2018 Miami Dolphins – Free Agency – TE’s

TE – The position that has been a vacant hole for so many years.  One oddity, if you weren’t aware, is that Tight End, besides Kicker and Punter is the only skill position that the Dolphins have NEVER invested in a 1st RD pick for.  While I’m not advocating the Dolphins select a TE with the #11 pick, they better make it happen with either the #42 pick, or at the very least, the #73, but preferably the #42 pick.  In the meantime, let’s take a look at who’s available at TE in free agency.  Last week, we looked at WR, this week, it’s the big fellas, the TE’s.

Jimmy Graham 6’7 260  31YO


A TE can’t really replace Jarvis Landry, or can he?  This year, in SEA, in his walk year of free agency, Graham’s stats more resembles Jarvis Landry’s than at any other point of his career.  Graham reeled in 10 TD’s this year, his highest total since ’14 (He had 16 TD’s in ’13).  Here’s where it even more closely resembles Landry, 57 receptions for 520 yards, for a 9.1 YPR average, the first time in Graham’s career below double digits.  Is the big guy slowing down? Eh, probably a little bit, but SEA just didn’t have a great year this year, the run game was a colossal bust.  FA Eddie Lacy was a huge disappointment, and the bevy of RB’s behind him were awful, so it all fell on Russell Wilson, who managed to have a phenomenal year, despite the run game woes.

Graham is 31, and will be going into his 9th season.  He’s played most games every season, and isn’t really an injury prone player.  He’s one of the biggest red zone threats in the game, and if you compare him to what we’ve had here the last decade or so, he’s ALL WORLD!  Spotrac has Graham’s market value at $6.7M, and I’m going to say right now, I think they’re low on that.  Think of it this way Dolphins fans, if we do lose Landry, which you all know I will hate, Graham would definitely help this team recover from that loss.


Austin Seferian-Jenkins 6’6 262  25YO


ASJ had a resurrection of his career last season with the rival New York Jets.  I know pretty well, I had to pick him up in FF in 2 leagues after I lost my TE to injury.  After disappearing from the NFL landscape during 2 forgettable seasons with the Tampa Bay Bucs, the former 2nd RD pick was cut in the middle of his 3rd season after his 2nd DUI arrest since 2013.  He got serious about his life, slimmed down 15 lbs, got his mind and body focused on football, and had a nice comeback season.  It wasn’t outstanding, but 2 TD’s were overturned by replay, one against the Patriots (Of course!), and one against Seattle. ASJ finished with 50 catches for 357 yards and 3 TD’s.  Not eye popping, but he showed a lot of promise after being out of football for a while.  A highly touted prospect, ASJ seems to be on the right track, and I’d take a look at him for sure.  Spotrac projects his market value at $4.1M, which is a bargain compared to Julius Thomas.


Benjamin Watson  6’3  255  37YO


Yes, Watson is older than Gase.  Not really, but it’s close.  It would have to be a short contract, but joking aside, Watson has had 2 very productive seasons his last 2 years, one for the Ravens, the other 2 years ago with the Saints.  Players don’t usually get better after 35, but Watson has had his 2 best years of his career.  Watson caught 61 passes for 521 yards and 4 TD’s.  He’s a smart veteran player with a good work ethic, and looks to be in fantastic physical shape.  My thinking would be to sign Watson, but also draft a TE early, and let things happen as they will.  At worst, if the rookie struggles, you have a veteran TE who can fill the spot, and also mentor the young TE.  Seems logical, especially at the right price, which should be around $2M per.


Virgil Green  6’3 248   29YO


Yeah, I know, it’s slim pickin’s out there folks.  Sure, 7 years ago in the 2011 NFL Draft, both M13 and I were all about Virgil Green, but in 2018, after 7 seasons in the NFL, Green is not a savior.  He’s more of a role player, and probably a 2nd TE, which is why I’ll be discussing Anthony Fasano shortly.  back to Green, he started all 16 games last season for the Broncos, but had very little on his resume as such.  Green finished with 14 receptions for 191 yards and 1 TD.  That’s a nice 13.6 YPR, but it’s such a small body of work, it’s hard to get excited about it.  He’s an athletic player, definitely undersized at 6’3, but part of the mystique of Green is he played college ball at Nevada, with a certain controversial QB. Ahhh, now you remember who Virgil Green is!  Virgil excelled at the combine, running a 4.64, jumped out of the park with a 42.5″ vertical and a 130″ broad jump, a 6.90 cone and 11.63 60 YD shuttle all showed great athleticism and explosiveness, but it just hasn’t translated to the NFL.  It happens.


Anthony Fasano  6’4 255  33YO

Miami Dolphins vs Houston Texans

We all know Anthony Fasano well, Gigi’s Italian Stallion who came back home last season after a 4 year hiatus.  Always a fan favorite. Fasano has that old school grit, and will even make a nice catch here and there when called on.  he’s a great in line blocker, but he’s a 2nd TE, not a #1 guy.  This seems to be the theme in this year’s free agency, once you get past top 2 or 3.  No reason to post his stats, but I will anyway, 12 catches for 107 yards and 1 TD.  The stats don’t do Fasano justice, because he’s a great teammate, as I mentioned, a great blocker, and a fan favorite, so his 12 catches don’t portray his story fairly.


Trey Burton  6’3 228  26YO


Burton is an undersized, very undersized TE.  He’s one of those tweeners, who BTW, is benefiting hugely by by being on a SB winning team, and being the #2 to one of the best pass catching TE’s in football, Zach Ertz, along with the complete arsenal of weapons such as Alshon Jeffery, Nelson Agholor, Torrey Smith, LeGarrette Blount, Jay Ajayi, etc . . . Burton caught 23 passes for 248 yards and 5 TD’s.  I don’t think any NFL team will be looking at Burton as their #1 starting TE, yet for some odd reason, Spotrac has him valued at $7M per season.   Burton caught 23 passes for 248 yards and 5 TD’s.  As far as I’m concerned, I’d take that $7M and give it to Landry to keep in aqua and orange, but that’s just me.  he would have to be a complimentary player, like a slot receiving TE, so forget $7M, maybe at half that, I’d consider him, maybe.


Ed Dickson  6’4 244  30YO


Dickson has had a decent career with both the Ravens and Panthers.  This past season, when starter Greg Olsen went down with a broken leg, Dickson got more of a chance, yet still finished with pedestrian numbers, 30 receptions 437 yards and 1 TD.  he had a nice 14.6 YPR, but 1 TD as a starter for 12 games is disappointing.  Maybe it’s the QB in Carolina, who knows?  (LOL!)  Once again, Dickson is not going to be your #1 starting TE, he’s more of a 2nd string guy.


So there’s your 6, oops SEVEN possibilities at TE for us in 2018. I obviously can’t count!  I didn’t forget that Antonio Gates is out there, or Tyler Eifert for that matter.  Gates should finish his career as a Charger, and I think he probably will.   He’s maintained he doesn’t want to retire, he would like to win a SB.  Tyler Eifert eerily reminds me of Jordan Cameron, and I don’t have to remind you how that went down, or how strongly I was against it.   He’s a talented player, maybe better than Jordan Cameron, but believe it or not, not as durable.  Eifert has managed one season with 15 games played, and then in 4 seasons after that, just 24 games.  I wouldn’t even look in his direction, been there, done that. I would have loved to have included former CHI TE Zach Miller, but after that catastrophic leg injury, in which he dislocated his knee, and and actually severed his popliteal artery, and nearly had to have his leg amputated, he may never play football again.  The 33 YO TE desires to play again in the NFL, but he has quite the uphill struggle ahead.  If there’s any TE you feel was wrongly omitted, let me know.


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979 Responses to 2018 Miami Dolphins – Free Agency – TE’s

  1. The only players we lost in FA were Jenkins and Sims and we actually had a net gain of free agents and neither Jenkins nor Sims got any significant contract numbers so I do not believe we will be looking at any comp picks in this draft.

  2. NFL Update

    13 minutes ago

    There’s more: In addition to domestic violence, Reuben Foster was also booked on suspicion of possessing an assault rifle, per @robertsalonga.

    NFL Update

    16 minutes ago

    If Reuben Foster is found to have committed domestic violence, the typical punishment by the NFL for a first offense is a six-game suspension.

  3. ElephantRider says:

    I agree Lou.
    No Cheatriots here!

  4. Tim Knight says:

    Instead of focusing on new draft prospects let’s focus on last year’s class lead by Charles Harris. I know his stats don’t jump out at you, but I saw a player who got better as the season went on. He got close to a lot more sacks than he finished with 2.0.

    I saw him get schooled and he kept fighting. He’s an under-sized DE edge rusher who’s work ethic and mindset are what you look for. At 6-3 250 something he needs to do is get a little bigger and stronger. But I see upside in this kid and he might be the guy we start talking about in 2018.

    He always reminded me of the kind of player the Steelers draft. In fact I believed Grier got a call from them saying damn you got our guy. LOL

  5. The Flying Pig says:

  6. If you were to check out just three games, 2016 vs LSU, 2017 vs NC State and Miss St. you would see why Lamar Jackson should not be considered a first rd pick. Take away his ability to run and turn him into a qb and he can’t handle it. He can’t handle pressure. When he’s pressured he throws off target a lot and hurries his throws.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I feel like the entire draft is full of qbs that should be 2nd round picks rather than 1st

      • Mike E. says:

        I feel like we say this just about every year with QB’s. The need for QB’s usually outweighs the talent available, therefore, teams reach every year.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I’m just a little weary of this year’s crop

      • Ken says:

        I really like Josh Allen. I know he is raw but his athletic ability is off the charts. He reminds me of a young Elway. I watched his bowl game and he was not as raw as I thought. He made just about every kind of throw in that game both in the pocket and on the move. His numbers don’t look all that special from that game but they jumped on their opponent, got out to a big lead and just played conservative the rest of the game. However in the first quarter I was blown away with how good he was

  7. herdfan says:

    Hey Ken…All the best to you this week. 🤞🏻

  8. Tim Knight says:

    In this mock from local reporters from the cities of these teams, Armando mentions the Dolphins really like Roquan Smith.

    • wyoming85 says:

      But he’s gone so they take Mayfield?

      • Tim Knight says:

        Well that was Armando. I didn’t post this because of the mock so much, more for the Smith message and that Tannehill totally understands the team possibly taking a QB early or even the 1st rd.

  9. stangerx says:

    Renaldo Hill is the 10th former Phins player to come back to coach for us. And makes sense to me…her was one of those guys who made the most of his not all that great physical skills.

    Here are the other 9 — Bob Matheson (LB, 1971-79, coach 1983-86); Larry Seiple (P/RB/TE, 1967-77; coach, 1988-99), Tony Nathan (RB, 1979-87; coach, 1989-95), Dwight Stephenson (C, 1980-87; coach, 1992), Bernie Parmalee (RB, 1992-98; coach, 2002-04), Jeff Dellenbach (T/C, 1985-94; coach, 2004), Terry Robiskie (FB, 1980-81; coach, 2007), James Saxon (FB, 1992-94; coach, 2008-10) and Bryan Cox (LB, 1991-95; coach 2011).

  10. Mike E. says:


  11. wyoming85 says:

  12. wyoming85 says:


  13. Mike E. says:

    Piggy – Yeah, it published. If I close the browser and go to the site, it’s the article that shows.

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