Dolphins news, coaching changes, 2019 season outlook

I feel the need to reiterate a feeling I have made clear previously. So much is going around now with the FLA media about the Dolphins plans to tank the 2019 season. I think this is getting completely overblown. I don’t think for a second that new HC Brian Flores is coming here with a mandate from the owner to try and lose as many games as he can in order to procure a top pick in a QB rich 2020 draft. That AIN’T happening! I really wish that whole idea would just go away. Here’s what I do believe is the mandate, and take it for what it is, just one guy’s opinion.

What I do believe the plan is for 2019, is to not spend big money on free agent players, especially at the QB position. I think we will add our talent in the draft, and not necessarily a 1st RD pick, unless the QB we really want is available at our pick #13. I don’t think we’re going to trade up, I think we’re trying to get this roster as good as it can be, and therefore won’t be trading away any of our draft picks. In fact, my thought is we will be trading a few veteran players that can bring back some value and help us round out a nice haul in this year’s and next year’s draft. Ryan Tannehill, Reshad Jones, Devante Parker, Danny Amendola and Robert Quinn will be offered for trades to give us some additional draft capital. Most importantly, I think we’ll stay away from any free agent QB’s.

If we do as I say, and don’t sign a stopgap QB, that would mean a QB stable of our newly drafted 2019 QB, Luke Falk and Jake Rudock. All this doesn’t mean we’re trying to lose, but realistically, if we follow that path, it’s going to be much harder to win. I felt last season once the entire draft process was over that Baker Mayfield was the best QB in that draft. Mayfield went to a pretty talented CLE roster and only managed 6 wins. Sam Darnold got the Jets 4 wins, Josh Allen 5 wins, and finally Josh Rosen 3 wins. That’s the cream of the crop of what was considered a strong QB class, and the best outcome was 6 wins. What I’m trying to say is, it’s not trying to lose, it’s not easy to win under those circumstances. That’s not tanking, it’s truly rebuilding, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Sadly, we will say goodbye to our longtime Special Teams coach Darren Rizzi. Unfortunately, once Rizzi interviewed for the HC position here, it made the likelihood of him returning as ST’s coach very slim. A newly hired HC wouldn’t want to compete with a coach who knows the players very well, and one that is already very well liked and respected the players. That’s too much to ask, and after any failure for the team, Rizzi’s name would surface as a replacement, and that just can’t work. The same scenario played out in CLE with Freddie Kitchens and Gregg Williams. Once Kitchens got the HC gig, Williams was out. He was out not because they could find a better DC than Williams, but because of the same conflict.

So 2019 will be a year of responsible team management, and hopefully we won’t fall back into the pitfalls of trying to get that one player that will put us over the top, because no one player can do that. Just get young talent at every position, solidify the roster, and with the purging of the expensive contracts, at some point we will hopefully be competitive and ready to make a playoff run, and at that point we should be flush with cap money to make a couple of important free agent acquisitions that put us over the top. This may happen 2 or 3 years down the line, so this will require patience from the owner Steve Ross, the coaching staff, and of course, the fans. I don’t count on 1 and 3 doing their part by any means, but hopefully, both can pull through as we ascend after finally doing things right here in Miami.

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  1. Jahndoh30 says:

    Doing really well Mike. It’s my wife’s BDay this weekend so she’s down at Disneyland with her sister and I’m taking my daughter and her friend down to meet her on Saturday. It’s gonna be a downpour LOL! But shes determined not to let it spoil her Bday!

  2. stangerx says:

    Jahn — been a long time since we saw anything other than your beer at a Fest. And last year was our biggest ever…. 30-some. Only bring up cause my job. 🙂

    • stangerx says:

      And as far as “Howzit out your way?”…. wife is still mean as a snake, but we all have our own things to deal with in life.

  3. Tim Knight says:

    Jahn, Tannehill isn’t a FA until 2021. I don’t think we’re keeping him around for two more years and then hope to get a comp pick in 2022 which will only be as high as a 3rd.

  4. D says:

    Jahndoh30 says:
    February 1, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    Hey D!

    I am good friends with the guy who makes the sours at Firestone Walker (Barrelworks). In fact I have some of my beer in his barrels over there right now. I make sour beer with him on a very small scale, but I can’t make it at my main facility because it’s too risky that it’d infect my lager or the other clean beers that I sell on a production scale.

    Same reason Firestone does their clean beers in Paso Robles, CA and sour beers in Buelton, CA
    D says:
    February 1, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    Yeah, i had heard that a lot of people do small batches because of that, not having the space to have a full set up just for the sours. Man i love them though. I have been drinking them almost exclusively for the past year or so. There are tons of them on the market right now and one of the package stores in Mobile carries tons of them, i thought maybe id look for yours if you might do distribution out this way. Ill look for Firestone here.

    • Jahndoh30 says:

      I don’t know how much of theirs you’ll get out there, my brewery doesn’t even ship out of the county right now, let alone state. Wicked Weed used to make pretty good sours, I know their og founders and brewers…

      • D says:

        I want to say i have had one of the wicked weed sours or at least have seen them at that package store. Its a big ass store with a walk in humi too. I get my cigars from there. I have found that sours go really well with cigars too.

  5. Mike E. says:

    Jahn – This was my reply to keeping Tannehill for 2 years . . .

    Ah, gotcha – Whew, 2 more years of Tannehill, as well as 2 years with cap hits of over $25M. I don’t know man, I don’t see it. Doesn’t mean you’re not 100% right though.

  6. mf13ss says:


    Tannehill is gone, unless Brian Flores sees a reason to keep him.
    Good to see ya, Bro!

  7. Jahndoh30 says:

    Mike E/Tim,

    I thought he only had a year left. If he’s got 2 left then I guess you gotta do what you gotta do. I’d eat 25 for the 1st year of the rebuild for a chance at t 3rd rounder, but I wouldn’t do it 2 years in a row, and D’s right that if he’s not starting he won’t be worth a 3rd in Compensatory because he won’t get much of a contract when he does walk.

    • Mike E. says:

      Yes, D is correct

    • Tim Knight says:

      Tannehill already got $13M in bonuses for this year and so we only save $13M in cap and will have $13M in dead cap. But that will come off in 2020. We’re going to have a lot of cap in 2020 to continue building this team.

  8. D says:

    stangerx says:
    February 1, 2019 at 3:32 pm

    And as far as “Howzit out your way?”…. wife is still mean as a snake, but we all have our own things to deal with in life.
    But does she still play with your snake….if so that makes up for the meanness. One of lifes trade offs like us (men) dying earler to not prolong our misery.

    • stangerx says:

      D — we gotta get you to a Fest man so you can meet everyone in person. In this case starts with my wife is really sweet.

  9. Jahndoh30 says:

    Lol you’re good at your job Stanger. 🙂

    • stangerx says:

      We had best seats ever last year. Lower down on like the 40 for $65 each. And now added Friday night where the Dog sings tunes right off Hollywood Beach. Catch the magic Jahn (and guessing TIm and Mike E know there that sell phrase came from).

  10. D says:

    You think there is any way we can get rid of Tannehill and keep his wife?

  11. mf13ss says:


    Hey, Cali-man! You like the funk, rit? Check it out!

    • Jahndoh30 says:

      Haha! I have not heard that actually. Love Ice Cube though! Met him in DT LA once and was like: “What’s up Cube?” he looked at me for about a 1/2 second like I was crazy and then smiled and says: “What up dawg!” while giving me the bro hug. It was a down to earth moment.

  12. Tim Knight says:

    A lot of what I’ve read is that the new coaching staff’s focus will be on developing young players next season to get their program going. Obviously the search for the next QB starts this offseason but may not happen this year. So that search could continue into 2020 but I’m sure we’ll roll with some young QB by then.

    • mf13ss says:

      We could conceivably draft a rookie QB this year, and then again next year.

      New HC, new OC, new QB coach… there is no guarantee that our new regime will want to continue with any of the QBs on our current roster.

    • Jahndoh30 says:

      I gotta get into the scouting/blogging spirit this summer so I can have favorites come camp time next year. May as well enjoy the process and start to root for long shots again!

    • Tim Knight says:

      I think this offseason will have a strong focus on the trenches both sides of the ball. Get the DL and OL going, Develop our young TEs and RBs. Drake is in a contract year but could be part of the long-term vision. Ballage should get a lot of work and I could see us adding another young RB. WRs Wilson and Grant should be part of the future too. Obviously looking at young QBs will be part of the plan.

  13. Tim Knight says:

    M13, I could see us bringing in a few QBs and have about 5 competing and then have it dwindle down to 3 for the season. Not just the draft, but even other long shot young QBs who are available. See what they have and approach 2020 based off of that.

  14. ElephantRider says:

    The cheats do a good job on offense with all their twerps. So absolutely Grant and Wilson should be part of moving forward. Already have invested in 2 TEs. RBs are also good and just need a new youngin behind the 2 we have. Fix the OL is all that is needed as what I read here, any QB will be an upgrade.

    This total rebuild isnt as bad as it appears….to me anyway.

    • Mike E. says:

      D-line too. We could potentially be looking for 2 DE’s and at least one DT

      • Tim Knight says:

        Probably more than that. We’re going to sign some FAs too. Just not top tier.

      • Jahndoh30 says:

        Safeties too if Jones leaves, LBs as well. Lots of work to do. Our defense was embarrassingly bad at times last year.

    • Tim Knight says:

      O’Leary was signed for 2019 too. So Gesicki, Smythe and O’Leary could be our 3 top TEs.

    • Jahndoh30 says:

      Lot of work to do on the other side of the ball though. We need help at everyposition IMHO, save for cornerback, and then again, you can never have too many good cbs so, those too!

  15. Tim Knight says:

    Jahn, yeah we need more players but if the idea is to develop young players, this season might be one to see what we have that will setup 2020. Obviously we’re going to add quite a few new players this offseason, always happens with a new staff especially when it’s not a contending team.

  16. ElephantRider says:

    I was only talking about the offense. LOL

    The D needs help up front. I like the back end.

  17. pheloniusphish says:

    ElephantRider says:
    February 1, 2019 at 4:42 pm
    …I like the back end.
    Don’t ask, don’t tell ER, don’t ask don’t tell….

  18. pheloniusphish says:

    ElephantRider says:
    February 1, 2019 at 4:42 pm
    …I like the back end.
    Don’t ask, don’t tell ER, don’t ask don’t tell….

  19. Tim Knight says:

    RIP Wade Wilson. Only 60 years old. Sad.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Remember too, Flores has coached against Tannehill and O’Shea on the other side of the ball. They might not be fans. Who knows, maybe Grier isn’t either.

    • mf13ss says:

      I don’t believe this, not for a single second. Wait until the Combine… that’s when high-brass rub elbows with one another regarding FAs.

      • mf13ss says:

        That is… FAs and trades.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I took it for either way, the buzz out there is Tannehill is gone. It kind of has the same feel that when Flores was reported to be the guy, we now know that was accurate.

  20. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    February 1, 2019 at 4:15 pm
    M13, I could see us bringing in a few QBs and have about 5 competing and then have it dwindle down to 3 for the season. Not just the draft, but even other long shot young QBs who are available. See what they have and approach 2020 based off of that.
    Yup, you and I are absolutely on the same page. That’s why you and I are high on Teddy Bridgewater.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Bridgewater to me is the best FA option if they choose to look for a vet QB. If they go with Rudok, Falk, maybe another 3rd tier who’s been in the league a couple of years they want to take a look at, a drafted rookie and probably a UDFA, that’s possible too. Start the best of the group and keep probably two of the best of the rest.

  21. mf13ss says:

    Dee Delaney

  22. Tim Knight says:

    M13, what you said about the combine is true, but the article said they would likely explore trades, but if that doesn’t happen he’s gone anyway. That’s what I’ve believed for weeks now.

  23. mf13ss says:

  24. Tim Knight says:

    I have never really watched the Pats defense in detail other than seeing how they’re lined up against us and then following the flow of the play from a TV point of view. I’m going to try to focus on them in the SB from the Flores aspect. Not necessarily what the outcome is, but the approach and formations on defense. But the main approach is playing to the strength of the players. That’s the Patriots way.

  25. Tim Knight says:

    I keep seeing the media report things like “Patriots coaches coming to Miami Dolphins. Will they bring the Patriot Way with them?”

    Simple answer is why wouldn’t they? It’s what they know. Flores 14 years and O’Shea 10 years in NE. Why would they say let’s try something different. LOL

    Of course talent and specifically QB play is key, but I’m sure the sound fundamentals and a focus on versatile, smart, tough players will remain.

  26. Tim Knight says:

    What draft sites are you guys using? CBS changed theirs and the site is worse and they’re not very involved right now with info. on a lot of prospects.

    • mf13ss says:

      I don’t “use” any Draft site… I formulate my own opinions (which I’m late to do this year, due to lack of OFFICIAL announcements!).

      I think the best ‘baseline’ Draft site out there is, but that’s just me, man. There are so many out there, so pick your poison, if ya will.

      I like Matt Miller’s, Daniel Jeremiah’s, Lance Zierlein’s, and too many more to mention. I do NOT like… well, I don’t want to hate on others.

  27. mf13ss says:

    Tim Knight says:
    February 1, 2019 at 7:07 pm
    I mean a site that stays up to date with some intel other than no information available. LOL
    Well, that’s when ya need to look at the last time said site has updated. But when you’re keeping score at home, you no longer need to wait for as much.

  28. wyoming85 says:

    Mondo is on a roll again!
    does he hate this team?

  29. son of a son of a shula says:

    They should have already fired Tannehill.

    I’d rather enjoy that moment instead of getting some fakakta draft pick.

  30. son of a son of a shula says:

    Not one single game with over 300 yards and only three, yes 3, THREE games with over 200 yards.

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      One of those was the Raiders game where those 2 shovel passes turned into big gainers. 2 long handoffs that went for passing yardage like 140 of his 280 on the day.

  31. Tim Knight says:

    Son, I’m 99.9% sure you will get your wish. 😉

  32. son of a son of a shula says:

    17 TDs
    9 picks
    Not even capable of going a mere 2:1

    Who the hell is trading for that shit?
    Especially with a huge contract.

  33. ElephantRider says:

    Sorry guys…. i’m an a$$ man

  34. son of a son of a shula says:

    90% of the Dolphins problems is Quarterback play.
    Grier knows this.

  35. son of a son of a shula says:

    Btw Tim I use they don’t give any info, it’s beautiful.

  36. Tim Knight says:

    I would not be surprised if Tannehill retired without the right situation. He’ll be 31 in July and has dealt with some injuries in recent times. He has two young children and he’s made a lot of money. He might just ride off into the sunset.

    • son of a son of a shula says:

      Lucky fucker I wish I sucked as good at Quarterback as he does

    • stangerx says:

      Tanny is a real smart guy and did pre-med in college. You never know. Would be the richest wannabe doc in med school for sure, and not that much older than his classmates.

  37. Jahndoh30 says:


    It doesn’t really help the team much by pushing it past 6/1 (Tannehill’s cut), it just enables them to take some of the hit in 2021 instead of all of it in 2020. Given that we’re not spending to the limit in 2020 (so it would seem), I’d just eat the cap hit in a single year and be better off when 2021 rolls around.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I just went by the post, didn’t look into it. No reason to push any cap hits down the line. Do it now and next year and have a clean slate in 2021.

  38. herdfan says:

    stangerx says:
    February 1, 2019 at 9:44 pm (Edit)
    Tanny is a real smart guy and did pre-med in college. You never know. Would be the richest wannabe doc in med school for sure, and not that much older than his classmates.

    This always makes me laugh. There isn’t a pre med major. There are some majors that lend themselves more to going to med school, sciences like biology or chemistry, but you can take the med school entrance exams and get in with all sorts of majors. From what I recall reading somewhere he majored in biology so that’s all well and good but there are lots of biology majors that can’t get past the entrance exams and go to med school.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I think he was interested in sports medicine – orthopedics.

    • stangerx says:

      Wasn’t an official major, but in my school at least there were certain courses you had to take if wanted to go to med school. And organic chemistry was the one they all complained about. So for us those guys were the pre-med ones. But last thing was a science guy (pre-law, even if major was econ), just going off what my roommates said at the time (and like 3 of them did become doctors). But that is just what Tanny said at the time. Have no idea if he did the prereqs or not.

  39. Randy says:

    Exactly. “Pre med” means absolutely nothing. It was just more hype to make their overdrafting of him more palatable to fans because he was “smart”. Hey, it worked. They kept him for 7 years, and the kid made lots of money.
    As to the conversation about whether he’d retire, I just can’t see it. He can make millions holding a clipboard for another 5 years. Why wouldn’t he? Even if we end up cutting him, he’ll hook up with some team.

  40. Randy says:

    Hmmm. I’m not really sure why you say that, but it is damn cold. Lol

  41. son of a son of a shula says:

    Gobblers Knob

    That’s what she said…

    Beautiful spring according to those kooks in PA

  42. Mike E. says:

    11 degrees here in NJ this morning for like the 5th day in a row. The cold sucks, no wonder Randy is always grumpy!

  43. Mike E. says:

    LMAO @ Phelon – I hear that. I’ll be coming down someday myself, just add me to the FM’s

  44. ocalarob says:

    Jahndoh30 says:
    February 1, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    Hey D!

    I am good friends with the guy who makes the sours at Firestone Walker (Barrelworks). In fact I have some of my beer in his barrels over there right now. I make sour beer with him on a very small scale, but I can’t make it at my main facility because it’s too risky that it’d infect my lager or the other clean beers that I sell on a production scale

    for some reason i can’t drink beer or any alcoholic beverage, it gives me acid reflux bad!
    i wake up in the middle of the night huffing stomach acid….no thanks!

  45. Tannehill wasn’t a pre-med student at A&M. He graduated with a degree in biology.

  46. If I had to guess right now I’d say the way this team is going to go this year is to get the best player available in the first rd at the #13 spot. I don’t see them trading away future draft picks in order to move up and I don’t see them trading down and taking a lesser player.

    So, I’d have to say we’re looking at taking a blue chip defensive lineman because of the value there as well. An offensive lineman could be a thought but I really think the defensive lineman is always the better pick between the two.

    And, I think if we pick any quarterback this year it’s going to be Ta’amu from Ole Miss. He’s got everything they’re looking for with his size, arm, athletic ability and he’s a smart qb. IMO, he’s got a higher ceiling than the kid we’re getting rid of so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the way they go.

    To interject my thoughts on the Jones trade conversation I could easily see us getting a 3rd for Jones. He’s still one of the best safeties in the game at his age and some team with a lot of cap won’t give a shit about his cap number. A team that needs a safety but would rather spend a pick on some other position and can get two or three quality years from a guy like Reshad would definitely pony up a 3rd.

    • Mike E. says:

      So you think Ta’amu replaces the QB from TAMU?

    • stangerx says:

      We’ll see what happens at the combine, but least based on the mocks now looks like DL is where the talent is top half of this draft. And what a need. Same time, unless going for a QB if doing a rebuild trading down has to be an option. Agreed that no way we pop up except for a QB.

      And would hope that Reshad is worth at least a 3. Kind of player you have to love, even if get why with where we are, 3 safeties deep, and his salary trade would make sense.

  47. stangerx says:

    With all the stories out about the Phins will cut Tanny if can’t trade him, seems his trade value just dropped. Same time, if his FA market is less than is on the books….. he could sign with us for less too. Dead money is just that.

    • Mike E. says:

      It’s always supply and demand. If 2 teams want him, his price goes up. If it’s only one team and they’re deciding between him and another QB, his price goes down. I think either way he’s gone, so we’ll see what happens

      • stangerx says:

        Going off the articles (and know said different before), at least now thinking he won’t be here for his contracted salary. Gonna be interesting to see if some team wants him at the $18 mil and, if not, how much he does get as a FA.

    • It’s really hard to believe there wouldn’t be interest from some teams; especially a team like Washington with their situation; unless they’re looking at possibly moving up or think someone will fall far enough to them.

      You would think we’d still get some sort of offer from someone instead of just cutting him loose.

  48. I’m sorry but Kyler Murray in his Dan Patrick interview just looks like a complete idiot. If I’m and NFL GM and I see that interview I’m not even putting him on my draft board

  49. Randy says:

    I’d take anything for Tannehill. He’s dead weight at this point. Get something if you can. If not, cut him loose. I see no upside whatsoever to keeping him. I know…you’re all shocked. Lol

  50. You admins are so special. I’m going to have to go back to writing my own blog that nobody reads. lol

  51. Mike E. says:

    Since M pointed my abusive use of commas, I think I should call my weekly articles comma comma comma comma comma chameleon

  52. pheloniusphish says:

    The biggest impediment to trading RT is His contract. It is unlikely anyone is going to give up a draft pick and pay him $18M. So he has to agree to renegotiate to be a viable trade. If he wants to try to pick a team, he just won’t renegotiate Then he gets cut.

    I see his market in most cases as a back up. The Redskins are probably the exception. They are not rolling with Josh Johnson as their only option.

  53. ElephantRider says:

    Mike E

    Keep, up, the, good, work.

  54. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about the direction this team is going in for a long time. I really feel that things are going to change for the better with this franchise and we’re going to see a team that has a chance to compete for the playoffs on an annual basis.

    I realize it’s not something that will happen overnight but I think Ross has decided to step back and let Grier do his job and I really think we’ve got a better chance of being the team we were all hoping for now that this has happened. No doubt in my mind the team will be better for it.

  55. Tim Knight says:

    That Kyler Murray interview was weird. It was as if he just woke up from an all nighter. Someone needs to tell him, playing QB in the NFL is a full time job, not something you do on a whim.

    • Some ppl may not agree with me but that’s the equivalent of a Reuben Foster Combine moment for me. I already didn’t want him in the 1st because of his size and now I wouldn’t touch him. He looks like bad news.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I’m not a fan of him as an NFL QB either and in that video he doesn’t come off as having any leadership qualities. He seems more like whatever man. That’s not going to fly in the NFL.

  56. CavalierKong says:

    It would be nice if we can fleece some team by getting them to trade anything for Tanny, but I don’t see it happening. Who trades for a backup? Or if they view him as favorably as can be viewed, who trades for a guy that might compete for a starting job? Especially when you would have to renegotiate his contract, because NOBODY is trading for him and paying 13 mil. And he’s going to be cut. What is the point of a trade?

    • Tim Knight says:

      I think a trade will be difficult too. But the Saints traded a 3rd for Bridgewater and a 6th as a 2018 rental. I think a release is more likely.

      • CavalierKong says:

        I think the Saints viewed Bridgewater as starter material and it was a very specific contingency plan for a potential SuperBowl team, still your point is well taken. If the right scenario is out there it is possible though I find it highly unlikely as well.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Another issue for teams is Tannehill has missed a lot of games in recent years with the knee injury that seems to be fine, but then the shoulder injury. He’s going to have to find the right fit with a team. For the Dolphins I don’t think it’s about getting draft compensation as much as it is about recouping some cap relief and moving on.

    • the thing about Tannehill’s contract is none of the remaining salary in his final two years is guaranteed. We eat the dead money from the bonuses already paid but he loses out on quite a bit of money.

      If he decides he doesn’t want to restructure his contract with a potential trade partner then he is cut outright and takes his chances in free agency, which he may feel would be the better way to go.

      A team like Washington is in a really bad place right now and even some of the qb needy teams may be looking at the guys that are in the draft and not thrilled about any of them in the 1st rd. You just never know.

      I don’t care for him but if Case Keenum could be signed by two teams then Tannehill should be able to be traded.

      • CavalierKong says:

        Signing is one thing. Trading draft capital is another. I have no doubt Tanny gets signed. We’ll see how it plays out of course. I’ll leave it at I will consider it a nice win for us if we get anything for him rather than just straight cutting him.

      • Tim Knight says:

        It’s possible but I don’t see a lot of teams for him at this moment. Go through all the teams in the league and try to find landing spots for him as a starter. There are only a handful at this time. WAS, JAX, CIN, maybe NYG though I doubt it. I’m sure he could land a backup gig and take his chances that at some point he might get his chance. Maybe the Titans where Mariota has a hard time staying healthy and playing consistently. But that’s been Tannehill’s issues as well.

      • while I agree with the reasoning, there’s always that ONE guy who will go after someone for whatever reason. maybe there’s a team out there who just wants a starter for a couple of years and would rather not use a first on a quarterback this year because of the defensive depth in the 1st rd.

        it’s going to be interesting to see what happens. i’d rather try and get something for him but, in either case, having him gone for good is a good thing, IMO. no shit, right?

  57. Tim Knight says:

    It’s 30 degrees today and it feels like spring after those days of single digit and teen temps. It’s suppose to be about 45 tomorrow followed by 50’s and maybe even 60 next week. 🙂

  58. herdfan says:

    I don’t completely understand how FA works. Why would any team trade us ANYTHING for Tannehill when they know we’re going to cut him anyway?

    • Jahndoh30 says:

      They wouldn’t…but if we thought there was any chance that someone would offer up trade compensation, we shouldn’t telegraph that he’ll be cut anyway, drives down that value. That said, they telegraphed, so you’re likely on to something…he’ll be cut with no compensation coming back to us.

    • Mike E. says:

      If a team really wants him, they may be willing to throw in a late RD pick so they get him, rather than enter a bidding war once he’s a FA. I’m not expecting a high pick by any means, but if we’re lucky, and somehow there are 2 teams that really want him, we might get a 4th or 5th, but that’s unlikely.

      • Jahndoh30 says:

        This is about the only situation Mike. The only thing is that, in avoiding a bidding war they’re volunteering to pay him 18 million.

        (note: I know it’s not guaranteed, and that’s a key fact for any potential trader or waiver suitor for him, but they wouldn’t likely give up anything if they didn’t think he’d make the roster, hence, any potential trade partner would have to be willing to pay 18m.)

      • Tim Knight says:

        Agreed. Teams trade for a player to trump bidding wars. However I still think an outright release is more likely. It’s not like the pick we get for him is going to change the fortunes of the franchise. LOL

  59. Jahndoh30 says:

    Pre-Med isn’t a major it’s a tract. Biology is a major and it generally gets your med-school pre-requisite courses taken care of.

    Of all the D1 football athletes that end up in the NFL, I bet you fewer then 5% of them have science degrees.

    I say this because I value education, and come from a family of MDs and I think Tannehill’s ability to become a 1st round draft selection and still complete a degree in the sciences deserves to be commended. It wasn’t a hyped thing, it was hard earned.

    Note, none of the above should be construed as me hanging on hoping for him to become a top 10 NFL QB, that ship has sailed and I definitely admit it!

    • herdfan says:

      He was a student athlete, football no less, in Texas where it’s a religion. Don’t tell me you believe he didn’t have as much help as he wanted, even if it was tutoring, to do it. He doesn’t exactly exude intelligence IMO.

      • Jahndoh30 says:

        Unless you think they were taking the tests for him, he deserves credit for his degree. Plenty of student athletes aren’t able to take advantage of the tutoring and other advantages they have. Science degrees are very difficult. Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry have sunk so many bright students and sent them to sociology or Communications degree tracts.

        I feel strongly that he doesn’t deserve to have his academic achievements discredited no matter what one might think of his football skills.

    • actually biology majors have one of the lowest acceptance rates when it comes to getting into med school. it’s considered one of the worst undergraduate degrees you can get if you want to pursue a medical career.

      • Jahndoh30 says:

        Because most med-school applicants HAVE biology degrees. Hence, low acceptance rates for biology majors.

        There are also multiple biology tracts. So lets not bend over backwards trying to say the kids degree is no big deal. Or do so if you’re inclined. Honestly, I expect it coming from you.

      • I’m not saying it’s not a big deal. I’m just saying the pre-med, intelligence thing with tannehill is overblown. also, I don’t understand why there’s such a problem with the comments. I’m just trying to have a discussion and you need to keep turning into one of your bullshit pieces.

        everyone gets along on this board until you come along and have to start with your attitude.

        I don’t have any problem with anyone here but for some reason you have to come on here and start shit. You don’t like my comments then don’t reply.

      • Jahndoh30 says:

        Because you’re trying to diminish something about the guy that has absolutely nothing to do with football, something he worked hard for and deserves credit for. That’s why dude.

      • Jahndoh30 says:

        And I can blow you half baked google about medical school applicants argument out of the water, but I don’t think this board wants that kind of noise so I’m going to stop responding to you for another year or so and see if anything changes.

  60. herdfan says:

    professorloumiamidolphinsblog says:
    February 2, 2019 at 2:30 pm (Edit)
    while I agree with the reasoning, there’s always that ONE guy who will go after someone for whatever reason.

    The best recent example of this is the Jets hired Gase! 😂

  61. Mike E. says:

    Jahn – Isn’t it 13.2M? We’re paying Tannehill $13.4M, so the team that signs owes him $13.2M for this season, which isn’t absurd in the least if they plan on starting him

    • Jahndoh30 says:

      Yes, my mistake on that 18m number….

    • that’s not really correct. we have $13M in dead cap due to the bonuses that were already paid. His bas for this year is around $18M, which is what any acquiring team would need to pay him if he didn’t restructure with them.

      and next year I believe the base is around $19M. However, none of this year or next are guaranteed so an acquiring team could always cut him and owe him nothing if he didn’t restructure.

    • Jahndoh30 says:

      Lol…ok, now I’m not sure Mike…

      • stangerx says:

        If we cut Tanny dead money is $13 mil, but half of that is next year’s pro-rated signing. So would carry over if keep him on the salary. Missed you my cap buddy. 🙂

  62. Tim Knight says:

    Jahn, I agree about not discrediting Tannehill’s academic accomplishments. He said after football he’d like to be a orthopedic surgeon which he already fulfilled his pre-med requirements to move forward in this field when his football career is over. Why is anyone trying to discredit the guy for that. Because you don’t like him as a QB? Silly!

    • Jahndoh30 says:


    • herdfan says:

      I guess I stirred this up. I can totally be wrong about him and he could be a genius for all I know. The thing that started this for me was the ‘he was pre-med’ thing that is really meaningless. For that matter there are lots out there who are ‘ book smart’ but have no common sense. Who knows where he falls in all this?

      My apologies to Ryan….if he goes to med school I can only hope he’s better at medicine than he was at football.

      • Jahndoh30 says:

        No worries Herd. It’s all good.

      • Tim Knight says:

        I actually started it by suggesting maybe he retires. Then the medical stuff started to get mentioned. My point was if the situation wasn’t right for him in football, along with dealing with injury issues, that maybe he hangs it up. He has a two little children and plenty of money. Maybe he decides to do something else.

  63. Randy says:

    People questioned my intelligence for my opinion of Tannehill for years. I am still doing ok. I think he’ll be okay if his intelligence is questioned too. Lucky for him he still has that biology degree to fall back on. MCAT is still there if he wants to be a doctor. More power to him!

  64. Mike E. says:

    I’m not 100% sure what another team has to pay Tannehill. I think it’s $13.4M, but Lou may be right.

    • Tim Knight says:

      I think a restructure would likely have to get worked out. If he still wants to play he’ll likely have to do what helps make that happen.

    • I only know because I cheated. he has a base of $18.725M this year and $19.497M next yr which an acquiring team would be on the hook for with the remainder of his contract. We just eat the dead money from his bonuses that are pro-rated from this yr and next.

      All this assumes no restructure, of course.

  65. Jahndoh30 says:

    @ Stanger,

    I must admit, I haven’t even kept my spreadsheet for the last year. The CBA hasn’t changed, but I don’t have nujmbers at hand like I used too.

    • stangerx says:

      It’s confusing stuff. Cap hit, pro-rated bonuses, restructures, incentives, guaranteed money, pre or post June 1….. only thing am certain of is that Dawn Aponte knew all, even if couldn’t call the shots. Wish she was still here.

  66. Randy says:

    I was just joking. I actually think Tanny seems like a very nice young man. I don’t know how smart he is, but he’s been able to make a ton of money, marry a smoking hot wife and live the dream for years. I’d like to be that dumb! Lol

  67. stangerx says:

    One of the most quirky, intelligent and dedicated OCD study guys ever met was in my frosh dorm. Came in sure he was going to be a doctor. Mid-term results for organic chemistry (the first big med school track test class) came out and he got a C. Don’t think he’d even seen a B before in his life.

    Dude went tilt. Not making this up — literally sat in a chair in a trance while a bunch of us played cards and were worried about him. He wouldn’t respond to a word any of us said. After two hours he stands up an yells “I’m going to law school.” And he went to Yale. If had applied there all they would have done is laugh like anything.

  68. Mike E. says:

    Stanger – Dawn Aponte was the shit

    • Tim Knight says:

      Except for when some bloggers were referring to her as a c_nt and on a power trip. LOL

    • stangerx says:

      She couldn’t choose who we signed, but man did she know how to make the contracts work. Not a coincidence that our cap looks like crap compared to when she was here.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Our cap isn’t bad with where we are. The win now approach didn’t work and we could easily get to $50+M this offseason and then even more in 2020.

  69. Tim Knight says:

    Who are some of our vets that you think are realistic trade options?

    I know there are teams that would be interested in Howard. But I don’t want to trade him. He’s emerged as a top corner and he’s still young. He’ll be 26 in July and would be with us for 4 more seasons before he’s 30. He’s a building block to me.

  70. IMO, going forward, the mindset of this team and it’s coaching staff (and this message should be relayed to the players) is that no matter what round you were drafted in or even if you’re an undrafted free agent, if you have what it takes and you show it you get to play. By the same token, just because you were drafted early doesn’t mean you’re a lock either.

    I really have a hard time believing this team’s coaching staff really has felt that way since the days of Shula. Especially when Gase was here.

    But, you look at a player like Trey Flowers and how well he has played for NE as a 4th rd pick and who some Phins fans want to sign and bring to Miami, you gotta think this guy probably wouldn’t have had the same opportunity with at least the last two coaching staffs this team has had running things.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s just the feeling I get.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Well I do know Gase said basically the same thing and he did play some late rd picks and UDFAs over some higher drafted players.

      • did he really say that? I don’t know. I never really listened to the guy’s pressers because he was too busy being a dick but if you heard him say it then I guess I’m wrong.

        to me, he was too busy bringing in washed up free agents to give young guys a chance.

  71. Wow. Ian Rappaport saying Eagles will pick up Foles $20M option. That’s big.

    • Tim Knight says:

      That changes the QB market for sure. They’re likely worried about Wentz’s injury.

    • stangerx says:

      I’d take Wentz in a second even if out all next year but know he’d be healthy in 2020. That’s the kind of QB option that was not available before.

  72. Mike E. says:

    That’s good news with Foles. One less QB on the market gives us hope. Flacco will probably be on the market, but that’s good.

  73. I don’t know about anyone else but, to me, I’m more interested this year than I’ve been in a long time with this team because of the rebuild it’s going to be going thru. Winning 3 or 4 games to me isn’t a big deal.

    What’s a big deal to me is we’re not looking at more of the same old boring bullshit where we end up winning 7, 8 or 9 games a season because the coaches and Tannenbaum are trying to just win games to keep their jobs rather than building a team for the future.

    I want to see young guys out there getting their shots at positions rather than old, washed-up vets doing nothing but taking up a valuable roster spot. If we’re going to sign a free agent, let it be someone still young enough to be around for four years and be a valuable part of the team or a guy who will give us some solid depth at a position who isn’t costing a ton of money.

    Yeah teams need a combination of drafted players and free agents but we weren’t bringing in free agents who would help us get to the next level.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Agreed. We don’t need vets that take away playing time from young players and stunt their development. This 2019 season should be about building the team the right way and player development. Then add more players who fit the vision in 2020 and keep developing. Then in 2021 it’s time to contend. Not necessarily a Super Bowl, but playoffs and go from there.

      • yeah, I’m not against bringing in free agent vets but again, to me, it seemed like we were just doing it to plug a hole rather than signing a guy who could really help the team.

        if they could bring in a vet here or there who is going to help the team be better and more consistent, that’s one thing. I’m just not thrilled with signing a guy as a last resort because you’ve got a hole to plug.

        but, you also never know what’s going to happen. this coaching staff may get more out of some of those vets we have than we think they can. again, going to be interesting to see how they feel about some of these guys.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Sign FAs who you vision being part of the team 4-5 years, or mid and low tier FAs who maybe have a shot to become solid players but are still trying to get there. All guys that fit what the new staff is looking for obviously. Let the players make the roster by performance.

        You know Flores and O’Shea coming from NE are going to target smart, tough and versatile players. That’s what they’ve been around and saw how you can win with that over guys who have all the size and speed dimensions but are not the type of football player they like.

        That’s why we need to start in the trenches and get both lines tough and physical. Athletic is always good but if you’re not tough or physical enough, well we all saw what that looks like. I could see us looking for a big LB who can play both inside and outside like a Hightower. I see some prototype players the Pats bring in and I do think that will follow Flores to Miami.

  74. BailBondMike says:

    I’m in a trade down mood today:
    Your Picks:
    Round 1 Pick 25 (PHI): Lawrence, Dexter, DT, Clemson (A)
    Round 2 Pick 15 (CAR): Edwards, David, OT, Wisconsin (A-)
    Round 2 Pick 16: Ximines, Oshane, DE, Old Dominion (A-)
    Round 2 Pick 20 (PITT): Benzschawel, Beau, OG, Wisconsin (A-)
    Round 2 Pick 25 (PHI): Mullen, Trayvon, CB, Clemson (A)
    Round 3 Pick 14: Omenihu, Charles, DE, Texas (A)
    Round 4 Pick 14: Jackson, Tyree, QB, Buffalo (A+)
    Round 5 Pick 13: Henderson, Darrell, RB, Memphis (A+)
    Round 6 Pick 15: Cheevers, Hamp, CB, Boston College (A+)
    Round 7 Pick 25 (N.E.): Boykin, Miles, WR, Notre Dame (A+)
    Round 7 Pick 31 (N.E.): Gray, Derwin, OT, Maryland (A+)

  75. ocalarob says:

    The reason they are picking foles 20 mil up is to trade him and get something for him.

    • Tim Knight says:

      Very possible. They’re creating the trade wars and Foles has high value. I see him with the same type of value Alex Smith had, maybe a bit more. Teams will be interested in him.

  76. Tim Knight says:

    Being that we’ve all accepted that we’re in new era and rebuild, the fun part of OTAs, minicamps then TC and the PS, will be watching a lot of competition for jobs. We all know we’re not winning a lot of games next season, but watching the beginning of a new team will be fun because we all have the right mindset about it.

    It’s a great time for all the draftnik fans. It also opens up the draft at just about every position so the options are endless. 🙂

    LT, TE and S are not on the radar as much. We’ve got good players and projected players at those positions. Gesicki is going to be a coaches plan to get him going. They have to push this guy. That’s what Flores is known for.

    • I’m thinking Wilson and Grant will be used in a lot of different formations as well. Not enough to just line them up at wr. I could see one or the other, or both, lined up in the backfield from time to time and have them swing out for a pass or even as a decoy so the defense has to cover them. At least I’m hoping to see this offense be a lot more creative.

      • Tim Knight says:

        Wilson and Grant fit that quick passing game the Pats have been using for the last century. LOL

        I see Drake and Ballage also very involved in the passing game. We have to get the TEs more involved and we talent to work with.

        The funny thing is, if we put a solid OL together and whoever the QB is plays more efficient than “elite”, we have the playmakers to put points on the board. We might win too many games. LOL

      • I definitely agree with that. the offensive line will be the key. Just need a qb to play good enough, just like you said, and this team could still win 8 or 9 games.

  77. Tim Knight says:

  78. Tim Knight says:

    Lou, it’s a funny thing. We might be too good to “tank”. We’re not void of talent.

    If we go with the reported plan of young players and development which is the new staff’s way of saying this is how we do things here, the only way to really “tank” as a team is to play conservative in big spots. You’re not throwing the game, but you’re not going all out to make risky plays to win the game. Sit players who are ailing because nothing is on the line, punt when you should, kick the FG instead of going for it on 4th down etc.

    I don’t get the feeling that we’re going to be bad enough to guarantee a top 5 pick for the almighty QB savior. LOL

  79. The Flying Pig says:

    I’m going to enjoy watching young players this year with no expectations

    I grew very frustrated with Gase
    I said why a thousand times
    We didn’t seem to be building anything

    I’m not so concerned about how many games we win when we aren’t really contenders anyWay

    But I am concerned with where we are heading
    And imo it was nowhere with Gase

  80. naplesfan2010 says:

    Great article Mike E.

  81. naplesfan2010 says:

    on a serious note
    Name all the teams that share a name with a vehicle.

  82. naplesfan2010 says:

    on the cars … still missing 2 not said yet

  83. New Age says:

    Patriot, and Eagle

  84. mf13ss says:


  85. mf13ss says:

    In waiting for the NFL Honors to come on at 9:00 (EST, CBS), I’m watching Big Brother. Ricky Williams is on right now.

  86. naplesfan2010 says:

    You guys are all over this.
    not counting the Pantera
    There was a Mitsubishi Raider, though.

  87. New Age says:


    Back to serious, I agree about Gase. I was definitely ready for him to go. He never used our young talent right. Drake was always under-utilized just like Ajayi would have been if Foster didn’t get hurt. Our TEs sucked no matter who Gase put in, and we never quite knew what we had during the three years Gase was here. We had high priced free agents all 3 years and Gase had final say on the roster.

    I’m happy he’s with the Jets. He brought mostly the same failed offensive coaching staff and has interception King Darnold throwing the ball. His team lacks talent and he’ll pull a Rex Ryan and get a bunch of old guys in a desperate and short sighted attempt to look good and maybe keep his job. I see maybe 3-4 years before he’s back on the market.

  88. naplesfan2010 says:

    and what about the Renault?

  89. wyoming85 says:

  90. mf13ss says:

    naplesfan2010 says:
    February 2, 2019 at 9:27 pm
    I’m really sad to have lost Gase, because I had built him up in my mind as the savior of our franchise, but i never really forgave him for running Ajayi off.

    When Gase ran Ajayi off, I said, “STRIKE ONE”. I caught some flak for that here (y’all know who ya are! 😉 ), but I pretty much never got past Gase doing that, either.

    Nevertheless… me, too. I’d built Gase up to be the savior of our franchise as well.

  91. mf13ss says:

    MIAMI MIRACLE the NFL’s Play of the YEAR!!!

  92. naplesfan2010 says:

    I thought Gase criminally misused Gesicki and wasted Drake as well.

  93. mf13ss says:

    REVELATION(!): Kenyan Drake says the Phins are now in possession of the game-winning football of the Miami Miracle! Last I’d heard, it sold at auction for $20,000 to some anonymous bidder!

    It’s to be on display for ALL to see at the stadium!!!
    GO PHINS!!!

  94. naplesfan2010 says:

    That article posted by Wyo above (thanks bro) also lamented something else i predicted would happen that i was totally against doing, and that is using Minkah everywhere, so that he never got comfortable anywhere and i do think he hit the rookie wall when there was no physical need for him to if he had just been given a set position to master.
    I fault Gase just as much as Burke on this, but i think Burke endangered Raekwon and Jerome Baker and botched the rebirth of Quinn while failing to manage the energy of Alonso.

    I think Burke single-handedly lost at least 3 games.

  95. naplesfan2010 says:

    Renault had a car for years, but y’all are too young to know about the Renault Dolphin!

  96. mf13ss says:

    Wow, Kenny Stills looks like a fish out of water with the way he’s dressed while wearing a baseball cap. Everybody else is dressed up.

  97. Rockphin says:

    son of a son of a shula says:
    February 1, 2019 at 9:27 pm
    Lucky fucker I wish I sucked as good at Quarterback as he does

    Don’t sell yourself short You do. You absolutely do!!

  98. naplesfan2010 says:

    Will be cheering for Suh again.

  99. mf13ss says:


  100. mf13ss says:


  101. mf13ss says:

  102. mf13ss says:

  103. Tim Knight says:

    Don’t ever question the oink! LOL

  104. mf13ss says:

    Props to Chris Long and others who donate both time and/or money to help others if Africa for drilling/building wells for clean drinking water to those communities.

    HOWEVER… it’s the next thing to a scam. What do I mean???

    “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Why aren’t we teaching our African brothers/sisters how to drill/build wells for themselves? Seems like we want to keep them over a barrel to be most reliant upon outside help… NOT COOL! 😡

    • mf13ss says:

      I find it to be most disingenuous to keep people reliant upon others… that’s a page taken straight out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”. JMO, y’all. And no, it’s NOT cool!

  105. mf13ss says:

    Audi. Great football night!
    HELL YEAH!!!

  106. ocalarob says:

    naplesfan2010 says:
    February 2, 2019 at 9:27 pm
    I’m really sad to have lost Gase, because I had built him up in my mind as the savior of our franchise, but i never really forgave him for running Ajayi off.

    New Age says:
    February 2, 2019 at 10:42 pm
    Yeah, never understood that.

    That’s funny because some around here followed Gases lead and were glad to be rid of Ajayi.

    i was like OK, obviously you have another guy that could take Ajayi’s place after making a move like that…soon after i realized he didn’t!

    from that point on we went 8-16

    when Gase fired Ajayi he also fired himself.

  107. ocalarob says:

    14-9 with Ajayi……8-16 without

  108. pheloniusphish says:

    You guys are still seeing Ajayi through a halcyon lense. Ajayi was talented, but all about himself. Didn’t run plays as called, sulked on and off the field. Where Gase really fucked up was play calling and not using players well.

    • olddolphan says:

      GOOD COACHES learn how to get the most out of difficult to deal with (but very talented) players. DON SHULA turned “Me, Me, Me” Mercury Morris into a major force during the Fins 32-2 run to glory. He also got “Spaceman” Jake Scott to be the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl VII. Jay Ajayi proved his worth last season, winning a Super Bowl ring. He may again become a dominant player in 2019 if he can come back from a torn ACL. I’d sure put more money on Ajayi’s future success than I would on Gase’s future success. Gase is an obnoxious, petulant, asshole who deserves all the shit Jets fans are going to throw at him!! And he oversaw the dismemberment of my favorite franchise with his continuous policy of getting next to nothing for all the star players he ran out of Miami. Of all of Ross’s idiot hires, Adam Gase is a serious contender for Ross’s worst mistake ever!

  109. son of a son of a shula says:

    7-9 without Suh

  110. Tim,
    I don’t believe we’ll be bad enough for a top five pick either because, for one, coaching can make all the difference in the world. offensive play design and calling can make a huge difference and so can the design of the defense and the plays called on the defense.

    You put your players in position to make plays and they do and it’s a different situation. Of course, it could go in the opposite direction as well but let’s say we do get a bonafide blue chip defensive lineman in the first rd and he’s really good at helping out vs the run and then we get a pretty good offensive lineman in the 2nd and he’s just as good or better than what we’ve had there it’s possible there’s no drop off in play at two positions right off the bat.

    You’ve got some young guys coming back who could be better from their experience last year like Baker and McMillan and then if the coaching is better than it was they could improve and so could the play of guys like Branch if they choose to keep him. Harris could take a leap.

    So, I’m not buying that we’re a 2 or 3 win team next season.

  111. olddolphan says:

    PHELON: Response for you below your 8:20 post. ENJOY!

    • pheloniusphish says:

      OD – Can’t argue about Gase’s inability to reach some players. It was obvious. And he certainly was arrogant without having done anything to warrant it. But I don’t think Ajayi is or ever will be elite. I think Drake properly used has far more upside and Ajayi’s ego would never stand for it.

  112. BailBondMike says:

    Was thinking last night about Wyomings post (5 players to benefit from coaching change). I believe the impact will be on much more players. Our WR group with Chad O’Shea will definitely (finally) learn how to get away with an illegal pick (LOL).

    My guy to really benefit from this coaching change is going to be ILB Chase Allen (hoping it’s Harris). Look at what FLores has done with Kyle Van Noy. He was a bust in Detroit and is now a stud LB with the Pats. Chase Allen is the same size at 6’3″ 250 and runs a sub 4.6 40. Allen, McMillan, Baker all have a NFL year or more under their belt and now getting the right coaching. Along with Kiko, I’m excited about our LB group especially with pulling Harris back in that group at times with another stud we draft. There are several OLB/DE tweeners we could draft in the Josh Allen mold. Here’s a refresher on Chase Allen #5.

  113. olddolphan says:

    HERE ARE A COUPLE of goodies from today’s TAMPA BAY TIMES spots section. Reporter Thomas Bassinger notes that the Rams defense (led by Donald and Suh) has generated serious pressure on the passer on 36% of pass plays, the NFL’s highest rate. It’s no coincidence that the Rams became serious contenders upon the 2017 arrival of DC Wade Phillips. As DC of the Denver Broncos, his defense hit Tom Brady 17 times and held the Patriots to 18 points in the 2016 playoffs. That formula is the number one reason why I am predicting a Rams victory in today’s game (31-27).
    The second tidbit, courtesy of columnist Martin Fennelly, has to do with Rams assistant linebackers coach Chris Shula, the grandson of the Great Don of Miami. Seems as though young Shula was Rams HC Sean McVay’s room mate when they were both at Miami of Ohio. He now lives with McVay and his live-in girlfriend, super model Veronika Khomyn, in McVay’s 6-bedroom mansion in southern California. Shula probably wonders WHY McVay & Khomyn send him out to pick up dinner at pricy local restaurants about 4-5 times a week!!!

    RAMS-31, CHEATS-27

  114. pheloniusphish says:

    I also agree with Tim and BLL that the team will be better than sub-5 win team. They have some good young players.

  115. pheloniusphish says:

    OD – One more thing. You can’t legitimately fault Ross for hiring Gase. Gase was the hottest name out there that year and Ross swung for the fences. Credit Ross with admitting the mistake quickly and rectifying it.

    • olddolphan says:

      PHELON: OF COUSE I CAN FAULT ROSS for hiring this over blown bad-attitude idiot of a coach!! We’re NOT in IRAN or CHINA, PHELON! Ross fucked-up that selection just as he has fucked up virtually every major hiring decision he has made during his reign as Dolphins majority owner!!!!


  116. dcoralsprings says:

    Have I ever mentioned how much I couldn’t stand Gase’s offense
    Any change is a welcome change

  117. Some people will watch ANY NFL football game that’s on television and this game proves it.

  118. BailBondMike says:

    Pats D plays very disciplined. That’s the way they strictly coach it. I don’t think Suh fits that mold.

  119. wyoming85 says:

    Why would a people that have been nomadic for thousands of years care about a well?

    If you want to “give” them something, get out of their way!

  120. wyoming85 says:

    Well there goes his shoe collection!

  121. Mike E. says:

    Sonny – I love you like a brother, but we were 6-10 in ’17 with Suh here. We were 6-10 w/o Tannehill. 😛

  122. wyoming85 says:

    Well at least we didn’t do this!

  123. wyoming85 says:

    Screw “Crap-on-a-stick”
    Here’s a role model!

  124. wyoming85 says:

    Wonder if he was the face of the movement if it would have taken a different turn????????

  125. BailBondMike says:

    Going to watch Waste Management Phoenix Open before the SB to see if Ricky Fowler can hang on for the win. It’s a fun tournament to watch especially the last 3 holes.

  126. Mike E. says:

    Lou – I agree, I couldn’t give a crap about this Super Bowl, which in itself I guess is waste management.

    • I just get tired of seeing the Pats in it all the time and as far as the Rams go I could care less about them. I really am not a fan of Suh so there’s that. So, I really don’t want either team to win it, to be honest.

      Maybe if it were a different team from the NFC but even with the Pats in it again it just bores the shit out of me. It’s not enough for me to sit there and root for another team to beat NE to get me interested.

      I’m going to have to go to the Family Dollar and try to find a date. lol

  127. Mike E. says:

    BBM – Good call on Chase, and I hope to hell you’re right. That would be something big for our team

  128. Jahndoh30 says:

    Hey Lou, sorry for the way I came off yesterday. I’m always gonna share my opinions or I won’t have anything worth posting, but I wasn’t intending to single you out or anything….

    Also I agree that it’s fun looking forward to next season knowing that it’s a process and the expectations (usually unrealistic) that sometimes drive decision making for “now” instead of the future, are going to be kept in check (hopefully).

  129. pheloniusphish says:

    Fuck Kenny Stills. Trade him for a small coke and a bag of chips.

  130. son of a son of a shula says:

    The song “just the way you are” by Bruno Mars was on the radio all the time several years ago when I was still driving my youngest daughter around. I haven’t heard it in quite a while but it was playing at the grocery store today and I started singing it in my head the way me and her used to. We changed it to all first person and she knew all the words perfectly it was so funny.
    …because I’m amazing just the way I am…
    …when I see my face…

  131. pheloniusphish says:

    OD – I don’t know what IRAN and CHINA have to do with the conversation and it goes without saying that YOU are going to find fault with Ross, BUT I said You can’t LEGITIMATELY fault Ross. Your complaints are IRRATIONAL Aand ILLOGICAL.

    SHEESH! Or as I like to say…. SWEET BABY JESUS!!!

    • stangerx says:

      Funny as hell on the mimic, but you knew the best way to bait the OD was talk Ross. Don’t act all shocked when the lion goes after the raw meet you throw in his cage and complain about his table manners after. 🙂

  132. pheloniusphish says:

    Lou -‘You know I call you BLL with the greatest affection, right? Unless you’re being a douche. Then it’s an insult.

  133. The Flying Pig says:

    What time is the shit show tonight

  134. ElephantRider says:

    Lol Phelon

    Stills being better by a small coke….LOL

  135. pheloniusphish says:

    Sunday brunch. Bitch Slap Bloody Mary and Sangrias.

  136. stangerx says:

    Congrats to Omar on getting married. Much as bash him, don’t hate him. He was one bitter mess of a pup during his divorce. But who isn’t?

    • My ex and I sat at the dining room table and did our divorce settlement together. I actually babysit her little boy who she had with her boyfriend.
      She comes to my house and cuts my grass, edges the yard and does my flower beds for me in the Spring.

      • stangerx says:

        Glad it worked out well with you guys. There are exceptions, especially when kids involved (no choice at that point and best for them). In my case not so much. Could tell you stories, but then have friends who have been through much worse. Talking false charges, handcuffs, using kids as a pawn and such.

    • pheloniusphish says:

      I got one divorce for free and got paid for the second.

      • stangerx says:

        Paid half the house gain and 45% of my income for three years in my divorce….. best money I ever spent.

  137. ElephantRider says:

    Cheaper to keep her….

  138. Tim Knight says:

    LOL @ Phish “And it’s more like throwing dough balls to catfish”

  139. The Flying Pig says:

    Got you guys beat
    I never got married so saved money on the ring

  140. The Flying Pig says:

    New blog up

  141. ocalarob says:

    pheloniusphish says:
    February 3, 2019 at 8:20 am
    You guys are still seeing Ajayi through a halcyon lense. Ajayi was talented, but all about himself. Didn’t run plays as called, sulked on and off the field. Where Gase really fucked up was play calling and not using players well.
    But I don’t think Ajayi is or ever will be elite. I think Drake properly used has far more upside and Ajayi’s ego would never stand for it.
    the reason Ajayi was mad was due to the losses because Gase went away from the run game, Ajayi carried that team on his back in 2016 going 10-6 to make the playoffs.
    comparing Ajayi to drake is like comparing Stills to gesicki, two different style players, Drake could not carry a team like Ajayi carried the 2016 dolphins.

  142. D says:

    Quadree Olison I think is a guy to think about if we want to add a “fullback”

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