2021 Position Outlook – Safety

The Miami Dolphins secondary was the strongest unit on the 2020 roster, but it wasn’t necessarily because of the play of our safeties. I believe Eric Rowe had a strong season, but the strength of the secondary was based on the excellent play of the two corners, Xavien Howard and Byron Jones. Bobby McCain was good, not great, and the younger players showed some promise here and there but failed to make a clear case to be a starter going forward. Clayton Fejedelem who was a free agent pickup and a good one because Fejedelem is a special teams ace.

Young Brandon Jones proved to be a reliable tackler and that’s good, but didn’t show anything special as far as instincts in pass coverage. Jones was seconds in tackles in the secondary behind Eric Rowe with 62 tackles, but his 1 pass defensed and zero interceptions seem to imply he’s better in run support and bringing down receivers than he is in pass coverage. Jones still had a nice rookie season after being drafted in the 3rd RD (#70). Kavon Frazier who came over from Dallas in free agency played in 15 games but he was almost solely on special teams. Good Ole Bobby McCain had somewhat of a bounce back season, but I don’t feel like he did anything that made him indispensable for this coming season. His cap hit versus salary make him a possible cap casualty as they can save about $5.6M if they cut him. This can open up a potential spot for either Brandon Jones or potentially a draft pick or a free agent signing.

In the 2021 draft, S Trevon Moehrig from TCU may be the best prospect for us. Moehrig 6’2 202 has the size and length that we don’t have with Bobby Mac. A former WR and special teams guy Moehrig worked hard to become a very strong defensive player.He has good ball skills with 4 INT’s in his Sophomore year and adding another 2 in a shortened season last year. He possesses good instincts and good long range speed along with a quick burst, ideal for coverage in the NFL where it could be anything from a RB, WR or TE. Jevon Holland is another good safety prospect but he may be similar to Bobby Mac in that he also plays the slot well and may end up a better player at slot CB than safety. This is not a great safety class and it appears as if Moehrig is the cream of the crop.

In free agency, Justin Simmons heads the class. He’s almost certainly out of range as he will garner somewhere around $15M per, so he will not be a Miami Dolphin. Former NY Jet Marcus Maye is also a top FA, but again, he will be out of our range. Former Steeler Sean Davis is a free agent and I liked him in that draft, very explosive and agile, ran a 4.46 40, 3.97 short shuttle which is very fast and a 6.64 3 cone which is elite agility. In the NFL though, Davis has been meh, starting at SS in his first 3 seasons and coming up with 5 INT’s those 3 years. The drafting of Terrell Edmunds (Bills Tremaine Edmunds brother) and then the trade for MFFF no doubt buried him on the depth chart. He may be worth a risk to resurrect his career. I don’t feel like safety is a position where we have to do anything, so it’s possible we just leave well enough alone and let a guy like Brandon Jones develop.


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  1. stangerx says:

    Mando has a point on the pattern here (although would add in quality of play… Rosen). Maybe it is the Patriot way.
    In 2019 the club took fliers on quarterback Josh Rosen, defensive end Taco Charlton, running back Mark Walton, and defensive lineman Robert Nkemdiche. All of these players were highly drafted but washed out with the teams that picked them because of attitude or leadership or other troubles. In 2020 the club took a similar flier on receiver Antonio Callaway.

  2. steveccnv says:

    Titans paid out in cash 6.4m to Wilson last year. 1.923m was against the 2020 cap. The rest counts this year.

    We’re now on the hook for 3.88m in guarantees. Not exactly like taking a flyer on a player, so Flores must’ve at least talked to Wilson, to make sure his head is in it

  3. steveccnv says:

    Word around the league is the Dolphins are determined to add a No. 1 receiver in free agency,” Beasley wrote Tuesday, “and they are expected to show considerable interest in Golladay once the legal-tampering period begins next week. One league source went so far as to predict he ends up either with the Dolphins or the Giants.

  4. son of a son of a shula says:

    The Bucs tagged Godwin. He was my favorite although pricey.

  5. bookman11 says:

    So what is the best value in FA, position wise, this year? Whomever we sign in FA could affect positions we draft. I kind of wanted them to go after the Center from GB, one less position to draft. I would think WR and RB would be better to draft, but what do I know?

  6. son of a son of a shula says:

    So where are we?

    I’m seeing Deshaun handing off to Aaron Jones and throwing darts to Golladay.
    That wouldn’t be the worst thing since we mostly have an oline (better than Houston’s) plus Parker and Gesicki and whatever other rabbits Grier pulls out of his hat. Then the draft!

    • bookman11 says:

      If we get Watson, what draft, and what money for spending in FA?

      • son of a son of a shula says:

        There’s always cap room I don’t even worry about that, if they have a plan it will be fine. Deshaun would get restructured I’m sure.
        We may not have firsts but we’ll have draft picks for day two and three.

  7. son of a son of a shula says:

    I have to say it again that if indeed we do get Deshaun it isn’t an indictment on Tua, it’s simply opportunity. Deshaun won’t be available again. For Tua it’s just timing if he was finishing his second season and it was very promising then you probably don’t even consider a deal for Deshaun but rather it’s now with a lot of unknowns but the only thing we do know is that Deshaun is pretty damn good.
    That being said if this is all smoke and we never were in play for Deshaun that’s fine too I’m intrigued enough with Tua to want to see it play out.

    • stangerx says:

      One part I like about the possibility of Watson is he ain’t threatening a hold out to get more money cause he outplayed his contract. He just don’t want to play for the Texans and does want to play for a better team. Even if he approves a trade to the Yets the 2nd part of that will be shot too hell.

      • Mike E. says:

        He ain’t doing that now, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t do it next season. This season he’s unhappy with management, next year it might be his contract, who knows?

      • stangerx says:

        If anything was to get him start thinking that way . …Dak Prescott’s contract would be it. That also just increased the value of the top QBs in the draft and our very own Tua.

  8. bookman11 says:

    Sorry Son, I know we are completely aligned with our musical tastes 😉, but I have to differ with you on this. Watson is a disgruntled “me first” type QB, not sure I remember that being a successful formula for winning a SB recently, or ever. Build a TEAM, and make it sustainable financially for the future.

  9. CavalierKong says:

    We hold athletes to ridiculous standards. None of his teammates have ever said he’s selfish, and we’ve not seen diva traits from him at all. We all saw what a trainwreck the Texans have been for the last few years, and how they have completely destroyed themselves. They are idiotic. He has every right to want out. Add to that they supposedly have not been shooting straight with him. I’d want out too. Why should he be stuck there the prime of his career when most of us would want to get out of a bad situation at work ourselves?

    I get not wanting to trade for him because of picks, salary, Tua, etc- actual football reasons, but this idea that he owes it to the Texans to stay there no matter how poorly they run the team or he’s a selfish jerk is the worst kind of fan talk IMO.

  10. bookman11 says:

    I get that he may not be entirely in the wrong here, I just don’t want to mortgage what we may need to

  11. CavalierKong says:

    Scheduled to get my 1st dose on Friday

  12. Tim Knight says:

    Sometimes you take chances on players and eat some money. That’s part of the game.

  13. son of a son of a shula says:

    What if Wilson plays to his potential?
    Do you try and make Hunt a Center? 🤷‍♂️

    Jackson, Flowers, Hunt, Mt Kindley, Wilson

    Still have Davis and Deiter and a FA and or drafted Center

  14. son of a son of a shula says:

    Could Hunt play Center?
    Can Hunt play Center?

  15. son of a son of a shula says:

    You are correct Cav, Deshaun isn’t a problem. The Texans are.

  16. son of a son of a shula says:

    March 8, 2002
    Ricky Williams traded to the Miami Dolphins

  17. the Dolphins are loading up the cupboards , its looking like they will address team needs in FA,
    AND the draft also, doubling down. this ensures the team will have enough talent, one way or the other.
    The FO should have a very difficult time to cut down to the final 53, because every player is talented.
    i also think Grant will be gone, and Waddle would be an excellent slot receiver and return guy to take over Grants job
    Waddle is extremely elusive, fast, and can highpoint catches also. hes like a Jarvis Landry with more speed

  18. mf13ss says:

    bookman11 says:
    March 9, 2021 at 6:03 pm
    So what is the best value in FA, position wise, this year? Whomever we sign in FA could affect positions we draft. I kind of wanted them to go after the Center from GB, one less position to draft. I would think WR and RB would be better to draft, but what do I know?
    I think that’s an EXCELLENT question, Bookman. I’ll try to deduce it, without knowing the answer myself…

    Golladay may be the best FA WR out there [we’ll see what happens with Michael Thomas (MEGA-$$$), who had a huge spat on social media with DeVante Parker], but IMO, Golladay is unreliable: only one healthy season (16/16) over the last 4 years. We should probably draft a WR early (no later than day 2) in this WR-rich Draft. Me? I’d steer clear of vet WRs, unless the price is right for one.

    Aaron Jones is probably the best RB out there (he wasn’t Franchised today), but he can command MEGA-$$$. But if we get our O-Line fixed, we should be able to draft a rook for pennies on the dollar… so why spend big on a FA RB?

    Speaking of the O-Line… maybe it’s just me, but I want to either re-sign Mongo’s nephew (Ted Karras), or spend via FA Green Bay’s Corey Linsley. I don’t find it wise to draft a Center early, so let’s go with a FA Center… maybe we draft a Center later on this Draft.

    Gotta keep in mind a quality backup QB, and Ryan Fitzpatrick aims to play again this season… will it be with us? He and his family reside just up the road in Tampa Bay.

    D-Line could use a pass-rushing DE, but man, we’ll be paying through the nose via FA for an over-aged vet. Shaquil Barrett and Bud Dupree headline at the OLB/EDGE pass-rushers, but we’re looking at just shy of $20M/year for either one of them.

    The secondary is all but set, but for the Safety positions. I don’t really see a NEED to pay big money for FA Safety, unless we cut either of Rowe or McCain, and swing for the fences. I’d sooner sign Desmond King (former All-Pro) on the cheap, consider signing Patrick Peterson as a Safety, or even consider signing William Jackson III and converting him to Safety.

    Alright, I just went through the exercise. To me, getting that Center is probably the best value in FA this year. It protects Tua, it helps our RBs (hopefully we draft one fairly early), and it gives our receivers the time to get open.

    And with that stated, we may not necessarily need Penei Sewell… giving us a greater chance of trading down, being he’s a top-3 prospect, plus 3 to 4 QBs who’ll be selected early. We could probably AT LEAST trade down to the Bengals @ R1P5, get draft compensation, and still get the player we want… and I bet it’s a WR… or maybe, maybe Micah Parsons (we’ll see how that whole hazing lawsuit pans out, coupled with his interview)…

  19. ive been watching videos of Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle.

    both of them look like plug n play WR in the NFL, and of course there are differences, but one thing really began to stand out, the more i watched them.
    when Smith gets tackled, his body is often exposed to vicious hits, which really seem to rock him.
    when Waddle gets tackled, he is usually angling away from the hit, or often goes out of bounds, and when he does take a direct shot, he handles it better than Smith because hes a little shorter and more stocky.

    im thinking Waddle might hold up better to the hits in the NFL, because He seems more prepared for them.

    • mf13ss says:

      David, that’s weird, Brah… I’ve seen the absolute opposite. Devonta Smith is the one who is extraordinarily smart about when to take a hit at a mere 175 pounds. Yeah, Devonta will fight for extra yardage, but he’ll give himself up keenly, so as NOT to take a shot to his 175 pound frame.

      And, I really LIKE that about Devonta: he’s very smart about what he can and cannot do. But like you (and MANY, for that matter), I wonder how long he’ll last in the NFL at 175 pounds. Dri Archer comes to mind (175 pounds)… he didn’t even last a season.

      • mf13ss says:

        Anybody remember my ‘MAN-CRUSH’ on Dri Archer? LOL

      • Tim Knight says:

        I compare Devonta Smith to Lamar Thomas. Both really productive in college and middle of the road in the NFL. Very thin WRs. The NFL is a different beast.

    • Tim Knight says:


  20. another possible WR pick for Miami is Jaelon Darden from North Texas State

    he is considered the most elusive of all WR< and can be picked in rounds 2-3
    what i really like about him is his route running, he gets major separation from the DB;s

    at the NFL level, WR is all about separation, if they cant get open, they wont make plays
    this guy gets OPEN, lol

    • mf13ss says:

      He’s 174 pounds… you’re getting lighter, Brah.

    • steveccnv says:

      Everyone gets separation in college, it doesn’t always translate.

      A div2 WR going to the NFL is a big jump, at a tough position for a rookie.

      I don’t know anything about this guy, but he’s a far cry from a sure thing

    • hes a day two pick, he will get his shot at the NFL and is bigger than Jakeem Grant, lol

      slot receivers /return guys are not big

      • mf13ss says:

        JMO, and with no offense intended… I think we already have enough slot receivers as it is. Remember, we traded for Lynn Bowden Jr from the Raiders last year: he was a day two pick just last Draft (Round 3).

      • Grant was the starter of all the slot receivers we had, and if the team is happy with Bowden, ok, but Darden would be huge competition for Bowden, and would likely beat him out for starter.
        who knows what the Fins think of him, lol Im just saying hes a possible WR selection for them on day two, if not, it will be interesting to see what he does at the NFL anyway

      • this is all assuming the fins part ways with Grant of course, but he looks like a cap casualty in the making , how much is Grant worth? guess we will find out soon,,,

  21. steveccnv says:

    Watson is a problem child.

    He got pissed, because they traded Nuke without confronting him, then again, when they signed a GM without asking his permission.

    The Houston FO felt they couldn’t afford 80+m for QB, WR, and LT, so they traded Nuke, that was the big wrong the FO somehow did to Watson.

    • there is not a guarantee he will be a problem with the next team that gets him.
      that is up to Watson, if Hes happy with his new team, i doubt there will be many problems, the guys a top QB

      • steveccnv says:

        As soon as things aren’t to his likings he’ll pout, Just Bell did with jets.

        All we have to go on is his history, it just means he’s more likely to cause a problem, than if he hadn’t done what he did in Houston.

        AB was trouble in Pitt and in Oak, then good with Brady, so Watson could do the same, but not likely

      • You could be right, but i dont think its fair to assume he will pout this and that over every little thing.
        the teams that are interested in him need to feel comfortable He wont, thats for sure, but He did what he did, because he felt he was lied too, and the team won 4 games, it was a shit sandwich all the way around , who knows

        im just thinking its too early to give up on him because he wasnt happy in Texas, but its really up to watson

        its a risk reward situation for sure, and both sides need to be weighed out carefully, before trading a bunch of picks for him

  22. manitobafinfan says:

    Watson was told by management that he would be able to have input into the coach/GM hiring (dumb decision by FO) .. then FO did the hiring without asking his input .. FO made the offer to include him and then did not .. IMO he feels he was lied to and I see why .. I don’t think that makes him any kind of locker room cancer or a Diva … he’s just pissed at his employer for not honouring their word … the only drawback I see is the cost to acquire him

    • mf13ss says:

      Yessir… and that’s the way I understand the Watson-Texans situation, as well.

    • steveccnv says:

      I never bought that story

    • CavalierKong says:

      And obviously that was the icing on the cake for him.

      It’s hilarious we can all bash the Texans for years about how unbelievably poorly they are being run, and Watson can be a model team member for 4 seasons, and going into his 5th offseason he sees the same thing as everyone else, then the team allegedly lies to him (which they have not disputed), and because he wants away from this garbage organization, he’s now labeled selfish and a problem. Like I said, it’s ridiculous standards we hold these guys to.

      Frankly, I think it’s an intelligent move on his part. That team is a mess. If I could leverage it, I wouldn’t waste my career there because some people think I should tough it out, lol.

  23. manitobafinfan says:

    Talent wise , I’d be happy to have him as our QB

    • i would be also, if the price is right for us

      he led the NFL in passing last year, not bad
      the Texans had the number 31 defense, lol they sucked

      they couldnt stop the run, making it easy for teams to run all over them, control the clock, and win the games

  24. manitobafinfan says:

    JJ Watt also asked for and was requested his release.. does that make him a problem child ?

  25. Tim Knight says:

    Malcolm Perry is still in the mix as well.

  26. wyoming85 says:

  27. manitobafinfan says:

    I did have a SILLY thought today … give the Texans one 1st round pick for the next 5 years and turn Chris Tradey Pants loose to replace the lose picks … we still would have 90 % of this years picks , and hopefully we are only giving up Pick 32 for the next 4 years 🤡

  28. we werent there and dont know all the details, but hypothetically, what if Watson also felt the new coach wasnt going to be the right guy, to play for, and would make him out to be the scapegoat when it all goes wrong

    last year the team had no defense, and Watson led the NFL in passing to win 4 games?
    maybe Watson felt like He was giving his best, and little team effort was being made to help him, leaving him on an island.
    then he has hope the new guy will make things better, and management says they will accept input for Watson, but then they dont, angering Watson

    at that point, Watson has to play for a coach he might not feel is the right guy, and get over the fact that management left him hanging, OR< demand a trade to a team thats committed to building a team, like Miami
    He chose the latter

  29. Tim Knight says:

    The Texans under Bill O’Brien did a horrible job. I’m not blaming any players who want out of there.

    • CavalierKong says:

      IMO, JJ wanting out when he is so connected with the city of Houston also backs up Watson’s position. You know if Watt wanted out, there are likely all sorts of other organizational issues we aren’t even privy to.

  30. Tim Knight says:

    Toba, you need to sit in the back corner and write a 500 word essay on the importance of proper spelling. LOL

  31. The Flying Pig says:

    Bill O’Brien when he sees a talented roster

  32. olddolphan says:

    TOBA; Congrats to your Jets for beating the over rated Toronto Maple Leafs tonight.
    A few minutes after that, the Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Red Wings 4-3 in overtime as Coleman scored on a perfect feed from Tyler Johnson! Bolts’ Vezina Trophy winning goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy was not at his best tonight, but he came up big when he had to when Detroit threatened to win it early in the O.T. “VASY” now stands 11-0-0 for his career against the octopus throwers!!
    And tonight’s win leaves the Bolts with a gaudy 18-4-2 season’s record as the league approaches the half way point of this 56-game schedule.

    The Old Dolfan is out for tonight.

  33. The Flying Pig says:

    When espn posts another Watson to Miami trade story with multiple first round picks traded

  34. The Flying Pig says:

    When they ask for your 2022 1st rounders

  35. CavalierKong says:

    LOL @ Piggy

  36. mf13ss says:

    CavalierKong says:
    March 9, 2021 at 10:36 pm
    IMO, JJ wanting out when he is so connected with the city of Houston also backs up Watson’s position. You know if Watt wanted out, there are likely all sorts of other organizational issues we aren’t even privy to.
    *BOOM*! I couldn’t have said it better, CavKong. Remember the video of JJ Watt walking off the field with Deshaun (last game of their season), apologizing to him for having wasted his time as a Texan?

    JJ Watt is one of the most admirable and respectable players in the NFL (if not in all of sports), both on and off the field. When JJ said that to Deshaun (yeah, it got miked-up), we KNEW there were major problems within that organization. It was ‘essentially’ a call to abandon ship.

    • CavalierKong says:

      Yeah, I hadn’t thought of that video, but I do remember it.

      I just hope Watson doesn’t go to the Jest or Pets. If he does, I’ll have to actively root to be wrong on both counts and hope he is a problem child that can’t get them to contender status, lol.

      • steveccnv says:

        I hope he goes to the jets, would deserve him right

      • CavalierKong says:

        I think Saleh is going to be a good HC. If Watson goes there we’ll get an interesting side by side comparison of rolling with Tua instead of trading for Watson. We’re in similar situations in terms of the extra picks and teams that aren’t already a contender. I’d say we have a bit more talent on our roster than the Jest do, so we should know within a year or two at most if we made the right decision.

        And again to be clear, I will definitely root for him to fail miserably if he’s a Jest. My ego doesn’t demand to be right at the expenses of the Fins, lol.

  37. steveccnv says:

    Want wanted out of a rebuild, that doesn’t prove anything

  38. interesting, draftwire mock has Russell Wilson going to the jests, and Deshaun Watson going to Miami,
    in that scenario, the AFC east would be more competitive against the bills

  39. Tim Knight says:

    Did I ever say nothing surprises me anymore? 😉

  40. wow, the fourth day in a row the markets are screaming, this is awesome!

  41. We’ve seen reports over the course of the last few weeks that there is mutual interest between Packers RB Aaron Jones and the Dolphins and we just caught wind last night that Miami may very well be in the running for Lions WR Kenny Golladay, too.

    Those whispers are backed by a national reporter from NFL Network, Michael Girardi, who named not one but both pending free agents as players that the Miami Dolphins will be “heavily involved” in.

  42. CavalierKong says:

    LOL, so it’s pandas then

  43. bailbondmike says:

    Piggy, PITA is standing up for you! LOL

    • CavalierKong says:

      LOL @ calling someone a chicken oppresses chickens. Yep, that sounds about PETA’s speed.

      If you’ve never seen the South Park that blows PETA out of the water, it’s effing hilarious. (it’s also the same one that outlines how when we vote it’s always between a douche and a turd).

  44. D says:

    I know the idea of Galloway is nice, and Aaron Jones but I sure we go tantric and not blow our load on those two. Much better long sustainable options that don’t include getting in cap hell over two of the most easily replaceable positions on the field.

  45. Mike E. says:

    Thank God for PETA. Wow, people’s thinking is truly fucked. I saw a post on FB this morning that said something to the effect of “Women’s history month doesn’t mean shit if transgender, non binary and queer and gay women aren’t included”. My problem with this is who said they aren’t included? If they feel they fit into that category then they’re included. Do they have to outline special guidelines for these groups? WTF!! Do they need a special invitation? It’s like the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NY, where gay groups want to fly their banners. It’s not the gay parade, it’s the St. Patrick’s Day parade. If you’re Irish and you’re gay, come on and join the parade but don’t politicize it.

    • steveccnv says:

      That’s the mess we live in today, the people with the biggest mouths get to dictate for the rest.

      Until the people unite and say enough is enough, it will keep happening

      • stangerx says:

        One of the reasons why I find extremism distasteful whichever direction it comes from. Problem is that while there are a lot more people in the middle, they don’t put as much effort into stuff. More interested in living their lives.

    • seems like small potatoes to Me, gay irish parades dont come through My town, lol

      dont sweat the small shit, we got bigger problems than that

      • Mike E. says:

        It’s small potatoes, but it becomes a fucking potato farm when you add all this shit up. The point, is stop shoving your fucking life choices down everyone else’s throat. I couldn’t care less if you want to be a woman, man, tree, pig, chicken, whatever, but once you make that choice, you have to realize that your inclusiveness is going to change along with that choice and you either deal with it or you don’t, but it’s not everyone else’s fault as to what the consequences are. If you can’t make up your mind what you identify as, don’t get angry with folks who call you ma’am or miss if you have tits and don’t be mad if people call you sir if you have an Adams apple and a package the front of your pants.

      • it sure seems to have You triggered, it really has no effect on My life, i dont even know any gay or trans people.
        i do have some major problems to work out, this house build is a nightmare with all the permits, crooked inspectors, etc, this county is whacked out, but ill get through it

      • steveccnv says:

        I agree Mike, it’s like the guy in the downtown Chicago prison that escaped by chipping away at the plaster in the wall until the hole was big enough to fit thru.

        In others a lot of little things can equal 1 big thing, if you let it

  46. how do we uhite after Trump divided the nation, and cancel culture, good question

    we have half the nation worried about MR potatoes missing dick, and the other half are upset about the cancel culture of 81 million Biden votes

    count the votes and the dicks, problem solved, lol

  47. we live in a world where county inspectors want cash in their hands to pass a damn plumbing inspection, its government theft if You ask Me

    thats the kind of shit i didnt plan for in the build, crooked sobs work for local governments

    • steveccnv says:

      Rat the MF out, if you give in they’ll continue the corruption.

      Go to your local news and tell them what’s going on.

      Here there’s a segment on the news, that brings this type of thing out

  48. stangerx says:

    Mike E — say a group of gay Irish folks wants to walk in the St. Patty’s parade under the banner “Irish Pride.” Would it be wrong not to let them?

    • only if the can walk straight, lol jk
      irish like to drink copiously

    • Mike E. says:

      Stanger – I don’t run the parade, I just know there have been a lot of uproars that gay groups wanted to march in the arguably the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the world in NYC and weren’t allowed because they wanted to advertise with gay banners. I suppose if it was a green sign and not the rainbow kind and they weren’t trying to differentiate themselves from anyone else, which is exactly my point, it would be fine. Do you want to march because you’re Irish or because you’re gay? Just be a part of the crowd, isn’t that inclusiveness? Why do you have to be different from the crowd when all you want to be is included? Don’t see any reason for your sexuality to be a part of the parade, know what I mean?

      • stangerx says:

        My example was tough on purpose cause I would see a big difference in not letting an Irish gay organization in. Gets more murky for me after that, especially if they don’t let anyone and everyone in. Sorta of guessing they do add in high school marching bands and such.

  49. what if a gay trans irishman marches down mulberry street with is mr potato head, wearing a chinese hat and singing Dr Seuss on Beyond Zebra?

  50. Mike E. says:

    David – I’m triggered by people trying to change everyone else’s life after they changed theirs. It doesn’t work like that. You make a choice in your life that will alter how people receive you that’s on you, not everyone else. That’s the issue, the population of 7.9 billion doesn’t have to be told what to do by the 20 million that do these things. All this cancel culture shit definitely triggers me because they keep popping everywhere, every day these fucknuts are finding a new thing to pick on and cancel and I don’t agree with this line of thinking one bit.

    • New Age says:

      Mike, the thing is they don’t inclusion. That’s being allowed to do the same things as everyone else. They want special treatment. They demand it and then you’re the bad guy if you don’t cater to their whims. That’s not inclusion

      • Mike E. says:

        I think there’s a lot of truth in that. Special treatment, like dictating pronouns to the masses.

  51. stangerx says:

    What could be more Irish than this. And the Lucky Charms guy a;ways seemed a bit light in the loafers anyhow.

    • Mike E. says:

      If they did that, I doubt there would be a problem. If they put Red Hook Gay Pride Chapter on a big banner, I guess that would be the problem. Hey now, that’s profiling bro, the Lucky Charms guy always seemed a little light in the loafers! That would trigger the Red Hook Gay Pride chapter, if such a thing even exists. lol

  52. Mike E. says:

    Alright, enough of my intolerant world viewpoints. If I write an article today, anyone have any topics you’d like me to cover? Any other position outlooks?

    • stangerx says:

      As you time to what happens seems next up is the legal tampering phase. My Q is will we go big money for a headline guy or just put in a say 2-3 starters and let the talent upgrade come in the draft.

      • steveccnv says:

        Buffalo upgraded last year with the Diggs trade. My guess is we’ll be trying to make a similar splash

  53. Mike E. says:

    Stanger – You got me thinking, they’ll be coming for Lucky Charms soon. 🙂

  54. New Age says:

    I’ll go ahead and be the counter on Watson. He’s a selfish child. We’ve all worked jobs we didn’t like and sometimes for far longer than his short contract. He signed a contract. We can’t get out of signed contracts. I think my house is too expensive. Anyone think I can just waltz out of that contract without repercussions?

    Watson had no problems with BOBs bad decisions until now. Why? BOB was terrible. Oh they were still though, that’s right. They got rid of BOB and Caserio was a very wanted GM the last few years. So, it’s very likely Houston can rebound…if crybaby wants to help. He isn’t willing to give new guys any chance. Why? Is there some hidden knowledge the HC and GM are trash? Nope, just crybaby.

    I never once heard that Rivers wasted his whole career at a garbage place. Didn’t hear same for Manning or Marino. Dalton, etc, etc. Aren’t real franchise QBs difference makers? Then what’s going on with crybaby?

    This is crybaby’s first real taste of adversity. I see how he’s handling and I wouldn’t want that here. I could care what other players say. They are paid help too and would cover for each other always. Say no to crybaby. He needs to decide who is GM,HC, WR, etc or he cries. If he has a bad season, he cries. Maybe he cries some more if he’s 20 million poorer next year

    • stangerx says:

      That’s my main concern too that you well state. Is the guy a narcissistic head case? Same time 25-year-old franchise QBs don’t often come on the market. And when they do has to be a reason to worry about.

      And my tag line has always been I wouldn’t want to waste some of my prime years on a Houston rebuild either. He’s only got so many.

  55. Mike , i agree , cancel culture is out of hand when half the nation tries to eliminate 81 million votes because they dont like them, by storming the capitol and other domestic terrorist acts

    cancel culture works both ways, but its MUCH worse for Americans to lose their constitutional rights to vote
    there are tons of republican bills out there trying to make to cancel even more votes, by making it harder and harder, limiting hours and days , mail ins etc etc etc

    people are tired of their voices and votes being cancelled, and deserve better IMO

    • stangerx says:

      David — not exactly a bipartisan statement. 🙂

      But the bills on voting restrictions do bug the heck out of me. So they think mail in voting is rigged…… why exactly are they putting in bills to do away with early voting in person?

      • they are trying to make it harder for the military, minorities, and working women to vote

        cancel the voters they dont like

      • steveccnv says:

        Our votes don’t count any longer, so we’ve already lost the right to vote

      • stangerx says:

        David — perfectly aware why the bills are getting put in, just pointing out the changes don’t always match up with the reason. Early voting on site is exactly like election day voting.

      • stangerx says:

        steve — if our votes don’t count anymore seems like you shouldn’t worry about that lost cause. Trump just voted by mail in his local election. You think he agrees with you?

      • steveccnv says:


      • stangerx says:

        Steve — Trump sure does put in a lot of effort on voting rules and elections. Why if they don’t count?

  56. steveccnv says:

    Why did Wilson cost the Fins so little?

    Because we picked up the 3.88m in guarantees.

    We can still trade him to another team, if he doesn’t work, but he’ll likely be on the 53 this year

  57. i see no evidence that watson is a crybaby, that seems excessive and unforgiving.

    Watson will get a job somewhere, and if he whines there, then i suppose the criticism would be legit. JJ watt wants out of houston, but hes not a crybaby? i think i see what the deal is, SMH

    Dan Marino had Don Shula, he never had a need to complain, different situation
    no telling what Marino would have done with a crappy franchise that lied to Him, He may have left for a better team, he never had to deal with that kind of adversity

  58. Mike E. says:

    Half the nation? Holy fucking exaggeration Batman! A bunch of assholes stormed the capitol building, some of them weren’t even for the cause. There’s not one person that wants anyone to lose their constitutional right to vote, conservatives want those votes to be done in person where the ID can be verified and dead people and imposters can’t vote illegally. Mail in voting was a one time event due to COVID and it better not happen again. There’s no reason people can’t vote in person for the next election. I also never said the election was rigged although at least you realize one thing, half the nation wanted Joe (or anyone but Trump) and the other half voted for Trump. Democrats are trying to lower the voting age to 15 which is absurd. Leave it be and try to have a fair election is the best course. Hopefully, Trump doesn’t run again in 2024 or I will be casting my vote elsewhere. The party needs to do better than try to recycle the most polarizing President ever. If not, maybe Kamala Harris will be the first female black POTUS

    • half the nation wanted Joe (or anyone but Trump) and the other half voted for Trump.
      its not an exaggeration when either or us use that, and we all saw the fools trying to cancel it out

    • stangerx says:

      Republicans want to make it tougher to vote…. been going on for years. That’s not a political statement, just fact. They rightly think the less votes cast the better they do. The Covid expansion on mail in options went against that. They want to pull that back. And as I noted, while they are at it they want less early voting. No security concerns on that… just want less votes.

  59. If You have a job where management lies to You, You need to find another job, or become self employed IMO

    if management wont shoot straight with You, its a dead end job and waste of time

  60. Ken says:

    I wish my employer would lie to me like Watson’s did and pay me what they are paying Watson

    • stangerx says:

      But what if your employer would let you leave and let you get paid the same at another firm? Maybe one in South Florida?

    • what if another employer would be honest with You, and Your career advances, AND get paid the same, with a possible big raise in the future?

      should i stay or should i go, is not just a song, lol its a decision that most of us have made

      i bet very few in the blog have worked at the same place from teenagers to retirement, sometimes jobs are stepping stones to advancement, but transfering is required for it

  61. i got treated like crap working at MCdonalds when i was 15, and moved on, lol

    i dont regret My decision

  62. CavalierKong says:

    Ok, New Age, I’ll start with the contract thing.

    It amazes me that fans that actually know football still bring this crap up. These aren’t mortgages. These aren’t contracts to build roofs. Contracts mean less than nothing in this league on both sides.

    All that matters is guaranteed money and how it’s paid out. Teams can tear up contracts whenever they want (see KVN). Players have leverage built into the system as well, it’s just a more painful process for them because the league has the power. The player has to ‘look bad’ to use the leverage, but it’s there. Oh how horrible it is when those mean players decide to use the system as built to get out of a bad situation. The contract thing is pure nonsense.

    The rest is just an armchair fan’s judgmental point of view IMO. It’s so easy to say – he should just man up and stick it out. And who cares what other players think of him. Ridiculous. I’ll take how players see their peers over fans on the outside looking in making snap judgements because they think a guy should just stay with a team his entire career or honor his contract. The fact none of his teammates or ex-teammates think he’s a spoiled brat matters in this context.

    Watson did have problems with BOBs bad decisions. When they traded Hopkins for a bag of peanuts, he said he didn’t like it. He made a statement about it. Then he acted like a professional and said he looked forward to the new roster and a new season, and he moved on to the season. He didn’t keep harping on it. He didn’t let it affect the offseason, or his play. He didn’t drag the team down with it.

    It was a very similar response as Fitz had after being benched this last year. Answer the question asked, state your feelings, then move on. He didn’t keep making an issue out of it. Of course if Watson did, you’d kill him for that too. Do you not see no matter what he does, he’s screwed unless he does exactly what YOU think he should? I keep going back to absurd standards we hold these guys to.

    I think Dalton is a great example. Or any number of QBs that played for Cincy and their garbage Org. They have moved on into obscurity because of it. Who knows what any of Lewis’ QBs might have done if they had gotten away from Cincy. Again, a crap argument. All players should just suck it up because some players decided to stay on bad teams.

    What about players like Barry Sanders or Calvin Johnson that literally quit football because they were stuck on bad teams. If they had forced their way out, I guess they would have been crybabies too. Actually, both tried, but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

    The whole him wanting input on the next GM or HC. I think you guys just see what you want to see. I see a guy who saw a crap organization that had made a continual series of bad moves, and instead of just sitting back like a good little player that you want him to be, he tried to exert some influence rather than just leave.

    I think that was his attempt to be involved in the solution instead of just bailing. Then he was told he would have that influence, but the team BS’d him, and he said I’m done with this shit. After seeing all the stupid move the Texans made, it still amazes me some of you guys can’t see it from the player’s perspective. Again, crazy standards.

    IMO this as the kind of stuff you guys rail at all the time. It’s its own form of cancel culture. It’s just the old dude version of it, LOL. He didn’t do things the way I think he should so he’s a crybaby, and instantly blackballed.

    Fact is, we’ll see really quickly if Watson really is a cry baby or if he just didn’t want to see his whole career wasted on a crap owner and org. If he ends up a problem on his next team, I’ll eat all the crow you want to serve up, but I think you guys are like a knitting circle sitting around talking about the neighbor down the street drawing any conclusions you want to regardless of actual evidence.

    I’ll be sure to get off your lawn, right after I let my 200 lb Irish Wolfhound take a giant steaming dump on it 😉

    • stangerx says:

      CavKong you did a D….. Are you also known as Donkeykong perhaps? 🙂

      And yeah a lot of judgmental comments on Watson. Not sure if would be so strong if folks didn’t want to give up the monopoly draft money it would take to get him.

      Way I figure it…. talking heads say gonna cost 3 or 4 first rounders to get him. How screwed up can the guy’s head be?

    • Mike E. says:

      Is it a gay Irish Wolfhound?

    • Ken says:

      He didn’t have to sign his then record contract

      • CavalierKong says:

        We wouldn’t he? Because you don’t think he should sign it if he ends up not being committed to staying with them for the entire contract?

    • steveccnv says:

      He didn’t drag the team down?

      It was his whining that cost the coach his job and split the locker room and gave us the #3 pick.

      The team’s obligation in a contract is the guaranteed money, if they cut a player they still have to pay the guaranteed money. A players obligation is to play for the duration of the contract. This is written into the contract.

      To say the contract isn’t binding isn’t true

      • CavalierKong says:

        So Watson whining is why BOB got fired?! LMAO

        Go ahead and show me in the CBA where it states a player can’t hold out. You are the one who is creating those standards. A team isn’t obligated to pay the player if he holds out. It’s the way the system works. It really isn’t even complicated. You’re just creating standards to fit your opinion.

      • CavalierKong says:

        And when was the locker room split?

      • steveccnv says:

        I didn’t say a player couldn’t hold out, but if they do they break their contract and there’s repercussions, just like any contract.

        Even Stanger below says you’re wrong on NFL contracts

      • CavalierKong says:

        Lol, that isn’t what Stanger said. He said they’re legally binding. But that is a generalization. He’s not disputing my point.

        I’m not saying contracts aren’t legally binding. I’m saying the way the contracts are set up make them practically worthless in terms of teams forcing players to the letter of the contract and players forcing teams to the letter of the contract.

        I.e. saying Watson must play out his contract because it’s legally binding is a worthless statement or as you coined it a ‘loose statement’ which by your definition has no meaning.

  63. Mike E. says:

    Stanger – If Republicans want less, it’s clear the Democrats want MORE. They want kids who are liberally indoctrinated in school voting now too. Maybe we should start from Kindergarten?

    • stangerx says:

      Whoever said kids under 18 should have the vote is an idiot. And would never pass btw…. so not going to worry about it much. But yes the Dems want easier voting. Part of the dynamic thats been going on for many years.

      Just pointed out the proposals to do away with early voting. Since have moved to FL have loved my early voting, even if would show up for that one Tuesday like before if had too.

  64. Mike E. says:

    Kong – But BOB is gone, so what’s the excuse now?

  65. steveccnv says:

    If NFL contracts don’t mean anything why are lawyers used in the process of signing them?

    • CavalierKong says:

      See above. You’re just in spin mode.

    • stangerx says:

      NFL contracts are binding but no contract can require you to do any kind of job work. Can make you pay penalties if you don’t, but can’t force you to do the work. Just the law on it. Why the hold out is an NFL option.

      • steveccnv says:

        When did I say it force the player to work?

      • stangerx says:

        You never did. That was just a bit I threw in cause some people seem to think contracts are holy word…. like Watson has to play under his.

  66. New Age says:

    Kong, I’ll admit I used crybaby a lot but no one is asking Watson to waste his career. He’s 25 and the contract ends in 2025. That’s such crazy hyperbole to say when Brady is 43. It’s a blip on the radar. Four years is nothing for a QB. Yes I expect him to stand by his commitments. Is that a bad thing now?

    Contracts do mean something. It’s the reason they write them. It’s also a very new contract. If he had problems, why did he sign so quickly? It’s the definition of buyers remorse a year removed. No normal person wins those but spoiled players think they should.

    The only reason he’s really upset? He started losing for the first time in his career. This is the first time he’s been on a really bad team and we see how he responds. No reason to think he’d suddenly be different on a new team. If we started sucking, he’d do the same to us. Big pass. Grow up young man

    • CavalierKong says:

      If a team can sign a guy to a 4 year contract and cut them a year later, why is it so bad a player can sign a contract even if he isn’t sure he’ll stay with the team. It works both ways. Nobody forced the Texans to sign him to that contract. And it’s not like they are screwed because of it. If they trade him, the contract goes with him.

      I guarantee, if you ask the Texans right now, do they regret signing Watson.. they will say of course not. It’s an asset we control. And they will either keep this asset or trade him for a ton of other assets.

      We as fans talk about the business side of things all the time, then make emotional judgments about the weirdest stuff. This is still just business. He doesn’t have a history of being a malcontent.

      I can understand the perspective that this is his first real taste of losing, and you draw the conclusion that is the biggest problem. I just think it’s a long stretch when you look at all the other factors involved.

  67. CavalierKong says:

    When a CBA is created, there is all sorts of language that includes how contracts are handled. The league could include language that says if a player holds out, his contract is instantly terminated and all future money lost, or he has to pay back the entire contract, or he is banned form the league for 2 years, etc.

    I’m sure the owners would love to do that and have complete control, but it’s a collective agreement, not just what the owners want.

    So the device in the agreement that gives the players some control over their situation is there isn’t language that impacts the player to that degree if they hold out. If they are in a bad contract or want out of it for whatever is the player has an option to leverage the team by holding out and forcing them to trade, cut, etc. The team can then decide to let the player sit and lose money.

    Teams have the option to tear up contracts whenever they want. Players have the option to play under the contract or hold out to force a change.

    In industries that have unions and bargained agreements with employers, union members can strike to get a better deal or for whatever reason. That is somewhat similar.

  68. stangerx says:

    Comp picks list came out.
    We got none and the Pats got a 3rd and a 4th.
    Business as usghe.

  69. Mike E. says:

    I’m going to play a different side now. What does the Miami Dolphins drafting Tua at #5, making him the starter after Week 6 having him play and start in 9 games, one week missed due to injury. In the 2021 off season, multiple times they state that Tua Tagovailoa is our starting QB and we’re committed to him. What does that say about the Dolphins FO if they go ahead and make the trade for Deshaun Watson? Does Tua get any better treatment here than Deshaun Watson did from the Texans? Is it fair to Tua? If they do make that trade, are they really any better than the Texans?

    • CavalierKong says:

      I think that is a fair argument. I won’t dispute that point of view. But again, it comes down to business. In the interest of completer honesty, should the Dolphins have said “we’re committed to Tua unless something we determine is better comes along”?

      I mean if we could get whoever you rate as tje top QB in the league right now for Tua straight up in a trade, do we not make that move because it may be perceived as unfair?

      That’s obviously extreme, but if you can acknowledge the concept, then it’s just a matter of degree that separates things.

      • Mike E. says:

        I guess it always comes down to business Kong, so much so that just because you told your QB he’d have input as to who the GM is that the team hires (WHY???) and then wiser heads and logical thoughts prevail that why the hell should we have a 25 year old athlete make the decision on who we hire as GM? It totally works both ways. They shouldn’t have told him he’d have input and if they decided against that, they should have explained why and not just went behind his back. I would say telling him he could have input was the bigger mistake, not making the decision w/o him.

      • CavalierKong says:

        I think it just shows how effed up their organization is they even considered giving him input. I think we can all agree that is idiotic lol.

    • New Age says:

      Personally I think it would be worse treatment to Tua and an indictment on our FO for multiple things. Tua doesn’t have a huge contract, no trade clause or any of the other dumb things they promised Watson. He’s just a young player who was punished for getting injured.

      On to ‘it’s a business!’ We hear about it being a business but we’re fans. Our opinion means nothing and we aren’t obligated to treat it like a business or agree with ownership(or players). We get nothing beyond some superficial enjoyment from the games and rooting for a particular team. We aren’t paid for this. We can hate on whatever we want. I don’t care if we get emotional or push the fan’s agenda. No one else will.

      Players don’t treat it like a business either except when they benefit. What did KVN do when he first heard about being cut? “I gave my all to them! I even got injured for them!” That’s not business speaking. That’s an emotional appeal. Watson going to reporters and twitter about this isn’t business. It’s an emotional appeal that this young player deserves better! Everyone in the conversation is getting paid and has extreme financial benefit from everything they do. I don’t give a shit if a multi- millionaire turd cries that 4 years of his career will be wasted at the dump he signed up to promote. Should have had a few more concerns on signing day.

      Only ownership and their people treat this like a business all the time. How much for his jersey?! What does bringing in Tom do for our sales? Is he too old, too injury prone, a problem, etc? Can he help us make more money? That’s all they care about.

  70. CavalierKong says:

    Dang it, I’m enjoying this conversation and I have to go back to work.

  71. mf13ss says:

    David C (@DolphinsSB52) says:
    March 10, 2021 at 12:13 pm
    only if the can walk straight, lol jk
    irish like to drink copiously
    irish like to drink copiously? Isn’t that kind of like saying blacks like to eat watermelon? David, c’mon, Brah. Stereotyping an entire racial group isn’t cool.

    I KNOW you’d take offense if somebody talked about black folk like that, and I’ve appreciated you, kindly. But that does not give you the right to discriminate against the Irish (or any other racial group), either.

    Not trying to nitpick on you, just showing you the double-standard: you’re better than that and I know it.

    • stangerx says:

      In m y experience , heck yeah the Irish like to drink. And don’t see saying so as discrimination…. my Irish buds were proud of it.

  72. mf13ss says:

    Welp, so much for trying to trade him. The good news? Cutting KVN will likely help us to get a compensatory pick next year.

  73. CavalierKong says:

    So, anyone’s mind changed on whether Watson is a problem child or not? Lol, yeah me either 🙂

    I think we’ve touched on most of the relevant points. What do you guys think about transgender men and women and which bathrooms they should use? Lmao

  74. mf13ss says:

    Mike E. says:
    March 10, 2021 at 4:28 pm
    OK, are these Irish hermaphrodites?
    LOL, “Do you really think it matters, Eddie?”!

    • Mike E. says:


    • mf13ss says:

      My broader point (which was part of the joke that I botched by posting transvestite instead of hermaphrodite) was which bathroom do hermaphrodites use? I guess it doesn’t matter, right? And, how many hermaphrodites are there in the world, so as to ban together and hold a parade, or even get laws written specifically for their benefit at the expense of others?

  75. Mike E. says:

    Asking for a friend, do bathroom stalls have to be larger for those that identify as “they”?

    • mf13ss says:

      LOL, clever!

    • stangerx says:

      Been to a number of places in Europe where the bathroom is for all. They have stalls…. but still seemed weird to see a woman pop out and wash her hands next to you at the sink. And at that point all he, she, they welcome.

      • steveccnv says:

        Been to most of western Europe and didn’t see any of that. You may have some splaining to do about the places you visited 😛

      • stangerx says:

        Well maybe we have been to different places. Saw it both in Amsterdam and Munich last time was in Europe. Not sure how much explaining have to do though…. what’s wrong with a shared bathroom?

  76. steveccnv says:

    Salary cap has been set at 182.5m.

    Thats a good low number to keep those in salary cap trouble in check

  77. mf13ss says:

    One last point and I’m back to football. I think we should absolutely be an inclusive society. We should treat everybody equally, regardless of their… you name it, unless the individual intends to cause harm to others and/or our country.

    However, I’m getting very tired (like Mike E has constantly stated) of AGENDAS getting rammed down our throats. Seems as though the 5% or under gets catered to more than the 95% and over, and at the expense of the majority. These new laws are ridiculous and draconian.

    Mini-rant over, I’m back to football.

    • stangerx says:

      I figure the minority can do whatever the heck they want in a legal way. Also figure I’m capable enough to decide whether or not want to listen to what they are saying.

      • mf13ss says:

        I think I’m talking more about… THE MEDIA shoving the agendas down our throats, and ya can’t get away from it. It’s not as though it’s the number of one-on-one conversations (which is RARE) that you can just walk away from. Then you change the station/channel/page, and there it is again, permeating your brain to death.

        It’s brainwashing.

      • Mike E. says:

        You’re no longer in the workforce, but ask anyone that works for a corporation, you get that shit rammed down your throat daily, sensitivity training, mind your pronouns, etc etc. Wifey was telling me a year or so ago her company had a training session with a scenario where hypothetically there are 4 people standing by a table 2 white women and one white gentleman and one black gentleman, the situation was, what if you want to get the black man’s attention, how would you refer to him. Basically, no one got it right, you can’t say shit anymore. It’s wrong to refer to him as either tall, black or even man. Can’t point, and I actually forgot what is appropriate because it probably didn’t make a fucking percentage point of sense to me. lol

      • mf13ss says:

        Same here, Mike E.

      • steveccnv says:

        It’s not supposed to make sense Mike, it’s just them pushing their agenda down our throat.

        But as was stated above it’s OK, because it’s just a little bit

      • stangerx says:

        No doubt that PC culture is a pain in the ass. And Mike E is right that am no longer on the job, but same time never really worried about such when was. Just treated people like people and learned not to talk about women’s looks or mention race. Never had a problem.

    • CavalierKong says:

      I think it was Steve who mentioned it, and I agree- it’s the loud minority that pushes these agendas. Thanks, internet! Lol

  78. mf13ss says:

    So far under Coach Flores’ tenure, we haven’t broken the bank to land an elite FA other than Byron Jones: this is wise. We’re building, not rebuilding or retooling. I could see adding a $10M/year player to replace KVN at another position… not necessarily to replace KVN’s position.

    Unless Michael Deiter is ready to go as our starting Center (I somehow doubt that), we should feel the need to address that position. Will it be in FA or the Draft?

    • mf13ss says:

      I love the idea of reuniting Landon Dickerson (C, Alabama) with Tua, but Landon has had serious injury issues throughout his college career. Should Landon fall, I’ve love to take a shot on him on day 3… say 4th or 5th round, if he drops that far.

      I strongly advise our FO to get us a starting Center via FA. You know the drill: either Mongo’s nephew (re-sign Ted Karras) or Green Bay’s Corey Linsley.

  79. steveccnv says:

    Why did Julian Edelman call out Meyers Leonard for his anti Semitic slur? Because he was an easy target.

    Why not call out Ilhan Omar, when she actually means what she said?

  80. CavalierKong says:

    New Age,

    Fair points on us the fans being allowed to interject emotionally. I mean, it is short for fanatic, lol.

  81. Mike E. says:

    Stanger – It’s not just race, or not saying anything that can be construed as sexual to a woman. Like in that scenario I explained earlier, if a man is tall, and black, why can’t you refer to him as the tall guy, or tall black guy or just black guy? That’s not racist, it’s just a factual description and an accurate one too. Why are they teaching people that you can’t say things like that? Who is concerned and who are they protecting by doing so? I just don’t understand what the world is coming to.

    • stangerx says:

      I have no doubt that the sensitivity training is ridiculous. Was back in my day as well, even maybe not to where it is now. Just telling you I ignored most of it except for what I told you. And as a lawyer who used to handle such cases knew what you could get sued for. Same time…. that doesn’t include possible complaints to the head office.

      • Mike E. says:

        I hear ya, between the PC police and the cancel culture, my head is spinning.

      • stangerx says:

        Mike E — could not respect you as a smart level-headed person anymore, but it is strange. Neither of those really bother me at all.

    • CavalierKong says:

      I actually run into this quite often. If I’m talking with a coworker about a movie or tv show, and I refer to a character as ‘the black guy’, I often get ‘the look’, lol. Luckily, I’m pretty much known as the guy who skirts those boundaries, and so far I have been able to get away with it without serious repercussions, although that could change anytime. Luckily I’m adaptable.

      • CavalierKong says:

        One of my black coworkers who I consider a friend asked me why I refer to the character that way (not in a snotty way). I said “because he’s the only black guy on the show. You knew instantly who I was talking about, right? How else do I make that instant connection if neither of us know the name of the guy?” He agreed.

  82. bookman11 says:

    MF13, Corey Linsley. Leave the top level RBs and WRs alone in FA. Use the draft for them and for DL/Lb

  83. Mike E. says:

    Steve – I just heard about the Meyers Leonard slur. Julian Edelman basically invited him over to his house for shabbat dinner (sabbath). Doesn’t seem like a terrible way to handle it. Didn’t really make a huge deal out of it.

  84. mf13ss says:

    Lots of talk recently about Kyle Pitts, TE, Florida (6’6″, 240), with many comparing him favorably to Darren Waller of Las Vegas. Some feel he is the best prospect in this entire draft class. I’d like to see his official 40-time to see if he can take the top off a Defense. If he can, we’re not talking about upgrading from Mike Gesicki… we’re talking about being able to shift so many of our receivers around, so as to play chess.

    Need to delve into his tape, being I haven’t seen Florida once this past season. If he can be ‘Megatron, Jr’, he just may be the best receiver we could get… even over the likes of Chase, Waddle, and Devonta.

    • Mike E. says:

      Darren Waller is so good, and does seem like he could be that type of player. I think Gesicki could be that type of player if we targeted him as much as they targeted Waller.

  85. Mike E. says:

    Stanger – I just feel all of that stuff is unnecessary and they’re molding us and making us act a certain way for what purpose? Are comedians even funny anymore? They can’t talk about anything! It’s ridiculous, they should have free license to say what they want and people don’t like it, don’t support that comedian. It’s just silly the way things are heading. It really does trigger me, I can’t help it.

    • stangerx says:

      Never said was in favor of that shiot… lol. Guess just roll with life. The folks behind the PC culture do what they think right just like I do. If I have to learn some new words for this or that along the way so be it. Life’s pretty darn good anyway.

      • Mike E. says:

        Fair enough, and you’re not wrong that life is pretty darn good anyway. It’s just something I have a hard time getting past. Maybe some therapy is order. lol

      • stangerx says:

        I have the therapist for you.

  86. Mike E. says:

    Kong – What you said pretty much sums it up. I know black people who are not offended if someone refers to them as black, no more than I would be offended if I was referred to as white. So the question then becomes, are white people making this happen, because if it’s not black people, why does this even exist? I have a feeling if you went to the PC Police station, they would all be as white as my ass! lol

  87. bookman11 says:

    I really hope we don’t go after Golladay and Jones in FA, as had been reported, unless we get extreme bargains and they are for shorter term contracts, then maybe still draft those positions in the draft. I know we want to win, yet build for the future, so I am trusting this regime to balance both. I think they can. ( I still want Linsley though)

  88. pheloniusphish says:

    Last night I was talking to an applicant and at one point he said, ” I’m an African American or a black man, whatever we’re calling ourselves these days. Why do we have to identify ourselves by color?”

  89. pheloniusphish says:

    And the Irish embrace their reputation for hard drinking and the word “fuck.” My fav is “Chooky…Fewkin’ Chooky!”

  90. son of a son of a shula says:

    Anyway Deshaun isn’t trying to break his contract he simply wants it traded to team that is less fucked up than the team currently holding it. (Unless he goes to stej)

  91. pheloniusphish says:

  92. Tim Knight says:

    Are we as fans more interested in seeing the team become a contender to win a championship, or more concerned about what we pay players?

    • mf13ss says:

      There is a correlation between the two. We’ve seen what paying exuberant contracts can do to our team. Not only did we not become a contender, but then we got hit with their dead caps after releasing them.

      I was mocked for having said as much back then… paying two players QB money at the same time. Obviously, I was most correct.

      What we play players IS something to keep in check.

      • mf13ss says:

        *What we PAY players IS something to keep in check.

      • Tim Knight says:

        You were mocked?

        We all know bad contracts can come back to haunt teams but the idea is to add good players and improve the team so you can win more games. It seems to me that fans are afraid of paying top players big money and they want everyone to play for peanuts. That’s not how it works. It’s not like we’ve been building this team through FA. We have a staple of good young players and then we need to add some special. We have really good draft capital this year, but we can also add some special proven talents. We need a balance between the two.

      • mf13ss says:

        Yes, I was mocked… by two people here on this board. It’s water under the bridge, being they never knew or will ever know what they’re talking about anyway. It’s all good.

  93. mf13ss says:

    • Tim Knight says:

      I can see this as a possibility to add a big back along with Gaskin and Ahmed. It wouldn’t stop us from drafting a RB we like though.

  94. mf13ss says:

  95. Tim Knight says:

    Where are all these reporters getting their intel from about what FAs we’re interested in? Is our team chirping? I doubt it. I’m thinking they’re just speculating on what FAs would be a good fit and help us get to the next level.

  96. Rockphin says:

    unproven but I believe that most of these rumors come from the Agencies and agents.

  97. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    March 10, 2021 at 7:47 pm
    I can see this as a possibility to add a big back along with Gaskin and Ahmed. It wouldn’t stop us from drafting a RB we like though.

    We don’t want to pay BIG $$$ to a position that’s a young man’s game. My guy is Najee @ R1P18.

    • Tim Knight says:

      But a back like Aaron Jones is still a young man at 26 years old. To me it’s about what is our plan on offense. I think we want to be a strong running team and then play-action off of it. At the end of the day it’s about results on the scoreboard and in the W/L column, not the salary cap. I don’t think any of us are saying let’s sign every top FA available. But special players can upgrade your team.

      I’m interested to see how we go about it and not shoot it down before we know what the impact is.

  98. olddolphan says:

    A FEW COMMENTS in response to a few other comments;
    1) MANITOBA; You’re right about the Vezina Trophy. Hellebuyck (SP?) is the defending Vezina winner. My comments about Vasilevskiy being a Vezina winning goalie were based on the fact that he won the Vezina two seasons ago. so, I guess, we’re BOTH right!

    MIKE E; DON’T lose any sleep b/c of the whines of the PC police. I NEVER HAVE! — From 1991 to 2005 the company I worked for was located in Dublin, Ohio, just outside of Columbus (AKA “Buckeyeville.” I was so well known for my non-PC comments at work that my nickname was “MR. P.I.” No point in replaying my “politically insensitive” comments. But I never hesitated to rip into goofballs from the extreme left OR the extreme right as often as I saw fit. Which was pretty often, given the lack of intelligence I encountered on a daily basis. One particularly harsh critic of my speech patterns said I didn’t have the right to make those comments. I responded that “When you give up two of the best years of your life to work on hundreds of American war casualties at an average monthly salary of a little over $100 per month, let me know. Until then, you’re just another meaningless spoiled brat who has never served his country and likely never WILL serve his country! YOU and YOUR KIND never cease to disgust me!!”

    Strangely enough, my critic fell silent. So I asked him, “Would you believe I was on the VERY FIRST debate team at Florida Atlantic University?” He responded, “Ah, yes, I guess I would.” I replied, “That’s the first correct thing I’ve heard you say this afternoon!”–END OF PROBLEM.
    MF-13; Mr. Spikes, I totally agree with you that the big running back from Alabama should be our pick at #18, round one. He’s both very talented and very coachable–2 traits Flores really likes!

    • Tim Knight says:

      So I guess you and M13 are now the official advocates for Najee Harris at #18 when many of us have been talking about him at #18 since 2020. 😉

      It reminds me of when you both were the only ones advocating upgrading the OL over the years. LOL

      Don’t take offense to what I’m saying, I’m just busting balls. 🙂

      • olddolphan says:

        NO OFFENSE TAKEN. However, regarding the O-Line, we are STILL not finished building it, not by a long shot. By my calculation, our back-up O-linemen could use a couple of upgrades. And I think at least one of those needed O-Linemen should come no later than round 3 of the upcoming draft. We all saw what happened to the favored Chiefs when they were without BOTH of their starting offensive tackles for the Super Bowl. Their explosive offense became somewhat ordinary, scoring NO TOUCHDOWNS in the Big Game. I shudder to think what would happen to Tua (or DeShaun Watson) IF our Dolphins were missing two O-Line starters against a playoff team in the coming season. My guess is that Flores will try to plug in an available free agent lineman to add to a 3rd round pick and, perhaps, another O-line candidate later in the draft.

        Simply put, we can NOT have playoff success without further improvements to the offensive line. Injuries almost certainly will take place after a 16 or 17 game regular season.

      • olddolphan says:

        TIME TO walk the Greyhound and then get my beauty rest. Talk to y’all tomorrow.

  99. Tim Knight says:

    OD, I agree on the OL. But we made a concerted effort to revamp the OL with 1st, 2nd and 4th round picks in 2020. Adding Karris at C, Flowers at G and Davis was the lone returning starter who plays everywhere, with Deiter and Davenport backing up. I expect the young players to improve as we try to upgrade. I saw more potential from the 2020 OL than I have in years. It still needs to get better though. We agree on that.

  100. Kyle Pitts, what an interesting prospect , wow

    initially i was against taking him, because the team seems very happy with Gesicki

    however this guy can play like a WR< and can run the ball too, so im down with it, if the FINS pick Pitts

    hes got size and athleticism that just screams mismatch, a real nightmare for LB to cover
    and he looks like one of the top playmakers in the draft

  101. ocalarob says:

    With the reduced cap this dolphins FAcy will be very interesting, a lot of teams will be forced to cut good players, i think Miami will rework some contracts to give them more flexibility in reference to the cap such as reworking Howards contract.

  102. ocalarob says:

    When you look at the Stafford deal, the Rams gave 2 first rnd picks, one in 22 and one in 23, the Rams have been a pretty good team since they got Mcvey, so you can assume those picks will be in the 20s, they are also devalued picks at present, our #3 this year is way more valuable than both those picks at present.
    do what you have to do to get Watson, i believe Miami will wait until draft day to try to trade back get more #1s then try to deal with Watson. as they did with Ariz and Rosen.
    you have to think that there’s a wink…wink deal between Miami & Watson, due to his no trade clause and the fact that he was having dinner and hanging out with a couple of fins, i think it was Wilkins & Davis i’m sure the subject must’ve come up.
    not to mention, i think Watson likes the idea to play for Flores and Grier.
    Watson holds all the cards, he will choose unless the Texans call his bluff.

    if it’s up to Watson you’d think Miami is his #1 choice just from the scenarios above.

    • Miami was the first team that Watson mentioned, so he is certain to want to come to Miami

      and yes, if the deal was made it would likely be made on draft night

      i dont feel its neccesary, but its up to the FO

      its not often that the prior years top QB comes available,,,,,, there is no doubt he could upgrade any team not named Texans

  103. if We dont take Watson, he likely goes to the jests and will tear us a new asshole twice a year

  104. ocalarob says:

    Miami has to do something at the QB position, you can’t rely on Tua and Fitz has one foot on a banana peel and the other in retirement.

  105. the value of past Dolphins first rounders is extremely shaky at best, all of us could name a half dozen or so first round busts, some spectacularly, like Jordan.

    Watson is an established NFL franchise QB, he wont be a bust

    how valuable are first round picks, if the wrong players are taken? not saying the fins will select the wrong players, just noticing that its been seriously hit or miss over the last 10 years, and alot of wrong players were selected

  106. ocalarob says:

    David C (@DolphinsSB52) says:
    March 11, 2021 at 9:03 am
    i disagree, Tua has a bright career ahead,

    I agree as well, as long as it has nothing to do with playing QB in the NFL

  107. Orob, its obvious You dont like Tua, but the FO does.

    but its also obvious that Gesicki and Parker are the only quality targets we have, its not nearly enough, and more will come

    year 2 will give us a better idea of Tuas ceiling, because the team is committed to getting more playmakers in here through FA and the draft

    If Tua cannot perform with top playmakers in year 2, then it might be time to consider cutting bait

    but to give up on him now, is something the FO wont do, and for good reasons

  108. ocalarob says:

    how can you explain the 90 yards passing against the Raiders? how can Fitz come in late in that game and pass for more than Tua did the entire game?

    how about the Buffalo game when Tua was forced to try to throw the ball downfield? result….multiple interceptions, he never really had a stand out game, 150 yards passing blows!

    it’s not for lack of talent at the skilled positions either, it was the fact that Tua had a hard time getting the ball to his rec due to very flawed mechanics.

    it isn’t hard to see his flaws either, they are the result of a weak arm, he has to manipulate his throwing motion to get velocity, that manipulation causes him to not be able to get the ball off in the pocket when crowded.

    Ray Charles can see his faults

    • are You saying that coach Flores is more blind than Ray Charles? lol I wouldnt go there

      • ocalarob says:

        It’s very hard to have a conversation with you when you respond in this fashion, read the post again, if you feel Tua is great then just respond how my post above is incorrect. instead of spewing stupid shit.
        Thank you for your consideration.

    • yea, whats up with Tua, why couldnt Hollins, Breida, WIlson, Hurns, and the rest of the bums get passes from Tua?

      they sucked and most will be out of a job, Tua has a job

      Tua might not be the answer, but to make that determination in his rookie season with very few quality targets, is premature at best

  109. in ALabama, Tua had Jerry Jeudy, Devonta SMith, and Jaylen Waddle,

    thats about as target heavy as possible, lol Tua did extremely well when he had quality targets, We will see if the same thing happens again

  110. ocalarob says:

    David C (@DolphinsSB52) says:
    March 11, 2021 at 9:11 am
    Orob, its obvious You dont like Tua, but the FO does.

    The FO has no choice but to like Tua, do you think they will say he sucks and devalue their #5 overall pick last year? I know the some of the players spoke out against Tua and the benching of Fitz.

  111. Orob, if you think FItz is the Dolphins answer at QB, because Tua played poorly in Buffalo, what did Fitzatrick do against the bills?
    Did Fitz help the team beat the Bills? i didnt see him at all

  112. ocalarob says:

    The draft is a crap shoot, true Tua did great in college, he was behind a 1st rnd NFL line with premium skilled players and for the most part he played against inferior talent.

    I was not onboard with selecting Tua but i certainly didn’t know if he would be great or a bust at the time. so to suggest that i think “Flores was an idiot for selecting him” is very stupid.

    after watching him play when the talent level is equal or he’s at a disadvantage is where i get my conclusion on Tua, this FO didn’t have that luxury when they selected him.

    it’s ashame that i have to point this out to you David, that’s why conversating with you sometimes sucks. i hope we can get better at understanding the entire picture before making stupid comments.

  113. ocalarob says:

    That Buffalo game was a win or go home game, after the dismal display of the raiders game i find it hard to believe that Tua would not have got the hook early in that game or may not have started at all had Fitz been available.

  114. ocalarob says:

    David C (@DolphinsSB52) says:
    March 11, 2021 at 9:18 am

    Tua might not be the answer, but to make that determination in his rookie season with very few quality targets, is premature at best

    now this is the kind of response i like David, keep up the good work.
    I make that determination not on his stats or lack thereof but on his mechanics, it’s very telling.

  115. ocalarob says:

    Tua throws side arm due to his lack of arm strength, throwing side arm means the ball comes out very low and away from his body.
    being under 6′ it makes it very difficult for him to get the ball off when surrounded by trees, that’s why you see him hold the ball and get sacked, the only plays he does well are the check downs because he knows where he’s going and can get the ball off quickly before getting jammed up.
    not being able to get the ball downfield will kill this offense. as DC’s will pick up on this and crowd the field.

    • this never stopped him from winning a championship, and getting picked 5th overall in the NFL, and winning his first start

      i get it, no patience, lol what will You say if Tua lights it up this year>

    • steveccnv says:

      At Alabama he had speed WRs, maybe that’s all he needs.

      Russell Wilson doesn’t have much of an arm, but he’s great throwing deep, maybe Tua can develop his deep pass

  116. Orob, do You think Grier and Flores should be fired for taking Tua at the number 5 ?

  117. bailbondmike says:

    Purges have begun to create cap space. Our team included. There will be many more to come. These are the vets who have been released over the last 3 days. Do you see any we should pursue?

    03/10 Quinton Jefferson DE Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/10 Kenny Vaccaro SS Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/10 John Brown WR Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/10 Jamize Olawale RB Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/10 Kyle Van Noy MLB Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/10 Robert Alford CB Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/10 Kevin Zeitler OG Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/10 Malcolm Butler CB Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/09 Richie Incognito CG Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/09 James Carpenter OG Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/09 Lamarcus Joyner FS Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/09 Blake Countess CB Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/09 Adrian Clayborn DE Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/09 Treyvon Hester DT Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/09 Dan Bailey K Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/08 Carlos Dunlap DE Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/08 Russell Bodine C Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts
    03/08 Christian Jones OLB Terminated, Vested Veteran, all contracts

    There will be many more to come. For example, Saints are expected to be releasing WR Emmanuel Sanders, LB Kwon Alexander and CB Janoris Jenkins as early as today.

  118. steveccnv says:

    I’m starting to be be on board with Watson. I’m not a big fan, because I think he has issues (not as bad) like Lamar does passing, but given the right situation I think he could win an SB.

    Do you sacrifice a career worth of Tua for a small window of Watson, maybe 2 or 3 years, for a 2021 or 2022 SB victory?

    If Tua can revert back to his Alabama days he could be discussed with the greatest of all time. My one problem is I went back and watched his Bama tape and I can’t get the noodle arm passes off of my mind.

    His arm is stronger than Pennington, faster release, can read a D quick, looks off his receivers…so he should be able to perform better than Chad and Montana, but something, I can place my hand on, is missing

  119. markets are exploding today, this is AWESOME

    i guess everyone is spending their $1400 socialist check before they get it, lol

  120. mf13ss says:

  121. steveccnv says:

    Juju smith-Schuster is also being linked to us. He’s had some big years, but that 4.54 40 time isn’t what we need

  122. stangerx says:

    Steve — you asked “Do you sacrifice a career worth of Tua for a small window of Watson” and it is a good Q. But don’t forget that Tua’s rookie contract expires as well, even if you add in two possible franchise tags. And yeah could sign Tua long-term, but could do the exact same with Watson….. he’s only 25.

    • steveccnv says:

      I think Watson has a smaller NFL window than Tua does. Once his escapability is gone I think he’s done. 2 yrs, 5yrs…

      • stangerx says:

        If his career is going to be done when he is 27-30 seems all the more reason for him to want a good team now.

  123. Mike E. says:

    I’d rather have Marvin Jones than JuJu Smith-Schuster. Jones has been very consistent during his career. He’ll be on the field when DeVante is out, or hobbled which seems to be at least half the season. Either one will be an upgrade of what we currently have. Preston Williams still has a lot to prove as far as I’m concerned. Bowden might have some promise in the slot, that is if we don’t keep Wilson on the roster. Perry seems like a depth guy, I don’t recall seeing anything special from him. Grant could easily be cut, he’s not much of a receiver and on punt returns his hands make me nervous. Once he makes the catch though he’s electric.

    • stangerx says:

      Only thing think Williams has to prove is durability. Not that he’s gonna end up on WR top-10 list, but like his routes and like his catching. Think he’d be a great 3rd boundary guy…. and at that point durability less of a concern.

      Part of why more interested in getting wideouts in the draft. That Alpha guy in the first and then a slot in rounds 2-4. And I’d be cool with 3rd or 4th cause think can get a good slot lower and suspect Bowden might become something.

      But heck — they get a WR in FA just means can take another position in the draft.

  124. CavalierKong says:

    We’ve got so many options. I have absolutely no idea what we’re going to do.

    Less than 2 months to the draft, one week till free agency, and as a bonus only 2 weeks until we can all watch me get my ass kicked by a walking nuclear power plant, lol.

  125. steveccnv says:

    KVN was a system LB, he fit well when the scheme or play was designed for him, or when others did their job and he cleaned up.

    He’s the kind of player that looks like crap in preseason, when it’s just one on one, but turns it on when everything is just right.

    I believe he was released, because of his inability to apply pressure straight up, instead of the guy that’s in the QBs in 2 seconds

  126. stangerx says:

    “It’s probably one of the worst defensive tackle groups that we’ve had in the last decade. It’s just not very good. I think there’s a good chance we don’t see a defensive tackle go in the first round.”
    — NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah… yeah Davon Godchaux ain’t coming back (liked him).

  127. stangerx says:

    Barry Jackson offers a real good break down of the O -line.

  128. Rhino says:

    That last game when we got spanked by Buffalo will linger with Flores/staff because FA and draft first deals with ‘how to beat teams like Buffalo and KC’ … Our defense as structured could not keep up with them (esp Buffalo).

    We got the coverage guys, but pass rush definitely needs to be more disruptive on a consistent basis.

    I can’t shake the feeling that Flores wants to resolve whatever the problem was that last game vs Bills. As much as we talk about “weapons for Tua”, the OL is still key.

    There are so many great prospects and we have a real opportunity to get a ‘gamer’ with our #3 pick. We have a legit chance of our choice of best non-QB player in the draft. Where on our team do we need a guy who takes the entire unit to the next level. All those names, but we can only take ONE.

    I think prioritizing a guy like Linsley to lead the OL would really open up our options … in fact signing Linsley I could see:
    1. trade back, say to 8, take Parsons, then best WR/RB available at #18 … and finish the combo early in 2nd. As amazing as the top tier WRs are, they don’t solve the problem exposed in Bills game. That off field stuff (team fighting) was when he was 18 maybe 19 yrs old. What was Ray Lewis like at that age, ya’ know!?
    2. Chase or Smith at #3 I won’t complain but we’d HAVE to get Collins at #18 (or even trade up for him … cuz there are a couple teams ahead of us who could certainly take him). I don’t think we need a “coverage LB” … we need a defensive missile … a guy the opposing offense game plans around. That’s Parsons or Collins.
    3. I really, really can’t see Miami taking a RB in first round. It feels like a year too early.

    We can’t fill all the hole with two picks, so I’m sure Flores and FO are gonna stick with their rebuild plan… and LB seems like a bigger issue than WR (if everyone under contract is healthy).

    • Rhino says:

      ^of course I am referring to Free Agency to acquire Linsley. lol

    • stangerx says:

      Rhino — that is a darn solid break down and possible path. Particularly like the thought of Linsley. Makes him the chief of the OL and leaves enough to prop up OLB or DE in FA. Then can go all O in the draft, least first 4 picks.

    • steveccnv says:

      I agree with Flores having the stink of the Buffalo game on his mind, that’s why I think they let KVN go. Realized he wasn’t the answer

  129. stangerx says:

    This is a shift by the Texans FO.
    “He is our starting quarterback right now. And hopefully in the future.”

    — Houston Texans head coach David Culley on Watson

    • Tim Knight says:

      It’s a pretty standard statement when you have a disgruntled player that you don’t know what the outcome will be. You cover your ass either way.

  130. mf13ss says:


    Your thinking is almost identical to mine, but for the RB position. As I stated yesterday, I strongly advise our Phins to either re-sign Alex Karras or sign Corey Linsley. Yes, that strongly reinforces our O-Line, allowing us to address other positions via the Draft, and early.

    Now on paper, one might say we have an impregnable O-Line that any RB can run behind. That has yet to be proven, and I don’t want to pay through the nose via FA on say, Aaron Jones. It’s a young man’s position, and it comes cheaply through the Draft: that’s why I’m all about taking the best RB @ R1P18 (be it Najee Harris or someone else). We’ve been skunked for YEARS, not addressing the RB position early.

    As for the LB position, I can’t help but feel we run a system (see Steve’s 2:35 PM post above), brought over from the ‘Patriot Way’. That’s not to say that KVN was a strictly system guy (I disagree with Steve on that, but we’ll see), but I think we could get a value LB on perhaps day 2, maybe early day 3, who could come in and be solid.

    Rhino, very good post above! As I stated, you and I are thinking on the same wavelength.

  131. Mike E. says:

    NEW BLOG UP!!!

  132. mf13ss says:

    I wonder if we’ll take a sniff at either Eric Fisher or Mitchell Schwartz. I don’t think we will, but I wonder…

    Quite honestly, I’d rather spend FA $$$ on a Tackle, rather than a Center. Nevertheless, we have a great need at the Center position… and I’d rather not draft a Center early. With any luck, Isaiah Wilson is our answer at Tackle, and we just need to sign a vet Center.

    I suppose the question becomes: is Isaiah Wilson to be trusted to become all of what he was drafted to be? If not, address the RT position for the southpaw Tua.

  133. New Age says:

    Godchaux was a loss but not worth that price tag. I’m glad to see the most expensive projected FAs already gone. Jonnu Smith doesn’t look exceptional and Cam no longer is. Glad to see the Pats moves so far.

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