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  1. Ken says:

    I feel like I need to shower again

  2. D says:

    That last sack he definitely tucked it WAY before he had to

  3. Ken says:

    That’s 2 flipping page turns for me

  4. rgs322 says:

    There’s a good chance we start 1-4 again.

  5. D says:

    We are going to be picking very high 2018 draft.

    The defense didn’t do too bad. Tankersly looked pretty solid.

  6. Ken says:

    Alright lunch time but I don’t have an appetite but I guess I have to feed the kids

  7. naplesfan2010 says:

    I think if we had scored say 20, then the D would have held them to about 17 because of resting and being energized etc.

  8. naplesfan2010 says:

    Whew. I don’t feel like doing jack now. There’s no joy in watching the other games even.

  9. D says:

    Offense just looks lost. Not just ineffective but lost. Maybe it’s all due to Cutler not being up to play speed but I dunno, no one is getting open, OL is not giving a good pocket. Thomas looks slow and clunky. Ajayi doesn’t seem to be playing with any energy but he hasn’t had a lot of room to run either.

  10. Brian in NY says:

    We have a good shot of going into the fest week 1-4 for the 2nd consecutive year.

  11. sb7mvp says:

    I live in Saints territory so I’ll have a lot of people thinking they’re important with something to say to me tomorrow at work. Lol

  12. D says:

    Piggy I’m not getting into the culter defending or slamming, but he is not the only problem by a long shot. He doesn’t look like he is comfortable. He looks to be playing scared, but the offense isn’t giving him a chance really. It’s fucked up from the ground up. I can’t find one player who is playing well on that side of the ball, not one.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      We dont have to rank who is the worstplayer on this team to say Cutler is not a good qb

      He never was a good qb in this league
      He hasn’t been a good qb for the first 3 games
      He’s not going to start now

  13. The Flying Pig says:

    Moore for QB club!

  14. wyoming85 says:

    AHHHHHH this smells like some TanneLove! 🙂

    • The Flying Pig says:

      For me
      Tannehill is out of the picture until 18

      I don’t care about Tannehill

      But I do care about how bad cutler is

      When your offense is this bad
      You need to make dramatic moves
      And benching the qb might get us a little push in a positive direction

      There is no reason to have any loyalty to cutler or think about the future
      It’s just an easy move to admit a mistake and move on before a deeper hole is dug
      We can salvage the season now

  15. manitobafinfan says:

    D , teams seem to be concentrated on hitting Ajayi and taking out of game plan early.. he is having to break 2-3 tackles before he hits line of scrimmage, and hust like the Defense he is getting tired and frustrated early and effectively eliminated.

  16. manitobafinfan says:

    Brian: 1-4 at the Fest turned out good last year… not feeling it yet this year . Lets see if we play with some jump against a tough Titans team next week.

  17. herdfan says:

    I have some errands to do. Going to change out of my Dolphins shirt before I go. No point in advertising I’m an idiot.

  18. Mike E. says:


    You know what man, I’m just totally befuddled. I’ve been making excuses for Cutler because he didn’t have a lot of time in this offense, but then I look at other situations in the league, like Jacoby Brissett, who just a couple of weeks went to Indy, and he’s doing better than Cutler, and he has 84 year old Frank Gore as his RB. No more excuses, this offense is just completely inept, and we can’t even get the run game going, which should be our bread and butter. I have to think Gase is not finding ways to get opposing defenses off balance, and we just look like we don’t know what we’re doing out there, very unsure.

  19. Phindog says:

    3 games and only 2 TD’s. is it me or does it seem like our offense is just a little off ? 🖕

  20. stangerx says:

    Should be a lot of fun on the board the next couple days. D is playing better than I expected would Glad dropped Cutler in FF though. 🙂

  21. Mike E. says:

    I also agree with you on Thomas. I’d cut his useless ass. He can’t block worth a shit, and it takes him 2 hours to get past the LOS. Fuck, let MarQueis Gray start, along with Fasano, maybe that will jump start the run game, because Gray can block

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I’m benching both Thomas and Cutler next week
      And hoping that gives us enough of. Surge to get to .500

  22. The Flying Pig says:

    I know it seems knee jerky
    But you bench cutler
    Your try to get a little life into your offense for the TN home game
    And if you win you walk away 2-2 instead of waiting for cutler to click with the offense

    To me it’s an easy decision
    And cutler is a vet
    So he should be able to be professional about it

    We just ate generating offense with Cutler at the helm

    We are lucky it’s not 2 shutouts in a row

  23. Ken says:

    The offensive woes start with Cutler but they don’t end there. And yes Tannehill would be an improvement over what we have now but as Piggy said that is irrelevant until 2018. The question now is whether Moore is an improvement?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      He’s probably not
      But from a week to week basis
      I think he might kicks start the offense next week
      And give us a better shot to get to .500

      If we start Moore next week
      It will fade in a few weeks and Moore with be the same old Moore
      But it’s not like cutler is going to be our future
      So you don’t have to play this balancing of the QBs ego claim you okay with a franchise qb

  24. Tim Knight says:

    The defense is improved and plays with life. The offense is off the charts bad. Until that changes this is where we are. Ugh!

  25. Mike E. says:

    I think the NFL is picking on Godchaux. I really do. I thought that defensive holding call was bunch of crap, and they’ve called a couple of other penalties on him in the last few weeks

  26. herdfan says:

    I guess Tannehill doesn’t have to worry about next year now.

  27. herdfan says:

    Not sure if I agree with this or not. Lol

  28. Ken says:

    I don’t think there is much to be done to help this team this year. We lost our starting QB, LG, MLB and CB all before the start of the season. That is just too much to overcome when you are coming out of the gate with that many injuries

  29. Phindog says:

    Gase should bench his play caller…. Oh wait.

  30. naplesfan2010 says:

    Maybe Gase knows how to get a team out of a funk now after last year and if he does it earlier, then maybe we can be in better shape than starting 1-4, although Atlanta in GA looks like a sure loss.

  31. herdfan says:

    Sure would be nice to have a bye week. But week 11 would have been way late to help anything.

  32. naplesfan2010 says:

    I mean Tennessee is already down 21 zip to the Texans as Deshaun is 10/12 for 151 and 2 TDs and he has run for once for 9.

  33. naplesfan2010 says:

    Ken ugh on that list of losses.
    We also lost our DC and have a first year DC, although defense does not seem to be the problem.

    • Ken says:

      D doesn’t look to be the problem they look okay especially against the run. I would like to see more consistent pressure on the QB. I like what I saw in Tankesley today. I think the kid can play.

  34. BailBondMike says:

    I’m back and caught up on all the posts. My head hurts from banging it on the desk. Was trying to think of something to say but found myself speechless until I thought of “Our poor D” they kept us in every game until they just got wore out.

    • stangerx says:

      Right now 6th rated D in the NFL in points per game. Would be even better rated at points per minute on the field.

      • Mike E. says:

        Doesn’t this all seem like a rewind of the Philbin years? The defense on the field all day?

      • stangerx says:

        Sorta how it works when your O sucks real bad. Only thing will give them now is doesn’t seem the D tires out towards end of game like with Philbin. They are gamers.

  35. Ken says:

    I think Bellichek wishes he had our D right about now

  36. The Flying Pig says:

  37. olddolphan says:

    Since shutting the game off early in the 4th quarter, my life has gotten better, a LOT better. We had lunch. We washed one of our dogs. And we got a couple of things done around the house. We are cursing much less!
    I’ve given some thought to HERD’s comments on all the travel and the Hurricane just messing up our season. POSSIBLY, if Ross had chosen to play Miami’s FIRST game vs. the Bucs on Wednesday Night (4 days BEFORE Irma’s arrival), things would have been a lot better. INSTEAD OF BLOWING OUR ONLY BYE WEEK in week one, we likely (in my mind) would have beaten the Bucs (with Doug Martin suspended the first 4 games). THEN, perhaps Friday, the Fins would have flown to California and spent 8 days getting ready for the Chargers (another win in my opinion). These two wins NO DOUBT would have left the team in a positive frame of mind before they had to play at the Jets and in London vs. the Saints. But a different course of action took place. NOT SURE IF the final outcome of these games WOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER, but my guess is that they WOULD.
    ON THE DRAFT in ’18: QB must be our first pick. Tanny now fragile and NEVER a top 10 QB. Cutler & Moore not options to start. And we SHOULD get a good QB with a top-5 pick in 2018.

    • stangerx says:

      OD — lots of time till the draft…..and we did start 1-4 last year. So maybe we pick later. And Tanny will be back. Long as his knee his healthy he is in the prime age zone.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Players get injured. I wouldn’t say Tannehill is fragile. The approach to the knee injury didn’t work the first time. He’s be an iron man otherwise. He had the surgery and should be good to go next year.

  38. D says:

    I’m not saying Cutler shouldn’t be benched. Just like last year Tanny deserved to be benched after we went 1-4 and we’re every bit as disgusting in offense as we are now. A lot if you may have forgotten that but I remember it just fine. That’s me as a fan that wants something done now. That was me I last year wanting something done then. That’s a not necessarily the way Gase feels though it wasn’t last year and turns out he knew better than a me/us.

    Gase will bench who he wants, and whom he feels deserves it, but I doubt very seriously it’s going to be Cutler, just like last year it wasn’t Tanny.

    Gase after game interview didn’t sound like a guy who thinks it’s all Cutler either. He said, like I did, it’s across the board, it’s one person failing to make a play here, another on failing there, so on and so forth. It’s easy to blame the QB for all of it, he even pointed that out, he said only reason Tanny wasn’t being blamed right now us because he wasn’t there to blame. So imo, if you are going to trust in Gase, you have to trust his critique.

    They will go back, analyze and make adjustments. He knows he has to do it sooner than later because he waited almost too late last year, so expect to see some adjustments this week, and probably every week after until it gets fixed

    • D says:

      He also said that it was because they couldn’t get communication on that play and had to rush things. Cutler had to run to the sideline and then back to get the play than call and execute so he said he felt that messed not just the execution but also what he called.

  39. Tim Knight says:

    I’m not worried about the defense. I guess we can nitpick them but they’ve played well enough to win all 3 weeks. The offense has been so bad the last two weeks that’s where the focus needs to be.

    Ken, I agree Tankersley can play.

    Not making excuses but today’s game was horribly officiated. Let them play a little bit, geez!

  40. D says:

    You either trust Gase or you don’t…. No picking some decisions and not others. If you think this shit it coaching then I see why you feel what he says is wrong, but if you don’t how do you second guess what he is saying?

  41. Tim Knight says:

    You can’t correct things if you make changes all over the place. It’s not all on Cutler though he’s not playing well. There’s a lot going on with the offense that doesn’t look right – from play calls, to getting everyone lined up, to execution. They need to figure it out.

  42. stangerx says:

    Did you guys catch that Maxwell was out cause he did a hammy thing while warming up? Maybe NFL players are maxed out on their training like a stretched rubber band but….you get the idea.

    • D says:

      You normally have things like this in early part of the season. I think it’s because the CBA doesn’t allow for more game like practicing during PS, but that’s what they felt was best I guess

      • stangerx says:

        Hammy during warm-up has nothing to do with game time hitting. But maybe he had something going on that he and/or they were hiding. Normally when you warm up and someone drops out it is cause of “not ready to go” from whatever before.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Guys don’t practice like they used to so their bodies aren’t used to playing a lot of snaps. It’s very light in camp.

  43. Ken says:

    Sorry D Tannehill was not this bad in our 4 start last year. At least we scored points in those 4 losses.

    • D says:

      Yes he was. Just as bad, he came back and made you forget the bad part of his season but it was just as bad.

      • Ken says:

        No I check the box scores on Pro Football reference and I remember the games. He was no where near as bad as Cutler is right now

      • The Flying Pig says:

        Tannehill was the best player in the field in the week 2 loss to the patriots

        I think your analogy is way off

        We are lucky not to be shit out 2 weeks in a row
        By teams that a couple of teams really moved the ball well against

      • D says:

        It’s not about box scores lol, did you check how many three and outs we had on bad throws by him, how many strip sack fumbles, etc. I can show you a play where he fumbled throwing to no one and then kicked the ball around like he was playing soccer until he eventually lost it out if bounds. He had some incredibly bad plays. He settled out, he started playing better but even Gase said our 1-4 start was worse than we are playing now.

      • Ken says:

        The box scores confirmed we scored points which is better than what we are doing right now

  44. Ken says:

    The knock on Tannehill was he didn’t lift the play of others around him up. Right now Cutler is dragging down the likes of Landry, Parker, Stills and Ajayi

    • D says:

      How can someone bring anyone else down. I think you are putting way too much of this on him because you don’t like him man.

    • Ken says:

      Actually D I have always liked Cutler. I wanted us to draft him coming out of college. Right now I am watching him shit the field

  45. naplesfan2010 says:

    The Titans have given up 30 points to the Texans in the first HALF!
    And had to have an INT with 10 seconds on the 2 just to held them under 40!

  46. D says:

    Alright I’m done. You guys are right Tanny was friggin awesome during the 1-4 stint last year. I’m stupid and don’t know wtf I’m talking about

  47. D says:

    I don’t really care, Cutler isn’t the answer anyways I not a fan of his, I’m just trying to talk sense into you guys and it’s a big ole whiff on my part. Have at your misery and you pile on to anything that bad being one person. Lol

  48. D says:

    If I pass for 400 yards but throw a pick or two and fumble 3 times, I guess I wasn’t part of the problem. Box scores don’t tell you a game, that has been proven over and over.

  49. Tim Knight says:

    I have never seen this offense play worse other than the years when we didn’t have any talent.

    I don’t know why Gase doesn’t stick with more conventional to get Ajayi going rather than these WR groupings all bunched up for 0-5 yards every time. I hate 0 backfield and why did we pass on 1st down inside the 5 when we got picked? We ruined a good opening drive. Please Gase, stop being cute.

  50. stangerx says:

    Guilty confession…..Will Lutz scored 9 FF points for me today. But heck he plays in a dome with Drew Brees as his QB.

  51. Mike E. says:

    Atlanta losing to BUF in their house. They better turn it around, or we’re in more trouble than we are alreadfy

  52. BoulderPhinfan says:

    I think it’s time for Moore

  53. manitobafinfan says:

    Mariotta questionable to return with a hammy

  54. D says:

    He probably should have called a run on that 1st and goal, but they couldn’t get communication between the people they needed to to get that done. It’s set us into a funk. We never got out.

    • Ken says:

      Not specifically picking on Cutler but in that circumstance you call a timeout. When you are in the red zone you don’t rush plays. You use that time out if you have to and that is on Gase more than Cutler

  55. Ken says:

    One note on the OL is that I don’t think Pouncey is completely healthy. He has not played all that well this season

  56. naplesfan2010 says:

    Mariota out of the game, Cassel in

  57. ukfinfan says:

    First time I left a game before 0.00 on the clock. Didn’t even see Saints XP. They were there for the taking today but we were abysmal. Yes we arrived Thursday but for me, this team has reverted back to quitters, which is disappointing under Gase.
    How he reacts now is key.

  58. The Flying Pig says:

    Anyone else wandering your neighborhood trying to decide what to do for the rest of Sunday?

  59. Ken says:

    No more homer plays for me in fantasy. I played Cutler instead of Cam Newton. SMH at myself

    • The Flying Pig says:


      • Ken says:

        Well I thought the Saints have a shitty and I thought Cutler was due and Cam has been playing like shit this year so far so I went with the homer call. Then again last week I thought the Ravens D against the Jags was a good call too

  60. The Flying Pig says:

    My thing we criticizing the OL
    Is that the whole thing kinda comes apart when you start trailing in a game

    But Tunsil has been smelly poop so far

  61. stangerx says:

    Go Cam go Cam….maybe the division is the way to the post-season.

  62. naplesfan2010 says:

    NE gives up 30 to Carolina.

  63. The Flying Pig says:

    Mike E. says:
    October 1, 2017 at 2:49 pm (Edit)
    Atlanta losing to BUF in their house. They better turn it around, or we’re in more trouble than we are alreadfy


    You know you suck when you start rooting for teams to win 2 weeks before you play them so they don’t take their frustration out on you

  64. Brian in NY says:

    I remember basically being laughed at for suggesting during the preseason that it was quite possible that Buffalo could finish 2nd ahead of us in the division. I don’t think anyone is laughing now…

  65. The Flying Pig says:

    I will be furious if Brady has another 4th qtr comeback

    Go Falcons

    Keep the AFC East shitty!

  66. Brian in NY says:

    We are averaging a shade over 8 points per game, and are one missed, makable FG from sitting at 0-3.

  67. pheloniusphish says:

    Everyone is blaming the offense. How about a defense that can force more than 2 three and outs a game? One that recognizes screens before they are ten yards down the field?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Well it was a shutout this week and very close to a shutout last week

      • Mike E. says:

        We’re totally devoid of playmakers on defense. That’s where I’d be looking in next year’s draft, along with a freaking TE. Tim to finally invest a young TE, and stopp putting these shitty band aids on the position, like Jordan Cameron and Julius Thomas.

      • Ken says:

        Agree with Mike E that we need more impact plays on D

      • The Flying Pig says:

        We should have a better pass rush gof en the emphasis and the talent there

        I didn’t see Anthony at all today
        Not sure if he played

        Timmons made 1 play but I didn’t see him

        Tankserly almost made a great play and played well
        Howard has been shaky
        Allen does nothing
        Jones seems to be coming around but was MIA for first 2 games and first half

    • Ken says:

      The D well enough to win. They got tired at the end of the game from being on the field too long but holding a Brees led team to 20 points is not a bad days work

  68. Mike E. says:

    Texans shellacking the Titans. They’re gonna be pissed as hell. Our team may just be pouting

    • Ken says:

      Our QB is known for his pouting. I know that I am just beating up on him unfairly but I couldn’t help myself

      • Mike E. says:

        I wasn’t even talking about Cutler. We got beat up by the Jets, and this is the effort we come back with? Not good

  69. Mike E. says:

    I said safety was a problem from the start. By the time TJ McDonald’s suspension is over, we could be eliminated already. I knew Allen sucked

  70. Mike E. says:


    Almost made a great play? Like Cutler almost threw a TD to Thomas? lol

  71. The Flying Pig says:

    But seriously Tankersly played well despite being targeted a lot

    • Mike E. says:

      He did play well, that was good to see. Still, we juts don’t seem to have anyone who makes game changing plays

  72. Rockphin says:

    It is really bad when you start to expect your offense to go two and out. We should just keep the guys from getting hurt and punt on first down.

  73. Mike E. says:

    If we’re lucky, Mariota’s hammy won’t be healed by next Sunday’s game, so we may just lose 9-0

  74. The Flying Pig says:

    Who made the decision to cut Darr in favor of Haack

    How bad has Haack been

  75. ukfinfan says:

    Thanks Piggy and Stanger. Any live game is a bonus, but the flip side of that is watching a team fail to live up to potential in person is more painful than on a screen. We should all be used to it by now but we still take Wanny’s cheese every year.
    Had a rib eye steak and a bottle of Shiraz to console myself…….. seems to be working. Signing out now as I have a 3 day business trip and I’m recording all games so don’t want any spoilers. Keep the faith and FU all 🙂

  76. Mike E. says:

    Patriots about to tie against the Panthers

  77. Ken says:

    Carolina missed an extra point earlier in the game

  78. Mike E. says:

    Bills going to win today too. Yeah, juts like we expected, last place, behind Bills, Jets and Patriots. FUCK !!!!!!!!!

  79. Ken says:

    Well at least the Pats lost

  80. Ken says:

    Jets Jags in OT

  81. Ken says:

    Man does Borttles suck

  82. Ken says:

    Nice punt by Jags

  83. Tim Knight says:

    It’s been a very sup par brand of football so far this year and a lot of inconsistency from teams week to week. As bad as our offense looks, 1-2 is not a death sentence. Our defense can compete. They need some support.

  84. D says:


    Tanny 16/29 186. 5 sacks one a strip sack

    32/45 345 2/2 1 strip sack fumble

    25/39 319 3/2 1 strip sack fumble

    15/25 189 1/1 5 sacks 1 strip sack fumble

    12/18 191 0/2 6 sacks no fumbles

    24/33 230 1/0 2 sacks no fumbles

    26/44 220 1/1 3 sacks no fumbles

    20/28 164 0/1 4 sacks 1 strip sack fumble

    I’m sorry just staring at the stats I’m not seeing a major difference. The pats game was garbage time stats. They had a very big halftime lead where or offense had nothing but 3 and outs, after halftime they let us funk and dunk ourselves back into it with Landry and Parker taking short stuff for big gains. Other than that we had overtime game with overtime additional stats against an awful Cleveland team, out only win.

    Also end of the day,been were 1-4, so again were we really better than now? I don’t think you can stretch that belief far enough to make it true

    • Ken says:

      We scored points in all those games. We averaged more than 8?points a game in that stretch

    • Tim Knight says:

      To me last year has nothing to do with this year anyway. This debate really has no merit for me. Not sure why you guys even go here. You can’t imagine what it might have been because that’s all it is, it’s imaginary. Some people feel Tannehill would have been better than Cutler, you don’t, then there is me and I’m sure others who don’t see the point.

      As fans, shouldn’t we focus on what this team needs to do to get better? Tannehill won’t be a part of that on the field anyway.

    • D says:

      Look how many turnovers Tanny has to Cutler, look. How many sacks he took. You guys are absolutely giving Tanny a break on his failures. Let Cutler get further along before you sell this season and him short. Yes he is a pouter, but Gase might get him back on track and if he doesn’t we get to draft a QB and not worry about either of them, we can have a brand new guy for us to bitch about

      • Ken says:

        Look at all the points Cutler scored. At the end of the day it is about points on the board and Cutler is failing miserably much worse than what Tannehill was doing in the same stretch last year

  85. naplesfan2010 says:

    patsies* lose

  86. ElephantRider says:


    Same ol same ol

    They stink right now. BAD

  87. ElephantRider says:

    My favorite…..

    3rd and inches and lets fucking run from shotgun!

  88. ocalarob says:

    wHOO WON??

  89. naplesfan2010 says:

    What if we change this blog to support the Texans instead of that wimpy team we used to like?

  90. herdfan says:

    Tankersley looked good. I read somewhere, it could have even been here, that his response to being told he was starting was, ‘about damn time’. I like his spirit. Sounds like something I would have said. In fact, I say that all that time. lol

    • D says:

      He had a great game. When I saw him in, I watched him pretty close a deal he looked good. Looked a lot better than you would expect a rookie in his first game would look

  91. D says:

    So last year has nothing to do with this year but you guys keep bringing up how much better at QB than LAST YEAR. You bring up box scores so I show you the box scores, and I get well we scored more points which is an entire offenses responsibility. Choose you argument and stick to it, stop rolling to another when I prove you other one isn’t solid,not hell just be respectful and admit I have a good point

    • Ken says:

      But D when the argument that the offensive woes were on the whole offense not just Tannehill and people went ballistic in response to that. Why does Cutler get the benefit of the doubt on that and Tannehill didn’t. Tannehill is not an elite QB but he is a capable NFL QB who I think has been unfairly treated by many Phin fans

      • D says:

        I’m not saying it wasn’t bad on us for doing it to Tanny, obviously it was. I’m saying same place different QB. Just give it some time

      • D says:

        I think you are misjudging the intention of my argument

      • Ken says:

        Gase is clearly going to give him more time and I understand that but I am pretty disappointed with what I have seen with him to date. Let’s hope Gase is right

    • Tim Knight says:

      I said your first point but I have not been making the comparisons. You’re lumping me in with Ken and Piggy. I think the point is moot. What’s wrong with the 2017 offense?

      • D says:

        Actually I’m not pulling you into this I’m talking to Ken and Piggy lol. You want some too?..lol

  92. Tim Knight says:

    Gase is becoming too Lazor for me. What I would do as HC or OC would be to hone in on my talent and use it. I line up 2-TE as my base for blocking for Ajayi, protection and also passing options. Then rotate my top 3 WRs and use them more vertically. Ajayi doesn’t go down easy with a head of steam. Not much he can do being hit in the backfield or at the LOS. I start with getting him going then strike deep – not meaning bombs but throws beyond 10 yards. That’s deep these days. LOL

    Gase has us sinking behind the LOS too much just like Lazor did. It’s like an addiction for these OC guys these days. Parker and Stills are vertical guys. Landry is a Swiss Army knife. Ajayi is a punishing runner. Use it.

  93. Ken says:

    Jets win. Fuck

  94. D says:

    NFL is all upside down this year. Pats losing g to people they shouldn’t, almost could be 1-3. Jets just won against a red-hot jag team. All kinda crazy stuff happening

  95. stangerx says:

    Jets and Bills will not be in the playoffs…..am rooting for them every week they ain’t playing us.

  96. D says:

    Ken I’m disappointed too but I’m disappointed in the entire offense it’s bad from bottom up

  97. D says:

    I about posted something bothering other day about out possible draft possibility base on what might happen but it’s too early for that so I abstained. Still when I was working it out I realized, this year unlike my years might have a person picking in the 12-15 range that has 6 wins. Usually it’s 7-8 to pick there but everyone is shooting for 8-8 this year it seems lol

  98. Tim Knight says:

    D, I said “To me last year has nothing to do with this year anyway.” That’s what I thought you were referring to.

    The 2017 offense has to figure it out because they’re not even competitive right now. All Tannehill can do is be a voice and express some solutions based on what he’s seeing.

    The team needs a meeting of the minds moment. I really feel basic football centered around the best players on offense is the key. The 3 WRs are not the best offense, getting Ajayi going is priority #1. Then strike with those skill guys. We need 7-7 hats more and less 5-6 hats on 7. We’re losing in the trenches. Can’t survive that way.

    • D says:

      It sorta was then, i guess. Just not directly. My reply was saying then why is everyone making it about last year’s QB being better. I was saying the argument started out like that, I didn’t take it there, infact I was trying show it wasn’t and better, putrid is putrid and even Gase didn’t feel this year was worse.

      Either way I think we are back to being in agreement we suck right now and our whole offense sucks and nothing this team is doing right now, at least on offense, is acceptable.

      Defense is improving, and I think tankersly is a big part of it. They need to get McCain too while they are at it. He isn’t very good. I think Verner sucked on the outside, but I think he is better than McCain in the slot, I’d rather have him in the slot against NE than McCain. McTyer might deserve a shot as well.

  99. Ken says:

    It will be interesting to see if we continue on a current arc and wind up tanking this season and Tannehill does have a clean bill of health but we have a shot to get one of the top 2-3 QBs in the upcoming draft what do we do? There will be some good QBs in this years draft

    • stangerx says:

      That’s a long way down the road. But if we pick top 10 or even 10-15 might come into play. Tanny will at least have a clean bill of health coming into the draft though.

  100. Ken says:

    John Jerry sucking for the Giants. I guess our OL could be worse

  101. wyoming85 says:

    There will be good QB’s all over the first 2 rounds of the draft!
    Not that I’m saying we need one!!!!!
    But one will be there!

    • Ken says:

      It is going to be a good year for QBs. If we have a high pick it may be too good to pass up but I don’t know how that sits with the vets who want to win now

  102. stangerx says:

    “I’m one of the leaders of the offense and right now it’s unacceptable the way our offense is playing. The defense is doing a great job. When our defense is playing like that you’ve got to go out there and make plays and help those guys out.”

    — Mike Pouncey

  103. D says:

    This is easily the craziest start to a season across all teams in the NFL I think I have ever seen. There is only one undefeated team left and it’s week 4 and JC has to play a hot Redskins team Monday.

  104. rgs322 says:

    I know everyone talks about Darnold, but I really like Rosen. He is tough and is putting up very good numbers with no o-line and not much in receivers. …Both will probably go in the top 5 though.

    • D says:

      Risen seems more refined, a little less wow factor. I like Luke Faulk a lot.

      The Fitzgerald kid at Mississippi State is much better than the last two games have made him look. He is all they have in offense so it’s hard for him to get anything going since all a team has to do is shut him down. He needs to stay at State another year imo.

      There are so many pretty good candidates and just a couple of possible start right away that we could get a guy in the third even and it be a possible starter in a year. We have to get someone, because it’s only a possibility that if Tanny comes back that he doesn’t have some regression from his year off.

  105. Tim Knight says:

    D, not sure what the big issue is with McCain. It’s not like he’s being torched for TDs. He’s doing his job and it’s not easy inside with what teams run. He actually helps on plays he had nothing to do with making tackles. We’re not giving up a lot of points. The offense is doing nothing to support the defense. Nothing!!! 6 points (TD and missed XPT at the end of the game) in the last 8 quarters. It can’t be much worse.

    The defense isn’t great but they’re sound. The offense is so bad I can’t even focus on defense now.

    • D says:

      This is the first time the secondary has looked good and he was the weak link there. That tackle they credited for was pure luck that kamara lost his footing on the wet field. He had penalties against him that hurt us, he missed some coverages on kamara that cost us and he has always been a weakness in the secondary he us topped out and with most teams working the slot, he just doesn’t give us the quality we need there.

      • Tim Knight says:

        McCain was all over the place and plays STs. Lead the team in tackles with 7 and sacrificed his body on that shot he took cutting a guy down. He also had an impact on the missed FG in LA. He’s an unfair whipping boy in my eyes. I’m not worried about him or the defense the way it’s constructed.

        We punted 6 times, lost the TOP battle by almost 10 minutes – dominated in the 2nd half, and scored 0 points. Bobby McCain is not the problem.

  106. 81Howie says:

    Thanks everyone,
    I fell better now so I am shooting for a comback this week
    Who the hell are we playing 🙂

  107. D says:

    Our OL looks average. A lot if teams have worse than we have. They aren’t doing great, but they arent looking like a sieve either. All the offensive units need a good tweaking but aren’t just completely awful. We just don’t have anyone helping carry us either. Landry has been that guy for us but even he isn’t doing much this year. He us dropping a ton of passes

    • Mike E. says:

      We look worse than we have in quite some time in the run game. We aren’t giving Ajayi a chance on far too many runs

  108. D says:

    The run defense is sound Tim, pass defense has been weak in first two games. This is the first time we can’t count them as part of the problem.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Points! 17, 20 and 20 with very little support on offense. I’m not worried about the defense and they could get better. Lots of new faces coming down the road.

  109. TOP SECRET says:

    only 3 disrespectful anthem kneelers this week for Miami?……from the crybaby offices of Thomas, Stills and Thomas….how ironic would it be for one or all of them sustain a spinal injury?……think about it……sitting in a wheel chair WISHING they could STAND for the anthem…..oh the irony of it all…….they would get to experience what a soldier feels like after being road side bombed by some fucking terrorist……

    • Mike E. says:

      C’mon man, that’s way over the top. I get it you take exception to it despite the fact they say the protest has nothing to do with the military, but wishing a spinal injury on anyone is disgusting

    • stangerx says:

      Top — think it great that most seem to have gotten over the whole politics after it became an issue before. Just back to football. You watch the game? Now that is something to get mad about.

  110. TOP SECRET says:

    Mike E……yeah,,,they don’t mean DISRESPECT to the military……but they are still disrespecting AFTER being told that their actions are disrespectful…those fucking retards don’t get it…..find another way or venue…….and stop disrespecting our nation’s anthem and flag.

  111. I didnt see anyone protesting the military, but Fox Sports always sells anthem time for advertisements, and don’t normally show the anthem.
    Did Fox diss the military too for making millions of dollars during the anthem instead of standing?
    Love ya brah, but I don’t think anyone is disrespecting the military, or I would call them out for sure.

  112. rgs322 says:

    Speaking of Julius Thomas, what a waste of a pick up that has been. We need to draft a young TE next year.

  113. pheloniusphish says:

    “The D well enough to win. They got tired at the end of the game from being on the field too long but holding a Brees led team to 20 points is not a bad days work.”

    2 three and outs. Can’t stop a screen pass. D is not playing well enough to win.

    • stangerx says:

      Disagree on that one. This D is better than what I thought it would be, not that was hoping for much. Still 6th best in points allowed per game even though the O keeps throwing them out over and over again.

    • Ken says:

      There is definitely room for improvement especially in terms of impact plays such as sacks and take aways but they are keeping the other team out of the end zone. They are definitely not why we lost

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I suspect if our offense would have been better
      Our defense would have looked even worse

  114. Mike E. says:


    Guys like Stills are actually doing something about it. They have met with Tony Dungy and others, and have gone into the inner cities to have meetings with police and community leaders. That’s accomplishing something, not just empty gesture protesting. As far as I’m concerned, they’re just trying to bring awareness to the issue, and as long as they are following up and doing something about it, it’s a good thing. Have you ever been to a football game? Have you not seen drunken a-holes cursing and laughing and totally not paying attention to the anthem? Why is that not disrespecting the military, or the anthem? They’re trying to promote unity, not divisiveness.

  115. Mike E. says:


    I don’t have to assume. It’s just not right even bringing that up. That’s like me saying wouldn’t it be ironic if Top Secret went on to the football field to prevent one of the players from protesting and the player tackled him and Top Secret got a concussion and then got CTE? You know what I mean? It’s just unnecessary.

    • TOP SECRET says:

      funny, I don’t see the irony….TOP SECRET attempts to prevent disrespect to the flag and the anthem but gets fucked up by the disrespectful player/players instead…wow, I guess that’s disrespectful players – 2, TOP SECRET – 0…not a good day for patriotism.

  116. Mike E. says:


    Let’s drop it. It’s not worth discussing at length. Let’s get back to football, although I’d prefer not to talk about our team right now, it’s brutal.

  117. TOP SECRET says:

    Mike E….yes drunken assholes do disrespect the flag and anthem….but they are not endorsed by the league and it’s owners to do so…….and please explain this to poor david……I don’t give a fuck what the players SAY their intentions are……their ACTIONS are disrespectful and offensive, to most of us who have served……PERIOD.

  118. Mike E. says:


    Check your mail

  119. I think the Dolphins are tired, mentally and physically. The travel, hurricane, road games, losing the bye, losing Tannehill, it’s just becoming a mountain of adversity, and no bye to rewind and get back on track.
    There are no easy answers at this point, We have to play the cards dealt, and find a way

  120. Tim Knight says:

    Thomas set up 1st and goal at the 4 with a 23 yard gain. We fucked that up by passing on 1st down. Gase, just go with what you have. Run the ball there. Come on man!

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Personally I was okay with the pass on 1st down

      It was just really poorly executed
      Forced even

      • Tim Knight says:

        Run it and you probably score even if not on 1st but 2nd. Impose your will there go big and power run it with a guy who doesn’t go down easy when he’s got some tread. It’s not rocket science. This is the kind of thing that sets teams back. You play tricky instead of physical when it’s there for the taking. I’m really disappointed in Gase the last two weeks. I think he’s a bit lost right now as a play-caller. Too much on his plate.

        Still time to rebound. We have to see it.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I think Gase has been too cute and trying to establish certain things
        In this case getting Thomas involved
        Last week it felt like we wanted to get Ajayi a big game
        I think the offense is just struggling to find an identity

  121. TOP SECRET says:

    well…I guess I’ve said my piece……you all have a peaceful evening……it wasn’t my attentions to offend anyone.

  122. rgs322 says:

    D says:
    October 1, 2017 at 5:38 pm
    Rosen seems more refined, a little less wow factor. I like Luke Faulk a lot.

    Yea, Faulk is solid and he protects the ball. Another guy to watch is Thorson from Northwestern. Good kid with a very good arm.

    • Ken says:

      Watched Thorson yesterday vs Wisconsin. The physical skills are all there but he will need time at the next level. I watched him make a horrible play at the end of the game that resulted in a safety that effectively ended the game. He just held the ball when he didn’t have to

  123. Mike E. says:

    Good night Top – Please check your email – Thanks

  124. ocalarob says:

    Even though they may be protesting social injustice it’s time to release the American flag from being a hostage in all this. The military and the flag have nothing to do with these issues it’s just their way of getting attention. It’s bad for the fans, it’s bad for the military and it’s bad for business.
    Time to let it go and find another way to protest.

  125. The Flying Pig says:

    Pouncey is expected to need hip replacements t surgery in the next 5-10 years

    • rgs322 says:

      That sucks.

      With that said, we really need to start looking for a future replacement. There are a few guys we should look at in next year’s draft. …2nd/3rd red prospects. They can always sit a year or be a backup at OG/C.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I don’t think it’s an immediate need
        And I don’t think it needs a high pick in 18
        But it does look like the clock on his career is ticking
        He might retire soon

    • Ken says:

      He has not looked like he has a couple years ago

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I haven’t really noticed Pouncey to be honest

        Tunsil and Bushrod haven’t really looked good imo

  126. Ken says:

    So far I still think Darnold is the best QB in the draft

  127. The Flying Pig says:

    Fwiw Top you didn’t offend me
    I’m never really offended by anything
    But I’m a little worried with people at each other’s throats after 2 losses in a row
    This blog will be miserable if that happens
    tone and the way we all speak to each other can prevent that
    I have to watch myself as well
    We all have to watch ourselves

    • Dolphins lost, but have our lives drastically changed over it? lol. No
      It sucks, but can’t let it kill off my positive thinking. Sometimes it’s best to just let things go, and look to next week and regroup. First REAL home game of the year might make a differance!

  128. Mike E. says:

    Hunter Henry just made a fantastic TD catch. Sure would be nice to have a good young TE

  129. BoulderPhinfan says:

    The offense looked better at the end of year with Moore than it does this year with cutler

    • Ken says:

      It did but not sure I trust Moore to run an offense for more than a handful of games. I think his limitations will become more obvious. Then again hard to do much worse than what we are currently doing

  130. BoulderPhinfan says:

    Ajayi didn’t have a good game either. 3rd and inches wtf was that. I think drake should get more snaps

  131. BoulderPhinfan says:

    I think the int at the end of the first drive really took a lot out of the offense. I was so bummed. That just was a terrible call on 1st down. Thomas is not that good anymore

  132. BoulderPhinfan says:

    And the penalties killed us. I don’t remember a more undisciplined team. Both offense and defense. Come on Gase

  133. Tim Knight says:

    Gase… please go bread and butter and not all the other weird shit you think about. LOL

    Get back to basics with your best players. What you’re doing now isn’t working. Yes?

  134. ElephantRider says:

    I hate all you douchebags! Phins suck!

    Carry on

  135. ElephantRider says:

    Seems Philbin is back! All the shit he and RT17 got/get, at least they frickin scored.
    And is it against the rules to throw more than 5 yds down the field? Or does every pass have to be at the line of scrimmage!

  136. Brian in NY says:

    Mike E. says:
    October 1, 2017 at 6:53 pm
    Hunter Henry just made a fantastic TD catch. Sure would be nice to have a good young TE
    Next year when we select Mike Gesicki in the early 2nd round.

  137. 81Howie says:

    GO PHINS!!!

  138. son of a son of a shula says:

    Cam! Who doesn’t love Cam today?

    Oh Cam how I wish
    Luck would leave you for the fish
    How I yearned for thish

  139. mf13ss says:

    Quick-hit observations on Offense…

    1) Our O-Line is pathetic in pass-pro: we’re on track for 48 sacks over 16 games WITH Cutler’s superior pocket-presence.
    2) Our O-Line is pathetic in run-blocking: 3.2 YPC through 3 games with 0 TD runs.
    3) While Cutler’s CMP% is nice (67% through 3 games), his YDS/ATT are WAY down (nearly 2 yards per attempt): WHY are we playing ‘dink-and-dunk’ with his cannon arm?
    4) Ajayi’s 3.8 YPC today are NOT for a lack of trying very hard in front of his fellow Londoners. This O-Line is pathetic and Pouncey isn’t looking good (doubt he’s going to make it through this season, as I’ve predicted).
    5) Kenny Stills is averaging 5 Yds/reception LESS this year (11.2) than his career average (16.6).
    6) Julius Thomas is averaging nearly 2 Yds/reception LESS this year (8.9) than his career average (10.8) and his 2-year average in JAX (9.7).
    7) Jarvis Landry is averaging nearly 4 Yds/reception LESS this year (6.7) than his career average (10.3)
    8) I saw a stat citing that the 3-game Offensive scoring output this year is lesser than ANY 3-game stretch of Joe Philbin’s tenure here… OUCH.
    9) The play-calling is absolutely horrific from Adam Gase… it’s as though Dan Henning has taken over his brain and we even saw the ‘Wildcat’ today (where Cutler took the play off while on the field).

    — I stand by Adam Gase keeping Cutler as the starter into next week, but I’d keep Cutler on a very short leash. What does that mean? If Cutler isn’t the answer after 4 games (1/4 of the season), it’s time to start Matt Moore, JMO.
    — At his current rate of play, Ja’Wuan James won’t be here next year to collect his roughly scheduled $9.3M, after exercising his 5th-year option this past off-season.
    — Jarvis Landry and his agent are not going to be able to capitalize on a new contract at his current production… not Jarvis’ fault, either.
    — Has Adam Gase intentionally ‘dumbed-down’ the Offense to gain Cutler more familiarity with his new teammates in order to avoid early-season turnovers? If so, when do the training wheels come off? It’s time to let Cutler air it out… he looked good in the preseason, IMO.

    • Brian in NY says:

      1) Same old story
      2) Same old story
      3) Same old story
      4) Same old story
      5) Receivers don’t seem to be getting open as much this season. Whether that is due to a lack of chemistry with Cutler, Cutler shitting the bed, the OL woes or all of the above I just don’t know.
      6) He needs to see less playing time and Marquis Gray needs more.
      7) Defenses seem to be handling him well this season.
      8) The offense is the worst I can remember seeing in all of my years watching this team.
      9) Agreed. Stop getting cute and just run the plays we are good at (if any right now). That cute shit only works if the offense is clicking with normal plays.

  140. son of a son of a shula says:

    We should have drafted Deshaun

  141. son of a son of a shula says:

    Cutler is a drag
    Drinking like Jahndoh last night
    Not that good shit though

  142. son of a son of a shula says:

    Suh hasn’t hurt his chances at DPOY but didn’t enhance a case either

  143. son of a son of a shula says:

    Tied with NE in the loss column

  144. Rhino says:

    Had to work a convention for our clinic.. they had an NFL section where they played the games on big screen for all the guys who got ‘dragged’ to the event.
    This section was right behind our booth!!! so I got to see the game after all. Kinda’ wish I had an excuse NOT to see it.
    Matt Moore deserves a shot at this. It can’t get any worse.

  145. D says:

    Lol rivers told the media they asked three questions in a row there they answered the questions in the question the asked him. It’s silly sometimes to hear the questions they ask. Like guaranteed they will ask how do you feel about this loss…. Wtf really lol

  146. CavalierKong says:

    The refs really made our game a shit show. We probably would have scored 6-10 points if it wasn’t for them.

    • D says:

      There were definitely some bad calls

      • CavalierKong says:

        That holding call on Godchaux was awful. He got pancaked in an intentional double team.
        I guess I know what the ref thought happened. He thought Godchaux pulled the double-teaming guard in, thereby opening the hole for Jones to shoot the gap and make the easy tackle, but the guard went to Godchaux on his own. Terrible call.

        There were a handful of other bad ones, including one later in the same drive on a 3rd down stop (two 3rd down fuck you Dolphins calls on that drive, smh.)

        Even without the refs, our offense has issues. Cutler’s arm looked live today, but his play still stunk.

        Oh well, we started 1-4 last year, maybe we can turn it around.

    • Ken says:

      LOL I think that about says it all

  147. Tim Knight says:

    M13, superior pocket presence from Cutler? That sack and fumble was bad stuff. He’s not really ready to play. Game one was not the norm. I don’t blame Cutler only for the overall offense woes, but he’s a big part of it. He looks sluggish. The OL has been sub par but also put in bad situations that Gase has to take some blame for.

    Gase has to have a meeting of the minds and figure this out before the hole gets too deep.

  148. D says:

    I don’t think you start Moore at all and I’m almost certain unless Cutler gets hurt, Gase won’t start him in place of Cutler.

  149. herdfan says:

    I’m thinking maybe Gase should let someone else call plays. That whole wildcat play? What was that? It took them forever and ever to run it, not like they were fooling anyone or catching then by surprise. If I can see what they’re doing, good chance the opponent is on top of it too. And Cutler just stands there with his hands on his hips like he’s waiting for an elevator or something.

  150. CavalierKong says:

    mf13ss says:

    8) I saw a stat citing that the 3-game Offensive scoring output this year is lesser than ANY 3-game stretch of Joe Philbin’s tenure here… OUCH.
    Ugh, that is the suckiest thing I’ve heard so far. “OUCH” says it all.

  151. CavalierKong says:

    It’s pretty nice to watch the Pets play like normal teams do and look very beatable. That D is atrocious right now.

  152. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    October 1, 2017 at 8:30 pm
    M13, superior pocket presence from Cutler? That sack and fumble was bad stuff. He’s not really ready to play…
    Re-watch that play. Ja’Wuan James nearly got Cutler killed. There was absolutely nothing Cutler could have done on that one given play other than just falling down. At least he didn’t get cute and force a throw that could have resulted in an INT.

    I DO feel that Cutler has a tremendous feel for the pocket… he’s got that buzzer going off in the back of his head and automatically knows when to step up or sidestep. I’m not sure we’ve had a QB with as much pocket-presence since Marino… but that’s JMO.

    • D says:

      His pocket presence is much better that we are accustomed to. I’m not sure his is great, but it’s a lot better than Tanny that has almost no pocket presence. Brady, Brees, etc are all much better than Cutler

  153. D says:

    They had Harris lined up as a 3 tech DT today. That’s crazy. I don’t know what they were thinking but he didn’t get much push from there and he got a penalty, a BS one, another time. That roughing call on Suh was bullshit too, he didn’t touch his head, was a shot to the chest, perfectly legal

  154. Tim Knight says:

    Oh my… Cutler is all that. He looks done is how he looks. 6 points in 8 quarters. What are we watching? The offense looks bad but he’s part of it. It starts with the HC/OC for me. Gase has to dial it back and roll with the best players he has, not his ultimate desire.

    • Ken says:

      My problem with Cutler is that he looks like he doesn’t care right now. There is no urgency in his game. He is taking every snap right down to the wire of the play clock even when we are behind. I thought we were supposed to be this up tempo no huddle offense. We look sluggish as all hell

      • D says:

        He seems to be playing scared to me. He doesn’t seem collected as he did in the first game. He isn’t setting his feet and he has an unsettled look to him as he sits in the pocket. He bailed out completely on one play, prepped for the sack before he was out of options. Other time I saw him adjust his feet like 10 times like he was trying to find a passing land and yet getting ready to scramble over and over.

    • D says:

      Can’t you objective? Does Cutler have to suck at everything for you to agree. If I say he has better pocket presence than Tanny, but still say isnt on the level of great as say Brees or Brady, you have to lose your cool over that? No one is saying he’s great dude.

  155. CavalierKong says:

    IMO Cutler doesn’t look any better in a collapsing pocket than Tanny does. There were one or two plays I said to myself ‘Tanny escapes that with his mobility’. But I also figure Tanny may have taken a sack that Cutler didn’t take today because of Cutler’s better awareness. To me it’s a wash.

    • Ken says:

      I think D overstated Tannehill lack of pocket presence. I will admit it was a problem his first couple of seasons but I think he was consistently improving the last couple of seasons to the point where I didn’t think it was a significant issue last season.

      • Ken says:

        That all said I would agree that over his career Cutler has displayed better pocket presence than Tannehill but I am not sure I see that right now

      • D says:

        Ken he took like 13 sacks in first 4 games last year, of which he had 4 strips. He might as well have been blind to his right side. He would never see it coming. Tanny still has horrible pocket awareness, and holds the ball way longer than he should. He also doesn’t know when to just throw it away. He has tons of athletic ability but he statues in the pocket.

    • D says:

      Tanny isn’t even aware the pocket is collapsing that’s why he gets stripped so much. He had at least one strip sack in 4 of the 5 games last year when we were 1-4. He take sacks a lot if time he didn’t have to because he doesn’t move in the pocket. There is an undeniable difference, even I’ll agree Cutler only above average in the pocket and certainly not on the level of the top QBs in the league

      • CavalierKong says:

        I think it’s grossly overstating it to say Tanny isn’t aware the pocket is collapsing. I personally agree with Ken that may have been true his first couple of years, but last year was a significant improvement. I thought he was about average in that dept last year. He still has lapses, and I agree Cutler has better instinctual awareness. I still think Tanny doesn’t take two of the sacks Cutler took today.

      • Ken says:

        He did have that run with some strip sacks some of them was because he was fighting not to go down. That said it was an area that dramatically improved I can recall several plays where he showed great pocket presence in avoiding a sack and making plays down field. The one that stands out to me is the deep ball to Gray against the Steelers last year.

  156. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    October 1, 2017 at 8:53 pm
    Oh my… Cutler is all that. He looks done is how he looks. 6 points in 8 quarters. What are we watching? The offense looks bad but he’s part of it. It starts with the HC/OC for me. Gase has to dial it back and roll with the best players he has, not his ultimate desire.
    Nah, Bro… I don’t think anybody thinks Cutler is “all that”.

    Like YOU, I think it all starts with the HC/OC. IMO, Gase is dialing things back to make life easier for Cutler… and I do NOT agree with it, either. Let Cutler rip the ball like he’s used to doing (we saw it work nicely in the preseason).

    There’s enough blame to go around… from the play-calling, to the QB, to the O-Line, to the fact we have so many new players trying to get used to playing with one another.

    Tannenbaum and Grier are certainly not without guilt.

  157. Tim Knight says:

    D, please enough of the Cutler vs. Tannehill stuff. Let it go!!! I’m talking about the 2017 team minus Tannehill. What’s the point?

    We scored 6 points (1 TD – missed XPT) the last 8 quarters. What does Tannehill have to do with it?

    • D says:

      Ok do you can state what you will but I can’t. Thanks Mr post Nazi.

    • D says:

      I replied to what M13 said, you jumped on it then make a post like this. Fuck you dude.

      Others are posting about Tanny vs culter and you single me out. Fuck you a second time.

      Who gives you the right. Either read and ignore or read and reply without telling people what they can and can’t post. I’m equally tired of your bullshit about how Tanny is Jesus walking on water when he isn’t.

      Cutler may not be the answer but Tanny has never proven he us either. You can’t take that go cuddle with your Tanny doll and have a better night ok. Otherwise, as previously stated, fuck off.

      • Ken says:

        Chill man we all have our opinions and nobody is telling anybody what they can or can’t post. Emotions are running hot today because we played like shit again. Tim is a good guy as are you I would hope everyone can express their differences of opinions civilly.

        I have a busy day tomorrow so it is time for me to go cuddle with my Tanny doll. LOL I actually liked that line. Peace

  158. Tim Knight says:

    Goodnight folks! Have at it. LOL

  159. mf13ss says:

    LET US BE HONEST with something… our O-Line is PATHETIC.

    Seems as though Laremy Tunsil’s testicles have yet to drop as an NFL LT, Anthony Steen isn’t the answer at LG, Mike Pouncey’s days are numbered (he’s been playing very poorly over the last two games), Jermon Bushrod isn’t a spring chicken in only his second year at RG, and Ja’Wuan James is becoming a 1st Round BUST at RT.

    Dammit… OLD DOLFAN and I WARNED about this.

    • rgs322 says:

      It just seems like this team has too many glaring holes to be in win-now mode.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I think it’s a bit hard to evaluate the OL when we end up falling behind by multiple scores

      The OL was fine on the first series of the game and was running the ball well

      3rd and 4th qtr though they looked bad
      But we weren’t running anymore

      Plus I don’t think it helps that cutler is letting the play clock go to the last second

  160. CavalierKong says:

    Ugh, I started debating Tanny. My bad. Hahaha, I have no desire to rehash this right now when he won’t be a factor to this team until next year, lol. Have a good night, ya’ll! 🙂

  161. mf13ss says:

    The Tannehill vs Cutler debate is a legit one to have, IMO. WHY? Because even though Tanny is out for this season, Cutler is battling for a starting job against him come 2018.

    I see no harm and no foul in trying to figure out who the better QB is in the Gase system… BUT IT’S STILL TOO EARLY after a mere 3 games. That, and we don’t know if Tannehill will ever be 100% again.

    Time shall reveal, and there’s still plenty of football to be played for Cutler as there is time for Tanny to successfully recover.

    Track these matters, but nobody (including Adam Gase himself) can make a definitive call RIGHT NOW. Too early, gents.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Right now Cutler should be battling to stay on the ’17 roster

      • mf13ss says:

        Is that right? Not sure I agree.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        It’s a bit tongue in cheek

        But if his is as good as he is – no question he’s gone in ’18

        We don’t really have too much of a choice now but to ride with him
        Personally I would pull him for Moore with the option to play him again later in the year and give him a second chance

        But looks like Gase is sticking with him for now


    • rgs322 says:

      Honestly, to make a Super Bowl run in the near future, I don’t think our QB is on the field or on the sideline right now.

  162. D says:

    Ken before I wind up getting to a place I just did with Tim I’ll tell you I don’t agree that Tanny has good pocket presence, and that’s my observation on it. I don’t think Cutler’s is perfect, but generally is much better. Doesn’t make Cutler the man for us, and I have never said that, it’s just an observation about something that was being discussed.

    You guys can want for Tanny to be back, he isn’t going to be back, I’m actually hoping Cutler improves so we can improve but I’m also rational enough to know it’s going to take more than just him improving for our team to get better on offense. To be frank I have never liked Cutler, but he is our QB and I’m trying to be positive about it. I do think Tanny is better in some ways but worse in others.

    So now I have that out there, the rest of you pine for Tanny or Moore or whatever. I’ll just stay out of shit since everyone can be talking about the same shit yet I’m accused of starting it all or keeping it going or whatever else Tim wants to blame me for.

    So to you Ken I’ll say I respect your opinion in opposition to mine, I cannot however agree with it.

    • Ken says:

      That’s all cool D. It’s a football blog and we are going to have different opinions and we shouldn’t feel like we shouldn’t share them. This place wouldn’t be much fun if we all agreed with one another. I am out. Peace

  163. mf13ss says:

    James Walker‏Verified account @JamesWalkerNFL 4m4 minutes ago
    Poll: What is the #Dolphins’ biggest problem on offense right now?

  164. D says:

    I’m sorry I got pissed. I’ll chill. Tim you have my apology as well. I’m the d-bag here. Hope the rest of you have a better night.

  165. mf13ss says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    October 1, 2017 at 9:36 pm
    I think it’s a bit hard to evaluate the OL when we end up falling behind by multiple scores

    The OL was fine on the first series of the game and was running the ball well

    3rd and 4th qtr though they looked bad
    But we weren’t running anymore

    Plus I don’t think it helps that cutler is letting the play clock go to the last second
    This point is irrelevant on every level, and I say that with respect to you, Pig. You’re making excuses where execution mattered. If ya can’t pass-pro, ya die. If ya can’t open lanes in the running game, ya die.

    Look at our sacks yielded and our YPC behind our O-Line. If THAT didn’t suck, then my aunt would be my uncle. Our Offense is stagnant in LARGE part due to our O-Line. It’s easy to say that we’ve been playing from behind as you stated… but why are we playing from behind? Because our Offense can’t put points on the board, by and large due to our O-Line.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Our offense took the ball 81 yards down the field in their first drive only to come away with nothing after an interception

      The OL looked fine on that drive

      Afterwards it went south

      I think it all feeds off each other but when you look at the fact that Ajayi finished with 12 carries and was being productive
      I don’t know how you ignore the way the game developed and the way it made all the parts looked

      When it rains it hails

  166. son of a son of a shula says:

    The very green Deshaun only put up 57 today, I wonder if the polished Cutler can even get us in field goal range…

  167. son of a son of a shula says:

    Third down on both sides of the ball we lose

  168. ElephantRider says:

    Cutler is the best thing that could have happened for RT17.
    Chew on that! Lol

  169. olddolphan says:

    YES Mr. SPIKES; YOU & I DID WARN about the overwhelming need to upgrade the O-Line. WHEN THAT did NOT occur, our season was doomed!!! This O-Line opened up with a great first drive then RAN OUT OF GAS!!! – – NOT IN NFL GAME SHAPE, THAT’S FOR SURE!!!
    THIS is a talent driven league. Outside of 5-6 players, Miami DOES NOT HAVE THE TOOLS TO COMPETE AND WIN. YOU NEED 40+ BIG TIME PLAYERS on your squad. We’re not even close to that. THAT’S WHY our personnel acquisition department needs a top-to-bottom over haul. From T-Baum to the lowest ranking scout, our talent department LACKS TALENT EVALUATORS capable of putting a championship team on the field!!!!! And given ROSS’S history of hiring “the wrong people” way too often, the chances of building a first rate scouting department seems pretty small.
    FOLKS, a fish rots from the head down. That’s why, IMHO, Miami will NOT have a championship quality team until ROSS SELLS THE TEAM!! Ross may have “the Midas touch” with real estate. But, regarding building an NFL franchise, he’s proven he’s got “the Midas touch in reverse!” 60 wins and 72 losses during the Ross Era says it all!
    WHAT a tragedy in Las Vegas! Over 200 dead Americans!! Blasting the mayor of San Juan won’t fix this problem nor will it deal with Little Hitler in North Korea!! Time to stop the talking and start taking action!!

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