2022 Season – Week 18 – Jets @ Dolphins

There are so many ways to look at this upcoming game, and the opportunity it presents for our team. Indifference is an acceptable viewpoint. Disgust and ignoring this game altogether is also an acceptable viewpoint, after all, we’re fanatics, and emotions run high when you’re a fanatic, so after 5 straight losses there will be some at that far end of the spectrum who have just tuned. Hope is absolutely an acceptable viewpoint, and I’d say most of us here, despite what we might say here, or even to ourselves and our families, hold some hope that our Miami Dolphins can suit up at hard Rock Stadium, even with their 3rd string rookie 7th RD pick Skylar Thompson starting at QB, and just go out there and demolish the Jets. OK, maybe even eke out a win in a tough fought battle, hopefully not a sloppy win. A win that shows me this team somehow deserves to be in the playoffs, because despite the 5 straight losses, as my level headed friend Stanger says, ALL the games count, and the 9-8 record, while not impressive, qualifies us for the playoffs.

The cancellation of the Bills vs Bengals games has thrown quite a strange monkey wrench into the 2022 NFL Playoff structure. I’m not going to get into all the scenarios at the top because frankly, none of that applies to our Dolphins who are at the bottom of this structure, and possible even the very bottom, depending upon who wins this Sunday. There may be coin flips to determine which team has home field for certain games, and other games may be played at neutral sites if necessary if top seeding issues occur.

Our game Sunday is the big concern. Our team must step up, and take care of their own business. They need their best players to show up big, not just put on the uniform and go through the motions. It’s not how I wanted us to get into the playoffs, especially when we were 8-3 and the #2 seed, but getting a win Sunday gets us in. That’s the focus, get the W. We have a lot of talent on this roster, and those guys need to lead this team to a win, and that means Tyreek Hill, Xavien Howard, Bradley Chubb, Melvin Ingram, Christian Wilkins, Jaylen Waddle, Jaelan Phillips, Jerome Baker all need to have a positive impact on this game. The Jets have a better defense, way better, but our defense needs to be better on Sunday. I feel like we can always say in some way or another, “The defense didn’t lose this game”, but how many times this season could we say “The defense WON the game”? That’s what we need to be able to say this weekend. I can only imagine we will be very conservative on offense this weekend, the Jets strength on defense is their pass defense. The Jets have 44 sacks which is 7th in the NFL. They are 2nd in the NFL in yards allowed with 3080 yards passing. The Jets are 2nd in passing TD’s allowed at 15. I don’t think Mike McDaniel is going to have Skylar Thompson throwing the ball all over Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday.

All hands on deck!!! Those that are injured, with the exception of QB Tua Tagovailoa who is still in NFL concussion protocol have to do their best to play, and play well to help this team get a win. LT Terron Armstead did not practice Thursday, but you have to think he’ll be playing on Sunday. The other non participants in Thursday’s practice were T Kendall Lamm, T Eric Fisher, and WR Cedrick Wilson Jr. (hip injury). The Dolphins have now placed T Eric Fisher on IR, so signing Fisher at all was a waste. Of those three, most likely Cedric Wilson is the only one who may play. Notably absent from the injury list in any form whatsoever are our running backs Raheem Mostert and Jeff Wilson Jr., which is oh so important. RB Myles Gaskin is on IR and will probably not play again in 2022, so that leaves a healthy Raheem Mostert, Jeff Wilson Jr. and Salvon Ahmed. I’m hoping to see an awful lot of running, and not a lot of running awful. We need this run game to be at its best against the Jets. We can throw the ball, but they have to be easy completions, we can’t go out and challenge that secondary. We have to get the ball in Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle’s hands somehow because they are the playmakers. Screen passes, end arounds, jet sweeps, all of the above but we have to have our best guys handling the ball.

The Jets on the other hand will be playing loose, they have already been eliminated so their focus is ending our season. It’s a legitimate rally cry, “The Dolphins don’t make the playoffs through us!!!” Veteran QB Joe Flacco will be starting. Joe Flacco is very much like the Jets current situation, playing for pride. This is no audition for a starting job, and Mike White’s absence in this game leads me to believe that White is is a strong candidate in the mix for the starting QB job next season. QB Zach Wilson simply hasn’t earned a stronghold on the QB spot, although I find it hard to believe that he’s completely out. I think he’ll be given a fresh start next year and hope he comes in with a more mature mindset and some humility, and comes in and works hard to regain respect from his teammates who clearly made a choice donning Mike White t-shirts during the season. We need X to shut down Garret Wilson and either Keion Crossen or Kader Kohou to shut down Corey Davis. We need no running space for Zonovan “Bam” Knight or Michael Carter. I assume Crossen will be on the outside again and Kohou inside which means Kohou will be on slot receiver Elijah Moore most of the time. I think the Jets will be taking shots, again, there’s no consequence if they lose.

Playing loose and not having any consequence is a double sided coin though. If things are going well while you’re under those circumstances, it can snowball and the loose team with nothing to play for but pride and the chance to play spoiler can really take off (no pun intended) (maybe). On the other hand, if the Dolphins come out hot on both sides of the ball, score a TD on a long, grinding drive and then force a 3 and out and do the same and then make another stop and score again, sometimes the will of the team playing for nothing can be broken quickly. This is what I’m hoping for, not counting on. Considering the last 5 weeks, and the last 5 losses, it would be foolish to expect this. This is a huge test for Mike McDaniel, as there are reports in Miami that if the Dolphins lose Sunday, there are many heads that might roll, including the rookie HC Mike McDaniel, who at one time had this offense looking like the most prolific offense in Miami since Dan Marino was here. GM Chris Grier is also on the hook here. Of course if the HC goes, the rest of the staff is in peril, and rightly so. I’m tired of this kind of talk. Exhausted really. This cycle has us where we are now, and I believe patience is what is most necessary. There’s no question that Mike McDaniel has a strong offensive mind. What he needs to improve on is in game adjustments. He should be given the chance to do that. That almost certainly means retaining GM Chris Grier, because no GM is going to want to take a job where he can’t handpick his entire staff. I think perhaps the one head that needs to roll is the owner, Stephen Ross. His illegal meddling in affairs has cost this team a heavy penalty, not just the loss of 1st RD picks, but the respect and trust of the NFL, which is so evident in the Tua Tagovailoa concussion issue. No other team has to worry about whether they clear a player in concussion protocol as much as the Dolphins, as it seems like national news that the Dolphins were cleared recently by the NFL that no wrongdoing occurred in the team’s handling of our QB after he showed concussion like symptoms after the Green Bay Packers game. It’s not a good thing to be under the NFL microscope on everything the team does.




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  1. son of a son of a shula says:


  2. pheloniusphish says:

    On my way to Fort Lauderdale from Jackson Hole for the game.

  3. pheloniusphish says:

    They better win.

  4. Mike E. says:

    Has anyone heard any confirmation on the 8th playoff team in each conference? I heard the owners still have to vote on it, but it’s looking very likely.

    • CavalierKong says:

      I was just looking it up. Everything I am seeing says it’s only one of the proposed scenarios they are going to look at.

      If they do add an 8th, the Jest have a small chance to get in, so they’ll still be playing for something.

      • CavalierKong says:

        Actually, I just saw this:

        “Adding an eighth playoff team in each conference isn’t something that has been discussed, NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith said during a conference call Thursday, but doing so would require additional bargaining to ensure those eighth team players and the teams that would have received a bye by being the No. 1 seed were receiving additional compensation.”

      • Mike E. says:

        Gotcha – I was listening to WQAM this morning and I could swear they made it seem like it was going to happen, and that the owners needed to vote on it.

  5. Rockphin says:

    Like I said on the last page, I have pretty much tuned out, but I was looking this morning and it appears (unless I am missing some multi-team tie breaker that may occur) that if the Dolphins beat the Jets and Buff beats NE then Miami would face Buff in round one of the playoffs. (if they don’t take the buy IF they win) BUT If they lose to the Pats then the Pats will push us out regardless of the outcome of our game and they would face a rematch between Buff and the Pats in round one.

    Hmmmmm, rest starters and eliminate Miami to face a weaker Pats team in the first round? They just might go for that….

  6. CavalierKong says:

    At least the Bills have every reason to try and win against NE, since it’s the potential difference between a road game or a neutral site in the AFC Championship.

    The Bills have so much more talent than the Pets, they should get a win even with what is likely a more generic game plan.

  7. steveccnv says:

    KC, Buff or Cin can’t see us having much chance against any of them

  8. pheloniusphish says:

    Any given Sunday. Plus Tua should be back.

  9. CavalierKong says:

    This really is setting up to be a game we can’t possibly lose…which means…

    • pheloniusphish says:

      If they can’t get after Flacco and put him on the ground they shouldn’t be playing in the NFL.

      • CavalierKong says:

        That is pretty much where I am at.

        They will probably rely heavily on the run game, which actually plays into our strength. The only thing we do well on defense this year is stop the run (8th in the NFL), as long as it isn’t a running QB.

        I figure as long as our offense doesn’t give the Jest points on TOs and our STs doesn’t give the Jest points on big returns, we should get this damn win.

  10. CavalierKong says:

    ‘I feel like we can always say in some way or another, “The defense didn’t lose this game”, but how many times this season could we say “The defense WON the game”? That’s what we need to be able to say this weekend.’

    Amen, brother.

  11. Mike E. says:

    I really need Rock the Editor back on full time duty. There were so many errors as I just reread the article. Hey, if any of you guys or girls notice these things before I do, please point it out, I won’t be mad. I type what is my head, and I happen to be pretty shitty at typing to begin with, so if you see typos or something else that doesn’t look right, let me know. Thanks!

  12. stangerx says:

    Screw the playoffs. It’s Jets week. Time to sit back in your seat and watch guys in puke green jerseys escorted from the stands by security. Like as many when we play the Yets as all the other teams combined.


    I own that t-shirt. 🙂

    • bookman11 says:

      It should never matter what is on the line….it is never OK to lose to the Jets. GGGGod I hate the Jetsssssss (Bennie and the jets tune)

  13. naplesfan2010 says:

    Saleh says “starting Zach Wilson wouldn’t do him any good”
    tank much?
    I quote a commenter who says yeah they should sit WR Wislon also then, just to protect his future, right?

    I myself add the jest should play a street FA Pk in a tryout,
    that way we have less of a chance to lose 3-0 in the 4th qtr.

  14. naplesfan2010 says:

    Saleh is McDaniel’s close friend, so to screw bellicheat, ….

  15. naplesfan2010 says:

    Cav that’s 2 pretty big “ifs” above, though,
    jus’ sayin’

  16. herdfan says:

    So I know this probably only matters to me, but what happens with our fantasy super bowl?

    • Mike E. says:

      I’m waiting to see what happens in my other league. I was up 177-87 and my opponent had Josh Allen, Gabe Davis and Tee Higgins. It was for 3rd place, but money is on the line

      • herdfan says:

        I have 3 Bills including Allen.🤦🏼‍♀️ 🤷🏼‍♀️

      • manitobafinfan says:

        Hey Herd , and all others. I have t been able to get on NFL .com on my phone recently, and figured I’d wait until NFL finally decided to cancel that game before logging in on the PC … I will take a look around likely tomorrow and see if anything is finalized and or announced .. pretty sure you have a wrap on the game anyways HERS .. even if ya get an asterisk beside it like so many of Brady’s🤡 will update Y’all a s I find out

        BTW nice write Mike .. it is hard to get i for the game after the last 5 .. especially with not knowing wtf is happening with Tua going forward ..

        But I’m a Fan so GO FINS 🐬🐬🐬

      • manitobafinfan says:

        HERD .. even if ya get an asterisk beside it like so many of Brady’s🤡 will update Y’all a s I find out BTW nice write Mike .. it is hard to get i for the game after the last 5 .. especially with not knowing wtf is happening with Tua going forward .. But I’m a Fan so GO FINS 🐬🐬🐬

  17. At least we’ll know at the end of the 1PM games if we’re in or not.

  18. manitobafinfan says:

    OD should be a good game tonight … Jets getting Ehlers, Wheeler, Perfetti, and Schmidt back tonight … we are down 1-0 but watch out … Go Winnipeg Hockey Team Go 🤡🤡🤡

  19. Mike E. says:

    Toba – What Yahoo Fantasy Sports is recommending for private leagues is giving teams the projected points for each player affected by the canceled game

    • manitobafinfan says:


      • Mike E. says:

        The other choice is doing Week 18 too and combining both scores. I think taking the projected points is the fairest

      • manitobafinfan says:

        Yeah I just read a couple of those articles .. still can’t get on via my phone .. will take a look in 2nd intermission…

        I play in Markheys money league .. I appear to have won the final , and neither of the teams in the final had any players in that game , so I’m kinda hoping it stands as is ..

  20. mf13ss says:

    Steve Ross is going to try to land Sean Payton and Tom Brady yet again, being he already paid the price once (docked 1st round pick, suspension, and major fine)… write it down.

  21. manitobafinfan says:


  22. manitobafinfan says:

    HellO all FMU fantasy Players…

    had to wait to see what was happening with Bill s bengals game..

    it has now been cancelled, and supposedly stats from it wiped out ..

    both championship game and 3rd place game COULD have had different outcomes if the game had been played

    i was looking at others posting that it was possible to reset so the final could be pushed to this week.. unfortunately that is only possible when we pay for a “fully customizable league” which i/we do not ..

    so based on that Congrats with a BRADY SIZED ASTERISK to Herd for being crowned this years Champ..

    Hamalin is apparently recovering well, and was face timing with team mates so , as much as we like to hope for our mortal foes to get hurt , no one actually means it..

    Speedy recovery to Hamalin , and hope to see y’all back next year

    • herdfan says:

      Dang, I’m competitive. I don’t want an asterisk, a Brady comparable one is worse! Lol.

      Anything can happen in a game, what happened this week was unprecedented I feel like everyone here when talking about backing into the playoffs. I want to win it. Not have an asterisk.

  23. manitobafinfan says:

    Winnipeg beats Tampa in one Hellebuyk of a game
    Woot woot .. Go Winnipeg Hockey Team

  24. Mike E. says:

    Congrats Herd – I don’t see no stinking asterisk!

  25. Mike E. says:


  26. pheloniusphish says:

    I thought Lamm did a good job at LT when he was in. Hopefully his ankle wasn’t too bad.

  27. manitobafinfan says:

    Just saw there are two games on today 😳 who knew 🤯😱

  28. steveccnv says:

    As bad as our D has been this year I might have to give Boyer a pass

    Do we really want to dump him without giving him a chance to show what he can do with a healthy D?

    However if the plan is to cut Byron, then no reason to keep Boyer

    • stangerx says:

      We get them every year of course, but it has been a real bad injury year. K and Byron Jones were supposed to be the pillars of our D that let us play man outside and send the troops at the other QB. So I give Boyer a pass as well.

    • CavalierKong says:

      If we’re running a scheme that genuinely falls apart without 2 shutdown corners, I’d rather change schemes.

  29. Wyoming85 says:

    not spam

  30. steveccnv says:

    Lol, Mahomes didn’t get the menu

  31. steveccnv says:

    Win 3, lose 3, win 5, lose 5

    What’s next in sequence?

  32. steveccnv says:

    Lemonica at QB for Raiders

  33. stangerx says:

    And my parents felt bad when I got a hold of the orange flavored baby aspirin and ate them like skittles.
    A 6-year-old who opened fired in a Virginia classroom and seriously injured his teacher was in custody Friday, police said.

    “This was not an accidental shooting,” Newport News police Chief Steve Drew said.

  34. steveccnv says:

    Finally we have a Speaker, but it came at a heavy price for the RINO’s

  35. stangerx says:

    If the Pats don’t beat the Bills “they’d need the Miami Dolphins to lose to the New York Jets, the Pittsburgh Steelers to lose to the Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars to knock off the Tennessee Titans to still find a path into the wild card round.”

  36. KC is blowing the Raiders out of the building.

  37. Okay so it’s McCarthy as the new speaker of the house.

    When it comes to RINOs I think it’s good that the Republican Party has diverse ideas which are always good in politics. The Democrats have something similar where they’re not all aligned with the far left. Can’t allow extremes to run the government. That’s not representative of the American people.

    • stangerx says:

      Back to McCarthy is supported by Trump. Guess some folks get the wild hair in them and the wild hair is most important of all.

      • I wish the Republican Party would become more libertarian and the Democrats less socialist leaning. The American people are pretty centrist where the extremes on both sides make up the balance.

        I’d say it’s 40% centrist, 30% far right and 30% far left. The moderate/centrists usually decide presidential elections.

      • New Age says:

        Not really. Its refreshing to see some people willing to do more than the most basic things in our government. Like Tim, I wish our politicians would care more about The People than enriching themselves but even if they could do more than just show up and say YES! to spending bills would be an improvement. I really enjoyed those 20 standing up for their constituents a little. Refreshing as can be. Much more so than Dem shows of unity for everything including absolutely terrible ideas by terrible people.

  38. Mike E. says:

    You would think a defensive coordinator could alter the scheme somewhat to make up for the deficiencies in the secondary. It doesn’t appear that whatever Boyer did worked.

    • Ken says:

      He just kept blitzing.

      • Not true, we’ve been trying to rush more with 4 for many weeks. It’s a talent problem to me not scheme. Our back end is not very talented and the tackling has been sub par. I don’t know how many times we have had the play dead and allow the ball carrier to pick up the 1st down or more.

    • New Age says:

      I think it’s really hard to change certain things and I think this describes some of the difficulties well. https://www.si.com/nfl/dolphins/news/miami-dolphins-defensive-difficulties-breakdown

      Add that the backups aren’t as skilled and may be better at different things than the starters were. Do you change everything and hope everyone picks it up well? Look at how communications issues have fucked up the Ravens at times earlier in the year. Could we be having some of these issues?

      I knew that X would fall back to Earth like a meteor. You just don’t pay these dudes today. Look at what happened with Washington and Norman. It’s rare as hell to see a return from those contracts for CBs.

      I’m not giving him a free pass. I think he’s been terrible but those CB contracts by Grier were an albatross around the team’s neck.

      • X has been banged up all year and he’s one of the best players on the team. For some reason fans love to call him out. A healthy X and Byron Jones this year and we’re already in the playoffs. Those routes aren’t open.

      • New Age says:

        A healthy X is an extreme rarity though, isn’t it? That’s always been his problem and its massive. You’re not very good sitting at home.

      • X was awesome the two previous seasons, missed one game. He’s in his 8th season now and wear and tear catches up with you. We’re wasting his prime. We’re playing with average vets and young players trying to find their way. Byron hasn’t been able to play this year. The loss of Needham and Brandon Jones has hurt as well. The loss of Trill Williams in the PS hurt us. I think he was ready to replace Byron. He had a great camp and got hurt blowing up a play and falling awkward.

        How many DBs have we used through this year, 20? Talent is a huge issue.

  39. pheloniusphish says:

    In Baukampers. Full of Jets fans.

    Inside info (speculation) – Vic Fangio is the next DC in Miami. Veteran coach to help McDaniels out.

  40. New Age, what it always comes down to for me is don’t infringe on individual rights. There are a lot of factors in that both economically and socially. A free people can’t go one way or the other with extremes. You need balance and common sense.

    • New Age says:

      Same but we probably think differently on the issues. I love libertarian ideas and am a statist. Nothing would make me happier than if DC burned completely down and we restarted with about 40% of the government we have today. People don’t realize how little government oversight we need or how much graft actually occurs. They’ve been raised to NEED that Big Gov!

  41. son of a son of a shula says:

    Look at PhinDog rock out the anthem

  42. Scheme doesn’t make up for a lack of talent.

    • Ken says:

      You adjust the scheme based on the talent available. Boyer never did

      • mf13ss says:

        One can only adjust the scheme so much, based on the players who were hired for the scheme at hand. It’s not as simple as that, Hulkster.

      • Ken says:

        Good coaches do it all the time

      • mf13ss says:

        With multiple key players out or unhealthy, reliant upon 3rd and 4th-stringers? I don’t think so.

        Even the great Dick LeBeau in his prime would have problems with our Defensive injury situation.

      • Totally disagree. What’s your scheme change? Play more zone as if that is the answer. You know what happens when you do that, teams run the ball more and dink and dunk you to death. Then there is the same tackling issue. We show blitz and drop 7 quite a bit and still miss tackles. Our secondary has been playing with 2nd and 3rd level depth most of the season. They play hard and compete but they’re not top level players.

        We’ve also used about 5-7 OTs and all 3 of our QBs on offense. That’s not ideal man. It has more to do with nothing ever goes really well for us than looking to blame everyone from Ross to Grier and whatever coach you want to blame. We all know our STs have been bad and Sanders has lost his mojo. Our team is a shell of what was projected. We’re very thin right now. Part of our STs issue has been those core guys have had to start and play major roles on offense and defense. That wasn’t supposed to be their role.

        Why can’t we just see it for what it is instead of looking to blame everyone?

      • Ken says:

        That is why you adjust the scheme. As much as I hate him Bellicheck does it all the time

      • Ken says:

        So your answer is keep doing what doesn’t work? Yes you play more zone because the DBs are struggling in man. Teams play zone all the time and do well in it. This blitz man coverage defense we run is the outlier and is highly dependent on the talent in the secondary.

  43. manitobafinfan says:

    Speaking of Phin Dog.. it may have got missed but he can’t get logged in and onto the blog… could someone reach out to him to see if they can assist ..

  44. mf13ss says:


    100% concurred with your 8:49 PM post just above.

  45. CavalierKong says:

    We have our entire dline and LBs except for Ogbah.

    We have a stud in Holland, a vet in X (even if playing injured), another vet and decent player in Rowe, and a suprisingly good rookie in Kohou in our secondary. We had Needham for close to half the year and Jones for 7 games.

    Multiple people on this board expected and have stated we’d have a top defense this year if not for injury.

    We’ve had some dropoff in talent in the secondary, but we had good depth there and aren’t playing a whole bunch of nobodies back there.

    I would fully expect a slide down for the D, maybe to average, but not near worst in the league. Either our scheme is way too dependent a couple of players, or our coaches have not done enough to make up for their loss.

    I think it’s insane to think with the talent we have in the front 7 and still have in the secondary that our team falls apart without a couple of players. Something has to change.

    Again, the Bills lost 2 probowl safties and one of the top CBs in the league for a large portion of the year and their #2 in defensive scoring.

    • mf13ss says:

      If our DF7 is legit (minus Ogbah, as you mentioned), where do we rank in sacks and pressures?

      • mf13ss says:

        Plus, where did we rank in sacks and pressures in ’20 and ’21 under the same DC in Josh Boyer?

      • CavalierKong says:

        You tell me. I don’t want to look it up. I don’t need the stats to tell me though. How many times did we talk about on this board how we can’t get pressure, and that was early in the year before all the injuries.

        To me, that is the issue. We supposedly have the talent. It’s the production that isn’t there.

        So is our front 7 really not that talented? Then that’s on the GM.
        Or are the coaches not doing enough?

        If the answer is we need two lockdown CBs for our defense to work, then change the scheme, because you can’t have the entire defense rely on two flippin players.

    • We were 8-3 before the injuries got worse and worse. Did the Bills lose Josh Allen? Have the Chiefs been rolling with 2nd and 3rd string QBs? It’s not just one area, man.

      • Ken says:

        We are talking about the D which has been pitiful

      • It all matters. Tua gets a concussion and we go to Bridgewater. He can’t finish a game. Thompson comes in he gets hurt. Back to Tua and we win. Tua gets another concussion rinse and repeat. We haven’t won a game without Tua. As if QB doesn’t matter now. Our playoff chances our on the line with a 7th round rookie tomorrow along with all the other issues.

        It is what it is. I’ll be rooting like all of us tomorrow but come on man. This is not ideal.

  46. CavalierKong says:

    I don’t buy the excuse for the STs either. We gave up a return TD to the Ravens in game 2. We blew the punt in game 3 against the Bills. We’ve had STs miscues all year.

    Again, you expect a dropoff, but not to be worst in the league. The issue isn’t that things got worse, it’s the degree.

  47. Ken, Belichick and his team have been fighting for their lives just like us the last few years without Brady.

  48. mf13ss says:

    CavalierKong says:
    January 7, 2023 at 9:06 pm
    You tell me…
    I shouldn’t have to tell ya that our Phins ROCKED in sacks and pressures in ’20 and ’21 under Josh Boyer. Do we really want to fire him after one bad season where most of his Defensive firepower was either injured or on IR?

    Then comes the one question: how much of our Defense was great because of (the now hated) Brian Flores?

    Unpacking this whole thing is delicate and I don’t appreciate the rush to judgment by fans.

    • Ken says:

      Good coordinator but Flores should not have been a HC

    • CavalierKong says:

      It’s always been the question of how much Flores was behind our defensive success. Flores is a defensive mastermind who was behind the Pets defensive success in the SB against the Rams , and it’s ludicrous to believe he didn’t have an impact on our defensive success.

      How much of our offensive success this year has been attributed to our OC Frank Smith?

      If we change HCs and our offense blows next year, are you going to say “Well the offense was fantastic under Frank Smith. Do we really want to fire him after one bad year?”

      • mf13ss says:

        Truly, Frank Smith is a mere instrument of Mike McDaniel. This is the Shanahan Offense, and McDaniel is in charge of it.

    • CavalierKong says:

      And “…most of his Defensive firepower was either injured or on IR”

      This is where we disagree. I think we still have a lot of talent playing on this defense.

  49. Wyoming85 says:

  50. CavalierKong says:

    I won’t be upset if we retain Boyer and give him another year. But after this year, I am in the camp that believes Flores was the guy behind this D and I want to see a new guy. I’d love Fangio.

    Crossman is another matter. He needs to be gone.

  51. Sean Payton to Denver seems to be a hot topic.

  52. Mike E. says:

    You can’t say we lost Ogbah and not include we added Chubb and Ingram. You would those 2 should have made up for the loss of Ogbah.

  53. The bottom line is our team has to go out and play a big game tomorrow to give ourselves a chance. I think the Bills are going to be inspired by Damar Hamlin. The game is in Buffalo. I can see them knocking the Pats out. If we lose something like 23-21 to the Jets at home with Joe Flacco at QB after that we’re all going to be so bummed out. Because Tua will be back for the playoffs. He’s listed as doubtful for this week, not out yet. It’s crazy how this team torments us every year. LOL

  54. This a good game tonight. The battle for the division.

  55. Mike E. says:

    Is whoever loses this game out of the playoffs?

  56. Mike E. says:

    I want JAX to win this

  57. Ken says:

    Jax going to playoffs. Lawrence didn’t have a particularly good game but really good defense played by both teams tonight

  58. In a protect FFL do you roll with Justin Herbert or Trevor Lawrence in the 2023 season?

  59. manitobafinfan says:

    So I assume if we all lose tomorrow Patriots get in ?

  60. CavalierKong says:

    So the KC win means if we make the playoffs, we play the Bills.

    I’m starting to get nervous. I just want to beat the Jest, and I’m really concerned about these reports of McDaniel possibly being fired. I disagree vehemently with any scenario that involves replacing him.

  61. All we have to to do is win and the Pats lose. Nothing else matters.

  62. ukfinfan says:

    Interesting discussion on the D. I’m in the Boyer out camp. Seen a few tweets like this.

    I don’t have the numbers to back it up now (may even have posted them a few weeks ago when I read them) but we blitz too often and allow opponents a ludicrously high completion % when we do. So we are either telegraphing it or we’re not getting there or both.

    As for 3rd down don’t get me started


    If a coach makes the whole less than the sum of its parts he’s failing. We need better depth, leadership and scheming on D and ST imho.

    Still think we get into playoffs, still think we’re one and done.

  63. ukfinfan says:

    Without doubt Boyer would have blitzed this

  64. Brian in NY says:


    There has been ONE report of McDaniel possibly being fired (Salguero) if we don’t make the playoffs. It wouldn’t necessarily shock me, but I’m not buying it. If that does happen, then OD’s accusations and opinions against Ross would actually have been too kind.

    • CavalierKong says:

      I’ve read it in a few places. I didn’t realize it all came from the one Armando report. That makes me feel a little better. At this point I don’t trust Ross, so I probably was a little too quick to give it credibility.

  65. Mike E. says:

    I see a lot of Dolphins fans saying stupid shit like the Bills will probably let the Pats win because after all, who would they rather face, the Dolphins or the Patriots?

    PUH-lease Have they watched our team play the last 5 weeks? Is Tua even going to play again this season?

  66. Brian in NY says:

    I still somewhat stupefied to the fact we have put ourselves in this position. 8-3 and we now need to win and get help from the Bills in week 18 to make the playoffs. Unreal.

  67. Yeah let’s fire everyone with a game to play and the playoffs on the line. Does anyone enjoy sports anymore? Pundits are already moving onto the offseason. WTF?!!!!

  68. The Flying Pig says:

    Let’s go Dolphins


  69. Capt. Stubbs says:

    Go phins!!! I believe I’ve been the fault of our losing streak. Since I’ve moved to my new house we’ve lost.
    So I put up new dolphins flag, bought sage, basil,oregano and I bought us a little thyme. So we should be good lol

  70. herdfan says:

    I’m doing laundry today. Not necessarily for the game but because I need to. 😂

    Go Dolphins!


  71. Brian in NY says:

    I’m going to put my flag up and throw some laundry in just for the hell of it.

  72. CavalierKong says:

    So I guess Bridgewater is active

  73. Wyoming85 says:

    We’ll know t the toss!

  74. CavalierKong says:

  75. ukfinfan says:

    I’ve washed my Dolphins flag and run my dirty laundry up the flag pole.

    Just going to book my flight to Buffalo now.

  76. Mike E. says:

    Kong – Every NFL team has done the Damar Hamlin 30 yard line. Heard about that yesterday.


  77. Mike E. says:

    I don’t wear any Dolphins gear on gameday. I used to, but we sucked, so I stopped. We still suck, so I guess it doesn’t really matter. lol

  78. Brian in NY says:

    Hey Skylar: it’s fucking fourth down. Throw it down the field – worst case scenario is you throw a pick and you turn the ball over , which you just did by giving yourself no chance of picking up the first down and running out of bounds

  79. Brian in NY says:

    These mistakes are what will cost us the game, and a playoff spot

  80. mf13ss says:


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