Dolphins News July 12, 2016

dolphins_flagAh July….

A time to enjoy everything else but the Dolphins

but there some news out there…

Try this on:

Did you know that Dwayne Wade left Miami…

Okay okay, it’s not exactly Dolphins news

but before he left…


Aqua or Orange?  Can I get a whale on it too?


His shoes were made in Dolphins Colors.  There is even a map of Miami on his shoes.

You can read about it here:

Or if you prefer something less painful, trying sticking a porcupine in your ear

What another reason to throw up

Miko Grimes


Crazy cunt tweets racist comments between arrests


Yes, the mere utterance of her name may induce nausea but that is not what I meant.  Miko Grimes has been all over twitter tweeting about the Dolphins in a very negative way.  She called Tannehill a “Bum” and suggested that Mike Tannenbaum was Steven Ross’ “Jew Buddy”  and that is why he was hired.

You can read all about herpes…I mean Miko here

Want  more….

Hank Goldberg says the Dolphins stadium upgrades won’t be ready for preseason

But the Dolphins say it will be ready


Dolphins fans enjoy watching everything that I not an actual game at the stadium


Read about it here

Don’t worry…the roof will be ready in time for the fest to protect your bacon


How is Philbin gonna pick up all the construction debris left behind after you fired him?


Don’t want to watch a game in the stadium?  Don’t worry now there is youtube.  A place where you can watch re-broadcast of 3 historical games.  Fans voted and received 3 historical games:

  1.  The first Super Bowl win
  2. The 85 MNF game vs the Bears
  3. The Fake Spike

Want to forget the past and talk about 2016?  I don’t mean Miko, the Stadium or Wade’s shoes.  I mean what actually goes on in the actual game.

Well at least some one predictions.

Pro Football Focus thinks our running backs suck.  They ranked us 30th in the NFL.

How is that for looking forward to the 2016 season?

Jay Ajayi

Might suck^


So what do you take from this July Dolphins News update?

Get ready to watch a lot of negative runs in an unfinished stadium, in your aqua or orange shoes made by a player who no longer lives in Miami and never played football, while you read angry tweets from a former player’s lunatic wife!

Get your alcohol ready!  The pain is coming!

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270 Responses to Dolphins News July 12, 2016

  1. The Flying Pig says:

  2. Al in MIA says:

    son of a son of a shula says:
    July 15, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    Mike is in the Catskills this week
    Say it aint so lol

  3. wyoming85 says:

    Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 7m7 minutes ago
    Bills RB Karlos Williams suspended the first four games.

  4. Al in MIA says:


    The positive for serving the 4 game suspension is less wear and tear on Brady’s body which at his age is a great thing.
    Since Brady is already elite at his craft, he likely will be in good form right out of the gate when his suspension ends.
    To me this news is good of course for Dolphins fans but now there are no excuses.
    Time to bury these assholes when the Fins face Jimmy.

  5. Al in MIA says:

    I see no references in the link you provided to IQ disparity between over/under TP roll placement LOL. All I can say as an over guy is that I derived at the inventors intended design/method without knowing his design 🙂

  6. wyoming85 says:

  7. steveccnv says:

    Above I posted a response to Stanger’s question regarding Brady’s legal bills. Those cheats don’t miss anything.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      500k in lost wages
      but he probably spent 500k in legal fees to his attorneys during this whole process
      I’m sure Kraft paid for everything though

  8. drg says:

    Pig, no worries. We are in town until Monday night. Not exactly sure how the schedule will work out. I’ll DM you on Twitter if I can break away for a bit or feel free to do the same. Just blew $600 on Broadway tickets while sitting in Starbucks. Good times!

  9. Al in MIA says:
    Makes you appreciate the work the Fins front office has done in the last 2 years

  10. stangerx says:

    Now I have been to a Pat board…..made today a better one.
    f*ck roger that lieing no good piece of chit i sear if he was on fire and i only had pee i would drink it, f*ck ted wells that slimey piece chit and his goons at exponent did a hatchet job that was worth every penny, f*ck the jets, f*ck kensil, f*ck vincent, f*ck the colts especially that slimy f*cker grigson and his coked up boss irsay, f*ck the ravens those whiny no good non rule book reading mfers especiall harbough, f*ck the dolphins because shula is f*cking hypocrite look up the mudbowl, f*ck jerry jones may his teams forever be stuck at 8 and 8, f*ck the broncos because their fans are insufferable idiots and their teams always pay their guys under the table right elway and lastly f*ck the trolls those pieces of shiite are the reason you can’t read an article online about the patriots without it devolving into a flame war, if i missed anyone f*ck them.

    • steveccnv says:

      F☆ckin hilarious, nice to see them sweat. When the cheats go 1-3 or 0-4 it will be redemption. The 4 games is BS, but the other owners are getting them back indirectly for all the BS they’ve been doing.

  11. steveccnv says:

    Are there really no recent posts?

  12. steveccnv says:

    Soapbox derby winner from CheatsVille Mass. Was disqualified, Florida girl won instead.

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