Ask Mike – 2016 Season – Week 1


from Piggy

Q – Mike, watching the game, I thought we were running the ball well in the 1st half.  Then I see we finished with 64 total rushing yards.  What happened?  Also, how do you think Foster did in his debut?  He averaged under 3 yards per carry, but it felt like he made something out of nothing.

I don’t think Foster was really effective running the ball, and I felt like Gase didn’t trust anyone else to get carries against that D.  Foster did have 19 touches overall, and I think he was much more effective receiving, when he had a little space and a head of steam going.  To be fair, he wasn’t getting holes to run through, and that, combined with not having Ajayi made Gase give up on the run game.  I can’t really compare that to Carroll staying with the running game, he had the horses with Michael and Rawls, so my guess was Gase didn’t love his second option of Damien Williams, and I can’t blame him.

I think Foster needs to be part of a tandem system, and at least early on, shouldn’t be carrying a big load of the offense if we want him to make it through the season.  I expect Ajayi to bounce back real nicely with some fire in his belly, so watch for that this week against the Patriots.


from Boulder

Q – Hi Mike,

 Can you tell us when we can expect the phins back in the playoffs? It seems like every year we say we’re a couple of years away but never get there.



I know many will disagree with me, but I think that was a playoff caliber defensive performance this past Sunday.  Someone has to lose, and unfortunately, it was us, but the defense played great, and that’s good enough to be in the playoffs.  Sure they didn’t hold at the end of the game, but if they play like this week in and week out, and the offense does it’s job better, we’ll be in the playoffs in 2016

I do think the offense will be better when Parker is healthy and able to contribute, and I also think Ajayi makes a much bigger impact on the run game.  Gase didn’t want to stop running, he just didn’t have guys he was comfortable with in the backfield.  That won’t happen from here on in.


from Stanger

 Q – Jimmy Garoppolo had a 106 QB rating against a tough Cardinals D and without Gronk.

 You figure we show him respect after that or go with every crazy look we can think of to go after him?   He’s still a young QB and not Brady.


I expect that we’ll be coming after young Jimmy, or as Son put it so well, Janeane Garafolo.  Our front 4 need to harass him, and yes, the game plan for NE will be a nice dose of Blount, and a quick short passing game that will test our LB’s with Julian Edleman, either Martellus Bennett or Gronks, or even worse, both.  Pressure will be key, because if young Jimmy has time, he will probably slice us up like he did to Arizona.

I don’t expect a lot of blitzes, because that leaves huge holes in the coverage, but I’m sure we’ll dial up a couple of them, and hopefully, they are well timed.  From what I saw last week, I like our chances against NE, we just need our offense to do more, and I think they will.


from Wyoming

 Q – Who was your biggest surprise among the offseason additions to the team?

I would have to say getting Laremy Tunsil at pick #13.  You know I’ve wanted O-line help for a long time, and was all crazy about us drafting La’el Collins until the investigation fiasco went down.  We needed so badly to shore up the O-line, and getting a potential top LT at #13, who can play OG while we have #76, Branden Albert, was perfect for us.  That was huge.  No way I thought we had a shot at him, so that would be it for me.  I could have said getting Coach Gase too, because for once, we actually got the hottest guy on the market.


from New Age

 Q – We are playing another team with a great defense this week. Which player (besides Tannehill) needs to have a ‘breakout’ game for this offense to score the points needed to win?

There’s a few I could pick, because I think it;s going to take more than one player to step up to beat the Patriots at home, but if I had to pick one, it would be Devante Parker.  It was really a virtual tie between him and Jay Ajayi, but due to the fact that Foster still may start, and end up getting more touches, I chose Parker.  Both NE CB’s are 5’11”, not small necessarily, but Parker at 6’3″ is the guy that should be able to give them trouble.  I think Ajayi though could play a big role this week, because it was obvious Gase had no confidence in anyone else behind Foster, and I think we were all under the impression Gase was committed to running the football, so I think Ajayi should see plenty of action, as many as 15 carries and maybe a a few passes out of the backfield as well.

Man, it would be nice if we got ANY production out of the TE’s.  If the Patriots ignore Cameron (I would), he could have a big game, but I just can’t pick him, because like Gase has no confidence in Damien Williams, I just have no confidence in Jordan Cameron.


from SB7

Q – Do you feel this team tried to rely too much on the same people offensively during the Seahawks game and what should we attempt to do differently in the Pats game that we didn’t do in Seattle to spark the offense?


I do SB, but I think it was mostly due to a lack of quality depth.  At WR, we did get Carroo involved a bit, and obviously Stills too, who started, but at RB, the depth was real thin, so with Ajayi back in the fold, we’ll see much better balance from the RB’s.   With Devante Parker hopefully returning healthy this week,  that’s another big target for Tannehill, so I expect the ball to be spread around much more evenly in the Patriots game.

I also think Tannehill may have been a part of the reason, because I get the impression he doesn’t feel completely comfortable with TE Jordan Cameron (Why should he?), and then after the Stills drop, I think he may have felt the same way about Stills.  Neither guy to date has given Tannehill a reason to be comfortable with, so I think Tanny played a part in the lack of distribution.


from Tim

 Q – What part of the team right now concerns you the most? Thank you!

I think the worst unit on this 2016 Miami Dolphins team is the TE’s.  The depth is pretty dismal, and you well know I’m no fan of starter Jordan Cameron.  Last year he was 26th in receptions, and he had only 3 TD’s, which ties him for 19th.  Considering he’s not even a good in-line blocker, that’s horrible.  FWIW, he did throw a pretty nice block this past Sunday, but we need him to be the seam threat he should be, and start making some big plays.  Dion Sims seems to have disappeared entirely, and then after Sims we have the ST ace MarQeuis Gray.

On the PS lurks UCLA TE Thomas Duarte, who I feel could help our team from a receiving standpoint.  I hope the kid gets a shot to make that happen, but it’s unlikely, so either Sims needs to return earth and start doing something, or Cameron needs to recapture the magic he had that one glorious year in CLE.  Otherwise, we may be the worst TE unit in the NFL.



And now for the babe of the week . . .
Let me know if you know who it is, and what this year’s BOTW theme is
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431 Responses to Ask Mike – 2016 Season – Week 1

  1. steveccnv says:

    In the released emails hacked from the DNC were some that talked about the democratic way of doing things, including, always make a big deal out of a shooting where a white shot a black, and never make a big deal about white on white, black on black or black on white. So tell me who might have something to do with this Kaep stance?

    DNC motto, keep blacks as a group in or close to poverty, keep them angry, because they aren’t treated fairly, and keep them voting Dem…Until now the Reps haven’t even tried to get their vote, so it’s been working as planned.

  2. son of a son of a shula says:

    Better get my pick in. Tough game to pick since I think we’ll win but have no idea how the hell we can score enough. Gotta rely on that D on the road. Big special teams play would help or a pick 6.
    Fins slug it out for a huge road win 17-14

  3. son of a son of a shula says:

    Maybe we held back stuff for NE starting against an NFC team why show everything? Parker being in helps a lot too.

  4. The Flying Pig says:

    So it’s turns out that the answer to the questions about the Dolphins on tv in NYC is – no

    There is no afc 1pm game tomorrow on cbs

    Just the fox NFC game

    Looks like I am Slatterys bound

  5. son of a son of a shula says:

    CBS has the doubleheader here Fins at 1 Jag-offs at 4

  6. getterdone says:

    Son, I think you’re right too. Why would Gase show all of his hand knowing NE was the following week. But with that said, Gase admitted to hurting Tanny some with his calls and not listening to his QB as much as he should.
    This is a new and ‘hopefully’ growing relationship as they build trust in eachother. Same for the other coaches and units.
    Getting a big road win over the perennial division champs of the past 12+yrs would set a nice course for this young team & young HC to build from going forward.

  7. getterdone says:

    Piggy, I’ll be at a local sports tavern that many Pasties fans frequent razzing the shit out of them. It’s more fun than going to the Phins backer bar. Guess I’m sick like that….lol

  8. The Flying Pig says:


    Watching a game surrounding by patriots fans sounds deflating

  9. ukfinfan says:


    UK 23-20 Mia

  10. 81Howie says:

    Gameday Update
    BriNY 27-21 MIA
    Piggy24-14 MIA
    Howie 24-8 NE*
    B’man 38-13MIA
    N/A 28-20 NE*
    Real 34-17 NE*
    Cav 30-27 MIA
    Wyo 24-20 MIA
    Al 24-17 NE*
    Tim 20-17 MIA
    Steve 28-24 MIA
    Naples16 13 MIA
    GDP 23-20 MIA
    Bold 24-20 NE*
    Old 26-20 MIA
    Rock 30-26 MIA
    Son 17-14 MIA
    UK 23-20 MIA
    GO PHINS!!!

  11. 81Howie says:

    Someone needs to put the new blogs up a little earlier. During the week I am long gone by then…
    Today is Game Day but I have a couple jobs to catch up on this AM
    I will be leaving shortly so can somebody transfer the list to the Gameday blog.
    I’ll be back in time for the game, hopefully with an hour or so to spare.
    GO PHINS!!!

  12. Rockphin says:


  13. Brian in NY says:

    Gronk out today. That’s huge.

  14. Rockphin says:

    Jimmy G is out today too. He is not on the injury report yet but give the Dolphins to the second quarter against mash unit of an offensive line and he will be!

  15. Brian in NY says:

    We have to win today. No Brady, No Gronk, banged up OL, there’s never been a better time to beat the Pats at home.

  16. BoulderPhinfan says:

    Miami Dolphins ✔ @MiamiDolphins
    Gameday morning. You know @reshadjones9 is ready.

  17. herdfan says:

    New Blog Up! Sorry Guys, my family did an Alz fundraiser this weekend and I crashed as soon as I got back to my sister’s house last night. I need to check FF too….haven’t even looked at it and I didn’t do so well last week. 😦

  18. Rockphin says:


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