Isaac Asiata #68 – RD 5, Pick 164


The Miami Dolphins had Asiata in for a pre-draft visit, and it appeared that both parties felt they had a match, and that they would be back together soon.

“I was excited,” Asiata said about his pre-draft visit. “I was down there and I met with Coach (Adam) Gase and the whole staff. I told them before I left that I really wanted to be a Dolphin. They (drafted a lot of Utah guys in the past) and I’m very blessed, very honored to be the next Utah Ute to go down to Miami. Very excited, guys.”

As I was watching the draft, I started wondering when the 4th RD came and went if we were actually going to draft Asiata, because he was expected to go in the 4th.  The 5th RD came, and the Dolphins traded up to pick #164 and nabbed the big Samoan.  So after going defense-defense-defense with their first 3 picks, the Dolphins gave the offense a boost with the burly Utah OG.

Asiata was a 3 YR starter at Utah, but started at RT initially,  but most of his action was at LG.  He did play 7 games at RG in 2014.  I like his self description, and his viewpoint on playing on the O-line . . .

“I’m a real hard-nosed football player,” Asiata said. “I believe an offensive lineman needs to play with intellectuality and brutality. He needs to be smart and he also needs to put guys in the dirt. That’s the kind of style of play that I bring to the table and I’m ready to bring that down to Miami.”

Many of us here on FU had an idea that Asiata was going to be the guy, although some held out hope that we would address the O-line earlier.  As it turned out, the O-line class was not a particularly strong one, and combine with the fact that the defensive side was so strong, there were only 2 OL drafted in the RD 1, and that was OT Garrett Boles who went to the Broncos at #20, and OT Ryan Ramczyk who went to the Saints at #32.  The vaunted Forrest Lamp went in the 2nd RD pick #6 to the Chargers.

I definitely think Asiata has a chance to be a starter here in MIA, but I wouldn’t write it in ink that he’s the opening day starter. Gase loves Bushrod, and if he’s healthy, he’s almost certainly the RG.  That leaves the competition open for LG, with Ted Larsen,  Anthony Steen, possibly Kraig Urbik, and of course, the aforementioned Isaac Asiata.  Asiata brings power and nasty, Larsen brings a little nasty too, and more experience.  It should be an interesting battle, but this guy is rooting for Asiata.

GO DOLPHINS!  Zero in!


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  1. Mike E. says:


    We should have more of the crew come by the beach one night, we can shut down the entire strip

    • manitobafinfan says:

      More the merrier everyone !!!

      we can make a more solid plan in the months to come.. looking forward to it..

      But I gotta go run to Ball now.. Chat at y’all later EH..

  2. stangerx says:


    Game is Sun, Oct 22 at one against the JETS. Seats will be $65 each for real cheap nosebleeds.
    So make your travel plans……earlier you book flights typically the cheaper. Will get together the night before and Chef Warren tailgate as always.

    PhinDog +2 (plane and hotel done)
    Mike E +1 (plane and hotel done)
    Son +1 (please give me your extra number)
    Rock (driving)
    Chef Warren +1 (will be there before you)
    Stanger + faux UK Phin (Dameon)
    Phelonius +1 to +3 (tailgate into his new club seats)
    Toba +1 (plane and hotel done)
    OD (+1?)….sitting with the crew.
    Brian in NY + son for his first game (in OD’s seats)

    Ken (make that probable)

    • manitobafinfan says:

      Stanger:Toba +1 (plane and hotel not yet done) possibility of 2 more (pats and Falcons fans from 2 yrs ago) will let ya know very soon on that…

      k now I gotta run..

      • stangerx says:

        lol…you got my e-mail. Somehow always works for the best in the end when I put such out though. 🙂

  3. Mike E. says:


    Check your phone

  4. mf13ss says:

    73 years ago today, our brave young soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy, France. They gave their very lives in order to end the Third Reich’s despotic rule in the face of a world at war. Hitler had no idea that 6/6/1944 would mark the beginning of the end for him.

    This came at great expense with an exuberant loss of life for us… and a great many were not even old enough to drink having come straight out of high school. *sigh*

    Please honor this special day so that our bravest are NEVER forgotten. #D-Day

  5. pheloniusphish says:

    Fuckin’ Stanger…..hatin’ on my club seats….

    • stangerx says:

      Still say for Fest 2018 you will be sitting with us in the nosebleeds, but we’ll see. And please don’t put my full name out on the open net again…..hackers everywhere.

  6. olddolphan says:

    GOOD NEWS: Our daughter came through her surgery at Vanderbilt University Hospital in fine shape. In a few weeks, we should know if the surgery has lessened her Grand Mal seizures. Next up, my wife has major foot surgery in 3 weeks.
    THANKS for all your best wishes.

  7. D says:

    Mike E. says:
    June 6, 2017 at 6:38 pm

    Yeah, they tied me up to a motorboat, and let the fishes eat at me, and they called me silly names. lol
    What was the motorboats name, and was Mrs. Hand not disappointed in you?

  8. D says:

    Im with ya on the W’s and L’s Mike, we just have to be prepared, and play up to our potential and we will have more W’s than L’s by proxy. You do have to say though that the NFL, maybe outside of about 5 teams doesn’t have a big gap in talent, so it basically boils down to which teams comes prepared and plays up to what they are capable of. Not many teams are in a place where they “couldn’t” win games on any Sunday, and similarly there aren’t many teams that don’t look like they could lose on any Sunday. Unfortunately we haven’t arrived at the place where we are one of the team that are outside of that, and even then i doubt we are ever going to consistently be in a place where we can think of ourselves that way, even if we are proving year after year we could be. Its our place to judge our team not necessarily on wins and losses but whether or not we are only losing when another team just really steps up.

    I could live with 8-8 IF when i looked at those 8 losses i was thinking those guys played their best game against us, and we didn’t so much lose as they just wouldn’t be denied a win. However, if that’s the only way we are losing i doubt it would be 8-8 anyways, because most of the time you aren’t going to have 8 times that teams do that to you. Im hoping to see 10 wins, and a lot better performance in the bowl game we will likely get if we do end up with 10W’s. Gotta be patient when you are applying craftsmanship to building something, and the end result will be much better if you go that route. I just dont think you can say and we MUST get a playoff win to have improved from last year, because there are usually pretty damn good teams in the playoffs and there is no saying that we should or shouldn’t win that game, just play every game the best we can and let W’s and L’s take care of itself.

  9. D says:

    I kinda wish more people were aware of the nature of both the D-day campaigns and the ones in the pacific, there seems to be a push to either not mention what was done there, or historically understand what was done there, and even a bit of animosity anytime you bring up the Pacific due to the revisionist thinking towards Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What these guys did at the time they were asked to do it was brutal, and what they endured, or lost their lives to was horrific, not a single American not involved directly with those struggles could every really understand what they do/did and not just Americans but the entire world owes those guys a great deal of honor and respect for what was given so that we wouldn’t ever have to understand it. I understand im a day late to this discussion, but i wasnt able to do much posting yesterday,a dn i just wanted to say in remembrance of those men and women, i personally will make it my responsibility to at last continue that remembrance and honor through my generation and hopefully my children’s by what i pass on to them.

    • D says:

      sorry that should have read what these guys experience at the time they were asked to storm those beaches, was brutal

    • stangerx says:

      Great comment……Home of the Brave and Land of the Free. Truthfully am glad was never called on to do the same, but also would like to think I would have if called on. Will never know about that though.

  10. stangerx says:

    Sounds like Tunsil is starting to mentor Harris just like Albert did him.
    “It’s been competitive. Tunsil is a great player, a great tackle. It’s fun, because I remember the first time I went against him he actually gave me a message and told me what to do. It’s the first day of OTAs. I think he reached blocked me and he said, ‘You have to buckle and set the edge basically.’ In my mind, I was appreciative.”

  11. naplesfan2010 says:

    I love Gase being our HC for his very quick change of the mentality that we can come back from a deficit and that we can find a way to win close games and for the removal of slack dogs from the roster. But this year i would like to see two things. Those are: more strategic game planning to exploit specific weaknesses of the opponent and to maximize our specific strengths. For a very superficial example, we got zero on offense from the little guy. Maybe he just isn’t good enough to play in the NFL, but we need to know this ASAP, so we don’t keep a roster spot open for him if he can’t contribute … even if he only gets 2-3 touches a game in a broken field design, then maybe his speed will get us a score every 2-3 games and that would be huge.

    On the flip side, we should always know who their worst OL, DL, DB etc is and “pick on” that guy like bellycheat does. Saban does that with Alabama. It could be an injured guy, a slow guy, a second stringer in for an injury, or a rookie. Just find that guy and run plays at him till he proves he can hold up. That is brutal, but probably their 11th best guy can give us a turnover or let in a score and that could be the difference in the game.

  12. Mike E. says:

    New Blog up!

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