The Wedge Scouting Report: Zach Cunningham, LB

There are so many perks to being an Intergalactic Agent.  You get a cool space ship.  The right to travel through worm holes.  You get the great memories of hearing the screams of all lifeforms you eliminate.  And you get to be a celebrity.

Recently I was asked to judge the Miss Xyuboverse Contest.  Well what green blooded life form would turn that down?


Here I was, little ole Wedge surrounded by beautiful tentacles!

The pressure…who will win the blue ribbon?

But you know despite the bevy of intergalactic beauties around me…I cannot keep my mind off the NFL draft.

Focus….I need to FOCUS…who will win the blue ribbon.

You know who I think wins the blue ribbon of Linebackers…Zach Cunnigham


Calling anyone from Vanderbilt a blue ribbon winner may sound like a surprise to some.  But take a closer look.  Vanderbilt played a tough SEC schedule and Zach Cunningham was a force on that defense all year long.

#41 is a 6-4, 23o pound junior who declared for the NFL draft on January 14, 2017. Most early reports suggest Cunnigham will be drafted in Round 1 or Round 2 of the NFL Draft.  I would be surprised if he wasn’t one of the first 50 players off the board.


When you watch Cunningham the first thing that might jump out to you is somewhat of a lanky fame.  Actually, when Cunningham was recruited from Pinson Valley High he was barely over 200 pounds and was said to be mistaken for a safety.

The four star high school recruit’s athletic abilities were obvious despite his size.  He visited a few SEC schools before deciding on Vanderbilt.  Cunnigham has said that his decision to go to Vanderbit was primarily based on academics.

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Georgia

Once Cunningham arrived at Vanderbilt he redshirted his freshman year.  During that time he gained 30 pounds.  Now chiseled at 230 pounds, Cunningham looks like an NFL 4-3 Outside Linebacker.

In his freshmen year at Vanderbilt, Cunningham was eased into a role.  He managed to finish the 2014 year with 43 total tackles.  Almost half of those tackles, however, were recorded in his last two games against the Gators and the Volunteers.  In that game vs Florida Cunnigham recorded his first double digit tackle day with 11 tackles.


Cunningham would end up getting 12 more double digit tackle days over his next two years.  He just kept getting better.

Over his three year career Cunningham finished with 256 tackles, 36 of them for losses.  He also had 6 sacks and 6 forced fumbles.

Cunningham played inside at Vanderbilt, and its yet to be seen how he will be used in the NFL.  But his versatility is evident.  Cunningham was effective against the run and in coverage.  He even made some special teams plays!


Some scouts have been saying that Cunningham may need another year in college, particularly to refine his tackling.  But I see an athletic linebacker who may make a seamless transition into the NFL.

Pro Football Focus calculated that Cunningham missed one of every 9.7 tackle attempts which was better according to PFF than Jaylon Smith last year.

But there is one wrinkle to be aware of – Zach Cunningham puts himself in position to make a play more than anyone else.

He’s got instincts.  Cunnigham is a cerebral linebacker…But he’s not just smart.  He’s Smart and aggressive.  Cunningham picks his spot very quickly, he’s decisive and he ATTACKS!

He kind of reminds me of a sidewinder life-force seeking missile.  This is the easies comparison to an Alien Weapon of Destruction I’ve made.


You can read more about Zach Cunningham on Professor Lou’s scouting sport:

2017 NFL Draft Prospect Scouting Report-Zach Cunningham

And you can watch his highlights here:




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236 Responses to The Wedge Scouting Report: Zach Cunningham, LB

  1. olddolphan says:

    VERY NICELY DONE, Mr. Piggy!! – – Picking Cunningham in Round 1 is one of several good options Miami’s front office has to mull over. But, IMHO, if we take an LB in round 1, we’ll HAVE to go OL in round 2.
    MISS HERD FAN:: I’ll be home from another convention very late Sunday night. IF you want to run game #2 of ABSOLUTE PERFECTION on Sunday or next Monday, that would be fine with me. –The SOONER we get the Cheatriots OUT of our heads, the better!

  2. The entire draft:
    RD 1 Reddick
    RD 2 Moton, yes changed mind
    RD 3 Smoot
    RD 5 Phillips
    RD 5 Cutrer
    RD 5 Wise, Jr
    RD 7 Goforth

  3. wyoming85 says:

  4. Mike E. says:


    Sad fact. I was in Israel back in 1980, I spent nearly an entire summer there (41 days). One of the first places we stayed was Sharm el-sheikh, but at that time, it was a part of Israel, not Egypt. Giving Sharm el-sheikh to Egypt to was one of the many concessions Israel has made over the years. What I remember most about it most was at night, we were in a youth hostel right near the shore of the Red Sea, and because there is very little light pollution, the stars were the most vivid I had ever seen, and the dim lights of Jerusalem could be seen across the water. It was just beautiful. The Red Sea may be one of the best diving spots in the world due it’s nearly crystal clear water, and collection of truly exotic fish.

  5. Mike E. says:


  6. I once met an Italian guy who told me I’d be swimming with the fishes. Wonder if that’s what he meant?

  7. Rhino says:

    Just thought I’d chime in my 2 cents…

    …as soon as the refs gave the TD signal in OT I turned off the t.v. and have refused to watch any post game, morning talk shows, radio shows, etc. No shower can make me feel clean after that game.

    Atlanta did not adjust to the length of halftime. Reminds me of the 49ers/Ravens game in New Orleans with the blackout. Complete momentum shift in second half. Once Pats won the OT coin toss I knew it was over. Atlanta had bad body language even when up by 16. Lastly, Ryan getting sacked and taken out of FG range may have been a bigger play for Pats than anything on offense. Atlanta didn’t need to stop Brady, their Offense needed to at least score something in the last quarter.

    • True. If Ryan doesn’t take that sack and Atlanta gets the FG, GAME OVER!
      That was just a bush league play by Ryan.

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      The 3rd and 1 in shotgun was the worst call I’ve seen in a while. Ryan got sacked and fumbled on that play and it was over. Run the ball idiots.

      The refs called holding and missed the facemask call. The called holding but if they hadn’t missed the facemask the atlanta still would had a shot for a FG and game would have been over.

      • Started a sequence of too many things that happened to allow NE back in the game. From that fumble you also had Atlanta needing to just run clock and they have two guys go down stopping the clock.
        When Ryan threw that pass to Jones on the sideline that got them in FG range I really don’t think he was expecting him to come down with it. I think he shit himself when it happened.
        Then, he takes the sack to take them out of FG range. Just too many things happened that didn’t look kosher to me.

  8. I like Cunningham a lot and if he’s there at #22 and we take him I won’t be disappointed; I’d be thrilled. However, I think that once we all see Haason Reddick at the NFL Combine there’s going to be a lot of Phins fans pounding the table for him at that spot.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I’ve noticed Reddick going up the charts on some of the websites that rank prospects

      So people are obviously taking notes

      • I wasn’t sure about him early on but the speed, tackling, athleticism shows up on tape and his ability to play inside is a plus. Whether he plays outside or inside for us I think the kid is going to excel at the next level with the coaching we have.

  9. wyoming85 says:

    Never been to the Middle East Mike E

    And to tell you the truth It has never hurt my feelings!

    I saw a video of a Military Personal stationed over there explaining why we have reason to restrict people form those countries is 100% the right thing to do.

  10. olddolphan says:

    Mr. Rigel Spikes reports that Miami has signed LB Deon Lacey, 4.51 (!!!) and 229 lbs. I hope he’s the LB equivalent of Cam Wake, who we also pilfered from the CFL. This addition SHOULD plug 1 of our 2 glaring holes at LB. NOW let’s go out and get that F/A Guard from the Bengals!!

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Its nice that they at adding speed on defense
      but this is the kind of signing that changes nothing about the offseason

      It might show an emphasis on bringing speed on defense in this offseason though
      I really think they need some speed at LB

    • Lacey was signed to a futures contract a couple of weeks ago. He’s a special teams guy who tackles very well and will be given an opportunity to compete for a job.

    • Thing about Lacey, unlike some of the other guys who usually come and go between now and camp it appears the coaches are high on him and are chomping at the bit to see what he can bring to the table.

  11. Ken says:

    Never hire a coach from the Seattle coaching tree

  12. stangerx says:

    What a frick’n game last night…..if only it hadn’t been the Dark Empire that ended up figuring out how to save the Death Star and still blow up the planet at the last moment.

    But hey…..the Pats moved down a pick in each round.

  13. The Flying Pig says:


  14. Tim Knight says:

    Wow, ATL showed the world how to blow a lead and what not to do when up by 8 and in FG range to make it an 11 point lead. What were they thinking? Why are you even passing there? Is this now a new trend, teams figuring out ways to give the Pats championships? SEA two years ago and now ATL. Unbelievable!!!!

  15. sb7mvp says:

    If you ever wondered what a Philbin coached SB team would look like, you got your answer last night.

  16. Mike E. says:

    LOL @ SB

  17. stangerx says:

    You want to know what an unexpected comeback it was? Here’s the first printing last night from the Boston Globe.

  18. It sucks to say, but Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time. It’s hard to argue against it and last night showed his greatness. I hate the man with a burning passion, but I respect every bit of him. Fuck.

    • stangerx says:

      “Last night the four-time Super Bowl MVP set single-game Super Bowl records for completions (43), passes (62), passing yards (466) and career marks for appearances (7), completions (207), passes (309), passing yards (2,071) and touchdown passes (15).”

      Seems the only arguments left against him have to do with different era, the evil genius did it, or something.

    • Tim Knight says:

      There will always be debates about that, but no doubt ATL screwed this game up big time.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I don’t think last night changes anything about Brady

      The argument for him being the greatest just got a little better
      But it was there

      I would not have exiled him from the conversation if the patriots lost
      I would not have made the argument that they lost 3 Super Bowls

      He’s had a great career

      I just didn’t expect the Falcons to feed them a storybook ending like that
      Fucking jerk off Falcons

  19. The Flying Pig says:

    I mean come on
    How many things can go right for one franchise

    It’s freaking ridiculous

    the world has forsaken us as Dolfans!

  20. Mike E. says:

    What bothers deep down is this. Let’s say the Patriots finally keel over and die one day. What are the odds that another team from the same division will all of a sudden be the dominant team? I mean there are 4 divisions and 15 other teams in the AFC, so what’s the likelihood that yet another power emerges from the AFC East? Not too good I’d bet.

  21. The Flying Pig says:

    I don’t care if they ever went undefeated

    5 super bowl wins and 7 appearances in the last 15 years or Sonia pretty crazy
    And how many times are they in the AFC championship
    They missed the playoffs once

    It’s just crazy
    No team should have so much go right for so long

    I watched the Heat make 4 championship appearances in a row
    And I was exhausted when it was done…lol
    it’s just crazy for a team to be that successful for that long

    • Tim Knight says:

      it’s fucking annoying is what it is. LOL

      It just goes to show you how important it is to build a culture with one HC and his way of doing things for a long time around a core of very good players and especially an excellent QB. But it’s not all about Tom, he struggled much of the night. There are a lot of contributors on those Pats teams. A lot!

      • Brian in NY says:

        I see your point Tim, but you have to have the right coach. Would you have wanted Cam Cameron around here since 2007? Bobby Petrino? Rich Kotite? Of course not. Let’s hope that Gase is the man.

      • Tim Knight says:

        No of course not. But if you have a good coach and you’re having some success, stick with him. The grass is not always greener when you make a change. The Eagles never should have gotten rid of Andy Reid. He wasn’t the problem. He’s still a very good coach and gets his teams into the playoff mix. Gase did that his first year after a 1-4 start and a lot of injuries. There was a recipe for disaster there and he helped keep the team fighting and went on a run with many different personnel groupings week to week. That’s the sign of a very good coach.

        That’s the big differences between NE and the rest of the league. Not many teams these days have that established coach and core. The ones who kind of do, are usually at least in the playoffs often and have a shot.

      • Brian in NY says:

        I’m sure if any team in the league had Belichick, they would not be looking to fire him either! Good coaches are hard to find.

  22. Tim Knight says:

    LOL @ Mike

    Stanger, I agree it’s about how the Dolphins go about their business the next few years.

  23. olddolphan says:

    Young Stanger; YOUR statement that those who don’t accept Brady’s clear dominance over all other QB’s have only “an other era” or “the evil genius” to prop up their arguments. NOT SO!
    The organization that Brady plays for has been nailed for more instances of cheating or fair play rules violations in the last 15 years than all the other teams in the AFC East COMBINED! Indeed, one of Belicheat’s top assistants, Eric Mangino, testified that the Pats were illegally filming the hand signals of other teams to the point that “we pretty much knew what the defensive formation was going to be just as soon as the defense did.” CHEATING, not “gamesmanship” has cost the Pats more money in fines (roughly a million for the franchise, plus half a million for Belicheat), more lost draft choices and more SUSPENSIONS than have been accrued by the Jets, Bills and Dolphins combined since Brady became New England’s starting QB (which NOT coincidentally occurred the same year Belicheat became the Pats head coach).
    IT IS MY STRONG OPINION that New England finds new ways to cheat on a fairly regular basis. But right now, I can’t prove that. But I CAN PROVE that Belicheat was a humongous FAILURE at Cleveland, despite having a staff that included Butch Davis, Nick Saban, and several other coaches who went on to success elsewhere. And the Browns’ roster at that time was NOT the disaster it now is. THAT’s WHY BELICHEAT was fired (in the pre-Cheatriots days). NOT wanting to be FIRED AGAIN, Blicheat, at some point early in his Pats career, got together with a stupid rich owner and hatched a few ideas that would give New England an unfair advantage. MY GUESS IS THAT, at some point, the Patriots had unfair and illegal edges for several plays per game. AND, since inside knowledge for only 2-3 plays per game MIGHT be enough to change outcomes, this organization has gone from average to genius status. ALL 7 OF THE SUPER BOWLS PLAYED DURING THE BELICHEAT-BRADY ERA HAVE BEEN DECIDED BY 6 POINTS OR LESS. Is it possible that outright cheating has

    • olddolphan says:

      CHANGED THE OUTCOME of many or most of these?? I say “YES,” given the climate of subterfuge that overwhelms this franchise. TOM BRADY deliberately destroyed his cell phone during “Deflategate” because there was incriminating evidence on it. I just wonder how many similar incidents have escaped detection. SO, in summary, I believe that Brady IS NOT better than Joe Montana, Dan Marino and 3 or 4 more QB’s who are considered to be among the best ever to play the game BECAUSE their performances were NEVER, in my experience, tainted by the dark cloud of cheating that hangs over the franchise that was built on cheating.

      LUV Ya’ Stanger. But you’re dead wrong on this one.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I agree with much of this. But now we have a trend of teams saying “hey Pats, take the game from us.” WTF is going on?!!!!

      • stangerx says:

        Never said the Pats didn’t cheat….think we all now that.

        But like it or not, Brady does pretty well on throws and such, has five rings, a bunch of Superbowl records, including the one for most yardage in a game. And that was done at 39 at an MVP-type season (whether he gets it or not).

        And like I said “have to do with different era, the evil genius did it, or something.” Figured going against him cause of cheating is something. So not sure what I got wrong. But then think Pete Rose deserves to be in the HOF.

  24. Brian in NY says:

    Dominance would be nice, but I’ll settle for one Super Bowl…

    • Tim Knight says:

      I’ll take being in the playoffs the next 2-3 years having a shot at a championship. Can’t win it if you’re not in it.

  25. Brian in NY says:

    This pretty much sums it up:
    “As of today, as great as today feels and as great as today is, in all honesty we’re five weeks behind in the 2017 season to most teams in the league,” Belichick said Monday when he was presented with his fifth Lombardi Trophy (h/t Tom Rock of Newsday). “In a couple of weeks we’re going to be looking at the Combine. Obviously the draft. All-star games have already occurred. And in a month we’re into free agency not to mention all of the internal Patriots players whose contracts are up that we’re going to have to work with in some form or fashion like every team in the league does.”

    • The Flying Pig says:

      So stop winning so much jerk off!

      • Tim Knight says:


        Go Coach Gase!!! When he left Ajayi behind week one for SEA for whining that he’s not the starting back, then cutting Thomas and Turner after playing like they didn’t belong, the culture was set. The entire organization felt it. Sub par is not good enough.

    • stangerx says:

      Just shows how Belichick’s mind works. Superbowl won and next time time to turn to winning the next one. Brady might retire tmrw…..only way the Evil Genius leaves Foxboro is on a stretcher.

      • Brian in NY says:


      • Brian in NY says:

        Brady is excellent, but we are still going to have a ton of problems as long as Belichick is there. That dawned on me this season after they went 3-1 without Brady. They went 11-5 without him in 2008, and I think they won a few games without him last season as well.

  26. Ken says:

    You would have thought Dan Quinn would have learned not to throw when all you have to do is run to win

    • Brian in NY says:

      No shit.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I was saying what are you doing?!!! Please coach Gase learn from this. Time in football is paramount. When you don’t have it, you can’t do anything.

      • Brian in NY says:

        You heard a few of their players say after the game “We have been aggressive all season, that’s the way we play all the time.” I agree with that up to a point, but you have to play situational football when the time comes for that, otherwise you end up losing a Super Bowl.

  27. olddolphan says:

    Young Stanger; NEVER accused you of saying “Pats didn’t cheat.” But I AM accusing you of underestimating the role that CHEATING plays in the over all scheme of things, including the Pats’ razor thin margins in the Brady-era Super Bowls and in many regular season wins that they have, in my opinion, won unfairly by breaking the rules of football. Getting that unfair advantage in a few plays each game is the difference between Belichick I in Cleveland and Belichick II with the Cheatriots. The fact that Brady revels in this cheating atmosphere is no small factor in my (and others) evaluation of his performances over the years.
    And speaking of reveling in a questionable atmosphere, Pete Rose wrote the book on that. First, he denied he EVER bet on baseball. Then, when faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, he admitted that HE DID bet on baseball. Well, as Richard Nixon could have told Rose, sometimes the cover up is worse than the crime. BUT NOT in this case. BETTING on baseball is expressly forbidden on all levels, thanks to the Black Sox scandal in which the 1919 World Series was fixed by gamblers. IF Judge Kennesaw Mountain Landis were alive today, he would have booted Rose out of baseball further than a Morten Andersen field goal!!! Rose violated the #1 precept of baseball, THEN LIED ABOUT IT!! He belongs in the Hall of Fame about as much as Hitler deserves a “Humanitarian of the Year” award!!

    • Brian in NY says:

      That is pure speculation OD. If they do cheat and get away with it, then so do most teams in the NFL. Brady will be a first ballot HOFer, as will Belichick. Even YOU have to give them their due; they continue to win year after year with sheer dominance.

    • olddolphan says:

      STILL love ya’, YS!! –You are the antithesis of Pete Rose in that you are honest to a fault and a true friend of those who have found misfortune through no fault of their own! —NOT ALL of our readers are aware of the amazing work you have done in several state legislatures, helping them to draft laws that protect some of the most disadvantaged among us. If life sometimes is a battle between SAINTS and SINNERS, you will ALWAYS be a SAINT! –I salute you for your accomplishments, which will live far longer in law than any of us.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Stanger the lobbyist? He’s a good man. I will never forget how he thought “hey, Tim might like a sandwich and a beer being that he’s being loud for our Phins.” – when a few of us met up for the game in the Meadowlands against the Jets a few years back.

        I had no voice the next day. LOL

  28. olddolphan says:

    TIM: OH how I wish Young Stanger had been around during the amazing Dolphins-Chargers playoff game!! A week later I had to give an educational program at our state convention. I chose to shorten it from 40 minutes down to 22, and I barely made it with the help of about 6 sips of water and 2 throat lozenges!! Ah the things we do for football!!

  29. ICYMI: Team speed on defense dominates this next draft. And, Miami finds a TE in the most unlikely place.

    • olddolphan says:

      PROF LOU; Liked your approach to the draft. And your film study seems to be paying off. I’m guessing your lack of a much-needed G/C in your mock means we’ll land a good one in F/A. Is that right?

      • I like Moton best at that point because I think he’s the best o-lineman there, if he’s there, but I would not be disappointed if we went with someone like Elflein at that point. However, Elflein for some reason has been dropping and I don’t know why.

      • One thing I can say about this FA period and the draft and that is I think both will have a major impact on the long-term future of this team; good or bad. They really need to be smart about how they go about finding talent in both because it’s either going to be a huge part of their success or a huge part of their struggles if they don’t.
        I don’t believe spending a ton of money on FA’s is necessarily the best way to approach FA this year and don’t think it’s necessary. I think they can find players who are a fit in FA and they aren’t going to cost as much but they will add talent and depth to the roster and make us better in case of injury.
        I know what I’m stating sounds kind of obvious but Tannenbaum scares the shit out of me.

      • Oh, and I’m still not ruling out Chad Kelly later if he’s there. Not saying it to be a “tannehater” but I think they don’t pass on him.

    • ukfinfan says:

      Love it GDP!
      So, I was asleep before kick-off as I knew Cheats would win.
      Woke up Monday morning and decided to go back to start of game and follow it on Twitter as I thought it would be less painful in print. 7-0. 14-0. Then a tweet saying WOW. I knew what that indicated as it was Si Clancy, so I shut the laptop and thought I would watch a recording of the the game on tv when I got home instead, since the next best thing to the Fins winning the SB is the Pats losing it.
      The first half and the beginning of the third Q were as enjoyable as viewing gets. Even when the Past scored there was a missed XP. But then I felt a tremor in the Force when the dirty birds failed to score. So I hit x30. The only thing I really picked up on was that the Pats won. It went by in a blur. I don’t want to know what happened and I don’t care. It has taken a little of the gloss off the season for me, but it is not something unexpected or that we haven’t, collectively, had to get used to.
      My last reference to this monstrous perversion of the course of justice

      (Apologies to anyone of a sensitive nature who may be viewing this at breakfast time!)

  30. olddolphan says:

    PROF LOU; Your fears of Tannenbaum are well founded. But I believe (or “hope”) that GASE would step-in and prevent an Ireland-esque selection by T-Baum.
    UKfinfan; That photo looks very much like a concussion induced form of projectile vomitting! It’s a well known indicator of head trauma. BTW, is that Brady’s CAR that’s getting hit???

  31. olddolphan says:

    GDP: LOVE what you posted. Get ready for Game 2 of ABSOLUTE PERFECTION, brought to you by Miss HERD FAN!

  32. Simoni Lawrence of the Hamilton Ti Cats and formerly of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers could be another CFL LB the Phins might want to take a look at. Adam Bighill of the BC Lions was another guy but the Saints already beat us to him.

  33. wyoming85 says:

    Boom *drops the mic*


  34. Mike E. says:


    You don’t believe that Foster will be there at 22, do you?

  35. Mike E. says:


    You spelled Cunningham wrong. It’s H-O-W-A-R-D. lol

  36. wyoming85 says:

    February 15 – First day for clubs to designate Franchise or Transition Players.

    February 28 – March 6 – NFL Scouting Combine, Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana.

    March 7 – 9 – Legal tampering period for free agents.

    March 9 – Start of the new league year.

    This is where it all starts happening. Free agents can sign beginning at 4 PM, and the top free agents usually strike deals right away.

    The 2017 trading period also begins at 4 PM, so teams can officially trade players. Even if a deal is agreed upon earlier, it doesn’t become official until this date.

    March 26 – 29 – Annual League Meeting, Phoenix, Arizona.

    April 17 – Offseason workout program begins.

    April 27 – 29 – 2017 NFL Draft, Philadelphia.

  37. The Flying Pig says:

    I think Foster has a better shot of dropping to 22 than OJ Howard does

    But I doubt either will be there

  38. stangerx says:

    ukfinfan says:
    “But then I felt a tremor in the Force when the dirty birds failed to score. So I hit x30. The only thing I really picked up on was that the Pats won. It went by in a blur. I don’t want to know what happened and I don’t care.”

    UKfin — you might be the only poster on this board who does not have to now find treatment for PTSD.

  39. stangerx says:

    Yeah things change up season to season, but as of now looks like we have a tough road next season.

    Wanted to say the fix was in on this, but then realized it is cause the Pats don’t play the Pats.

    Here’s how the AFC East ranks in NFL schedule strength [of opponents]:

    • Buffalo Bills 4th (56.1 percent)
    • Miami Dolphins 6th (54.7 percent)
    • New York Jets 8th (53.5 percent)
    • New England Patriots 12th (52.7 percent).

  40. stangerx says:

    Man I love when people save the time of checkin out what the mocks have lined up for us at #22….and pass along.
    Lance Zierlein, LB Haason Reddick, Temple

    “Coming off an impressive showing at the Senior Bowl, Reddick is one of the most intriguing prospects in this draft. He has the athleticism to play in space on first and second down, and the talent to rush from the edge on third. Sounds exactly like something the Dolphins could use.”

    Daniel Jeremiah, LB T.J. Watt, Wisconsin

    “Watt isn’t as freaky as his older brother, J.J., but he is a very good football player. He is ultra-versatile, athletic and instinctive.”

    Bucky Brooks, DE Taco Charlton, Michigan

    “The team’s primary pass rushers (Cameron Wake and Mario Williams) are on the back side of their careers. Charlton would add some speed, athleticism, and sizzle as a 3-4 rusher.”

    Chad Reuter, TE O.J. Howard, Alabama

    “Howard can be a safety valve for Ryan Tannehill and a good run blocker on the edge.”

    Rob Rang, TE David Njoku, Miami (Fla.)

    “With current tight ends Dion Sims , Jordan Cameron and MarQueis Gray each in the final year of their contracts, the Dolphins will certainly be looking for help at the position and could be too intrigued with the athletic upside of the local product, Njoku, to let him leave town.”

    Dane Brugler, TE O.J. Howard, Alabama

    “There are glaring needs on defense for the Dolphins, but an athletic tight end like Howard would do wonders for the Miami offense.”

    Mel Kiper, ESPN: LB Jarrad Davis, Florida

    “As a steady and reliable linebacker with a nose for the football, Davis’ versatility stands out. He could play inside or outside linebacker at the next level, though he’s not a guy who will get 10 sacks on the outside in a 3-4. He can be an every-down guy.”

    Chris Burke, CB Sidney Jones, Washington

    “The Dolphins may want to stand pat at corner (at least early in the draft) — Byron Maxwell’s contract doesn’t become fully expendable until 2018, and youngsters Xavien Howard, Tony Lippett and Bobby McCain have shown promise. On the flip side, Jones is an impressive, physical cover man, essentially a more complete version of Howard.”

    Matt Miller, Bleacher Report: EDGE player, Takkarist McKinley, UCLA

    Steve Palazzolo, Pro Football Focus: EDGE player, Charles Harris, Missouri

    “Miami went on a nice playoff run in 2016, but there were some concerns up front beyond DT Ndamukong Suh and DE Cameron Wake. Harris adds a pass-rushing threat after finishing 12th among the nation’s edge rushers with an 88.2 pass-rush grade. Armed with the best spin move in college football, Harris has been one of the nation’s best pass rushers the last two years, though there is some work to be done to improve his work in the run game.”

    Eric Galko, Sporting News: DE Solomon Thomas, Stanford

    “The Dolphins relied on Cam Wake to generate their pass rush without Olivier Vernon, and Mario Williams was a bit of a letdown in 2016. Thomas is a versatile interior and outside rusher who can fit any defense Miami wants to use …”

    Jason McIntyre, CB Marlon Humphrey, Alabama

    “Humphrey started the season with a tipped pick-6 against USC. The Dolphins needs feel similar to the Redskins, Raiders and Falcons — the offense is impressive, but the defense needs work.”

  41. olddolphan says:

    Spending lunch at home so I can walk dogs in Mrs. OD’s absence. GLORIOUS half-mile walk at noon is a real treat in these 70 degree temps!
    YOUNG STANGER: Hope you caught your compliments on this site around 7:52 and 8:06 last night. They were heart felt. NOW I GO back to work where access to this site is blocked.

    • stangerx says:

      I’d did OD and thanks, but really no need to throw such out All here just fans of a team.

      Still stick with Brady being one of the best QBs ever though…..figured you just wanted to get me off that point. 🙂

  42. sb7mvp says:

    The new intern at work looks like a young George Costanza. I want to start calling him Koko so bad.

  43. Jahndoh30 says:

    Just one quick thought (first political comment in over a year…I’ll retreat to the usual silence after this!)

    Welcoming immigration policies and the valuing of individual liberties built this country. Small government doesn’t manage immigration with arbitrary, targeted, exclusionary rules, nor seek to limited individual liberties. It’s also not administered on social media nor by shameless corporate sycophants.

    As far as a wall…The Ming Dynasty was overthrown in 1644. 12-15 Billion dollars to build something antiquated over 500 years ago? Seems ill advised.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Agreed on all points

      I’m a little more dollars and cents in my motivation concerning immigration policies. You won’t hear me mention the Ming dynasty. I would rather a path to citizenship, creating revenue, then spending money (by the way I think it’s closer to 25m to build and that doesn’t include staffing and maintenance)

      I never understood the venom I read or hear on the subject
      And I probably never will
      I really concern myself with practicality and what we gain or lose as a country first and foremost

      I don’t mind the political talk – however these days we can’t get away from it

      So it’s nice to have this “safe space” to get away from it.
      I figure it okay for us to post our thoughts
      But we have to all judge for ourselves when to cut it out or it will take over the blog

      I recently stopped all political posts from my flying pig Twitter
      And use a Musatchio (coincidentally and immigrant) Twitter account for political stuff

      We all have to be aware of not crossing the line and letting it takeover IMO bc it’s such a heated subject these days. But I can’t be completely silent

    • Tim Knight says:

      Well said. I didn’t vote for Trump and I was never for building a wall and I’m still not. It just seems anti-American. Too bad we don’t have a smaller federal government. 😉

      • Mike E. says:

        Do we not already have fences and border guards? How much different is a wall? Does it not accomplish the same thing? What’s un-American about it?

      • Tim Knight says:

        It just seems like an isolation type of thing. Like I said, I don’t really have the answers, but the wall gives me a sick kind of feeling. It’s like what Jahn said, antiquated. Like we’re going backwards and not progressing. A lot of my feelings about it are based in that, sad that we even think we need to do that.

  44. Jahndoh30 says:

    And, Fuck you Tom Brady!


    (Stanger, shhh….I think you’re right about his standing all time, but I’ll never admit it!)

  45. Mike E. says:

    I don’t think the idea of the wall is make the country impenetrable to our enemies, the idea is to slow down illegals from getting into our country. That’s not quite the same thing. Regardless, it may not work either way, but I do think something needs to be done.

    • Mike E. says:

      It’s either a wall, or hiring more border guards, which long term, could cost more.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I really don’t have the answers on illegal immigration. But I’m more concerned about radical Muslims entering the country than Mexicans and Central Americans.

        My biggest issues with all immigrants is when they don’t assimilate and just set up shop as if they’re in their homeland. That’s not the way it should be. Join the melting pot, honor your culture but also honor America and respect why you came here in the first place. Unless you came here to do harm, then you’re an enemy.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I sort of assume the plan would be build the wall and hire more guards

        Its really costly. I suspect its theatrics and won’t have any impact at all

        Symbolically like Jahn and Tim – I don’t like what it represents

        But putting that aside, what you said above is a reason not to have it
        We already have fences and guards
        to me this whole rhetoric is just “see look I built a wall” its political theatrics
        and its really costly

        I’m pretty sure the plan is to expand federal powers to stop immigration
        and that is big gov’t and not a republican ideal

        Personally I’m not concerned at all about illegal immigrants from central America entering this country

        I take the position that illegal or not, you want to have a easy path to citizenship
        and you want to generate tax dollars
        I don’t see it as the burden many people make Mexican/Central American Immigration out to be
        I think the gains outweigh the harm
        And I definitely think the fear mongering I hear from Trump and his crew is absurd
        I think the things he says are racist, and I don’t see the point of mincing words about it

        I am concerned with radical islam though
        To me that a tougher question
        but I don’t think “the wall” gets you to police that

  46. Mike E. says:


    What if the radical Muslims start coming in through Mexico? I don’t have the answers either, but whether it’s a wall, or more people to guard our borders, it’s clear we need something. A structure, like a wall, once in place with proper surveillance might be less expensive in the long run

  47. Mike E. says:


    We don’t live in a state where illegals come through in droves regularly. They may eventually end up here, but they don’t start right in here. Maybe you’d feel differently if you lived in a town say in Texas, where they do, or wherever else they have serious issues.

    • Tim Knight says:

      That’s true and I probably would feel different. I also happen to know someone I grew up with who’s wife was raped and murdered by an illegal from Nicaragua while they were having work done on their house. So some of the rhetoric from Trump does resonate with me on the issue because I know for a fact that kind of danger is real and does happen.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        That’s sad

        Do you think prosecuting him and jailing him in the US is a better punishment than deporting him?

        I do.

        If you deport some one like that its not our problem “unless he gets back in” but the Mexican gov;t wont prosecute him. They may not be able to (jurisdiction)

        When an illegal commits a crime (especially something like what you mentioned) , I would rather we prosecute him and keep him here so he can rot in jail – our jail.

        I just don’t get deporting people and hoping they don;t come back like you are kicking them out of a bar. That’s not punishment.

        I really think some of the tough talk I hear is theatrics.

        We would be much tougher on crime if you encouraged prosecuting them for crimes instead of deporting them. Of course using our prisons is more costly but I think that is a secondary priority.

        Some of the logic of some of these tough on immigration positions goes over my head. Or course I am sympathetic with immigrants (legal or not) but I really don’t get the aim except to make people believe we are being tough.

        If some one murders some one I want them to get the toughest punishment. Showing the door is hardly punishment

  48. Mike E. says:


    Can you explain this ‘Easy path to citizenship” concept? You do realize that many people who come into our country illegally prefer NOT to be processed and prefer not to pay taxes, right? I’m sure there are some who do, but many prefer not to pay taxes, and really don’t fear any repercussions of getting deported. If people can easily enter, I’m not sure that an easy path to citizenship will solve that problem.

    • Mike E. says:

      As for the rest of the stuff, you might be right about Trump’s intentions, I would really like to think/hope it’s not why he wants to do it.

      • Mike E. says:

        Ahhh, I see now that it’s the deportation thing that bothers you. You know what, think that’s a problem too. Some people shouldn’t be deported, there has to be a vetting process. Some people despite not paying taxes are good people and have made a life here in this country, and they should be given an opportunity to become citizens, perhaps with fines for not paying taxes of some sort. That’s how I feel.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      This never passed
      its an old article from 2013

      but my has the dialogue changed

      This kind of stuff isn’t even on the table anymore as far as I know

      There is no 1 proposition. So I can’t explain it. But there have been many republicans, democrats and liberterians who have supported different plans I would make it as easy as possible, but I think I’m in the minority

      I don’t agree with what you are saying about incentive not to be a citzenship. and I should know. During my lawschool years (mostly my 3rd year) I spent time volunteerring with a organization that reached out to migrant workers (many of whom were illegal) mostly about labor organizations
      the feedback I generally received was that most wanted to become citizens but were afraid to report themselves to anyone or in some cases just didn’t get around to it

      Generally the perks to citizenship outweigh the cons

      it doesn’t matter anyway. I would consider it mandatory to contribute one way or another. You can police that. If some one has income, they should pay taxes. Citizenship is the cleanest way.

      But I think when you go along the this line that you build a wall and deport everyone – you get away from practical solutions that may generate revenue for the country

      The whole thing looks like chest puffing – “hey look how tough I am”

  49. Tim Knight says:

    Piggy, no I would prosecute them here for their crime in our country.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      That’s how I feel too

      And I don’t think anyone talks about this

      A Trump support will say deport them and call me a snowflake for mentioning it….lol
      A liberal will focus on the human rights aspect an perception of racism

      But what is tougher on criminals: jail or getting kicked out?

      • Tim Knight says:

        What’s the snowflake thing all about. I saw it mentioned before and was like WTF does this mean?

  50. Randy says:

    Boy, I know we need help on the defensive side of the ball, but the more research I do about draft prospects, the more I am kinda hoping we take Howard if he’s there. He’s just such a clean prospect at a position of need for us. I don’t like any linebacker more than I like Howard in terms of their value at their specific position. I think the gap between Howard and other TEs is greater than the gap between any LB we could draft at #22 and the next few guys. We can’t get a TE like Howard in round 2. I’m not sure you can say the samething about the LBer position.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Howard by far is the best TE in the class
      but its actually a good TE class

      the 2nd round TEs are pretty good as well
      Howard is more well rounded though
      I can see some o f the other TE’s like Njoku or Leggett catching more passes and making a probowl before Howard does

      but I don’t think they will be better players than Howard

      I actually think Foster is a better player than Howard is and will be a better pro
      But you might be right about the gap between LBs vs the gap between TEs

  51. The Flying Pig says:

    I think “snowflake” is the new “libtard”.
    when I grew up it was always “bleeding hearts”

    I don’t know the source or it.

    I engage people as “Mustachio” on twitter about politics
    and I’ve been called all these things…lol

  52. Tim Knight says:

    Randy, yeah after looking into Howard and the mismatch nightmare that he is as well as being a polished blocker, he’s going to a top prospect. We’d have to trade up to get him and don’t think we won’t look into it. LOL

  53. Randy says:

    That’s why I said I don’t like any lb more than Howard because I too like Foster. Personally, I think they are both the cleanest options at their position. I just don’t think we have any shot at Foster. We MIGHT have a shot at Howard, and I think he’s a cleaner prospect than any LBer not named Foster. I’m not saying we have to draft the kid. I’m just getting more comfortable with the idea…even without defensive needs.

  54. Mike E. says:


    Like I said, I’m totally not into the deportation thing, I think it would be much more difficult to find the bad ones, and probably easier to find the good ones, and sending them back to whatever country they came from now makes no sense. That’s one aspect I don’t agree with at all. Protecting and strengthening our borders I’m all for though.

    • Tim Knight says:

      My feeling is that Drones are going to be a big part of border control. Real time cameras and intel to tip off border control agents to at least know where to go.

      • Mike E. says:

        Oh stop droning on, will ya! lol

      • Tim Knight says:

        LOL, seriously though. That is the best technological way. They can cover a lot of ground as eyes in the sky. Hiding and even at moving at night not so easy anymore.

  55. Tim Knight says:

    Here’s the thing about the draft and this is how we approached it last year. If our overall draft board is deemed to be average with only a small portion of prospects highly valued, we’re going to trade picks to get the guys we want. We as fans always act as if every draft is just teeming with tons of talent and it’s usually not the case. So we value mid and late round picks like gold. Teams look to improve by adding very good players, not just by names and imagination of what they could be. Some of those guys do become very good, but the percentage is probably pretty low.

  56. Mike E. says:


    How does the drone capture the people though?

    • Tim Knight says:

      The intel gets agents moving before they’ve crossed. A preemptive strike. We’re there waiting for them. We know where they’re moving ahead of time so to prepare for it. Right now it’s a shot in the dark.

  57. Mike E. says:

    Piggy Snowflake – That’s kinda like Ziggy Stardust. 🙂

  58. Randy says:

    The thing with building a wall is that it won’t even stop people from coming here illegally. It is, however, a way for some company or ompanies to make a whole lot of money.

  59. TOP SECRET says:

    Jahn and Piggy……there is a path to immigration and citizenship, and it’s 100% LEGAL….kind of funny how liberals HATE to be bothered by the legal path to citizenship… a former Marine and world traveler, I can assure you that America is the top destination to land for many, and for many different reasons…..we have legitimate enemies home and abroad……a strong border is necessary for the safety of this nation, PERIOD…..I know right now it’s very hip for the liberals to HATE on Trump, to protest / resist / riot and ignore the laws of this great nation all in the name free speech…..all I can say is, good luck with that……we are a nation of laws……abide by them or have them legally changed……and there are many of us who swore to defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic…and will do so if needed.

    • Tim Knight says:

      You’ve seen way more than me brother. I can’t disagree with you on much of what you said.

    • The Flying Pig says:


      You cannot tell me that immigration law has not gotten steadily more complicated and rigid over the last few decades

      That’s just not the reality of the world

      It really doesn’t matter to me that people can come in legally (and frankly many cannot)

      I think the point is – I don’t get the hostility towards those that don’t

      I don’t really care HOW some one comes in
      I care whether they contribute when they are here

      There are plenty of lazy jerks born here that don’t to a thing for the country

  60. Jahndoh30 says:

    I’m stoked to see my comment stimulate some healthy conversation. I have other thoughts, but I’m going to stick to my commitment and refrain. I appreciate you guys’ collective civility. It’s cool to see people talk honestly without the personal attack stuff. Cheers!

    • Tim Knight says:

      If only FB could adopt the same civility. 🙂

      I’ve always thought good civil debate on current events was healthy and our duty. Thanks, Jahn. 🙂

    • TOP SECRET says:

      funny……there are some folks who think being called a liberal is an attack…….lol.

  61. Randy says:

    To me, there are plenty of more important issues facing this country than illegal immigration. I’m not saying it’s not something to be addressed. I just think we have bigger problems.

  62. Randy says:

    I agree. I’m actually for kicking anybody out that’s here illegally. But, the idea that we will or can stop illegal immigration, is a farce to me. The Canadian border is as porous as our defense last year, but nobody talks about that. If I’m someone wanting to get into this country and engage in nefarious activities, I won’t be coming across the Mexican border.

  63. Mike E. says:

    Slowing it down would be a good start. As far as deporting, I think that would be just about an impossible undertaking

  64. Mike E. says:


    FB infuriates me. I bite my tongue every time I go on there.

  65. Mike E. says:

    The idea of “a wall” doesn’t make me feel safer. The idea they have something in place that works, whether it’s drones for surveillance, or hiring more guards with better technology, whatever it, just do it is, because our border safety is important. I don’t care how they go about it, as long as it’s better than what we currently have.

  66. The Flying Pig says:

    Frankly I don’t think slowing down immigration is in the least bit important to running our country

    I don’t think we are short of resources

    I don’t think any contemporary industry is on the verge of collapse bc of immigration

    I think it benefits capitalism is general

    I don’t think it’s as closely related to terrorism as people assume it to be

    I think it’s the boogie man under your bed

    Is that a liberal position?
    I don’t care

    I’m a salt of the earth kind of pig
    the only thing important to me is whether some one contributes to the country
    Not how they got here

    And that usually starts with paying taxes

    …btw I still have to do my taxes 😑

    • Tim Knight says:

      It is with social life. Let’s be honest, many Muslims inherently hate this country but want to prosper from it. It’s fucked up. Many of them cheered the destruction of the WTC, I saw it. That’s never cool.

      The first order of government should be defense. Without it we have none of the other good stuff.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        But that has nothing to do with a wall in the Mexican border

        That’s aimed directly at Mexican/central American immigration

        We aren’t keeping out Mongolian hordes…lol
        It clearly aimed to slow down that particularly immigration
        And again – I don’t know what that has become a priority

        I also think those sort of immigrants you mentioned are the exception, not the norm
        I’m not so idealistic to say that doesn’t happen
        But I think it’s just bad apples
        And being less than patriotic and being a danger to others are not synonymous

        I was in queens on 9/11
        Queens is probably the most diverse place on the planet short of Hong Kong

        I just didnt encounter that type of immigrant
        I recall a lot of different types of people coming together and caring about soliving our problems

  67. TOP SECRET says:

    BOTH sides (repubs / dems) have ignored this reality for far too long…….to keep ignoring it will not make it go away…..whether you love / hate Trump, it’s about damn time someone has the stones to serious address it….I’ll leave it at that, as to not upset anybody……just my opinion of course.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      You are entitled to your opinion of course

      I don’t see it as an act of courage

      Democrats and Republicans also don’t bathe with electrical appliance and never have
      If trump decides to shower with a toaster and electrocutes himself to spite them
      I’m not going to celebrate his big balls
      I’m gonna say that was dumb!

      I’m suggesting that these things that at being vaulted to the top of our agenda are false controversies. I think they were not addressed in this manner before, not because of a lack of balls by our politicians, but simply bc of plain ole reason.

      this shit he is doing as a whole doesn’t make any sense…except it gets people riled up
      who would have thought a reality star would thrive off that….

  68. Tim Knight says:

    Piggy, I’m talking about the entire immigration situation, not just a wall.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I hear you

      I think though there are different circumstances for each so I don’t love to group them together

      I don’t favor a ban of the 7 countries either
      but I do understand caution and prioritizing safety and security when you deal with entry into our country

      So my argument is a little different and I’m more flexible
      I certainly would not have banned green card holders though…

      erecting a wall blows my mind in that I don’t think its necessary at all
      and I don’t get the motivation to do it
      I don’t view it as a safety issue

  69. I have a newfound respect for Jahn from his posts above. Must say that. That and…………….prepare to go to war!!! lol. SNL

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I don’t know about that one

      • I think that’s a pretty realistic figure. It’s not even close to top DE money but that’s what guys his age and production are going to get.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I’m sure it is

        But I don’t know if I want to pay it

      • look at the alternatives in FA. I don’t see one that’s better AND cheaper. plus, with Wake, Williams and Fede being the only other DE’s on the team at this point there really isn’t much choice. Fede is no starter. In fact I really think we can upgrade him this year. Williams is most likely going to be released.
        Branch did a pretty good job for us and if he plays at least as well as OV we definitely got the better deal.

  70. The Flying Pig says:

    54: R2P22
    98: R3P34
    167: R5P22
    177: R5P32
    185: R5P40
    207: R6P22
    243: R7P22

    I don’t k ow if Watt is drafted to be a DE or an OLB or a hybrid

    But I picked up Cox and Maybin Reeves later to play whatever he doesn’t

  71. wyoming85 says:

    Ok in honor of Jahn I’ll jump in the Shark Tank!

    If everyone actually enforced the LAWS that we have in place today, would we need to have this conversation?

    How does a City get to tell the Fed’s that we don’t like your law and we won’t enforce it?

    Just a couple of pennies!

    • The Flying Pig says:

      They don’t

      But they certainly have the power to spend its own resources anyway it likes

      NYC is supposed to shift its resources from bussing children to school, or maintaining its subway system or paying its cops to enforce federal immigration a laws bc some in who does live Or spend anytime in NYC thinks it’s a priority – I don’t think so

      Where is the outrage for cities not enforcing fed tax laws, bankruptcy or any other laws?

      Now we have this silly Fox Bullet point about “sanctuary cities” bc cities dnot enforce fed immigration laws. Cities never do this – its the Feds job to enforce their own laws not the cities.

  72. Mike E. says:


    That’s a pretty good draft. I like getting Cunningham, Sprinkle, Elflein, Watt and Cox.

  73. So I like to tinker with film study and “scouting” and pretend I’m a scout but you get guys who are actually going thru the process like enrolling in The Scouting Academy online and posting their comments with some snippets of players pointing out the good and the bad without taking into account that maybe the thing they’re pointing out can be improved with the coaching at the next level.
    Take for example some recent comments I saw on Taco with video of him crashing down on the edge a couple times and taking himself out of the play. He didn’t “stay home” or seal the edge and allowed the runner to get around him for a big gain. It would be a different story if he lacked effort on a good number of plays or lacked the athletic traits necessary to become a really effective DE at the next level but you can clean up plays like that by coaching him properly at the next level. How do people discount this stuff?

  74. The more I’m looking at things and into things it looks like my latest mock can be blown out of the water. Duwaune Smoot doesn’t look like he’s going to last to our comp pick in the 3rd rd. He can go early 2nd and at worst he looks like he’s not making it past early 3rd.
    His teammate Phillips doesn’t look like he’ll make it past the 3rd rd. They are two key pieces to what I’d really like to see the Phins do but it seems Smoot’s upside because of his motor, his quick twitch and his strength are making him a fav at the DE position.
    Phillips is a guy some scouts are saying has first rd talent, although he most likely won’t go there. Damn, damn, damn.

  75. wyoming85 says:

  76. Tim Knight says:

    Lou, those contracts seem to be right for both guys.

  77. wyoming85 says:

  78. Tim Knight says:

    So it’s 60+ degrees today yet would could get up to a foot of snow starting tonight into tomorrow. WTF?!!!

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Crazy right

      I was wearing my a coat scarf and all my cold stuff when I left the house and now that would be too hot

  79. The Flying Pig says:

    I was reading some scouting reports on TJ Watt

    It surprised me to see one that said they think his ideal for is actually a strong side LB in a 4-3

    If the Dolphins felt that way about he might make a great pick in the 2nd round

    I’m really curious about Watt and his teammate Biegel and whether they can for a 4-3 scheme as a LB
    It give us a bigger pool to select from

    4-3 DE is also an option but they both seem seem a little light

    • I think a lot of people see the last name and go apeshit over the guy. He had some good numbers for one year playing the position but he’s also nowhere near what his brother is in terms of talent.
      If someone wants to take him in the first or second round that’s great for him but I just hope it isn’t Miami

  80. The Flying Pig says:


    I’m beginning to think you have an obsession with the Illinois Defense !

    • when you see good players who are a fit I don’t care where they come from.

    • I think a lot of people who are Canes, Fla St and Florida fans have an obsession with players from those teams as well and don’t look at players from other teams. I also think that there’s plenty of people who discount players from college teams with losing records or teams that aren’t in the power conferences and that’s just wrong.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I’m just being facetious
        I like the idea of drafting Smoot to bring him along slowly

        I haven’t watched too much Illinois football
        I didn’t even realize there were 2 Illinois prospects available until you started talking about them both

      • the thing that sucks is when I first looked at Phillips he was a 6th rd projection. I knew he’d move up, I figured maybe 4th rd or so, but the more I’m reading about him the more I think someone’s going to get him before we’ve got a shot.
        Smoot was projected higher and then slid a bit but now it appears he’s moving back up as well.
        In a perfect world I’d like to land both but I’d be thrilled if we got at least one of these guys.

  81. stangerx says:

    Never too early for a power ranking. And will spare you which team is #1

    12. Miami Dolphins (11-5)
    Was the Dolphins’ surge due to a weak schedule? They were totally overmatched in a late-season games against the Ravens, Patriots and in a playoff loss to the Steelers. I like some things the Dolphins did last season, and think coach Adam Gase appears to be a good hire, but this will be a “prove-it” season.

    26. Buffalo Bills (7-9)
    The Tyrod Taylor situation is reportedly still up in the air, although all signs point to him being released before a huge option kicks in. The only thing that could give the Bills pause in releasing Taylor: They have no other option at quarterback and there’s no easy path to get one. It’s hard to rank this team higher with the possibility that Cardale Jones or some TBD veteran is their starting quarterback in seven months.

    28. New York Jets (5-11)
    Will Christian Hackenberg play in 2017? This is the NFL, you don’t redshirt second-round picks for two seasons. If the Jets use yet another early pick on a quarterback, you have every right to laugh at them.

  82. Tim Knight says:

    Christian Hackenberg is the pick that could get GM Mike Maccagnan fired in a year or two if he’s not any good.

  83. The Flying Pig says:


    you gotta stop talking up these prospects
    they keep moving up in the rankings….lol

    Hassan Reddick was a 3rd rounder a month ago!

  84. Randy says:

    This is the time of year that tons of prospects get pushed up. By April, 100 guys are 1st rounders. It gets a little silly.

  85. CavalierKong says:

    Wow, multiple political viewpoints evolving into a healthy conversation rather than starting out of the gate as the lowest common denominator of name calling and tit for tat ‘ing. The people on this blog clearly don’t know how to use social media properly.

    I don’t read comment sections anymore on even the most harmless of stories. Inevitably, even on a story about a squirrel that can water-ski while finding the cure for cancer, the comments immediately devolve into ‘snowflakes’ vs ‘trumpsters’.

  86. Rockphin says:

    Hello everyone! Just stopping by to let everyone know I am alive and well. I’ve been reading, but haven’t had much to say for a month or so. I am going to catch up here:

    Coffee – Fresh ground beans using a french press is best. I like Aribica beans from Guatemala .

    Superbowl – WTF????? SMH! I HATE THE FUCKING PATRIOTS! I didn’t watch the game. I tuned in for a few plays at the beginning of the 3rd quarter and was like “ALRIGHT!!” then I woke up the next day to hear about the come back and OT win. FUCK TOM FUCKING BRADY!!

    Free Agency – Re-sign Stills, Re-sign Branch, Re-sign Alonzo, GET SOME UPGRADES
    FA part II – Get Jones an extension! Get Landry an Extension!

    Politics – Fuck Donald Trump

    • stangerx says:

      Rock — about time You stood the F up. 🙂

      Can’t argue against keep our own, unless Stills’ price tag gets too high.

  87. Rockphin says:

    As I don’t know shit about college ball or college players until around the combine take this as it is. Me using CBS’s big board and drafting BPA for position of need.

    98: R3P34 – C ETHAN POCIC – LSU
    207: R6P22 – LB JAYON BROWN -UCLA
    243: R7P22 – CB DWAYNE THOMAS – LSU

  88. mf13ss says:

    I like to keep things fresh. Since the mid-2000s, I’ve gone about the Draft somewhat differently as the game changes… and as I continue to learn and grow. And as always, FA precedes the Draft in these early stages.

    I’ve offered my “40 or 50 for the Phins” over the last 3 years (and I’ll do it again this year), but I want to introduce something new this year. Call it a round-by-round “a-b-c”. AKA: COULD, WOULD, and SHOULD.

    Your “a” choice would be our future draftee who is unlikely to fall to us, but COULD.
    Your “b” choice would be our future draftee who SHOULD be there for us.
    Your “c” choice would be our future draftee who WOULD be if “a” and “b” are off the board for us.

    Yes, this is a ‘generic’ Draft board of sorts and for those in LOVE with the Draft process. For those of you who enjoy doing mock drafts on “Fanspeak”, this is more or less your chance to have flexibility with your picks… instead of being solely locked into one player.

    I’ll keep the score at home (your posts) until someone creates the database (looking to you, Boulder! Or anyone else!) to keep track of this. I haven’t the time at the moment (nor will anytime soon, for that matter) to create the database.

    I encourage BOTH sites (the Exoduss and the Unleashed) to participate, in a manner of LOVE for the game and our Miami Dolphins! And a friendly reminder: there are NO wrong answers!


    MY ‘ordered’ ’17 Miami Dolphins Draft (generic Draft board) 2/7/17

    1a) Takkarist McKinley
    1b) Haason Reddick
    1c) Zach Cunningham

    2a) DeMarcus Walker
    2b) Pat Elflein
    2c) Jordan Willis

  89. Rockphin says:

    tangerx says:
    February 8, 2017 at 4:14 pm

    Rock — about time You stood the F up. 🙂

    Can’t argue against keep our own, unless Stills’ price tag gets too high.

    Yeah, I didn’t like reading the article that said Phillly has targeted Stills as their top FA. I hope we can keep the band together. I hate seeing ex-dolphins in the SB every year. IMO the front office needs to prioritize keeping our own young, good FA’s.

    • stangerx says:

      That was all agent-speak though, but can’t blame them for throwing it out from his side. And like every year, am sure that whatever the going rate for a player is too low. Still worried a lot more about Landry than Stills though in the long term.

  90. wyoming85 says:

    Jeff Howe
    Jeff Howe Retweeted Andrew Hauck
    For the last year, I’ve projected a fair deal for Hightower to be 5 years, $51M, approaching $20M guaranteed.

    Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet 12m12 minutes ago
    Ian Rapoport Retweeted Jeff Howe
    Hightower was offered more than $10M, like Collins, before the season. It didn’t take.

  91. Mike E. says:

    Hey Rock! – Good to see you back man!

  92. Brian in NY says:

    Here’s the conundrum: We gave up a third and a fourth this year to get Carroo (most of you know how I feel about this), so are we going to pay Stills a ton of money when we gave up two picks for his likely replacement? Landry is most likely going to get paid in the coming months, Parker will be up soon as well. That will be three WR’s making big money. Not sure our long term plan involves that.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I think you just pay your best guys

      Stills was great for us
      It would be nice to pick up where we left off offensively in 2017

  93. Tim Knight says:

    Brian, we have a 2019 5th year option on Parker. Don’t worry about him now. We can also franchise Landry in 2018 until we get a deal done. Not sure why everyone believes every player needs to be re-signed a year early? That’s how you blow up up your cap.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      What are we going to do about Spunky Roberts in 2041?

      Don’t know what I am talking about?

      It just so happens that Spunky is a draft pick of ours some time from now
      He’s a restricted free agent in 2041

      I would hate to lose Spunky…

  94. Jahndoh30 says:

    Howdy Rock and M13! Just to be clear, I’d take part in M13’s draft challenge idea, but I am simply not equipped with the time to make even a semi educated guess. Here’s what I’d say though, if you all figure out how to score it, I could probably send some beer to the winner….

    • The Flying Pig says:

      My suggestion is to score it in a manner that gives me a big advantage

      • Jahndoh30 says:

        Ha! I’m thinking it looks like this:
        Entries will be scored based on their proximity to the pick at hand with the A Choice weighted at 3 and the B choice weighted at 2 and the C choice weighted at 1. The Porcine choices will all be weighted at 3.5 by virtue of pork being delicious in virtually all it’s forms.

  95. Tim Knight says:

    M13, I’m gonna wait until the combine, pro days and FA has been decided. That’s the commodity auction.

  96. The Flying Pig says:

    That’s fine Jahn
    But I think we can cut out the “delicious” part

  97. The Flying Pig says:

    I’m in my office right now
    I have a Supreme Court argument tomorrow
    I’ve prepared thoroughly

    but I always prepare a little more the night before
    the problem is – bc of the storm, it might be adjourned

    and so I am patiently waiting for an update from the courts in hopes that the courts are closed

    its silly

    but I don’t want to waste time in my office preparing just to hear it was adjourned

    So I’m wasting my time for an update


    • Tim Knight says:

      Your honor, Piggy states that the state says your view on the 7 Samurai according to Piggy doesn’t count. What kind of BS is that? LOL

    • Ken says:

      I had to meet a client today -at a pig farm- or as the client calls it – a piggery. Of course I thought of you Piggy.

  98. Brian in NY says:

    In rare cases, players can outplay their rookie contracts; Landry has done that.

  99. I agree w/Tim. We don’t need to be getting these guys under contract early. I also believe there’s going to come a point in time when Gase has his system in flux to the point where he’ll be able to use numerous pieces and we’re not going to be held hostage by any one particular player anymore and we’ll be able to let them walk and just plug in the next guy.
    Think we need one to two more full seasons before that happens but he will get us there.

  100. The Flying Pig says:

    22: R1P22
    54: R2P22
    98: R3P34
    167: R5P22
    177: R5P32
    185: R5P40
    207: R6P22
    243: R7P22

  101. Jahndoh30 says:

    The upshot to signing players a year early is you get a better rate. Especially if you know it’s going to be a sizeable contract like Landry, putting it off only costs you more in the long run.

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