A Look at our Linebackers – 2016

If you look at our defense from 2015, one thing is very clear, our LB’s were sub par, and that’s a pretty across the board statement.  I think Jenkins is still young and worth developing,  but a high ankle sprain hampered him all season, until either he, or the coaches decided to rest him for the last 3 games.  Jelani Jenkins appeared and started in 13 games last season, and finished with 71 total tackles (50 solo), which is down big time from last season (120 total/83 solo).  Last season, Jenkins had 1 FF, and 1 FR, while 2 seasons ago, Jenkins forced 2 fumbles, had 1 fumble recovery, but also had 3.5 sacks.  Definitely a step backwards for our young LB.

As far as the other 2 LB spots, who were previously filled by Koa Misi (MLB, SLB), Kelvin Sheppard (MLB), and then at the end of the season when almost the entire roster was on IR, Zach Vigil (MLB) and Neville Hewitt (SLB).  It was hard to really evaluate either Hewit or Vigil with the limited amount of playing time they received, but both showed they have some promise, but weren’t necessarily ready for prime time.  In case you’ve been kidnapped, in a deep freeze, or just saving yourself from frustration, and haven’t been following the Dolphins the last couple of months, we traded with the Philadelphia Eagles, acquiring ILB Kiko Alonso and CB Byron Maxwell  and the #13 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, in exchange for our #8 pick in this year’s draft.

So where does that leave us?  It appears as if Kiko Alonso in line to be our starting MLB, and Koa Misi is set to start at SOLB, leaving the WOLB to Jelani Jenkins.  If y’all remember last season, and you’re a cynical SOB like me, yeah, that just doesn’t cut it for me.  Too much of the same MO of relying on oft injured players (Alonso, Misi) and also expecting the same guys to do better.  How often does that actually happen?  Is it possible Alonso reverts back to the player he was in his rookie season in BUF.,  in 2013, Alonso was a beast, totaling 154 tackles (87 solo), 2 sacks, 5 passes defensed, 4 INT’s, and 2 FR’s.  In 2014, Alonso tore his ACL and missed the entire ’14 season.  He was then traded before the ’15 season to the Eagles, mostly because he was too small to play in Rex Ryan’s 3-4 defense, and fit much better in PHI.

I know everyone wants to draft a CB, DE, OLB or even a RB at #13, but I want to go in a different direction.  When we were picking at #8, I resigned myself to the fact that it was an unrealistic pick for that spot, but now that we’re selecting 5 spots later, i feel this pick is right in line, and although most mocks don’t have this player quite this early, NFL.com does have him rated as the 11th best player in the draft, so again, not unrealistic.  Who is it?

Reggie Ragland

Alabama MLB Reggie Ragland 6’1″ 247


Yes, Reggie Ragland.  All the guy does is tackle, and not 5 yards downfield, and not on the second try, he hits the right gap and BOOM – Down goes the ball carrier!  I know a lot of people fear that Ragland is a 2-down MLB, and will have to be subbed for in nickel and dime packages, but I don’t think that’s necessarily the case.  UNless you’re 100% convinced that Kiko Alonso still the same guy he was before the 2 knee injuries (1 major, 1 minor), although the 2nd injury wasa non-contact injury, and that scares me.  In game 2 of the ’15 season, Alonso was running to make a play, and felt his knee give out.  He played in a reserve role much of the ’15 season.

OK, back to Reggie!  Of course, college stats aren’t pro stats, that much is a given, but I think Reggie Ragland is as pro-ready an NFL prospect can be.  He has the size, the instincts, the physicality to play MLB in the NFL, and play it well.  He’s a day 1 starter for sure, and I believe he will be a 3 down LB that can and will drop into coverage in the NFL and do it well.  I know our secondary was likely our biggest weakness last year, we were torched through the air, but I believe that Reggie Ragland makes more of an impact this year and probably next season too than say Vernon Hargreaves, Mackensie Alexander, Shaq Lawson, Kevin Dodd.  Oddly enough, I think the one player that could make as much as of an impact the next 2 years is not on the defensive side, but it’s Ohio St. RB Ezekiel Elliott.  It’s obvious we wanted a RB, and we missed out on CJ Anderson when super genius Wile. Coyote, er John Elway matched our offer.  I think “Zeke” would likely share carries with incumbent RB Jay Ajayi, but would really solidify the position, which is now real thin with the heavily used and potentially “bone on bone” knee of Ajay, and then Damien Williams as depth.  It’s definitely a position of need, and one where a top RB like Zeke would make a huge impact immediately.

SO , if we do draft Regggie Ragland, what do we do with newly acquired Kiko Alonso?  I say give him a shot at WOLB, where Jelani Jenkins resides, and we can actually have some competition at LB, with some quality players for a change.  At SOLB, let Koa Misi and 2nd year LB Neville Hewitt fight it out, or as I suggested on the blog often, throw Jenkins in the mix at SLB too if Alonso wins that battle.  I don’t want to hear that we’d have too many LB’s, that’s silly talk.  We’d have some depth for a change, and make that quality depth.  If Vigil, Hewitt and Alonso and/or Jenkins are the backups, doesn’t that mean we have some real good players ahead of them?  That’s how i feel, and as many have mentioned on our blog, we’re kind of in a 1-2 year window with Suh and Tannehill, and that means a win now mentality.  If our LB’s aren’t tackling, we aren’t winning.  Much like if our O-line is protecting Tannehill, we aren’t winning, but I’ll save that for another day and another article.

C’mon, think of the upside of drafting Ragland . . .   We can have an aqua and orange Reggie bar!  The stands can chant “Reggie!, Reggie!, Reggie!” every time he stops a 3rd and short conversion attempt, or blows up a TE over the middle trying to convert a 3rd and 7.

DRAFT REGGIE!  Just do it!

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821 Responses to A Look at our Linebackers – 2016

  1. sb7mvp says:

    “Of Misi and Men”
    Tell me Bout the linebackers Lenny.

  2. Tim Knight says:

    Piggy, I don’t think Lee has to start and play 50-60 snaps right away. He could be part of a rotation and play half of those snaps and still give us some production.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I guess it depends what you mean by right away

      First month ….no, he can be slowly worked in

      but by the time Dec rolls around – I think you want your 1st round pick on the field a lot

      • Tim Knight says:

        I don’t look at draft picks like that. You’re trying to win games, not appease 1st rd pick expectations. I don’t think 25-30 snaps is a bad thing.

      • steveccnv says:

        I agree with Pig, you don’t take an LB at #13 to expect him to only play 25-30 snaps in Dec. If you don’t project him to do that why are you taking him at #13?

  3. getterdone says:

    If you draft Lee @ #13, you have to do so with him being a 3 down LB almost immediately, or go CB & DE instead.

  4. Al in MIA says:

    This article explains why Misi’s production is so divisive lol

  5. Al in MIA says:

    My opinion of Misi is that he is an average NFL starter for his position NOT a bad starting LB.
    That the Dolphins have done poorly on defense is not a reflection of his talent necessarily but the inconsistencies of quite a few people on the team outside the LB unit that includes things like CB not handling their assignments on run plays, DE not setting the edge properly, DL letting blockers get into the 2nd level with ease, etc.

    • getterdone says:

      Welcome to the lost world of Coyle. Hope VJ is a world apart!

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I think average is a good way to describe him
      But this team needs players who are better than that to be contenders

      I think we can do better at the end of the day

      • steveccnv says:

        You can’t have great players at every position, Misi is fine, as long as we have an MLB that gets lots of tackles, and DEs that do anything in the run game. I don’t know how Lippett and Maxwell are in run support, but at least they have more size than the previous CBs.

  6. Al in MIA says:

    I like Lee, but the DE position is a bigger question mark mid to longer term (beyond the near term solution with veteran signings). The position is more important than SOLB because 4-3 DE are the prime pressure applicators on passing downs and make the most impact on breaking down the QB both physically and mentally.

    • Tim Knight says:

      But does he have to be a 1st rd pick? This draft is pretty deep at DE yet there is no spectacular guy.

      • Al in MIA says:

        I think scouts are complaining that there is depth at DE but not in the pure pass rusher category.
        Ogbah will be a good NFL pass rusher IMO as a pure 4-3 DE. He has the athleticism and the fight you like to see in a DE.

  7. Al in MIA says:

    I’m all for upgrading talent everywhere; that should be the goal year in and year out.
    I’m just looking at the draft and saying to myself, Ragland or Lee over Leonard Floyd? Fuck no 🙂
    Floyd has the exact frame of Jason Taylor.

    • Tim Knight says:

      JT was a developmental guy even though he played out of the gate though.

      • Al in MIA says:

        True, but he was overlooked because he played at Akron (also because he was less refined than others) but with the game evolving the way it has, people fitting the JT mold are prized more than ever and are more sought after.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I like Floyd
      but you know who else had a similar frame to JT
      Dion FF!!!!

      it would be interesting
      if we drafted a DE like Floyd
      and Dion FF worked out suddenly

      And we had two quick, tall and lanky DEs on the edges with Suh and Phillips in the middle
      that could be the future when Wake and Williams are gone

      but alas…we are talking about fuckface Dion
      and he has crushed many dreams already

  8. getterdone says:

    Al, Floyd is a helluva talent, but he’s from the Bulldogs 3-4. He’s too light to be a DE in our base 4-3…IMO.
    That’s why I’m bigger on a guy like Dodd or Ogbah.

  9. The Flying Pig says:

    according to CBS
    Floyd is ranked 24th
    He is listed as OLB (but I guess that presumes 3-4 OLB) and is right behind Lee in terms of OLB rankings

    imagine if you had 2 first rounders and you ended up with both of them….lol

    I don’t know
    I think pass rushers are important
    but its not on one of those 4 positions (RB, OL, LB & CB) that I consider a priority for us

    so if you took a DE in the first round
    it makes it really hard to hit on all 4 of those other positions

    the thing is those other 4 positions are traditionally easier to address in day 2 than DE in day 2
    OT, DE, QB – those are the big day 1 picks where there is usually a significant drop off

    • getterdone says:


    • steveccnv says:

      Are you saying we should trade down, since OT, DE, QB aren’t really our needs?

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I kind of think
        if the right deal is there for us
        it would be a good move

        Imagine (I know its a crazy thought)
        but we traded out of the first round
        and nabbed 2 2nd rounders
        and then took some of our later picks and traded up into the 2nd round

        and ended up with
        no first rounders
        4 2nd rounders
        and no 3rd rounders
        and some later picks

        and we drafted in the 2nd round: an OG, a RB, a LB and a CB
        and none of those picks were busts

        that would be a pretty good draft

      • getterdone says:

        Too many if’s & but’s my friend. Butt nice thought. 😉

  10. steveccnv says:

    Hey, I see we aren’t rebuilding… Thanks Walker, you idiot.

  11. Al in MIA says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    March 22, 2016 at 5:44 pm

    I like Floyd
    but you know who else had a similar frame to JT
    Dion FF!!!!
    I’ll take Mark Richt’s UGA’s alumni NFL track record at OLB over Chip Kelly 🙂

    • steveccnv says:

      I’ve done it to, but it’s time to stop the FF. I want him to be a part of this team, we surely could use him, and it isn’t doing any good to bash him. Players in other cities leave, because of the way they’re treated, let’s not be fans of one of those cities.

    • Al in MIA says:

      UGA LB in the NFL (*=Starter)
      *Thomas Davis (Panthers)
      *Alec Ogletree (Rams)
      Dannelle Elerbe (LOL, just put his name in here for fun BUT he was a UDFA for BAL)
      *Justin Houston (Chiefs)
      *Jarvis Jones (Steelers)
      Oregon LB in the NFL
      Dion Jordan (Fins)
      Casey Matthews (Vikes)
      Spencer Paysinger (FA)
      Tony Washington (Texans)

  12. The Flying Pig says:

    getterdone says:

    March 22, 2016 at 6:05 pm (Edit)

    Too many if’s & but’s my friend. Butt nice thought. 😉

    I am a flying pig
    I live among the clouds

  13. steveccnv says:

    With the signing today of Urbik our 3 young OG draftees better get it together or risk not making the final 53. We now have 5 quality OL that won’t pull a Colonblow.

    • Al in MIA says:

      Sam Young still blows so I’ve already written off his signing. If any of the young (no pun intended) guys on rookie contracts can’t beat out Sam, they don’t deserve a roster spot.

  14. steveccnv says:

    Reading back a little bit, before the page turn…What do you know a Scooby post. He’s for sure worse than all 4 UDFA LBs we had last yr.

    • Al in MIA says:

      I’m looking forward to reading/hearing about Nevada’s Pro Day on Friday (I think it’s March 25?). Ian Seau 🙂

  15. Al in MIA says:

    Tony Pauline ‏@TonyPauline 3h3 hours ago

    Tony Pauline Retweeted Walter Cherepinsky

    More from Florida pro-day where word is the NY Jets are shopping & listening to offers for Muhammad Wilkerson

  16. Al in MIA says:

    Summary from UFlorida’s Pro Day via Tony Pauline:

    Despite the fact it was a beautiful 80-degree day outside, pro day was held in the Gators’ new indoor facility with its brand new soft, slow turf. Many of the players ran slower than expected and struggled with change of direction drills. That being the case, there were still some good performances.

    Defensive lineman Jonathan Bullard looked phenomenal in drills, displaying tremendous athleticism, agility and power. He was able to bend, displayed violent punch with his hands and easily moved about the field. Bullard met with the Detroit Lions and Tennessee Titans.

    I’m also told the New York Jets like Bullard, whom they would consider if they trade Muhammad Wilkerson. And the word coming from Florida pro day is the Jets are shopping Wilkerson. Whether the team can get a deal done anytime soon is another thing altogether.

    I’m told safety Keanu Neal continued the momentum of his improved 40 performance with a terrific position workout. Expanding on my earlier comments on Vernon Hargreaves’ workout, besides looking quick and explosive, he caught every ball in drills. Teams were incredibly impressed.

    Tight end Jake McGee also had a strong outing, running in the low-to-mid 4.7s (4.72 to 4.76) and catching the ball well.

    Antonio Morrison participated in the workout despite the fact he’s still recovering from an infection. Morrison did not run all that well and struggled in drills, but teams were impressed he competed. His schedule moving forward include 14 visits and eight workouts.

    Alex McCalister was another who was commended for his hustle, but I am told he struggled and did not look natural when practicing out of a two-point stance.

    Sleeper linebacker Anthony Harrell looked solid in position drills and was also tried at fullback.

    Receiver Demarcus Robinson, whose times range from 4.56 to 4.7, looked mechanical, lacked explosion and did not show much quickness in his route running.
    Read more at http://walterfootball.com/proday.php#J8FiF3HtfxYT1mD6.99

    • Al in MIA says:

      This probably means we go after another position LOL. The classic fake interest to fake out other teams on real intent :/

      • steveccnv says:

        When a guy is slotted to go in the top 10 and you have pick #13 it’s ok to show interest, you don’t have to fake anyone out, especially when everyone knows you need CBs.

    • steveccnv says:

      I’m ok with taking him at #13, but I’m not going to do any back flips, because I don’t think he’s going to be that elite. He’ll be a good CB, but no one will be naming an island after him.

  17. Al in MIA says:

    Alright, have to run, see ya peeps!

  18. steveccnv says:

    Pig, watch this Scooby game tape vs UCLA, and if you still want him, you need to raise your standards, because he’s slower than slow and misses lots of tackles.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I previously watched it
      I know what you are getting at

      but you can also see the great instinct and the playmaking

      the guy is all over the field most of the time

      there is also some very good tackling in there

      He puts himself in position to make plays and he often makes them
      but sometimes he doesn’t
      but when you put yourself in position to make 90% of the plays
      and you make half of them
      you are still making a lot more plays than some one who doesn’t put themselves in position to make plays

      • steveccnv says:

        Wow, 50% of his tackles are 12 yrds downfield, the same thing everyone bitches about with our current LBs. Once any OL gets close to him he’s done, and he seems to just trot over to the play as if he’s a last line of defense. On one play he was waiting, waiting to make a tackle and a big ole DL came over and stole his tackle, because he wasn’t being aggressive. I don’t want any part of this putz.

  19. The Flying Pig says:

    gym time
    See you draft dreamers later

  20. Tim Knight says:

    I don’t think you’d even notice if our 1st rd pick on defense played only 27, 30 or 34 snaps, you wouldn’t even have a count because they’d be out there enough. Players rotate more than you think for all sorts of reasons. This goes for not just Lee, but a lot of rookies not ready for the full work load. Some vets don’t even play every down. It’s a lot about nothing. Does he make an impact when he’s out there is all that matters.

  21. Tim Knight says:

    steveccnv says:
    March 22, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    Not just rooks, backups in general.

    Players in general. They get pulled for a bad series, they’re nicked up, need a breather etc. Odrick always lead our team in snaps on defense with close to 50 if not 50+ and the way we’ve played in recent years there were 60+ defensive snaps. Some guys played in the 40s but most played in the 30s and 20s. There’s that nickel/dime effect too in the passing league.

    • steveccnv says:

      Suh sure played a lot last yr. I agree with you though that the guys on the field need to make a play when they’re out there, it doesn’t really matter who’s out there at any given time, just get it done when you’re out there.

      The guy you take at #13 may not play as much as you’d like, but you draft a guy you expect to be out there a lot, unless of course you take a QB that isn’t going to start right away.

      • Tim Knight says:

        The game is about making plays. If you’re drafted as a playmaker make them when the opportunity is there, or make them with your special skills. We’ve hit on Landry and Parker recently. Gase is going to have fun with Parker. I could see a big year from him.

  22. steveccnv says:

    Tim, seems like you and I are the only ones that agree with Tannebaum that the team has improved this offseason. You get beat up in your division, you replace your puny CB with a big one. Your MLB sucks you replace him. Your safeties are too green you bring in one that has played at a higher level. Your OGs sucked last yr, you bring in a couple of vets. Your head coach wasn’t a fan of your QB, you replace one of them. Your OC suck, you bring in guys with a better track record, and the biggest reason why we’ve improved we have a head coach that actually has a clue.

    • Tim Knight says:

      LOL, I agree with you and we all know it has to all come together. But there are lots of reasons to be optimistic. Not sunshine and lollipops lol, but you can see potential in the overall team, not just one guy having to do it all.

      We’ve done everything Grier said they wanted to do. Fill voids so you can go into the draft and take the BPA each time. That’s how your roster gets better overall. We’re not a team with a lot of holes like people like to say. We’re looking to add more special and upgrade a few spots which I think we already did.

      For instance, Mario Williams is better than OV.

  23. Mike E. says:


    I like the moves he (Mr.T) made, but I also feel nervous counting on Alonso. I think Maxwell instead of Grimes was a good move. I think Alonso could be better than the other LB’s we have, but he hasn’t been since his rookie year, so he has to show he’s still that player. I think we need to upgrade one more LB spot, before we’re done. Just getting Alonso doesn’t cut it for me, no way.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I definitely think we’ll draft a LB, but I also think Hewitt is a key guy in the mix. I think he might turn out to be really good. He excelled on STs then did the same at LB as he played more. Why are some fans not impressed with that? He kept showing up when I watched the games.

      • Mike E. says:

        Maybe so, I don’t remember what he did last year, like I said, my heart just wasn’t in it, even though I watched every game.

  24. finfanrob says:

    steveccnv says:
    March 22, 2016 at 6:35 pm

    I’m ok with taking him at #13, but I’m not going to do any back flips, because I don’t think he’s going to be that elite. He’ll be a good CB, but no one will be naming an island after him.

    they will if he is allowed to hold, shove and basically mug the wr like that other guy who has a island named after him.

    • steveccnv says:

      Maybe, but it takes a while to be able to hold like that, and get away with it. Back at the time of the “Miracle” at the Meadowlands, we had 2 CBs that did quite a bit of holding.

  25. Tim Knight says:

    Mike, Hewitt looked like a LB who started to get it and was covering ground not only against the run but in coverage. He had a pick, almost had another and covered Gronk well a few times last game of the year.

    Look at his stats down the stretch.

    If I’m a coach I’m looking at Hewitt as one of our OLBs for sure. Not penciled in as a starter. But he’ll compete for it for sure. 6-2 235, 4.65 and had other impressive workouts at his pro day which was a year ago. I’m rooting for him because I see something in him.

    • Tim Knight says:

      If I had a knock on him, he has to get stronger. He got to the ball carrier but had to wrestle him down while others helped finish the tackle. But he gets there. I’m sure he’ll be bigger and stronger this offseason.

      Bryan Cox did the same thing as a 5th rd pick at 6-4 225. Then he was 235 the next season. Then 250 the next.

  26. Al in MIA says:

    March 22, 2016 at 5:29 pm

    I think scouts are complaining that there is depth at DE but not in the pure pass rusher category.
    Ogbah will be a good NFL pass rusher IMO as a pure 4-3 DE. He has the athleticism and the fight you like to see in a DE.
    I see it as the opposite. There’s edge rushers but not very many true DE’s. Lawson is the ONLY guy who can do it all in this draft in the first rd. Everyone else is nothing more than an edge rusher. As far as Ogbah goes take a look at what Drango, Whitehair and Tunsil did to him. Stoned.

  27. Tim Knight says:

    March 22, 2016 at 4:06 pm

    Lou likes to sit in his comfy chair on a cold rainy night with a nice glass of warm milk and quietly yell “Damn you Misi you friggin SOB, get the fuck off my team, you suck… you suck… you suck… Uggghhhhhhh… Uggghhhhhhh… Uggghhhhhhh!!!!!
    I bitch about him from time to time on the other blog and, now, this one but I don’t put too much time into thinking about that panty waste any other time.

  28. Lee will be drafted in the first round because of what he projects to be at the next level; just like when you take a qb. If you look at him now at the collegiate level that is no indication of what he can be in the pros because he’s only played 2 years at Ohio St. If you watch his freshman games he’s extremely green. If you watch his sophomore games you see some more consistency but you still don’t see the entire “package” because he’s not there yet.
    But, what you’ve got to look at are the plays he made at Ohio St with the skill he brings to the table. Now, you take him and coach him to be a LB in the NFL. He’s got all the tools and it’s up to the coaches of the team he’s drafted by to make him into the player he’s going to be as a pro.

    • steveccnv says:

      Taking him at #13 is a reach, like a John Bosa and Eric Kumerow type of reach.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        Lee is projected to go top 15

        Cbs sports line has him as the 12th best prospect
        That’s not a reach
        13 is just about right for Lee

      • steveccnv says:

        I don’t even know what Lee’s first name is, I’ve heard of him only briefly, but what you described him to be is a reach. You described a project, any first round project is a reach. High ceiling maybe, but also low floor. I’m not interested in what some mock draft site has him listed at.

    • dbolt48 says:

      The question is, is he better values than Jones or Brown who you can do the same thing with while using your first on another position?

      • We need LB’s. I take 2 of the 3 no matter what.

      • dbolt48 says:

        I’d take one and definitely try to land a SOLB like Jenkins to take over for Misi.

      • Lee will start his rookie season. Brown will be a special teams ACE his first year with the possibility he starts somewhere during his rookie season or in his 2nd season. Brown is a beast on special teams. Jones could possibly start yr one with a special teams stint also. He should excel there as well. But, you start Lee just like you do any other first rd pick.

      • dbolt48 says:

        You know me in regards to Lee, I just don’t trust him after that MSU game. The funny thing is most people’s who’s opinions I trust seem to like him😂

  29. The Flying Pig says:

    The Oinks are with Wake

  30. Tim Knight says:

    Here’s some of what Neville Hewitt played like. If we’re looking at prospects, where are you drafting him watching him play against the top teams in the world?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      there are times when he shows really quick burst if speed
      like on that blitzing play early on
      I’m just not sure about him long term

      He’s going to have a chance to prove himself
      He’s young
      we don’t know who he is yet

      but I’m just a bit skeptical about relying on him as a starter

  31. finfanrob says:


    most of the better players get away with something here and there. but if you think madison or surtain got away with half as much as revis then you are kidding yourself. revis flat out interfers and it is never called rather it is more called great defense. kind of like the way michael irvin used to blatantly push off yet it was never called

    • BoulderPhinfan says:

      yea revis holds on almost every play. Kinda like Gronk pushes off on every catch and never gets called.

    • steveccnv says:

      I don’t think I mentioned a comparison between Madison and Surtain vs Revis, and I agree Revis gets away with much more.

  32. BoulderPhinfan says:

    after reading mando’s article I think Ross is a little bit in denial about tanny. He thinks Tanny is Marino with bad coaching.

  33. The Flying Pig says:

    I tend to agree with your logic about Lee
    I think the same logic applies to Ragland
    If you take a LB in the first – you might miss an opportunity to take, a CB for instance, in the 1st and you can pick up a LB late (like a Deon Jones)

    but if you think Lee or Ragland are special players
    I think that overrides that concern

    so when it comes to Lee, I think there is some thinking that he might be special
    and there seems to be a lot of respect for Ragland to – maybe not so much as a special kind of player, but as a very solid LB

    If you wait on taking a LB and one of those guys goes 14-20
    and ends up being probowl kind of players
    You might regret it

    • dbolt48 says:

      Like I mentioned to Lou above, so many people who’s opinions I trust really love Lee….Just a rare occasion where I’m not comfortable w/ that prospect.

    • when you look at the LB prospects there’s not a lot for this team to choose from. If you like your traditional MLB then Ragland is the only guy who fits that mold and that’s why you take him.
      If you’re looking at guys who fit todays NFL and you want players who can stay on the field and play in pretty much any scenario then guys like Lee, Jones and Brown are guys you like.
      But, other than that, a lot of them are your classic 3-4 OLB edge rushers like Floyd, Correa and Striker. Brothers is a sloth, Perry is somewhat overrated and Cravens is a S.
      the only guy in the crowd who can probably play the SOLB position is Jordan Jenkins.
      So, LB prospects for this team are limited; especially now that we’re at #13 without a shot at Jack and with the injury to Smith that leaves him being a huge risk and????.

  34. The Flying Pig says:

    BTW Lee is featured in this Thursday’s Wedge report

  35. steveccnv says:

    BoulderPhinfan says:

    March 22, 2016 at 8:57 pm

    after reading mando’s article I think Ross is a little bit in denial about tanny. He thinks Tanny is Marino with bad coaching.
    On the Miami Dolphins team site there’s an interview from the current meetings in Boca, Ross says you have to sell, that’s what he’s doing constantly, selling his team and players to the media and the fans. Not denial, but maybe wishful thinking.

  36. That brings me to another point. Why Kentrell Brothers is still projected to go in round by CBSSports.com is mind boggling. He should drop at least 2 full rounds. At least.

  37. finfanrob says:


    my bad if you didnt. i guess i was more reading into your comment and thought you meant something about madison and surtain.

    it has been a long rough day, sorry about that.

  38. steveccnv says:

    What’s the deal with OSU game tape for 2015 are they holding it for a king’s ransom? I can’t find any game tape for Darren Lee or Zeke, anyone have a link?

      • steveccnv says:

        Thanks Lou.

        I’m ok with Lee at #13, he’s very raw and a project, but he’s got great speed and intangibles. I see with him what I saw in OV before he played a down for us, good instincts, knows how to take the proper angle to the ball, is very active. He may get beat or miss a tackle here or there, but he’s also going to make that game changing play from time to time. His floor is pretty high, so I take that with the fact that he’s a project and I like him. He can cover and blitz, just what we’re looking for.

  39. The Flying Pig says:

    I think Antonio Morrison is another day 3 LB to keep your eye on

  40. Tim Knight says:

    I think we’re going Hargreaves at #13, he’s a playmaker, a younger more blue chip prospect and a bigger version of Grimes. We also have Bobby McCain who is similar though a bit smaller and not the same level of prospect, but the same quick twitch type talent. Gotta cover those gnats and the bigger guys with Maxwell and Lippett. Taylor has to work his way back into the fold. Safety is already set with Jones, AQ, Thomas and Jones.

    I can see us going this way. OL, RB, DL and LB next in no particular order. BPA! 🙂

  41. Mike E. says:

    Looks like Lee is the type of player that loves chasing, but if someone gets on him, he’s getting washed out of the play. I don’t see how he helps us right now.

    • Tim Knight says:

      The best way to look at Darron Lee is he’s the next Derrick Brooks or Derrick Rodgers. The difference is Brooks was a late 1st rd pick and Rodgers a 3rd. Lee is a mid 1st to early 2nd rd prospect but I think teams will look at his athleticism and grade him higher.

      He might be the next Derrick Brooks in a few years. At worst he’s Derrick Rodgers who was a solid 4-3 OLB.

    • steveccnv says:

      You don’t have to stop the O on every play, nor will you ever, but on critical downs and winning time he’s the kind of guy that can step up and make a play. His speed is top notch for an LB, he’s active, he tracks well and he can cover. Which one of these don’t we need?

  42. steveccnv says:

    There’s a lot more talent at #13 than I thought, we’re going to get a starter any way you look at it Hargreaves, Zeke, Lee, Ragland or the MSU OL guy…

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I think those are the choices
      I’m probably in the minority in this
      But I would add Mackenzie Alexander to that group

  43. steveccnv says:

    Also in Lee I see Reshad Jones’ ability to make plays and always around the ball.

  44. The Flying Pig says:


    VH3 would be a very good pick
    For some reason Alexander has lost some of his steam but I think he’s a good CB as well

  45. steveccnv says:

    Lee is the new type of LB that I think is going to be in high demand very soon in the NFL, that speed guy that can cover and is a playmaker. The safety size LB that can run all over the field and make plays. Between Lee and Dion Jordan we just might be able to stop Gronk and Bennett.

  46. The Flying Pig says:

    I agree on Alexander
    If there’s a revis shutdown CB in this draft – it’s Alexander

    That said I don’t know that o don’t take VH3 before Alexander

  47. Tim Knight says:

    LOL @ Steve

    Derrick Rodgers knew how to play WOLB in a typical 4-3 scheme. He was average. The point was Lee vs. the best vs average but does the job.

    If you remember Rodgers was good at forcing the run back into Zach where he would blow it up. He had great outside speed. But he wasn’t the most instinctive player. Jimmy Johnson used him to filter everything back to Zach.

  48. Tim Knight says:

    Potential Nickel Defense:
    LDE Wake
    LDT Suh
    RDT Williams*
    RDE Branch*

    LB Alonso*
    LB Jenkins/Hewitt*

    CB Maxwell*
    CB Rookie*
    CB B. McCain

    S Jones
    S AQ*

    That’s 6-7 new starters or significant role players. The defense had a bit of an overhaul wouldn’t you say? LOL

    • The Flying Pig says:

      RDE – Wake/Branch

      LB – Rookie*


    • Personally, I don’t see Branch in there as a pass rusher too often. It’s not his strength. His strength is run D. If anything, I’d expect to see more of McCain and Moore in there on passing downs than Branch

    • When Branch was in Miami for his visit I made a comment on Twitter that it’s what I was waiting for and “hope he doesn’t leave”. A few Jag fans went off on me basically saying it was a stupid comment b/c they apparently thought I wanted Branch to replace someone as a starter. He’s an upgrade to Shelby at DE in that he’s better at Shelby at run D but the one thing he also does well is defend against the pass; the one thing you never saw in OV’s stat line.

  49. Tim Knight says:

    I like this guy in the 2nd rd – DL Jonathan Bullard. He can play DE or DT on passing downs. This guy makes it tougher to block everything. Hargreaves is a ballhawk.

    #13 Hargreaves
    #42 Bullard

    • The Flying Pig says:

      You want to be the gators!!!🐊

    • Just like 2 yrs ago when I said Aaron Donald was the best DT in the draft and people were telling me he was too small and just like last yr when I said Jordan Phillips was the 2nd best DT I’m telling you that, this year, Charles Tapper is the name to remember at DE. I’ve looked at all the guys after Lawson – Ogbah, Bullard, Nassib, Oakman, etc. and I kept coming back to Tapper and the reason why is because he played DE in a 3-4 at a size that’s undersized for a 3-4 DE and still made the plays he did. THAT is impressive.

  50. Tim Knight says:

    Branch plays Shelby’s role and he’s a better athlete.

    Fans get crazy about who we lost vs. gained. Since 2009 we’ve been 7-9, 7-9, 6-10, 7-9, 8-8, 8-8, 6-10. Who was so important? I would have loved to bring Miller back but not to be.

  51. uwantwat says:

    Conklin @ 13 = job done.

  52. jetsssuck says:

    I think the best philosophy for picking between 2 players is who will be more involved the number of plays they play during a game. Saying this, I believe we take LB over CB in first then we address OL guard spot in second round which could be the #1 rated guard of draft.

  53. Brian in NY says:

    The Mir and more I think about it, I can see is picking Lee at 13. I would say Hargreaves, but I think he’s gone by 13.

  54. wyoming85 says:

    Nicholas McGee ‏@nicholasmcgee24 13h13 hours ago
    NEW for @draftbreakdown The Frustrating Case of Ohio State LB Joshua Perry http://draftbreakdown.com/the-frustrating-case-of-ohio-state-lb-joshua-perry/

  55. wyoming85 says:

    steveccnv says:
    March 22, 2016 at 9:21 pm
    What’s the deal with OSU game tape for 2015 are they holding it for a king’s ransom? I can’t find any game tape for Darren Lee or Zeke, anyone have a link?


    They have some good game tape at this site!

  56. jetsssuck says:

    Well guys, where are the pictures of Trumps wife.

  57. Mike E. says:

    I think it’s funny that I want to draft Ragland, when even a year ago, I’d probably be drooling over a LB like Lee, who seems to be a superior athlete. I wanted us to draft Luke Kuechly too, but at that time, it was either him or Tannehill, and as much I loved Kuechly, I understood and wanted us to draft the QB. Kuechly has been possibly the best LB in the game, while so far, Tannehill has yet to be considered one of the best. I also wanted us to draft Chris Borland, and although he was a very good player, I’m glad we didn’t, because he retired so quickly.

    I love a LB that can run a sub 4.4, who wouldn’t? I watched the tape you guys provided, and I’ve also read scouting reports on him too. I think most reports like his potential, but the weaknesses are the same in all the reports, and this is the thing I’m afraid of. From NFL.com

    Weaknesses Smallish linebacker. Play strength doesn’t come close to matching puffed up listed weight. Balance issues at point of attack could plague him over his NFL career. Has the body type of a big safety. Tape shows few authoritative tackles. Involved in too many arm and shoestring tackles. Comes flying in and fails to come to balance at times. Charged with 21 missed and five broken tackles over the last two seasons. Always at size disadvantage and will have to learn to slip more blocks. Can get better at finding targets in zone coverage.

    Then this from CBS NFLDraftscout

    WEAKNESSES: Leaner-than-ideal features for the position with a narrow torso and maxed out build. Physical mindset with pop in his hands, but lacks ideal play strength to consistently unglue himself from blocks. Stonewalled and engulfed by offensive linemen and needs to improve his take-on technique to stay clean and gain body position.

    Overaggressive and will over-run angles. Needs to better come to balance and break down on the move. Needs to mix up his moves and show a better plan as a blitzer. Needs to eliminate the dumb, avoidable penalties (roughing, facemask, etc.).

    Only two full seasons at the linebacker position and still learning different nuances of the position. Doesn’t have an indestructible body type.

    IN OUR VIEW: Lee is a fantastic athlete with long arms and aggressive hands, but needs to develop his functional strength to consistently stack and shed at the line of scrimmage and keep himself clean. Although he is still young in linebacker years, he is a high character competitor, playing with sky-high confidence and natural football instincts to pick things up quickly. In the mold of Ryan Shazier or Kwon Alexander, Lee is a versatile run-and-hit linebacker with an attacking mind-set that fits today’s NFL.

    COMPARES TO: Kwon Alexander, Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Their size and take-on skills aren’t strengths, but Lee compares to Alexander as rangy run-and-hit defenders who can excel in today’s NFL.

    Basically what I’m saying is, we struggled with tackling last season, and if we think adding Lee is going to remedy that, think again. He’s more than likely going to get engulfed and washed out more than he actually makes the tackle, and that’s what we’ve seen here over the years. I’m not the GM, but damn, I’m not counting on a smallish athletic LB to change our fortunes at LB like Lee, I’m going for maybe the best tackler in the draft, and one that makes the plays, not you hope in a year or two IF they get their play strength up, might make the plays.

    • Tim Knight says:

      That’s what Dbolt has been saying. Lee has a lot of upside if he develops his game. But he’s not plug and play.

      • Mike E. says:

        Tim – If that’s the case, he doesn’t fit into our 1-2 year window theory. I don’t want another 1st RD pick that isn’t ready to hit the field, we’re so desperate for a player that makes a difference immediately, that much is very clear.

  58. Tim Knight says:

    Mike, I don’t think we’ll draft Lee at #13. I think it will be DL, CB, a LB like Ragland or OL.

  59. Mike E. says:

    The other thing I think about is, are any of the DE’s in the first RD going to start over all the DE’s we’ve accumulated recently? If we’re picking for next year, or the year after, let’s just draft a DE next year, or in 2 years. I’m also worried about Mackensie Alexander. Is he Jamar Taylor but just taken a RD earlier? Hargreaves I believe would start for us immediately, but Alexander is clearly 2nd best here, and I’m not sure he starts right away. Man, we need help immediately from our 1st RD pick, and I just don’t see how we don’t.

  60. Tim Knight says:

    Wow the Saints agreed to a 5 year extension with Sean Payton for 5 years $45M.

  61. Mike E. says:

    Is Spence going to be a 4-3 DE or a 3-4 OLB? I think Spence could be a target, a young DE not too unlike OV, although certainly at a higher price, a 1st RD pick.

    • Tim Knight says:

      He looks like that classic edge rusher but he’s only 6-2 250. He’s on the light side for 4-3 DE.

      • Mike E. says:

        OV was only 10 lbs heavier, but really, they’re similar in size. OV was a little more powerful coming out of college though.

  62. Tim Knight says:

    Mike, OV was at least 270 but his lack of height was part of his limitation. He’d get swallowed up at times by the much bigger tackles. Spence would likely be a pass rush specialist, I don’t think he’s an every down player in a 4-3.

  63. 2015 Reggie Ragland vs Tennessee. Tell me what you see here:

  64. Tim Knight says:

    The NFL is actually considering eliminating kick returns. WTF?!!! Or they might move the touchback to the 25 so returners are more inclined to take a knee.

  65. Mike E. says:


    I see a guy who fights off blocks, but maybe lacks the ideal speed to make tackles from sideline to sideline. What I’m impressed with his how strong his hands are, how he makes tackles when he just gets a hand on a guy. He struggled a bit making the tackles on the sweep plays all the way to the sideline. I’m hoping our OLB’s can make those tackles.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Ragland isn’t a perfect MLB prospect but not many are. He’s got enough good game for me.

    • He would do much better as an ILB in a 3-4 than as a MLB for exactly the reasons you stated. you can see in his games when he was shaded to a side he did better than he did set up directly in the center of the field. You talk about Lee getting “washed out” but I’ve seen Ragland get blocked completely out of plays even with his size. He’ll get locked on a blocker and won’t be able to get off him.
      All of these guys have weaknesses. What worries ME more than anything is the lack of speed and athleticism at the LB spot. We haven’t had that in years and Ragland is a “throwback” MLB that would have excelled a long time ago but I’m not so sure he would today. I was high on him in the beginning but that’s b/c he was the only MLB in the draft but the more I watched him, the more I saw his deficiencies. He’s strong, he hits hard but he needs to have everything kept in front of him because he doesn’t have the sideline to sideline speed you need to have in today’s NFL. If he couldn’t make those plays in college, he’s sure as shyte not going to make them with the speed there is in the NFL.

  66. Mike E. says:


    What do you see? You put it out there . . .

  67. Tim Knight says:

    Mike E, I’d rather see us go in the direction of 6-4 to 6-6 at DE which we’ve done in the offseason with Williams and Branch.

  68. Tim Knight says:

    Did you guys see my post about kick returns?

  69. You guys are all really going to be bent out of shape when, on draft day, you here:

    With the 29th pick in the 2016 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins select Austin Johnson, defensive tackle, Penn State.

    • Tim Knight says:


      I’m actually open to so many prospects I wouldn’t be annoyed trading down. Not sure a DT like Austin Johnson would be my favorite pick but it would depend on what we ended up with in the draft as a whole.

  70. Ken says:

    Mike E is taking posting lessons from D.

  71. Ken says:

    My concern about Ragland – who I do like but – is his lack of speed. We already have a MLB that is not fast enough. Did I just say that? Bad Ken.

    • Tim Knight says:

      He showed good mobility in drills at the combine. He didn’t look as sluggish as people expected.

      • Ken says:

        I heard the same thing and I would be okay with Ragland as the pick but I would still be a little nervous. I know Zack was not the fastest guy in the world but he covered sideline to sideline as well as anybody so who knows.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      speed in terms of running the 40 mean so little for a MLB

      He appears to have good lateral quickness
      and he’s a smart LB
      and is instinctive (please don’t analyze the word instinctive everyone….lol)

      I assume you are referring to Misi as not fast enough
      There are a combination of factors that make Misi average and speed is a very small factor

      I basically discard 40 yard dash numbers with LBs
      Occassionally when a guy runs a really fast one I am impressed

      • Tim Knight says:

        adjective: instinctive

        relating to or prompted by instinct; apparently unconscious or automatic.
        “an instinctive distaste for conflict”
        (of a person) doing or being a specified thing apparently naturally or automatically.
        “an instinctive writer”
        synonyms: intuitive, natural, instinctual, innate, inborn, inherent; More
        unconscious, subconscious, intuitional;
        automatic, reflex, knee-jerk, mechanical, spontaneous, involuntary, impulsive;
        informalgut, second nature
        “an instinctive understanding of machinery”
        antonyms: learned, voluntary

      • Ken says:

        How do you measure instinctiveness? JBB. LOL.

      • I wonder what Ragland’s instincts will tell him when Gronk runs by him and catches a pass for a big gain.

  72. The Flying Pig says:

    Mike E. says:

    March 23, 2016 at 10:31 am (Edit)

    Dodd, Nkemdiche, Ogbah, Lawson?

    Nkemidche is my favorite in that group

  73. The Flying Pig says:

    Mike E

    This from your scouting report on Lee caught my eye

    “In the mold of Ryan Shazier or Kwon Alexander, Lee is a versatile run-and-hit linebacker with an attacking mind-set that fits today’s NFL.”

    I cannot tell you how much I think having a LB like Shazier or Alexander would have helped us last year

    These attacking style of LBs are exactly what we are looking for!
    I think a lot of people here are drafting for LBs from the 80s
    Everything is concerned with guys being taken out by overpowering OL, missed tackles and undersized guys

    The NFL today requires defenses and LBs to ATTACK
    You need big plays
    you need runs for losses and short gains

    how many of our offensive drives were stalled last year bc on 2nd down we had a short run or a run for a loss

    That’s football today
    Sometimes the offense will exploit it for big plays
    but more often than not it ends drives

  74. sb7mvp says:

    Ray Lewis couldn’t shed blocks. I think the criticism is overblown for some guys.

    • getterdone says:

      unless he had a knife, then he could…….

    • The Flying Pig says:

      That is kinda what I am referring too

      I said it before
      All these guys have warts

      part of the build up to the draft – which is magnified now more than ever – causes these things to get overblown

  75. getterdone says:

    I was never that impressed with Ragland either. The Vols game tape showed him standing around too much waiting for the play to come to him or to develop. Where’s the fantastic read & react that is needed for a guy who is more lumbering than others. He seemed late a lot, but his deficiencies were covered up a lot by the rest of a great defense.

  76. Tim Knight says:

    Lou, how many LBs in the league have been covering Gronk the last 6 years? Someone has been allowing him to rack up 380 – 5,555 14.6 and 76 TDs.

    Gronkowski is 6-6 265, show me a LB who matches up well with him? Saying that Ragland is somehow the LB who will get toasted by him is unfair.

    • Why is it unfair? We play NE twice a year and we need to win in our division first and foremost. We need to be loaded with players that can get us those wins in our division so we need players who give us the best matchup against other teams. Ragland doesn’t necessarily fit what we need to have to win those matchups.

      • Tim Knight says:

        You’re not finding a LB in this draft who’s a matchup for Gronk. This draft is not loaded with great LB talent.

  77. The Flying Pig says:


    Ragland is not an attacking LB IMO. He didn’t need to be at Alabama. But he is very disciplined. It may look like he is standing around – but he is preventing a big play. I don’t think he is going to make a lot of plays behind the LOS if that is what you are looking for.

    I don’t think that is a reason not be impressed with him. I think that it his style. I suspect Ragland will collect 100 + tackles annually in the pros. I think a player like him can be a crucial cog to a very good defense.

  78. When you look at Ragland’s games he’s a guy who’s there. Yeah, he makes some plays but the one thing you don’t see is the “dynamic” play-making ability and that’s what you want in a MLB. He’s a thumper. He hits you, you’re going to feel it. But, speed sideline to sideline is an issue and so is closing speed. There isn’t a single play in any of his games where I said, “wow, look at that. that was a great play”.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      but he is very solid

      I also have concerns with him at 13
      however, I don’t have concerns about adding him to the Dolphins

      its more like 13 is a bit too high of a grade for this guy

      but if you took a CB at 13
      and you ended up with Ragland in the 2nd round would you complain?
      At that point he’s a great player to add to your team.

      If you traded do the back end of the 1st round and took Ragland, would you complain?
      I would not

      I think the guys is a good football player
      I don’t think he necesaarily changes the defense by himself

  79. Tim Knight says:

    Well lots of reports were wrong on Byron Maxwell and the scheme we’ll be running. Gase recently said we’re going to attack and press. Then there’s this.

    Gase on the trade for Maxwell and Alonso.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Seattle runs a cover 3
      but they (obviously from Carrol’s comments) really pressed the WRs at the LOS
      I really like that we are going to do that
      and hopefully get our DL up field fast

      I’m curious to know if that works with New England though
      with there quick, little inside WRs catching all those underneath stuff
      What do you do about those guys?

  80. Tim Knight says:

    Lou, I don’t think we’re drafting Ragland anyway. I don’t think we’re taking a LB 1st rd.

  81. Al in MIA says:

    Forget what Seattle does, we don’t have a MLB like Wagner or a FS like Earl Thomas who can be used in ways Seattle uses them to cover downfield

    • The Flying Pig says:

      We don’t have Richard Sherman either

      Do you think the intention is for Kiko Alonso to be our Wagner?

    • Al in MIA says:

      Only way you can do what Seattle does is to acquire SPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED.
      Darron Lee will give the team that kind of flex 🙂

    • Tim Knight says:

      Alonso can cover, that’s why Gase said he’s a good fit for what we’re going to do. Every team mixes up their coverages anyway, nobody runs one scheme all day.

      You also can’t play press in a cover 3 because your corners drop back to take away the perimeter and one safety plays deep middle. So you end up with your LBs and the other safety covering the short and mid-range stuff.

      You can disguise the cover 3 with press though and go man at times.

  82. Remind me AGAIN why we don’t have FS like Earl Thomas? Oh yeah, that’s right. Because we passed on him to trade down and take Jared Odrick. Fuggin idjuts.

  83. getterdone says:

    I think a guy like Matakevich could be a better overall value than the old school Ragland and possibly a 3rd rd pick instead of a 1st.
    Also see good value in Scooby, Martinez, & a guy I like alot is WV’s LB Kwiatkoski who’s great in coverage yet had 10 TFL, 3 sacks, 1 FF, ! FR, to go with his 7 PD’s & 3 Int’s, he also impressed at the senior bowl. He’s ascending!
    If I wanted to go old school type, I would wait and groom a guy from late rounds like BJ Goodson.

  84. Al in MIA says:

    The Fins have been terrible at developing DB.
    I posted some comment to Tim the other day about how Seattle & Patriots have constructed their starting secondary with at least 1 UDFA starter at CB and top end FS (drafted high; RD 1). Pats moved McCourty to FS of course so that’s a lil different but perhaps someone such as Baylor’s Xavier Howard might follow the same path from NFL CB to FS and be a Pro Bowler there.

  85. Al in MIA says:

    Tim Knight says:
    March 23, 2016 at 12:51 pm

    Alonso can cover, that’s why Gase said he’s a good fit for what we’re going to do. Every team mixes up their coverages anyway, nobody runs one scheme all day.
    Agree. That was one of Alonso’s strength (coverage ability).

  86. Al in MIA says:

    And the good thing about Alonso if he plays up to his talent is that he can line up at SOLB or MLB and isn’t limited to one spot on the field in the context of schemes and exotic formations.

  87. getterdone says:

    Tim, we got Hewitt & Dion FF to cover Gronk.

  88. Al in MIA says:

    Tim Knight says:
    March 23, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    Who was the UDFA?
    Patriots -> Malcolm Butler (2014 UDFA from West Albama)
    Seahawks -> DeShawn Shead (2012 UDFA from Portland State)

    Carey Williams started the season but he was eventually benched and released.
    Shead filled in last year as Jeremy Lane (6th RD pick) & Tharold Simon (5th RD pick) were hurt

  89. Al in MIA says:

    Yea, Byron Maxwell wasn’t an UDFA. A 6th RDer though :/

  90. Al in MIA says:

    From Mando at the Herald
    March 23, 2016
    RB needy Miami Dolphins leaving no stone unturned

    The Miami Dolphins are exploring every option as they try to fill out their depleted running backs crops and that includes the possibility of getting a player via trade. The Dolphins have had conversations with multiple teams about trading for a back, a league source said from the NFL annual meeting Wednesday.

    • Al in MIA says:


      And why are the Dolphins shopping despite having second-year running back Jay Ajayi on the roster?

      “The reason we were trying to do that is we’re looking to having more than one guy,” Dolphins coach Adam Gase said. “Jay is going to be a big part of what we’re doing. I’d like to have multiple backs. Right now, we don’t have a lot of guys on the roster. I think we only have three guys on the roster right now. We’re going to need to really develop that stable of backs.

      “Options will present themselves. We just need to stay patient, whether it’s through the draft or somebody gets cut free or there’s somebody else out there that we need to take a look out. We’ll just keep investigating that. I guess for me, I feel really comfortable with Jay. I saw a lot of good things on film last year. I’m fired up to get going with him. The problem is, we can’t do anything until April 11th. But really, those two weeks are meetings and weightlifting. Really, that minicamp will be our first good look to see where we’re at with our running backs.”

    • Tim Knight says:

      Hmmm… as some fans freak out over their precious draft picks. LOL

    • yep, I’m still trying to trade Jamar Taylor straight up for Ryan Matthews.

    • Their really is only one rb I would want the team to take this year and that’s Kenneth Dixon. As far as the others are concerned I’d be like “meh”.

  91. Tim Knight says:

    Lou, citing Nolan Carrol doesn’t answer why the Eagles would trade one of their RBs for Jamar Taylor.

  92. getterdone says:

    Trade Dion FF to San Fran for Carlos Hyde…lol, ok ok, for Michael Wilhoite 🙂

  93. Al in MIA says:

    Hewitt with a little more bulk will be flexible too.
    Jenkins IMO can flex into MLB too (was a MLB in college).
    Just like Philbin wanted flexible WR who can line up at X, Y, Z so that opposing defenses couldn’t corn hole the offensive scheme, the defense will have a big benefit with flex LB who are athletic.

  94. I have a short, short list of picks I’d want to see us make:
    VH3, Lee, Lawson, Garnett, Whitehair, Dixon, Tapper, Jenkins, Turner, Drango, Lewis, Brown and Murray. Give me any 5 I’ll be happy. that’s not asking much.

    • getterdone says:

      I like Lawson, but really have grown to like Dodd better. That kid is ascending big time….IMO.

      • The one big concern I have about Dodd and it’s the same concern I have about Nassib is the body of work just isn’t there. It’s hard to project a player with just one year to go off of and with Lawson, he’s got the consistency and he’s the complete package. He can play the run, rush the passer, drop into coverage and he’s been doing it at a high level for more than one year. Then, you look at the Alabama game that he played hurt in and there was no let up. Plus, he’s got no off the field issues. Solid character. Not saying the others don’t have solid character but Lawson “checks all the boxes”.

      • The thing about Dodd though is if the team feels they wouldn’t need to insert him into the starting lineup right away due to all the players they have at DE they could take a shot at him.

  95. getterdone says:

    From PFF on the senior bowl LB’s:
    Two of the nation’s top four graded run-stopping linebackers will be on display in Missouri’s Kentrell Brothers and West Virginia’s Nick Kwiatkoski. Brothers led the nation with 78 stops, grading positively in all but two games. Kwiatkoski initially caught the eye with a strong outing against Alabama to kick off the 2014 season and he hasn’t disappointed since. He’s willing to take on blockers and held his own in coverage so look for a strong week to put him on the radar across the league. Both Brothers and Kwiatkoski were around the ball quite a bit, so they also have their fair share of missed tackles as well (18 for Brothers, 13 for Kwiatkoski).

  96. Al in MIA says:


    Good stuff from that article you posted where Carroll comments on Maxwell’s skills:

    “In the formula we asked him to play, he was very effective. I don’t know what happened in Philly last year. But the fact that he went to Miami, I think he’s thrilled about it. I think he lives down there or wants to live down there year around. So it worked out well for him. We’re happy for him.

    “He’s an on the line of scrimmage guy. I think he needs to be played that way, supported that way and coached that way. That’s how he was raised, and he’s got the right mentality for it. He’s got a very aggressive nature. He’s a physical player. He’s long and has the kind of length that allows him to play with his hands on guys. I think he needs to be supported that way. When you coach him that way, he can be as good as anybody in the game.”

    “I think he’s a big, physical corner. He does a great job when he gets his hands on people, and he’s kind of what a prototypical corner is like,” said Kelly, who was fired by the Eagles this offseason. “He matches up well with big receivers. He’s really good in taking them away at the line of scrimmage. … (Dolphins defensive coordinator) Vance (Joseph) is really experienced in doing those things, and I think he will do a really good job.”

  97. Al in MIA says:

    I don’t know if it will be an indicator of anything but Tannenbaum only drafted LB in RD 2 and 3 when he was in NY between 2006-12 (Demario Davis in RD 3 in ’12 & David Harris in RD 2 in ’07).
    He went DB in RD 1 twice -> Darrelle Revis in ’07 & Kyle Wilson in ’10.
    He went DL 3 times in RD 1 -> Vernon Gholston in ’08, Muhammed Wilkerson in ’11, Quinton Coples in ’12.
    His other 1st RD picks were Mark Sanchez in ’09 & D’Brickashaw Ferguson in ’06.

    • Tim Knight says:

      We should be focused on press corners even if not the 1st rd. We now know Lippett is going to be coached that way.

      VJ wants to rush the passer and cover the outside.

  98. D says:

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    March 23, 2016 at 1:13 pm
    Their really is only one rb I would want the team to take this year and that’s Kenneth Dixon. As far as the others are concerned I’d be like “meh”.
    I have a couple i would really like to have and i think would be a godo pair with what we have, Dixon is one Drake is the other.

    • My list:
      Vontarrius Dora, DE, LaTech; Nick Vanhoose, CB, Northwestern; Kenneth Farrow, RB, Houston; Stephane Nembott, OT, Colorado; Adarius Barnes, CB, LaTech; Brian Poole, CB, Florida; Silverberry Mouhon, DE, Cincinnati; Mike Jordan, CB, Missouri Western; Tevaun Smith, WR, Iowa; Dom Williams, WR, Wash St.

  99. Al in MIA says:

    Regarding LB, the Fins reportedly showed interest in VT’s Dadi Nicolas

  100. Al in MIA says:

    off to lunch!

  101. D says:

    More and more i look at Michael Thomas from USM, the more it think he would make a great later round WR. 6-2 200lbs 4.48 40. put up great numbers in an anemic offense at USM.

  102. getterdone says:

    Has Wisconsin had their pro day yet?
    I really like Joe Schobert too. He’s a guy who’s displayed versatility in both rushing the passer, run stuffing, & does well in coverage. He can play inside as well. He’s a guy I’d get in the mid-rounds and groom.

  103. getterdone says:

    Tim if both Alonso & Maxwell can stay healthy, then they will definitely contribute & make for some good production, and at times big plays.

    • Tim Knight says:

      The article just goes to show you that management doesn’t just do stuff that makes no sense and they don’t even think things through. That tends to be the first reaction people have and it’s always silly. LOL

      • BoulderPhinfan says:

        and they had to go to Ross for approval. I know we argued about that before. Ross is involved in the FA signings.

  104. Tim Knight says:

    GD, do you still have an Anderson avi? LOL

  105. Tim Knight says:

    Boulder, Ross approves everything. I never argued that. I argued that he doesn’t seek out FAs.

  106. getterdone says:

    Boulder, most big moves will usually get every NFL owners input….sheesh.
    Tbomb, Grier, Gase, & VJ had to sell it to him. He bought it.

    The trade also gives the luxury of drafting either the best ILB or OLB when the BPA scenario comes up for that position in a given round. Same with a CB, or DE now with the Mario & Branch signings. Even the OL now has some flexibility when it comes to drafting this April.

    The FA moves helped fill both a possible need for some starters as well as some depth roles. Thus opening up the draft to freely pick who really jumps out at everyone in the war room during each round, especially the crucial early ones.

    Not a bad plan at all so far. Refreshing to see a different strategy vs. last offseason. Shows these guys are brainstorming and not stuck in one mode of operation.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Well said. That’s what Grier said they wanted to do.

      • getterdone says:

        Thanks, I appreciate it. This should be an exciting draft as we fill the team out. Look fwd to the mini-camps as well.
        Wanna see Gase start putting his stamp on this team as soon as possible.

  107. getterdone says:

    This is a guy many of us liked last year. 6’1 236…you don’t have to be 250 to play MLB in a 4-3.
    Hicks wasn’t exactly a speedster either from what I remember & had some flaws in reads & coverages. Looks like a year in the pros has done him some good.
    Mar 23
    The Eagles envision Jordan Hicks as their starting middle linebacker.
    A 2015 third-round pick, Hicks emerged as the Eagles’ best linebacker as a rookie before his season ended with a torn pectoral. He’ll be an every-down player in Jim Schwartz’s scheme. The Eagles plan to use Mychal Kendricks at weak-side linebacker with Nigel Bradham at SAM.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Wedge featured Jordan Hicks last year

      And Al liked him a lot too

      • getterdone says:

        Who’s Al?
        Also of note, Hicks came into the draft as an OLB. It’s why I’ve looked at some of the OLB’s in this draft as possible candidates to move inside in case Alonso can’t play or is best suited outside. Pays to have a versatile skill set.

    • Tim Knight says:

      6-1 and basically 240 isn’t small. I question guys who have slim frames or barely weigh 230

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I remember reading he was smaller than that last year

        But I don’t remember
        He also had some injurie issues in college

        Goes to show you about the draft
        Everyone is obsessed with talking about the weaknesses of these players

        Here is a guy who is starting in year 2

        I liked Hicks a lot
        But I thought he would be a day 3 pick the way people were talking about him predraft

  108. Tim Knight says:

    Piggy, the draft is definitely not an exact science.

    • getterdone says:

      Nope, surrounding talent, depth chart, injuries, coaching & scheme can mean so much to a young player making an impact or going by the wayside.

    • no, it’s not, but we’ve been down this road before tim and you’ve seen the players that were available when we selected the guys we selected and the difference between what we got vs what we could have had. Like I keep saying, “superior evals result in superior talent” and we weren’t even close to having superior evals. In addition, we drafted for need instead of increasing the talent level on the team by taking the better players and there’s NO arguing with the results.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I wasn’t really saying anything contrary to that. I think Hickey actually drafted pretty well and could prove to have drafted really well in a year or two.

  109. The Flying Pig says:

    Al in Miami (formerly Al in NJ)

    The toxic avenger!!!!

    GDP – are you going senile
    He posted within the last few hours😛

  110. getterdone says:

    BTW, I’m just bustin on OD too. He’s a GREAT guy. A rare coin that one…lol
    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him twice. Got to appreciate his passion for the game as well as most sports.

  111. The Flying Pig says:

    Agree the draft isn’t a science

    But to a certain extent people on these blogs could probably do a better job than some one like Ireland😗

    I know that’s a bold statement
    But often times the day after the draft, you can read other teams drafts (like Pitt) and see multiple players discussed on this and other blogs pre draft

    Then you look at ours (especially during Ireland years) and are like WTF?

    I thi k the important thing to realize about the draft is that these players are somewhat over analyzed during the build up to the draft

    So we start hearing “he’s a 3-4 OLB”
    “He’s not a good athlete”
    “He’s undersized”
    “He missed tackles”
    “He runs too upright”
    ” he ate a marijuana brownie on spring break”

    And all of the sudden it’s – pass

    Some of these guys can just play football!

    And like I keep saying – they all have warts
    You have to steer clear of all the nonsensical bs sometimes

    • The thing is to block out all of the noise from the “experts” and take a really good look at the player and how they play the game. That’s the only way to come to a conclusion. Some guys I know picks players based on stats. They look at sacks, hurries, int’s, tackles, tfl’s and that’s it. No tape to go off but that’s how they form an opinion on a player. Plus, you’ve got the hype during the games you watch during the season. But, when you separate the hype and just look at a player in a complete game and watch what the player does you get a better feel for what they can do. If you click on my name above you’ll see that I talk about it with Tapper. He played a DE in a 3-4 scheme but he was undersized. If you project him as a 3-4 DE in the NFL and that’s what you base your opinion on you’re not going to like him as much as if you look at him as being a 4-3 DE at the next level. You look at a guy like Jared Crick who’s in the same situation with Houston. Undersized DE in a 3-4. Put him in a 4-3 and let him use his speed and quickness and you can see a different player.

  112. getterdone says:

    NFL Media senior analyst Gil Brandt compared LSU OLB Deion Jones to Buccaneers LB Lavonte David.
    “[Jones is] very athletic and quick,” Brandt noted. “He needs to get stronger and I think he will.” The analyst isn’t just a bit smitten, though. He’s downright been bit by the love bug when it comes to the 6-foot-1, 222-pounder, calling Jones one of his favorite players in the entire draft pool and vowing that the LSU product will “start and play on all downs in the NFL.” Brandt’s comparable here is former Nebraska LB Lavonte David, who was drafted by the Bucs with pick No. 58 in the second round in 2012.

  113. getterdone says:

    Speaking of throw Belicheat from the train:
    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed the Patriots will not get back their first round pick.
    As expected, but this is a follow up on Patriots owner Robert Kraft stating he wrote a strongly worded letter to the commissioner requesting the pick be returned. The Patriots added the No. 60 overall selection to their purse in the trade of Chandler Jones, and also own pick No. 61 in the second round.

  114. Tim Knight says:

    Lou, if you take the word or words off after .jpg it will post visually.

  115. D says:

    The draft is not an exact science, but i think the biggest part is misconception that a player is pick x talent for every team. That same player could have drastically different grades dependent on his skill set to match a desired position fill on a team. There could be plenty of 3-4 teams with a certain guy on the top of his board, other 3-4 teams might have him lower/higher, and even more dramatically different he might be considered for a 4-3 in a different spot, again with potentially higher or lower rating for any given team.

    Also there is a lot of fan reaction to what makes for a great player/addition to the team, and in short, we have no idea really what player fits the team best. These are just a few reasons you can like a player, or dislike one for whatever reasons you may but trust they pick the player when they feel is best, they know if spending a pick is worth it to them and we just need to learn to accept it. People threw a shit fit over Jordan Phillips last year, but what we saw of him looked pretty good.

    Im not saying we will like every pick, im not saying every pick works out just like they thought they would but doesnt really matter does it, pretty sure they still wont be able to hear us scream out the pick through the TV and pretty sure their big board will be wildly different than ours, and pretty sure they wont stop to take an opinion poll before making the selection, so you have to ultimately just let it play out.

    • I didn’t throw a fit over Phillips. Had him as the 2nd best DT in the draft and a first rd pick.

    • And that’s why I say, block out the noise, stop reading what the “experts” have to say about a player and take a long, hard look at them yourself rather than taking someone else’s word for it. Mike E posted Lee’s “weaknesses” according to NFL.com earlier and I can care less about what they’ve got to say. They are wrong about players just as often as anyone else and they hype guys more than anyone. It’s their business.

  116. D says:

    getterdone says:
    March 23, 2016 at 4:39 pm
    Speaking of throw Belicheat from the train:
    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell confirmed the Patriots will not get back their first round pick.
    As expected, but this is a follow up on Patriots owner Robert Kraft stating he wrote a strongly worded letter to the commissioner requesting the pick be returned. The Patriots added the No. 60 overall selection to their purse in the trade of Chandler Jones, and also own pick No. 61 in the second round.
    Didnt Kraft call a press conference to say he wouldnt fight the penalties laid down by Goodell? Now all of sudden in the last hour he is pulling a plea to get them back. Show a spine man, you said you werent going to bitch so stop being one by going back on your word.

    • Al in MIA says:

      Goodell is a funny man. The thing is, the Patriots pre-emptively agreed to a loss of a pick ahead of any decision from Roger on the matter but when punishment was ultimately served the Patriots felt that their gesture (admission of some problem and dock of a pick) wasn’t appreciated judging by the punishment Roger gave then they proceeded to go to court. After the courts found huge inconsistencies on the part of the NFL’s investigation and findings, Kraft has tried to go back and undo everything including undoing a punishment he voluntarily agreed to LOL

      • Tim Knight says:

        The Pats and Brady are losing the appeal and Brady is likely to be suspended for 4 games this year.

  117. Al in MIA says:

    I’m tired of hearing about Ragland.
    He closed out his career at Bama recording only 5 total tackles.
    The game before vs Michigan State? 4! 4 FUCKING TACKLES!

    • Al in MIA says:

      er, he had 7 vs Michigan state (5 solo)…vs Clemson he had 4 solo… BLAH, fuck Ragland :/

      • getterdone says:

        I’m not sold either when you look at the quickness of a guy like say Alonso when he played the middle. Nice all around game. I don’t see no Alonso in Raghead.

  118. The Flying Pig says:

    Today I unfollowed Lamar Miller on Twitter 😥

  119. Al in MIA says:

    I’m no fan of PFF’s conclusions from their own grading system but they have a methodology that qualifies, without context, a player’s play throught the game.
    Ogbah rated very high vs Ole Miss but largely through a volume of work in the 2nd half when the game was out of hand. That’s the context part but in numerous parts of the game, Ogbah was lining up at LDE and not RDE over Tunsil. I looked at the video that shows all the snaps Ogbah took that game and he was able to put pressure on the QB often which is why he got a high grade from PFF for that game. As for his effort vs Kstate, that was two years ago and irrelevant to me but against Baylor this year, he had a sack and forced a fumble which he recovered so that’s not exactly stoning anyone.

    • Al in MIA says:

      I do see the limitations in his game but the biggest thing to me is his motor which can’t be taught. He brings effort and just needs some refinement in his approach to rushing an OT.

    • getterdone says:

      I like him & what Dodd has done in a short time. They’ll both only get better. The athleticism is there for a higher ceiling. Dood seemed to get stronger as the game wore on vs. Bama. I like his motor, hand fighting, and push.

    • Al in MIA says:

      Ogbah recorded a sack in every game last year except vs Texas Christian & Mississipi (sack in 11 out of 13 games); in 2014 he had a sack in 7 out of 13 games.

    • Al in MIA says:

      Yep, my bad, against Kstate he had 6 tackles, 2.5 for a loss and 1 sack and 1 pass defended. That’s not a stoning 🙂

  120. The Flying Pig says:

    Oh Kraft

    I didn’t realize your words were so…..
    ….so strong

    Here take your first round pick back

    Great letter
    Nice penmanship Bobby….

  121. D says:

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    March 23, 2016 at 5:03 pm
    I didn’t throw a fit over Phillips. Had him as the 2nd best DT in the draft and a first rd pick.
    Yeah i didnt mean you in particular, just kinda using that as showing, we as fans dont always know why they target who they do when they do, i also had Phillips rated high, nd i was ok with the pick, i just didnt think we would select a DT so early.

  122. D says:

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    March 23, 2016 at 5:03 pm
    I didn’t throw a fit over Phillips. Had him as the 2nd best DT in the draft and a first rd pick.
    Yeah i didnt mean you in particular, just kinda using that as showing, we as fans dont always know why they target who they do when they do, i also had Phillips rated high, and i was ok with the pick, i just didnt think we would select a DT so early.

  123. Al in MIA says:

    getterdone says:
    March 23, 2016 at 5:09 pm

    I like him & what Dodd has done in a short time. They’ll both only get better. The athleticism is there for a higher ceiling. Dood seemed to get stronger as the game wore on vs. Bama. I like his motor, hand fighting, and push.

    Agree on Dodd. What he does with his hands at the point of attack is very nice.

  124. BoulderPhinfan says:

    every move looks like a great move in march. Let’s wait till December then decide if going back to 13 and getting these two was worth it. One thing I’ve learned, if something seems too good to be true it usually is 🙂

  125. Al in MIA says:

    I’m not sure why people keep saying that Floyd can’t be a 4-3 DE with his frame.
    Worked just fine for JT who weighed in at 244 lbs and measured 6′-6″ during his pre-draft days (exactly what Flody is now). The idea then with JT was that a 6-6 frame can take on additional weight (part of the thought with Dion FF) but the key difference here is the brain of the two. One took his talent for granted (Dion FF) and the other (Floyd) doesn’t seem to have the same red flags. Mark Richt has been far superior as well in developing NFL front 7 players than Chip has.

  126. Al in MIA says:

    uwantwat says:
    March 23, 2016 at 1:04 am

    Conklin @ 13 = job done.

    Better than Ragland at 13 that’s for sure.
    LG taken care of for 2016 and a backup for Albert at same time.

  127. getterdone says:

    BoulderPhinfan says:
    March 23, 2016 at 5:16 pm
    every move looks like a great move in march. Let’s wait till December then decide if going back to 13 and getting these two was worth it. One thing I’ve learned, if something seems too good to be true it usually is 🙂

    C’mon man. Same can be said without the trade and picking the wrong guy @ #8. Even if we pick the right guy @ #8 or #13, they’ll be a rookie needing to learn.
    In the meantime we picked up 2, count them, 2 vets that have shown very good starter potential in the recent past & both are still young.
    How’s that a bad thing when we had holes there? We cut Grimes, Brice McCain, Sheppard, Paysinger. Are those 2 vets we acquired in trade not as good or potentially an upgrade?

    So yeah, be sour milk now vs. the ughe in Dec if ya want….lol 😉

  128. Al in MIA says:

    I’m out for now
    Let’s continue the draft prospect bitch fest tomorrow 🙂

  129. D says:

    Your Picks:
    Round 1 Pick 13: Vernon Hargreaves III, CB, Florida (A-)
    Round 2 Pick 11: Jonathan Bullard, DE/DT, Florida (A-)
    Round 3 Pick 10: Hunter Henry, TE, Arkansas (A+)
    Round 4 Pick 9: Deion Jones, OLB, LSU (A)
    Round 5 Pick 8: Paul Perkins, RB, UCLA (A+)
    Round 6 Pick 11: Alex Lewis, OT, Nebraska (B-)
    Round 7 Pick 6: Mike Thomas, WR, Southern Mississippi (A)
    Round 7 Pick 10: Demarcus Robinson, WR, Florida (A+)

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Hargreaves and Deion Jones
      I can live with that

      Bullard is a good DE
      but I don’t think we need to draft one
      maybe that is a good sport for a Rb like Alex Collins or Jordan Howard

      • getterdone says:

        NFL Films’ Greg Cosell believes Arkansas RB Jonathan Williams is in the same tier as Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott.
        Just to refresh your memory, Williams missed the entire 2015 season and Senior Bowl with a foot injury, so there is an “injury factor” at play here. “I think he’s a little quicker, laterally, than Elliott,” Cosell began when discussing Williams. “He has all the traits… to function well in an NFL environment.” Needless to say, this is high praise. Williams split carries with Alex Collins during his time at Arkansas, and most believe Collins is the superior prospect.

  130. D says:

    Al in MIA says:
    March 23, 2016 at 5:24 pm
    I’m not sure why people keep saying that Floyd can’t be a 4-3 DE with his frame.
    Worked just fine for JT who weighed in at 244 lbs and measured 6′-6″ during his pre-draft days (exactly what Flody is now). The idea then with JT was that a 6-6 frame can take on additional weight (part of the thought with Dion FF) but the key difference here is the brain of the two. One took his talent for granted (Dion FF) and the other (Floyd) doesn’t seem to have the same red flags. Mark Richt has been far superior as well in developing NFL front 7 players than Chip has.
    I have been saying the same thing, i think Flloyd would be great at DE for us, or SAM for that matter.

  131. steveccnv says:

    Floyd is a little raw and plays light (in a bad way), but has a good motor and great potential. Several times his teammates tell him where to line up. I like him, but not sure about at #13.


  132. Mike E. says:

    WTG D! Henry in the 3rd baby! If you drafted Ragland in the 1st RD, we coulda had a “REGGIE” bar and an “OH HENRY” bar too! 🙂

    • steveccnv says:

      If we haven’t already taken Zeke in the first I’m pretty sure Henry won’t get past our pick in the second, unless we get someone before the draft.

      An article I read today said Gase isn’t too high on Ajayi, even though he recently endorsed him. The thought was, since Gase said he wants another RB to split the load, that Jay can’t be a starting back. Amazing what people take from what others say, ridiculous as it sounds.

  133. Tim Knight says:

    I have to say I like a lot of prospects at #13 so I can’t really narrow it down. It should be fun seeing who we end up with. Even all the bitching that goes with it. LOL

  134. steveccnv says:

    getterdone says:

    March 23, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    NFL Films’ Greg Cosell believes Arkansas RB Jonathan Williams is in the same tier as Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott.
    Cosell needs to get his eyes checked. Williams is a decent college RB, but that’s about it. He reminds me of Fred Flintstone and his tiny little steps.

  135. steveccnv says:

    Mike, you avatar looks like the monster truck Doomsday.

  136. getterdone says:

    Four-star WR Keyshawn Johnson Jr. verbally committed to Nebraska.
    Johnson is the No. 37 receiver in the country. You know his famous father, the No. 1 overall pick in the 1996 NFL draft, but you also know his (less so) famous cousin, Michael Thomas, the former wide receiver at Ohio State who is currently auditioning for NFL teams. Mike Riley’s Huskers fended off basically the entire country to land Johnson Jr. He bested Keyshawn Sr.’s alma mater USC, Thomas’ alma mater Ohio State and a who’s-who list of luminaries consisting of Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, Miami, Tennessee and UCLA, amongst others.
    Damn, looks just like his daddy & Serena Williams 😉

  137. steveccnv says:

    Now Kiper and Todd McShay are bashing our moves. We’ve spent lots of money the past several yrs in FA and it didn’t work out so good. The team is now going in a different direction, by not spending big in FA. I guess we just can’t win, we get bashed for spending big and for not spending big.

    Instead of signing a top CB in FA, one that would’ve cost $30M or so guaranteed and at least $10M per yr with lots of dead money possible, if it didn’t work out, we trade to get Maxwell on a sort of 1 or 2 yr trial basis, so if he doesn’t pan out we can cut ties next yr, but it will cost $5M in dead money or free and clear the following yr. I take this as a good approach to minimize the risk. I really don’t get why the national media hates this move. Just kidding, I do know why. It’s easy to bash someone when they do something out of the box. People don’t like what they don’t understand,

  138. sb7mvp says:

    Who cares what people say about this team? Heck I don’t even care about most of the things said on this blog. Lol.

  139. The Flying Pig says:

  140. Mike E. says:


    That’s some seriously noisy shit bro! 🙂

    BTW – That was Hunter Henry, the TE, not the RB Derrick Henry in D’s draft

  141. Tim Knight says:

    Guys if you go to miamidolphins.com there’s a bunch of video of Gase at the owner’s meetings. Enjoy!

  142. Tim Knight says:

    LOL @ Gase on the Walt Aikens moving to CB question. It’s early in this video.

    • steveccnv says:

      What a concept, he said we’re going to use guys that play to their strengths. Philbin? anyone? anyone? Philbin?

  143. steveccnv says:

    March 23, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    getterdone says:

    March 23, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    NFL Films’ Greg Cosell believes Arkansas RB Jonathan Williams is in the same tier as Ohio State’s Ezekiel Elliott.
    Cosell needs to get his eyes checked. Williams is a decent college RB, but that’s about it. He reminds me of Fred Flintstone and his tiny little steps.
    Williams also didn’t have 10 ft holes to run thru like Elliot did. Two places running backs come from you need to really do your homework on: 1. Alabama 2. Big Ten

    • steveccnv says:

      I didn’t look at any stats, just the eye test. Zeke hits the hole right now with power, Williams pussyfoots around, and is weak at point of contact, there’s no comparison.

      • yeah, but Zeke can hit the hole full force when there’s one blown wide open for him. I can run thru the holes he runs thru. Most of the huge runs he had were because his offensive line blew open huge holes for him to run thru. That’s not going to happen in the NFL. When they didn’t, you see a lot of the short runs; 2 yds, 3 yds, runs for no gain. he’s human.

      • steveccnv says:

        I’m not looking at how many yrds Zeke got on any given play, I’m looking at what he does in general. He’s hard to bring down, he’s decisive, and when he’s running through a big hole he hits it right now. I can generally tell in the first few plays, if a player has value to the Fins, but not always. I watched a tape someone here posted a couple of days ago of a DE (don’t remember who he was), and the entire first half I was thinking and why do you like this guy (referring to whoever posted it), then in the second half, it was like night and day he got 3 sacks and was disruptive.

        The first play I saw Matt Ryan in his bowl game his last yr at BC, he had a rush coming and he threw a 15 yrd pass to a WR that looked clueless, the pass was incomplete, but the way Matt showed pocket presence, arm strength, and overall field awareness I knew he’d be a good pro.

      • well, the only thing I can say is if you put Zeke behind the offensive line the Phins have had the past 2 yrs he wouldn’t have much success. When there’s no hole for him to run thru he’s just as ineffective as every other rb I’ve ever seen.

    • just so you know, I didn’t mean you personally when I said “you” above. I meant the scouts.

      • steveccnv says:

        I didn’t take it that way, I actually had to go back to see what you were referring to.

  144. uwantwat says:

    My thoughts on the trade. 3 starters for dropping down 5 places, yes please, every day of the week.
    Will probably get the same player @13 we would have taken @ 8. Talking Heads are morons. Ignore them. Most are midgets or fat bastards anyway.

  145. The Flying Pig says:

    42: R2P11
    73: R3P10
    108: R4P9
    148: R5P8
    187: R6P11
    228: R7P6
    232: R7P10
    MIAMI (FLA.)

    I never like the way it works out when I take a LB in the 1st

  146. uwantwat says:

    It’s an omen Piggy stop taking LB in the 1st.

  147. Tim Knight says:

    There’s a lot of good off the cuff stuff in those Gase videos. One thing that he was really consistent with him was how the CBA rules restricts his ability to even talk football with his players. He’s dying to work with them but they can’t even discuss their jobs. It’s pretty stupid. Dumb friggin union laws strike again. Totally unproductive.

  148. olddolphan says:

    UWANTWAT SAYS:”Talking heads are morons. Ignore them. Most of them are midgets or fat bastards, anyway.” Now wait just a minute there, Mr. UK. The terms “morons, midgets and fat bastards” ARE RESERVED IN THESE PARTS FOR JET FANS!!! –Y’all got that, now??
    And Tim; I understand your frustration with the CBA. But remember this. That agreement was signed by geniuses such as Bob Kraft, Jerry Jones and Steve Ross whose paid legal eagles negotiated the terms of said agreement. At least half of your anger should be directed at management!!!
    A writer for ESPN has published an article which lists the worst stadiums in each of the major college football conferences. Anybody want to guess WHICH STADIUM he selected as the worst stadium in the ACC?????? – – If you guessed “Sun-Baked Stadium” YOU’D BE RIGHT!! – – And that’s AFTER all the “improvements” are taken into consideration. –You’l no doubt be equally surprised that I’ll DEFEND STEVE ROSS a little bit from this unfair description of the home field of the Canes and Fins.. That said, there’s no doubt many, many, media types (some of whom are morons, midgets, and fat bastards) consider Sun-Baked one of the lower echelon stadiums in the NFL. That said, the State of Georgia has past a law (on “religious freedom”) whose effect will allow the city of Atlanta NOT to hire gays/lesbians on any aspect of the new NFL Stadium construction project. If the governor signs that bill into law, the NFL is expected to black ball the city’s bid to host a future Super Bowl. Such an event would virtually GUARANTEE that Steve Ross’s edifice WILL BE AWARDED one of the next 3 Super Bowls that are up for bids.
    The Old Dolfan is out!

  149. uwantwat says:

    UWANTWAT SAYS:”Talking heads are morons. Ignore them. Most of them are midgets or fat bastards, anyway.” Now wait just a minute there, Mr. UK. The terms “morons, midgets and fat bastards” ARE RESERVED IN THESE PARTS FOR JET FANS!!! –Y’all got that, now??
    You are correct to one point you make, Jets fans are exactly that, it goes without saying. Now to discuss your errors.
    #1 I ‘m an AUSTRALIAN get that right MATE. To clarify I’M A FAIR DINKUM ONE, 3RD GENERATION in fact. A freakin Pommie I am not. Got it?
    #2 Every country in the world uses the terms morons,midgets and fat bastards to describe people who are mentally challenged,vertically challenged and weight challenged people born out of wedlock.
    Now I have deiced to waive my usual fee for educating you because obviously you need to GET IT.

    • olddolphan says:

      Flattery will get you nowhere. By the way, just WHO is on the “heads” side of your coinage? Could it be QUEEN ELIZABETH???

  150. uwantwat says:

    Yes and so it should be, after she is our head of state. Her representative here in Australia is the Governor-General.
    All this shows is we have a real Queen and not a pretend one like USA will have when Hilary wins the election.
    The best part is we don’t have to spend billions of Dollars to have her.
    I feel sad for your country where it comes down to money to elect a pretend King/Queen.

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