Will Tua Tagovailoa start in 2020? A look at the last 15 years of the 2nd QB taken tells a story

2019 – Daniel Jones RD1 #6 (Kyler Murray #1)

2018 – Sam Darnold RD1 #3 (Baker Mayfield #1)

2017 – Patrick Mahomes RD1 #10 (Mitchell Trubisky #2)

2016 – Carson Wentz RD1 #2 (Jared Goff #1)

2015 – Marcus Mariota RD1 #2 (Jameis Winston #1)

2014 – Johnny Manziel RD1 #22 (Blake Bortles #3)

2013 – Geno Smith RD2 #22 (E.J. Manuel #16)

2012 – Robert Griffin III #2 (Andrew Luck #1)

2011 – Jake Locker RD1 #8 (Cam Newton #1)

2010 – Tim Tebow RD1 #25 (Sam Bradford #1)

2009 – Mark Sanchez RD1 #5 (Matthew Stafford #1)

2008 – Joe Flacco RD1 #18 (Matt Ryan #3)

2007 – Brady Quinn RD1 #22 (Jamarcus Russell #1)

2006 – Matt Leinart RD#1 #10 (Vince Young #3)

2005 – Aaron Rodgers RD1 #24 (Alex Smith #1)


So that’s the list of the second QB drafted in each of the last 15 drafts. What’s sometimes more surprising than where they were taken is who was the QB drafted before them and where they were taken. Geno Smith as the second QB taken all the way at pick #54, and E.J. Manuel was the only 1st RD QB in 2013. Patrick Mahomes at #10 8 picks later than Mitch Trubisky eh? There were only 3 years where QB’s went #1 and #2, 2016, 2015 and 2012. Just so you know, I don’t believe this shows any more scientific evidence, but it’s interesting to look at the past, which sometimes reveals the future. I also understand that 15 years ago, the NFL was a different game than the 2020 version but the interesting thing is how much money these first round players were getting paid. We know it all changed after Sam Bradford was drafted #1 in 2010 and signed the most lucrative rookie contract ever in the NFL, 6 YR/$78M with $50M Guaranteed. Aaron Rodgers who slid to #24 in 2005 signed a 5 YR/$7.65M contract.

Let’s start from 2005 and we’ll work our way back to the present. Aaron Rodgers waited 3 full seasons before his 1st start with Brett Favre as the starter. Matt Leinart started after 5 games behind Kurt Warner and finished 4-7. Brady Quinn didn’t start until season 2 and started only 3 games behind Derek Anderson. Joe Flacco started immediately for a stacked Ravens team and went 11-5. Mark Sanchez started immediately for MTP and the Jets and finished 8-7. Tim Tebow started only 3 games but played a fair amount in 9 games although not necessarily as a passer. Jake Locker sat out his entire rookie season. RG III was damn well going to start after they traded a boatload of 1st RD picks for him and he was brilliant until he got injured. The only 2nd RD QB in this group, Geno Smith, started his entire rookie season but Matt Simms was their other QB (who?). Johnny Manziel started only 2 games and was just awful. Marcus Mariota started 12 games and played well but the Titans were pretty bad and they finished 3-9 in his starts. Carson Wentz started immediately and played well although the Iggles went 7-9. Patrick Mahomes started game 16 and won. He’s the guy I consider most similar with Tua. I’ll explain more later. Sam Darnold started 13 games, sat out the first 3 behind Josh McCown. Some may say this is the closest situation to Tua and Fitzpatrick and they might be right. Finally, Daniel Jones started after 4 games and played pretty well despite his 3-9 record.

Why do I think Tua/Fitzpatrick is most similar to Mahomes/Smith? I see 2 veteran QB’s who both have the respect of their HC. Fitzpatrick said it himself, he’ll help Tua in any way he can but Ryan Fitzpatrick wants to be the starting QB this season. Of course mitigating circumstances will no doubt affect how soon Tua starts and I’m not talking about Tua’s health, I’m talking the health of the nation and the Coronavirus pandemic. Having a virtual offseason is not doing Tua any favors. There are rumblings that teams may be able to start OTA’s in June but I fell that unless every single team and their respective states are able to open, that’s not going to happen. Cali is probably the linchpin because they are the least likely to be willing to open up and if they don’t, I don’t see any teams opening because you can’t have some teams working and others not, that takes away the whole parity theme the NFL is built on.

I’ve made it clear (w/o having any actual medical records for Tua) that I feel it would be best to let Ryan Fitzpatrick run this team and if there’s a point of the season where we’re out of it, and Tua is 100%, then I’m fine with giving him the reins, as long as the O-line isn’t a bunch of matadors. On the other hand, I really can’t imagine that he would start immediately, I think that would blow my mind. I want to see what Tua can do, I’m excited that we have arguably the most talented QB in this draft and the most talented QB we’ve had over the last 21 years since Dan Marino left the building. Still, I can’t help but feel that after that devastating hip injury, time will be Tua’s friend. We have so many new faces on our team and we could conceivably have 4-5 new starters on our O-line. Jackson LT, Flowers LG, Karras C, Hunt RG and Davis RT, that’s 4. Plug Kindley in at RG and Hunt at RT that’s 5. Think they might take some time to jell? I don’t want our new QB subjected to that kind of situation, no sir!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, let em rip!



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  1. steveccnv says:

    I think this past week is going to determine how things go with crowds. If no spike in cases, then things will open rapidly.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Every team is in the same boat for the most part. What say you about the makeup of the team on paper, currently and potentially?

  2. CavalierKong says:

    New Age,

    I dig that shirt, man. My wife has a Bob Ross bobble head and a heat sensitive coffee mug, lol. Next time I need a gift idea for her, I’m getting her that shirt or the closest thing to it. Cheers 🙂

  3. CavalierKong says:

    • Rockphin says:

      Just being a smart ass, but does that mean he sucks because he can’t get separation on his routes? LOL

      • steveccnv says:

        That certainly plays into it, but I’m not sure he really tries that hard to shake his defender in man coverage. I think he focuses more like a basketball player getting position on the low block. In other words he keeps the defender on his hip opposite of where the ball should be thrown, then extends out to get the ball. When there’s 2 or more defenders he elevates and high points the ball.

        A couple of years ago watching Alshon Jeffries destroy us the same way in a preseason game, I thought that style was great, very hard to defend. We all saw the way Parker made Gillmore look our last game.

        It’s hard enough to defend him in double coverage, then throw in Preston who’s doing the same thing. What are you going to do double them both and let Gesicki, Wilson, Hurns, Grant and the RBs run free?

        Also makes for good redzone play, since that style works in a phone booth.

        Throw in a little blocking and you the the makings for an explosive offense, without having to cheat on every big down with the rub routes.

  4. ocalarob says:

    The over and under for us this year is 6 games. so what do you have the over or the under?

  5. ocalarob says:

    seems to me like we have improved more than one win from last years squad,the thing is all these new parts especially on the ol need time to learn and work as a team, i sure hope we are better than 6-10 this year.

    • steveccnv says:

      Being one game better doesn’t exactly translate in the W/L column, because the schedule may be harder. Last year we played an easy schedule that fell into place nicely with teams not having there starting QBs like jets and Colts. We also played everyone that drafted top 6 except Detroit and ourselves, NE wasn’t the championship contender week 17 like they had been…

  6. steveccnv says:

    I don’t know how many games we’ll win, because there’s too many variables that go into the scheduled games.

    What I can say is we look to be a good 5 games better on paper. In years past we’ve needed 2 OL and that’s how many we added only to see one of them not perform well and 2 or 3 others get hurt. We’re better equipped to handle that this year with all the depth.

    It doesn’t stop there either LB, DL, CB all have more top to bottom depth than I can remember, not sure about safety, since the top depth isn’t there.

    The question will be how long it takes to get the execution we had the last 9 games.

  7. steveccnv says:

    The big eye opener last year was the Cin. game, allowing them to come back. You can only go so far with the scheme, at some point you actually need a couple of CBs that can cover.

    NE was also able to go up and down the field on us in the 2nd half, we won, because we basically had the ball last.

  8. steveccnv says:

    I guess we’ll find out soon how well the team Zooms.

  9. Mike E. says:

    Peter King has the Bucs as the #4 team in the NFL, with the Chiefs at #1, Ravens at #2 and the Saints at #3

  10. Mike E. says:

    The Bucs are pretty stacked on the offense. If Brady throws 10 less TD’s but has 20 less turnovers than Winston the Bucs win a few more games. Evans, Godwin, Gronk, Howard and Brate.

    • steveccnv says:

      You’re assuming Brady is also going to throw for 5K yards? With risk reward follows sometimes as it did with Winston.

      • Mike E. says:

        Yardage doesn’t mean all that much. If they turn the ball over 20 less times from the QB position they won’t need 5000 yards to win.

      • steveccnv says:

        If Brady throws 10 less TD’s but has 20 less turnovers than Winston the Bucs win a few more games.

        This statement to me assumes all else stays the same.

        Brady had a lot of late game comebacks, because of their D. When trailing late they’d go to the cover0, which forced their opponents hand and got lots of 3 and outs.

        I remember many times where the cheats would have 3 possessions in the last like 6 minutes and score finally on the last possession and win. That doesn’t happen without the Belicheat D, which I don’t expect Tampa to use.

  11. Mike E. says:

    Steve – Winston had 30 INT’s and 9 fumbles lost. That’s outrageous. That might be a single season record for TO’s for a QB

    • Mike E. says:

      I don’t think everything else has to stay the same, I think they will be a methodical and balanced offense, they won’t be throwing the ball all over the place wildly.

  12. olddolphan says:

    JUST RETURNED from taking my wife to a follow-up appointment at the same medical facility where an older patient refused to wear a face mask last week (until I threatened to call the police).
    Today, there were even more patients at this facility. But all of them were wearing masks. “Good news travels fast,” said Mrs. OD!!

    • steveccnv says:

      My initial interpretation of not wearing a mask is fuck you, I could care less, if I give it to you. Now that I’ve been exposed and are likely not able to give it to others, I have a different opinion.

      For those that have been exposed and can’t give it to someone else, I think it’s ok not to wear a mask.

      I still wear a mask, because I’m not positive I can’t spread it, but how do I know there’s not others out there that are sure they can’t spread it? For that reason I won’t pass judgement on those not wearing a mask individually.

      Now, when I go out and 50% of the people aren’t wearing a mask, I’m sure the large % of them fall into the category of FU I don’t care, if I give it to you group.

    • stangerx says:

      LOL OD — you threatened to call the police? Don’t believe it. You are the most mellow guy there is. 🙂

  13. steveccnv says:

    Dolphins have met with the mayor of Miami and discussed fans at the games.

    One thing that can make things work is the ability to control fans more than they can at a Costco for example.

    What I mean is fans at a game, may only be season ticket holders and/or group ticket sales people, if they don’t follow the social distancing rules they can be ejected and have their season tickets revoked or their group unable to purchase future group tickets (or some other type of punitive action).

    Signs and/or recordings could be all over the stadium. Social distance or else you’re subject to ejection…

    One way aisles where possible. Bathrooms may be a challenge, but not if there’s only 25% or 50% capacity.

  14. steveccnv says:

    I was unaware of protests here until I saw something online, but this is a different place for BS like looting, because the cops don’t take any crap here.

    What I mean is this town is run by the casinos, unlike the cities run by politicians, so when rioters go to the strip, they get a stern warning from the cops, then if they don’t back down they’ll be sorry.

    • CavalierKong says:

      Growing up we were taught in Sac to never take chances with the cops in Nevada because they do not f#$% around.

      As a young adult, anytime we took a trip into Tahoe or Reno we even left the weed at home. I don’t know if the tales were apocryphal or not since I personally never had a run in with one, but because of the stories we’d heard we took that shit to heart, lol.

      • ElephantRider says:

        Always stayed on the CA when we went to Tahoe.
        Nevada was off limits! Lol

      • CavalierKong says:

        Yep, in South Lake Tahoe the border runs literally through the middle of town. When we stayed there we’d always get a cheap hotel on the CA side so we could bring our party favors, lol.

  15. The Flying Pig says:

    I can’t believe how high people are on the bucs

    • Ken says:

      Prediction: They will disappoint

      • steveccnv says:

        Might just be wishful thinking on your part and jockstrap carrying stuff from those high on him.

        After Jordan finished playing they showed some footage of referees calling him Mr. Jordan and asking him for swag before his games they were getting ready to referee.

        Could be a similar thing with reporters that may interview him this year, if they don’t kiss his ass now, they may not get the interview during the season.

      • Ken says:

        He is physically not the same player. It was starting to show last year

  16. Rockphin says:

    Why is it that there is only ONE news story on any day? I have a vague memory for childhood when there were only three channels that the “news” would have 10 stories and those would change day to day. Now there are 50 “news” channels, but only one story at a time. WTF?

    • steveccnv says:

      All the mainstream media outlets, 6 corporations control the narrative, use the same talking points. It’s no big surprise.

  17. Mike E. says:

    Piggy – The Bucs were a good team last year but Winston was freaking turnover machine. 39 turnovers from the QB position. How the hell can you win with that? You know historically Brady doesn’t do that, so by that alone they will be better. They have talent on that roster, they just need someone to run that offense more efficiently. Why do you think Brady chose to go there? Think about that

    • Mike E. says:

      Plus, this is not just a little thing, they have 3 damn good TE’s in Gronk, Howard and Brate. They drafted slot receiver Tyler Johnson, added Tristan Wirfs at RT and drafted Ke’Shawn Vaughn at RB. You know Brady will run Arians offense well.

    • Tim Knight says:

      The Bucs do have a lot of weapons on offense. But Brady struggled throwing the ball down the field last year. Not just because his WRs weren’t that good overall, his passes looked off. We’ll see.

      • Mike E. says:

        He’s got those big receivers in Evans and Godwin plus the aforementioned TE’s. He’ll be alright. I hate him, but he’ll run that offense much more carefully and efficiently than Winston did

      • Tim Knight says:

        It’s a vertical offense though, not dink and dunk.

      • New Age says:

        I agree Mike. If Evans could get Johnny drafted in the first round, he can catch slightly off center Brady passes. If they can get on the same page early, they should be a spoiler PO team. Hell, having Gronk is the best safety valve in the NFL bar none.

  18. The Flying Pig says:

    I didn’t realize there’s a curfew in nyc tonight

  19. wyoming85 says:

    Been married 29 years today!
    And she hasn’t killed me in my sleep yet! 😉
    Must be true Love????

  20. Mike E. says:

    Wyo – That’s pretty cool man – My 30th anniversary is Wednesday

    Happy Anniversary!

  21. CavalierKong says:

    Weird how many of us are in this stretch of a few days…my wife and I will have been together 15 years on Thursday.

    Congrats, guys. 🙂

  22. son of a son of a shula says:

    Congrats Wyo and the rest of you

    We just had our 33rd, and I’m still alive too!


  23. The Flying Pig says:

    I’m celebrating too guys

    I’ve been on pornhub for two straight weeks

  24. steveccnv says:

    The Dolphins sent the Saints the 48th and 116th overall picks for the 62nd and 202nd picks this year, plus a 2020 second-round pick.

    Miami acquired second-year quarterback Josh Rosen in exchange for a second-round selection, No. 62 overall, and a fifth-round choice next year.

    We basically gave up our 2nd and 4th in 2019 and got Rosen and Raekwon Davis, and some later round picks were exchanged. Seems like a fairly cheap gamble on a QB.

  25. ocalarob says:

    what kills me about wearing a mask is you see these people walking around with the mask on their chin, not covering their nose and mouth.
    hell i had seen one guy who looked like he was making a fashion statement wearing his mask hanging off one ear dangling down.

    WTF is the point?

    • Krishna says:

      I love the one ear mask-wearing fashion statement! Very cool.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Well if you pull it down for a second and pull it up when you are around people – that can work okay

      I see a lot of joggers doing that sort of thing

  26. Krishna says:

    I love the bible-holding photo-op in front of the church after forcing peaceful protesters to clear a path with mounted police, tear gas, and rubber bullets. Just fucking awesome!

    Now, that’s a fashion statement!

    I need to find a bible that I can hang around my neck. So cool.

    • wyoming85 says:

      I would suggest not swimming until an hour after you last looted! 😉

      • Krishna says:

        Is that for me to hang around my neck while swimming? Lol…I’m game.

        To be CLEAR, no one was looting or throwing or being violent. Plenty of tape to show the facts of military-like action taken against peaceful protesters to get a photo-op with a bible in front of church.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      More than anything I’m surprised he didn’t burst into flames while holding the Bible

  27. Krishna says:

    Ya’ll should read Flores’ full letter, if you haven’t.

    Leaders lead.

    Good thing Burrows wasn’t our #1 pick.

    Is PTSD the same as TDS?

    My asshole and dick sides are coming out. LOL…time to medicate.

  28. TryPod says:

    Because of the crap going on around here, my friend’s husband is now acting police chief of Louisville:

  29. Krishna says:

    Poppovich is on his high horse….oh my.

    And, I’ve started the medication process.

  30. Mike E. says:

    Happy A Kong and Sonny!

  31. Krishna says:

    Nascar and F1 haven’t/might be stepping up.

  32. Tim Knight says:

    Raekwon Davis is a sleeper. Adding him to Godchaux and Wilkins inside, with Ogbah and Lawson on the edges. The vet Van Noy as a versatile LB. Baker as a base/nickel LB. McMillan in the run game. Jones and Howard at corner. Rowe and McCain at safety. We have a lot of competition at safety and oh yeah… DB’s Igbinoghene 1st rd and Jones 3rd round kind of make this defense different. Needham who played well last year will once again have to fight for a role.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, we might be a top defense in 2020. Just saying! That’s who Flores is – you better play defense.

    • Krishna says:

      I love defense and have sorely missed it as a recent Dolphin fan.

    • steveccnv says:

      The Bobby McCain spot is going to be an issue, unless Jones or Igbinoghene can step right in. I prefer Jones, and let Igbinoghene play Nickel and Bobby Dime.

      Jones at S, Igbinoghene at Nickel and Bobby at dime would make this D very solid.

      The only question will be can we create enough pressure on the QB. I see pressure by committee with lots of stunts.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I think in a normal offseason if Igbinoghene and Jones were impressing, we’d trade McCain. It seems like we have an overload in terms of snaps right now in the secondary.

    • Krishna says:

      I think Flores will help our defense cover its weaknesses and maximize its strengths.

      We absolutely need pressure, up the middle, and edge. Hope the DL can do that this year. If so, I agree with Tim Knight. Not too concerned about the backside.

  33. steveccnv says:

    I saw a new power poll out that had us at 23 and the cheats at 25😲

  34. steveccnv says:

    Another video was ranking the position groups in the AFC East, we were mostly 2nd and the cheats and jets were mostly 3 and 4.

    By talent alone I think the jets are the worst in the division, but tge cheats are giving them a run for their money.

    Belicheat will counter much of tge talent deficit, but not at QB and WR.

  35. Krishna says:

    I think to Tim Knight’s point about Davis, I think, he has some good player role models to help him be the best. Wasn’t it Saban said if his production could match potential? Something like that.

    It could be an awesome line!

  36. Rockphin says:


    • Rockphin says:

      Only meant to post the Reply with the “You can be here”

      • Mike E. says:

        I’m there. I don’t think the police system is any more corrupt than any other government run organization. I’d say our education system is more corrupt than the police system to be honest.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I think it depends on the jurisdiction, but the problem here is a systematic problem and not a question of one bad apple

        It’s not a great idea to talk about police policies, which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, in one swoop

        The videos i have seen on twitter over the last few days show a lot of problematic police actions and fundamental problems in how they police, so I think it’s pretty widespread but I do think some jurisdictions have better techniques than others

        It’s not just the murder of one man that requires justice, in my opinion, it’s some wholesale changes to the way policing is done

        It’s hard to be in the middle of you take the position that the Most police systems are structurally corrupt

        So many things flow from that (if you believe it’s the issue)

        Of course looting isn’t going to address that issue and is pointless (not to mention illegal) but…

        I’m pretty confident looters will be prosecuted if they are caught

        I’m not confident that what police have done over the last few days will be

        I have real concerns over how police are responding to legitimate 1st amendment expression. Suppressing that speech is the antithesis of what our country is

        I consider that a much greater priority than call vocalizing how upset I am about looters

        So the fact that I don’t mention looting in the same breathe as I do widespread policing inadequacies doesn’t mean I think it’s okay to loot…lol

        But I think the place we are in now on terms of the police and their practices needs immediate attention

        I really don’t want protests to stop until there are some fundamental changes to policing – and we don’t look close to that even if one officer is tried and convicted for one action

    • wyoming85 says:

      I like it!

    • steveccnv says:

      Rock you nailed it. It seems like the overwhelming majority of people can be here, the problem is the interest groups. You have the anarchists and left (politicians and MSM) that like the looting and rioting, you have the cops and their cronies that like the good ole boys club that doesn’t prosecute cops, and you have most political leaders that don’t want anything to change. That’s a little rough description, but those in power want status quo.

      The people want change, but since there’s so many different groups pulling people in different directions you end up getting the people distracted from the issue at hand and fighting amongst themselves, causing nothing to get fixed.

      The people need to unite, stop the looting and rioting and get something done to fix this issue once and for all.

      • Krishna says:

        You lost me as soon as you said “left”. WTF?

        Apparently, you did not understand the diagram.

      • Krishna says:

        All extremes exist. It’s not right or left. It’s about being HUMAN.

      • steveccnv says:

        Saying the left, I was referring to Antifa, a paid group brought in to cause destruction and chaos.

  37. wyoming85 says:

  38. Rockphin says:

    Is anyone else having problems seeing the blog page properly? Started this morning with the picture being oversized and now the formatting for the site is completely screwed up from my computer no matter which browser I use. I can’t even get to the comments on the computer It had to change to my phone

  39. Mike E. says:

    Rocko – No problem here, I’m on my work PC, it looks normal

  40. wyoming85 says:

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      Is he a Hall of Famer?
      If he is then Zach is getting totally screwed.

      • Mike E. says:

        If Kuechly is in the HOF and Zach isn’t, that would be totally unfair. Zach did it for 13 years at a high level while Kuechly played 8.

  41. son of a son of a shula says:

    Rock, I’d say clear your browser and restart or perhaps you accidentally zoomed in go back to 100%.

  42. Mike E. says:

    Krishna – Did you try turning your phone horizontally? You also may be zoomed in too much like Sonny just mentioned.

  43. Krishna says:


  44. Krishna says:

    Uh oh….chris long just opened his mouth. Yikes.

  45. Ken says:

    Stanger is having problems seeing the blog

  46. Krishna says:

    Been wondering when all the white guys would show. I’m fucking ducking. STfU, Krishna!

  47. Rockphin says:

    I think the issue is with Chrome interacting with some of the sites. I can’t see any articles on USA today’s page either. It’s basically like there is no formatting on the page at all, cut text. I’m at home now and it is fine from Firefox. It is fine from Iphone too. Just had problems with it from Chrome browser today. Hmmmmm

    All good now. (firefox at home)

  48. Rockphin says:

    There was an entertaining montage of players mic’d up at the end of today’s NFL Live. The kept showing Jerome Baker (interspersed with other player clips) saying, Where is my Mommy? I been looking for my Momma dis whole game. where is my momma!!? Yeah, I’m looking for my Momma bro, I can’t see her…..I found my Momma. LOL it was a mash up of different games too because his uniform changed. It was funny. They also caught Christian Wilkins talking trash with John Jerry (with Bengals) saying “Oh yeah, you were about to get it” as the play was stopped and Jerry replies “You about to get this” and Wilkins says, acting like a little girl, “NO! Don’t say that!” I’m not scared of you!” with his hands on his hips like a pugnacious little girl. Funny

  49. steveccnv says:

    In the Chan Gailey O I hear the FB doesn’t have much of a role. Just watched an Eagles long TD run by Sanders. Guess who his lead blocker was?

    The writing us on the wall Cox.

  50. Rockphin says:

    I just read an article about how the Eagles are sorry they let Howard go. That play was mentioned.

  51. wyoming85 says:

    I got an idea?
    Shoot the ones throwing bricks and bottles with florescent pain balls!

    They should be a lot easier to identify!

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      White asshole

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Don’t worry – they just shoot everyone instead and you’ll get a few people who vandalized

      • wyoming85 says:

        Did they burn Slattery’s down yet?

      • The Flying Pig says:

        Nothing is burned down except the brain cells Of the average fox viewer….lol

      • steveccnv says:

        And yet the MSM and their Sheeple have no shame in the looting they’re promoting. And there’s politicians doing the same.

        All the FDup cities in the country are under left leadership, and are under attack, and their leaders are organizing the protests. I get why the left is doing it, but why are the sheeple that aren’t looting doing it. I guess sheeple explains it.

        The people looting, that I’ve seen aren’t organized by a party, they are opportunists that care as much about George as they do about any other person killed on the streets of some of our “finest” cities.

  52. son of a son of a shula says:

    (Peeking around the corner of the blog to make sure Wyo isn’t going to kill me)
    It was a joke I forgot the lol

  53. Tim Knight says:

    Krishna, this white guy thing falls on deaf ears for me. I don’t think like that and I’m friendly with anyone. I’m tired of being told how to think and what I don’t understand. I wish I had more melanin. 😉

    Covid threw us all for a loop. The riot shit is nothing new and it’s always been stupid.

  54. son of a son of a shula says:

    I guess I can stop yelling at people for not social distancing.
    That’s obviously not a thing anymore.

    • TryPod says:

      All you really can do is watch out for yourself. I’m in no hurry to return to restaurants or other gathering places, though I really do miss going out to eat.

      • steveccnv says:

        Have you seen some of the covid19 fees some of these restaurants are adding to people’s bills?

      • TryPod says:

        No sir, I haven’t heard of that- though I did read yesterday that dentists are charging a $10-20 “facility cleaning fee” that insurance is not wanting to cover.

  55. wyoming85 says:

    Ya Piggy! I thought I saw Sean Hannity with some shoe boxes?????????

    Or maybe this is just the norm in NY??????

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      Is that Tucker Carlson smashing the window during this peaceful protest?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Hannity isn’t the guy who is smashing windows

      He’s just the guy conflating these images with images of peaceful protestors
      So that His audience believe it’s much more severe than it ever was and we can gas peaceful protestors

      Now I have to listen to people who aren’t anywhere near these events tell me “good” when peaceful protestors are gassed and hit with rubber bullets…or they shouldn’t be there…or they should stay home

      Fox eats this stuff up

  56. steveccnv says:

    This might be the worst written and most misleading article I’ve ever seen.

    During Super Bowl 54, we saw a Kansas City team lead by 2018 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes and long time NFL Head coach Andy Reid. When looking at the numbers using PFF, nothing is too exciting about their team grades. Their overall team grade of 84.1 (12 overall) is above average. Their 80.6 Offensive grade (6 overall) is impressive, but their Team Defensive grade of 62.6 (25 overall) cries a need to improve.

    So, what gave Kansas City the edge? In my opinion, faith. Faith in coach and quarterback. There is no better display of this than during the 2019 NFL playoffs when the Texans and Chiefs faced off against the Houston Texans at Arrowhead Stadium. Houston went up 21-0 in the 1st quarter. But a calm Chiefs team had the belief that quarterback and coach were enough to get back in the game. Not only did Kansas City get back in the game but ended up winning by 20 points 51-31.

    This past season, Miami did not wow on the stat sheet. Our leading rusher was Ryan Fitzpatrick, a quarterback not known for being mobile. Our Overall team grade of 59.0 (Dead last), Offensive Grade of 62.5 (30 overall) and defensive grade of 53.8 (Dead last) doesn’t seem like we did anything to build off of to give the team faith in coach Flores. But the 2019 Miami Dolphins did just that.

    • steveccnv says:

      Besides the obvious Titans/Texans mistake, I’m pretty sure it’s not faith in coach and QB that makes the Chiefs great.

      It’s well known now why our OC was fired, but apparently not for this Fansided hack. The 0-7 start had as much to do with the complicated O as the lack of talent. When a team has a 2nd half like we did, after the worst start in NFL history, only to have some guy promoting some BS theory backed by full season stats…I mean WTF, does he expect anyone to buy this crap?

  57. steveccnv says:

    The article keeps giving.

    Their first win against the Colts was a good jumping-off point, But their 2nd win gave the team hope for the future. During the Dolphins week 12 matchup against an Eagles team fighting to stay in the playoff race, a one-win Miami team fought, clawed, and did everything they could to beat the Eagles.

  58. TryPod says:

    In other news concerning the NFL:

  59. wyoming85 says:

  60. wyoming85 says:

    Ya Fox is the problem?
    I believe a firm distrust for them all is appropriate!

  61. bailbondmike says:

    Due to COVID-19 we need everyone to riot at home and destroy your own shit!

    • steveccnv says:

      There’s no shit where I AM.

      • steveccnv says:

        There was a litter cleanup campaign back in the 70s, and in the commercial the lady says there’s no trash where I AM, meaning she litters in someone else’s space, not her own.

        Same thing here, while it might be in their town, it’s not in their space.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Im not vacuuming in protest

  62. wyoming85 says:

    • steveccnv says:

      They call him an interior DL, yet he played a lot on the outside, but to me anyway you can get pressure from a 3-4 line counts.

      Wait until he gets a little help this year, but I want high team pressures not a few guys getting a lot, and the rest not much. This is how belicheat does it, so it keeps the salaries down (plug and play affect) somewhat. That’s another reason I don’t like Fins to make the PB.

  63. TryPod says:

    It’s not just ANTIFA , or the “left”:

    • steveccnv says:

      I mentioned that the other day, but referred to them as anarchists. Not sure what their involvement is in the riots and looting, but I know their leaders like it.

      The difference is the leaders on the right, like Rubio denounce these guys, while those on the left never denounce antifa (who isn’t anti fascist) or any other far left group.

      On MSM they show mostly whites looting, and on Fox News they show mostly blacks looting.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      There’s are lot of that too

      There a clip of police laying bricks out in Boston

      There are a few arrests of white supremecists

      It’s worth mentioning though, that every time I’ve ever been to a protest, fringe groups with their own agenda do show up

      I think there are leftists groups doing it too. A lot of people try to hijack protests
      But it’s exactly why we shouldn’t generalize who is doing what though. Some are just anarchists – and I don’t think anarchy is a legit political side

      More Importantly though, we have laws in place when some one commits a crime against property or a person. People are being arrested and they will have criminal charges to answer to

      So I’m not going to be angry about every crime I see a clip of that some one might have to answer to in court. The punishment is there – there are always idiots and morons, there always will be

      But I don’t think I can say that about wholesale changes to how we police
      That requires policy changes

      And there will be a battle over those changes between politicians

      I’m just saying – keep your eye on the ball if you think what occurred to George Floyd was wrong

  64. The Flying Pig says:


    If you want to match videos of police brutality with videos of Vandalism
    I’m all for it
    Just say the word

    I think it’s going to pull down the blog to an ugly rabbit hole, but by no means, do I think every video of vandalism deserves to be the focus of America’s attention

    There are a ton of videos available of police attacking peaceful protestors and a ton of accounts of what they did – and I’m taking about after Memorial Day

    Yes Fox News is a problem
    The other news agencies (which you guys will call for fake news unless they flatter your point of view) are acknowledging a looting problem but Fox News and the right is going to weaponize it. It’s this weeks new “Caravans are coming to the border”

    Instead of systematic change to prevent police brutality, the response to protests against police brutality is going to be more police brutality if Fox has its way

    People know the looting exist, it’s not that it’s not occurring or not real. Bit It’s irresponsible for us as Americans to prioritize window smashing over police excessive force

    We have a 1st amendment and an equal protection clause and they are all being usurped before our eyes

    But Fox News is going to tell you NYC is a Warzone and police need to be allowed to do their jobs

    These events should be exposing Americans to systematic problems within the police force and instead people are trying to use it as an excuse to give them more control and less accountability – tucker Carson says in no uncertain words in the clip I posted “no one is going to want to be police” and then lawlessness will come to your town. That’s an agenda driven commentary that says – let the police do their jobs.

    It’s not okay to use tear gas on American citizens. It’s not okay to use rubber bullets. You are going to get nonviolent people caught in the crossfires

    I care more about the lives of people who are at risk and the lives we’ve lost than vandalism
    I care more about our first amendment right to assemble than vandalism
    Those are where my priorities are

    But if you are focusing on vandalism porn, you are going to miss the point of the bigger problem that we have the ability to correct

    The solution to criminals, including looters, is to prosecute them under the law
    If they are catching video of people doing it – it will probably be a huge asset

    Right now it’s, not ideal – bc One problem we have in nyc right now, is that people aren’t reporting it as it occurs bc they can’t
    Bc people aren’t out to dinner like they used to bc of the closings and now there is a curfew too
    That’s making it difficult to catch criminals in the act

    But I do think if they catch people – the system is in place to prosecute them, on the other hand….

    The solution to a police force which is out of control and militarized is much more complicated
    And requires policy changes and advocacy

    So if you think there are injustices by the police or ever were
    My recommendation is to take a break from the vandalism clips and keep your eye on the ball
    People are still demanding change

    • steveccnv says:

      So you’re ok with the BS opportunistic vandalisers, that ruin innocent peoples lives, more than you are with the police using rubber bullets and tear gas, unbelievable.

      The cops should be using more force, than they are. It’s not Ok to burn, riot and loot. It’s also not Ok to use excessive force, but if the looting wasn’t there, there wouldn’t be any excessive force.

      There’s no innocent bystanders in these protests. They’ve said there peace now get off the streets before more lives are ruined.

      Think about the innocent people with stores that may be ready to retire, now their whole life is turned upside down, because of these opportunists.

      • steveccnv says:

        I bet you’d change your tune, if your life was turned upside down from the looting.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        What would my tune be? To vent about vandalism on the internet?

        I don’t think so. I would expect the police to take action if they can stop that bc that’s their job. I would expect anyone caught to be prosecuted. And I would sue the individuals and fight with my insurance about converge and try to make sure I end up okay financially when it’s said and done

        My tune is no different

        I wouldn’t conflate vandalism with protests

        There doesn’t have to be a change of tune for anyone in terms of property damage
        It’s already illegal.

        Fox News focusing on things that get an emotional reaction out of people undermines something that people can really change

        Of course I or anyone else would be upset. But I would also be upset if I was tear gassed or shot with a rubber bullet for exercising my first amendment right, or if I was unjustly killed by the police or anyone in my community was bc people continue to avoid taking a look at the problem

        The cops should NOT blakedlly be using more force. You can’t address looting with tear gas. Gas spreads, it’s not going to pick out the looters and only affect them. It’s not a method being employed to stop looting, it’s being used to disperse crowds. They are shooting gas, mace and rubber bullies into crowds of people not specifically looters

  65. steveccnv says:

    Peter King also has us ahead of the cheats on his power poll 19 vs 21.

  66. ocalarob says:

    Wilkins 3rd amongst rookies in pressure? why does that not impress me??
    wasn’t he the first rookie taken in that draft at DL?

  67. The Flying Pig says:

    Thanks for posting about football guys
    Even though I am one of the culprits of political posts
    I appreciate the escapism that most of us come to this blog for

  68. Mike E. says:

    I’m going to say this, and I know some aren’t going to like it, but I’m saying it anyway. It’s time for a change. I really don’t want want Biden but this country needs to get rid of the orange man once and for all. I’m over him, he’s sickening. He’s not doing anything to help the problem we have before us, he seems to pour gas on the fire instead of trying to bring the country together.

  69. TryPod says:

    I got the email from him about an hour ago:

  70. wyoming85 says:

    Piggy were good?
    I don’t think we need to take the blogs time to see which is dumber between the fake liberal or the fake conservative news channels!

    It’s all on TV for me!

    I’ve said it over and over.

    If I want to watch something I watch it on CSPAN!

    • The Flying Pig says:

      CSPAn is the most reliable source is probably the most reliable source for unbiased opinions

      But I don’t think they covering the day to day news at it happens.

  71. Rockphin says:

    Just an FYI to anyone else who has been having issues seeing the blog. I am SURE now that it is a Google Chrome issue. I installed Firefox on my work computer and everything shows up fine. On Chrome it is still all screwed up.

  72. wyoming85 says:

    Piggy I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say anything about the Floyd case other than it was Murder!

    I don’t think I’ve heard one word about shutting down protests!

    But continue on…..

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Of course everyone is saying it’s murder
      It’s hard to argue that the sky is not above your head unless you are standing on your hands while doing it

      Who in their right mind will argue that it’s not murder and throw away their credibility while doing it

      “What about the vandalism/looting” is cut from the same cloth as “white lives matter too”

      It’s a red herring and a distraction.

      If people would have focused on systemic change instead of arguments belittling black lives matter, Floyd would be alive today and we wouldn’t have to prosecute what one officer did as three more watched or approach it as an isolated incident – it’s is clearly not an isolated incident

      I’m in nyc. We’ve seen better days but it’s not a warzone. My iced coffee was a little sweeter than I wanted this morning – thanks Antifa!…lol

      Tucker Carlson arguing that we are endanger of having people want to be police officers is an underhanded and dishonest way to say, don’t give them more rules to comply with. I’m sure you guys can see that. That’s his agenda.

      And FYI, I never ask for permission to continue. If I see some one bite into a bullshit sandwich, I oink something

  73. wyoming85 says:

    Your assumption I’m setting around in my whitey tighties cleaning my guns and watching Fox news is reassuring!

    I’m very familiar with the term red herring, If you get my drift??

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I’m assuming bc you keep posting videos of vandalism
      My assumption is based on what I see you post
      I don’t have the ability to take your blood pressure via the internet

      • wyoming85 says:

        Both posts were in regards to your posts. Otherwise I wouldn’t have posted either on this site!

        Blood pressure is great! always has been

      • The Flying Pig says:

        Congrats. Mine isn’t so good. It’s not related to politics. I eat like a 🐷

        I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m assuming something about you.
        I have concerns about the rhetoric (not just here)
        It’s not a character assassination

        I try to avoid inflammatory language like “white” or “racist” or “trump”…lol

        I don’t think it’s enough for us to say that the particular police officer should be prosecuted. I disagree with a lot of people on this, including democrats and liberals.

        It’s very fixable imo if the focus is in the right place

  74. Mike E. says:

    Steve – It’s more than combating the looters. He really doesn’t seem sincere or bothered at all with what happened to George Floyd and then to exacerbate that, he deals with the protesters like sworn enemies and threatens force with the National Guard. He’s doing a real shit job of handling this crisis, and I think I’m pretty objective.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I can’t believe Mike is agreeing with me….sort of…

      I personally avoiding mentioning Trump at all though
      Bc that opens a whole can of worms up

      I’m just saying, there are legit people who have just had enough
      I hope everyone who loots is prosecuted to the full extent of the law

      I’m just saying – don’t take your eye of the ball

  75. The Flying Pig says:

    Here is something to chew on

    The program that allows excess military equipment to be transferred from military to local law enforcement is section 1033 of the 1997 National Defense Authorization Act of 1997

    1997 – during the Clinton Presidency
    It’s been out there through both Democrats and Republicans

    It shouldn’t be political
    It probably is about to become political though bc that is what happens to everything…

    But It’s just something wrong that has been going on for a couple of decades
    Or maybe some people think it’s right – that’s fine, we disagree

    But I think we are seeing the affects of that 1997 and the two decades of it now

    Do you like it or not?
    I’m sure opinions vary on the subject – but I think it’s in our faces now, so we should look at it

  76. Phindog says:

    Happy 30th Anniversary to Mike E and Dana. !! 🎉👍

  77. The Flying Pig says:

    I ruined the blog

    • CavalierKong says:

      No you didn’t. We need balanced perspective, and you bring much needed intelligence to the real issues at hand. If we have to have this conversation on the blog, I very much want to see a razor cut through the rhetoric, and you do that IMO.

  78. Rockphin says:

    I’m just going to leave this hear….

    The first amendment is more important than the 2nd amendment IMO. (Both important, but the first is the first for a reason)

    • wyoming85 says:

      Without the 2nd, you won’t keep the first!

      • Rockphin says:

        Not true at all! To this day in history there has NEVER been a situation where you owning a gun has protected your fist amendment rights. NEVER it just hasn’t happened. You have not saved us with your AR-15 from tyranny. My collection of hand guns and riffles hasn’t either.

      • Rockphin says:

        and the US military could squash ANY militia group that we could put together.

      • New Age says:

        That’s not true. We have spent almost half my lifetime in Afghanistan. In a country no one here lives or wants to be in. That’s when the enemy wasn’t your neighbor, friends, family. Every single country that is unarmed has had their rights taken away. Venezuela is just the easy example. I could give many.

  79. CavalierKong says:

    And Mike E might be the first person in the entire country who appears to have changed his mind either way about Trump since he was elected, lol.

    • Rockphin says:

      To be fair, Mike as always stated (at least in discussion with me) that he doesn’t like Trumps demeanor, he just supports the conservative agenda that Trump carries the water for. He has agreed from the start that as an individual Trump is an asshat. He likes the policies not the person.

      • CavalierKong says:

        Rock, I’m talking about his vote in the upcoming election. A lot of people I know that support Trump still admit he is a complete jackass…and are still going to vote for him a second term.

      • New Age says:

        I’m voting for him. Biden is China’s puppet.

    • pheloniusphish says:

      No…I have to say that if there was a viable opponent, I would vote for them. It’s not that Trump has actually done anything, rather he cannot keep his mouth (or Twitter) shut and it’s always ego and bluster. Unfortunately, Biden is not a choice. You are almost certainly choosing his VP to finish his term and I will never vote for anyone who accepts socialists as partners.

      • Rockphin says:

        but fascists are ok?

      • Rockphin says:

        Do you realize that the UK, France, Canada, and many of our other allies are socialist democracies? Do you even know what socialism is?

      • The Flying Pig says:

        He’s probably going to take some one like Kamala Harris, Val Demmings, Stacey Abrams or Amy Klobacher

        I don’t think he’ll be running with Sanders or Warren

        I don’t know what counts as socialists to you
        But The only one that states they are a socialist is Sanders

        I don’t really think of Warren as a socialist but I know others do – that’s just my opinion

      • CavalierKong says:

        It’s funny, but I voted for Obama when he ran against Mccain for exactly the same reason. There was no way in hell I wanted Sarah Palin just one medical crisis away from being president. Mccain could have picked PeeWee Herman, and I would have voted for him, but Palin? lol, forget about it.

      • CavalierKong says:

        And actually, Phel, last election was the same thing for me. I can’t stand Hillary. She is the posterchild for corrupt politician, plus she was already president for two terms, but I voted for her solely because of Trump.

        I had to take a scalding hot shower and burn my clothes afterwards…but there it is, lol.

  80. Tim Knight says:

    Rock, none of those countries you mentioned are really socialist nations. They’re more progressive democracies but capitalism is still alive and well in those countries.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      But that’s the model that even the most leftist democratic candidates follow – Bernie Sanders is to the right of a lot of European counties (probably not UK)

      But I tend to think Canada is more left than Sanders politics

      • Tim Knight says:

        I know. Was just pointing out that there is a lot of confusion on what socialism is.

  81. The Flying Pig says:

    Given that both Biden and Trump are closing on on 80
    The VP matters

    • Mike E. says:

      It’s probably going to be either Abrams or Harris. They’ve hinted it will be a woman of color.

      • Mike E. says:

        Neither one thrills me, and Biden looks like he’s toast, but at least he’s not an asshole. Creepy, but not an asshole.

      • D says:

        I dunno he can Bevan asshole just as much as Trump. Trump is antagonistic, Binden is retaliatory. Still choosing Biden to battle Trump is like having your child molester oft drunk uncle fight with your spousal abust and philandering father, who also is often drunk.

  82. pheloniusphish says:

    Rock – First, Trump is not a racist. That is just a talking point for dumbass liberal with terminal TDS. Pretty apparent that you are the one that doesn’t know what socialism is. As Tim said, every country you listed are capitalist economies with some socialist public programs. I’ve actually been to and lived in most of our allied countries. And most of our allies have failed or failing economies. You’ve told us how hard you worked to get US citizenship. Why? If you want to be a fucking socialist, pick a socialist country and go. Because while you can be a US citizen and a socialist, you can’t be an American and a socialist. But unlike the USA no one is clamoring to get into a socialist country.

  83. The Flying Pig says:

    I love Kamila Harris Mike

    But I know a lot of people that aren’t so Enthusiastic about her
    She comes the closest to my politics than any other candidate

    • pheloniusphish says:

      She would be perfect for Biden. Neither of them have ever seen a position they wouldn’t support if it got them a few votes or one they wouldn’t dump if it went out of style.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        I like to say they are open
        But another way to say it is opportunistic

      • New Age says:

        Definitely perfect for Biden. Give him the best sex ever, wear that old heart and win the presidency. Sounds just like her entire political career.

  84. pheloniusphish says:

    Cav – I voted for Obama the first time too. He had a good message, he he just didn’t deliver it. As for Clinton, she is everything that is wrong with our politics. Trump was an outsider and there was some hope he would shake up the system. Which he did and, at least from my perspective a lot of it is good. We need strong borders (sorry Pigs). We needed a better atmosphere for business. I just never could listen to Trump talk. Between his voice, his mannerisms, and that whole New York City bravado bullshit, I would prefer to listen to crying babies and nails on chalkboards.

  85. TryPod says:

    My daughter is out in Louisville protesting now. She told me about the Hawaiian shirt wearing guys, which is how I figured out the Boogaloo boys were here.

  86. Tim Knight says:

    There are so many fucked up fringe groups. Fuck them!

  87. Mike E. says:

    I think Trump’s major fail in this crisis has been he has showed no empathy to black people, he’s just been adversarial. I don’t understand why. The mainstream would still crucify him regardless, but I’d know he’d have done the right thing. He didn’t. He fucked this big time Who knows, maybe he doesn’t want another term. If anyone that is pro-Trump can explain to me how I’m wrong, I’m listening . . .

    • Phindog says:

      Enjoy your night with your awesome wife and let this go or you will end up with whiskey dick. 😆

    • Phindog says:

      Like shooting pool with a rope. 🐕🥃🥃

    • Tim Knight says:

      He’s a horrible statesman, he just is. His election did what was needed to open up the establishment can of worms, and enlighten people. Now the fight for liberty is on once again. Biden and his ilk are not the answer long-term but Trump is bad for the country the next 4 years.

  88. Randy says:

    I don’t think Trump is a racist. He’s a narcissist and probably believes everyone is “less” than him….or maybe worse he simply doesn’t care about anyone….which would push him more to the psychopathic range of behavior. We don’t really know the “cause” of narcissism, but, sadly, many narcissists are neglected, ignored or verbally diminished children who are compensating for that trauma. Trump’s behavior no longer shocks or surprises me after I researched what was going on around the impeachment, and I do not expect him to change or act differently. This is who he is. If your life is bettered due to things he’s done….that’s great….but Trump didn’t do it for you. He did it to fill his own need. I say sadly again that he’s not all that different than many of our elected officials.

  89. New Age says:

    Randy is right but what has Trump done that was adversarial? Are we are only talking about the tear gas incident or something else? These riots are a shameful display for our country. Nothing in our constitution talks about needing massive riots with widescale destruction and the peaceful ones always ended close to dusk. I always support peaceful protests.

    This has had almost nothing to do with justice for black, white or brown people. It’s been an excuse to destroy people’s lives under the guise of justice and is utterly disgusting. If this was the least bit for real change, I would support it and I support change. Most of this is lies and optics.

    • Mike E. says:

      New Age, I don’t believe I’ve heard Trump once say that this was a terrible incident and and that he feels for black people in any way. He didn’t try in any way to help them have peaceful protests, he instead chose to say when the looting starts the shooting starts. There’s really no sympathy or empathy in that stance. Then that dumbass photo op at the church sealed it for me. I don’t believe for a second that he didn’t how they were going to clear the way for him to take that stupid fucking picture with the bible, for all I know he requested it to be done that way. He hasn’t tried in any way to reach out to the black community to help make this better, he just pulls levers and voices threats. If you have evidence that proves me wrong, I’m more than willing to look at it, but our leader of the entire nation, not just the whiteys needs to lead for everyone. He could have won some voters if he really took the right stance here, people are shook up about all these innocent black people being killed. Maybe he thinks that vote isn’t his anyway so he doesn’t give a fuck. Wouldn’t doubt that.

      • New Age says:

        Ok, thanks for the response. It was stupid and he does some stupid stuff. Trump was stuck in a bunker all night and responded poorly. He had already offered condolences to the only people who mattered and said that killer would be brought to justice. That should have ended it. This systemic racism is bullshit unless maybe for Dems. New study shows that Dems are more likely to talk down to black people. There’s no real examples of systemic to point to.

        Look at my link to Tucker Carlson below. This should be a effort of solidarity between all people that bad cops must be punished. Are you really seeing that? Look at what happened to Drew Brees. He’s being destroyed because he won’t condone kneeling. Because he doesn’t say EXACTLY what they want said. How in the world would Trump, who is universally disliked by a lot of people, be listened to if he doesn’t like kneeling? If he’s too proud to say EXACTLY what they want? This isn’t about Floyd and that makes me the most angry. It’s about control. Do the better photo ops in the day, show true colors at night. I HATE the kneeling. It was specifically chosen by Kaepernick to dishonor our flag. To dishonor our vets. Listen to him talk about Castro. He’s human feces and that has nothing to do with melanin levels.

        This has nothing to do with the real victims like Floyd, or even worse David Dorn. Look him up. Watch what happened when he tried to defend his people. He’s black btw.

  90. ElephantRider says:

    I will be voting 3rd party once again this year. I have a long streak going and the big 2 party dipshits still can’t put any candidate I can vote for. It’s really sad. I thought this was going to be my first time voting for a Democrat…..and this is what the put up there? Have they lost what little bit of their minds they had left?
    They could of put any guy they pulled out of the crowd and had a better chance…..ugh.

  91. CavalierKong says:

    On a positive note, my retirement accounts have made up nearly all the losses incurred with the COVID drop. At the worst, I was down almost 23% in total, now I’m only 3% down.

  92. Rockphin says:

    New Age says:
    June 3, 2020 at 11:38 pm
    That’s not true. We have spent almost half my lifetime in Afghanistan. In a country no one here lives or wants to be in. That’s when the enemy wasn’t your neighbor, friends, family. Every single country that is unarmed has had their rights taken away. Venezuela is just the easy example. I could give many

    What does Afghanistan have to do with anything? The Afghanis have many guns. Every teenager who wants one has an AK 47.

    I was specifically talking about the history of the US and how your militia has not saved my first amendment right. But if you want to go international we can do that to the statement is still false. And I can list Australia France United Kingdom and many others.

    I did not wanna re-open a gun rights discussion because I own guns. I was only stating that it’s not necessarily true that the second amendment protects the first amendment.

    • New Age says:

      Thanks for the response. I’m, sure we could do this all day but I see a lot of instances in the UK where people are arrested for thought crime now. The places with the heaviest citizen gun rates are also the safest today in America. I can’t believe after watching these riots in Minneapolis that anyone would think the state or police will help their citizens. They stood down and allowed unchecked rioting.

  93. Rockphin says:

    Randy, I don’t think anybody on here has said that Trump is a racist. At least not recently. I certainly haven’t. I’m not sure what Phelan was responding to when he told me that Trump is not a racist because I never posted that he was.

  94. pheloniusphish says:

    Rock is correct – He called Trump Fcist, not racist and I meant to say racist.

  95. The Flying Pig says:

    I think Trump is “fcist” too

    If it sounds like an insult I’m going to say Trump is one….😃

  96. pheloniusphish says:

    Randy – Trump definitely does things for his own edification and sometimes they are good for the country. I would put him more towards sociopathy than psychopathy. For narcissists in general.

  97. pheloniusphish says:

    The UK and France don’t have true freedom of speech anymore. They arrest and charge people for social media posts that are deemed offensive. Ditto for Germany. Don’t know about Australia.

  98. pheloniusphish says:

    Pigs – How do you feel about the no bond laws putting looters and rioter back out on the street in a matter of hours?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I don’t think anyone should be detained without a trial

      Never really liked the idea that some one can buy their way to a release pending trial when everyone should enjoy that ability

      • pheloniusphish says:

        I agree on the buying their way out part. But I think if you get caught committing a crime you should be held until your trial.

  99. pheloniusphish says:

    I think we can’t have a conversation on racism and police brutality while there is rioting and looting. The protestors are responsible for their actions. If they, the protestors, are not separating riotes and looters from their gatherings and not doing anything to stop them or point them out for arrest, then the protestors are guilty of abetting the violence.

    The looting, violence, and criminality have nothing to do with race relations. It’s all either extremist politics or crimes of opportunity.

    • New Age says:


      Do you listen to Tucker? Here’s a link the the 10 unarmed black deaths last year. That was out of 10,300,000 arrests and over 320,000,000 police interactions. 31 other people died from police actions but we’ll focus on the ones everyone seems to care about.

      • pheloniusphish says:

        I don’t listen to him. Or anyone else for that matter. I have seen the stats in other places and I agree the “issue” is over-blown by politics and media saturation and almost always brought on by individual actions. Floyd was murdered by an asshole being an asshole. Charges were brought. Don’t know if.they would have without the initial protests.

        Generally speaking, the police brutality being protested is brought on by criminals resisting arrest. Blacks are looked on with more suspicion because statistically more crime is committed by the black community. The number one killer of young black males is other young black males. Until we can talk about the underlying conditions that breed racism without being called racists, we can’t talk about fixing the problems. Because right now society is being told we must accept bad behavior based on skin color.

  100. New Age says:


    Did you read about David Dorn while talking about laws specifically allowing anarchy? He gave 40 years of his life for some thug to end it on a whim one night. I watched the video. Horrific and exactly what happens in these almost lawless Dem controlled cities. Isn’t it weird that places like Minneapolis, where Dems have run the city for almost 5 decades, have the worst systemic racism? It’s almost like the DNC never stopped being who they always were but just elected a few black people to try and hide it.

    • pheloniusphish says:

      Blue politics tend to be urban politics. Living in a big city requires much more cooperative give and take and less individual right. The dichotomy is that they also require more order and more authoritarian government to survive. When liberal politics start chipping away at the order, they also chip away at the individual morales and responsibilities of the people there. That leads to more crime. In away, big cities are the exemplars of socialism and why it fails. All my opinion of course.

  101. Mike E. says:

    New Age – Response up above for you on Trump

  102. pheloniusphish says:

    Yesterday I watched this video about “white privilege.”

    When I was done I was irate and thought what a crock. Then I wondered why I felt that way, so I thought about the questions asked. I realized that if I had been in the crowd, I would have been standing with the black dudes when the race started. White privilege is bullshit. Using your past as an excuse for failure is bullshit. Using your past or the actions of others as a justification for your own actions is bullshit and weak-minded. We make ourselves. Are my kids going to have a head start? Damn right…that’s one of the by products of my success. But they will ultimately be happy or not on their own.

    • Mike E. says:

      I thought they support Trump, got him elected? This will probably knock him out

      • pheloniusphish says:

        I doubt it will knock him out. Only way that happens is if someone gets a viable candidate up there. If Mattis or Crenshaw we’re to run as independents….

      • The Flying Pig says:

        Prior to impeachment as part of the investigation mueller filed a lawsuit in fed court against Russian entities that the Created fake account and not farms to agitate people online

        They picked controversial subjects, used real people pics and IDs

        It wasn’t necessarily in favor of a candidate (although it was in many cases)

        That’s not just the US. the UK, France and Netherlands among other countries have reported or taken action against this problem

        Russia has historically engaged in propoganda wars during the Cold War- the difference now is the use of the internet and social media sites

        It doesn’t actually mean Trump or his campaign or any campaign was a part of it and it’s not why Trump was impeached and then acquitted in the senate

        But Russian interference in our politics should not be controversial or political. it’s what they do , it’s what they always done

        The DOJ still publishes the lawsuit
        Here is a link

        In March 2020 under Barr, after Mueller resigned his position, Barr put a stop to this

        I think it’s very reliable to believe and expect to see it on social media again m 2020

      • pheloniusphish says:

        Exactly Piggy. It’s like people forgot the Cold War.

  103. Mike E. says:

    New Age – I think we have a different idea of pandering and just doing the right thing. I know Trump is tight with law enforcement and the military, as he should be. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with fixing issues that exist and have existed for far too long. I also understand the complexities of white cops dealing with black criminals in their neighborhood. It’s why I think there should be more black cops and community policing should be instituted in every big city. If people who came from that community policed the people in that community, the relationships would be much easier to tolerate from both sides. He can say things have to be fixed (because they need to be!) and not step on any toes. Good police hate these incidents more than we do because #1 it puts a target on their back and #2 the respect that they get erodes significantly because everyone is a bad cop. I also understand white people get killed by cops, and get mistreated by cops, but there is a disproportionate amount of these incidents with black people. Fact of the matter is, the timing of George Floyd right after Ahmaud Arbery was great time to try and get something in motion for a positive gain, instead he played defense and in antagonistic manner. Know what I’m saying? Sure, everything he would do or say would be looked at through a different lens by the Dems and liberals but doing something right is doing something right. He hasn’t done a thing right during this entire event. That bothers me.

  104. Rockphin says:

    I HATE the kneeling. It was specifically chosen by Kaepernick to dishonor our flag. To dishonor our vets. Listen to him talk about Castro. He’s human feces and that has nothing to do with melanin levels.

    Please don’t push false naratives man. It was NOT to dishonor the flag. What does kneeling during the anthem even have to do with the flag? There IS no flag in the situation to dishonor. It has NOTHING to do with Vets. These are conflated issues that the far right brought in to take away from the message which was ALWAYS about the inequity in the treatment of blacks.

    We are not “Honoring” vets when we stand for the anthem. We are honoring the flag when we stand. That is not what it is about in the first place so how could his actions be to dishonor them?

    Simple answer – They are not. This has been a false narrative from the far right since the beginning.

  105. Rockphin says:

    pheloniusphish says:
    June 4, 2020 at 9:48 am

    I agree on the buying their way out part. But I think if you get caught committing a crime you should be held until your trial.

    I agree to a point but it depends on the severity of the crime charged. The “justice” system takes quite a long time. Sometimes the wait for final trial takes as long as the recommended sentence. Is it fair to incarcerate an accused (everyone is innocent until proven guilty, not the opposite) for a period of time longer than the sentence while waiting for their trial?

  106. Rockphin says:

    I was going to say that I broke the blog, but there is already a four hour gap between MikeE’s post and mine so I am going to blame it on Mike. LOL


  107. pheloniusphish says:

    I don’t really care about the kneeling. I just don’t like Kaepernick’s message. It’s about hate and inciting violence.it is also false narrative. Every case that he pointed to at the time was a criminal violently resisting arrest. I dislike his anti-America rhetoric. He is a racist.

  108. New Age says:


    Obviously, IT IS. For Drew Brees, IT IS. For certain veterans, IT IS. It’s a false narrative because one side wants it to be a false narrative. Let’s ask Kaepernick himself, shall we? “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. Did you read that part. I will NOT show pride in a flag. False narrative? I think not.

    Let me ask you something. Everyone here is upset Trump isn’t trying to find middle ground. What part of middle ground is kneeling after one side says they feel it disrespects them and their families? Go ahead. Tell me how refusing to find middle ground on kneeling, is compromise. Is there NOTHING DIFFERENT he could have done? Something besides visibly and vocally disrespecting the flag? I think he could have. I think it would have been EASY. I think a highly visible, highly paid entertainer could have found a way to get it out differently. He CHOSE to disrespect the flag. You choose to defend that disrespect. I do not. Go ahead. Let others think for you. I will not.

  109. TryPod says:

    I’m a veteran. I never felt it was a slight against me or anyone I served with when someone knelt when the flag was presented. It’s the whole First Amendment thing with me, I guess. I didn’t like the way Kaep went about establishing his message, but the kneeling- eh. People kneel when they pray, that’s not a sign of disrespect; actually, it’s a sign of deference.
    I can’t speak for any other veterans.

    • New Age says:

      I think if he wasn’t as belligerent it would have went over better. He said it was meant as disrespect and I’m sure that goaded people. He didn’t want solidarity. That’s the lie being told today. He wanted attention and to push discord.

  110. New Age says:

    Mike E,

    We do have different ideas on what is pandering and what is right. I think working together is side by side. Compromise is both sides giving something. That isn’t happening and I’m pretty shocked people can’t even see that very visible truth. Tell me again, what did Drew Brees do wrong? Why are they upset when he wants to do right by the black community? It’s because he didn’t follow directions. He didn’t march to their demands. Tell me how it’s anything but that.

    Mike, I want justice for the wronged. Not to push a false agenda. There are bad cops and they should be punished. There is not systemic racism in our police forces. There is zero evidence. These incidents happen just as often or more in highly concentrated black police forces. In liberal cities that haven’t had a Republican mayor for decades. We just saw that 4 black and 2 white cops were removed for tazering two young black people during the riots. There is zero evidence for this feels agenda.

    Mike, I ask you again. Watch that Tucker Carlson clip I put up above. Be open minded but watch the FACTS. There was a study done last year or the year before that showed no specific racism by cops overall. It actually showed less cops killing black people since Trump was elected than when Obama was in office. It showed white cops being a bit wary of arresting black criminals because of situations like this. Let’s use facts for once.

    There are videos of black people saying they need to see whites showing BLM support in NYC by kneeling before them. That has nothing to do with solidarity. That’s submission no matter what wordage you want to obfuscate it with.

    Mike, you said you want good optics and no toes stepped on. I would rather see justice. I would rather see honest conversations. The facts say it isn’t disproportionate for blacks. Most cities with a large black population have black mayors, police chiefs and large numbers of black cops. Cops already do some community policing but they are treated like SHIT and there are many no go zones because of the cries of racism for specifically going to the areas of high crime….minority slums.

    Mike, I will believe one side wants honest conversations when they bring up 70% single child households. Proven to cause a massive percentage of all the ills in these communities, it’s still swept under the rug. When they start talking about the 500-700 blacks killed by gang violence in Chicago EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Swept under the rug. The push to put them on welfare, push abortions, and keep them poor. I’ll know they want compromise, when these communities accept the responsibility to shame their criminals instead of promote them. When gang culture, and athlete culture isn’t promoted as the road to success instead of the one chosen by Neil Degrasse Tyson, Ben Carson, etc. When I see the 70% and very rich black athletes coming in to teach and build, not provide optics and leave. Where do these black athletes live? Nowhere near other black people. In their own ivory towers.

    We agree on a lot. I don’t agree that Trump could have changed the optics without giving them EVERYTHING they asked for a not a bit less. That’s not working together bud.

  111. Rockphin says:

    pheloniusphish says:
    June 4, 2020 at 4:28 pm

    That whole right to a speedy trail thing I guess.

    Yeah, but at the same time you need to allow the people (prosecution) to time to collect evidence and build a case.

    Nothing is always black and white. (is that saying racist?) but rather shades of gray. That is why the bond system was instituted. It is not perfect at all and IS slanted toward more financially secure individuals but like most things in this greatest of all countries it is a compromise.

  112. Mike E. says:

    New Age – you have some good points for sure. I don’t think I was looking for good optics, I was looking for him to show a little sympathy for a lot of black people that are hurting. I don’t know what to say man, he came off not only as uncaring but even more so that he was going to show those black folk who tested him who was boss. That’s not optics, that’s just douchebaggery from the POTUS. If you want to call saying some nice things like we all hurt from this, and protests will be allowed, but they must be kept peaceful and w/o violence as optics, then so be it. Just show you fucking care. It’s almost like most of us expect him not to, and he didn’t let us down in that regard. What I was thinking of earlier in the day and thankfully it just popped back into my head. You throw statistics out there, and as Steve always says, they don’t always tell the whole story. This wasn’t just one cop that perpetrated this murder. The other 3 jerkoffs that stayed around with their hands in their pockets while this guy was dying is almost worse to me than the fucking guy with his knee on George Floyd’s neck. This doesn’t show up in any stats, because how could it. It’s not just the one bad cop, it’s the others that allow things like this to happen. That to me IS a systemic problem because I can almost guarantee you this isn’t an isolated situation. Cops are afraid to go up against their superiors, partners, guys they may actually just fear and that’s a huge problem. OR, maybe they liked what was going so they did nothing. I truly believe that the inner cities where black people are killing themselves at an alarming rate and others of course too, and are getting killed by police and also killing police could be helped by community policing. I hope one day we get to find out if I’m right, because what is currently in place sure as hell ain’t working. I agree very much that households w/o fathers is a huge issue, and I think that’s where community police would help greatly. Have a guy from the community, people know and respect, kids included who can be that father figure so to speak. Better than having a white outsider shoved in their face instead. People are usually more comfortable with people like themselves and are wary of others. It’s worth a shot

  113. Rockphin says:

    Crapernick did it because it was controversial. If it wasn’t it wouldn’t have gotten attention. His first amendment rights gave him the right and his celebrity gave him the platform. As Tripod stated above the whole kneeling thing isn’t inherently disrespectful.

    Also, I feel the narrative was hijacked by the opposition with excessive outrage.

    Which is more outrageous? Bad cops never being weeded out of the system because they are systemically protected and get away with this shit or that some dumbass who PLAYS A GAME for a living “Disrespected the flag and all veterinas who defended that flag” I know which I think is more outrageous to me. I doubt very much you or 99% of America stand for the anthem when at home or at the bar watching.

    That’s what I meant by false narrative. I should have said hijacked narrative. The message (which i believe is righteous) was lost in the noise.

    • New Age says:

      I agree with that but I also think he helped hijack. It’s a huge problem but aren’t all unions a huge aspect of it? Without these powerful unions that primarily help the bad apples, we’d have better results. I work with a union and they are terrible.

      • Rockphin says:

        YES This is one of the largest parts of the system that is a problem! Absolutely.

      • New Age says:


        I’m not a huge Trump fan. I agree with a lot that Piggy posts. I also know that Dem and Republican leadership does not care about us. I want the outsiders to win. I want the government bureaucracy gutted. These people have had decades in Congress to fix these issues. Where has Congress been all these years with lifers ‘serving the public’?

        Trump is not popular with the globalists. That’s why I vote for him. I hoppe he burns it all down and we start getting our rights back. Maybe the guy after him will but Biden isn’t that guy. China bought that swamp creature long ago.

  114. Mike E. says:

    As far as Drew Brees is concerned, which I never brought up, I think both sides have a right to think what they want. I’m surprised his teammates are so miffed by it because he;s done a shit ton of good for the communities in NO which many are black, so I don’t know why they’re angry at his opinion, they should accept it and move on. He’s not unsympathetic to their cause, just their form of protest.

  115. New Age says:

    Mike E,

    I agree he could have been more caring. He’s fucked up a lot the past few months but I truthfully think nothing he said or did would have mattered. Was he invited to the funeral? I know Biden was and he didn’t know the family either. David Dorn wasn’t even in the news and he protected his city for 40 years while Floyd was a criminal high on drugs. He didn’t deserve to die but I know Dorn didn’t either. Don’t think Dems care about black people. Black narratives, sometimes. I’d take a knee for David Dorn every day.

    Mike, the crazy thing I’ve seen lately is where is the outrage for Democrat leadership? Minneapolis leadership just sat there and let their city burn. Most of the DAs for these cities are letting looters off as soon as they hit the jails. Deblasio is looking much harder at his police than the rioters. His daughter was actively out there promoting the looting.

    Not one of these Democratic cities has successfully stopped looting, burning, and destroying of private property. Who do you think ends up paying for this? The looters? Does the fear and destruction of people’s livelihood help bridge the gap? Then where are Dems decrying the looting? Where is Biden? Pelosi? Why aren’t they saying the looting is not acceptable for any reason. Why isn’t the looting stopping after the cops were charged? That’s just not part of the narrative being sold.

    • Mike E. says:

      That’s a different issue in and of itself. Trump probably was invited because his inaction and non caring attitude. As far as Democratic leadership, it’s usually garbage. I totally think the left and the Dems, mostly one in the same are using this for political gain. No question about it. I don’t expect any different. I just an opportunity was teed up for Trump and while you’re probably right that nothing he could have said would be viewed by the left as sincere or enough, it may have been enough to keep my vote. He’s fucked now, I won’t vote for him, although to be fair, he probably never had a shot im y state of NJ anyway. lol

      • Mike E. says:

        ^ wasn’t invited

      • New Age says:

        Hey, you gotta vote for who you feel is the best candidate. He’s probably lost a lot of people but I don’t know how people can vote Biden. Maybe a less terrible candidate but Biden? The kid sniffer?

      • New Age says:

        And I hope that didn’t sound like you can’t vote Biden if you feel that way. I just can’t stand the dude. Dems had a real chance here and they blew it.

  116. Mike E. says:

    Another thing to consider, and once again, stats can’t possibly bear this out. George Floyd forged a check. He didn’t kill anyone yet he was dragged out of his car to start this whole murder in motion. Does this happen with a white dude? No shot in hell do things unfold like that.

    • New Age says:


      Actually, yes.

    • New Age says:

      And I’m not saying treatment is equal but imagine if everyone got away from the melanin of your skin and just said, “hey, this police problem kills people of all races and it’s got to stop! Let’s have people from all races and classes work together on this. And can you trouble makers not loot because we’d all like to see you in prison for domestic terrorism if you do? Thanks! Tim Kaine, Bill Deblasio, can your kids handle that?”

      • Mike E. says:

        That was disturbing but I have no background information about those 2 people. I don’t know what they did and why they were being treated like that. George Floyd forged a $20 check, he was no threat, and he was treated like he killed a bunch of people. We don’t have to agree on this, it’s not important. I feel the way I do and you feel the way you do, it’s cool

      • New Age says:

        Yeah, it’s all good.

  117. Rockphin says:

    Just curious, how and when did China buy Biden?

  118. Rockphin says:

    There is a commercial on WSPN of the 2020 NFL 1st round draft class.

    I LOVE that there were three guys wearing dolphins hats in the commercial! LOL

  119. Rockphin says:

    Also, can someone please tell me who these globalists are? Could they be business owners who have properties and investments in foreign countries and were attempting to conclude a business deal with a hostile foreign power while running for office, and perhaps lied about it and said he wasn’t when, yeah, in fact he was?

  120. Rockphin says:

    And while we are on the subject, I don’t know how comfortable I am with the Flash and his buddies from S.T.A.R. Labs just grabbing metahumans off the street and locking them in the pipeline without due process!

  121. New Age says:

    Rock / Mike,

    Something to lighten the mood. Rock, breitbart is no worse than CNN, MSNBC, etc

  122. Mike E. says:

    New Age, that was pretty funny

  123. Randy says:

    That’s why I referred to a range. Sociopaths and psychopaths actually share many traits…as they are both on a continuum of personality. Trump is somewhere on that curve. I’m fine with that description. Lol

  124. Randy says:

    I’m curious about your opinion since you’ve been in a lot of different places. Do you see this as a changing point for our republic or just a blip compared to other worlds? Does it look or feel familiar?

  125. New Age says:

  126. Rockphin says:

    Which AFC East team is most likely to finish in the cellar in 2020?


    I agree Mr. Crabbs

    “Gase’s teams have been paltry moving the football for years and play a sloppy, undisciplined brand of football. Pair that with the improvements throughout the rest of the division (mainly in Miami and Buffalo) and the continued presence of Bill Belichick in New England and the team entering the 2020 season with the least appeal is the Jets. Despite Miami’s tumble to the cellar in 2019, look for the Jets to reclaim their positioning — they’d finished in 4th place in each of the three previous seasons and in four of the last six years overall.”

    Let’s hope this is true at the end of the season.

  127. ocalarob says:

    Drew Brees says he stands for the pledge of allegiance and everyone is upset with him?
    here we go again!
    this kneeling is going to wreck the NFL. very divisive, if the owners allow that; people who don’t believe in that will stop supporting the NFL and vice versa.

    either way the NFL takes a hit.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      He didn’t just say he stands
      He said he thinks kneeling is disrespectful to the flag
      That’s a political position that goes beyond his personal choices
      So it’s no surprise it came back at him by people who disagree

      You are right though, the nfl can’t win
      Everyone has an opinion
      If you are vocal about yours, people will let you know they disagree

      That’s okay as far as I am concerned

      But for the nfl it’s put them in the middle of something they probably didn’t want to be in the middle of

      If I was the nfl and worried about the product, I would not interfere with the ways players express themselves and let the fans sort out who they agree with

  128. ocalarob says:

    I can’t remember when i’ve been more excited about the start of a season, I would assume it’s because we are at the start of a new team.
    the way they finished last year 5-4 over the last 9 i’m expecting great things from this team.
    i think the running game will be much improved with the additions of howard and brieda, they will have great running lanes with our new OL and chan gaileys spread offense.

    he spreads the D out and that alone will create running lanes.

    • Rockphin says:

      Man, I hope so. I just can’t stop thinking about the hope we have had in previous seasons. Remember wining our final 6 games in a row in 2005? We had so much hope going into the following season with “momentum” then we opened 2006 with one win in the first 7 weeks.

      I was more jaded and less optimistic about closing out the 2008 season with with only one loss in the final 10 games AND making the playoffs. Then we lost the first three in a row in 09 and wound up with a losing record.

      Both times we had a “new regime” and showed good progress in the first year under the new coach. BOTH times we regressed the following year (all hope for better aside)

      THIS time we got our guy…..

  129. D says:

    I started out very anti kneeling, and mostly why is who was doing the kneeling and the other things he did that made his motives seem anti America. He even stayed once that he didn’t respect the country or the flag.

    People like Stills and a few others, though made me look at it again, and I had a change of heart. They exemplified the heart of protest and what makes protest effective. I know it changed my feelings on things, so effective and considerate. They could have done it different but most didn’t do it disrespectful. Kap did and I’ll never support him, but I do support the others in their protest.

    Another big difference is Stills and many others took the next step. Kap didn’t. Protests are to get attention to an injustice, it can’t continue forever it doesn’t create change, the action afterwards creates the change.

    • D says:

      Incidentally that is the same thing with the difference between the peaceful protests and the riots. One opens eyes and ears and the other shuts them down. On both sides, the assholes need to be called out. The detractors and dividers need to be called out. Separate the chaff from the wheat and start baking bread that can feed the hunger most of us have for change. Well except for those who might be gluten sensitive but ya know fuck those weak fucks 🙂

  130. pheloniusphish says:

    Randy – I will answer your question when I get to my computer. I want to make sure the answer rises to the level of the question. Can’t do that at typing with my thumbs.

  131. Mike E. says:

    D – I’m kinda with ya on the kneeling. There are so many guys like Stills that aren’t doing this strictly for appearance, they’re trying hard to make changes and reform. I respect that. While there are still some players do it almost as an FU, I can live with it if there are enough of the guys that truly care about the cause, which isn’t necessarily Kaepernick’s cause. His was definitely more of an FU to police and our nation in general which I don’t like.

    • Mike E. says:

      Also, from what I recall, they don’t really focus on it on the TV broadcast if show it all so no big deal.

      • D says:

        I’d replace halftime shows or include them as part of the halftime stuff to have a show of unity and support for each other, which to me puts it on an even bigger stage

    • D says:

      I’m for any change that makes life better for my children and I think racial harmony is best for them and the next generation and the next, so no question on my support of it. I’ll never support Kap though. He’s a disgusting hate monger and his agenda is not harmony.

  132. ocalarob says:

    I’m not for kneeling, it is directed in the wrong place, the federal govt nor the people of the armed forces that gave their life protecting yours did not have anything to do with racial injustice. they are used as a platform to get a point across, an innocent bystander in this crap.
    if i didn’t like what a man was doing should i go up and slap his wife or kids just for attention or should i confront the man responsible?

    • Mike E. says:

      Thing is Rob, it’s really up for interpretation whether kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner is disrespecting the flag or any veterans that fought for our freedom. We’ve already had Try Pod here say he doesn’t feel insulted and he served.

      • ocalarob says:

        i’m sure the majority of veterans would not approve of kneeling, it’s a misguided attempt to gain notoriety.
        they are punishing the wrong institution, and i get it but enough is enough.

  133. ocalarob says:

    Rockphin says:
    June 5, 2020 at 11:01 am
    Man, I hope so. I just can’t stop thinking about the hope we have had in previous seasons. Remember wining our final 6 games in a row in 2005?

    how about the 99 season! we were 8-2, we then went 1-5 to finish the season and got crushed by Jacksonville in the playoffs.
    Marino’s last game

  134. ocalarob says:

    The Flying Pig says:
    June 5, 2020 at 1:30 pm
    He didn’t just say he stands
    He said he thinks kneeling is disrespectful to the flag
    That’s a political position that goes beyond his personal choices.

    not sure what your last sentence means however Drew Brees has a right ti his opinion as does everyone else, and i totally agree with him, kneeling is disrespectful to the flag and everyone who fought or lost their lives defending this country.

    • ocalarob says:

      That’s the whole point, Kapernick first would not stand or kneel, he just sat during the anthem. it’s clear his intentions were to disrespect the flag.
      so their intention on kneeling is to disrespect the flag therefore Brees is correct.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I Mean that there is a huge difference between saying “I stand for the flag” vs “kneeling is disrespectful”.

      He didn’t say what you said
      He said something stronger that is bound to get people to express their opions right back at him

      No question, he’s got a right to his opinion and to say things however he likes, at least that what I think
      But he ended up apologizing so, I think he regrets the way he said it

  135. D says:

    I’m really protective of the memory of my grandfather. He served in some really rough campaigns in the Pacific. He wasn’t alive for the kneeling but in conversations of the past I had had with him, he didn’t seem to have strong opinions against protests even ones that involved the flag. He said they defended all of our freedoms and that included ones that sometimes are used disrespectfully.

    So at the heart of things, I wish it was different, I wish they code a different avenue, bit as is their right, they may choose to protest as they see fit and as long as it’s constructive in the long run I can stomach putting my feelings aside for the greater good. The oppressed cannot be told how to protest or it’s validation of their oppression and I would like to think we are better than that.

  136. ocalarob says:

    Piggy and Mike, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? Kaepernick?
    We have a greater responsibility than you two can possibly fathom. You weep for kneeling, and you curse the Flag. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know — that the flag, while tragic, probably saved lives.
    and my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives.

    You can’t handle the truth!

  137. Mike E. says:

    Rob – Would you stop watching the NFL if they showed the kneeling on TV?

    • ocalarob says:

      I did become dis interested in it when it was getting out of control. it’s not hard for me to dump the NFL, my team is the dolphins and it may be better to stay away as to watching people disrespect the flag and on top of that getting our ass kicked every sunday.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I actually personally got annoyed that showing people kneel was a weekly occurrence
      I still want them to be able to kneel or express themselves how they like
      I just am ready for escapism at 1pm on Sunday afternoon

      • D says:

        I’d tune in to watch something at half time when normally I usually go get something to eat or veg out, maybe smoke a cigar. It would still get front and center stage attention, people couldn’t use the dishonoring the flag as an excuse to ignore it, and I really think some good stuff could be done in that 15 minutes.

  138. The Flying Pig says:

  139. D says:


    Once again, I agree with Barkley, not to mention I think if we progress it’s not acceptable to shut a person. Out if they say something like that. You reach out and have a conversation. You don’t hate, you educate. Break the cycle of ignorance.

  140. pheloniusphish says:

    So who thinks de-funding/getting rid of police forces is good?

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Defunding is bad
      Regulating them and overseeing their conduct, Removing their immunity And weeding out corruption is good…in fact necessary

      Wholesale policy changes on the local legal and federal oversight necessary

      Also get rid of 1033 so they don’t buy/inherit unused military equipment

    • The Flying Pig says:

      I doubt definitely being the police become a campaign promise of Biden of a lot of mainstream democrats

      It’s petty radical

    • TOP SECRET says:

      i’m ok with it…… but I don’t think the lefty’s are ready for it, lol.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        When the left reads your response and considers that almost every professional athlete is with them…

        You shouldn’t wish for it either

        All of us need the protection of a police force
        And all of us need public servants and not out of control thugs

        It’s not good for anyone – even if one side wants to puff their chest out and pretend it would be

      • TOP SECRET says:

        I’m NOT wishing it. I said i’m ok with it, as in READY / PREPARED for it. better than most I bet (you included)

      • The Flying Pig says:

        You can post your name and address on twitter, dare them to come after you without any police protection and see how it turns out for you if you like

        I wouldn’t

        Come on Top…let’s not beat our chests only to have to rub bengay on it later…

        We are all over the hill on this site

        Without the police, the young and ruthless will dominate the weak
        You’ll be as fucked as the rest of us

        Let’s be real about it

      • TOP SECRET says:

        being well trained and prepared is NOT beating ones chest …. just sayin.

  141. TOP SECRET says:

    “BRING OUT YOUR DEAD” …….without law enforcement, anarchist will rue the day they wished this upon us ……….. KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY MY BROTHERS.

  142. pheloniusphish says:

    Pigs – I agree that no police would be a disaster Of biblical proportions. But not the part about pro athletes. They’re just bigger, faster targets.

    No police means no one to enforce laws, hence no law. People will cluster in tribes and the strong will feed on the weak.

  143. son of a son of a shula says:

    Crank this one up, good funk in this one. Enjoy!

  144. bailbondmike says:

    Top, you must be well stock on your 5.56

  145. CavalierKong says:

    LOL @ defunding the police. Kinda like burning down the forest to curb an over-logging problem.

    • The Flying Pig says:

      Almost famous was on showtime today and it’s filled with Led Zeppelin songs and references

  146. pheloniusphish says:

    Randy – Good question. I think we are in the midst of a change that started some time ago, The Floyd murder and the response to it are symptoms of the change. There are a few on the board who will remember the military being deployed in response to anti-war protest in 1975. I’m not sure when it started, As for parallels, I would say look at any great empire…Rome, the UK, the Ottomans, etc. At some point they all become victims of their own success. Revolution or strife is followed by stability, which begets productivity that is followed by great prosperity, then social decline. America is still in the great prosperity phase – our homeless have cell phones and no one has to starve. Compared to the poverty of other countries….well, I’ve seen places where their poor would consider our poor rich.

    What I see is a complete lack of of leadership and direction as a country. At our greatest unity, we were an empire – we overthrew a government and installed our own so we could build the Panama Canal to increase the profitability of trade. And it was acceptable to do that in that time. Not today. Today we are only involved outside the country in things that we probably shouldn’t be involved in. Fighting other nation’s wars is a losing proposition. War is about destroying your enemy’s will to fight and you do that by crushing them with overwhelming force. War is about conquering, about empire. Last war we won was WWII. We have no direction and the people we elect (all sides) are professional politicians not leaders. They are only in it for graft, personal power, and self-aggrandizement.

    The socialist/anarchist movement isn’t new (read F. A. Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom”), been around since before WWII at least. But it is more widespread because we have allowed our “educators “ to become indoctrinators. The prosperous we’ve become, the more we’ve handed off our children to others. Unfortunately, information is the blessing and the curse of the current generation. They have the world’s knowledge at their fingertips, but no way knowing what’s true or not.

    How does it compare to other places? Not much different. Racism and tribalism are human conditions. I haven’t seen the country where it didn’t exist. Some just hide it better than others. But it seems to me that the better off we are the less satisfied we are.

  147. The Flying Pig says:
    • ocalarob says:

      one of my favs brings back memories , never released on an album , itwas the only single ever released by them without their permission , they werenot happy about that

  148. Rockphin says:


  149. Krishna says:

    Wow, t stepped away. Now, glad I did. LOL. Isn’t it Friday Tune Freakout?

  150. The Flying Pig says:


    Bonham is arguable the greatest drummer in rock history

    …and he has ham in his name

  151. The Flying Pig says:
  152. pheloniusphish says:

  153. D says:

    BLM put out a statement saying “we don’t want to hug the police, we don’t want to kneel with police, we don’t want to talk with police, we want to defund the police.” IMO that drawing a line of not wanting to fix things, they want to destroy. Both they and antifa are completely corrupt organizations that have far too often hijacked peaceful protest and what’s worse is they have convinced so many they stand for something most of us can get behind, when actually they are no better that the cops they complain about.

  154. Mike E. says:

    Phelon – That was a great post at 8:37PM – Well done

  155. pheloniusphish says:

    New-old subject – COVID-19 And the problem with scientism. Scientism is the blind belief in science and anyone who connects themselves to. It’s when people use “scientist/doctors say….” as a basis of their stance on a given study. It overlooks that science revolves around disproving the null hypothesis. Scientists and doctors are as fucked up as the rest of us.

    The study claiming use of Malaria medications to treat Covid-19 results in higher death rates Is retracted.

    It seems the company that developed the data for the study Was formed by a shady doctor and Has six employees that include a science fiction writer and a porn star. But no one with a scientific research background.

  156. son of a son of a shula says:

    D-Day 💪

  157. Randy says:

    Thanks for the response. I think it’s an interesting time in our society, but I’m not sure any of this is going to actually cause any concrete change. The problem isn’t police killing black people anyway. It’s much more complicated than that. The bigger issues of economic disparity, the disappearance of the middle class and government corruption and how it impacts expenditures and resources are way bigger problems….with all due respect to the black community. But, maybe this can be a catalyst for change in those areas. It’ll be interesting to watch it play out.

  158. bailbondmike says:

    D, found another speedy slot WR we could look at next draft. I think this makes 4 guys so far who are sub 4.3 guys. Tutu Atwell from Louisville runs around a 4.27. He is a little light at 153 though. Still like Waddle the most.

  159. wyoming85 says:

  160. pheloniusphish says:

    Randy – Spot on.

    • steveccnv says:

      I also agree with Randy. Another big problem is the MSM not doing their job. Being the right arm of the left causes people to be misinformed.

      Let’s take Mike for example, he heard tear gas and rubber bullets were used in DC to push back innocent protesters, so Trump could go on a stroll. DOD has said no tear gas or rubber bullets were used to push back the perimeter of the white house back a block. So which is true? Depends on which fact checker you use.

      The corruption in govt doesn’t stop at the national level, it goes all the way down to local levels, but the biggest problems are at the top.

      Its mind blowing to me how people can look the other way when Hillary is caught selling influence, Biden doing the same, then be so irrate when there’s the possibility Trump is doing it, because the left and MSM are propagating that.

      We all know from the playbook of the left, don’t let a good tragedy go to waste, why the George Floyd issue is so popular. Stats show black people are killed by police at a lower rate than white people.

      I keep hearing, for anything to be done about this issue, white people need to be in on the police brutality issue. With that said wouldn’t you think showing a white man killed by a cop would bring a lot of white people into the fight? Obviously it would.

      So why doesn’t the left do that? Just like the Al Sharptons of the country, they really don’t care about solving the issue, they care about dividing people through systematic racism. The identity politics they play depends on it.

      I have non police officer family members, that worked in admin jobs that all agree there’s an issue with cops having too much power and there needs to be some reform. I don’t think too many people would argue that, but once that problem is lessened, to a negligent amount, it’s not going to change anything. The people bitching about it now are still going to bitch about it, because they’re never satisfied, because they’ll always have the politics of the left pissing in their ear about something.

      This greed for power and wealth from lifetime politicians in this country is causing the divide we see today. People need to do a little research themselves instead of watching the news.

      • The Flying Pig says:

        They didn’t use tear gas to push back protesters in DC

        They used pepper ball that spreads a pepper spray mist

        It’s still using a chemical on crowd of protestors and absurd conduct for any govt that values the 1st amendment

        And dangerous

        It should never happen

        Who cares if the media initially reported tear gas. Do you think they were given a memo of exactly what was being launched into the crowd before they did it? It’s the fact that they launched anything into a crowd of protestors that’s a problem not what was used

        The distinction doesn’t matter

        This is the shit sandwich trump asks his all supporters to defend him with with all his attacks on the media – get mad at the media who has to report as best as possible what’s going on, look for a minor distinction, focus on that and absolve trump of any misconduct

        It’s like that silly distinction when people say he didn’t call covid19 a Democratic hoax. It’s true he didn’t say that he accused Democrats of ‘politicizing’ it and claimed that the outbreak is “their new hoax”. That still highlights that his administration didn’t take it seriously.

        What’s important is that he downplayed how dangerous covid19 was but trump apologists want to focus on semantics and scream fake news

        The crowd that tells you America is too PC is all about semantics when they are defending Trump. The media better say every detail right or nor report about Trump at all is a terrific threshold for him to do whatever he wants

        He’s got an army of defenders screaming at the media about minor differences so that people excuse conduct that is otherwise unacceptable for a president

        If the President shot pistachio ice cream into the crowd to silence them it would still undermine the foundation of our democratic republic.

  161. wyoming85 says:

      • steveccnv says:

        Yeah, great job by Parker, but the Tweet makes no sense.

        Tua will take advantage of those things Parker does soon.

        I often hear people say, well in college, he always had open receivers to throw to. You still have to find them at the right time. You also get receivers open by moving the DBs with your eyes. These are some of the traits Tua possesses, that will make you think WTF was Tannehill doing?

  162. TryPod says:

    Is everybody out protesting?

  163. bailbondmike says:

    TryPod, nah, see no use in it. BLM, ANTIFA, rioters, looters, etc have ruined the message from day 1. Just watching for tornado’s until this tropical system moves out.

  164. Mike E. says:

    Try –

    No, working out and getting ready to go out and enjoy the beautiful day outside. I’ll tell ya, I had a conversation with my cousin’s daughter on FB about the George Floyd ramifications such as the protests and looters etc. I know this girl’s heart is in the right place but I see that some young people are even more close minded than they think us older people are. I was very respectful and like on here, admitted that Trump handled the whole situation poorly, often being antagonistic rather than sympathetic. She claims that he verbatim said protesters will be shot. I know he said when the looting starts the shooting starts. She’s about 20 and a Junior in school at Xavier in Cincy. Anyway, the conversation led to it’s not up to me to decide how black people protest, if they want to loot and destroy things, that’s up to them, I have no right to decide what they can and cannot do as a privileged white man. I went further in to discussing community policing and creating programs in inner cities to incentivize black men to become cops and work in their own communities. Inner cities where blacks are killing more blacks and of course some other races too. I said that stems partly from a lack of leadership in the household because many are growing up with one parent. She told me that was stereotyping and racist. Ugh! She was so mad, and I was so mad due to her lack of knowledge on the situation and her complete close mindedness. Communication goes nowhere when people only listen to what they want to hear. This will continue to be a barrier as this world tries to change, and it DOES need to change, but it ain’t gonna be easy!

    • TryPod says:

      No, I’ve had a similar situation with a younger person- so full of themselves and not able to conceptualize that they know so little because they’ve experienced so little…
      I was just thinking about this place.. I think a first timer to this blog would read, at any given time, that one “side” of the political spectrum is completely responsible for all issues while the other “side” is the only hope of fixing said issues. I find it funny that anybody sees any of this as anything other than two sides of the same coin, setup by the two sides for their own benefit. And the labels- just laughable. Because I don’t give a shit about abortion, someone would see that and make up their mind that I’m a “liberal”, which of course is funny to me because I’m also pro military, pro small government, pro fiscal responsibility.. Sometimes I can’t be here when the cartoon characters show up…

  165. wyoming85 says:

    Ah the smell of CNN in the morning!

    Does it matter who makes the shit sandwich everyone is getting forced to eat???

    The good thing is I have decided I don’t give a fuck what anyone does!

  166. wyoming85 says:

  167. Mike E. says:

    Piggy – I despise pistachio ice cream. That would infuriate me

  168. wyoming85 says:

  169. steveccnv says:

    The semantics of the left, trying to use protesters, to validate the looting and rioting. I’ve seen enough people that act like they’re protesting, take part in the rioting.

    A crowd at the white house that has pushed forward through barriers are no longer just protesters. These same innocent people, as some say, were throwing bricks and frozen water bottles and had metal pipes and other weapons hidden along the route.

    As unbelievable as it seems to some the police and president are allowed to protect themselves.

    When did it become Ok to be lawless?

    • Mike E. says:

      Yeah, that’s when it gets murky. Some people believe that whatever these people need to do get out their frustrations is OK, because they’ve been oppressed. I can only imagine how those people would feel if THEIR house got burnt down, or if THEIR business got looted and destroyed. It’s all good as long as it’s happening to someone else. They say lives are more important than property which is a fucking idiotic argument. You can destroy someones lives by destroying their property.

  170. steveccnv says:

    Look no further than the names of the activist groups created by the left, Antifa (a fascist group created to cause divide), BLM (black lives matter only when killed by whites). Why isn’t BLM outraged by the killing of the black cop killed in the riots or black people killed by other blacks in Chicago?

    I am 100% for police reform, but it must not become a political circus. This should be one issue that can be resolved with non-partisan support.

    To start, the DOJ, needs to do a better job of over seeing some of the events that have traditionally been swept under the rug. I would think we’d need some type of DOJ/Local police liaison committee.

    Problems in America are always political and never just deal with the issue at hand. This one needs to be different.

    • Mike E. says:

      Steve – I’m not calling you out, but the way George Floyd was killed is really the issue. If he had a gun and was firing at police and he was taken out, no one would be going crazy. He forged a check for $20 and then was slowly killed by a racist cop who had too many previous incidents to even keep his badge, In addition, 3 other cops just stood by and allowed it to happen. I understand they were younger, one or two were rookies, but even so, they watched knowing what was going to happen or at least what could happen without saying one word. That’s the issue at hand. It’s not just white cops killing black people.

      • D says:

        I kinda feel the one cop who tried to intervene, the rookie, kinda got boned in this whole thing. I think his ruling is wrong while I pretty much agree with the others. When most were saying third I felt like they had enough for second in the first place, so I’m not really shocked by any of it, but I do think the one guy is catching a harsher sentence than he should. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is found innocent of the charged if he can get anything close to a fair trial.

  171. CavalierKong says:


    I’ve thought about what you’ve written, and I just can’t get behind what you’re saying. I know it’s opinion, and you are only saying what you feel. And I know it comes from a good place, but you are wrong, simple as that. Pistachio ice cream is yummy.

  172. D says:

    • TOP SECRET says:

      every local politician that VOTES for this (or voices approval for this) opens themselves up to a recall process that will more than likely get their retarded asses thrown out of office …… or will be the start of the end of law and order.

  173. steveccnv says:

    Lol at any govt that values the 1st amendment. The hypocrisy of the left always comes in loud and clear. They would rewrite the Constitution in a heartbeat, if they could.

    The left only cares about the constitution when it applies to them. Do they care about the 1st Amendment, when conservative speakers are trying to speak at universities?

    Did they care about due process for Cavanaugh and Trump? But they do for Biden.

    The left uses identity politics to act like they care about people who reside in this country, or at least those they’ve identified, but we know that’s a big lie, they only care about power and wealth.

    They show this over and over. When tax reform was put in they bitch about it not being permanent for the people, yet they voted it down. These left backed riots and looting. Their campaign to destroy monuments. The crap they try to pass through on stimulus, delaying money…

    I do however think there are a lot of good hearted people who identify as dems, none of which are politicians.

    • Rockphin says:

      Please stop with the partisan politics Steve. Your bias will not allow constructive discussion so just stop or take it over to the Brietbart blog. You cast aspersions on Dems and Libs that are Con talking points and propaganda. Left backed riots? “THey” only care about power and wealth? The same can be said about Cons so please take this BS argument to your Brietbart blog.


  174. Rockphin says:

    Omar with his typical Debbie Downer view on things here, but he has valid points.


    It is hard to praise a rookie class when the group’s top performers were two undrafted players.

    The fact that Preston Williams and Nik Needham shined just as much as first-round pick Christian Wilkins last year, and outperformed the rest of the Miami Dolphins’ disappointing draft class, indicates how much improvement is needed from these youngsters in Year 2.

    • steveccnv says:

      Besides Wilkens and maybe Deiter, we really didn’t have much of a draft class. The intent was to gear up for the future. Omar wouldn’t know what a plan was, if it bit him in the ass.

  175. Rockphin says:

    Offensive guard Michael Deiter (third-round pick): The Dolphins possessed one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL last year, and arguably one of the worst in franchise history. Deiter started 15 of 16 games on that line last season. Deiter allowed six sacks, which tied him for second most in the NFL among guards, and he wasn’t much help when it came to run blocking. There’s hope that he’ll take a major step forward in his second season, but the additions of Ereck Flowers, and rookies Robert Hunt and Solomon Kindley will make it a challenge for him to remain a starter

  176. Rockphin says:

    Linebacker Andrew Van Ginkel (fifth-round pick): The former Wisconsin standout only played in six games (with one start) last season because of a foot injury that forced him to start the season on injured reserve. When he was cleared to play, Van Ginkel made minimal impact on defense, contributing 15 tackles (four for loss), one sack, four quarterback hits, and forced one fumble. Where he fits in moving forward depends on what role he can carve out for himself in Miami’s hybrid defense. He’ll likely compete with Vince Beigel to be the blitzing linebacker in Miami’s pressure packages.

    Fullback Chandler Cox (seventh-round pick): Cox played sparingly as a rookie, primarily contributing on special teams despite making three starts. He didn’t get a single carry in the running game, or catch a single pass in 2019. But a lot of the blame for his lack of involvement can be placed on the offense. It will be interesting to see how Cox’s game, and the fullback role evolves in new coordinator Chan Gailey’s offense. However, Cox’s roster spot isn’t guaranteed because linebacker Elandon Roberts and Wilkins can fill the fullback role based on their past experiences playing that position.

    • steveccnv says:

      I don’t see a need to carry an FB, for the others it’s tough enough to be a 2nd or 3rd day selection and make a contribution your rookie year, let alone on that team we had the first 7 weeks.

      Omar hasn’t figured out the difference between non-homerism and just reporting a semi-positive vibe. In other words he thinks he’s better than everyone else, because some former NFLer once took him under their wing.

  177. Mike E. says:

    Kong – Typical liberal view! Everyone on the right (in the right) knows pistachio ice cream is no good. Left propaganda!

  178. wyoming85 says:

  179. wyoming85 says:

  180. wyoming85 says:

    Don’t spew your rhetoric on here!
    Because, listen to my rhetoric!


  181. wyoming85 says:

  182. The Flying Pig says:

    You guys can post whatever you want

    But every once in a while, let’s all try to take a break and step back so we can get to football
    These are heated days and the things to comment on don’t end so so…

    Also Free Pistachio!

  183. The Flying Pig says:

  184. wyoming85 says:

  185. wyoming85 says:

    For those of you that have had too much ice cream during the Pandemic!

  186. The Flying Pig says:

    The new defunded pistachio police

  187. Rockphin says:

    here is a football question I stole from “the Big O”

    Which dolphins player is the biggest sleeper going into this season?

    I’m gonna go with Isaiah Ford.

    He only got 35 targets last season, but I feel like he will take better advantage of his opportunities this season. I’m not saying he is going to beat out Williams or Parker in the stat columns but I think he will step up this year and “be noticed”.

    • steveccnv says:

      He’s too far down the depth chart to have much of a chance, he’ll likely need injuries to get that chance.

      I like Ford, but he’s JAG, similar to Hurns.

  188. The Flying Pig says:

    What I plan to wear to my Skype Court Conference

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