of a son of a shula says:

    Although “Suh- Shaq Redemption” sounds pretty cool…

  11. Silly Tim says:

    Try, I think taking over a 7-9, 7-9, and 6-10 team and going 7-9, 8-8 and 8-8 while changing the philosophy and roster is not this gigantic negative.

    As fans we’re the ones wallowing in mediocrity or worse for a decade. Philbin and his staff along with Tannehill and other personnel have nothing to do with that.

    But the late season collapses has to stop. You can’t be a good team playing your worst football late in the season.

    If that happens again I’ll be the first to say it’s time for a change.

    If you look at it closely, we’ve begun to purge the old guard.

  12. son of a son of a shula says:

    Dion Jordan the NFL’s first Short fielder

  13. Silly Tim says:

    It seems like Ellerbe, Starks and Fields will be the next purges. They account for $19.75M in 2015 salary. Do you think the production matches the cost? I don’t. The cap hit in dead money is $6M.

  14. finfanrob says:

    why the fuck does every one keep talking about dion sanders.

  15. Mike E. says:


    I read your post, and all I can say is, Philbin needs to prove to me that he’s as good as you think he is. I think that’s fair. At this point, I’ve seen a team that has been in contention near the end of the year, and then fallen flat on it’s face and out of contention 2 years in a row. That needs to change, either by being so far ahead that the last couple of games don’t really matter, or by playing our best football at the end of the season, instead of our very worst.

    Right now, neither of opinions matter much, it’s a new year, new season, and hopefully we’ll have enough talent to make his job a little easier, and we can ALL be happy!


    • jahndoh says:

      I think that’s all totally fair. Hopefully the addition of Suh will lead to a little less “wear down” on the defensive side of the ball this coming season. For what Suh’s making, I would expect him all by himself to improve this team by 2 games or more, if that happens and we don’t backslide in other areas (that’s easier said than done of course) we should be in the playoffs. Like you said, it’s a new year, new season…time will tell!

  16. Mike E. says:


    You won’t be the first, I can personally guarantee it. 🙂

  17. D says:

    Tim, broncos are also said to be interested in Clay. Little worried about them since its getting to play with Manning. Only think I think we got going for us in that respect is well weather and the fact that I think a smart player understands the manning thing will be one year tops and afterward they probably clean house.

  18. Ken says:

    So tomorrow for the Suh signing to be official. Stuff can still happen. The Lions offer was not that far off ours.

  19. finfanrob says:


    cant say if he doesnt sign with the fins i think it will that bad a thing. i would be ok with it.

    and ken, fuck that, haven’t you heard. the fins got dion sanders.

    ok and with that boys, taking my blind old ass home. later all

  20. Ken says:

    I agree the odds are slim but strange shit has happened to this franchise before.

  21. Silly Tim says:

    FFR is still struggling with Deion Sanders. Some call that retardation. LOL

  22. Ken says:

    As much as I am not a fan of this move for the financial and cap implications it has at least I am not a 49ers fan. It’s much better watching your team sign a marquis free agent as opposed to watching your team disintegrate in front of your eyes.

    • jahndoh says:

      Totally. I was just thinking, no matter if you’re FOR or AGAINST signing Suh, Ya can’t really say the FO isn’t “trying”

  23. Silly Tim says:

    In case anyone missed this.
    It seems like Ellerbe, Starks and Fields will be the next purges. They account for $19.75M in 2015 salary. Do you think the production matches the cost? I don’t. The cap hit in dead money is $6M.

    • D says:

      No they all should go though I would be OK keeping Fields on restructure.

    • jahndoh says:

      In general I also don’t think the production matches the cost, but to be fair, you have to look at each of those players in a vacuum, according to their cap hits to make that assessment. I think they all should be worried, but doesn’t mean 1 or 2 of them won’t end up staying.

  24. Ken says:

    My feelings on the signing are really mixed. On one level I really don’t like spending that much money on any position not a QB. I think it will have very significant cap implications for this franchise and possibly limit our ability to fix holes that need to get fixed. On the other hand I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to watch Suh play and see our DL in action. I also think if the deal fell apart now regardless of what I think it would be catastrophic for the image of the franchise.

    • Silly Tim says:

      All fair enough. If Suh turned his back on us I agree it would be a black eye, but a temporary one because the real results happen on the field. The Lions might even get more flack for fucking around with it.

    • jahndoh says:

      I think catastrophic is hyperbole. The hulabaloo is created by the media, and us. Read the blog the last week. Not the teams fault that Piggy got so excited about the prospect of Suh that he misplaced his pants. 🙂

      • Ken says:

        We would be a laughing stock of the national media if we lost Suh at this point. Also we would have lost out on our ability to land other prized FAs such as Iupati or Cobb or Maclin because we put all our eggs into the Suh basket. So my catastrophic is hyperbole but it would not be good.

      • jahndoh says:

        I think someone here called us that over the GM search last season. Not even a topic of discussion anymore. Like I said, hyperbole.

      • jahndoh says:

        Anyway, no way in hell I’m giving this discussion air time. What “would” happen doesn’t matter. What happens will happen, and it’ll all play out in time.

      • Ken says:

        I am a don’t count the chickens before they hatch kind of guy. I don’t like to say we have him until the contract is signed and the ink is dry. Not trying to stir shit but it’s just the way I think. I don’t like all the talk that he is ours when officially he is not.

  25. Ken says:

    It was funny listening on NFL Radio today and hearing all the Raiders fans calling up and bitching about not getting Suh.

    • D says:

      Nearly every team was reported to be interested in Suh. There are a lot of teams who would gave loved to have won the sweepstakes.

      • Ken says:

        The Raiders had been one of the front runners if not the front runner. It was even announced that Suh would be making a visit there on Tuesday. I hope he can get a refund on the ticket.

      • jahndoh says:

        It could not have been “announced” by anyone official, because doing so would’ve violated the league rules on the 3-day negotiation period. To be honest, I too have been listening to Sirius, and I think the only people who truly believed the Raiders were players in the Suh sweepstakes were Raider fans. LOL…I laughed at them all week.

      • Ken says:

        I thought the Raiders made a fair amount of sense primarily because they have huge amounts of cap space and I thought they would blow everyone away in terms of an offer. Also they have a couple of good young defensive players such as Mack and a young QB with potential. I didn’t think we or just about any team could match financially what the Raiders would offer.

  26. Silly Tim says:

    I said all along that the likely Suh signing reminded me of how fast Wallace was linked to us and we signed him right out the gate. We’ll see. I will be shocked if Suh changes his mind. But you know what. I’ll move on just as fast. You know why, what else are you going to do?

  27. Ken says:

    In case we lose Clay I suppose we could always trade Jordan to Philly for Eiffert. LOL.

  28. wyoming85 says:

    Justin Higdon’s 2015 NFL Draft Hidden Gems – Domonique Hayden RB Thomas More College

  29. Silly Tim says:

    Piggy and Son are almost finished with painting Suh and #90 without Mitchell’s consent on their jerseys. But that’s to be expected. Mitchell will probably get a Tesla for Suh’s #90. LOL

  30. wyoming85 says:

    NFL Draft Expert ‏@2014_NFL_Draft · 18m18 minutes ago
    Jaguars reach agreement with former Broncos TE, Julius Thomas #NFLFreeAgency #Jaguars

    • Ken says:

      Jaguars spending money. Not sure the Odrick signing was a good one for them but this makes sense to give Bortles another weapon. Thomas is good although I think he is also something of a product of Peyton Manning.

  31. wyoming85 says:

    Cleveland Browns ‏@Browns · 53m53 minutes ago
    The Browns’ newest wide receiver, Brian Hartline


  32. Silly Tim says:

    I think the problem with the Raiders signing Suh was the Raiders. They have no direction at this time. I think Odrick made a better choice with JAC if that’s where he ends up.

    While on that topic, I think we fans sometimes under-value talent in this league based on stats. Teams look at game tape and evaluate every down based on ability. Odrick is a young, rare specimen at 6-5 305 who can move. I agree he never met the projections I/we had hoped for him, but he’s only 27 years old. We’ll see.

    • Ken says:

      Odrick was a big disappointment last year. I didn’t want him back regardless of Suh or not. I really liked what I saw in Fede and wanted to see him get a chance in place of Odrick.

      • Mike E. says:

        Tim – I don’t think he’s a special player at DT. I do think he’s a better fit at DE, and I would have expected a 3-4 team, but The Jags need him to play DT until their starter is healthy, so he’ll fill that role. He’s young, but his best season were at 3-4 DE

  33. wyoming85 says:

    I always liked Hartline!
    Good luck playing everyone but the Fins!

  34. Mike E. says:

    If Suh doesn’t sign with us it won’t mean we did anything wrong, and won’t reflect negatively on our team. What it will mean is we might have to spend an earlier pick on a DT than we had planned, but not the end of the end of the world. It’s the same place we were about 2 weeks ago, actually. Not terrible. Draft either Shelton, Brown, Goldman, Wright, Phillips or Jarrett, or maybe even someone later if they think he can do the job. I would be disappointed only because I thought we had him, but I’ll get over it.

  35. getterdone says:

    Adam Beasley @AdamHBeasley
    Hartline agrees to a 2 year deal worth $6M, per @RosenhausSports. “Brian is happy to be back to playing ball in his home state.”
    I thought the Phins offered him to restructure? That’s a lot less than what he was making.

    • Ken says:

      I think they told him to test the market and then talk. However, I think with the Suh signing there is very little room to talk with FA WRs.

      • Mike E. says:

        I think it was the money, his playing time, and feeling wanted. I’m sure he felt like he’d have a bigger role with CLE, and that should mean a lot.

  36. Mike E. says:


    No matter what I think of Philbin, I really would be much happier if I was wrong about him and we win. I hope you believe that. I’d be more than happy to be proven wrong, as we enjoy a nice playoff run, and maybe even a Superbowl or 2 or 3.

  37. getterdone says:

    Jags are said to be paying Julius about $9M per. So if that’s too rich for their blood, then maybe Clay @ $8M is too high as well.
    I think Clay camp is telling everyone they are staying in Miami. This is a good sign…IMO.

  38. Mike E. says:

    Holliman’s pro day is in 2 days. I’m extremely curious to see how he fares. I was really disappointed he didn’t perform at the combine, but his pro day is now huge for him. He needs to kill it to show NFL teams he should be a 2nd day pick.

  39. Ken says:

    This 72 hour window has taken a lot of the suspense out of FA. My article tomorrow is going to look like old news.

  40. wyoming85 says:

    Justin Higdon ‏@afc2nfc · 4h4 hours ago
    One of my hidden gems: … MT @TheCFX: Terrell Watson pro day: 239lbs 35.5″ vert 123″ broad 22 reps low 4.5s in the 40

  41. wyoming85 says:

    Later Haters!

  42. getterdone says:

    LOL, Mando the pot stirrer,

    Armando Salguero @ArmandoSalguero
    Hartline wanted to play of an elite QB. He’ll play with Josh McCown and Johnny Football.

  43. son of a son of a shula says:

    Adam Beasley @AdamHBeasley
    Hartline agrees to a 2 year deal worth $6M, per @RosenhausSports. “Brian is happy to be back to playing ball in his home state.”

    Screw you, “Mr I’ll play in NE for a discount” there you go now you can go catch and fall down in f’n Cleveland. Oh yeah I’m sure you’re so excited to play in Cleveland and not South Florida. What NE wants guys that stay on their feet?

  44. Silly Tim says:

    Mike E, I agree on Odrick. He is a solid young D-lineman. We just didn’t feel he was the answer anymore at his price. I think Fede will give us his type of production in a lesser rep role and we also re-signed the big boy Francis 6-5 330 to compete with Johnson 6-2 305 again as the #3 DT. Suh plays a ton of snaps, rarely comes off the field. He changes everything. Mitchell is our #2 DT.

    So now it comes to down to where does Starks fit in? I highly doubt he fits in at $6M with a $1M dead cap hit.

  45. getterdone says:

    Further optimism that Clay will still be a Dolphin!!!

    The Broncos have shown interest in free agent TEs Owen Daniels and Ed Dickson.
    It’s a no-brainer as Gary Kubiak is installing his TE-reliant offense and Daniels has played his entire career for Kubiak, following him from the Texans to the Ravens. Dickson should be a fallback plan.

  46. Mike E. says:

    I kinda hope Starks takes a pay cut. He’s been a good player here, and good cog in our defense, so it would be nice for him to be a part of the team that turns the corner.

  47. getterdone says:

    Like I posted earlier…Tamba Hali tore up his contract and is taking about $3M less a yr to stay a Chief.
    I encourage Starks & even Wallace to do the same. Be a team playa! 😉

  48. Ken says:

    New Blog post up. I was trying to set it up for tomorrow a.m. but I messed up and published it now. My bad. But Hulk’s Free Agency Primer is up. Hulk Angry and slightly dated as I drafted it over the weekend. Damn 72 hour window.

  49. getterdone says:

    WOW, guess he wants to stay a Cowboy & WOW signed a 10yr deal in 2013? I wonder if that’s right? lol

    Cowboys LT Tyron Smith agreed to restructure his contract, converting $10 million of his 2015 base salary into a “signing” bonus.
    Since Smith is signed through 2023, it saves the Cowboys over $8 million against the salary cap. Smith graded out as a top-six left tackle at Pro Football Focus last season, excelling both as a run blocker and pass protector.

  50. Mike E. says:

    Straight up draft, Post Suh, no trades

    Your score is: 4714 (GRADE: B+)

    Your Picks:
    Round 1 Pick 14: Kevin White, WR, West Virginia (A)
    Round 2 Pick 15: Jalen Collins, CB, LSU (B+)
    Round 3 Pick 14: Phillip Dorsett, WR, Miami (Fla.) (C+)
    Round 4 Pick 15: Stephone Anthony, ILB, Clemson (B)
    Round 5 Pick 14: Jeremiah Poutasi, OT/OG, Utah (C)
    Round 6 Pick 15: Karlos Williams, RB, Florida State (A)
    Round 7 Pick 15: Jarvis Harrison, OG, Texas A&M (D-)

    • Silly Tim says:

      I like that a lot.

      You took into account that Jason Fox at this time is the backup tackle.

      Not sure we draft two WRs top 3 rounds though.

  51. Silly Tim says:

    LDE Wake/Fede
    LDT Suh/Francis
    RDT Mitchell/Johnson
    RDE Vernon/Jordan
    OLB/DE McCain
    LB Jenkins, Misi, Tripp, Rookie, ?
    CB – Grimes, Taylor, Davis, ?, ?
    S – R. Jones, Aikens, ?, ?

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